Amerisleep is a well-known bed-in-a-box company that offers five mattress models with varying levels of firmness. In this review, we will explore everything you should know about each model of Amerisleep mattress is offering. The review will cover firmness level, feel and the type of sleeper that can use each of the mattresses.


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AMERISLEEP is a company that makes shopping easy for anybody who wants to shop online. Regardless of the model you buy, you get to enjoy free shipping and delivery takes between 3 to 5 business days. Like many bed-in-a-box companies, AMERISLEEP delivers its mattresses rolled up and compressed in eco-friendly packaging.

Once you receive your package, take it into your bedroom and allow the Slumber Yard team to be in charge. Cut out the mattress from the packaging and roll it out onto your bed frame or foundation. After unrolling, you should leave the mattress for up to 24 hours so that it can breathe and expand to its full size.

From the day of delivery, you begin to enjoy a risk-free trial period of 100 nights which means you can use the mattress for three months and return if you do not like the mattress. If you then decide to keep the mattress, you also get a warranty of 20 years on it. The customer service team will handle everything for you including the refund and picking up of the mattress. We are not certain whether the trial period stands if you buy from another website like Amazon.


The Amerisleep mattress lineup consists of five models of mattresses with different prices, features, firmness, and construction. These mattresses, named, AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5 with AS1 being the one with the lowest level of thickness and softness and the least expensive. AS5 is the thickest, softest and most expensive.

Even with all the differences in these mattresses, they are all considered to be memory foam mattresses, and we will mention later, the five of them have memory foam used for their top layer which is responsible for the memory foam that these mattresses provide. Most mattress users are conversant with memory foam mattresses because most of them have used it; thus, m=they all like the feel of these Amerisleep mattresses.

If you are, however, reading this and you are not familiar with memory foam, we will give you a little crash course on it. Generally, memory foam is known for its ability to conform. In other words, memory foam assumes the shape of your body immediately you sleep on it. With Amerisleep’s mattresses, the mattresses feel like they have a dense memory foam feel which is in a way similar to the Nectar mattress. When you lay on one of the Amerisleep beds, the first few seconds feel firm, but afterward, you begin to sink into the top layer a bit, and you feel the memory foam wrapping around your body and conforming to your body shape. It was also quite easy to change sleeping positions on the Amerisleep mattresses because of their little to no resistance. Sometimes, users have found it challenging to switch positions when sleeping on memory foam mattresses.

Again, many users favored the feel they got from the Amerisleep mattresses, but if you are reading this and did not dig these mattresses, you can check out the reviews we already did on GhostBed, Casper, and Leesa. These are other bed-in-a-box mattresses that have a neutral yet, soft feel.


As mentioned earlier, Amerisleep offers five models which are distinct from one another, but they have quite a few things in common. More specifically, each mattress is made up of;

  1. Bio-Core Foam: This foam is used in the base layer for each of the mattresses. It could be 7 inches or 8 inches thick depending on which of the mattress models you buy. You should also note that this layer is not made from petroleum but plants which make it friendly to the environment.
  2. Bio-Pur Memory Foam: This is used for the top layer on each of the mattresses. This layer has a thickness of between 2 inches and 4 inches depending on the model you choose. It is expected also to have higher breathability than traditional memory foam.
  3. Celliant Cover: This is common to all of the various models of Amerisleep Mattresses. It is a clinically tested and proven advanced textile made of thermoreactive minerals which help convert heat from your body into infrared light. This cover is also an effective reliever from pain and aches by encouraging blood flow.

We would also like to mention that the company, according to its website, claims that you can wash the Celliant cover. This is not a common thing in the bed-in-a-box world as most covers can only be hand-cleaned, but Amerisleep has made a difference by making their celliant cover machine-washable.


Amerisleep Mattresss AS1

Price:  $1,199.00

AS1 Review by

General Information

Height: 10 inches

Size: King

Item Weight: 75 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This is the firmest and cheapest bed of the lineup. It is 10 inches thick and has only two layers. The base bio-core support layer is 8 inches thick while the memory foam layer has a thickness of 2 inches.

Price: You can get the AS1 for about $850 for the twin size while a king-sized AS1 mattress goes for around $1,400. You should note for reference purposes that the average bed-in-a-box costs around $500 for a twin-sized variant and $1,200 for a king-sized variant.

Firmness: The AS1 Is rated as firm. 

This is a mattress suitable for stomach and back sleepers, and according to the company, it is ideal for people who love to have additional support while they sleep.

Amerisleep Mattresss AS2

Price:  $1,099.00

AS2 Review by

General Information

Height: 10 inches

Size: California King

Item Weight: 116 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This mattress model from Amerisleep is more suitable for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Its construction entails a 7-inch Bio-Core base layer, a 3-inch thick poly-foam transition layer and a 2-inch thick Bio-Pur memory foam layer which all make up the 12-inch thickness of the AS2.

