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In 2014, Casper was introduced. A triple-layer polyfoam with memory foam comfort system and high-density polyfoam base layer are used for making their flagship mattress known as the Casper. When it comes to firmness, the bed is rated Medium or a 5.5 when using a 1-10 firmness level.

Helix Sleep was established in 2015. One of the current models of hybrid mattresses from Helix is the Helix Midnight which is rated Medium (5.5 out of 10) on the firmness scale. This mattress comes in two different designs. A dual-layer memory foam comfort system, a high-density polyfoam base layer, and a pocketed coil support core are all parts of the standard model. The structure of the Helix Midnight Luxe is the same as that of the standard construction; however, it has an additional transitional foam layer as well as zoned coils with many gauges.

NB: Apart from the aforementioned mattresses, both Casper and Helix have other beds.

The review pairs Helix vs. Casper to compare their products.

There are two other mattresses from Casper, and they are known as the Casper Essential, a memory foam bed, and the Casper Wave, a mattress with both latex and memory foam.

Select the Casper if….

  • You suffer from regular pains and aches in your shoulder, lower back, and/or neck.
  • You are in need of a mattress that conforms closely to your body
  • Your body weight is 230 pounds or less
  • Noise or motion wakes you and/or your sleep mate up seamlessly

Do not select the Casper if…

  • Your body weight is above 230 pounds
  • You prefer a firmer and less conformed mattress

Five other memory foam hybrids are produced by Helix. These hybrids are the Dawn, Sunset, Dusk, Moonlight, and Twilight, and they can be gotten in Luxe and Standard designs. Two dual-firmness hybrids are also offered by the brand – the Dual Balanced and Dual Extra. Then, there is a hybrid called the Nightfall which is particularly made for larger people.


  • Hybrid Mattresses – The two products are hybrid beds with many layers of varying materials to offer benefits through their various properties.
  • Long-lasting – Highest-quality materials are extraordinarily used for making both products; hence, they are very durable.
  • Price – With some little differences from bigger beds, the two products have very similar prices.


  • Zoned support – The Casper comes with a zoned support system. However, the Helix lacks this system.
  • Customizable – The Helix is a complete custom mattress whereas the Casper is not.
  • Open cell memory foam – Open cell memory foam is utilized by the Casper, but the Helix does not use it.

This post is primarily based on Helix vs. Casper mattresses. The Helix Midnight and the Casper mattresses have similar firmness level and their motion isolation and level of pain and pressure relief are almost the same. Nevertheless, there are certain differences in these mattresses. Go through this Helix vs. Casper post to understand the special advantages and disadvantages of the mattresses and the policies and general reputations of these mattress manufacturers.


We will start this post by comparing the construction of the mattresses. This section will be the longest and most vital part. This part will show the things you are paying for and why they are worth it or not.

Construction of Casper

Foremost, we will consider the Casper mattress. There are 4 separate layers of various materials inside this product, and this makes it to be a hybrid bed. There is nothing unique about this and the majority of beds within the same price range utilize a hybrid construction pattern because it allows manufacturers to make a single mattress that has various materials that can offer many advantages.

Since the Casper is a memory foam mattress, lots of individuals will be a bit skeptical. Memory foam is generally poor at regulating heat and can cause overheating all night long; thus, leading to disgusting warm sleep at night. Nonetheless, this product does not have any issues with overheating because it has a sophisticated type of open cell memory foam at its top layer.

Conventionally, lots of air-filled tiny cells or pockets are found inside the memory foam. After applying weight to memory foam, the tiny pockets are compressed which offers the material its exceptional supportive contouring abilities. Nevertheless, when the mattress is filled up with body heat during the night, there is heating up of the air in the pockets. Once the cells are totally blocked off from getting out, there is no circulation of air inside the bed and out into the room. As a consequence, the bed will be heating up.

Basically, open cell memory foam is similar to standard memory foam. The sole difference lies in the fact that the cells of open cell memory foam are partially open on a side. That is, once the air in cells is heating up, it can get out of the bed along with its accompanying heat. This leads to a very cool sleeping platform that many consider to have the coolness of memory foam.

