In the online mattress industry, both Casper and Purple are successfully advancing companies, which, by their quality products, have gained recognition.  Casper, through continuity and quality, quickly attained its position in the industry, establishing its brand as one of the best available. The rapid success of Purple, likewise, owes to its unique quality, which adds up to the original material that sets the comfort layer of its mattresses apart from other brands.  

Considering how close their price points are, it can be cumbersome for you to pick one which will suit you exactly, mainly when it concerns Purple, which, in terms of its unique comfort layer, offers products that are different from Casper and other brands. 

Although these two companies offer several other models, including the “New Purple Mattress” and Casper’s Wave and Essential mattresses, in this article, we are only going to focus on the available beds, which we got from the companies for evaluation. So, we are presenting to you, a thorough analysis, as well as a comparison of how both models perform, to allow you to figure out the most suitable one for you. 


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Casper vs. Purple Mattress; which one is best for you?

Of these two brands, it might become quite difficult for you to choose the best one to buy, particularly since they both have merits, as well as demerits. Concisely, as it might be hard for you to make a decision, the following tips might help you to see what exactly you need in either of the brands. 

You should go for a Purple in the following cases:

1.    You desire to try out an exclusively unique mattress material: you will be a real fan of purple if you like trying out new stuff, or you already grew tired of the other traditional materials. You will utterly love its unique comfort layer.

2.    You desire a bouncier experience: the purple derives its resilience from the Smart Comfort Grid at the mattress’s top layer. So, with a bouncier surface, you will best enjoy the Purple if you need such bounce, or you are completely tired of being stuck in your mattress.

3.    You need more details about the bed you want to buy: since Purple reveals most of its necessary information, including density and mattress make-up, while Casper conceals most of them, you might want to choose Purple instead, if you like knowing more about what you are sleeping on.

You should purchase a Casper in the following cases:

1.    You prefer the texture of an all-foam mattress: you should not, at all, doubt Casper if you adore an all-foam bed. Materials like the ones in Purple might not suit you.

2.    You weigh more than 230 lbs: since it has only 2 inches of foam in the comfort layer, the Purple might not be comfortable for you if you weigh more than 230 pounds. Picking the Purple will result in your discomfort and the mattress’s damage. Thus, it is best for you to choose Casper instead.

3.    You want a Twin bed: the Casper is a better option for you if you need a Twin bed. Although the Purple offers the Twin XL size, they do not have Twin precisely.

Mattress Construction Comparison

Concerning the construction of both brands, there are quite a lot of differences between the composition, structure, and make-up of the two brands, which we will assess in this section.


In a purple mattress, there are foam layers, which come after a grid-layer of gel-resembling materials. When you receive a purple mattress, you get it rolled into a bag, alongside handy handles at the sides of the bag. It comes with a sophisticated white cover, which has a neat appearance and soft texture, alongside a viscose-composition of polyester and Lycra. It comes as a 9.5”–tall mattress, covered in a zip-off wrap.

•    In the first layer is a grid of Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ materials. These materials, plus the grid design, sum up to a patented, 2-inch thick, temperature-regulating structure, which consists of many smaller cells. These cells are flexible enough to provide pain and pressure relief, as well as adequate support concerning the sleeper’s weight.

•    In the second layer is a full strip of transitional poly foam, which is 3.25 inches deep.

•    In the base layer is a 4-inch poly foam base, which acts as the support for the entire mattress construction.


Casper is an all-foam model, which you receive in a box-compressed from, right at your doorstep. 

A Casper zip-off cover, like the Purple, is also white and soft but includes grey sides that are made from dense polyester. The total mattress, that is, plus all its layers, sum up to 12 inches in height.

•    In the top layer is an original 1.5-inch tall foam, which has an open-cell structure for temperature control.

•    In the second layer is a 1.5-inch tall memory foam layer. Since this layer is quite far from the top of the mattress, the mattress sleeps cooler and has exceptional pressure relief functions. 

•    In the third layer is a Zoned Support™ construction, which positions denser, firmer foam around the position of the sleeper’s hips, and soft, less-dense foam around the upper and lower ends of the sleeper. With this construction, the mattress provides better pressure relief. 

•    In the base layer is a 7.5-inch layer of hard-wearing, firm poly base support. 

Firmness Comparison

One significant essential factor in the process of buying a mattress is if or not the bed is comfortable for you. Of course, if you get discomfort from your mattress, you will not be able to get as much peaceful sleep as you anticipated.

Talking of comfort, the firmness of mattress if precisely the focus here. After all, the rate at which a mattress is firm or soft is what decides how the bed will feel to you. However, the comfort you get from a mattress, concerning its firmness, is subjective to your nature. The measure of comfort you will get from a bed is different from the amount other people will get from the same mattress. Since there is not a general firmness scale that suits everyone, it is vital to choose the right firmness, which will suit you and ensure your comfort as well.

