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We have made a comprehensive review of the Denver Mattress in this piece to guide you when next you are in the market for a new mattress.  It doesn’t only contain important information and facts but also the individual pros and cons of the product.  Denver Mattresses are known to be unique, and at the same time, cheap and readily available in various makes and models.

Among others, Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress is one of the most successful products of Denver Mattress Co, considering that it offers a blend of adequate support and comfort.  As the name suggests, it packs a range of top-quality and well-designed features, all of which are beneficial to the user.  A couple of top manufacturers dominates the mattress industry, and Denver Mattress Co. is definitely one of them.  The company has managed to stay ahead of the competition by offering total control of each of its products, right from the start to the end of the manufacturing process and till it reaches the final consumer.  Denver’s commitment to customers’ satisfaction is further highlighted by their readiness to offer the best deals at the lowest price, thus helping consumers to save more.  

We have assessed each material in this review, so that you can see the quality the Denver Mattress offers, and why it would be a great option for you.  Read on!


Apart from being the biggest factory-direct retailer throughout the country, the Denver Mattress Co. boasts of one of the best mattress factories you will fund around. It simply offers the best mattresses at very low prices, and this is why it continues to amass as many customers as possible.

Denver Mattress Co. has been in business for two decades, and within this time, it has successfully deciphered the preferences of customers in the industry and has leveraged the same in delivering state-of-the-art products for everyone.  Its advanced manufacturing methods have produced three main product lines, including latex mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and innerspring mattresses.  

With a total of 22 mattress models to their credit, Denver Mattress Co. is undoubtedly one of the biggest manufacturers in the game.  Perhaps, its most widely used product is the Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress – a durable mid- and low-range mattress that packs zoned coils for excellent support of the spine’s lumber system.  The zoned coils are also pressure-responsive, and this coupled with luxurious comfort and high-density foam crown the mattress as one of the best in the industry. 

The amazing features of the Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress have been confirmed by many customers, including the renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Brian Wieder, who specializes in the spinal cord and complex spine treatments and surgery.  Considering the mattress’ capability to support the spine along its natural curves, a user can easily adjust and align their posture while avoiding different forms of lower back pains. 

With several A+ customer review scores and the confirmation by several customers of Denver Mattresses’ excellent support, you can rest assured you are getting the best value for your money.  While you will understandably find a couple of negative reviews, they are only a few.  This review will even provide more insight into why Denver Mattress is your best mattress if you are in the market for a new mattress.

Kinds of Denver Mattress

Denver Mattress Co. offers various types of mattresses, including:

1.    Innerspring

Almost everyone knows these traditional mattresses.  They are made up of a steel coil support system, which is usually housed in different padding upholstery options.  The upholstery in innerspring mattresses can be made from fiber, foams, or extra layers of smaller steel springs.  Denver Mattress Co. currently has nine (9) innerspring mattress models in its collection.

2.    Hybrid

Also made of coils, Hybrid mattresses take it a step further by incorporating other materials like memory, latex, and polyurethane foams, alongside other materials.  The cushions are from the latex, while the memory foam is the source of the impressive support and pressure relief, as well as cooling, responsive performance, and cooling.  At the moment, there are four (4) cushion hybrid mattresses in the Denver collection.

3.    Latex

Unlike the hybrid, the latex contains only the latex foam.  The makeup highlights its excellent cooling and comfort properties.  It is also highly responsive and bouncy, giving users a weightless-like feel and ultimate comfort.  You will find up to seven (7) latex mattress models in the cushion collection of Denver Mattress Co.

Construction of Denver Mattress Co. Mattresses

Denver Mattresses are made using different construction methods, each for a distinct sleeping position.  However, they all offer comfort and decent levels of support.  In this part of the review, we will be discussing the materials that constitute most Denver Mattresses.  The basic material combination includes memory foams, steel coils, and other foams.  

Here is a closer look at each of the mattress in Denver’s Collection:

Foam Layers

There is a range of various layers in each version of the Doctor’s Choice Mattress by Denver, and this is responsible for the uniqueness of each Denver Mattress.  The build of each of these mattresses are also distinct, as shown in the list of the individual layers present in each mattress below:

Denver Mattress Models

Denver Mattress Plush Model

This packs a Quilt Layer of 1” poly-foam and 1.5” regular foam; a Comfort Layer of a 2.5” foam; and finally 750 tempered steel coils making up the Base Layer.

