The Layla Mattress is not like any other type of mattress that you are used to; it is designed differently. It comprises of four layers of high-quality foams of varying density. It is flippable which means that you can sleep on any side of the bed that you want depending on the level of firmness you desire at any point in time.

Take, for instance; you buy the Layla mattress with the softer configuration, it will feature a 3-inch copper-infused soft foam as the top layer and will have 3.5 lbs. of copper inside it for effective transfer of body heat so it can dissipate around the mattress. Copper is a good conductor of heat, so this method makes the mattress comfortable, safe and non-heat trapping.

According to the information on the Layla website, another reason why copper is included in the construction of this mattress is for the possible health benefits it offers. Copper can ensure better circulation in the mattress to make sure you do not feel pains in your joints or feel stiff when you wake in the morning. Beneath this layer, there is the convoluted airflow foam which comprises of pockets and wavy dips to keep air in circulation as well. This means that as the copper-Infused top layer of the mattress absorbs heat from your body, the bottom layer with convoluted airflow foam will receive the air and carry it away from the surface of the mattress.

Under the airflow layer, there is another dense block of support foam that helps maintain alignment in your spine and also makes the mattress feel solid so that the level of sinkage can be minimized. Under all these layers is another foam layer that is infused with copper and has a thickness of 1-inch. This layer contains equal amount of copper present in the top layer, and this layer can also serve as the top layer of the mattress gets flipped since Layla mattresses are flippable. When you flip a Layla mattress, the other side is firmer and gives more support than the softer side.

The two sides of the mattress offer adequate support and stay in shape for a long time. Its orthopedic properties remain even after several years, and this is due to its high level of durability. The bed also has a durable thermo-gel infused cover stitched on it with a gorgeous hexagonal pattern design. This cover protects the bed and keeps you cool while you sleep on it. The combination of this cover with the copper-infused in the top layer of the mattress keeps the mattress cool and ultimately delivers a cool sleep experience.


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Layla Mattress

Price:  $849.00 (For The Queen Mattress)

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 82% 


Why Should You Buy The Layla Mattress?


Layla is a comfortable mattress, and if comfort is all you need, Layla is an excellent choice for you.

You sleep on your side

Layla is a well-suited mattress for people who sleep on their sides. The 3-inch memory foam layer is soft and helps relieve pressure on the pressure points of the body.

You prefer the feel of a classic memory foam

If you love a mattress that you can sink slowly into, Layla is a suitable mattress for that. Layla comes with a memory foam that responds slowly and is soft.

You feel hot when sleeping

Many memory foam mattresses are guilty of making you feel hot while you are sleeping. The Layla does the opposite. From the comfort layer, the transition layer to the cover, they are all designed to be breathable and able to dissipate heat. The Layla gives you a whole night of comfortable sleep by keeping you cool and keeping off heat.

Why Should You Not Buy The Layla?

You want a mattress with medium-firmness.

If a mattress that is too firm or too soft is not your preference, but something in between is the Layla is not for you. Layla has two sides, and one of them is soft while the other side is quite firm.

You’re a heavier sleeper, and you sleep on your stomach or back

The Layla does not provide adequate support to heavier people. Even though there is the firm side, it still may not be suitable for you. 

You do not like mattresses that sink

If you love to stay on top of your mattress, the Layla is not meant for you. Get an innerspring or hybrid mattress instead.

Layla Mattress Overview


The Layla mattress comes with two levels of firmness on either side of the mattress. One side is soft while the other is firm and you can flip the bed over at any time depending on what your preference is at that instant. Between scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least firm and 10 being the firmest, the former side of the Layla falls within 7-8 on the scale while the less firm side fails within 3-4 on the scale.


Just like every bed brand that packages their mattress in a box, the Layla is sealed in a plastic labeled box and sent off for delivery. You will find the mattress compressed in the box, and you will not need to assemble anything.

The Layla is usually ready to be shipped in three days after you have ordered and you will receive it within 2-5 days if you order through FedEx.

