As long as getting a premium mattress that is designed to suit your needs is concerned, interesting new opportunities have been introduced by the online mattress sector. There are lots of options available now; therefore, you may have a hard time choosing a particular product. Perhaps you like memory foam, but you are looking for a product that prevents sinking in and sleeping hot, you should consider Leesa products. This brand has used several methods to deal with these problems and also provide the contouring support that is associated with memory foam. A three-foam structure is used by the Leesa mattress and this leads to a design that is suitable for most consumers. In case you love memory foam for the contour that it provides but detest the sensation of being stuck in the bed, take your time to read this review to understand how this brand deals with this as well as other general problems.


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Overview of The Brand

In 2015, Leesa Sleep was officially established and has invested the last few years accumulating an interesting resume that includes profitable business affiliations with Third Sheets and West Elm. The company has also become popular through its social impact schemes called the One-Ten initiative. This initiative ensures that when ten mattresses are sold; one mattress is given to charitable work.

Although this brand may be ahead of the pack when charity is considered, people usually compare its products to Casper and Purple which are two top brands n the sector. These three brands show completely different feels; however, they have clout and price tags that can be compared with ease, and we are going to review these factors later.

Currently, two mattress versions are provided by Leesa Sleep:

Leesa Memory Foam Mattress

Price:  $890.00

10 Memory Foam Leesa Mattress Reviews by

General Information

Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 74% 

Size: ​Queen

Item Weight: 76 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The Leesa Mattress comes as a mixed-foam bed. This mattress has two different comfort layers – a top layer is made of 3 PCF LSA200 polyfoam while the other layer comprises 3 PCF memory foam. High-density 1.8 PCF polyfoam is used for the support core while a combination of Lycra® spandex and polyester is used for weaving the cover of the mattress. In terms of firmness, the mattress is rated ‘Medium,’ or 5 out of ten on the scale of firmness. Its thickness is 10 inches.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress

Price:  $1,674.55

Sapira Hybrid Leesa Mattress Reviews by

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 63% 

Size: ​Queen

Item Weight: 115 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Formerly regarded as the Sapira, the Leesa Hybrid Mattress is another product from this brand. It consists of comfort layers of 3 PCF cooling polyfoam, 2 PCF transitional polyfoam, as well as 4 PC memory foam. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress has a support core that boasts of 14.5-gauge pocketed coils that are supported by a fundamental layer of 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam. With a thickness of 11 inches, this mattress has a firmness level that is rated ‘Medium Firm,’ or 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Several foam comfort layers, such as memory foam, are used for making these two Leesa models. The body of the user is cushioned by these layers without too much sagging; hence, they alleviate pressure and pain to average levels and offer improved alignment of the spines of side sleepers. Both models provide exceptional motion isolation; therefore, they are great for couples who wake up too easily because of noise or motion. When the Leesa Mattress bears weight, it does not produce any noise. Also, the Leesa Hybrid Mattress has a coil layer that allows powerful airflow; hence, this hybrid bed is a great choice for hot sleepers.

When compared to other all-foam and hybrid mattresses, the two models can be bought at below-average prices. In addition, there is free shipping from the brand to all 50 states in the US. Both models of beds offer warranties of 10 years as well as sleep trials of 100 nights.

To get more information on the composition, performance, and costs of Leesa mattresses, you should continue reading this guide. Other things included in the guide are a snapshot of Leesa’s shipping, warranty, return policies, and suggestions of other similar brands.

When compared to other all-foam and hybrid mattresses, the two models can be bought at below-average prices. In addition, there is free shipping from the brand to all 50 states in the US. Both models of beds offer warranties of 10 years as well as sleep trials of 100 nights.

To get more information on the composition, performance, and costs of Leesa mattresses, you should continue reading this guide. Other things included in the guide are a snapshot of Leesa’s shipping, warranty, return policies, and suggestions of other similar brands.


  • Several choices of construction, thickness, and firmness
  • The motion isolation of the two models is above average
  • The cost of the products is below average
  • Free standard shipping policies to all 50 US states


  • They are likely to produce some smells
  • A 30-night break-in period is needed for the sleep trial
  • Better Business Bureau rates the brand F


Leesa is a 10-inch mattress with three foam layers. This product is blended together to produce a strong and supportive structure. Although the past iteration featured most of this construction, this improved version comes with a new comfort layer made with the LSA 200 foam of Leesa.

