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The GhostBed and Casper mattresses top the list of all-foam beds sold online. These products are unique giving their careful design praised for spinal alignment, luxury, and comfort.

While these two mattresses offer top class performance, they sport unique composition. Each one has distinct features and performance, which will shed more light in this review. We will look at pricing; return policies and shipping to see what each one offers the best sleeping support to choose the best mattress for your use.

Please be aware that this review is strictly on the GhostBed Classic and original Casper bed. Also, be aware that this discussion is only on these models produced by the manufacturers.

Construction comparison

The built of a product is the best place to start a comparison. The Ghostbed vs. Casper review will begin by comparing the design and materials of the products as factors to determine the longevity and versatility of the beds.


It is 11-inches in height with stretch-knit and soft cover on the outside; the inside is structured in 3 layers. The top layer has 1.5 inches aerated and synthetic latex with 3.5-PCF density material offer bounce, contouring, and cool sleep. In the middle is 2-inches gel-infused quality memory foam of 4-PCF density; the memory foam is high-density for contour enhancement that combines with the top layer. The last layer is the base mattress sporting 2-PCF density polyfoam to provide the support.


The model under review is 9.5 inches in height, sporting simple polyester outer cover. The mattress has four layers of structure of foam materials. It is a specially designed polyfoam with open-cell of 1.5 inches in thickness for minimal contouring, heat dissipation, and slight sink.  There is memory foam, measuring 1.5 inches sitting in the second layer for pressure relief. In the third layer is another 1.5 inches polyfoam for the transition. These other layers are supported by 5 inches polyfoam serving as the base. The manufacturer did not provide the technical specs of the materials used such as density.

Firmness and Support Comparison

In the firmness scale, both beds are awarded the same score of 6 with Ghostbed scaling up with just 0.5 marks at 6.5. That means both beds are medium-firm rated, versatile, and ideal for body contouring and sleep comfort.

The open cell of Casper offers airflow and cool bed surface the typical bed can provide. The bed is best suited for body contouring and comfort. Although the mattress contains memory foam notorious for heat, its use in the structure along with other airflow material ensure the mattress is cool overall. With the top layer offering quick response and shape contouring allows the sleeper to settle in the bed fast without discomfort.

While Casper structure offers premium comfort, the same can be said of Ghostbed mattress with its aerated latex top. It provides heat dissipation to ensure cooling not readily provided by its standard temperature control ability. The heat dissipation qualities of gel-infused memory foam also add to the cool surface of Ghostbed. By comparison, this bed offers more cooling attributes than its rivals.

In comparison, both mattresses are highly adaptable for most sleepers. But the pure stomach sleepers with extra weight in their body’s center will find Casper more supportive. The bed will keep them in perfect spine alignment and support their large hips.

Sleep Experience

The GhostBed Classic, along with its original Casper counterpart, shared some attributes typical of most all-foam beds. Despite their shared characteristics, these beds have areas of divergence owing to the uniqueness of their materials. The following discussion will examine how the key features of the mattresses impact sleep experience of users.

Temperature Control

It is a problem to have a bed that overheats or sleeps hot as a result.  Hot night often caused fragmented sleep for a few sleepers, which may lead to sleepiness during the day. A mattress with deficient airflow will overheat as it hugs the body. Also, overheating may result from the type of foam used which builds up heat and worsen the hotness problems.

In the mattresses being reviewed, each one has a unique design that helps against heat generation. For instance, latex is used in GhostBed to relax the hug on sleeper’s body and provide airflow to cool the bed. The heat dissipation task is performed in Casper using the open-cell foam; while it hugs the body, it prevents sinking. The structures of these mattresses mostly avoid the build-up of heat to promote a cool night.

Motion Transfer

This is the term for describing the movement of a sleeper on a bed as felt by a co-sleeper on the same bed. Every mattress design aims at reducing the degree of motion transfer, and this is mainly the case in Ghostbed vs. Casper design. For Casper mattress, it has adequate contouring level that isolates motion and prevents sinking. As with GhostBed, the latex component in the top layer does a great job at dispelling motion with more bounce. Thus, GhostBed offers better motion control compared to Casper.


Maintaining proper spinal alignment and preventing backache in the use of mattress owes its success to the responsiveness of the bed. The point is, responsiveness ensure adequate cushioning of every body part for maximum comfort. In this case, the shoulders get different and appropriate support different from what the ankles and feet get. The ability of a mattress to appropriately distribute support to each body part as required ensures adequate comfort. This is the job for the bed’s responsiveness.

Both beds under review have two layers of foam that carry their comfort layers. These layers include memory foam in the second layer for contouring response. Thus, they are both effective at relieving body pressure points for excellent alignment support. Since the Casper bed is fairly more contouring, it edges out its counterpart; although GhostBed does brilliantly in cushioning as well.

Resilience and Bounce

No two mattresses have equal bounce; some are more, while others are less. The strength of the bed is responsible for the degree of bounce. For this reason, the foam will quickly return to its original shape upon removal of weight. It is the bed’s bounce attribute that ensures people don’t feel stuck in one place on the bed. Another benefit of bounce is sex enhancement and promotes a healthy sexual relationship.

Latex materials are known for their high resilience character, which gives the GhostBed the edge over the Casper mattress. Although, the polyfoam used in the top layer of Casper offers better resilience that typical memory foam, it trails behind latex resilience ability.

Edge Support

In Ghostbed vs. Casper comparison of edge support, both beds do not offer any. Thus, both lack adequate edge support. Therefore, for sleepers who cherish edge support as an essential buying factor, you need to look elsewhere for the right bed.

