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One of the 6 largest mattress manufacturers in the US that provide premium and valuable beds is Hampton and Rhodes. This manufacturer offers all types of mattresses such as elegant, pillow top, strong soy-based beds without costing you an arm and a leg. Since there are many mattress manufacturers available today, you may have a hard time deciding the product that is most suitable for you. Therefore, you must know the attributes of every bed by going through reviews and ratings of other customers before choosing the right product. Although a few individuals may prefer sleeping on soft beds, others may choose firm ones. Fortunately, Hampton Rhodes company has all kinds of mattresses for everybody.

The mattress of Hampton Rhodes has special structure and immediately alleviates morning aches and pains for those that are having these problems. The topmost memory foam layer of this bed offers everybody a comfy night sleep that eradicates any issues with body aches or back pain. Similarly, the bed comes with innerspring that increases the support provided by the memory foam mattress. The blend of the memory foam and innerspring ensures that Hampton and Rhodes hr300 features a special construction that gives the users durable comfort and support at a relatively affordable cost.

The addition of a gel-infused layer in the Hampton and Rhodes grand harbor mattress is another spectacular attribute that ensures that this product is better than other products from other brands. This gel-infused layer aids the ability of the bed to stay cool all night long; hence, it significantly alleviates the problems of people who suffer from night sweating. There are various beds of different fabrics and thickness from Hampton and Rhodes. Their mattresses usually have a barrier that has natural fire without chemical, which several other brands do not have. Read our Hampton and Rhodes mattress reviews for more about this brand.

Product Offering

This brand is considered as a small line of beds since it only has around 24 mattresses in production. Hampton & Rhodes does not have any sub-brands as the models are majorly single and scattered. For the majority of the mattresses, their naming system is quite simple – a three-digit number is simply added to “HR”. This makes it difficult to determine the modifications or improvements made to the products.

The HR 100, for instance, is just a regular inner-spring bed without any comfort layer. Only the addition of a polyfoam support layer differentiates the HR 200 from the HR 100. For the HR 300, there is no innerspring, but an all-foam design is used instead.

So, it can be difficult to follow up the improvements.

Apart from the HR line, other models include the San Martin, a gel-foam combination; the Aruba, a hybrid with pillow-top, and the Trinidad, a hybrid with polyfoam.

Under this Hampton and Rhodes mattress review, we will check out the HR440, a pillow-top bed. Due to the blend of relatively great quality and cheap cost, the HR440 is the most popular model from this brand. Although the beds under this model are not fully premium quality, if you getting a mattress below $1,000, you must understand that there must be a compromise in some ways.

Health and Advantages of Hampton Rhodes Mattress

The support and comfort of the Hampton Rhodes mattress are increased due to the blend of memory foam and innerspring on the uppermost layer; therefore, individuals with body aches and back pain can get relief when sleeping on these beds. With the aid of the gel-inclusive layer, the bed and those sleeping on it are kept cooler all night long; thus, those suffering extreme sweating issues can sleep comfortably in the night when using the HR500 mattresses.

This mattress is also a great choice for overweight individuals because they will get additional support from the innerspring layer; hence, they can be comfortable for an extended period. 

Being a one-sided sleep design is another exceptional attribute of the Hampton & Rhodes grand harbor mattress. As a result of this design, there is no need for you to flip the mattress because its other side is not meant for sleeping. According to several Hampton and Rhodes mattress reviews, the HR500 mattresses produce lesser noise and have lower heat trap problems than other memory foam beds.

Structure of Hampton Rhodes beds

There are many mattresses from Hampton and Rhodes. Consequently, there is a great chance of getting the kind of mattress you prefer, whether you are looking for memory foam, conventional innerspring, or a hybrid Pillowtop bed.

There are some variations in every type of bed that is produced by this manufacturer. The thickness of the certain beds is the basis of the variations. As we check out the structure of the three kinds of beds that Hampton Rhodes makes, remember these variations.