Denver Mattress Euro Top Model

This model packs a Quilt Layer of 1” poly-foam and 1.5” regular foam; a 4” foam as the Comfort Layer, and the Base Layer of 750 tempered steel coils.

The Denver Mattress Elite Plush Model

This consists of the same base layer as the models above, in addition to a Transition Layer of 1” soft poly-foam, a Comfort Layer of 1” gel-infused memory foam, and a Quilt Layer of 1” soft poly-foam and 0.5” regular foam.

The Denver Mattress Firm Model

Maintaining the same base layer as other models, the firm model has a Quilted Top Layer of 1” poly-foam and 1.5” of regular foam, and finally a Comfort Layer of 1.5” regular foam.

The Denver Mattress Elite Firm Mattress

The Base Layer is unchanged, but the Transition Layer has a 1” soft poly-foam, the Comfort Layer, a 1” gel-infused memory foam, and finally a Quilted Top Layer of 1” soft poly-foam and 0.5” foam.

The Denver Mattress Elite Euro Top Mattress

The Base Layer is the usual - 750 tempered steel coils; a Quilted Top Layer of 1” soft poly-foam and 1.5” foam.  The Comfort Later is a 2”gel-infused memory foam, and a Transition Layer of 1” soft-poly foam. 

Company Profile: Denver Mattress Co.

Popularly dubbed as the best American mattress value, Denver Mattress Co. has managed to deliver on its promise of “More Mattress. Less Money,” as contained in its popular mantra.  The company is known for its high-class mattresses, which are readily available and affordable all thanks to its direct-retail system.  The happy customers of Denver Mattress Co. have spoken positively about the company’s product distribution process, which removes the need for a middleman and consequently, about 50% in cost. 

Talking about its history, The Denver Mattress Co. started as a waterbed boom of the 1980s.  As a prominent part of the Furniture Row family companies, it took the company eight years to start the production of soft-sided waterbed inserts for Big Surf Waterbeds, precisely in 1988.  The company continued to grow and joined in the production of innerspring mattresses for kids. It later started the production of a full-line conventional adult size beddings.  The first ever Denver Mattress Store was in Colorado in 1995.  What started as a store eventually evolved into one of the biggest American privately-owned mattress company.  It currently has 90 stores/offices in 30 American states. 

A unique feature of the Denver Mattress Co is their Research and Development Program.  Under this program, the company makes extensive and intensive tests on each of their product, ensuring optimum performance before releasing it for the use of the general public.  The Sonar Measuring System Procedures, for instance, estimates the precise height and/or height loss in a set of bedding. Thus, it is used in the regulation of the height in sets of bedding, allowing them to match new or chaste sample mattress up to a posted tested state while repeating the same at the end of a one-day recovery timeframe.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Denver Mattresses, Based On Sleep Preference

This part of the review will focus on the feedback of customers on the performance of Denver Mattresses, based on their sleep preferences.  The findings are shown below:

Innerspring Mattress

This mattress is mostly preferred by side and back sleepers. It is the perfect choice for lightweight and moderately weighty sleepers. Nevertheless, those who love to sleep on their tummy and are of heavy- and average-weight are less motivated to use the innerspring mattress.

Hybrid Mattress

Apart from the stomach sleepers who are extremely weighty, a hybrid mattress is useful for all level of weights. This is because this mattress type possesses extraordinary support features, which can be detrimental to the spine of those who sleep on their tummy.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is one of the most versatile types of the mattress as it is suitable for any kind of sleepers or weight – it is a mattress with excellent adaptability.

Denver Mattress is a perfect choice for the following group of people:

•    Those who value excellent motion isolation

Actually, every kind of mattress comes with different motion isolation. However, latex beds have been identified as the product with the least isolate motion. They are very effective in reducing nighttime disturbances. Compared to the latex beds, hybrid and innerspring mattresses develop many actions once there is any small motion around the limits of the mattress.