Off-gassing and Smell

The initial slight odor you get from boxed mattresses when unboxed is familiar with the beds. It’s not a bad thing and completely harmless; expect the odor to dissipate with time and more quickly in a well-ventilated environment.

Warranty and Returns


This product comes with a simple return offer. It offers 100 trial nights from the day of delivery. You can choose to return the bed if you are not satisfied with the firmness, whether too soft or too firm. Once you decide on returning it, call the office to discuss a return. 

Note that Casper is recyclable and the returned product isn’t going back to the warehouse to be sold again. The returned beds are sent for charity and not sold. However, Casper will ensure smooth return process – no questions asked!

If you are cool with the mattress and not activate the refund term, the 10-year warranty applies. This period is standard for most beds and it covers over 1-inch indentations, workmanship issue and manufacturer defects on the product. Before you buy, confirm the full warranty on Casper sales page to know what you are getting.


As with Casper, so it is with Ghostbed on warranty and refund policies. You have 101 nights after delivery to try the product. If you are unsatisfied for whatsoever, within the trial period, you can ask for a refund. Contact the company, if you choose to refund, for the necessary arrangement to refund you. But the company recommends you use the product for up to 30 days before deciding on a refund. 

You should note, however, that you can get the 101 trial period only on products purchased from its official website. That means you cannot get the 101 trial period if you bought it on Amazon, you will only get 30-day trial nights for a refund.

Ghostbed has a longer warranty compared to Casper bed. It offers 20-years as against 10-years from Casper. However, the 20 years warranty has a condition attached; it is prorated. The first 10-year covers repair or replacement costs, while you have to pay for the cost of transporting and handling it. After the first 10-year, you are to bear part of the cost of replacement according to the value of the old bed.

The take home on warranty and refund for both mattresses is that you will get a reasonable warranty and refund. And also note that you have no option of asking for another bed since both manufacturers have only one mattress.

Shipping and Delivery Options


There is free shipping to every state in the US by Casper. Your order is shipped between 1 and 2 days after purchase using UPS; expect your order within 5 days of the shipment notification. However, there may be a delay of extra two days in delivery if your shipping address is remote. While shipping is in progress, you can track to know the expected delivery time.

Please note that UPS will not set up your mattress for you upon delivery. Therefore, make sure to get a helping hand to move the bed inside the house, unpack and set it up. However, for those living in cities like San Francisco or New York, the company provides white glove delivery. In these cities, expect your delivery the same day of purchase and will unpack and setup. You can also get extra hands by contacting the office for appropriate costing.


You won’t get delivery in all 50 states like for Casper; if you reside in Alaska or Hawaii, this is not an option for you if you want it delivered by the company. But if you can afford the fee for delivery, the company will charge an extra $600 for bringing the bed to you. Apart from these two states, Ghostbed provides free shipping to the other 48 states in the US. However, the company does not offer white glove delivery; this means you need a helping hand on the day of delivery to unpack and setup.

Ghostbed vs. Casper; Which One to Buy?

After the rigor of the product selection process, it can be a challenge to choose between two final and great products. Now that you have Ghostbed vs. Casper, the following few decision-points will help you to decide which one to buy:

Buy the GhostBed Classic mattress if you:

•    Prefer a latex layer: the ability to offer a response and bounce feeling make latex the preferred mattress material. If you regularly adjust your sleeping position or you need a bed most suitable for sex, latex is for you. Therefore, go for GhostBed and drop the Casper.

•    Curious about the technical specifications of your bed: You can get information on density and other details from GhostBed but not the Casper. Therefore, choose GhostBed and not Casper.

•    Weigh over 230 pounds: latex will offer support and comfort if you are on the heavy side, weighing more than 230 pounds. Its structure and components are designed to provide comfort, and extra cushioning for heavy sleepers.

Buy the Casper mattress if you:

•    Want to contour over bounce: the GhostBed’s latex offers more bounce, meaning sacrificing some contouring that you will get from the Casper. If this is you, the Casper is for you.

•    Trust in the market leader: Sometime its best to go with the devil you know; Casper is a tested and trusted market leader with thousands of mattresses sold and lots of positive customer reviews. If you want a market leader in bed, then your option should be the Casper brand.


Ghostbed vs. Casper share lots of similarities, but they are set apart in their structure and layers densities. Although the users say both beds are versatile in fitting different body shapes, available information shows that Ghostbed is somewhat firmer and thick with higher density material in its foundation. Hence, we urge sleepers who want an all-foam mattress that is firm to consider the Ghostbed. This bed is ideal for stomach sleepers and others who desire more cushioning for their joints and need a push back support.

For the side sleepers and all those who prefer a softer feel and cushioning for their shoulders and hips, we recommend the Casper bed. 

For the hot sleepers, the best choice is Ghostbed. Whereas the two mattresses include foam construction designed for cooling, the Ghostbed‘s open cell latex on the top layer and the built-in cooling gel memory foam ensure adequate cool night.

If you are on the fence and not bothered by too soft or too hard, you will find the Casper mattress the ideal option. Casper is a one-type mattress, manufactured and designed suitably for most body types to satisfy every sleeper. For a sleeping partner with a taste for other bed preferences, Casper is most likely to please both of you.

With all said and done, the heavier customers should consider the Ghostbed, because of its firmer, and more supportive. Some heavier customers using the Casper, report inadequate thickness of the upper layers, and do not get the support they expect.

In the Ghostbed vs. Casper search, now you know better! Protection Status 


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