The level of study and effort put into the task of buying a new bed has increased significantly in the last few years. This is mainly due to the fact that several types and design of beds are now in the market. There is now a strong competition in the target market for mattresses as every mattress manufacturer provides a wide range of advantages and unique features that are associated with their brands to be known as the chief of comfort.

The special and exclusive attributes that the top brands of beds provide sometimes make a few retailers, whose services are based on a commission, exaggerate the advantages and quality of a mattress. As a result of this practice, it can be difficult to take the words of a salesperson hook, line, and sinker; therefore, there is a need for you to get information yourself to know the ideal bed that suits you and your bedmate.

Individuals seem to understand such information when it comes in a visually attractive and instructional manner instead of being mind-blogging. This post is all about Leesa vs. Purple as it is dedicated to differentiating two of the best manufacturers of beds. This comparison should ease the process of determining the bed that will be most suitable for your personal needs and whether or not a memory foam mattress is actually ideal.

Leesa and Purple are two popular mattress manufacturers that now offer beds online. Every one of them has successfully, to a large extent, developed the material they use for building the topmost comfort layer of the bed and, as such, provided their bed with a feeling that lots of users like.

Different new designs and models have been produced by the two companies – Leesa (with their Sapira hybrid mattress) and Purple (with the New Purple Mattress). However, this Leesa vs. Purple comparison is based on their initial and flagship beds. These initial offerings from these companies are foam mattresses that come with three different layers.

Both the Leesa and Purple mattresses have their powerful advantages, and every one of them has lots of happy clients who have gained massively from the top-notch performance of the mattress. Resultantly, it can be very difficult to choose one out of these two; however, this Leesa vs. Purple article will describe the structure, price, firmness, and sleep experience that customers can get from each mattress so as to assist you in deciding the mattress that will offer you great night sleep for many years.


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In a particular way, the constructions and materials of both the Purple and Leesa look alike. Both beds choose contemporary foam construction without utilizing any coils. Although the two beds are layered, there are a few distinctive differences when they are examined carefully. Let’s check out these differences.

Construction of Leesa

This is a 10” mattress which utilizes three separate layers, and these include premium memory foam. Nevertheless, the top-of-the-range Avena foam is the patented blend in the whole combination. Although it is quite similar to Latex in many ways, it seems to be significantly more dependable and long-lasting. Similarly, it boasts of a longer lifespan; thereby, ensuring that you get a great value for the money spent.

Here is the construction of the Leesa bed:

  • The 1st layer is basically made to offer comfort and cooling. It is a 2” thick layer that is composed of Avena foam. Just like latex, some of its attributes include bounce, cooling features, and quick response. However, it is more powerful than latex. The designs of both the top layer and the main memory foam allow them to work together; thus, the mattress is capable of providing a quite adaptive feel, which is great for all kinds of sleeping styles.
  • The 2nd layer is mainly made to offer support and alleviate pressure. Regular memory foam is used for making this layer. The main purpose of this layer is to offer you important pressure relief and to provide the support required to match the comfort of the Avena foam.
  • The 3rd layer is created from support foam. This layer is also called foundational. This 6” thick serves as the base of the bed. It determines the complete shape and features for the convenient deep compression of the bed. Consequently, it supports and is suitable for side sleepers and those who are heavier.

In general, the bed offers you a great blend of support and comfort. This mattress is cool and its design ensures that it does not trap heat; hence, don’t be bothered about waking up midnight due to hot temperature.

In addition, you should understand that the bed boasts of a cover that is designed with Lycra and polyester. The consequential top solution is known to be long-lasting, and it safeguards the mattress as it offers an extremely tight fit. It comes in gray; therefore, it is extremely attractive and also very comfortable.

Construction of Purple

To an extent, the structure of the Purple is similar to that of the Leesa mattress; however, it utilizes different materials. Rather than using Avena foam, this mattress utilizes a hyper-elastic polymer. We will check out the material in details below. Measuring 9.5 inches, this bed is somewhat thinner. In addition to that, they are similar in the fact that they both have 3-layer construction.

Here is the construction of the Purple mattress:

  • The 1st layer is specifically made to offer you a great cooling feeling as well as significant comfort. As mentioned earlier, the hyper-elastic polymer is used for making this 2” thick layer. This first layer offers pressure relief, support as well as bounce. Simultaneously, its major aim is to ensure that the bed is impeccably cooled off.
  • The 2nd layer offers undiluted support. Its objective is to make sure that there is no pressure felt and that there is perfect spinal alignment. It is a 3.5” thick layer that is created with premium polyurethane foam. This layer sits just beneath the top layer of polymer and offers the majority of the support that is provided by this mattress.
  • The 3rd layer serves as the foundation or base of this bed and is somehow thinner than our expectation. It is a 4” thick layer that offers you comprehensive compression support. As a consequence, this mattress suits the needs of sleepers with varying weights and various sleeping styles.

