The brand of a mattress is always an important consideration when purchasing a new mattress. Of course, there are tons of good brands to choose from, and new brands keep popping up now and then. However, the best mattress brands are the brands that deliver comfort, are durable and incredibly reliable. If you are after getting a good night’s sleep every other night, some brands have made their mark and never disappoint in that regard.

Over the last hundreds of years, mattresses have become a staple for good sleep, and nobody can think about sleeping without thinking of what mattress they are going to be sleeping on. Many of us sleep for 8 hours or more every day, so it only makes sense that we buy the best and most appropriate mattress available. Because there are numerous options in the market, choosing the best mattress becomes difficult. To make this less challenging for everyone, we have helped you narrow down your choices to only the best by compiling the best mattress brands so you can make the best decisions. Continue reading to find out what the best mattress brands currently in the market are.


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The Best Mattress Brands

As stated earlier, there is no perfect mattress; neither is there an ideal brand. You can only hope to get a good mattress that is durable, comfortable and suitable for your body type. To help you with making the best choice, we will be looking at the top 40 mattress brands. This list was compiled using the basic yardsticks for choosing a mattress as well as the hundreds of thousands of customer feedbacks that these brands have received from customers. In no particular order and alphabetically listed, check out the best 40 mattress brands that you should look out for.

Bed Boss

Bed Boss is a company established in 2008 by Ben and Andrea Folkins. They are not only focused on the production of mattresses; they also produce pillows and linens. The main product line of the brand is the production of memory foam products, and the good thing is you can take delivery in your home. Bed Boss products are comfortable, durable and relatively affordable. Regardless of wherever you stay in the United States, your mattress will be delivered to your doorstep in perfect condition if you place an order online.

As much as Bed Boss produces more of memory foams, you will also find innerspring and hybrid mattresses in their impressive catalog. All mattresses offered by Bed Boss are CertiPUR-US certified and are guaranteed that they do not contain toxic or hazardous materials. Bed Boss is also a brand that values customer service and support above anything else. This Tennessee-based company ensures that there is a round-the-clock team available to respond to requests, enquiries, and complaints from customers; so, if you have something to report, complain or even file a warranty claim, you can easily get across to them, and an expert will attend to you in a short time. Every mattress from Bed Boss has a ten-year warranty on it which covers manufacturer’s defects.

Best Price Mattress 

Best Price mattresses do not have much history behind them, but history is not the most important considering the way customers are willing to invest in the brand. There is nothing you need that Best Price does not offer; from mattresses, bedsheets, pillows, toppers, frames, etc. You can get a Best Price mattress from any local store near you, or if you are internet savvy, you can place an order online to make things more convenient and take delivery without leaving your home.

Best Price Mattress comes in different variants which include Innerspring Mattresses, Gel Foam, and Memory foam, and they are all available in a variety of sizes such as King, Queen, California King, Short Queen, Twin, Twin XL, and Full sizes. The height of Best Price Mattresses also ranges from 6 to 12 inches.

Best Price is one of those mattress brands that lives up to its name and deliver on their brand promises. Their mattresses are truly affordable, and with just a little above one hundred dollars, you will get a 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress. Sometimes, the brand does some sales promotions, and during these, you can get massive discounts on mattresses. The memory foam mattresses by Best Price also happen to be their best-selling products, and customers have left rave reviews and feedbacks for them. Their foams have CertiPUR-US certification, and their mattresses typically are covered with a poly-jacquard fabric.

If you buy from an authorized seller of Best Price mattresses, you will get a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty on every mattress you buy, and this is a great deal to go alongside the affordable, comfortable and durable mattress you are buying.

Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home has existed for over thirty years, and since their establishment in Los Angeles, California, they have become a leading brand of home essentials and accessories, and their lead product offerings include mattresses. According to Brentwood, their mattresses are made from healthy and ethically-sourced materials. Fortunately, anybody can own a Brentwood Home mattress by simply placing an order online and have their mattresses delivered to them at home.

Brentwood Home also produce pet beds, box springs, pillows, etc. Brentwood Home mattresses come in a variety of sizes which include Full Size, Twin Size, King, California King, and Queen sizes. They also offer three variants which include Cedar, which made from natural ingredients; Oceano, which is the brand’s best-selling product that delivers 5-star hotel comfort; and the Ojai, which is the most affordable option. You can order any of these mattresses online and have them shipped directly to your house.

The Cypress mattress is what made Brentwood Home a favorite brand, and this particular mattress model is still in the market, and it remains one of the mattresses with the highest ratings. It is somewhere in between cheap and expensive, and it comes with a derived rayon cover covering its 13-inch gel memory foam mattress.