•    Those who value little to no smell

Without a doubt, most of us become biased against anything that releases foul odor – this includes our mattresses. Several beds emit unpleasant smell once they are unpacked and could last for a couple of days. But, in this aspect, you do not have to worry as every kind of mattress made by Denver Mattress releases little off-gassing scents. Naturally, a faint smell should emanate from a brand new mattress, but it would go away within a short while.

•    Those who value firm support and body contour

 Doctor’s Choice Mattresses (one of the best mattresses from Denver Mattress Co.) do not offer excellent body contouring, but, it effectively supports the shape of almost every type of sleeper. This mattress comes with some foam layers which offer pliable innerspring base layer to its base support.

Denver Mattress might not be your ideal option if you:

•    Dislike little heat retention

One of the best mattresses is a product that can manage temperature inconsistencies. How comfortable you will be while sleeping is greatly determined by the heat that comes from your mattress. If you dislike sleeping with the heat on the bed, then, Denver Mattress products are not the perfect option for you. The reason is that Denver Mattress offers little heat retention, which ensures that your body stays warm across the night.

•    Need much edge support

While Denver mattresses offer good support from its edge, it does not suffice for heavyweight sleepers that weigh more than 230 lbs, most notably on a long period of use.

•    Stomach sleeper

Stomach sleepers relish sleeping on their tummy, and they feel comfortable while at it. However, while sleeping, their torso often applies the most pressure to the bed; therefore, stomach sleepers need beds that can offer the same level of support to their whole body. Tummy sleepers must be thorough while choosing a product with excellent support. Once they choose a befitting product, they are less likely to experience lower back problems. Also, stomach sleepers should choose medium to slight firm beds.

•    Firmness and comfort layers

Firmness is the compression one feels whenever we lie on our mattress. To determine the firmness of your mattress is vital as it shows the comfort level of your mattress based on your sleep needs. However, the weight of an individual can also determine its needed firmness.

In truth, people often misapply the word “firmness” and “support.” While these two words are significantly different, they are related in one way or another. The instant sensation that you feel when you lie on the bed is called firmness, while support means the level with which your spine is kept aligned by the bed. Mind you; firmer beds may not offer excellent support.

Satisfactorily, Denver mattress provides a plethora of beds with distinct designs and level of firmness. According to a survey, clients declared that hybrid and innerspring mattress which Denver Mattress produce provide excellent edge support. Because these two kinds of mattress are developed with polyfoam comfort layers, it is understandable that the beds do not closely conform and they alleviate body pressure.

Also, customers revealed that hybrid and innerspring beds offer sufficient responsiveness for close activities. On the contrary, latex bed models produced by Denver Mattress Co. does conform to the user’s body firmly and offer beyond-par pressure relief. Such mattress reduces actions and develops no extra noises.

Your type of mattress will largely determine the size of support you will get. Truly, every bed produced by Denver Mattress Co. are effectively comfortable. Hence, sleepers do experience pleasurable feelings on their initial impression while on the beds. Rather than support, comfort is given more priority in the popular Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress from Denver Mattress Co. This bed offers great contouring to the user’s body whenever they lie on it. If you would like to get the best out of the different foams available in the mattress industry, Denver Mattress is your best shot.

Other Factors to Consider


The temperature remains as an important condition that determines an excellent sleep experience. If you would like to sleep overnight without waking up feeling extremely cold or warm, getting a mattress having a great temperature control is crucial – you will be giving no room for restless nights. Nevertheless, sleep preference is subjective, as everyone is different. For instance, some people dislike waking up in a cold or warm condition. In short, your sleep preference will significantly influence your comfort.

A specific kind of mattress offers a unique temperature or heat retention capability. Compared to other mattress types, Denver Innerspring mattresses have been proven to hold less amount of body heat. Also, hybrid mattresses offer cooler temperature compared to other types of mattresses. Latex models stand out significantly among the mattresses that sleep hotter. Essentially, plush mattresses tend to sleep hotter compared to the firmer models; a point which people that have issues against the temperature of the mattress must bear in mind. Plush mattresses are more likely to sleep warmer because sleepers tend to sink deeper into them (compared to the firm cushions) and consequently, block the air from flowing across the body.

