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Nowadays, life revolves around running from one place to another. We all live in a fast-paced world where the schedule of everybody is busy as we strive to ensure a work-life balance. Resultantly, it is a must to dedicate some periods to taking care of oneself and relaxing mentally and physically. For this relaxation and restoration to be possible, having a massage is one of the available means people usually choose. Also, massages are of great assistance to people by ensuring that the body is relieved from pains, the blood circulations are improved and several other ailments are also dealt with positively. Consequently, there has been an increase in the need for massage therapy centers and spas in different places globally; however, this has also promoted lots of people to look for the best massage chair that could be utilized at home.

Basically, the stress and cost involved in visiting the spa on regular occasions or booking appointments with experts for therapies could be too much at the end of the day. In some situations, your busy schedules might just make it also impossible for you to fix in such appointments. At this point, you can always count on massage chairs.

The best massage chairs are a more affordable choice that makes sure that you get a constant massage and enjoy similar advantages as going for a massage constantly. You can take advantage of these one-time investments to massage your body at your convenience whether in your office or home. Nevertheless, you could have an issue with selecting the suitable massage chair out of the several options that are on sales within an array of prices.

Therefore, to reduce the time you will spend searching for the best massage chairs and provide you with a general view of the most excellent products that are on sales currently, we are offering you a detailed review of the best massage chair recliners that many users have liked and reviewed. Our review also includes their specs and their advantages and disadvantages. Take your time to check out these products and decide the one that is most ideal for your needs.

The Best Massage Chair

1. Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair – Best Massage Chair Under $1000

2. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner – Best Massage Chair Under $2000

3. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair – Best Massage Chair Under $3000

4. INADA Flex 3s Massage Chair – Best Massage Chair Under $5000

5. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair – Best Massage Chair Over $5000

6. Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair – Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

7. Johnson Wellness J6800 – Best Deep Tissue Massage Chair

The Best Massage Chair Table





Best Massage Chair Under $100

BestMassage Best Massage Chair Review by


Best Massage Chair Under $2000

Kahuna Best Massage Chair Review by


Best Massage Chair Under $3000

Kahuna Superior Best Massage Chair Review by


Best Massage Chair Under $5000

INADA Best Massage Chair Review by


Best Massage Chair Over $5000

Inada Sogno Best Massage Chair Review by


Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

ideal massage Best Massage Chair Review by


Best Deep Tissue Massage Chair

Johnson Wellness Best Massage Chair Review by


The Best Massage Chair Reviews

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Price: $799.00

BestMassage Best Massage Chair Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Item Weight: 320 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The affordable options for massage chairs are filled with lots of low-end chairs whose performances are unsatisfactory; however, this specific product is greatly different from others. It boasts of a sturdy feature set, dependable functioning, and exceptional reviews from customers at a relatively low price that is below $900; hence, it is our choice when it comes to the best massage chairs that are budget-friendly.

As long as massaging from the entire span of the spine to the thighs and glutes is concerned, the BestMassage’s Zero Gravity Chair performs astoundingly due to the fact that it has a lengthened L-shaped structure. The acupuncture points that are found around sides of the neck and spine are stimulated by extraordinary rollers; thus, providing the shiatsu effect. The detailed coverage that is provided by the heating pads and rollers around the lumbar areas offer you a calming sensation which allows the chair to deal with the tension around your body.

One of the effectiveness of this massage chair in making you relax come from the smart control technology that guarantees the automatic adjustment of the positions of the rollers. This adjustment is accomplished through the measurement of your shoulders’ width and height; thus, giving you a massage that is particularly tailored to suit your specific body dimensions. Furthermore, this automatic adjustment shows that anybody in your household can utilize this massage chair irrespective of their body dimensions, without reducing the functioning of the machine.

A zero gravity seating position is another feature of this machine, and this is a great feature considering the price of the product. Although the name is quite deceitful, this special feature is a result of NASA research and guarantees that your body weight is uniformly distributed over the massage chair. As a result, blood flows seamlessly within your body and you get unsurpassed comfort; thus, there is no difficulty with relaxing.

Overall, this product comes with tons of functionality without costing an arm and a leg. However, it has a few problems which include irritatingly noisy airbags which might be burdensome to a few consumers. Majority of the structure is made with plastic and the imitation leather lacks elegance. Nevertheless, with about 86% of the buyers on Amazon awarding the product 4-star rating or more, this massage chair has exceedingly positive customer reviews. In general, exceptional performance and several ranges of purposes of this product far outweigh some downsides; thus, we have chosen it as the best massage chair below the price range of $1,000.


It is a budget-friendly product with loads of functions

It comes with airbags that work on the wrist and forearms, and these are uncommon features for products of this price range

It features heating functionality that offers extra relaxation

It has zero gravity seating position

Its Amazon customer reviews are exceptionally positive

It has good dimensions as well as two series of wheel that ensures great motion


It is mainly made with plastic materials and fake leather

It features a low 1-year warranty

Its airbags are noisy

The interface of its remote is too complex

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner Review

Price: $1,899.99

Kahuna Best Massage Chair Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 88% 

Item Weight: 200 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

We move a bit higher in the price range and select the Kahuna LM6800 for the best massage chair that is less than $2,000. Known as a reputable massage chair manufacturer, Kahuna possesses an excellent brand presence and is famous for providing products that are feature-packed and affordable.

Priced at just $1,899.99, this particular product comes at an economic cost particularly if you look at the tons of features that it has. Featuring 36 airbags and an L-track structure, the product is mainly designed for relaxing the tight muscles that are found around your back. With the aid of the 4-roller system, there is an extension of the capacities of the product to allow the rollers to move down until it gets to your glutes, massaging the tsubo points towards a bigger part to ensure that the stiff muscles are relaxed. Once you include the specialized airbags that take care of your arms and legs as well as heating pads that massage the lower back and calves, you can rest assured that major function of Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner is to help you unwind completely.

When you consider its price range, one special feature of this massage chair that makes it better than other same-priced alternatives is the Yoga program. This product embraces you with the airbags so that your fatigued muscles are calmly extended while concentrating especially on relaxing the tension around your neck and shoulders. The combination of the gentle extension of the muscles and compression massage produces a great outcome on the stiff muscles and speeds up the recovery time.

The attached remote can be utilized for regulating this massage chair. This remote has 4 different pre-programmed modes that are designed for different areas of your body once you click just a single button. To enhance every massage session for your particular demands, the remote comes with loads of manual settings and controls that cater to heating pad temperature and intensity of the product. For extra comfort, a zero-gravity seating position with three stages is also one of the features of this product.

Generally, this massage chair is a worthwhile product from a distinguished brand and has excellent customer support as well as a warranty period of three years. All customer reviews of the Kahuna LM6800 on Amazon are virtually positive; however, the sophisticated remote control is not user-friendly and requires some periods to learn about using it. Notwithstanding, this product fulfill all requirements by featuring Yoga program, L-track structure, and zero gravity seating position; thus, it makes our list of the best massage chairs available for sales.


Using its L-tracker design, it performs well by offering different arrays of deep massage

It has a Yoga mode that massages neck, shoulders, pelvis, and other areas

Its design saves space; hence, it does not take as much space as other similar products

It has several preprogrammed massage settings and adjustability that are top-notch

Using zero gravity seating position, it distributes weight evenly

It has heating pads that work on the calves and lower back

There are great customer support and customer reviews for the product

It works on the forearms and wrists through the airbags that are incorporated into the armrests


The airbags in the shoulder pads are noisy particularly because they are in proximity to the head

Its sophisticated remote control requires time to get accustomed to using it; however, there are comprehensive manuals

Although assembling the product is very complex, customers can pay an additional charge to get a premium assembling service

Its weight capacity of 250 lb is a bit low

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair Review

Price: $2,599.99

Kahuna Superior Best Massage Chair Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 92% 

Item Weight: 236 pounds 

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

For the best massage chairs below $3,000, another Kahuna chair takes the number one position. Priced below $2,600, this massage chair develops the series of features that are found in the Kahuna LM6800 with the addition of more modes and extra capability that ensure that you enjoy an improved massaging experience.