Although open cell memory foam is intriguing, there is even more fascination with the next layer below it.

The material of this layer is not unique – the material is just the same for standard closed cell memory foam. Standard memory foam can be utilized because the user does not have any direct contact with it; hence, they do not get much heat from it. Since the standard memory foam is cheaper than open cell memory foam, using standard memory foam reduces the general cost of the mattress.

The way of designing this layer is the unique thing about it. This layer is totally covered in tiny ventilation holes that are differentiated into 5 various zones. Every zone comes with a varying number of ventilation holes as well as varying sizes of holes. As a result of the uneven nature of the holes, there is the creation of a sleeping surface with various levels of support and various degrees of firmness. The system of calibrating the firmness ensures the deeper sinking of your shoulders and head into the bed, whereas the pressure points such as your hips do not sink as much. With this, the ideal conditions for fostering straight spine and sleeping on the bed is very comfy.

A transition layer of comfort foam comes next. Although there is nothing unique or intriguing about it, its foam is premium. The basic function of the foam is to ensure that the movement from layers at the top and the base layer is quite gradual so that user won’t feel as if layers of memory foam are placed on concrete. Similarly, there is nothing interesting about the base layer and it is a regular thick wedge of sturdy high-density support foam that is of premium quality.

The mattress has a highly breathable covering that makes sure that the room gets great airflow from open cell foam and ventilation structures. This covering is a pure white knit product that is quite elegant, somewhat long-lasting, and can be washed and removed.

Construction of Helix

Since the Helix is a totally custom bed, its construction is quite difficult to describe. The manufacturer rightly notes that no two individuals sleep the same way. To have a perfect bed, various weights, sleeping styles, health conditions, and several other elements come into play. Ready-made mattresses are meant for a “happy medium”; therefore, if your needs are unique, you are quite unfortunate in this regard.

Because we don’t normally review a custom bed, this section will be dedicated to the customization options that users of Helix mattress can get. Although lots of options are available, it is quite easy to customize your bed. Within 5 minutes, you can complete a simple questionnaire designed for it.


For customization, Helix makes use of three kinds of materials. It is possible for you to modify the size and arrangement of the layers of a mattress so that you can get the exact product you want.

Helix dynamic foam – This is known to be proprietary foam with a few limited contouring attributes. Although the manufacturer says it is the same as memory foam, we feel the contouring features are not quite as distinctive. However, exceptionally high-quality foam provides great support and comfort.

High-grade polyfoam – This comfort foam is of high quality and reasonable density. Although it is well hyped by Helix on their website, its standard is quite reasonable.

Pocketed microcoils – The majority of Helix’s mattresses have microcoils which are comfy, long-lasting, and come with a support base area that the remaining layers can rest on.

Base layer – This is the only layer in the mattress which is not custom-made. All Helix products have this base layer. This support foam is of high density and high quality and offers a sturdy foundation for the layer configuration that is on top of it.

Helix vs Casper – Comfort

As long as materials and comfort are concerned, the Helix and Casper beds are somehow not similar. Every sleeper particularly determines the firmness and comfort. Nevertheless, if these mattresses are compared to each other, some objective approaches can determine how comfortable the products may be for your needs.

The Casper all-foam bed boasts of a common feel that is supposedly designed to be suitable for virtually every individual. Whereas, the Helix bed is a customized hybrid mattress designed specifically to suit your perfect comfort. Apart from having varying approaches to offering comfort, these mattresses also use various materials that have their advantages and disadvantages. We will review the information about the materials for the two beds below so that you can understand the composition of each mattress.

Casper mattress comfort

Casper believes that they offer one ideal bed for everybody. Although the mattress provides an all-inclusive comfort, some sleepers may want to get a firmer or softer feel. When rated on a firmness level (1 is the softest while 10 is the firmest), this bed is about 6 – 6.5.

