You never can tell whether you will find premium sheets, and even more challenging to get premium sheets at a bargain price. The most obvious feature of the Brooklinen brand is that everything about their sheets has been simplified and made exceptionally transparent. In addition, their awesome business model is targeted at ensuring that the consumers are offered excellent values. Majority of the things that have been carried out by other manufacturers in the past decades are currently being done by Brooklinen. By removing middlemen, the company provides great sheets to their various customers at a bargain price. However, what is the quality of these Brooklinen sheets? Go through our Brooklinen reviews.


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About Brooklinen

Brooklinen claims that the plushest and most aesthetic designs available are used for making their sheets, blankets, pillows, comforters and other products; however, the price of these products is below that of their competition. How is this feat achieved by Brooklinen?

According to the manufacturer, they work explicitly with elite factories to make sure that their products are made with premium cotton that is known to offer an exceptional feel; nevertheless, the company is able to save its customers some costs by eliminating the cost usually spent on the conventional supply chain that includes designer licensing costs and wholesaling. What’s more, the company also states that they simplify the process of buying their products.

It looks like top quality sheets, mattresses, comforters, and other beddings are being sold directly to customers by manufacturers at cheaper prices. Does this claim make Brooklinen a great choice for consumers? Do customers get great value for the prices?

We will provide answers to these questions in the Brooklinen reviews by checking out the production process of Brooklinen.

What are the Unique Features of Brooklinen?

Brooklinen Sheets General Information

Price:  $169.00

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 

Availiable Sizes: Full/Queen/King/CalKing

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

All the sheets from the Brooklinen brand comprise of single-ply Egyptian cotton yarn with 60-80 count threads. According to Brooklinen, this cotton yarn makes sure that the sheets are very durable and also soft and light.

In comparison to their major competitions that could exaggerate their figures, the thread count of this company is listed in a table through the multiplication of the horizontal and vertical threads. Through this means, Brooklinen states that it is possible for a Brooklinen sheet of 300 thread counts to offer users more improved quality, longevity and feel than some competitors’ sheet of 600 thread counts.

In terms of feel, either sateen or percale weaves with one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave is used for making sheets from this company. Percale ensures cool, fresh feel that will become softer and more long-lasting after each wash. Sateen, on the other hand, offers improved sensation like soft silk and radiant luster.

For this to be possible, it has been claimed that this company has a special production technique and professionals with combined experience of more than a century to make sure that each sheet comes with an unrivaled feel. All these are added to Osthoff Singe finishing devices that are used for making the bedding.

Lastly, since they are OEKO-TEX certified sheets, previous tests have shown that they do not have any toxic materials and chemicals that can make them acidic or lead to color fading.

Brooklinen Comfort and Feel

The softness of the Brooklinen sheets is quite surprising to many individuals. Generally, you are likely going to consider linen as fresh fabric that does not move easily. With the stone washing involved in producing these sheets, they are softer and have a more enhanced used feel. From the time of getting the products, you will enjoy outstanding comfort and the bedding also becomes softer after they are washed anytime.

In terms of body temperature control, natural fibers are the best. The breathability of linen on the skin made it the favorite fabric used in Ancient Egypt.  Brooklinen sheets provide the same benefits.

Another perk about the linen is that it is capable of removing and absorbing more moisture when compared to cotton.


The latest add-ons to the Brooklinen models are the Linen Core Sheets. These sheets are designed meticulously. Woven in Portugal, the sheets comprise of Belgian flax. Stone-washed at the production site, the linen will provide an immediate soft feeling the moment you touch it. The same textile is used for producing the pillowcases which boast of the standard envelope style of Brooklinen. Therefore, it does not have any zippers that may be stalled and the pillows cannot fall out of it.

Using a percale weave, both breathability and usability have been combined in this product. Simple white and cream colors are used; hence, this product comes with a highly understated design.


When all natural fibers are used for a product, there is a high tendency of shrinkage after it is washed a few times. Since the all natural fibers used for these products are already stone-washed, they are different from others. Consequently, the products can only experience minimal shrinkage, if any. As long as you adhere to the care instructions correctly, shrinkage cannot be a real challenge for the product.

Durability and ability to withstand wear and wash are some of the characteristics of linen. If it is taken care of properly, a great set of linen sheets can be used for a very long time. Taking care of the product is not cumbersome; all you need to do is ensure immediate spot-cleaning of spills, utilize a cold wash for washing, and possibly use a line for hanging it. If necessary, a dryer could be used for drying it; however, it must be used at the lowest setting.


Sleeping hot is the greatest fear of several individuals, and this is as a result of the sheets and mattresses that are known to make heat get stuck inside them. Breathability is a great feature of Brooklinen products; therefore, there is no issue of sleeping hot with Brooklinen sheets. In other words, warmer clients can also enjoy using Brooklinen.