Brentwood Home produces its mattress in California, and they all have a 25-year warranty on them. Customers also enjoy 120-night sleep trial and should they decide to return the mattress, they enjoy free returns.

Casper Sleep

Casper sleep is a new entrant into the mattress market, and it is essentially a startup looking to scale. Despite being a new company, it has managed to warm its way into the hearts of thousands of customers. According to Casper, their mattress is “simple, supportive and sublime.” 

Casper was introduced to the market in 2014, and one of Casper’s product offering is one that they claim to be the perfect mattress with the right bounce, sink, and coolness. However, their three mattress types – the Casper, the Essential and the Wave have all enjoyed some tremendous success that has never been seen in a new mattress. Casper Sleep has received lots of awards since its establishment and notable companies Forbes have acknowledged the brand.

The Essential mattress is Casper’s most affordable and streamlined mattress while the Casper is the most-popular and mid-priced mattress. The Wave is the more expensive mattress, and Casper claims that it is their most innovative mattress. Their product offerings are made from hybrid foam construction, and the Wave and the Casper feature a layer of high-density memory foam. Mattresses made by Casper have been tested by human beings and have been approved to be safe for use; therefore, you will love how comfortable and durable the brand is, and there are thousands of satisfied customers who have attested to these qualities. 

Even though it is not the most affordable mattress brand, it still has a reasonable price. Shipped in a compact box directly to your home, you will enjoy a 10-year limited warranty.

Classic Brands

The company has operated for almost five decades with the name Classic Operations, and when it started operations, it began with Waterbeds. By 2002, the company started producing latex mattresses and memory foams and had also changed its name to Classic Brands. The company does not only deal with mattresses; they also offer various sleep accessories like bed frames and pillows. With their operations base in Baltimore, Maryland and another warehouse in Los Angeles, Classic Brands claims that they are the pioneers of the “Bed-In-a-Box concept” which is about delivering mattresses straight to the doorsteps of customers with the mattresses rolled and compressed in a compact box. You can get your favorite types of mattresses from Classic Brands which include cool gel, hybrid, innerspring, latex foam, and memory foam. You can also get futon and sofa mattresses.

Classic brands has put a lot of mattresses in the market which have gone on to become bestsellers and therefore, mentioning them would make a lengthy list. One of the well-known models of mattress that they offer is the Classic Brands 10.5-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It is an affordable mattress and users have had a great experience using this particular model. All of Classic Brands mattresses have CertiPUR-US certification, and the warranties on each of their mattresses are usually between 5 and 25 years depending on the specific model you purchase.


Coleman is an American company that has been in operations since the early 1900s, and it has since that time established itself as an industry leader that specializes in recreational products and camping essentials. This brand may not be the best brand if you are looking for a more permanent sleeping solution. But if you need a mattress you can take with you on camping trips, Coleman should be your number one consideration.

You can get a variety of foldable beds, sleeping bags, airbeds and cots from Coleman and you have various options depending on what your budget is. For example, for a cost below $40, you can buy the queen-sized Coleman Soft Plush Top Inrated Quickbed which is one of the brand’s best-selling product. Coleman understands the varying needs for airbeds and for this reason they offer airbeds in four significant variants – the Quickbed, the Durarest, The Supportrest, and the Easystay. The Easystay variant is the most affordable option, and it comes in sizes of between 6 to 9 inches. The quickbed is available in dimensions of 8 to 12 inches and can be used for any purpose while the Durarest is the stronger variant with a height range of 8 to 15 inches. If you would like to buy an airbed with the look of a traditional bed, you can opt for the Supportrest variant which is typically between 18 to 29 inches in height.

Coleman mattresses put a warranty on most of its mattresses depending on the model and variant that you purchase. The Coleman Soft Plush Top Inrated Quickbed, for instance, comes with a year limited warranty.

DHP (Dorel Home Products)

Dor Home Products, also known as DHP is one of the leading furniture suppliers in North America and are also a market leader in the production of mattresses. Beds, accent furniture, futons and a whole lot of other home furniture. DHP specializes in the production of furniture that will fit perfectly into small spaces like apartments and condominiums. If you are conscious about the space in your home, DHP has just the right furniture for you, and they will make sure the setup of your living space remains stylish. Furniture pieces offered by DHP are comfortable, durable, convenient and stylishly designed.

DHP’s mattresses fall into two main categories which are futon mattresses and bed mattresses, and for bed mattresses, there are lots of designs to choose from which include memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses. DHP mattresses do not only stand out because of their minimalistic appearance or trendy design; they are super-comfortable and highly durable and are surprisingly affordable. For example, one of the popular offerings from DHP is the DHP Sleep 6-inch Memory Mattress which has a foam that is CertiPUR-US certified. For only a little over $100, you can get this model in twin size. You also do not have anything to worry about regarding performance and durability because a lot of users have bought this particular model and they all had positive feedbacks to leave behind. DHP traditionally offers a warranty of 15 years on their mattresses, but that depends on the product you buy.