For stomach or back sleepers, this bed offers awesome sleep. As you sleep on your back, the bed supports your lumbar and hugs your shoulders and neck. When sleeping on your stomach, the mattress offers the firmness you need to ensure your back does not bow. For side sleepers, the mattress might be too firm to enjoy sufficient sinking at the shoulder and hip for you to be comfortable. Whereas the Casper may be too soft for larger sleepers; therefore, they might require a firmer bed to align their spine properly. Nevertheless, this mattress is suitable for lots of consumers.

Helix mattress comfort

The Helix is quite unique because it offers you several choices for perfect comfort. Although there is no Helix bed that lacks support, every mattress comes with the perfect feels to take care of the needs of different sleepers. 

To get the ideal level of firmness, there are nine various options you can choose from. Consistent comfort for the whole mattress is available for six of the nine options. Two of the specialty beds provide dual comfort for bedmates with various sleeping styles. Lastly, there is a specialty bed that is specially designed for sleepers who are tall and big.

The standard six mattresses are the Dawn, Sunset, Midnight, Twilight, Moonlight, and Dusk. The Sunset comes with an elegant feel that is suitable for individuals who sleep on their side and are petite or average in size. The Moonlight’s soft feel is quite similar to that of the Sunset; however, it is for large-framed people. The Midnight is great for individuals who are average or smaller in size and like a medium feel, irrespective of their sleeping positions. The Dusk is designed for larger individuals who sleep in any kinds of positions. The Dusk will also be great for average-sized individuals who want to feel additional support. The Twilight is meant for back or stomach sleepers who are average or smaller in size. The firmest mattress available is the Dawn. The Dawn is good for larger individuals that like a firm feel. Smaller individuals who like an extremely firm feel will enjoy it too.

The Dual Balanced and the Dual Extra are the dual comfort mattresses of the Helix. These mattresses provide one firmer side and one softer side to two partners who sleep on the same mattress. Finally, there is the Helix Nightfall which is specifically designed for taller and larger individuals. This bed comes with an extra layer and increased support which make it long-lasting and also quite thicker.

Comparison of the firmness (feel and support)

Utilizing our scale of 10 where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest, the Casper bed is rated 6. Just as claimed by Casper, the feel of this mattress is outstandingly great for lots of individuals as it offers a suitable combination of comfort and support. Your answers to Helix’s questionnaire will play a significant role in the firmness, from 2 to 9. The Medium options such as the Dusk is rated Medium-Firm level.

The top layer of the two beds responds quickly; hence, it will be quick for you to settle into the foams that instantly form around the shape of your body. If you use your hand to press the bed, the surface’s push-back or bounce should be felt because the materials go back into its original position immediately. The essence of the design is to ensure that most bodies are accommodated in every position, particularly for combination sleepers who prefer changing back and forth. 

The target of Casper to have a universal mattress is created by utilizing graduated firmnesses in the mattress; therefore, people of different weight should enjoy a balanced alleviation of pressure and alignment of the spine whether their body goes deeper into or stays at the top of the bed. The third layer has zoning that helps in aligning the rounder body shapes more securely.

Helix Dusk offers most users a form of comfortable balanced feel; however, the coil unit is capable of making the mattress to feel somehow different from the all-foam structure of Casper. If you have more specific preferences and tastes, you will likely get more options and unique experiences from Helix.

Comparison of the bounce and sinkage

For an average-sized sleeper, the general experience of Casper feels like the body of the sleeper is being calmly hugged toward the surface. It comes with a moderate bounce and a fast response time that eases the process of repositioning of the mattress. The mattress also has surface foam and coils that respond quickly and bounce; these features ensure that it is easy to move around the mattress. However, it is important to remember that some models have a memory foam surface that may provide a somewhat difference experience. For Helix mattress with medium configuration, the sinkage should calmly hug the sleepers of the majority of users.

Comparison of motion transfer

Although the mattresses have moderate bounce, their motion transfer is great because of the foams in their comfort layers and the independently pocketed coils of Helix mattress. Motion is absorbed and prevented from traveling by both Casper and Helix; hence, light sleeping bedmates are prevented from waking up when on the mattress. If you are particularly bothered about this feature, a Helix model that has motion-reducing memory foam which might be your preference.