Memory foam

There is an increase in the popularity of memory foam mattresses. This brand provides an 8-inch memory foam bed known as the Cool Gel Mattress.

The Cool Gel mattress comes with two different layers. A unique cooling memory gel is the top layer and assists in getting rid of heat. On the second layer, we have a stronger base layer that serves as the foundation of the support of the mattress.

Innerspring and hybrid

When compared to other kinds of bed, this brand provides more innerspring and hybrid beds. The Trinidad is an ultimate example of the Hampton Rhodes’ hybrid bed. A 10.5-inch hybrid, this mattress boasts of two foam layers that sit on a pocket spring construction. Majority of sleepers can get great support from the soft upper layers. Nevertheless, instead of receiving foundational support from the springs as expected, the springs may be felt directly by heavier users. If so, you are likely going to like the pillow top beds that are produced by this brand.


The pillow top mattresses of this manufacturer are categorized into the HR models. They range from HR100 to HR500. The thickness of the mattress increases as the number after the HR increases. For instance, the HR100 has a thickness of 6.5 inches; the HR320 has a thickness of 10 inches while the HR500 has a thickness of 10.75 inches.

The structure of the pillow top beds of Hampton and Rhodes is not the same as the structure of the innerspring and hybrid beds from the same brand. This is because there is a low profile foam pillow top above a layer of foam. These two different layers are placed on a wide range of pocketed springs. Resultantly, it offers additional support to a few users who prefer an innerspring bed but detest the spring feeling while sleeping.

Furthermore, this manufacturer provides the Aruba and the San Martin. The comfort areas of the San Martin boast of a gel memory foam and polyfoam layer. A system of 768 pocketed coils offers the mattress the needed support. The Aruba is a plush bed with a thickness of 14 inches. Its comfort area features a gel foam and polyfoam layer whereas a quilted stretch knit cover and 768 pocketed coils offer it the required support.


When compared to what gel foam beds usually offer, the Cool Gel bed’s cover is definitely better. A quilted and stretched fabric, which has extra padding sewn in, is used for making it.

Hampton and Rhodes’ pillow top, hybrid, and innerspring beds come with a similar cover. It is a stretch knit cover that has a cushioned diamond pattern. With the pillowing stitched in the cover, you will derive more comfort from using the beds.

Firmness, feel, and support

Having known the structure and cover that ensure that the Hampton and Rhodes mattress stands out, you should also understand the support, feel, and firmness offered by every mattress. This section will be broken down into three major categories of mattresses that this brand manufactures, noting the variations that each type has in the right section.

Cool Gel

There is an elegant feel of memory foam for the Cool Gel mattress. A blend of comfy softness and strong support base is offered by the various foam layers of the bed. A more suitable body contour is produced by the foam, just like a latex foam bed rather than a Tempurpedic material. Consequently, it offers you the same level of sinking or walled-in sensation that a few memory foam beds can provide.


There are different levels to the firmness, support, and feel of the HR series. The firmness level ranges from medium to extra-firm. The number of the series does not have anything to do with the firmness. For the HR100, the firmness level is extra firm. Whereas the HR200, 300, 320, 340, 440, and 500 mattresses range from medium to medium-firm levels. The HR400 can be categorized as a firm bed.

Your body size determines the support provided by these beds. At lower firmness levels, a greater level of support will be likely experienced by lighter users. But larger users are advised to choose a firmer bed if they want the perfect level of support.


Hampton and Rhodes’ pillow top options come with its special experience. While the Trinidad is more like the firm level, the Aruba is known to belong to medium firmness. The composition of the Pillowtop foam layers determines the amount of support it will provide to you in comparison to several Pillowtop choices. The save 768 pocketed coil support system is a basic part of all Pillowtop mattresses; therefore, each bed offers you the same base firmness and feel.

The 768 pocketed coil support systems give users a great level of support. In addition great amount of coils, the pocketed attribute of the coils allows you to enjoy the support you want in the suitable areas. Furthermore, the springs respond excellently; hence, these Pillowtop beds are a great choice for adult activities.

