In the mattress world, there are some brands that are recognized for their reputation, quality, and high-tech products; King Koil is one of them. With that out of the way, let us check out some of the features that make this brand what it is. In King Koil mattress, you will find a coil-beam construction setup and multiple layers with soft flocking. It comes with an internal 120V AC pump with which helps the cooling plush deliver a comfortable sleep throughout the night. The maximum weight it can hold is 600 pounds, and it has solid control of its feel for pressure relief. It features a quilted top which delivers incredible comfort and support to the body. It also helps you maintain proper alignment of your spine through its extra thick layer.


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  1. You want a temporary bed.

If you need a bed for just a few months while you settle into your new home until you get a more permanent bed or maybe you want to buy a bed that you can take on camping adventures, this is a suitable bed for you to buy.

  1. You need an above-average air mattress

This mattress comes with an inbuilt air pump, a quilt top which is waterproof, elevated construction and tons of impressive extra features that regular and low-priced mattress do not have. It is beyond the average air mattress.

  1. You are looking for good value without spending too much.

While this mattress is above average, it is also affordable. This means you are getting very good value for the price you are paying for it. It comes with numerous impressive features that ensure convenience.

  1. You need a guest-room solution

If you need to place a bed in your guest room so that your guests will not have to sleep on the sofa, this is a space-saving and money-saving portable solution.


  1. You need a permanent mattress

Air mattresses are good, but that is if you rarely use them. Air mattresses do not perform well if you use them constantly for a long period. They develop faults and can start to cause issues in your body posture and joints.

  1. You have a bed frame

This mattress' construction allows it to be placed on the ground for use. It cannot work in a bed frame. If you need to buy a mattress for your bed frame, do not buy the King Koil Mattress.


King Koil Mattress is different from many regular mattresses of its kind in that it features an in-built pillow and a soft flocking layer. Inflating it takes only a few minutes, which is convenient for most users; the level of comfort it delivers is outstanding. The company stands solidly behind the product and guarantees a high level of quality with the promise that users are going to be getting nothing but the best in this product. The technology used in this mattress makes it possible to get inflated in less than 3 minutes, and you get a full-year guarantee alongside.



You should check these out first in any mattress that you might want to buy. The King Koil Mattress does well in this regard. You do not get to see a coil-beam construction on an inflatable mattress every day, do you?

This mattress is not only reliable, but its construction and materials used for its construction are also solid.  It comes with a powerful 120V AC pump and an extra safety valve which are all part of the total cost of this mattress. The mattress has dimensions of 80 x 60 x 20 inches, and the maximum weight it is designed to hold is up to 600 pounds. The coil-beam construction of this mattress makes it very convenient to sleep on as your weight is properly distributed when you sleep on it.

The mattress comes at a thickness of 20 inches, and this is about the thickest you are going to find any conventional mattress. The aim of this thickness is to ensure that the mattress has adequate deep compression support to uphold a weight of 600 pounds. If many airbeds are subjected to the conditions that the King Koil mattress can withstand, they will fail. In addition, this product comes with a thick comforter that is waterproof.

When you check the materials used to make the King Koil Mattress, you will realize that they are of the highest quality. To make sure the mattress is not vulnerable to punctures, it is covered with a thick-side flocked durable fabric. So, if you go on a camping trip and you place the mattress on rough ground, the King Koil mattress will survive. The company gives you that much assurance, but you should also add an extra layer of protection by placing a sort of padding beneath it.


From your first moment of lying on this mattress, you will notice that its feel is atypical of airbeds. It is uniquely sturdy, and it does not give you that floating feeling that comes with airbeds. The comforter on top of it provides a mild mold which helps relieve pressure points, and even though this is not the best you can get, it sure stands out of many airbeds currently on the market. You should also know that this feel is not always found in inflated beds.

As far as spine alignment goes, most people do not expect much from airbeds. You probably also expect this airbed to be uncomfortable as well. The King Koil mattress is not like that. In terms of support, the King Koil mattress delivers excellently, and it has a medium-level firmness that keeps you convenient throughout the duration of your sleep. The level of firmness that the King Koil mattress delivers is something that a lot of people will find suitable.

This mattress is highly responsive and quite bouncy with a formidable push-back. However, you only need to lie on the mattress for some minutes, and the comforter will form a perfect contour around your body shape to ensure your comfort.


This is about the feature that many people love most in this mattress. It is also one of the best features. The mattress comes with an inbuilt pump that allows you to inflate the mattress in less than three minutes. There is nothing more convenient than this.

 The King Koil Air Mattress is suitable for home use, and it can be used in the guest room for temporary guests. You can also use it on camping expeditions especially if you have a large tent. This is a premium-grade mattress, and it is a much better option than sleeping on the ground while camping.

The pump is designed by the makers of the mattress, and it is a highly capable pump. Once you turn the nozzle, it begins to pump, and the mattress gets inflated within minutes. The mattress is also packed with a carrying bag with the usage instructions included in it. This carrying bag makes it more convenient to carry the mattress when it is not inflated to anywhere you need the mattress. This makes for another impressive feature, which is the portability of this mattress. At full inflation, the mattress has dimensions of 8- x 60 x 20, which is equivalent to the size of a queen. But when you deflate the mattress, it fits easily into the carrying bag that comes with it which you can throw in the trunk of your car or carry by hand.