Sleep Trial

You get to enjoy a sleep trial of 120 nights on all Layla Mattresses. You, however, must keep the mattress for two weeks before attempting to return it. In other words, you cannot return the mattress immediately after receiving it even if you do not like it. You can only do so anytime within the 14th day of taking delivery and the 120th day. This sleep trial allows you to get a refund or replacement.


For every Layla Mattress you buy, you get a lifetime warranty on it, and Layla is one of the companies that offer this to its customers. If you discover that your mattress has any defects, Layla will replace it or repair it for you. Note that Warranty is not transferable; thus, only the original owner of a mattress can claim its warranty.

How Well Does The Layla Mattress Perform?

Motion Isolation

One of the key advantages of a foam mattress like the Layla is that it offers excellent motion isolation. The mattress does not allow motion travel all over it, and this is why it is an excellent option for couples. If one person is a restless sleeper, his or her movements will not disturb the other person’s sleep.

Edge Support

A foam mattress offers little, or no edge support and the Layla is no exception. There is no reinforced perimeter around the mattress; thus, you cannot sleep or sit close to the edge of the mattress because it will sink.

Heat Retention

The Layla mattress has a lot of unique features that help ensure that your sleep on the mattress is cool throughout the night. With the thermo-helps infused cover, the mattress will never trap heat coming from tor body. This cover dissipates heat from your body to the layer infused with copper and copper is included in mattresses these days so that the mattresses can stay cool regardless of the heat in the environment they are placed in.

The third layer which is the air-flow layer is also the breathable part of the mattress which helps ensure the proper circulation of air within the mattress back up to your body so you can stay cool while floating comfortably on the mattress. Not many mattresses have these features to ensure that you stay cool through your sleep. The Layla mattress is, without doubt, an improvement on traditional mattresses which are known to retain heat inside them.


Off-gassing is the odor that comes from a new compressed mattress after it is removed from its package box. This smell is a characteristic smell that you will get from any brand that packs its beds in a box. The odor usually dissipates after a few days with the Layla unlike some mattresses that this odor is persistent.


The memory foam layers of the Layla offer different levels of support. Generally, memory foam provides strong support to the sleeper depending on how weighty the sleeper is. If the memory foam used in the less firm side of the Layla is very soft, it allows for sinkage when a heavier sleeper sleeps on the bed and therefore may not provide as much support as expected.


The memory foam layers of the Layla conform to the contours of your body and therefore relieves pain around the joints of the body. The copper-infused layers also help improve the level of air circulation for some sleepers.

Sexual activities

The Layla is not suitable for any rigorous activity such as sexual activity because memory foam mattresses have a high level of sinkage. Therefore, if you will be having sex, a latex or innerspring mattress is what you should buy.

The Type of Sleeper That Can Use a Layla Mattress

As you must have known already by now, choosing the right mattress is a personal thing, and you have to take into account your own style needs and preferences, body weight, sleeping position, and existing health conditions. You also must consider spine support and what makes you comfortable. Since Layla mattresses come with enough time for sleep trial, you will get enough time to figure out whether the mattress is a good fit for you.

Is Layla Mattress good for heavier sleepers?

The Layla mattress may not be as supportive or durable as it is supposed to be for heavier people. It is advisable for heavier people to get mattresses with inner coils or generally firm mattresses. A heavy person might be able to sleep on Layla, but the mattress is not designed for heavy people nor does the company market it as such. The bed has a weight capacity threshold of 230 to 250 lbs.

Advantages of Owning a Layla Mattress

The Layla is a popular mattress, and most of the users of this mattress were left highly satisfied after their purchase. We have seen a lot of Layla Mattress reviews, and the ratings have been stellar so far. Some of the known advantages and attributes of the Layla mattress include;

It eases back pain: the top layer of the Layla mattress is soft and has gentle contouring. When combined with the thick layer of foam under, it gives the body enough support and delivers a great deal of firmness that can help align the spine, ease backaches and pains caused by a long period of sleeping on wrong mattresses.

It helps eliminate chronic pain such as arthritis and sciatica: The design of the layers of this mattress help increase the flow of blood in the body which may ease chronic pain.

It makes you stay cool all night: The Layla features various cooling technologies to keep the bed cool, and your body cool while you sleep. From various Layla mattress reviews, this feature is confirmed for all Layla mattresses.