Just like the majority of products from this brand, this massage chair takes no chances on massage performance. The SM-7300 is a step ahead of the LM6800 by featuring an SL-Track structure with 2 additional rollers to make them 6 in total. Apart from making sure that you enjoy deep tissue massage that stretches from the top of your head to your thighs, this feature ensures that the chair can reach additional shiatsu points more precisely.

With the availability of the conventional arm and footrests as well as airbags, the chair is capable of providing you with the full body massage. The Yoga mode that is well cherished in the LM6800 is also featured in this product. However, the similarities of this chair with the cheaper alternative stops at this point as it comes with a more advanced series of preprogrammed capabilities that ease the process involved in selecting the massage you want. Exceptional add-ons are the Recovery and Pain Relief presets which capitalize on the SL-track technology to massage your tsubo points so that pains are relieved and wellness is encouraged.

To aid the selection of the intensity of every massage session, there is an addition of new modes which include a Senior Mode that provides a very calm massage and Dynamic Sports Mode that offer a very intense, deep tissue massage. Through these presets and modes, it is easier to use the SM-7300 when compared to the LM6800’s complex interface.

The most obviously valuable thing about this product is probably the fact that it is one of some massage chairs that take care of the needs of larger customers. It has a maximum weight capacity of 320 lb as well as extendable leg supports that take care of the needs of people that are as tall as 6.5 feet tall; therefore, this chair is one of a handful of products of its kinds that are available for larger consumers.

Overall, the several series of features and mid-range cost of this product guarantee that it is a great choice for individuals that need a massage chair that is slightly pricey. With the availability of preprogrammed auto-massage modes and settings as well as the 6-roller system, the SM-7300 offers a massage performance that distinctively peerless. Nevertheless, it is strange to find out that the chair does not have the zero gravity position and calf heating features, especially when you consider the fact that the cheaper LM6800 has both features. Again, this product has a below average warranty of 2 years which covers labor and parts. Notwithstanding, the customer's reviews of this massage chair have been remarkably positive with lots of users commending its tons of massage modes and the exceptional customer support provided by the company; hence, this product is listed here as our best massage chair that can be bought for less than $3,000.


Its massage performance is excellent with extra rollers playing a pivotal role

It comes with an eye-catching design

It has several modes and presets

The reviews of the customers are remarkably excellent

It is ideal for larger users that are as heavy as 320 lbs and as tall as 6 feet 5 inches.

It features zero gravity seating position


Its warranty of 2 years is lower than what the cheaper LM6800 provides

Its remote has an unfriendly user interface for managing several functions

Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair Review

Price: Out of stock

INADA Best Massage Chair Review by

General Information

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 100% 

Item Weight: 165.3 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

In the massage chair sector, one of the oldest names is Inada. Notably, in 1962, the first Shiatsu massage chair was manufactured by Nichimu Inada. As a matter of fact, this company offers some of the best products which come with a high-quality performance that offer you great value for your money. Our choice for the best massage chair below $5,000 is their premium Flex 3 line which is priced under $4,500.

The basic feature that makes the products of this company to stand out among others is the level of extensive research and advancement dedicated to making them. The rollers and air cells that function in unique routine motions further make the feature to be more obvious in the Flex 3S. The design of these routine motions has been targeted at ensuring that the muscles of the body are extended and compressed; thus, making them to loosen up progressively so that you have a calmer feeling.

As a part of the products of Inada, the major function of the air cells is to provide more accurate control over the movements of the products than traditional airbags. With the small design of the product, a more human-like sensation will be offered by the product; hence, you experience a natural massage.

The patented 3D rollers of the company are also utilized in the Flex 3S. With the aid of the airbags attached to the arms of the rollers, the rollers are capable of moving inwards. Resultantly, you can precisely determine the amount of the pressure you want the roller to apply for an exceptionally tailor-made massaging experience. Along the sides of the components, there are various channels that conform to your arm and offer you a soothing air cell massage over the span of your wrists and forearms. Furthermore, the armrests and footrests contain heating pads that deliver calming heating that looks like a hot stone massage that makes you relax more.

The focus on combining conventional massage methods with stretching is probably the most distinguishing element of the Flex 3S. This element preserves the major focus of the chair which is to make you relax and enhance your body posture which is especially necessary considering the fact that our sedentary lifestyle is on the increase.

Alongside the manual controls, this chair has a big remote that distinctively features four preprogrammed massage modes; therefore, it is easy to operate this massage chair without jeopardizing the ability to customize it. Other reasonable add-ons of the product include stretchable leg rests to take care of the needs of larger consumers and lumbar support for extra padding.

All things considered, irrespective of the price range, you can hardly get any other massage chairs that can offer you massage chair experiences that are better than the Inada Flex 3S. The air cells and 3D rollers are not only utilized by the routine motions to provide you with unrivaled relaxation, but they also come in handy for enhancing your body posture.  Anyway, considering how pricey the Inada Flex 3S, its major downside is its lack of a zero-gravity seating position. Unlike many products within this price range, another important feature that is missing is the lower back heating pads. In spite of these drawbacks, this massage chair is one of the best massage chairs available due to its premium massage performance, the quality of its iconic Japanese structure, and a warranty of 3 years.


The performance of the full body massage of this chair is remarkable

It provides a human-like touch through its shoulder pads

It has reasonable presets and intuitive user interface

It comprises lumbar support and headrests that can be removed

It provides the soles of the palms and feet with soothing heating

It comes with exceptional warranty coverage as well as impressive build quality


It lacks zero gravity position

It lacks seat or lower back heating

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair Review

Price: $17,599.99

Inada Sogno Best Massage Chair Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 75% 

Item Weight: 265 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

If you are not financially constrained, then another product from Inada would be selected as our best massage chair – this is Inada’s first-rate Dreamwave massage chair. Priced below $9,000, this product is undoubtedly the best massage chair that you can get nowadays that will offer you an overwhelming unparalleled massage experience.

Just like the majority of the products from this manufacturer, the main target of this product deliver therapeutic effect as well as relaxation and comfort to the users. This chair performs these functions by focusing on extending the motions around the massage to make sure that the posture of the user is improved while their tight joints are loosened; hence, improving the flow of blood to the muscle and soothing your body.

The much-cherished 3D rollers in the Flex 3S make a spectacular comeback to this product; however, they have a wider array of movements to provide more varying motions. With the air cells of this chair increased to 100, the product now has a few features that make it better than other massage chairs of its kind.

Foremost, the Dreamwave massage chair has a full-arms massage that boasts of 20 air cells on every side to provide your fingertips, forearms and upper arms with unsurpassed massage. Furthermore, there is an upgrade in the structure of the neck rest and headrest to accommodate a new component known as Shugi stretching that is primarily aimed at relieving the tension in your shoulders and neck. As you sit, shoulder supports calmly conform to your body so that the front of the shoulders is controlled to offer an overarching massage.

Another unprecedented feature in this industry that this product has is a specialized swinging movement that is constructed into the seat through corresponding motions of bags found around the sides of the seat. Apart from combining your relaxation with calmness, this feature also promotes the major aim of the chair which is to enhance your body through the use of soothing motion that expands the pelvis.

Overall, this massage chair is undoubtedly one of the best massage chairs you can get nowadays. Some of its industry-leading, technologically advanced features that can hardly be seen in any other products include a swing function, full arm massages, and a blend of shoulder or neck massages. Notwithstanding, the intuitiveness of the control interface of the Dreamwave massage chair is not as good as cheaper Flex 3S. Also, another obvious feature that this product does not have is the palm and feet sole heating. However, if what you truly want is an unrivaled massage experience, there is hardly another massage chair that performs better than the Dreamwave.