Sinkage Test

Another vital property which a prospective mattress buyer must consider is the sinkage level of the bed. A mattress with good compression is comfier to lounge. But, the weight of the sleeper mostly determines a mattress’s sinkage level. Sleepers with extreme weight will make Denver Mattresses sink excessively. As for the regular sleepers, the sinkage level of Denver Mattress models is often between one inch and two inches based on the purchased model.

Motion Transfer

The firmness of the building materials of a mattress can be accurately measured by the mattress’s motion transfer. Naturally, humans tend to roll over while sleeping, but, such motion increases your chances of disturbing another sleeper on the same bed. Hence, it is essential to determine the motion transfer of a mattress to allow sleepers to relish their slumber as well as roll over without inconveniencing the nearest sleeper.

Denver Mattresses bounces a lot, particularly the innerspring mattresses. In the comfort layer and the quilted top of the foam, less contouring is available; therefore, the mattress bounciness causes greater motion transfer from one side of the mattress to another. So, clients who value motion transfer are best advised to check out memory foam instead.

Edge Support

Edge Guard is that edge side that encases a mattress and offers additional support to the border of the bed. It offers excellent support to the surface as well as the entire body of the cushion. Edge Guard is also referred to as the edge support or edge stabilization. Edge support prevents sinkage at the limit of the mattress, which often materializes from sitting at mattress’s edge.

Denver Mattress produces Latex mattresses, which are developed with lousy edge support – most notably when compared to an innerspring mattress. As expected, when evaluated by sitting at its edge, it sank intensely. Compared to latex mattresses, innerspring and hybrid beds are safeguarded by edge stabilization so as to support the spring and offer a comfortable sleeping surface.

Quality, Construction, and Materials

Denver Mattress Co. does produce mattresses which are well-known for their comfort levels and support. The company gives much priority to the comfort of the sleepers. Denver Mattress has developed different kinds of beds, and as a result, customers have different options to choose from based on their sleeping preferences. Nevertheless, regardless of a mattress’s greatness, there will always be a few lapses.

A mattress has an average lifespan usage of seven years. The most common complaint of Denver Mattresses is durability. As a matter of fact, several clients have explained that early sagging and indentations do surface once the mattress is used for a few years, particularly the hybrid and innerspring mattresses. On the contrary, latex cushions offer an extended lifespan.

To determine the quality rating of Denver Mattresses, a survey was performed on a group of randomly selected customers. An overall quality rating of 7.1 out of 10 was given to the mattresses. This value is more than the regular rating from other rivals. When no back pain rating was assessed as well, the mattresses achieved 7.5 ratings out of 10.


The greatness of a mattress is significantly determined by two primary materials; the cover and the various layers of the bed. These two materials often say a lot about the properties which a mattress possess.


Denver Mattress Co. does not offer covers with their products. The reason is that these mattresses do not need covers as the mattresses have already been covered with outer layers, which keep the mattress together. The mattresses are often well-covered with the top quilt layer. Furthermore, it serves as the direct meeting point between sleepers and the mattress. Nevertheless, if your concern is about getting the mattress dirty, the company sells a plethora of mattress padding that covers a bed.

By using additional cushion covers, your mattress will not only last longer but also become more hygienic. Aside from the fact that the pads help to cover the bed, they also make you feel warm on a frigid night. Denver Mattress produces twelve mattress paddings. Every padding is made with special materials which ensure that the cover is resilient and possess distinctive features.

These mattress pads are hypo-allergenic as well as machine washable; they do not sag when washed severally. They are highly convenient and built with advanced cluster-fiber comfort fill, which ensures that the pads return to its original shape. Also, these pads have breathable and waterproof sleeping surface. Materials such as cotton, Tencel, spandex, polyester, and polyethylene are used for the covers.


Denver Mattress products are made with three major layers, namely; base, comfort, and the quilt layer. Let’s share more details about each of the layers.

•    Quilt layer

The upper part of the mattress cover is regarded as the quilt layer or top cushion layer. The quilt layer is built with Poly-foams. This foam (also referred to as the Polyurethane Foam) is believed to be of the lowest quality foam and the cheapest material used in beds. Polyurethane foam developed with synthetic polymers contains cellular structure which is applied for insulation and upholstery.