The meaning of this difference is explained thus:

Cover: A thick polyester combination is used for creating the cover. When touched, the fabric is soft with a comfortable feel.

Comfort Layer: A bouncy, latex-like option was used for manufacturing the initial comfort layer. Nevertheless, the updated comfort layer is completely made of LSA 200 foam. Just like the initial foam, this updated one is equally responsive and bouncy; however, its density is a bit lesser. Apart from ensuring that the user is lifted above the structure, its placement also makes sure that there is great cooling all through the bed.

Transition Layer: The next material is 2-inch of memory foam. Unlike the LSA 200 foam, the response of this foam is much slower; hence, it provides the users with body contouring and sinkage. With the placement of the transition layer below the latex-like foam, this brand protects the user against the two major downsides of memory foam – the feeling of getting stuck in the mattress and the possibility of experiencing overheat during the night.

Foundation Layer: Lastly, there is a layer of high-density polyfoam that is quite thick. With this part, the shape and stability of the mattress are decided. This part also provides support for the softer portions that are located above.

Mattress Cover, Design & Foam Topper

When considered at a premium level, this brand comes with a similar design to lots of other beds that have been reviewed. In simpler words, Leesa mattress has a thickness of 10 inches, made completely of foam, and features only three different layers. This is not meant to criticize the brand, but rather to let you know that their three-later foam mattress is not in any way exclusive. Nevertheless, the Leesa beds have excellent design and feel.

The base layer of Leesa is constructed with dense polyurethane foam. This foam offers the mattress its core as well as the vast majority of the support. Afterward, there is a 2-inch transition layer that is made of memory foam. This memory foam alleviates pressure and makes sure that you do not feel the dense, tougher base layer.

On the topmost part, we have patented foam known as LSA200. This patented foam comes with a more neutral feel as well as soft sensation when touched. Its airiness and lightness make it resemble a marshmallow. Check the video above to see the fluffiness and airiness of the top layer, which is very awesome.

The LSA200 foam alleviates pressure excellently and is extremely comfy when you sleep on it. LSA is undoubtedly what the comfort layer should be. This foam is what will be felt most of the times and it ensures that the bed is very friendly.

The brand added some updates to its bed in September 2018; however, the only genuine change the company implemented was replacing the Avena foam with the patented LSA200 foam. The feel of the Avena foam was almost the same as LSA200, but the foam was convoluted (i.e. shaped like egg crate).

There are a couple of reasons that necessitated the change. Foremost, Leesa believed that more pressure relief and comfort would be provided by the new LSA200. There is no doubt about this. Another reason is that people were worried about the ability of the Avena foam to be durable for a long time. Clearly, in comparison, more durability is provided by the new LSA200. Lastly, the response of the LSA200 foam to application and removal of pressure is faster. Definitely, Leesa acted intelligently and made a noticeable upgrade.

Polyester, lycra, and viscose are primarily used for designing the cover on the bed. This cover is not just soft, but it also features a striped feel that offers excellent comfort when you sleep on it.

Theoretically, you can remove the cover, but you are advised to avoid doing so. In case you would like to clean the cover, use a dab of delicate detergent and warm water to spot clean it. To compare it to others, the covers of the majority of the beds can be removed, but they cannot be washed with the machine.

What is the Feel of the Leesa Mattress?

Due to a blend of different foams, Leesa mattress features a kind of neutral general feel. Like we have stated earlier, the mattress utilizes memory foam, but the feeling of the Leesa bed differs from that of a memory foam bed. Rather, in case you are capable of imagining this, the feeling resembles that of a mattress manufactured with typical, soft foam. As a matter of fact, the feel of Leesa mattress is somehow dull and boring; however, we believe that this is an awesome thing. It is a very friendly, generally comfy mattress that only a handful of individuals will not like. Generally, Leesa is your go-to mattress if you are looking for a safe option.