It helps you sleep and wake up well-rested: The Layla makes you sleep much faster than other types of mattresses, and it keeps you well rested. The Layla is an effective pressure reliever, and it reduces the tossing and turning around for you while sleeping.

It is easy to set up: The Layla is packed and compressed in a box so it can be shipped easily. Once you unbox it, setting up the mattress is easy as there is no need for assembling.

It can be flipped: The Layla comes with two different levels of firmness, and you can turn over the mattress to choose the firmness level you desire at any point in time.

A lot of customers find the sides of the mattress very comfortable and it is well-suited for couples thanks to the minimal motion partner. Layla mattress reviews are overwhelmingly positive as well.

How to Unbox the Layla Mattress

The Layla is compressed in a box and is shipped to you in the box. The first thing is to remove the mattress with its roll from the box. Then, get someone to help you place the rolled-up mattress on your bed. Then, cut off the layers of plastic around the mattress until the compressed mattress can be laid flat on the bed. Cut through the last layer of plastic to release the Layla. Leave the mattress to expand and clear off the excess plastic that you have cut from the mattress.

Layla Company Information

Customer Service: You will have a positive experience with the company’s customer service team regardless of whether you enjoyed the mattress or not.

Reputation: Layla is a relatively new company, and it is 

BBB Rating: Layla currently does not have any rating on BBB.

Year Established: 2015.

Corporate Headquarters: 157 Church Street Suite 1956 New Haven, CT 06510

Physical Store: None at this time

Phone Number: 1-844-775-2952

Contact Email: [email protected]

How Accurate is Layla’s Marketing?

According to the popular mattress reviewer, “Sleep Like the Dead,” there are some questionable marketing claims by Layla.

  1. On, Layla claims that users will get better support and cooler sleep when they sleep on its mattress infused with copper. Layla has however not proved that its mattresses do the job of keeping users cool and providing better support better than other brands. Even though Layla seems to provide cooler sleep than most of the other mattresses around, this can be attributed to the mattress cover and the convoluted foam. Regarding the support that Layla is claiming in its mattresses, enough experience feedbacks have not been gathered.
  2. The company claims that every side sleeper that slept on its mattresses enjoyed sleeping on it but at least, up to 25% of side sleepers will refute this statement when put to the test.
  3. Layla claims that its mattresses do not have off-gassing or give off odors. This is not true as many users reported an initial smell while for some users, the odor was substantial and persistent.
  4. In the FAQ section on Layla’s website, the company claims that its mattresses keep sleepers cooler than any other mattresses. This is a bogus and exaggerated claim.
  5. On Layla’s website, the company lists some sites with Layla Mattress reviews that seem to only sing praises about the brand. Layla does not mention that most of these websites received some commission to review the brand’s products.

A Premium Mattress at a Fair Price

The Layla has been established as a quality product made from the best materials, but you do not have to go above budget to get one. One would expect that this mattress would cost about double or triple the price of other mattresses from a retailer, but you do not have to spend that much because all of their mattresses are shipped out directly from the company. The absence of middle-men and third-party affiliates also helps ensure that Layla can spend money to produce high-quality mattresses instead of paying commissions to third-party retailers. Layla mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, and that means that the mattress is free of toxins, friendly to the environment and has a low carbon footprint. It is made from durable materials, and the construction looks solid enough to support the recommended weight of 230 – 250 lbs. it comes with a lifetime guarantee, and this can only be possible because of the level of confidence Layla has in its product. Investing in a mattress that can last you for years is one of the best ways to get some peace of mind.

Layla is manufactured in the United States of America precisely in the States of California and Georgia where the foam is powered while assembling takes place in the State of Arizona. The Layla is overall a valuable investment, and with the various cooling features and components that help make sure you get a good night sleep, it is definitely a steal for its price. You also need to know that buying a Layla is not only about purchasing an orthopedic mattress for yourself; you are also in a way helping someone somewhere in the world. For every mattress sold, Layla supports one homeless person living in a shelter, and all the mattresses that customers return during free trials are donated to charity organizations and care homes. Protection Status 


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