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Casper Mattress Review

Price: (For Queen Size)

Casper Mattress Review Snippet by

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 

Avaliable Sizes: Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/CalKing

Item Weight: 71 pounds (Queen)

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This signature mattress by Casper is a varied foam bed. Frequently, people praise it for starting the movement of the industry to achieve retailing online. Casper, after it had been launched in 2014, has succeeded in maintaining its continuity in terms of improving its beds and creating a firm status in terms of consumer service.

This brand has four different layers, which are; a 5-inch layer of supportive poly foam, a 1½-inch layer of proprietary conversion foam, a 1½- inch layer of open-cell and memory foam respectively. 

It has a 100%-polyester cover. And, it comes in only a single option of firmness in every average size, with each having a depth of 10 inches. 


Company has a long-lived reputation

A cost below average, considering its quality and type.

Medium level of firmness ideal for every kind of sleeping position

Effective reduction of motion transfer and very quiet

Free shipment and long-lasting period of trial 

Responsiveness enough to support amorous activities


A single level of firmness 

Might not be ideal for heavier sleepers

Insufficient edge support


This one-firmness -design product has proprietary deflections of notch load. Thus, with these, it is somewhat understandable, what we should expect for its firmness. Nevertheless, with an illustration of me standing in the center of the bed, we can also get an idea of how much the bed sinks. When I stood in the middle of a typical mattress, I sank to a depth of 6½ inches, while I sank about 6 inches on the Casper mattress. Although the difference is close, it still shows that Casper is quite firmer than a standard mattress of the same quality.

An average buyer will appreciate this firmness. Conversely, a buyer, who is below average weight might not enjoy the memory foam layer of the mattress, and thus might need to get a topper for memory foam. The heavier individuals, on the other hand, might not at all, enjoy this model. So, they might want to opt for other mattress brands with firmer textures or various options of firmness levels or innerspring component. 


This brand comes with a polyester- and spandex- based cover. The composition of this cover is superior synthetic materials, which initiate the breathability of the cover, as well as its thin texture, which allows it to be extremely comfortable. Lighter individuals might not be able to experience all the benefits of the comfort layers. Nonetheless, since the cover is thin and flexible, it does not obstruct the product’s interior.

Also, this cover comes with a down-to-earth, dotted design, at the top while the edges are grey. With these patterns and colors, this cover is made to fit almost every room setting. And, different from some thin covers, which I had used, Casper is unique in that it doesn’t clump up after movement, due to its 1/10-inch thickness. Thus, its thickness is thin enough for movement, but has enough a thickness level, which is enough to allow it to stay, without moving around. 


Casper offers a varied foam mattress, which has a combination of 4 different layers. Continuously, this company improves both the appearance and function of this model. In this review, you shall find the most up-to-the-minute details from Casper. It has a supportive core, which is based on a 5-inch 1.8 PCF polyfoam (PCF is the same as per square foot), which gives almost all the support needed by the construction. Also, it has a 1½-inch 2.5 PCF transition foam, which is proprietarily zoned. The function of this layer is to react to the pressure exerted on the mattress and improve the bounciness of the bed. 

Following this is a 1.5-inch 4 PCF memory foam layer, which has a top layer of 1.5-inch 3.5 PCF air-permeable open-cell foam. While the layer of the memory foam gives the mattress a contoured relief of pressure, the open-cell foam functions by aiding the cooling of the mattress and improves its bounciness. The cover, as a whole, is 100% polyester. Foams from Casper meets Certi-Pur standards, and have a regulation under the Consumer Product Safety Commission Low VOC productions quality of indoor air. VOC means Volatile Organic Compound. 


As the industry online has also gone quite far and successful, it has established specific protocols, which need to be followed regarding activities such as shipping, trials, etc. 

Generally, you can supposedly guess that bed-in-a-box companies are sure to give to their clients, shipping, returns and full refunds (if you do not want it) for free, as well as free 100-nights trials with no attached conditions and a guarantee of 10 years, if the bed is satisfying enough. Yes, several companies add their terms and conditions, and so, you should ensure to read all the instructions concerning these. 

However, those above-listed standards are followed by Casper. 

This video is centered on the ways in which you can install your Casper mattress if you are interested. Although this process is trouble-free, it might take a while before completion because your mattress comes rolled and compressed in a shipping box.