It is a premium massage chair that performs remarkably

Wellbeing and relaxation are its main focus

It features unprecedented full arm massage that covers areas from the shoulder to the fingertips

It offers a unique emphasis on shoulders and neck

It comes with on-site support and a warranty of 3 years

There is gentle heating for the lower back and seat


It does not have the palm and feet sole heating

When compared to the cheaper Flex 3S, it has a less intuitive user interface

Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair Review

Price: $1,279.95

ideal massage Best Massage Chair Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 

Item Weight: 200 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

There has been an increase in the inclusion of zero gravity seating positions in massage chairs, and lots of consumers are praising the effectiveness of this feature. The soothing effects of the massage have been improved by the seating position; thereby, making the consumer to relax. In addition to the other sophisticated feature, the seating position is effectively used by the Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair; hence, it is our best zero gravity massage chair.

The first attribute of this product that impressed us was that despite having a plethora of features, this massage chair is available for sales below $1,500. The three zero gravity seating positions are the starting points of our review of this chair. The inspiration for this seating position is derived from the astronauts’ reclined seat positions that compellingly make sure that the heart and the legs are at a similar height so that the flow of blood can be uniform. Resultantly, the weight is distributed evenly throughout the chair and also increases the intensity of the massage as your full weight is compressed against the chair. Due to the dual effect of the massage and seating position on easing your muscular tension, you get a more calming massage experience.

When considering the massage performance, the Ideal’s Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair is at the same level as the Kahuna LM6800 that we reviewed before. Its S-track back roller performs well in providing a human-like touch and also has a better reach when compared to the Kahuna LM6800’s L-track design. Stretching as far as the thighs, the rollers offer an improved massage encounter. A specially structured armrest takes care of the forearm region; however, when utilized in the upright position, the armrest is capable of causing negligible discomfort.

The soles of the feet are taken care of by a traditional foot massage system that uses airbags and balls.

It has the simplest user interface that we have noticed in any product of its kind; however, it does not have the custom options that are available in other chairs on our list. Anyway, the majority of the requirements of the average consumer are taken care of by the four auto presets. Vibration and heating pads around the lumbar area are seen in the Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair, and these features can be managed with ease by pressing a single button.

 Overall, considering its cost, this massage chair is definitely a powerful product. With the help of the S-track design, the rollers are able to get to lots of areas as you enjoying topnotch comfort through the zero gravity seating position. Although the chair obviously does not have comprehensive manual settings, this drawback has not hindered consumers from rating this product as it is rated 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon.  The confidence of the producer in the quality of the product is displayed through its detailed warranty of 3 years, and this warranty further confirms the Zero Gravity Shiatsu chair as one of the best massage chairs.


It features several components that are only seen in premium massage chairs

It has an S-track roller design that ensures the massage extends to the thighs

It boasts of zero gravity seating position

It has seat vibration and lumbar heating features

It comes with a warranty of 3 years for the frame and electronic components

It is a great bargain


The structure of the armrests is inept

It does not have manual settings

It obviously does not have rollers that can massage the soles of the feet

Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair Review

Johnson Wellness Best Massage Chair Review by

General Information

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 100% 

Item Weight: 213 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

One of the astonishing chairs on our list is the Johnson Health Tech’s J6800 which performs exceptionally. In terms of the best chairs for deep tissue massage, this product is our choice as its design allows it to deliver a powerful massage than the traditional massage chairs and is particularly advantageous to individuals who suffer from chronic back pain or are engaged in physically strenuous tasks.

The 4D mechanism is the major component behind the deep tissue massage of the Johnson Wellness J6800. This mechanism is an improvement on the 3D mechanism of other massage chairs that power the rollers with airbags so that they can move inside to exert deeper force into the back of the consumers to make the intensity of the massage to be higher. The precision of this control is significantly improved by this chair so as to modify the intensity and rhythm during the motions to ensure that you get a deeper, more incisive massage that will alleviate your muscles’ knots. Through the deeper massage, the flow of blood and sense of wellness will be greatly improved when you are done with the massage.

What’s more, there is a standard series of features that have been noticed in the J6800. It is powered by 31 LLDPE airbags that ensure that the control over the airflow is faster and more accurate through an oscillating movement that increases the flow of blood around the back, shoulders, legs, and arms. Additionally, it comprises detachable heating pads that you can position around your arms, shoulders or back, and this serves a reasonable attribute which allows you to focus the heat towards your desired areas.

The 11 preprogrammed massage modes, which greatly cover virtually all preferences of the consumer with a single click, is another exceptional feature of the J6800. More discreet consumers can make use of the manual control that is attached to tailor their massage to suit their preferences. Furthermore, the chair boasts of a built-in surround sound that can be used for integrating the massage with the play you are playing to make your massage experience more dynamic.

All in all, the 4D roller design of this product enables it to provide deep, incisive massages that will produce a resounding effect on the users. Other special features that give this chair an edge over other products include music synchronization, detachable heating pad and comprehensive library of preprogrammed performance. Notwithstanding, compared to the competitors with a similar price tag that can offer deep massages that reach the thighs, a noticeable drawback of this product is the design of its roller that makes it capable of only extending to the lower back. Nevertheless, its general craftsmanship, warranty of 3 years, and remarkable reviews on Amazon guarantee that it is chosen as one of our best massage chairs.


It has an excellent build quality

Its 4 roller system guarantees incisive, deep tissue massage

It features 11 detailed preprogrammed massage courses

It has special music synchronization attribute

It has great customer support and warranty of 3 years


It does not have features such as zero gravity seating

Due to the 2-roller system, it is restricted from reaching the thighs

10 Important Tips for Choosing a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are capable of helping you calm and take care of your muscles without the need to hire a professional. Look at the 10 important tips that can help you choose a chair.

Would you like to get a massage chair and add it to your household equipment? It is highly recommended that you have such an interest. Anyway, more individuals own massage chairs now than in the past because they allow you to alleviate stress mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Also, sitting inside the massage chairs is a fun-filled experience. While they are famously used by the elderly for relaxation, the young ones enjoy them as they engage in other activities such as playing a video game or watching TV. Nevertheless, in comparison to conventional chairs, they are more complicated. Similarly, these massage chairs are a good way to invest your money.

Check out the 10 essential tips that must be considered before purchasing massage chairs:

1. Key features

Key features are probably the most essential attribute you must consider when searching for ideal massage chairs. What types of features would you like your chair to have? There is no doubt about the fact that you are going to consider various types of massages – and this will be dealt with later – but you should think about other attributes too. Heated therapy is provided by a few chairs while others provide features like muscle compression and neck traction massage.

Likewise, the following should be duly considered:

  • Feet extenders
  • Options for neck and back reclining
  • Cup holder
  • Armrests
  • A remote or wired control system
  • Memory function
  • Integrated computer

The essence of a cup holder to the chair can be quite astonishing. During a massage session, you might be frustrated when you notice that there is a need for you to take a drink. Even if the drink is available, a cup holder will be required to keep the drink at your disposal. Another essential component that is hardly considered by many individuals when getting a massage chair is an integrated computer that has a memory function. Using a few massage chairs, you are allowed to predetermine a certain blend of the types of types of massages that you want and then save your choice.  With this system, there is no need for you to set the same command time after time when you want to utilize the chair.

For the majority of the massage chairs, a control system that is integrated into the side of the chair or its armrest is a common feature. Some of the chairs boast of an individual system that can either wireless or wired. Although the wireless options are more comfortable for use, the remote control can be easily lost if care is not taken.

2. Massage Types

Having known the basic features, you should also consider the massage types that the massage chair is capable of executing. There are some basics associated with every chair, and these basics include:

  • Swedish massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Rolling
  • Kneading
  • Rapid percussion
  • Pressure

The commonest type of massage therapy is known as a Swedish massage. You can get this fundamental type of massage therapy at a spa. The major components of this massage type include soothing rubbing and momentary use of deep pressure. Otherwise, for shiatsu, a pressure is applied to the acupuncture points of the body. Individuals who are not accustomed to this type of massage can experience some pains and roughness. When performing Shiatsu massage, the best massage chairs usually begin slowly and then apply more pressure as time goes on.