As shown in the video above, the product is a responsive bed too. This responsiveness is vital because it ensures that users will not have any terrible stuck-in-the-mud experience. This mattress allows you to change sleeping styles easily without being delayed by the bed. Typically, highly responsive mattresses ensure that it is easier for you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Estimates of the Firmness of Leesa Mattress

Majority of individuals enjoy awesome sleep at night on a bed that has firmness level of Medium. On our scale, Leesa mattress has been graded 5.5 out of 10, with 10 regarded as the firmest level. Resultantly, we assume different kinds of people will enjoy sleeping on this mattress.

This soft mattress is quite springy when touched. The response of the topmost Avena® layer looks like latex; however, when the body is forced into the memory foam later, its response time will be quite slower.

When lying down, this bed has medium-level sinkage; but repositioning is easy through the aid of the Avena® layer. Also, the mattress also has some bounce.

For people who sleep on the back, alignment of the spine is one of the most vital factors. Spines must preserve neutral alignment and lots of support should be made available in the lumbar region.

Proper alignment must be observed by people who sleep on the stomach. Although memory foam is capable of sinking sleepers down, the foundation and latex-like layers ensure that the support is provided to make sure that hips remain on top of the bed rather than going deep into the mattress. Uncomfortable aching of the back must be prevented.

In comparison to back and stomach sleepers, side sleepers require more pressure relief. This is due to the fact that they spread more weight across a small region. Majority of them will gain a lot from the memory layer that can alleviate pressure in the hips and shoulders.

Although our belief is that the majority of individuals will enjoy this mattress, people who are very heavier will likely require medium-firm to firm support for their hips, necks, and backs. Nevertheless, side sleepers who are very light in weight may require a softer mattress to get enough pressure relief.

Do you still have doubt whether Leesa is the suitable fit? Take advantage of the 100-night risk-free trial period to make a decision.

Does Leesa Mattress Sleep Hot?

No, this mattress is known as a neutral sleeping mattress that performs exceptionally when it comes getting rid of heat. This mattress is neither hot nor cold. Nonetheless, lighter individuals will see that the mattress sleeps cooler because they do not sink much. The reverse is the case for heavier folks. This is applicable for all beds.

Additionally, sheets, room temperature, sleeping positions, whether you have a sleep partner or not, and other factors have significant effects on the felt temperature of a bed. For example, if you open your window when the heat is very much in the summer, the material of your bed will have little effect; so, you will still likely experience heat.

Also, if you utilize a heavy duty comforter or cotton sheets that are thick, things will likely become even hotter for you.

Essential Factors for Couples Sleeping on Leesa Mattress

Apart from all factors that have been considered earlier, you should look at the motion isolation and edge support of your new mattress, especially if you are going to be sleeping on the bed with a partner.

Although motion isolation is generally essential for any bed, it more critical if you are sharing the bed with a partner who: (1) is active when sleeping and/or (2) loves waking up in the midnight to take snacks. In general, all-foam mattresses are great when it comes to reducing motion transfer and Leesa is just like that too. Leesa performs exceptionally when absorption and isolation of motion are concerned. This involves the joint work of the memory foam and LSA200 foam to make cross-mattress movement less active. One awesome thing about this product is that we bounced on it and little or no motion was sent around the mattress.

Now let’s talk about edge support which is usually not considered, but is very important if you want to use a full or twin XL size bed with a partner. The space of these smaller size mattresses has a limitation; therefore, you need to use the whole surface area of the mattress, with the perimeter inclusive. In case there is excess compression of the edges; it is possible for you to have a roll-off feeling, which is not great for you.

The edge support of Leesa is fair, which is applicable to all-foam mattresses. There are lots of mattresses that are worse than Leesa; however, some mattresses also have edge support that is clearly better. Simply put, edge support is not something you should consider to get this product, but it is not supposed to be a primary downside too. We believe that edge support is not as important as the mattress sector has made it to be. Only a few individuals consider edge support to be important; we would guess that the percentages of users who care about it are not up to 20%.

Shipping, Returns & Warranty

As long as the online mattress shopping sector is concerned, Leesa is one of the top five players. The brand has assisted in providing the standards that other brands have. Foremost, Leesa provides entirely free shipping for any of their beds.