Comparison of edge support

Compressible materials are used for beds that are shipped in smaller boxes; resultantly, their edge support is usually poor. The two beds under review perform better than expected here because of the utilization of firmer foams (Casper) and strengthening of the coils towards the edges of the structure (Helix). Whether or not there is a need for powerful edges will be determined by if you have a sleeping partner and need extra space for stretching your limbs, because regular support from an edge to another is capable of adding to your space.

Helix vs. Casper: which one sleeps cooler?

The Casper is generally known to be one of the coolest memory foam beds available today. It features the open cell memory foam that is great when it comes to ensuring air flows all through the layer and gets rid of lots of heat problems that standard memory foam has. The combination of the open cell memory foam and the ventilation holes in the layer beneath provides a very cool platform for sleep.

Moreover, when it comes to thermal regulation, the comparison of the Casper against the Helix is quite difficult just because the warmness or coolness of the Helix can be customized to suit your preference. You can customize the Helix to be just as cool as the Casper, or even slightly cooler in some cases. Anyway, you can also build a configuration that has more warmness than the Casper; however, you would likely not have a reason to do so.

Comparison of off-gassing and delivery

One of the brands that started the bed-in-a-box system is the Casper. After ordering the mattress, they will deliver it at your doorstep in a suitable box. The bed is securely compressed and roll-packed to fit into the box and ease the process of shipping and taking it inside your home. The weight of the package is about 75 pounds; therefore, setting up may require some assistance. After placing your Casper in the place you like, it will be removed from the package and unrolled. Then, get rid of the plastic wrapper. The bed will expand fast and the off-gassing process will start.

Although it may require about a day or two for your new Casper to extend fully to its real firmness level, it is possible for you to observe some odors. You should not go to the area this period if you have high sensitivity to smells. Generally, the fragrances should not be too much, and you can start using this mattress after the smell is gone.

After placing an order for your new Helix bed, the maker will deliver it at your doorstep around one week later. There is no extra cost for shipping. There are differences in the weight of every design; therefore, let a friend assist you in setting up the mattress. To set the Helix up, just take it out of the box, place it how you want, unroll it, and get rid of the wrapping.

The bed will shape up fast; however, it may require a whole day for it to firm up completely. During the off-gassing process, it is possible for you to perceive some odors. Nevertheless, the Helix is a US-made product; therefore, its smells are not harmful. If necessary, avoid the room as the bed gives off the smell. Afterward, put your bedding on it and have a good time on your new Helix bed.

Manufacturing and customer service

Both Casper and Helix mattresses are US-made products and their customer service agents are also located in the US. So, there should be no problem when resolving any problem quickly. These manufacturers have great customer services.

Sleep trial and warranty

Helix gives you a chance to test their bed for 100 nights so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not. If you don’t like the mattress, simply send it back to the maker before the expiry of the sleep trial. Allow the bed to break in and let the old pain decline by using it for some weeks.

Sleep trial of the same length is provided by Casper. That is enough time for you to determine whether the mattress is the right one for you without the need for you to go and test the mattress in a showroom.

Both brands also support their beds with a limited warranty of 10 years. If there are any signs of a defect in your bed, you can get a replacement. Sagging or abnormal wear and tear are parts of the defects. Ensure that your bed is supported appropriately so that the warranty will not be voided accidentally.

Similarly, please avoid utilizing your bed for other purposes than the intended one.


There is a choice of free shipping and delivery from both Casper and Helix. After placing an order for your bed, it will be compressed into a box and shipped. It will be delivered at your home; however, it is not mandatory for you to be around to get the mattress.

Once you are set, remove the bed from the box and delicately remove the plastic to make the mattress spread out. In some hours, both the Casper and Helix mattresses should be set up. If you are incapable of setting the bed up yourself, make plans for other means.

Nevertheless, Casper does not stop there as it provides you a choice of getting white glove delivery. You can pay an additional fee for someone to deliver the bed and assist you in setting it up. Then, the person gets rid of the packages and takes your old bed away. Although it costs extra, it may be worthwhile.