Integrated rollers and balls of a chair are completely utilized to provide rolling, kneading, and rapid percussion massages. In these therapies, the pressure is slowly and intensely applied to various groups of muscle. For pressure therapy, airbags are utilized to mimic the level of muscle compression that is derived when human hands are used. This type of therapy is advantageous to individuals who demand that their arms, necks, and legs are effectively massaged.

3. Size and Design

Without a doubt, the design and size of these chairs play a pivotal role in their performance. In case you own a massage chair that reclines the leg, neck, and back, placement against a wall or in a corner will not be suitable for such a chair. They are likely to be large too. It is often wrongly believed that the living room is the right place for a massage chair. It is virtually impossible. The design is the major problem in this case.

Several massage chairs are not beautiful. Even when their design is attractive, they will still look clearly different from other items in your living room. If you position a massage chair close to your sofa, it may appear exactly the opposite of what is pleasing to you. Therefore, it is recommended that you position the chair in your office, workout room, or bedroom. A massage chair can fit into these rooms because of the availability of enough space and neutral style.

4. Longevity and Customer Service

You should think about how long a massage chair can last before spending your hard-earned money on it. At this point in the process of buying a chair, the importance of customer reviews cannot be overemphasized. What are the things you should pay attention to in the customer reviews?

The caliber of customer service and longevity are the two collective factors. Are these massage chairs durable? How sturdy are they after they are used repeatedly with long periods of sitting? If you are able to use the chair for3 years, then it is a good bargain. Although the majority of furniture is more durable, it is simply because they are not designed with additional components that a massage chair has.

The most essential components of the chair that must be most durable are:

  • Bottom cushion
  • Neck rest
  • Rollers and balls
  • Airbags
  • Leg rest
  • Electronics

In case these components are faulty, what happens? At this point, your customer service and warranty matter. The issues related to warranty will be discussed in a different segment later in this post. With the aid of excellent customer service, you are guaranteed maintenance and repairs without wasting time. If the representatives of the company delay you and fail to respect your warranty, you have encountered bad service. Several companies prioritize customer service, and massage chair producers are not exempted. If a company does not take cognizance of your encounter with their agents, you should never rely on such a company.

5. Rollers in Massage Chair

The primary mechanisms behind the functioning of a massage chair are the rollers and balls. These components move from one place to another collectively while ensuring the application of pressure to the body. This makes you feel as if human hands have been used for massaging. It is worthwhile to note that these rollers and balls are available to various styles and shapes. This is because various companies design the chair differently. The level of comfort the chair will offer you is the most vital element that you must ascertain. While a few rollers are extremely soft, others are extremely strong. It is possible for you to see some that are too fast or provide sharp sensation. Always ensure that you sit down and examine it before purchasing it. Be certain if you feel great and comfortable after the massage. If you are hurt or uncomfortable, do not hesitate to check another chair.

You must not forget that function is more essential than fashion. Even if your choicest massage chair does not have that physical appeal and aesthetic designs, the most excellent option is to ensure that the rollers suit your body. 

6. Airbags

It is worthwhile to understand that the function of the airbags is not to hold you from falling during a crash. While the same technology is used, they are modified to inflate and deflate when necessary. Their major function is to ensure that even pressure is applied to your muscles. These airbags are located near the leg, neck, and arm of the massage chair. You can inflate them to apply pressure by just clicking a button.

The force that is being applied to your muscles must be checked. To prevent the airbags from hurting and discomforting you, it is important for you to ensure that they are not tight. Also, they should also not be too loose because it may make them incapable of performing their function. A few airbags are capable of heating up. While the hotness of these airbags will not be as much as that of a garment steamer, they will provide sufficient warmness to improve your whole massage. Just as we have noted earlier, go for airbags that are long-lasting. It may be important for you to make inquiry about the possibility of replacing them if they get damaged.

7. Intensity of Massage

With regard to the airbags and rollers, ensures that every type of massage is tested. With this, you will know whether you like the intensity level provided when you are on the chair. Although a few chairs depress too hard, others are extremely gentle in such a way that you do not gain anything from the massage provided by the chair. For sophisticated massage chairs, the intensity of the massage can be increased or decreased. If the intensity can be controlled, make sure you get a sweet spot before parting ways with your hard-earned money. While the default setting may not provide you the kind of massage you desire, the chair could have a setting that particularly takes care of your needs. This particular feature is even more essential for consideration if many individuals at your home might be utilizing the chair. Are there children and elderly people in your household? The tolerance level of each person differs as long as massage intensity is concerned. It is important to ensure that everyone gets a particular intensity level or setting that is suitable for them, including yourself.

8. Control

As regards decreasing and increasing the massage intensity, you should also verify if the chair provides you with a complete array of control. Ensure that the massage speeds can be controlled. Similarly, verify if you can use a single click of a button to stop any sessions of the massage. You need to prevent getting stuck while getting a massage in the chair, particularly if the setting of the massage is discomforting or hurting you.

Although the control level of the intensity does not necessarily have to be as seamless as that of a smartphone or robot vacuum cleaner, you still have to make sure that every session of massage can be controlled and customized. Can the airbags be managed independently? How difficult is it for your feet or back to be reclined? How difficult is it to place things back in order after you have reclined or utilized the airbags?

If the chair utilizes a remote control, does it have a built-in panel? The essence of this is to ensure that there may be a need for you to manage your massage chair if the remote control is lost or the batteries are dead. If not, your massage chair is just a useless, pricey brick. For chairs with the built-in memory system, can your preferred massage combinations be programmed? Is it possible to program the chair to offer you a Swedish massage that moves to Shiatsu massage with just a single click of a button or are you required to make the switch manually every time? It is quite difficult to overlook the convenience of a memory function.

9. Warranty

Is a warranty needed for all products that you purchase? In case you are spending on a product as costly as massage chairs or as expensive as a cooler for keeping your wines, you undoubtedly need a warranty. If these expensive products should be damaged and there is no warranty for them, it would be a disaster for you. Not only are the expensive, but their repairs are costly too. Maintenance for a product as big and sophisticated as a massage chair should never be toyed with, and as such, a warranty solves the issue.

Nevertheless, the majorities of warranties are not for a long time. Remember that their duration is usually about 3 to 5 years. In addition, only the repairs for certain components of the chairs are covered by the warranties. In many cases, despite the validity of the warranty, the coverage is unavailable for the repairs because the contract does not involve the damaged component of the chair. Take your time to read the contract and understand the components and the types of damages included in the warranty coverage.

Also, you should also verify if full coverage is guaranteed under the warranty. Partial coverage is one feature of a few deceitful warranty frauds. Resultantly, if there is a need for repair, you will have to spend a lot of money. The payment for the repairs is not done on time by some scams. Rather, you are reimbursed by the manufacturer for the money spent on the repair. Have a perfect understanding of the contract because some contracts only cater to a specific percentage of the repair cost.

10. Budget

Just as importantly, think about your budget. These chairs are expensive and even the cost of those that are not too costly is over $300. Finally, choose a chair that suits your budget. Anyway, one thing that is applicable to massage chairs is that the price determines the capability of the product. You are likely to get all the exceptional and expected features from the costly massage chairs. Their durability, aesthetic and ability to offer your desired massage type are guaranteed with them.

Needless to say, there is no need to buy every pricey massage chair. To get the suitable chair that is within your financial comfort zone, check out the following fast and simple technique:

  • List the minimum and maximum amount you can afford
  • Look for chairs that fall within your budget
  • Use reviews to take note of the top 10 chairs
  • Jot down the features of every chair

With this, your options are streamlined. Afterward, you should be able to consider the chair that is most suitable for your wants and needs.