They use UPS for shipping their mattress which is compressed and plastic wrapped in the box; therefore, the product is known as a bed-in-a-box bed. After placing an order, you will get your mattress within 7 working days. The brand also provides customers with white glove delivery which comes at additional costs (get more information about this in the FAQ section below).

When you get the package, just get the box into your home, tear off the wrapping, and give the mattress some moments to decompress. Since the product has been kept in a confinement for lots of days, the mattress will appear quite flat even after getting rid of the packaging. Give it about 24 hours and you can start enjoying your new mattress. Laying and sleeping on the product on the first night is entirely safe; however, you must understand that the feel will be softer than expected.

The brand offers a trial period of 100 nights for each bed. With this, you can check out the brouhaha about the mattress and decide if you find the mattress satisfactory or not. Use a good percentage of the trial period before making any decision. Allow your body to adapt to the new mattress because the product is not the same as your old mattress. Furthermore, when you buy a new mattress, it will be somehow firmer than normal for some weeks. But after sleeping on them for some days, they will become softer. Nevertheless, if you would like to make the softening process happen quickly, consider walking on the mattress each night for some minutes. Also, this makes sure that the mattress got uniform wear all around it; therefore, there will be no soft and firm pockets.

During the trial period, if you don’t like the mattress or you are convinced it is not your type, request for a full refund. This does not have any complications. Within the first 100 nights, if you feel the mattress is too firm or too soft or your mind is changed as regards it, get a refund. It is quite straightforward!

There is a fascinating thing about it – this brand will neither make you return the mattress nor give you trouble over keeping the mattress inside its original box. In the majority of the situations, the mattress will be donated to charity and the brand will send your complete money to you. Leesa wants to lower any issues you can have with trying their products. If we consider the return rates at Tuft & Needle, as much as 95% of the users usually do not return the products.

Purple, Caster and other models from Leesa boast of a warranty of 10 years. Regular manufacturing defects are covered by this warranty. Visit the website of Leesa for more information on the warranty. Reading more about it is a great deal as this will show you, as well as other things, the kind of foundations that you can use with Leesa beds.

You Might Consider Choosing Leesa Mattress if:

  • You sleep on your side or back. This product provides a balance between comfort and support. While sleeping on my back, the bed provided enough support and formed to suit my body shape. While sleeping on my side, the pressure on my hips and shoulders was alleviated by the thick comfort layer.
  • You would like to alleviate pressure with no stuck-in-the-bed feeling. Although Leesa bed performs well at alleviating pressure, you will experience no stuck-in-the-bed feeling. The topmost foam layer responds well and bounces too; therefore, moving around on the bed should be easy.
  • You would like to get a foam mattress that does not overheat. Due to the ability of their materials to keep body heat, all-foam beds usually sleep hot. Nevertheless, breathable foams are used for this mattress; hence, overheating in the night will not happen.

You Might Not Consider Choosing Leesa Mattress if:

  • You sleep on your stomach. If you are mainly a stomach sleeper, the firmness of this mattress may not be suitable for your need. A firmer, more supportive bed is usually required by individuals who sleep on their stomach.
  • You prefer sleeping on a very soft or very firm bed. When it comes to firmness, this mattress is rated in the middle. So, if you prefer a bed that is either too firm or too soft, Leesa might not be suitable.
  • You enjoy the feel of classic memory foam or innerspring foam. In case you prefer the steady, sinking experience of memory foam or feel of coils, you might not enjoy this product. It comes with a balanced foam feel that is not the same with what the traditional memory foam bed or innerspring bed will offer you.

Summary of Leesa Mattress Review

The high-quality foam mattress of Leesa performs effectively for people who sleep in any positions. It features strong support, medium firmness, and the pressure relief associated with memory foam; therefore, everybody can rest assured of having a great experience when using this mattress.

Users enjoy cool and comfortable night rest through the aid of Avena® foam which has a bottom that is shaped like an egg crate as well as pincore holes. Although this feature can be problematic for foam mattress, cooling features have been invented and incorporated into the mattress by Leesa.

One thing that amazed us is the dedication of Leesa to help the communities by giving out 1 mattress after the sales of every 10. What’s more, Leesa forms a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to ensure planting a tree for every product sold. Also, Leesa’s employees dedicate time to volunteer works. Protection Status 


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