•    Comfort Layer

Gel-infused memory foams are used to make the comfort layers of Denver mattresses. While such memory foams resemble the regular foams, tiny gel particles or beads are used in their construction. The tiny gel particles are designed to improve the flow of air as well as free the stuck heat from the beds so as to offer a more peaceful sleep. Additionally, gel-infused memory foams ensure that the spine of sleepers are well-aligned as well as relieving pressure points. However, sleepers have to understand that gel-infused memory foam becomes weary over time and often lose its features.

•    Base layer

The base layer is the bottom or foundation layer of the bed. You have to understand the base layer that works for you and know the various features of the mattress’s foundation. Tempered steel coils are used for most cushions which are produced from Denver Mattress Co. With these coils, the mattresses will become sturdier compared to the non-tempered coils. Also, tempered coils help solidify bed’s shape. Hence, such coils are suitable for large-bodied users as well as those who like firm support.

Materials Quality Rating

Denver Mattress uses materials that are practical as well as furnished for every layer of their product. The design of each layer ensures that they naturally work with other materials. While some materials may not fit other mattresses in terms of luxury; however, they are more beneficial than others.

Mattress Dimensions

It is pertinent to get the right mattress size for yourself. However, in this regard, you have nothing to fear as Denver Mattress Co. produces a variety of mattress dimension which is ideal for you and your partner. These size options include:

i.    Twin: the size of this mattress is 38″ in width and 74″ in length. This measurement is the standard for twin sized mattress – also referred to as the single beds. Although this bed size may be quite small for adults, they are suitable for the children. Among the Denver mattress products, there are innerspring mattresses, which are Twin-sized. These twin-sized products are 7.5″ to 13″ in term of thickness.

ii.    Twin Extra Long (XL): this mattress size has the same wideness as the twin-sized beds; however, in length, they are six inches longer. Twin Extra Long is estimated to be 38″ wide and 80″ long. Every mattress which Denver mattress produces is made in this size. But, each type of mattress comes with a unique thickness. For instance, a hybrid mattress is 11.5″ to 14″; latex bed is 8″ to 10.5″; the innerspring mattress is 10″ to 13″.

iii.    Full: this is also referred to as a double bed. It is 53″ in width and 74″ in length. In comparison to the twin beds, this size is bigger. The likes of hybrid and innerspring mattresses are made in this size with 9.5″ to 13″ thickness, respectively.

iv.    Full Extra Long (XL): in terms of size, a full extra-long mattress is 53″ in width and 80″ in length. Compared to the full-sized bed, they are 6″ longer. Innerspring mattresses are the only product made in this size, and they are usually between 10″ to 13″ in thickness.

v.    Queen Mattress: this mattress size is 80″ long and 60″ wide; hence, it is about 7″ wider and 5″ longer when compared to the full-sized mattress. This size is used to make every kind of mattress. All kinds of mattress come with a specific thickness; Hybrid mattress is 11.5″ to 14″; the innerspring bed is 9.5″ to 13″; latex mattress is 8″ to 10.5″.

vi.    King Mattress: in terms of width and length, the dimension of the king mattress is 76″ and 80″, respectively. Approximately, it is 16″ wider compared to the queen sized mattress. Like the Queen mattress, this bed has been used to make every sort of mattress. Speaking of height, an innerspring mattress is 9.5″; latex bed is 8″ to 10.5″; the hybrid mattress is 11.5″ to 14″.

vii.    California King Mattress: the dimension of the California king mattress is 72″ in width and 84″ in length. Among other sizes, California King Mattress is the longest; however, it is 4″ narrower when compared to king size mattress. This size is used to make hybrid and innerspring mattresses, which are of 11.5″ to 14″ and 10″ to 13″ in height respectively. Nevertheless, if you would like to buy California King Mattress, you will have to order directly from Denver Mattress as they are made based on demand.


For every mattress purchased from Denver Mattress Co., there is a one-year guarantee. That aside, Denver Mattress products are less expensive since the company allows a factory direct savings. Also, the sales process does not include a middleman. Hence, buying such a quality mattress at an affordable price is a great bargain.