These tips will make it easy for you to get the best massage chairs that fall within your budget and take care of your needs. Notwithstanding, several chairs are available for sales today. You may have a difficult checking out the features of all the products. The availability of several options can be a problem, particularly if it makes it difficult for you to decide properly. No worries! Adhere to these tips to know if anyone accomplishes your goal.

A Guide for Buying a Massage Chair: Summary

Before buying a massage chair, you need to pay attention to a few features. Is there any chair that can be considered as the best massage chair? This is dependent on your target; however, if your budget is quite large, it would be possible for you to a massage chair that comes with all premium features.

Consider the following factors before purchasing a chair:

Cost and Shipping Options. For many people, the biggest factor for buying a massage chair will be budget. In a few situations, the overall cost of bringing the chair to your place will be further affected by shipping. Great or free shipping deals are usually available for Prime members on Amazon.

Warranty. Warranty is an important factor to consider when buying massage chairs. Generally, warranties that are longer and comprehensive show the level of the confidence of the manufacturer in their product and its durability.

Power or Manual Recline. Majority of the expensive chairs feature power for everything; however, in a few situations, the chair will come with a handle that allows manual control for reclining the massage chair.

Heated Massage Chair. Similar to what we have in the heated seated of luxury cars, a few chairs have heating seats. During the days of winter, this feature is awesome.

Material. Massage chairs usually have upholstery that is made of synthetics, leather, and fabrics. The preference of the user is the most important thing here.

Weight Capacity. Anyone buying any budget-friendly massage chair should verify their weight capacity.

Programs and Settings. Amazingly, a few of these chairs are feature-packed; some of them have so many additional accessories that a few times may be required to master how to use them. Learning is one of the perks of the product as you know more about the massage chair as well as its features and the combination of features that will give you the best result. A few massage chairs come with preset programs that will concentrate on specific areas of the body or back.

Add-ons. Headphone ports, handheld or panel remote controls, phone chargers, music players, and 3D robotic massage are a few additional features that a massage chair can have.

What are the Advantages of Chair Massage?

In case you are suffering from back pain or tension, a great massage can come to your aid. Nevertheless, you may not always be able to get or enjoy a therapeutic massage. A licensed massage therapist is required to provide the best massage, but there an alternative which offers you the advantages of the human touch in your office or residence. This alternative is the therapeutic massage which has been in use for over three decades. Through the years, there have been important improvements in the designs and functions of these chairs; hence, they are capable of replacing a professional massage therapist efficiently.

Are these chairs recommended for you? To a lot of individuals, massage robotic chairs are luxurious products. Nonetheless, the price of these chairs is nothing compared to their benefits. Apart from offering several benefits, they are important for curing lots of health conditions. With a full body massage from these massage chairs, you can enjoy the treatment of digestive problems and back pain as well as alleviation of tension and stress. Treatments of depression, anxiety, headaches and lots more are other advantages of getting a chair massage. For a deeper understanding of the most prominent health benefits of the best massage chairs, check out the following:

It relieves sore muscles

In lots of cases, the sore in the bones or joints are not usually the causes of the pains and aches that you feel on your body. In many situations, overworked or strained muscles are the major causes of these pains. However, you can lower or eradicate such discomfort with the use of a premium robotic chair massage.

This advantage can be particularly important for athletes and individuals who work out constantly. For maintaining the flexibility of their body, regular professional sports massage is often needed by athletes. A massage chair can be kept at home to serve as an alternative to professional masseuse; hence, a customized sports massage can be enjoyed at your home.

The speed of recovery required after a sprain, strain or any other injuries to the muscle can be increased by the chair massage. There will be an improvement in the flow of blood as well as a reduction in the pain felt in the soft tissue.

It enhances the flow of blood

All vital nutrients are transported by the blood to vital organs and muscles of the body; therefore, the proper functioning of the blood is a must. The flow of blood in the body is enhanced by electronic massage chairs, and this provides lots of advantages.

Foremost, the benefit can be enjoyed by individuals who have problems with impaired blood circulation. Individuals that are suffering from impaired blood circulation often encounter regular cold of feet and hands, and when these conditions are left untreated, they may experience a severe health consequence. Chair massage promotes aids the activity and ensures that more red blood cells are produced. Through dilation of the blood arteries and vessels, the chair massage also aids the right circulation of blood. With these benefits, there is alleviation of hypertension which is a condition that is related to increased susceptibility to stroke and heart ailment.

The improvement of the circulation of blood lowers feet inflammation and enhances the process of healing since the tissues and organs are receiving more beneficial oxygen. Apart from enhancing blood circulation, the chair massage equally improves lymphatic circulation so that more toxins are eliminated from the body.

It lowers tension and stress

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of massage chairs nowadays is its ability to reduce tension and stress. Following a stressful day at work, a massage chair will greatly aid the process alleviating the stress and there is no better way de-stress than getting a professional massage. Even at work, lots of individuals are beginning to gain from chair massage because there are models that are suitable for office space.

It enhances your posture

The bloodstream is severely affected by a bad posture and breathing difficulties can also occur. With the use of massage chairs, the muscles can be relaxed so that they become more flexible; hence, improving your posture. This can come in handy for you if you usually stay in front of a computer for several hours. By enjoying deep relaxation for many minutes, your energy levels will be increased and you will experience rejuvenation in your body.

It fights against pain

The health of your skeletal system is also covered by the advantages of these chairs. By acting on the painful and tight joints, the massage chairs make them be more flexible. The various techniques utilized by the chairs to fight the problems include knocking, rolling, and rubbing. To be more specific, these chairs are great at dealing with back pain. However, the majority of full body massage chairs work on virtually all regions of the body.

It lowers anxiety

As your body is being massaged by the chair, your endorphin levels are also being increased. These endorphin levels are essential for the improvement of the wellbeing of an individual. These body hormones are known to lower anxiety.

The use of ultramodern technology has made the new massage chairs to be so advanced that they provide massage techniques that look like those offered by professional therapists. The fingers and hands of humans are mimicked by the mechanism of their actions. Their designs allow them to be suitable for the type of body of every person. A scanning system is even provided by a few of the most sophisticated chairs. Before the start of each massage session, your whole body will be scanned by the system to decide the best type of intensity and massage that fit you.

Also, expectant mothers can enjoy the benefits of massage chairs. Apart from the aforementioned benefits are offered by the chairs, they also alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy. Nevertheless, you should consult your healthcare professional or midwife before having a prenatal massage.

Being a durable investment is another advantage of these chairs. After paying once for the product, it can be used constantly for lots of years. In addition to serving as an alternative to human massager, the chairs offer more comforting massage in your privacy and can be customized to suit your taste.

What is the Mechanism Behind the Functioning of Massage Chairs?

Following a rough day at work, it is possible that your back would be stiff by the time you get back home. The exhausting activities at work might give you swollen feet and aching shoulders. Although you can get relief for these aches and tightness through a professional massage, this is not usually feasible or handy. A massage chair provides you an easier and comfier method to get the relief you deserve. For several years, these robotic massage chairs have been available for sales. The use of advanced technologies will make the chair to be so much like or even better than a human massage.

What does a chair massage refer to? There is a simple, basic concept behind it. Special devices have been integrated into the massage chairs, and these devices ensure that relaxing and tranquilizing sensation are offered to the individual that is seated in it.  The device inside a few massage chairs is simple; however, other chairs have highly sophisticated devices that guarantee that the chair can perform several functions.

Vibrations only. For the majority of the low-priced massage chairs available today, only vibrating elements are integrated into them. Contrastingly, several motors and machinery are incorporated into more sophisticated and costly chairs so that users can enjoy the same optimal stimulation of the methods that skilled massagers often utilize.