You can get the AS2 for about a thousand dollars for the twin-sized model while the King-sized model costs upward of $1,600 or more.

The AS2 has a medium firmness level, and it is well-suited for people who sleep mostly on their stomach or back.

Amerisleep Mattresss AS3

Price:  $1,199.00

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews AS3 by

General Information

Height: 12 inches

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 88 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This is the flagship product of the company and so far, has been the best-selling mattress. We also spent quite some time reviewing it because we wanted to see what was so special about it.

Its construction is somewhat similar to the AS2. Only the thickness of the transition layer and comfort layer makes it different from the AS2. The AS3 has 3-inch memory foam on the top layer and a 2-inch layer in the middle as the transition layer while the base layer is 7 inches thick. It costs $1,000 for a twin-sized model and $1,700 for the king size. Memory foam costs more than poly foam, and the AS3 has an extra inch difference which is why it is pricier.

The AS3 is a bit softer than the AS2 because of the extra memory foam on it. The AS3 is rated on a medium level of firmness.

According to Amerisleep, it is their most versatile product, and it is a mix of comfort and support. After we tested the mattress extensively and we agree with the company. The AS3 is the only mattress in the lineup that suits every type of sleeper whether it is a back, side or stomach sleeper.

Amerisleep Mattresss AS4

Price:  $1,499.00

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews AS4 by

General Information

Height: 12 inches

Size: King

Item Weight: 119 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The AS4 is the perfect option for people who love their beds soft. Coming with a thickness of 12 inches, the base layer has a thickness of 7 inches, the top layer of special memory foam is 4 inches thick, and the transition layer is one inch thick.

This bed contains more memory foam than the AS3 contains which explains its high price point. You will get an AS4 at $1,400 for the twin-sized model while the king-sized will cost you about $1,900.

About the firmness or this mattress, it is the second softest in the lineup. It also has a medium soft firmness level. It is suitable for side sleepers.

Amerisleep Mattresss AS5

Price:  Check on Amazon

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews AS5 by

General Information

Height: 14 inches

Size: California King

Item Weight: 105 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Finally, the AS5 is the most premium Amerisleep mattress and also the softest. It has four layers and has a thickness of 14 inches. Its base layer is a 7-inch Bio-Core support foam; the transition layer is a 2-inch Foam like the one in the AS3; the one on top of the transition layer is a 2-inch Foam which Amerisleep calls the “Active Flex Layer.”; while the top layer is a 3-inch memory foam lager similar to the ones on the other four models.

The AS5 has an intricate construction and is also the most expensive model in the lineup. A twin-sized variant will cost you $1,800 while a king-sized variant will set you back by $2,300. It is a very soft mattress that has two distinct comfort layers to deliver a straight soft firmness level.

It is suitable for only people who sleep on their sides. Due to its softness, the bed confirms excellently to the shape of the sleeper and relieves the pressure on their shoulders and hips.


Motion Isolation

This is an important feature of memory foam, and it is one thing that a lot of users look for in their mattresses. Memory foam delivers excellent contouring to the body and when the weight of the sleeper gets on top of the bed, the compression applies to only where the weight is placed without affecting the other parts of the bed. You can expect these Amerisleep Mattresses to have an above-average motion isolation feature. The AS4 and AS5 are also expected to have this in a much higher proportion because their memory foam layers are thicker and softer.

Edge Support

Amerisleep Mattresses offer average edge support due to how the memory foam compresses. The edges are not usually as firm as you may expect especially in the models that are softer. If you do not install additional reinforcements, you may have issues with sitting on or lying down close to the edge.

Heat Retention

Amerisleep Mattresses uses a type of memory foam called the “open-cell” memory foam which is excellent at heat dissipation due to the high breathability of the foam. It is easier for air to move through the foam. This helps make sure that you do not get hot whenever you sleep on these mattresses. The Celliant cover is also effective at preventing the Mattresses from retaining heat. Despite all of these features, the contouring ability of the Mattresses can lead to heat buildup. This could be an issue with the softer models which have more sink and wrap around the body more.


This is the smell that Amerisleep Mattresses produce when you cut them out of their packing. This is a common occurrence with every memory foam mattresses, and you should expect the smell to disappear within a couple of days. All you have to do is let the mattress get enough air after unpacking it.


Amerisleep Mattresses are designed to provide all the support you need which depends on how responsive the memory foam is. Memory foam performs excellently at relieving the pressure points in the body and also helps keep your spine aligned properly.

The only concern that we have about support is evident in the ASI and AS2 models which have only 2 inches of memory foam in the comfort layer.

If the comfort layer is thin, the foam may not have sufficient thickness to provide the cushioning that the body needs especially if the user weight more than 230 pounds or has sharp pressure points.


