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The signature bed from Bear Mattress uses memory foam and it's been on the market since 2015. The mattress has an excellent mattress cover that aids in muscle recovery and reduces inflammation by using what is called Celliant which is a textile technology. The mattress has a single option for firmness and it comes in regular mattress sizes with each mattress 10 in height. The mattress features four different layers. It has 2.5 inches of responsive polyfoam, 6.5 in of high-density polyfoam, and it also has one inch of memory foam made out of graphite gel. The cover for Bear Mattress is made out of polyester and has a Celliant blend. Continue reading our Bear Mattress Review to discover all details about this mattress.

Mattress Firmness

You only get a single option for firmness with this mattress. On the firmness scale, this is around 6.5. The scale goes from 1 to 10 and 1 is the least firm while 10 is the firmest. This mattress features a medium firmness so it should be suitable for most sleeping positions. If you want a plus your mattress that is softer, this Bear Mattress may not be the best choice for you. 

Where to Get It

The company operates out of Hoboken New Jersey. You can view the showroom and have a look at the various mattresses. You can also buy the bear mattress online through Amazon.

Bear Mattress Review Snippet By

Mattress Construction

The Bear mattress company also sells its own foundations. This mattress is a foam bed that features a layer of memory materials. They are currently shipping to Canada and the United States. You can set the product on a flat and solid surface and it has an adjustable base.

The cover of the mattress is the top selling point for many individuals that want to buy it. It has a two-tone design and it's made with excellent materials called Celliant. They indicate that this technology has been proven clinically to improve sleep quality and overall wellness. they also indicate the technology can improve the oxygen levels of tissues and that it converts energy from your body into infrared light.

You should research this technology more fully if you want more information. The company indicates that their brand can offer significant benefits especially to those that have an active lifestyle. The cover can't be taken off of the mattress but it can be spot cleaned. The cover itself has a 10-inch thickness and it goes from a soft layer to a firmer layer from the top on down. It's not made with regular adhesives but it uses a bonding solution that is water-based.

Mattress Top Layer

The top layer of this mattress is made with graphite infused memory foam and is 1.5 in. the foam has a density of 4 lb and helps to relieve pressure. The graphite infusion helps keep temperatures regular so the person sleeping is not going to overheat like they might on other mattresses. The mattress itself will perform well at various temperatures so it is perfect for both the summer months and the winter months.

Mattress Middle Layer

There are two response layers that make up the middle of this mattress. Both of these layers are made up of 1 inch of the proprietary response foam from Bear. This foam has a 3lb density and we'll give the mattress some bounce. The person sleeping on the mattress won't feel like they are stuck in the mattress. The layers respond to pressure animal act like a transition from the top layer of soft memory foam to the base.

Mattress Base

Polyfoam makes up the mattress base and its 6.5in with a 1.8 lb density. This is very firm to support the layers above and it also gives the mattress durability. This base layer is common among many foam mattresses.

The Celliant Cover

The cover of this mattress uses what is called Celliant technology. Many years of dedicated research has gone into this technology. Professionals from biology, physics, medicine, and advice from a Scientific Advisory Board, went into creating this cover. The cupboard will convert the person's body heat into infrared energy.

If you are an active individual or go to the gym very often then the boost to your oxygen levels you get from this mattress are going to help you recover from physical exercise. Infrared light is also known to be a proven vasodilator so you will have improved circulation. You will be able to regulate your body heat with the memory foam that is underneath you. Your oxygen levels in your body tissues will also be boosted so it can help with common conditions such as the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle tears
  • Issues with high blood sugar
  • Congestive heart failure


These mattresses come directly to you once you order them. They're shipped from California, Wisconsin, or Georgia. You'll receive your mattress in a plastic covering and it will be in a 40 x 20 x 20 box. You don't have any assembly that is required when you receive your mattress. It will come to you typically within four to seven business days via FedEx Ground once you have placed your order. Within the United States, the shipping is free. Extra charges apply to deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

How to Unbox

Once you receive your bear mattress you should unpack your mattress, then lay it out to unroll the product. You want the mattress to begin at the decompression process. Don’t leave the product in the box for over 90 days. Once you have unpacked your mattress it’s suitable for sleeping within a couple of hours.