A complicated mechanical system is utilized in many modern massage chairs, and more advanced technologies are now being integrated into these chairs by a few innovators. To massage the body and lower tension and stress of the user, a few massage chairs now utilize water. Airbags are utilized by lots of others. As the muscles are squeezed by these airbags, blood flow is increased and muscular pain is alleviated.

Airbags. Lots of premium and best massage chairs now make use of this technique. A massage chair massages the body by using several airbags to squeeze the big muscles – this is a popular massage technique used by lots of professional masseuses. There is a connection between these airbags and an air compressor which makes them be inflated as the massage session goes on. Majority of massage chairs work through combining gears, vibrating elements, motors, and rollers.

Vibrations. For the simplest massage chairs, a vibrating surface is often utilized to massage the body. Small devices, which have a weighted wheel or gear, produce the vibrations. At high speed, the wheel is driven and rotated by the motor of the device, and vibrations occur as a result. For instance, the cellphones utilize the small model of this vibrating device.

Rollers. Expensive rollers also have rollers that produce a massage that mimics the hands of humans. On a few of the massage chairs, the movements of the rollers are only up and down; however, other sophisticated chairs are capable of motioning vertically and laterally. Hence, they produce right, left and circular movements.

Massage chair recliners. While a few of the chairs work as recliners, others provide zero gravity position that offers a greater massage experience. A motorized reclining system is utilized in the majority of first-rate massage chairs. With a single click of a button, the position of the chair will be changed automatically. Otherwise, less sophisticated massage chairs require pulling of a release handle, followed by pressing the backrest of the chair backward with your body.

Lots of sophisticated chairs provide several styles of massages:

Kneading. With the focus mainly on the pressure points, the movements of the rollers usually include circular motions or up and down motions. The flow of blood to and from the heart is increased by this type of massage style.

Rolling. The rollers produce up and down movements around the spine. The focus of rolling is to lower the pressure exerted on the discs found in your back.

Shiatsu. This is a technique for Japanese physical therapy. Just like acupuncture, this massage style stimulates the acupoints with the aid of the fingers to massage the deep tissue and alleviate tension.

Swedish. This is targeted at mimicking the sensation of long strokes that are often produced by palm style massage. The focus of this massage style to relax the muscle and stimulate the blood.

Tapping. There are rapid motions of the rollers as they push in and out of the backrest. With these movements, the karate chop technique is simulated. Alleviation of muscle tension and reduction of tightness are the major function of the tapping.

What is the Frequency of Using a Massage Chair?

The availability of massage chairs for a massage session at any time is definitely a wonderful thing about them. There is no need to book an appointment, you are not required to go elsewhere from your home, and you do not have to incur recurrent expenses when having each session.

Perhaps you are bothered about how often you need to utilize a massage chair; it will gladden you to realize that you can make use of the massage chair as often as you want. Remember that each massage session offers certain benefits to your body, and you might be able to get more benefits and faster recovery if you have more massage session weekly.

For you to have purchased a massage chair, we can safely assume that it is your desire to utilize it as much as you can; however, it is still essential for you to adhere to certain general instructions to ensure it is used safely.

Massage chairs for relieving pain

In case you are one of the innumerable individuals who have problems with aching shoulders and neck or lower back pain, it is important for you to have about 3 to 4 sessions of massages weekly. Do not forget that the process should not be rushed; anyway, the massage chair is yours. It will remain with you for long. Take a look at premium massagers that can take care of your shoulders and neck here.

After the massage session, focus on the feeling of your body and modify the session appropriately. You are better off starting the session slowly and then improve than to begin in a hard way and complain for a whole week about soreness in your muscles. It is vital to get a balance between your experience at your physical best and a relief for your deep muscle.

Massage chairs relax the body optimally

Perhaps you do not need to relieve your deep muscle, but rather in need of a nice technique for relaxation; the massage chair can be utilized any time you are experiencing extremely high levels of stress. In case you are hiring the services of a skilled massager, attending massage sessions for about 1 to 3 times a week would likely be required. You can use a massage chair to massage your body more frequently; however, you need to ensure that your muscles are not hurt. For the reduction of your stress levels as well as facilitation of restful sleep at night, you will gain more from massaging before bedtime or after getting home from work.

Using a massage chair more than necessary

The most important thing about utilizing the massage chair correctly is not to utilize it for an extended period. In contrast to many other things, as long as massages are concerned, using the chair more often does not make your experience better. There are possible risks associated with extended massage sessions. You are probably thinking about how long can be considered to be too long. Experts have highlighted that the maximum time for a standard massage session is 15 minutes. You can get all the advantages of the char during this time. Although you may feel that you can get more relief from a longer massage session, that belief is quite false. If a massage session goes beyond 15 minutes, your muscle may be bruised, particularly if you only began utilizing the massage chair recently. Inflammation and tissue damages can be the results of such extended sessions.

An automatic timer is utilized by the majority of chairs so that you do not use the message more than the stipulated 15 minutes. Predefined programs are utilized by a few of these chairs; hence, the massage stop once the time is reached, and other chairs do not offer you a chance to customize the kind of massage session you want. In case your chair provides a massage session that is longer than 15 minutes, you should take advantage of an alarm or a timer to put an end to the session. If you sit in the chair in a reclined position, it is particularly essential for you to stop the session because you may fall asleep as the chair massages your body.

After your 15-minute session, you are advised you stand up and move about indoor for some periods. You can engage in any kind of physical activity. Toxins created in your body while enjoying the massage will be eliminated through the physical activity. It is also advised by professionals that you take lots of water once you are done with the massage to promote elimination of the toxins.

Using Massage Chairs in Pregnancy

Discomfort can be a part of pregnancy, and pain the lower back region can be experienced. However, is it recommended for you to utilize a massage chair while you are pregnant?

It is recommended by lots of manufacturers that massage chairs should not be used by pregnant women. The major reason for such recommendation is that a few pressure points can be stimulated by the chairs, and premature labor may occur. Nevertheless, this claim is not supported by any evidence. While still in the womb, lots of layers of fluid and muscles are used for covering the baby. These layers ensure that the baby is appropriately cushioned and protected against external influences. The difference between utilizing a massage chair and getting a normal massage is quite negligible.

No proof has been provided to support the claim that the baby or the mother can be harmed by the electromagnetic fields of the massage chair.

Is it safe to utilize the massage chairs during pregnancy?

Although these the best massage chairs are known to be safe for expectant mothers, it is important for you to consult your healthcare professional before getting a chair massage. For individuals with a high-risk pregnancy or have other kinds of medical problems, it might not be safe for you to utilize these chairs.

During pregnancy, you can take advantage of massage to relax your muscle tension and reduce the levels of your stress. With the aid of the vibrating massage chairs, your local circulation can be intensified to ensure that your cramps and lower back pain are greatly relieved. He baby is also not harmed by the vibrations. Factually, when you are walking, your body would produce more movements than these massage chairs.

In addition, remember that physicians may recommend that you should not utilize a massage chair in your first trimester due to the higher risk of miscarriage.

In case you would like to utilize a massage chair while you are pregnant, ensure that a massage session does not last for over 15 minutes so that the risks of muscle bruises are avoided.

If your belly is so large that it does not fit in the chair appropriately, you must not force yourself into it.

Features of massage chairs that pregnant women should avoid

Although massage chairs are believed to be safe to use in pregnancy, these features should still be avoided:

Heated massage – a heated massage is offered by massage chairs through the aid of infrared rollers or heated pads. Although you might assume your comfort will be increased by this feature, your safety of your baby may be hampered. The temperature of your body will be increased by the heated massage, and this can increase the heart rate of your baby; thus, causing cardiovascular problems.

Pressure points (shiatsu massage) – the major target of the shiatsu massage feature is the many pressure points found in the body. However, the sad thing about this is that exerting too much force on certain pressure points can cause premature labor. Although the possibility that a massage chair will stress the pressure points that can lead to premature labor is very negligible, you are better of avoiding taking such a risk.