Immediately you remove your bed from the package, and it begins expanding, allow it to expand for up to a whole day to allow it to expand to its original shape and release any odor completely. And the plastic wrap might leave it an odor (clean). This smell is not abnormal and would leave the bed in a couple of days. 


When you receive your Casper mattress, you should, with immediate effect, remove the mattress and spread it out to allow it to decompress. According to Casper, you can sleep on this bed a couple of minutes after unwrapping.

Sleep Trial

You will get a sleep trial of 100 nights from Casper if you purchase it from the manufacturer directly. If this model does not satisfy you, you can return it within 100 days and get your money returned. The Casper will make arrangements to collect the mattress and donate or recycle it.

You will still get the 100-sleep-night trial from Casper if you purchase it on Amazon. Nonetheless, in the case of returns, they are done through Amazon. If they do not find a charity to take your mattress, it might be left to you to oversee and pay for UPS lift or drop-off.


You will get a limited guarantee of 10 years on this mattress. Thus, the warranty period allows you to hold the company responsible for defects during production. However, the shipment involved in the repair or the replacement process is not a responsibility of the company.

Other services

For White glove delivery, this service is available in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles and, the company will deliver the mattress and set it up for an extra cost. 

Performance of Casper Mattress

According to the aforementioned, Casper has continuously improved this model. As for our reviews, we do them based on the most up-to-the-minute presented model of Casper.


With adequate support, your body maintains a perfect spine alignment during sleep. The most recent improvements by Casper represent a balanced relationship between the contouring comfort and overall bounciness it provides. All these Improvements were aimed to give the sleeper localized support, without increasing the sink-toleration of the mattress. And, Casper used softer foam around the shoulder area, and one with firmer texture around the hips region for pressure relief and correct alignment of the spine. Several customers report that this mattress provides adequate support.


As they work in unison, the layers of foam in Casper’s mattress provides the sleeper with conforming and pinpointed relief of pressure. Individually, the memory foam comfort layer, and the open-cell foam conform to the sleeper's body, and sufficiently provides pressure relief on different body areas. The aforementioned localized support gives room for varying levels of contouring which suit various body parts.


It is typical for superior bed to last long. However, since this Casper Company has not spent longer than three years in the industry, it is yet to be determined, how long they last. However, company tests, as well as reviews from individual users prove that the bed is trustworthy. And, reviews from consumers show that the mattress still serves quite well after they had used it for a couple of years.

Suitability for Sex    

It is quite common that another problem of foam-based mattresses is that they aren't bouncy or responsive enough for sex. Conversely, this Casper model defies this fact by adding bounce and a layer of open-cell comfort foam. The surface of this model allows movement and responsiveness on the bed, as well as enough bounciness to ensure that it does not come in the way of sexual activities.

Motion Isolation

This factor is included particularly for those who share a bed with someone. Irrespective of how much two people are close, it is never of happiness or pleasure to have every little movement from your partner leave you awake at midnight. Particularly to memory-foam-containing products, every foam-bead mattress does at least, an efficient function at reducing motion transfer. As for Casper, when I wanted to test it, I had someone sleep close to me and move violently on it. To my surprise, I wasn’t disturbed by the aggressive movement, until they started jumping on the bed. You can see it for yourself on our video. And, there is another video where I dropped a medicine ball of 20 pounds near another weight-similar ball. Although the ball, which I dropped, went through a reasonable amount of bounce, there wasn’t any reasonable movement from the other ball. 

This model is potentially a preferred option amongst people who share their beds, particularly if you consider its balance between the isolation of motion as well as the medium firmness it offers.

Edge Support

Generally, foam-based mattresses do not offer enough edge support, since they lack compactness around the perimeters. Unfortunately, the Casper is also part of this group of mattresses. Nevertheless, the hard-wearing support core of poly foam allows the bed to preserve its form continually and still, hold load around the edge. 

Heat Retention

Talking of foam-based bed, and mainly, memory foam, they absorb heat and sleep hot. Distinctively, the Casper mattress includes features, which are specially made to avoid this common issue of heat.  The open-cell foam layer for comfort does not allow the mattress to hold heat, and since the structure is very bouncy, it prevents the initiation of heat that occurs when a person sinks into it. A vast number of Casper’s clients do not report heat-retention-related problems. 