Although Brooklinen comes with great quality, the price is our major consideration. The advantage comes from their business model which allows them to send the product to the customers directly without the involvement of the middlemen. Once a few of these savings are transferred to the customer, the company probably has the highest value sheet available today.


Based on the kind of bedding you are accustomed to, the products may seem a bit heavier for you. The textile is a premium quality while it is somehow thicker due to the weave used. You will not be crushed by the bedding, but you may experience a heavier feel in comparison to what you would get from the conventional polycotton and cotton.

This is good because its breathability is top-notch and the bedding will never get stuck to your body; therefore, you will never experience getting stuck or edged when using it.

Anyway, if this linen does not seem to suit your need, it can be returned. You only have to spend on the admin and shipping charges.


Once the sheets are correctly taken care of, they will become more comfortable and softer as time goes on. If the helpful cleaning tips of Brooklinen are adhered to, you are likely going to enjoy using the bedding more. A few of the recommended care tips are:

  • Do not forget to change the sheets every week, and preferably, switch from one sheet set to another regularly to ensure that their quality is preserved.
  • Use a cool or warm setting when washing your sheets with the machine.
  • To protect the colors, fibers, and elasticity of the sheets, always line-dry them.
  • In case you have a preference for machine-drying the bedding, set the machine at low heat and low tumble level.

A signature laundry detergent known as Laundress is provided by Brooklinen. This non-toxic and completely biodegradable detergent is produced with only plant ingredients. Compared to other detergents, this detergent is milder and makes sure the general quality of your bedding is protected.

Information on Return Policy and Warranty

As a result of the confidence of Brooklinen in the fact that their products will be great and satisfying for their customers, the bedding of the company is supported with a magnanimous warranty and return policy.

There is a chance for customers to test the bedding for as much as a year. If you are unsatisfied with the products after a whole year, you have the opportunity to return them. Although you can exchange the sheet for another one without paying anything, if you would like to get a refund of your money, the company will refund you through the same payment method used originally.

The Brooklinen sheets come with a lifetime warranty. So, if there is any tear or fray in your sheets, do not hesitate to get in touch with Brooklinen. Without paying any amounts, your sheets will be completely replaced or repaired. The company has so much belief in the quality of their product and claims that you will cherish and enjoy them for a long period.

Little Details

Before deciding whether you are buying the product or not, here are a few things you should consider:

  • The fitted sheet is suitable for an 11-inch bed. According to Brooklinen, it can still be used for a mattress that is as big as 15 inches, and from all indications, the claim is true.
  • After washing the sheets every time, the softness of the sheets increases.
  • The duvet cover comes with very small buttons; hence, their handling is difficult but this ensures that their visibility is lesser than alternative covers.
  • The ties around the corner of the cover also ensure that the slide is prevented from sliding anyhow.
  • The exceptional flap design of the pillowcases makes sure that the products are stable.

Pros And Cons


  • The quality is exceptional.
  • Compared to cotton, they absorb moisture better.
  • They are great options for hot sleepers.
  • They have a soft feel which becomes softer after every wash.
  • They are long-lasting.
  • Their production process does not involve the use of any toxic chemicals.


  • You are only restricted to two colors – cream or white.
  • Linen is highly susceptible to creases.
  • In case you return the products, the shipping, and handling costs are on you. If the products have been used before they are returned, you have to pay $9.95 as a handling cost.

Who Established Brooklinen Company?

One of the co-founders of this company is Rich Fulop, who had an exceptional experience of sleeping on a few premium sheets during his stay in Las Vegas but got to know that the sheets are priced at $800. As an alternative, he formed a team with Dave Fortune, a business associate he got to know at the NYU business school so that they can eliminate the need for middlemen and inflated price that are often parts of the conventional production process; therefore, saving their consumers some costs.

With the aid of a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Brooklinen was able to raise about $237,000 despite having an initial target of $50,000. Today, Brooklinen is still on a quest to balance the needs for growth. Intriguingly, young professional men account for 65% of the consumers of these products, and this is because of the company’s neat style and dull colors. It seems this is the demographic targeted by the company.


In a nutshell, these products are pricier than the regular sheet sets. Nevertheless, they are known to be long-lasting, have a luxury feel, and are premium quality. You will finally get a great value from them since a replacement will not be required as early as you would have needed for alternatives. When you factor in the absorption features, comfort level, and the lifetime guarantee of Brooklinen, this bedding is the best. Therefore, to provide an answer to the initial question at the beginning of our Brooklinen reviews, these products are definitely worth the hype. This would be better if they are also available in an array of colors.

These sheets are a bit expensive but could be used for a lifetime, so they are a great value.

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