Clinically Proven

You should feel rejuvenated after sleeping on this mattress. The technology that Bear Mattress has created has been scientifically proven in over nine clinical trials my number of schools that have a great reputation such as:

  • UCI Long Beach Veterans Affairs
  • University of Calgary
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Texas A&M University
  • Loyola University of Chicago
  • Medical Center

Your Sleep Trial

When you purchase this mattress directly Bear you will get sleep trail that lasts for 100 nights. You need to try it out for 30 night, then if you don’t like it you can send it back. If during 30 to 100 nights you find you don’t like the product, send it back without any reason given and you will get your money back. Bear will arrange for the mattress to be picked up. If you purchase this product through Amazon, your trial may be different and to return the product you must negotiate with Amazon for the return. 

Warranty, Care, Protection, and Maintenance 

If you decide to purchase this product, you will get a 10-year limited warranty. This covers things such as cracks, issues with the zipper, splits of the foam, or indentations that are more than 1 inch in size. If you fail to take proper care of your product then the other warranty could be avoided. Here are some tips that you should use to ensure that your mattress is going to stay in good shape so that the warranty will still be covered.

  • If there is any spill on the mattress you should spot clean the mattress right away. You should use warm water and some detergent. If you have a water spill you can take off the cover and dry this easily
  • Your mattress is one-sided so you don't have to flip it. It's important that you get a proper mattress cover to protect your mattress. if you try to flip it, you may actually damage the mattress so this is not a good idea
  • Take care when removing the mattress cover as you might damage it. Do not be rough with the cover at any time whatsoever to avoid having problems with it

Where to Put the Mattress

The mattress itself is fine for several different surfaces. You can put it on floors, bunkie boards, adjustable bed frames, foundations, platforms, and box springs.

Please give the mattress enough time out of the box for it to settle. In most cases, it should take a few hours but it might take around 24 hours depending upon how long it has been sitting in the box. The best idea is to get it out of the box as soon as it arrives so it has time to decompress. In many cases, it may only take a few minutes for it to fully decompress but it could take a little bit longer than you might expect.


The Bear Mattress family has excellent customer support. We asked a couple of questions about the components of the foam layers on our mattress. We did call them after business hours but the next day we got an email response right away. The response we received answered all of the questions that we had. This is an indication that the company actually cares about its customers. The team at Bear provided great feedback on their product.

Removal of Your Old Mattress

If you have an old mattress the company will help you remove it because they've partnered with another company. You can get a discount for the removal services that this company offers. All you need to do is call 1-800-GOT-JUNK and they will come and remove your mattress for you.

Performance of the Bear Mattress

Isolation of Motion

This type of mattress has motion isolation properties. Since it has three layers of excellent quality foam it offers great motion isolation. This mattress will trap motion so it doesn’t move and disturb the other sleeper. If you want to comfortable sleep without a lot of movement, this is the mattress for you.

Support at The Edge

The mattress has a poor edge and this is often a complaint made. The mattress you will receive from Bear Mattress has poor edge support which is typical of foam mattresses and doesn't have any perimeter stability reinforcement. This could result in mattress sagging over an extended period.

Retention of Heat

The mattress construction allows it to avoid heat retention problems for the most part. Many foam mattresses struggle with heat retention but this one is excellent. It features foam made out of gel-memory which helps cool and individual and the mattress cover also supports this. It has a little heat retention like many foam mattresses tend to have.

New Mattress Smell or Off-Gassing

When you first get a mattress, you're going to have an odd smell which we refer to as off-gassing. This will last a few days but then it will dissipate. This smell is often found with new mattresses but it's only temporary.


The Bear mattress offers excellent support and helps keep the body aligned as you sleep. This mattress helps to relieve body pressure points and will help sleepers in various sleeping positions get a good night's rest.

Conforms to the Body

This mattress features various foam layers and while it might not offer the contours of a regular foam mattress it will relieve pressure points and conform to the body of the individual sleeping on it so you get the sleep you need.

It’s Durable

Most foam mattresses will last a long time. Feedback indicates that the Bear Mattress will last for years of taken care of properly. Since it is a new model, it's not known how this mattress will last over the long term.