The built-in pump is valuable to the entire setup as it takes less than three minutes to inflate and deflate the mattress which means you can get set up within three minutes or pack up and be ready to move within the same timeframe. In addition, you will also never have to worry about storage as the mattress can be easily folded and tucked away in its carrying bag.


This is another important thing that every mattress buyer should check before buying a mattress. If you are spending a huge amount of money on buying a mattress, you have to be sure that you will use the mattress for a long time. And one way to guarantee this is for the mattress to have a solid warranty backing it up. It makes sense to have leverage in place that ensures that you will not have to bear the cost of repairing the mattress if it develops any fault.

With King Koil mattress, you get a warranty of ten years on it, and if the mattress has any manufacturer’s defect, you can replace the mattress for a new one. This means that for the next ten years, you can sleep easy with the thoughts that a solid warranty backs your purchase. This is also in line with the mattress industry standards.


Before purchasing your King Koil mattress, you might want to see it, feel it, or sleep on it first. King Koil has various stores and showrooms that you can walk into and check out the mattress. King Koil has collaborated with many retailers to make this possible for potential buyers. These days, mattress companies operate strictly online and do not provide the option of trying out their mattresses to their customers. Although products from these companies have money-back guarantee on them in case, you do not like them. But there is nothing better than first seeing and feeling the mattress you are going to be using or sleeping on from time to time.


Unlike many mattress brands that offer free shipping to their customers, King Koil does not. The retailer or store from which you the mattress is responsible for shipping it for you and you will be the one to choose your desired option. Your shipping costs depend on the shipping method or company that you use.


At a time when most things are being made overseas, King Koil is a local company that produces in its products right in the United States. For the past three to four decades, manufacturing companies have established manufacturing in countries where labor is cheap.  This, of course, results in the availability of cheap products, but it somewhat affects the local labor market.


These days, mattress companies have started to give room for extended trial periods for their customers. So, if you want to buy a mattress and want to make sure you will be able to return it if you do not like it, check the return policy of the retailer you are buying from. A showroom could be a good place to test the mattress physically.


This mattress offers ultimate body support and comfort. A lot of customers love this mattress and its features because of the pressure relief and relaxing feeling it provides. Below are some of the advantages you will enjoy in the King Koil mattress;

  • Edge Support: The durable side-flocked material delivers satisfaction at every point that you choose to sleep on the bed.
  • Grip Button: This mattress comes with a grip button to keep the mattress in place. The best surface to place the mattress is on hardwood floors.
  • Carrying Bag: For ease of portability, the carrying bag is useful for carrying the mattress when deflated.
  • In-built Pump: The mattress comes with an internal pump that takes less than three minutes to inflate or deflate the mattress. The pump is also used to regulate how firm the mattress should be at any given time of your choice.


  • As an airbed, it is not the same with other mattresses, and its pumping system is , which allows users to inflate or deflate in minutes with a touch of a button.
  • It features an additional comfort layer which offers body contouring.
  • Reviews of this mattress have referred to the impressive features that it has to offer.
  • The mattress features a beam construction with pack coils, which helps protect the body from various disorders such as shoulder pain, neck pain, hip pain, or back pain.
  • It can hold a weight of 600 pounds, which is quite more than the weight of the average person.


This is quite an impressive mattress that you should buy. This mattress is quite different from other air mattresses when you look at the technology included, its durability, its firmness, and accessories. This is why it is one of the most lovable and recommended products.

  1. Easy and Quick Pumping: The inbuilt pump allows quick inflation and deflation that takes less than 3 minutes. You will get the hang of the pumping process within minutes.
  2. Budget-friendly: It is a budget-friendly mattress as its price is affordable, but you get to enjoy all of the features present in an airbed and even premium airbeds.
  3. Advanced Technology: The King Koil features advanced technology in its features, which help deliver incredible body support and comfort.
  4. Cool Night Sleep: This airbed delivers a cool night sleep thanks to the cell technology it features and the effective coils that give you proper body contouring as you sleep. The cell technology is responsible for the cushioning and cool feeling you enjoy while sleeping.


It is an undeniable fact that the airbeds market is pretty much saturated and is quite tough for new entrants. However, King Koil is grabbing everyone’s attention from every angle. It is a comfortable, convenient, portable, versatile, and everything you can ask for in an airbed.

With the comprehensive and robust inflation system, the inbuilt pump helps you get the mattress ready in less than 3 minutes. This is the time it also takes to deflate and fold it into the carrying bag. The good thing about these accessories and features is that you do not have to spend extra to get them. They all come with the airbed itself.

King Koil mattress is made with durable materials guaranteed to keep the mattress in top shape for a long time so that your investment can be worthwhile. You have to be able to keep this in mind when purchasing an airbed. This mattress is one of the best you can find in the market, and it is almost impossible to find a competitor’s product to match this particular product. The King Koil Queen-sized Raised Air Mattress delivers a high quality that is even more than its price. There are numerous reasons and benefits that will make you buy this mattress, and we put it to you that all these benefits are worth it. It is also big enough to accommodate more than one person, so it solves any sleeping issues you may have with your camping partner. Protection Status 


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