There is so much importance attached to the cover of the bed. This cover is a combination of viscose, polyester-lycra, and polyester. It has some similarities with the one that Leesa offers. It is highly breathable and somewhat thin. The concept behind this cover is to offer you a great appeal without reducing any of the attributes of the mattress.


Apparently, you need to check out the general support, firmness, and comfort that both mattresses offer. These are probably the most vital features that you would consider.

Firmness of Leesa

Leesa tries to do get it right, and it is rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness level. The aim is to offer something great for most of the people because around 80% of sleepers would rather choose a bed that is rated medium-firm. The apparent intention is to offer a mattress that everyone loves so that it could be suitable for the majority of the demand.

When you sleep on this mattress, the first feeling is absolutely pleasurable. The comfort, softness, and cooling that the comfortable, top layer of Avena foam gives you should be felt immediately. It is possible for you to quickly notice that it is similar to the latex options that this foam is aimed at.

The bed somehow creates a very balanced feeling – this offers appropriate contouring of the user feeling hugged by the foam. The way Avena responds is very splendid.

The mattress also offers solid support. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, the mattress provides convenient and appropriate support for all sleeping positions. Moreover, there is no need to be bothered about pressure because this mattress is designed to ensure your spine is properly aligned.

Firmness of Purple

As long as Purple is concerned, the firmness level is around 6 to 6.5 on the firmness scale of 10. Purple’s goal is the same as that of Leesa, and the company aims at providing a sensation of universal comfort.

Currently, the noteworthy, vital fact is that the top layer is a polymer which is hyper-elastic. This 2” thick layer can be said to be unique in comparison to other materials available. Similarly, this specific material can be compared to latex.  The response, cooling, and bounce are the same.

The original sinkage feels like a calm cradle. The increase in the weight, and in some positions, will lead to an increase in the sinkage for adaptability.

Otherwise, there is comfort. The cradle should never be too much and not give you a feeling of being trapped. The elasticity degree is quite high so the pressure release will be improved without a need to alter the comfort or support that you get from the bed.

In addition, the top layer is known for having significant cooling attributes, and it is one of the coolest mattresses available. This is due to the top layer that comes with a grid design that is aimed at improving the flow of air significantly and maintaining a neutral temperature.

Sleep experience

Both beds put in efforts to offer a new kind of experience that is different from the experience associated with the conventional memory foam while still ensuring that the sleepers get enough support and comfort. Consequently, both the Leesa and Purple beds have very similar sleep feel. However, there are still certain differences. These similarities and differences will be examined in each of the following subsections.

Temperature control

As long as temperature control is concerned, the Purple and Leesa beds are exceptional, and the Purple performs greatly in this aspect. Due to the presence of other foam materials, it is possible for heat to be stuck inside the foam or for the foam to embrace the body excessively; thereby, leading to night sweating. Nevertheless, the two beds basically take care of this problem. There is no excessive sink in the Leesa whereas the bed comes with lots of bounce so that you do not feel overwhelmed by the bed in such a manner that airflow is blocked. The Purple bed also boasts of these attributes; however, it also has lots of open spaces in the Smart Comfort Grid of the top layer so that the material is prevented from trapping heat.

Motion transfer

Motion isolation is very essential for individuals who share a bed with others. Motion isolation refers to when a person moves on one side of the bed, the movement is hardly or not felt on the other sides of the bed. Due to the responses of the materials to the application of pressure, the Leesa and Purple beds perform excellently when it comes to motion isolation. Nevertheless, when the two mattresses are compared, Leesa is slightly better in this regard because it has contouring feel and a second layer that is made with memory foam.


If a bed will be supportive, such a bed must offer a varying degree of cushioning to various portions of the body. For instance, the level of cushioning required by your ankles is different from what your hips require. The compression of a responsive bed will be proportional to the specific needs of your body; thus, aligning your body and ensuring that your spine does not contort in a manner that is capable of leading to pain or discomfort.

When it comes to support, the biggest difference is for individuals whose pressure points are very sharp or whose weight is more than 230 pounds. Since the comfort layer of the Purple is just 2-inch thick, its thickness may not be sufficient in these cases. The pressure may rather instantly make the Smart Comfort Grid to “bottom out”; hence, increase the pressure on the layer under it that is less responsive. Otherwise, the comfort layer of the Leesa has a combined thickness of 3 inches, which makes the bed have more ability to be suitable for heavier individuals or those with prominent pressure points.