DreamFoam Bedding

DreamFoam Bedding is a new entrant into the mattress industry, and not many people know them, but they made this list because the few people that know them report great experiences and are leaving positive feedback on their products. The company is a family-owned business, and this is said to be why they are unique compared to the top mattress brands. DreamFoam has 100% control over the manufacturing process of their mattresses; thus, the make sure first-hand that their mattresses meet the highest possible industry standards and they produce their mattresses according to the unique needs of their customers.

DreamFoam is not entirely a mattress company, but its primary product line is mattress production. They offer polyfoam mattresses, memory foam, and latex mattresses. Depending on your preference and budget, DreamFoam has something for you as they have expensive mattresses and affordable mattresses. One of the mattresses from DreamFoam that is doing so well in the market is the Arctic Dreams Cooling Hel Mattress. Virtually all the users who bought this mattress have something positive to say thereby giving the mattress an almost 100% positive rating. It has also continued to dominate all the other models in DreamFoam’s lineup of mattresses in terms of demand. The reason for this is simple; the mattress is suitable for every sleeping position and type of sleeper. So whether you are a back-sleeper, side-sleeper or stomach-sleeper, this mattress will keep you comfortable all the same. It features Energex foam and has a warranty of ten years on it.

Dynasty Mattress

Dynasty does not have a lot of story about their history, but it is believed that they started operating sometime around 2011. At the moment, Dynasty offers a wide range of mattresses, and their exponential growth can be attributed to how customers have received their mattresses, and have gone ahead to leave positive feedback on their products.

Dynasty’s success in the market is due to a lot of reasons which include comfortability, luxurious-looking mattresses and an excellent warranty covering the mattresses. Most mattresses offered by Dynasty have a 120-night sleep trial on them and a warranty of 30 years which is the most by any mattress company in the industry.

Dynasty has a wide range of memory foam mattresses which are manufactured with disco-elastic material with the guarantee to deliver quality and last long. Dynasty mattresses also come covered with luxurious fabric that gives your mattress a distinguished look, and the great thing about this is that your mattress does not only look like luxury, it feels like luxury too. It is comparable to the more expensive, and Dynasty mattress is highly comfortable and helps you treat body pains and aches.

All of Dynasty mattress foams are CertiPUR-US certified, and the brand delivers products that are worth every penny you spend on them.


This list has it all - both new entrants and market “veterans.” One of the veterans in the industry is Englander which was established in 1894 by a man named Max Englander in New York and not in England. All Max Englander wanted to do was to create a mattress system that customers could enjoy a night of comfortable sleep on. Apparently, there has been a lot of technological advancements since 1894, and the brand has evolved too, but the vision has not changed.

Currently, there are four major mattress models on Englander’s catalog which are E-Gel, Hybrid, Tension Ease, and the Hotel E Collection. Each of these mattresses has one thing in common - to meet every consumer’s sleeping needs.

The Tension Wade Platinum Mattress which is one of the company’s popular mattresses is more of an orthopedic mattress, and it combines a gel memory foam and Englander’s TensionCoreGraphine-infused memory foam. This combination helps make sure the customer sleeps on a cooler surface than any regular memory foam. It also relieves pressure points thanks to the presence of posterized coils.

Englander manufactures their mattresses in the United States, and most of their mattresses only come with one-year warranties.


Etkecity is a brand focused more on home improvement products, outdoor equipment, and consumer electronics. They are not so much of an expert in mattresses but their airbeds are excellent which is why they got a spot on this list. They have operational headquarters in China, Germany and the USA which is somewhat an edge over a lot of other brands because they can ship products off to any pet of the world. So, the brand is not only for people based in the United States. 

Although Coleman remains the market leader for airbeds, Etkecity remains a contender for the top spot as they have some promising products that cannot be overlooked. For example, the 18-inch Elevated Air bed with Electric Pump is making all the rave from users who have bought the product because it is very comfortable and has proved to be a durable product as well. It is recommended for use as a guest bed too.

Etkecity mattresses have one-year warranty on them, but these mattresses have lifetime support. And since they come at reasonable prices, you sure will get something that appeals to you.

Fox Air Beds

Fox Air Beds have a lot of satisfied customers who do not seem to care about the newness of the brand to the market. Every customer wants a brand that can offer them high-quality products that they can find some comfort sleeping on.

The name itself already shows that this is not a conventional mattress brand. It is solely an air bed brand. You should also know that they do not offer affordable products like Etekcity or Coleman, but with the reviews, their existing products have, you would be tempted to spend the money r