Sexual Activity

This mattress doesn't impede regular movement so having sex on this mattress should not be much of a problem. Some mattress made with memory foam move quite a lot and it can make it difficult to move around on the mattress. Since this mattress is a medium firm type of mattress you shouldn't sink far into the mattress so the movement is going to be easier.

Bear Mattress and Sleeping Styles

The mattress you buy is going to all depend upon your needs and preferences. Your body type, weight, and health conditions will all factored into the type of mattress you get. Some people need more spinal support or extra support in a mattress. You should get the Bear Mattress sleep trial to see if this mattress is the right one for you. Here is how individual sleepers found this mattress.

Side Sleepers

those that slept on their side and were lightweight or less than 130 lb found at the Bear Mattress to be a fair mattress. For light slide sleepers, this mattress could be a little too firm. For those that were the average weight of around 130-230 lb and those that were heavyweight or around 230 lb or more, they found this mattress to be good or very good.

Back Sleepers

Most people that tested this mattress who were back sleepers and had an average weight, found that this mattress was very good for their individual needs.

Stomach Sleepers

For those that slept on their stomach, they didn't find this mattress to be all that comfortable. Those that were lightweight found at this mattress was poor. Those that were overweight or heavyweight found that the mattress was fair. Those that had an average weight found the mattress to be good. For stomach sleepers, most individuals found the mattress to be too firm for that sleeping position.

What You Might Not Like about Bear Mattresses

Even know this mattress is one of the better ones for sleeping there are still some downsides that might make it a poor choice for you. Here are some of the disadvantages of owning this mattress.

You Like Firm or Soft Mattresses Mostly

Actresses that use memory foam such as Bear, only have one firmness level. You can't adjust this firmness level. If you want a bed that is more adjustable or quite soft then you're probably going to want to find something else or get a mattress topper for your Bear Mattress.

You Don’t Like Memory Foam

Some individuals don't like memory foam and prefer regular springs. When you change from a spring mattress to a memory foam mattress there is going to be a significant change. This change for you might be negative or positive depending upon your own personal preferences. If you're not already a fan of memory foam you may not become one even if you owned this excellent mattress.


CertiPUR-US Has certified the Bear Mattress. It meets strict health and environmental standards for the following

  • It features low-emissions or low VOCs for air quality indoors
  • It’s made without phthalates which are prohibited
  • It's made without PBDEs which are dangerous Flame retardants
  • There are no heavy metals in the construction such as lead, Mercury, and so on
  • There is no formaldehyde used in construction

Many manufacturers still use these substances so the certification guarantees that this mattress is up a high-quality and meets all of the standards for mattresses.

The Company Information 

Customer Service

Even though this company is quite young, it has a good reputation in terms of its customer service. Research indicates that around seven out of ten users indicated that they liked the mattress even if they had a problem with their product.


Even though this company has not been around for a long time it is built a positive reputation with its customers

BBB Rating

This company has a rating A

Years in Operation

It was launched in 2015

The Company Headquarters

720 Monroe Street, Suite C508 Hoboken, NJ 07030-6339

Physical Locations

You will not find any physical stores for a Bear mattress. In Hoboken New Jersey you can try a showroom. In Lynnwood, WA you will find them in a Macy's showroom.


[email protected]



PROS and CONS of Bear Mattress


  • This mattress offers pressure and pain relief
  • The Celliant technology is FDA-determined
  • The mattresses are below the average price for mattresses of this style
  • In the contiguous 48 states, you get free shipping


  • You only get one at firmness option
  • The edges of the mattress are weak
  • The company has not been in business for long so there's no long-term history of the product
  • To use the Sleep trial, you have to break in the product for 30 days

Bear Mattress Review Summary

if you're looking for an excellent mixed-foam mattress, Bear Mattress is one that you want to go with because it has a below average cost. What makes this mattress unique is it features textile technology on its cover which is called Celliant. This technology is said to help with muscle recovery and reduces issues with inflammation.

With this mattress, you get contouring support as well as relief for pressure points. It doesn't feature that traditional hug that regular memory foam mattresses have. If you want a soft plush mattress or one with more contours, then you probably want to look at something else.

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