Casper sleeper ratings

The medium firmness of the Casper is optimal for average-sized users (130 to 230 pounds); however, lighter people should enjoy its conforming attributes too. This mattress also performs exceptionally at isolating motion transfer and does not produce noise when weight is on it; therefore, the mattress is good for couples.

Helix Midnight sleeper ratings

Since both the Luxe and standard models of the Midnight mattress of Helix have medium firmness (5.5 out of 10), the bed is ideal for individuals with weight around 130 to 230 pounds. The Luxe comes with a 14-inch profile that may be quite ideal for people who are larger; this kind of people usually complains about discomfort on mattresses with a lower profile. The two models of the Helix Midnight sleep somehow cool, get rid of motion transfer significantly, offer powerful edge support, and hardly make noise when weight is on them.

Which mattress is most suitable for those who sleep on their side?

At this point, we are going to compare the products distinctively. For side sleepers, the Casper is one of the most excellent mattresses globally because it is tailored particularly to suit the needs of side sleepers (since they are the most common). The design of the 5 zones ensures that you get the ideal amount of support at various pressure points all over your body. An impeccably straight spine is produced as your shoulders and head go deeper into the bed than your hips. This is both very healthful and comfortable.

NB: The Casper will also be comfortably great for people who sleep on their back or stomach; however, it is most beneficial for side sleepers.

As shown earlier, it is possible to customize the Helix to suit any sleeping preferences, which include those who sleep on their sides. Although side sleepers can get great comfort from the Helix; however, even despite the special configuration of the Helix, the Casper is still better. Competing with the performance of a zoned sleeping surface is a very hard task; therefore, the Casper comes out on top in this area.

Helix vs. Casper: which one should I buy?

Casper is recommended if you are in need of:

  • A more all-inclusive experience. A more universal experience can be adapted to suit the size and shape of every person; hence, making it more suitable for your sleeping need and your bedmate’s need, even if your statures are not similar.
  • An all-foam mattress that has bounce. The meticulousness of Casper offers some bounce in both the surface and deeper areas of your mattress so that the memory feel in the middle is balanced; hence, you can enjoy exceptional pressure relief that makes it easy for you to turn around.
  • A support system for zoning. In case you are heavier towards the middle of your body, getting the experience of thorough pressure relief without going deeper into the middle can be difficult. This common issue can be dealt with through zoning in this area.

Helix is recommended if you are in need of:

  • Assistance with customization. Provided you have specific needs, but don’t know the exact mattress that suits your needs most, Helix’s questionnaire may be helpful in getting the ideal mattresses selected by experts and not just based on your assumption.
  • A hybrid. Springs provide airflow and a prominent bounce that several people like while still ensuring that there is a balance between the support system and the pressure relief of foams. Sleepers can enjoy the advantages of these two features through this hybrid.
  • Additional cooling technology. Every option provides exceptional cooling features; however, the Helix has an alternative cooling cover that makes it better than others by getting rid of the heat when you are feeling hot and bringing back the heat when you begin to feel cool.

Helix vs. Casper – Our choice

The Casper bed is a great choice whose price range is quite affordable. This mattress will offer you a comfort level that is ideal for the majority of users in virtually all sleeping positions. A virtually temperature-neutral sleep and exceptional isolation of motion transfer are the things you will enjoy from this mattress. Although this bed offers a completely utilizable sleeping surface, it does not have support for sitting at the sides.

On the other hand, the Helix bed comes with nine separate selections to offer you personalized comfort, irrespective of what you need. Vibrations cannot travel through the bed because of the presence of high-density foams. To enhance heat reduction attributes, it can be upgraded to a cooling cover. To enjoy better edge support, there is a reinforcement of the coil system towards the perimeter. Also, the Helix mattress is a US-made product.

These brands come at a relatively similar price range, with the same warranty, sleep trial, and free shipping. Consequently, buying the Helix is somehow better than the Casper. Protection Status 


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