When is it important for you to avoid massage chairs when you are pregnant?

For lots of expectant mothers, massage chairs are generally safe for use; however, it is not so for a few of them. Undoubtedly, expectant mothers should not utilize a massage chair in conditions such as:


Pregnancy that is at high risk

Severe headaches or swelling

Previous experience of premature labor

Advantages of utilizing massage chairs when pregnant

Each woman, who is or was pregnant, will be able to agree that a great massage can come in handy in some cases. A few benefits of utilizing a massage chair during pregnancy include:

Relieves leg and back pain

It is possible for you to experience leg or lower back pain when pregnant. Lots of space is occurred by the enlarged womb, and more pressure will be exerted on the body as a result. The pain can be reduced significantly by a massage session so that you can have a better experience.

Reduces the levels of your stress

You can experience lots of stress when pregnant. Considerable changes are happening to your body with significant fluctuating hormones. Depression and anxiety can be the results of these changes. Nevertheless, the stress levels can be reduced significantly by an excellent massage session.

Relieves your labor

With the aid of massage therapy during pregnancy, you can experience shorter labor and risk of postnatal depression can be lowered. This provides an exceptional benefit.

Where Would You Position Your Massage Chair?

In case you go through the previous question, it is possible that you would answer by saying “in front of the computer or TV.” No fears; no single answer can be regarded as being the correct one. As a matter of fact, lots of individuals that purchase a massage a chair position it before their computer or TV; however, this cannot be said to be the best place.

A few professionals explained that you are better off keeping the chair in a place without media streaming or TV. These places include an office or a bedroom. You will have a chance to stay connected with your inner self if you utilize the massage chair without viewing a series or movie.

To make you get better massaging experience, a few chairs come with unique features like LED lights. The room is illuminated as the color of the lights is changed when having a massage session. Such an experience can be immensely pleasurable.

Whether you would like to place the massage chair before the computer or TV, or inside your bedroom, these are the things you should remember:

Clearance is required for reclining massage chairs – you should consider the clearance that will be required by the chair before you keep it anywhere. If the clearance is not available, reclining will not be possible for the chair. This is applicable to all types, including the ones that have zero gravity features.

An individual outlet is required by the massage chairs – massage chairs consume lots of power; hence; an individual power outlet is required by these chairs. In case you would like to utilize an extension cord, ensure that a heavy-duty cord is utilized.

Avoid putting the chair under direct sunlight – while it might sound refreshing for you to get a massage as you are enjoying the sunlight, it is wrong to put the chairs under direct sunlight. The upholstery might deteriorate or get damaged due to extended exposures to the sun.

Ways to Clean the Massage Chair

Long-lasting upholstery is often installed in massage chairs, but they must still be cleaned regularly. If you are able to adhere to the following cleaning tips, the massage chair can be enjoyed for a very long time without any signs of wear and tear.

Utilize mild cleaning agents – faux leather is utilized as the cover of the chair by the majority of manufacturers. Although this leather is long-lasting, strong cleaning agents that are capable of damaging it should not be used.

Avoid dripping cleaning agents on the moving components – always ensure that the cleaning agents are not applied close to the moving components of the chair. Whatever the case is, the cleaning agent should never get to the mechanical components. If not, the chair might malfunction.

Take care of the contact areas – while you are advised to clean the chair completely regularly, you should make it a duty to routinely and regularly clean the areas your body touches.

Detach the upholstery when feasible – this tip is to ease the process of cleaning

Utilize a damp cloth – it is not important to utilize cleaning agents all the times you are taking care of the massage chair. Alternatively, a damp cloth can be used after each time you use the chair. The cleaning agents can be used intermittently.

Pay attention to the details – ensures that you clean all the nooks and crannies of the chair. They should have no hair or dirt.

Utilize spray bottles – spray bottles can be used to spread the cleaning agent across a larger surface area. With this, the upholstery will be able to dry fast after cleaning.

Avoid placing a wet upholstery on the massage chair – you should never place a wet upholstery on the massage chair. Let the upholstery to dry out. Permanent damage may be inflicted on your chair by the wet upholstery.

Remember to read the following reason why purchasing a massage cushion is such a wonderful idea.

What Brands Offer the Best Massage Chairs?

Nowadays, several brands offer various massage chairs. We have taken our time to assemble a detailed list of the most popular brands that produce massage chairs; check them below:


Panasonic offers a few of the most exceptional inventions of the massage chair technology. Since the 1960s, this company has been designing and producing the best massage chairs. Their products are designed to provide a very lifelike massage experience. Lots of massage styles serve as the foundation of the various massage technology integrated into their chairs. Just like the company is reputable for being premium quality, their massages are also created with the same premium quality. MA-70 and EP-30007 are a few of their first-class massage chair versions. These bestsellers of the Panasonic massage chairs have received several positive reviews.


Inada is known to be another top company that plays great roles in massage chair technology. Since the inception of the massage chair market, Inada has been working in the industry. Lots of efforts are invested in the development of the most sophisticated techniques by the company. The massage chairs of this company are developed and manufactured in Japan.

Sogno Dreamwave is the best massage chair from Inada. This product provides a beautiful design, simple usability and, most essentially, astounding massage performance that is offered by an advanced airbag massage construction.


Premium massage chairs with great performance are what Omega is reputable for. The brand targets designing massage chairs have a wide range of features and also easy to use. Sturdy, seamless, and practical massage experience is offered by the massage chairs of Omega. When developing their chairs, this brand focuses on the need of their consumers. A few of the first features and systems in the industry were introduced by this company.

The Montage Pro is the most known product from this brand. It comes with sturdy construction, attractive design, and several important features.


The Osaki brand is one of the new companies in the massage chair industry. While Omega has only been in the industry for lots of years, they have continued to offer state-of-the-art chair massage products. An array of products is provided by this company, with every product targeting the most excellent experience for massage therapy.

The OS-400 is the most exceptional products out of the lots produced by the Osaki brand. Zero gravity, 48 airbags, and several preprogrammed functions are some of the features of this product.


Several premium products that are based on massage therapy have been manufactured by Cozzia. The brand targets integrating the most astounding famous therapy into their products; hence, these products are low-priced and easy to use for the fanciers. The massage chairs of Cozzia are suitable for various price range and needs.

The 16027 Massage chair is the standout product from this brand. It is a zero gravity chair that offers strong but immense massage experience through its avant-garde and beautiful appeal.


Infinity is another well-known brand producing massage chairs. The first line of Infinity’s Therapeutic Massage Chairs was introduced in 2009. Personal massage products for spas are also offered by this brand. Various functions and styles of massage are provided by their chairs. Generally, inversion and zero gravity are parts of their products. The innovative foot roller technology is also utilized in a few of their products. IT-8100, IT-8500, and Iyashi are the best massage chairs from the Infinity brand.


Spa and massage technology is produced by the Luraco brand. Arlington, Texas is the site for the research, development, and production of their products.

Irobotics 6 is the most outstanding massage chair from Luraco. This product has zero gravity and 100 airbags and boasts of using only premium quality materials. When designing it, the company focuses on ease of use; hence, adjusting the chair to your particular needs is easy.

Human Touch

Awards have been awarded to Human Touch due to their production of massage chairs. During the process of manufacturing the chairs, Human Touch bears the wellness of the user in mind and integrates features that offer human-like experience and displays the gains of the massage therapy. South California, US is the location of the headquarters of Human Touch. HT Series, iJoy and other famous models have been produced by this brand.


Premium materials, as well as newest and modern construction, are all parts of the Osim massage chairs. Top-notch therapeutic technologies are also utilized in the design of their product. These technologies include the mobile application which offers users an opportunity to manage the settings of the massage chair. The most famous model of the Osim chairs that has this mobile application is the uDivine, and this model delivers massages that mimic human massage. UAstro2 is one of the most exceptional products in its line of chairs.