The term “off-gassing” refers to the brief initial odor that is emitted from a newly-bought mattress, which had just been removed from its package. You may, like to other foam mattresses, expect some initial odor from Casper also. However, there have been no complaints from customers that the off-gassing is severe or persistent, as most said the off-gassing stops in a couple of hours.

What category of Sleeper will a Casper Mattress Suit Most?

Just like we do say in all our reviews on mattresses, the most suitable mattress for an individual depends on the person's unique preferences, as well as their position for sleeping, possible medical conditions, and the body size and form of the sleeper. Primarily, you should consider comfort and correct spinal support individually, and with caution. If you are given a manufacturer's sleep trial, make good use if it to ensure that the mattress suits you. 

So, since you have the aforementioned in mind, take this subjective customer feedback into consideration:

Side Sleepers

Individuals, who generally sleep on their sides, provided reliable reviews for Casper. While both light-weighted sleepers, who weigh less than 130 pounds, and average-weighted sleepers, who weigh around 130 pounds and 230 pounds, reported this product as “very good,” heavy-weighted sleepers, who weigh more than 230 pounds, said the Casper was “good.” 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers with average weight said the Casper was "very good," while back sleepers with both light and heavy body weights reported the Casper as “good.”

Stomach Sleepers

As for stomach sleepers, while average- and light- weighted sleepers said the Casper was good, heavy-weighted sleepers said it was fair.

Why Casper is so Popular

It is quite evident that Casper is potentially the most popular bed-in-a-box bed available- they have got millions of beds sold out, and, the majority of the buyers of this product end up keeping their mattresses. Consequently, since we have finished the major part of this review, let us, once again, look at the qualities that make the Casper bed unique.

Comfortable Feel: this brand, undoubtedly, is one which many people prefer. I mean that instead of Casper to bring distance between people, it brings them closer because it is very accommodating. Several memory foams, including the Purple Mattresses, we have seen so far, are simply too sophisticated for people to use. As a matter of fact, about 50% of people couldn’t use them for sleeping! Conversely, Casper has a very neutral appearance and features, which confidently, we can say suits a lot of people. Although it might not meet up with all their requirements, it at least, provided their basic needs; comfort. For this reason, we classify Casper as a safe pick in several of our guides for people who are interested in buying. 

Name Recognition: As it is the bed-in-a-box mattress, it is the most known model, with many people trusting this kind.

Sleeper Type — as it has a medium firmness, the Casper suits all positions for sleeping. Undoubtedly, it serves widely. However, this attribute can be advantageous or otherwise. If what you require is a sleeping-position-versatile mattress, then the Casper is what you need. However, if you need, a soft or firm bed, the Casper is not suitable for you as it comes in a single option for firmness. 

Returns — returns is one contributing factor to the popularity of online brands of mattresses. You do not have to take any risks! The most loved feature is that you can get all your money refunded, if you are not satisfied, i.e., if you put the bed on trial. Undoubtedly, it is a relaxing kind of bed- it costs more than 1,000 dollars.


What is the arrival duration for a Casper after ordering?

Generally, you will receive products from Casper between the first and second workday of your order. Depending on the shipment time, it can take as long as five workdays to reach you. Whatever it is, it depends on your location. Several different facilities of Casper will deliver the order you place. Thus, you might receive your order individually if you order for more than one commodity. 

Will Casper help me install my bed, or ill they take the old one away?

Although Casper doesn't include at-home installation as a standard, in some cases, they provide markets for In-Home Delivery & Setup, i.e., they provide for clients, white glove delivery at some places, if the buyer requests for it. If you reside at somewhere part of these market regions, and you pick their in-home installation option, you will have your old bed removed. 

What type of frame will suit my Casper bed?

Yes, Casper suggests the Casper foundation as the best- do you expect otherwise? Typically, most foam mattresses require flat and stable platforms. And, you can make use of a slatted frame. Make sure that the individual slats do not bend or have too much space between them. A four-inch distance is sufficient. 


After its launch in 2014, Casper’s namesake bed mattress interrupted the market. Ever since then, it has maintained being a leader in terms of value and quality.

This model will most suit the category of sleepers, who like memory foam for contouring and pressure relief, but also want a cooler surface. The open-cell foam of the Casper provides it with extra bounce, as well as an upper hand over regular foam mattresses for sex. And, it regulates temperature.  

As the Casper comes in just an option for firmness, some sleepers do not enjoy that attribute. Particularly for heavier sleepers, this model may not provide enough support. Protection Status 


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