Furthermore, Denver Mattress Co. offers a year-long guarantee to every buyer. This means that they allow buyers to use the mattress for 365 days before they will make their final decision on whether the mattress is suitable for them or not. In subsequent sections, we will shed more lights on this excellent offer.

Denver Mattress Co. gives excellent warranty deals on every kind of mattresses. Let’s discuss every product that features on their warranty deals.

The company gives variable warranty coverage for all present mattresses.

1.    This bed comes with 5-year limited warranty coverage, which is entirely non-prorated:

  1. SilverCreek Firm

2.    These mattresses hold a 10-year limited warranty coverage which is entirely non-prorated:

  1. Araphoe Euro Top
  2. Steamboat Firm
  3. Buena Vista Plush
  4. Summit
  5. Breckenridge Gel Memory Foam
  6. Steamboat Firm Bunk Bed

3.    These beds are released with 15-year limited warranty coverage, which is entirely non-prorated:

  1. Doctor’s Choice Elite Plush
  2. Richmond Luxury Firm
  3. Doctor’s Choice Firm
  4. HeveaPUR 8″ Organic
  5. Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm
  6. Telluride Plush
  7. HeveaPUR 9″ Organic
  8. Durango Firm
  9. Madison Plus
  10. Madison Euro Top
  11. HeveaPUR 10.5″ Organic
  12. Doctor’s Choice Plush Doctor’s Choice Euro Top
  13. Aspen Plush
  14. Doctor’s Choice Elite Euro Top

•    At the sole discretion of Denver Mattress Co., the company may decide to repair every mattress considered as defective or replace them. Clients will be liable for all cost of transportation regarding any repair or replacement of a deformed bed.

•    A client who does not purchase his/her bed from Denver Mattress Co. directly will have to reach the retail store where the products were bought initially to start the process of a warranty claim.

•    The designs of Denver Mattress Co. models necessitate the use of effective foundational support. Denver Mattress Co. policy demands that Queen-sized mattresses are used with frames or bases with at least five legs while the King or California King mattress should be used with frames or bases having at least six legs. Any warranty associated with the mattress will be rendered invalid if an improper support system is used.

•    The following products' defect will be covered by warranty:

  1. Loose, bent or protruded coils or wires within the fabric.
  2. Indentations or mattress surface sagging which are visible and can be measured to a depth of 1.5″ or more.

•    The following conditions will not be covered by the warranty:

  1. A request for repair or replacement based on a change in a user’s comfort needs.
  2. Issues such as stains, tears, burns, cuts, and other kinds of visible damage which result from user’s inadequate cleaning, improper foundational support or misuse.
  3. Indentation or mattress surface sagging which is visible but does not measure up to 1.5″. Or, a regular increase in the softness of a mattress which has no impact on the pressure-relieving capabilities of the bed. Such issues are referred to as standard wear and tear.

•    This warranty is designed for original buyers, who bought their mattress from Denver Mattress Co – or any retailer authorized by the company itself. Individuals who purchase their mattress from a non-authorized seller or original owner are not eligible for this warranty protection.

Other Considerations

•    365-Night Trial

Trial Period and Guarantee: for every mattress purchased directly from Denver Mattress Co. or an authorized retailer, there is a 365-night sleep trial offer.

a)    A compulsory break-in period of 30 nights is included. Clients may choose not to give back their beds for a complete or partial refund until they have used the mattress for at least thirty nights.

b)    Based on whether a client initiates the return process or not, a client who decides to give back the mattress after thirty days will be eligible for a full or partial refund.

  1. If a bed is returned in the space of four months after the initial purchase, the buyer will be given a 100% refund or exchange credit.
  2. If a bed is given back after four to eight months of the initial purchase, the buyer will be entitled to a 75% exchange credit – no refunds will be available.
  3. If a bed is given back after eight to twelve months of the initial purchase, the buyer will be eligible for a 50% exchange credit – no refund will be available.

c)    A single exchange will be permitted within the 365-night trial period.

d)    No return is allowed for special size orders like Split Queen, King, California King or Full XL.

e)    The total cost of transportation necessary for mattress returns or exchanges will be covered by the owner.