Inner Balance

Inner Balance is quite famous for their Zero Gravity Recliners including Zg550 and Zg571. While designing their chairs, wellness first system is utilized. To produce the most exceptional outcomes, Inner Balance targets the qualities of therapy and relaxation. The products of this brand do not have complete features because they are all about offering a fast method for relaxing in a zero gravity position in combination with a few vibrations that calm your muscles.


iComfort is a massage chair company based in Canada. Several spa and health-based products, as well as massage chairs, are parts of their developments. Although this brand is not as popular as other brands, they boast of a great model and still work on researching and designing new products.


Comfort and health enhancement are the major focus of the massage chairs produced by Fujita. The theories of physical therapy, natural healing and acupressure are utilized for developing their products. With the aid of intense therapy technique, the chairs modify the body to suit a healthy posture. The products deliver deep tissue massage and promote the flow of blood. SMK9100 is their most excellent product and features arm with adjustments, Thai stretching and Music Sync.

Various Types of Massage

If you want to get more information about the various types of massages available, read our posts on these types of massages:

  • Hot stone massage
  • Thai massage
  • Sports massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Couples massage
  • Abdominal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Aromatherapy massage

FAQs on the Best Massage Chairs

When it comes to relaxing at your convenience, massage chairs provide you a wonderful way to do so. Truly, these chairs serve as the impeccable substitute for visiting the spa and having professional therapies which could be too expensive. The advantages of the massage chairs have been known to lots of individuals already. However, as long as selecting a suitable chair is concerned, they do not usually understand how to go about it.

Since these chairs require you to spend lots of money, it is vital for you to be cautious about getting the manufacturer that offers you all the exceptional features that you want. To assist you in making a decision when buying a massage chair, here are answers to the questions that are most frequently asked by the users. Discover answers by reading the FAQs for massage chairs.

When buying a massage chair, what are the features you should look for?

As you are shopping for a massage chair, our recommendation is that you should search for features that improve the full massaging experience. Although there are differences in the specifics for various individuals, a few of the most important features you must search for include air compression, airbags, integrated auto and manual massage settings, heat therapy, and reflexology.

If you are a taller individual, you should look for a massage chair that can take care of your height. You must not forget that the best massage chair offers you excellent features at a great price.

What is the function of the zero gravity feature?

In recent times, one of the crucial features of the majority of the chairs is zero gravity. This feature is very essential because it allows the consumer to enjoy full relaxation, by immersing themselves into an impeccable position that offers them a complete experience of a massage. This feature is based on the zero gravity system which the astronauts use frequently for getting massages. In comparison to massage chairs without a zero gravity feature, those with the feature can be used more easily and more comfortably.

What does the 3D massage chair feature mean?

The majority of the massage chairs often come with rollers that execute upward and downward motions to massage the body. However, a 3D feature in a massage chair ensures that movements of the rollers involve going towards and away from the user – a form of in and out motions. Resultantly, the massage becomes substantially more effective and aids the relaxation of the user.

The 3D feature often has a real-time modification of the levels of intensity to make sure that you enjoy the kind of massage you truly desire.

Should I choose an extended warranty? Is this warranty actually essential?

With the aid of extended warranty, you are able to enjoy coverage for any kinds of repairs and defects of the massage chair with no need for you to spend any extra cash while offering a small price for it (if required). Therefore, if the brand provides an extended warranty, it is great if you can choose it.

Where should my massage chair be positioned?

These chairs can occur a bit of space in your residence. In case you live in an apartment with compact rooms, you may have a hard time positioning your chairs in the living room or studio. However, nowadays, several brands are choosing space-saving technology so that the chairs can take up less room.

Therefore, you should rather make your findings and choose a solid massage chair that you can put in your house with ease. Perhaps you stay in a big house or own a specialized gym room or have additional space, you should not have a problem with choosing bigger massage chairs.

How much power does a massage chair consume?

In most cases, about 150 to 300 watts of power is consumed by the majority of the massage chair. The brand and model of the massage chair plays a pivotal role in determining the power consumption. Generally, the power consumption is undoubtedly lesser than what a basic refrigerator consumes and is almost at the same level as the power that a computer consumes.

What is the price range of a massage chair?

For a branded massage chair, the price ranges from about $1,200 to $30,000. The determinants of the exact price include the warranty periods, features, and whether it is designed for home or spa uses. We also have low-priced massage chairs that go for about $700; however, you should be cautious when checking out the attributes of the recliners. Generally, it can be said the cost depends on the brand and technology of the versions of the recliners. Nevertheless, if you are not ready to sacrifice the warranty and quality of the product as you are selecting a massage chair to be used at home, an average of $8,000 should be your budget.

Will my massage chair come with a money-back guarantee?

Majority of the brands producing massage chairs provide a money-back guarantee to their customers if they are not satisfied. In case the massage chair fails to deliver all things promised by the manufacturer or does not meet your requirements, the buyer will get a refund from the company.

Considering the warranty, what should I focus on?

Virtually all massage chairs available today have a form of the warranty period. The warranty can be extended to completely cover the chair, specific components of the recliner, or only the labor. Never consider choosing a massage chair that lacks warranty period. It is a waste of money. Similarly, before buying the chair, ascertain the duration of the warranty for the models.

Is it easy to ship massage chairs?

There is no need for you to be bothered about the shipping of these products to anywhere you want because the delivery is often handled by the manufacturers. When buying the chair, you only have to pick the delivery option and wait for some weeks to ensure that the chair is shipped by the company to your home.

Are these chairs user-friendly?

A user-friendly interface is a common feature of the majority of the massage chairs in the market. With the aid of the buttons attached to the chair, you can operate these machines. Remote controls that are easy to use are also parts of a few of them.

Do massage chairs last long?

Durability is guaranteed by lots of brands of premium massage chairs for their products. Strong materials are utilized for the seat and other components of the chair so that they can be used for a long time.

Where should I purchase my chair?

To ensure that your products are legitimate and the sellers take care of your needs, the importance of shopping platforms cannot be overemphasized. While your massage chair can be purchased at any physical stores, the sales of massage chairs have been monopolized by e-commerce platforms. eBay, Amazon, and the specific online stores of any particular brands are some of the sites you can check to buy massage chairs.


From time immemorial, individuals have used massage therapy. Today, there has been a tremendous advancement in technology with lots of inventions in the health industry. Among those inventions lies the massage chair which has been relatively close to mimicking human-like sensation in the techniques used for massages.

Visiting a spa from time to time for a massage and using the services of a professional masseuse are quite expensive. A massage chair can allow you to enjoy calming and relieving experience that is just like or better than what you get from a skilled massager. In addition, the massage can be enjoyed whenever you desire from time to time and at your own privacy. Therefore, eventually, it can be cost-saving if you are used to getting a massage at the spa regularly. In case you prefer focusing on a specific part of your body, more affordable options can be selected rather than a massage chair.

Alternatively, you can go for a foot massager (check out the link for the reviews of best foot massager), a massage cushion, or a massager that takes care of the back and shoulders. If you own a spa and need a suitable massage chair, several products are available that you can choose to buy for your business. A few products that are alternatives to massage chairs but offer great relief include electronic pulse massagers, massaging home foot spas, and handheld massagers.

Full body massage chairs offer several health benefits to any individual, and these benefits include alleviating stress and lowering pain. Whether you like a specific massage style or prefer a particular level of intensity or would like the chair to massage a specific area of your body, the state-of-the-art technologies that are now being utilized for making massage chairs ensure that you can get an impeccable massage that suits your specific needs. By selecting the best massage chair at the right price, you will be presented with all features required to modify the chair to deliver ultimate relaxation. Our reviews of the best massage chairs can be used for the comparison of the quality models available for sales so that you can understand the best product for you. Apart from the highest ratings and popularity, the models of massage chairs mentioned on our list combine excellent functionality, value, and price.

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