Other Sets of Information

As long as buying a mattress from this company is concerned, one essential factor is that there are no direct sales from this manufacturer. You are rather required to purchase the bed from a retailer.

This factor comes with its pros and cons. An excellent instance is pricing. Foremost, purchasing the mattress from a retailer shows that you would pay more for the mattress than you would have paid if the manufacturer was selling to you directly. In contrast, since lots of retailers are selling Hampton and Rhodes mattresses, their prices are competitive. As a consequence, it is possible for you to shop in a few places and get the best bargain.

Delivery is another problem with retailers. The delivery policies of each store and company are different. Although the most common thing about the policies among the retailers will be discussed later, you should remember this when considering the pricing.

Nevertheless, due to the fact that physical retail stores are the ones selling these mattresses, you can test the mattress before purchasing any one. Therefore, there is no concern about trial periods or problems with returning the product. Similarly, this is an extra perk for those looking for their hybrid or innerspring beds but have doubts about the ideal firmness level to choose.

Overall, buying from the third-party sellers toughens the process since you must compare the products and consider several other factors. In case you prefer this and like looking for a bargain, you will find this to be beneficial. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a straightforward purchase with easy decisions, you may have problems here.

Sleep Trials, Warranties, and Return Policy

Trial period and guarantee: Each mattress produced by Hampton and Rhodes comes with a sleep trial of 100 nights.

  • No break-in period is indicated in the sleep trial period; resultantly, buyers have the opportunity of returning or exchanging the product any time as long as the 100-night trial period is still on.
  • To return or exchange any bed, consumers will have to pay a processing charge of $149.
  • It is worthwhile to understand that Mattress Firm, which is the major retailer of H&R beds, provides a sleep trial period of 120 nights. To be eligible for a refund or exchange of a bed, consumers must use the bed for a minimum of 30 nights. Two exchanges or returns are available for each bed bought from Mattress Firm.

Warranty: There is no warranty information on the official website of Hampton and Rhodes. If you are buying from Mattress Firm, the following warranty details are available:

  • The date of initial purchase signifies the start of the warranty coverage. It is at the discretion of Mattress Firm to replace or repair any beds that are known to be defective during the validity period of the warranty.
  • The warranty coverage length of the mattresses from Hampton & Rhodes differ:
  • A completely nonprorated warranty of 1 year is available for the HR100 and HR200.
  • A 5-year warranty is available for the HR300, HR320, and HR340. For the first year, the warranty is nonprorated whereas it is prorated for the remaining four years.
  • A warranty of 10 years is available for the Cool Gel, Two-Sided, HR400, HR440, HR500, San Martin, Trinidad, and Aruba beds. There are variations in the prorated and nonprorated coverage periods. However, in the majority of the situations, it involves three years of nonprorated warranty and seven years of prorated warranty.
  • To calculate the prorated coverage, the calculation goes thus: [Original Product Price] x [Number of Years Owned] ÷ [Warranty Period].
  • To repair or replace a mattress, all shipping and handling charges will be taken care of by the consumers.
  • Appropriate foundational support determines the warranty coverage for Queen and King Size Mattresses. It is a must for the support of these beds to be a strong frame that either comes with a rigid center bar or a minimum of five wooden slats that are uniformly spaced at a maximum of two inches apart with at least a center support leg. The warranty may be voided if the support does not comply with these criteria.
  • The following issues are covered by the warranty:
  • Sagging or indentation found in the sleep surface that is at least 1 ½ inches and not caused by the misuse by the customer or inappropriate base support.
  • The following defects are not covered by the warranty:
  • Indentation or sagging that is not up to 1 ½, or regular increases in the softness of the bed that have no effect on its abilities to alleviate pressure. Such defects are known as normal wear and tear.
  • Any demands for replacement and repair because the comfort preferences of the consumer have changed.
  • Stains, burns, tears, cuts and other kinds of physical defects caused by inappropriate maintenance, misuse by the owner, and/or insufficient foundational support.
  • There is no coverage for any claims of warranty from outside the USA.
  • There is only exclusive coverage for the original buyer who purchases the product from Hampton & Rhode or any authorized third-party retailers such as Mattress Firm. The coverage is not available for people who purchase or get their mattress from the original buyer or a non-authorized retailer.