Memory foam is known to be a material that readily conforms to the body of the sleeper. This is why users who want a mattress that hugs them as they sleep opt for any of the models in the Amerisleep mattress lineup. The softer the mattress, the higher the contouring effect.


All of the Mattresses offered by Amerisleep are made using high-density memory foam in the comfort layer and solid foam density in the supporting layers. Density is an important factor in determining how durable a mattress will be and we do not expect that any of these Amerisleep Mattresses will not be durable.


All the mattresses offered by Amerisleep are made from foam, and we do not think any of them is suitable for people who weigh more than 250 lbs. This is not peculiar to only mattresses offered by this brand. This is true for every foam mattress. We do not recommend all-foam Mattresses for heavier people; they are much better off buying mattresses that contain coils or innerspring mattresses. These types of mattresses are longer-lasting and provide the support that larger individuals need considering how much pressure they exert on the mattress.

You should also know that weight affects the parts of the mattress that you can see and feel. Heavier folks usually see virtually every mattress as soft because they have more weight and can sink into the top layer of just about any mattress.

For people who have smaller body size or weight, they usually see most Mattresses as firm Mattresses since they do not have the body mass to exert pressure on the Mattresses. Another perspective to see it is that users with larger body tend to sink more into the bed while small-sized individuals somewhat float on the bed without experiencing much sink. These points are important in this review because we earlier mentioned firmness levels and what we described as soft may not be soft for you because of your weight and size. The firmness levels are determined based on average sizes and weight.

Should couples use Amerisleep Mattresses?

Yes, absolutely. Whether it is a couple or for those who have sleeping partners or pets, Amerisleep will work very well for them. The beds have excellent motion isolation as the movement of one person sleeping on the bed does not disturb or affect the other person sleeping on the same bed. So, if your partner is the restless type, you do not have to worry about them because Amerisleep will ensure that their restlessness does not disturb your sleep.

Why You May Not Like Amerisleep Mattresses

You are used to, or you prefer a mattress with an innerspring feel. If you have slept on traditional spring Mattresses before and you have enjoyed its feel for a long time, you may not be willing to change to another type of bed. It would be an entirely different feel that will require some getting used to. An innerspring mattress makes you feel like you are sleeping “on” the mattress while an Amerisleep mattress hugs you in.

You love bouncy mattresses like Latex. Latex is a highly responsive material, and if you are already used to this bounciness or responsiveness, you may have problems with sleeping on any of Amerisleep Mattresses.

You are not ready to pay more for the construction of the mattress. All of the Mattresses that Amerisleep offers have extra costs for their construction. These costs cover things like bio-based foams, a celliant cover, some modifications to the mattress to make it feel cooler. If you do not care about these extras and do not wish to pay for them, you will have to look further for something cheaper and simpler.


Where do they make Amerisleep Mattresses?

Amerisleep Mattresses are made in the USA, and the company makes use of an eco-friendly, VPF process in the manufacturing process.

Can a box spring work with the Amerisleep Mattress?

Amerisleep recommends that you should place your mattress on flat surfaces. If you have a box spring without any faults, the company says that you should add a plywood on the box spring to provide extra support.

Where do they sell Amerisleep Mattresses?

Apart from buying online, Amerisleep has operation bases with retail stores in Texas. Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona. Amerisleep has 12 stores, and most of them are in Texas. If you do not live in any of these states, your best option is to buy online or get on the road to buy the mattress physically. Also note that for customers who buy online, they enjoy a 100-night sleep trial.

How long does testing the Amerisleep Mattress take?

By the company’s recommendations, testing your new mattress should take a minimum of 30 nights. This is enough time for your body to adjust to the new sleeping surface and for you to decide like to continue using the mattress or not.

Does Amerisleep Mattress Retain Heat?

Amerisleep Mattresses all use memory foam which is known to retain heat, but we do not expect you to sleep hot with Amerisleep beds. We rather expect that you would sleep in a much more neutral way. The company uses a Bio-Pur memory foam which has an open-cell structure that encourages breathability than a traditional foam that you are used to.

Do not forget that sometimes your sleeping temperature may have nothing to do with the mattress and could be affected by factors like your room’s temperature, what are you wearing to sleep and the climate of your location.

In addition, firmness and temperature regulation go hand in hand. If a mattress is soft, you are more likely to get hot over the night because you will sink deep into the top layer of the mattress. Firm beds, on the other hand, do not make you feel hot because the friction is a lot lesser and you are not being hugged by the mattress.


In conclusion, we love the Amerisleep beds, and they are without a doubt, of high quality, excellent craftsmanship and highly comfortable to use but at the end of the day, we can’t but hit the nail on the head. We think Amerisleep Mattresses are too expensive given that they are only made of foam. There are many other options in the market which are not as expensive.

If you, however, do not mind spending money on quality things as long as they make you comfortable, Amerisleep is one of those things, and you definitely can never regret it.

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