A general 1-10 scale is used to rate firmness of mattresses. On both extreme sides, 1 is the softest rating, while 10 is the firmest for any mattress under normal conditions. As these ratings are at the extreme ends, only a few beds come as 1 or 10, while most of the mattresses available are medium rated, with a rating between 5 and 7 on the scale. 

Equally, by the scale, Original Purple and Casper brands come in the medium-firm rating. While the Original Purple comes with a medium range of 6, Casper "medium" rating falls between 6 and 7. Even though the Casper is quite firmer than the Purple to some people, their firmnesses are quite similar. 

Sleep Experience

As Purple and Casper equally make efforts to give their users optimum satisfaction of sleep experience in terms of balanced support, adequate comfort, and resilience, they have similar characteristics and general performances. However, due to their different make-up materials and composition, there are a few differences in their appearances and structures. 

Temperature Control

There are two major causes of overheating during sleep. Firstly, when a sleeper’s body becomes “trapped” in the foam layers, ventilation beneath the body is affected, and heat begins to build up between the mattress and the sleeper’s body. The second underlying cause is from the foam materials, which by themselves, hold back heat, and build up heat during sleep. Irrespective of the reason, many sleepers find heat build-up very annoying and uncomfortable. 

If you are a fan of cool-sleeping, your best choice yet is Purple. Due to its Hyper-Elastic Polymer structure in the comfort layer, it traps neither heat nor the sleeper, because of its resilience. Likewise, the Casper mattress possesses features, such as the open-cell foam, which regulates temperature. Besides, there are almost no reports that the Casper sleeps hot. Nevertheless, if you are interested in cool-sleeping, the Purple is the most suitable for you in this category.

Motion Transfer

Equally, the Casper and the Purple are excellently practical at eliminating motion transfer between bed sharers, who get disturbed by movements from the other partner. Although due to its bounce, the purple might transfer a little more motion, it is quite unnoticeable. 


The term “responsiveness” describes how well a mattress does at distributing support to the different body parts of a sleeper on different parts of the mattress. Thus, the more responsive a bed is, the more support it gives to the various parts of the sleeper’s body, concerning how much support they require. This feature goes a long way in spinal health and relief. 

Mutually, both Purple and Casper mattresses are responsive enough for the sleeper, even though they are responsive in diverse ways. Casper uses the two top-extreme layers, which are produced from unique poly foam and memory foam materials, as the bedrock of responsiveness for the whole mattress. Additionally, these layers, without excessiveness, contour to the sleeper’s body. Conversely, the Purple mattress employs the design of the Smart Comfort Grid to equalize any pressure that comes on it. Although it does not contour as much as the Casper, the Purple still provides to its sleepers, adequate cushioning and support for a healthy spine. 

However, the factor that sets the responsiveness of these two brands apart is that the sum-total of Casper’s comfort layer is 1-inch thicker than that of Purple’s. Thus, people weighing more than 230 pounds should pick the Casper over the Purple for adequate responsiveness, and support. 

Resilience and Bounce

Purple, as it employs the use of Hyper-Elastic Polymer materials in its comfort layers, is a very top-resilient mattress, which facilitates not only adequate bounce but also smooth movement on the bed. With its super resilience, the Purple foam mattress will quickly return to its original shape. Conversely, the Casper also facilitates bounce to a reasonable extent, although it is not as good as the Purple for returning to its original form. 

Concisely, if you have a significant spot for bounce and springiness, you should pick Purple over Casper. 

Edge Support

Concerning edge support, both of these brands win an average rating, not because of their quality, but because their make-up materials (foam and Hyper-Elastic Polymer) do not facilitate edge support. And, since both brands do not have other edge-supporting structures at the perimeters, you might not get enough support from either of them if you sit or sleep at or close to the edges of your mattresses. 

Off-gassing and Smell

It is typical of both Purple and Casper to release a small quantity of off-gas when you remove it from the box on arrival. Irrespective of the brand, the smell should also leave in the matter of a few hours, or a few days (at most). Note-worthily, know that none of these products release noxious odors. 

Prices, Sizes, and Value

Although the Purple attracts a little more cost than the Casper, both brands are in the same price range. However, you should expect that Purple will offer more bonuses and discounts on sales, while Casper will also put up promotions to counterpart the competition between these two companies, concerning prices and discounts. Cost does not create a significant barrier between these two. 

Talking of the entire mattress industry, both Casper and purple have gone so far to establish their names and trust amongst buyers, as well as incredible quality, which is offered for affordable prices to buyers worldwide. 


In the online mattress industry, Purple and Casper have both worked so hard to establish their quality and success, and it reflects in the consumers’ satisfaction that they leave behind. So, with all the details you have, you can choose which one is a real bet for your budget and money.

Concurrently, you don't have to bother about satisfaction since both come with sleep trials to allow you to test them for a limited time, and determine which will suit your appetite for support and comfort best. Protection Status 


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