  1. Any client who purchased his/her bed from Denver Mattress Co. directly has to call the company to start the process of return. Otherwise, the buyer should contact the authorized retailer concerned to initiate the mattress return.

Bed Frame

Four distinct designs of bed frames are being produced by Denver Mattress for their beds. They decided to develop four varieties so as to allow clients to pick their favorite frame. They include:

1.    Duro-Matic Bed Frame: this frame is created to be strong. However, it can be adjusted with center support and headboard brackets. It is easy to assemble with the key slot cross arms, which also ensures that it is well-locked.

2.    Space Base: this frame offers direct support to the mattress. Also, it provides additional space for under bed storage. This mattress support does not sag or squeak. In addition, it can support close to 3,500 lbs, so it is ideal for weighty people.

3.    Hercules Heavy Duty Bed Frame: this frame boasts a heavy duty construction as it is developed to offer exceptional support with additional wide headboard bracket. Also, it can be easily assembled.

4.    Bolt-On Bed Frame: this construction is bolt-on footboard and headboard frame. Also, its width and height can be adjusted. Rather than the footboard and the headboard, it offers more support to the weight.


Some mattresses usually release undesirable smells once they are unpacked, which can be persistent for several days. Based on several feedbacks received products such as latex, neon and innerspring mattresses from Denver Mattress Co. release the small off-gassing scent. Clients who complained about a considerable off-gassing case are not up to 5%.

Company Information: Denver Mattress Co.

Customer Service

While the general feedback from customers on Denver Mattress Co. customer service has been satisfactory, we recommend that you research the reputation of retailers in your area before buying. 

BBB rating

The rating of Denver Mattress Co. is A+


Founded in 1972, Denver Mattress Co. has developed into a large corporation that is now controlled by Furniture Row, headquartered in New York, Pennsylvania. 

Physical Stores

There are up to 31 physical stores of Denver Mattress Co. in America, and these are spread over states like Idaho, Montana, Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

You can also find all their models at other physical stores across the country, including the stores and offices of Furniture Row. 

Corporate Address

The Denver Mattress Co headquarters is situated at 5770 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216-1023.  You can reach them on 1-866-372-4642.


The popular complaints received by present and past users of Denver Mattress Co. include:

  • Inconsistencies in the performance of hybrids and innerspring, with emphasis on slightly low durability, reduced motion isolation, and noisy parts.
  • Inconsistencies in the performance Latex mattresses, including slightly higher heat retention and inadequate edge support.
  • The size of some models is limited to one or two options.
  • The sleep trial return/refund schedule is largely unclear. 

Final Recommendations

Users will find the unique direct retail technique operated by Denver Mattress Co. quite beneficial both in the long and short run.  By removing the need for middlemen in the production process, Denver Mattress Co. has carved a niche for itself in the mattress manufacturing industry.  Subsequently, all products of Denver Mattress Co are more affordable, and this has made them the customer’s favorite, after all, who doesn’t like to save money while getting the best quality?

It is important to consider some important factors before making a final decision on the best cushion for you.  These include how much spinal support and comfort you will be getting. Denver Mattress Co. understands this, and thus, the company has prioritized support and comfort in all its products.  

For instance, the Doctor’s Choice Mattresses are known to offer excellent firmness options and lumbar support and can help with all kinds of aches.  Customers can now enjoy a better and more comfortable alternative to the traditional uncomfortable beds that offer inadequate back support most of the times.  People have continued to take advantage of the great options provided in Denver Mattresses to finally ease their sleeping discomforts.


Now you can enjoy maximum comfort and support all night with great products from Denver Mattress Co. These products are not only readily available but also quite affordable for everyone interested in them.  The company has adopted a unique manufacturing and enhancement process that ensures that each layer is adequately processed to provide high-quality, comfortable, and durable cushions. 

So, if you are in the market for the best mattress for your family, partner, friend, or even yourself, you can rest assured of getting a suitable option that will meet your sleep requirements among the collections of Denver Mattress.  In line with the main objective of the company, it offers comfortable and durable beds, each providing users with great features including body contouring and heat retention capabilities, and more importantly, great support. Protection Status 


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