Customer Support

Unlike the websites of several other mattress manufacturers, the website of Hampton and Rhodes does not have an option for a live chat. If you would like to speak with an agent online in real time, this can be a problem. However, you can send your inquiries via email, or call (866) 955-9630 for customer service. You can speak to agents from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Standard Time each day.

From our findings, many users have had problems with misrepresentation with price issues and products from ended sales. Resultantly, we are a bit skeptical; however, Hampton & Rhodes tries to provide prompt solutions to the problems of the users. The general satisfaction rate of users is around 65% for this brand, and this quite low for us.

Due to the availability of comprehensive product information and simpler navigation, it might be easier for you to buy a Hampton & Rhodes bed from Mattress Firm.

Company information for Hampton & Rhodes

Customer service: 60% of customer experiences reveal a positive experience from the users, regardless of if they like their bed or not.

BBB rating: Better Business Bureau has not rated Hampton & Rhodes.

Brick-and-mortar stores: This company does not have any physical showrooms. Its main retailer, Mattress Firm, owns about 3,500 physical stores around the country.

Phone number: 1-866-955-9630

Contact Email: [email protected]

The Good About Hampton & Rhodes Mattresses

For users having problems with morning aches and pains, Hampton & Rhodes comes with a special structure that alleviates their condition. The bed has an innerspring, but its top layer also has memory foam.

This top layer acts as a means of offering comfortable sleep at night to consumers without the backaches or pain that is sometimes associated with other beds. The innerspring layer offers an extra degree of support that other memory foam beds do not have. The blend of these two features has allowed this brand to produce a specific construction that provides both support and comfort at a single cost.

Also, several Hampton & Rhodes’ mattresses have a gel-infused layer. Resultantly, they are great options for people who have difficulties with night sweating because the layer ensures that your body stays cool all night long. Also, the user gets more comfort and relaxation abilities from these features because they can rest easily without any loss of support or experience of excess heat all night long.

Furthermore, flipping is not needed for the beds. For users, this can be painful, time-consuming, and hurting long-lastingness if actions are not taken at the right time.

The Bad About Hampton & Rhodes Mattresses

Generally, one particular problem with Hampton & Rhodes’ beds is their ability to become softer after a while. Although people who like soft mattresses may not consider this as a bad thing, other consumers who give preference to support over softness may have issues with the mattress. Extra softness can lead to other issues like sagging of the bed. For consumers suffering from pains and aches, sagging can lead to discomfort on some beds. However, this problem takes time to occur; therefore, users could use this bed enjoyably for some years.

There are also complaints about the ability of the bed to have a smell. Although the users highlighted that the smell seems to go off after some days, it can be problematic for some users.

Based on the cost, some users also tend to have problems with the lifespan of the beds. There are longer lifespan and greater durability for expensive models; however, these models can be too costly for users in need of a relatively affordable yet comfy bed.

Is the Hampton & Rhodes Mattress recommended for you?

To answer this, some easy factors should be considered. If you like shopping around to get the best retailers that offer the best bargain on your bed, then choosing the Hampton & Rhodes mattress is a great choice.

What’s more, there is a wide range of choices available from Hampton & Rhodes. And when you also consider the fact that you can often get a brick-and-mortar store close to you selling these beds, it is very likely that you will get a Hampton and Rhode mattress that is suitable for you. You have the option of visiting stores to check out the various options, and then directly assess your experience with the mattress. For people who don't like to deal with trial periods and return shipping, this process eases their stress.

Nonetheless, if you want to get the cheapest mattress, or a brand that provides limited, direct, and hassle-free options, you should probably consider other companies apart from Hampton and Rhodes. Protection Status 


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