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Purple and GhostBed equally have specific properties that make them stand out amongst the numerous brands, which are traded on the internet. While the GhostBed combines latex with memory foam to create its outstanding comfort layer, Purple mattresses’ comfort layers are made of original, patented materials, which are a trademark of the company itself, and thus, are different from that of other all-foam mattresses. 

In term of certain factors like the firmness comparison between these two, Purple and GhostBed both have similar attributes. Nonetheless, concerning more specific considerations, it becomes more apparent, how much differences are between these brands, and why one will suit you better than the other. Here, we will discuss, compare, and evaluate these factors from both sides. With these details, you will quickly decide the one that will suit you better. 

For clarity, take note that in this article, although the Purple and GhostBed have a series of other mattress models, such as the New Purple mattress and the GhostBed Luxe, we are only focusing on the GhostBed classic and the Original Purple for comparison. 

Major Similarities

Both Purple and GhostBed have:

  • Analogous base layers
  • Resilient and responsive surfaces for sleeping
  • A firmness level, which is slightly more than average

Major differences 

  • The Purple costs more than GhostBed 
  • The GhostBed is denser than the Purple
  • Their comfort layers have different compositions
  • They have different textures: while the GhostBed feels like a proportionate all-foam mattress, Purple has a gel-like texture.

Mattress Construction Comparison

Although the Purple and GhostBed are equally made of foam, they have individual differences concerning their composition and structures. 


The GhostBed is an 11-inch tall mattress with a woven cover alongside a soft, elastic material. There are three layers in the interior of the bed.

  • In the top layer is a 1.5-inch thick layer of synthetic latex, which has proper ventilation, and is 3.5 PCF dense. This latex layer is not only contouring but also resilient and elastic, to give room for an adequate amount of bounce. And, owing to its aeration, this layer allows proper airflow and holds in a minimal quantity of heat. 
  • In the second layer is a 2-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam, which is 4 PCF dense. Since memory foam is superior to latex in terms of contouring abilities, it functions as a pressure and pain relief point of the entire mattress.
  • In the bottom layer is a layer of poly foam, which is 2 PCF dense. 


The Purple is a 9.5-inch tall mattress with a simple interwoven fabric cover. It also has three layers in its interior.

  • The top layer is a 2-inch-deep layer of a Purple-patented material, which is known as “Hyper-Elastic Polymer.” According to Purple, this layer is the Smart Comfort Grid, since it is a balanced layer of many small squares, which are supple. Thus, they compress when pressure is applied to them, and swiftly decompress when the pressure s removed. With this structure, the Smart Comfort Grid is very responsive and flexible.
  • In the second layer is 3.5 inches of polyfoam, which is 1.8 PCF dense. 
  • In the base layer is 4 inches of polyfoam, which is 2 PCF dense. 

Firmness Comparison

It is no disputable fact that when purchasing a mattress, it is essential to choose a comfortable one. Even though we know that we might forget about this factor while joggling between the many other factors that go into the equation, eventually, however, we will still require a comfortable bed, which we can sleep on and forget our pains for the night!

Firmness, being the degree of softness or hardness of a mattress, is the crucial determining factor of how much comfort you will get from a bed. For general measurement, a 1-10 scale is used to determine a mattress' firmness. As 1 is the softest measurement and 10, the firmest, it is quite vivid that a mattress becomes softer as the number decreases and vice versa. The most popular firmness range, however, is the 5-7 range, which marks the medium firm. So, different people have different preferences and needs in firmnesses, as some prefer softer beds, while others prefer firmer models.

Concerning the Purple and GhostBed, the Purple has a firmness of 6, while the firmness of the GhostBed ranges between 6 and 7. Thus, these two have very similar firmnesses, although the GhostBed is generally said to be slightly firmer than the Purple. 

Sleep Experience

As there are many contributing factors for your total sleep experience, in this segment, we will be looking at the similarities and dissimilarities between both Purple and GhostBed concerning how they affect your sleep experience. 

Temperature Control

Overheating during sleep can have two root causes; it can be caused by inadequate airflow around the body or a mattress, which retains heat, or it can be a result of both reasons. Generally, people refer such situation to “sleeping hot,” and as it can result in a whole lot of discomfort, many people find it very annoying and sleep-hindering. 

For the Purple mattress, due to the features in the comfort layer, temperature control is a strong point, as it is known for its temperature-controlling ability. While the Smart Comfort Grid does not allow heat retention, the elastic materials in the comfort layers are constructed to minimize the amount of hugging of the sleeper’s body, which can impede ventilation. Although the GhostBed as well includes materials, such as the aerated artificial latex to increase ventilation, Purple is still better than GhostBed in terms of temperature control.

Motion Transfer

A bed with poor motion-isolating abilities will allow the motion to be felt from one point to another on the surface of the mattress. Conversely, in a mattress with functional motion-isolating capabilities, no movement will be felt on different parts of the bed’s surface, if it is coming from another part of the bed. Motion isolation is an essential feature in mattresses, particularly for bed sharers, who do not like being disturbed by movements from bed partners, who move during sleep at night. 

Although both the Purple and GhostBed have quite useful motion isolating functions, to an extent, GhostBed surpasses Purple in this feature. Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid and GhostBed’s latex resilience contribute to motion transfer. Nevertheless, with better contouring abilities and responsiveness, a bed tends to isolate motion better. And, in the case of GhostBed with a memory foam layer, this feature is an advantage for motion isolation!


As an essential function, a mattress should promote your spine and personal health. And, to achieve this function, such mattress must provide enough support. Otherwise, you will end up with backaches, whether you like it or not. Such support is a direct product of the degree of responsiveness, which a mattress possesses to evenly distribute and support the weight of your body parts, based on how much pressure they place on the bed. 

The Purple and GhostBed are both adequately responsive; While the Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid responds and reacts to pressure and weight, the latex and memory foam in GhostBed act by cushioning and conforming to the sleeper’ body.

However, the thickness of the comfort layer is one major factor that contributes to responsiveness. While the Purple’s comfort layer is only 2 inches thick, the comfort layer in GhostBed is, in total, 3.5 inches thick. Thus, for more massive people, who weigh above 230 pounds, or people with severe pressure points (e.g., shoulder pain), the GhostBed is a better choice for responsiveness and comfort- several people in this category do not find the Purple thick enough for adequate cushioning. 

Resilience and Bounce

Both of these brands score good marks for bounce and elasticity. While the Comfort Grid in Purple is very flexible, the latex in the GhostBed’s comfort layer has an impressive level of resilience. With these features, both brands make on-the-bed movement super-easy, and anyone will rarely experience the stuck-in-feeling with them. 

Edge Support

As both brands do not have extra edge-reinforcements, the edges may grow weak and wobbly if you sit or sleep on or close to the side. If you are keen on an edge-supportive mattress, you should look for another brand instead.

Off-gassing and Smell

Both brands will off-gas for a short while after they are unwrapped on delivery. This odor is harmless, and short-lasting (lasts a short while).

Price Comparison

Although the GhostBed is a bit cheaper than the Purple, they have close price values. Since both brands offer bonuses and discounts, you can get up to $50 discount (or more) on prices. However, although neither of them is amongst the cheapest brands available, they are one of the best brands for your money, owing to their design, quality, and consumer satisfaction level.  

GhostBed Sleeper Ratings

Owing to the layers of latex and gel memory foam in GhostBed, which reliefs pain and pressure, promotes spinal health by conforming to the sleeper’s body, and regulates temperature, sleepers with frequent cases of body pain (e.g., neck, shoulders, and lower back), as well as those who sleep hot, are GhostBed’s significant beneficiaries. Furthermore, this model is not only practical but is also noiseless while it isolates motion, making it a perfect choice for couples or bed sharers. 

Original Purple Sleeper Ratings

Due to its medium-firmness, while the Purple provides sufficient cushioning and support to sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds, sleepers, who weigh more than 230 pounds, enjoy most of the benefits that this brand offers. Conversely, sleepers, who weigh less than 130 pounds, might not get enough cushioning from this model, as it might appear too firm for them. Besides, the Original Purple does have not only an impressive temperature-regulating ability but also a lifespan, which is surprisingly longer than average.

GhostBed Mattress vs. Purple Mattress – Which One Should You Buy?

Concerning the purchase of a new mattress, the whole process is likened to that of investing in a relevant course, and so, it might be cumbersome to pick one amongst the numerous brands in the market. However, after your research, if you settled on the Purple and GhostBed, you have taken a significant step. Nevertheless, if you are not still clear about the best one to buy, perhaps the following tips will help you make a favorable decision.

Purchase the GhostBed mattress if:

  • You need a bed with memory foam: perhaps you have spent a significant extent of your mattress experience with memory foam, and you seem to like it, or you want a mattress with memory foam. If yes, then you should go for no other than the GhostBed, since the Purple does not include memory foam at all.
  • You have core pressure points, or you weigh more than 230 lbs: the GhostBed is more effective than the Purple at supporting and relieving heavier sleepers, or sleepers with prominent pressure points, since it is, by 1.5 inches, thicker than the Purple.

Purchase the Purple mattress if:

  • You enjoy sleeping on a fresh, innovative mattress material: perhaps you are that creative type of individual, who likes to try out new stuff and do out-of-the-box thinking. If yes, then you should love the Purple. With the Hyper-Elastic Polymer in the comfort layer, the Purple stands out irresistible and unique amongst other brands of mattresses in the industry. 
  • You are keen on sleeping cool: if you have issues with sleeping hot or sweating at night, then you should pick the Purple. The materials which make up the mattress’s layers do not support heat retention or obstruction of airflow around the sleeper’s body.


The Purple and GhostBed are unique, as they use patented materials, which most of the other mattress brands don’t have. Concisely, these two brands are one of the best in the industry and are capable of satisfying your needs for nights of quality, restful, and relaxing sleep for your health. Protection Status 


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