Bounce and resilience

A bed usually feels bouncy provided its material goes back quickly to its initial shape as you make a move on it or take away your weight from the mattress. Movement on the mattresses can be promoted by this bounce when you are having sex or when your sleeping positions are altered.

The materials in both beds are designed to provide every one of them with top-notch resilience. Users rarely complain about any problems with these beds, and the bounce assists in avoiding any experience of being trapped in the mattress.

Edge support

Just like in several foam beds, both the Purple and Leesa beds have an issue with edge support. The beds are not designed with any materials that can strengthen the edges; hence, the compression of the material at the edge is quite considerable when sitting or lying down around there. For individuals whose weight is more than 180 pounds, the effect will be quite prominent. If you prioritize edge support, you should consider looking at other beds apart from the Purple and Leesa beds.

Smell and off-gassing

The foam materials of these two beds often produce some odors after they are first taken out of their package. Although this odor can be quite inconvenient or disturbing, it does not cause any harm. However, the odor goes away after some hours if the mattress is placed in a properly ventilated room and will likely not last more than a day.

Comparison of price

The online mattress sector often has discounts and promotions, and Leesa and Purple are not different in any way. So, it is possible for you to get promo codes or coupons that can reduce your final cost of buying your mattress by a minimum of $50.

Consequently, both the Purple and Leesa beds are affordable products that can offer extraordinary long-lastingness and value that is worth their price. When the two mattresses are compared, the Leesa mattress is a bit costlier, which may be the deal-breaker for a few buyers.

Sleeper ratings of Leesa

The Leesa mattress is suitable for the majority of sleepers because it provides balanced firmness and moderate conforming, and this is especially true for individuals who weight around 130 to 230 pounds. In addition, when compared to alternative all-foam mattresses, it sleeps averagely cool and should offer a comfy temperature for individuals who usually sleep hot. And since the Leesa does not make noise and has great motion isolation, it is an excellent option for couples.

Sleeper ratings of Purple

The comfort layer of the Original Smart Grid of Purple is great for spine alignment as well as relief of pains and aches just like latex and memory foam. Because this mattress is rated Medium Firm, it is a great choice for people whose weight is about 230 pounds or more and lighter people who like to experience firmer mattresses. Sleeping cool is also possible with the Original Purple because of its excellent airflow all around the grid, and the elastic polymers cope with wear to ensure that the expected lifespan of the bed is a minimum of seven years.

Leesa vs. Purple Mattresses – Which bed should you purchase?

When these two beds are compared, no single option is suitable for every individual. Several factors affect the particular mattress that may be the most excellent for you, and you may have a difficult time when selecting the ideal mattress. Therefore, here are a few shortcuts – distinctive decision-making requirements – that may assist you in choosing your best option.

The Leesa mattress is recommended for individuals who:

  • Desire a universal sensation – if you like the universal sensation of your bed, the medium firmness of this mattress can be relied on. Leesa is rated 6 on a firmness scale of 10 and also has an extraordinary blend of Avena foam and memory foam; hence, it offers you a pleasurable sleeping feel.
  • Need the ideal balance – Leesa provides an exceptional balance in all areas of its surface. Furthermore, it can accommodate various sleeping positions. Whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or back sleeper, this mattress should be a great choice for you.
  • Do charities – Leesa has a significant policy for charity. For every 10 mattresses sold, this company donates one mattress to homeless shelters and anybody who is probably in need of it. With the aid of the program, over 5,000 mattresses have already been donated. This feat is undoubtedly outstanding.

  • The Purple mattress is recommended for individuals who:

  • Want a bed that is responsive – this mattress comes with a unique top layer of polymer which is known to be elastic. This layer offers responsiveness like never before.
  • Need a medium firm sensation – in comparison to the other one, the bed is somewhat firmer and its firmness rating is around 6.5 on a scale of 10. Since this mattress would not sink excessively, lighter individuals might float more while sleeping on the bed.
  • Looking serious coolness – although its difference from the Leesa mattress is not significant, this particular mattress manages to display cooling capabilities that are somehow better. This is due to its one-of-a-kind top layer as well as its grid design that distinctively improves the flow of air and prevents heat from being trapped.

  • Overall, as you have seen from the description: the two mattresses are specifically great. Both of them are excellent for different types of sleepers, and they are capable of accommodating a wide array of sleep preferences. The mattresses conveniently get rid of discomforting trapping feel which most foam beds often have.

    By utilizing contemporary materials and combining them impeccably in well-designed structures, the Purple and Leesa mattresses are worth your focus.


    Using specialty foams that provide bounce, support, and comfort, Purple and Leesa have brought massive changes to the mattress sector. Each of these two beds comes with their strong points and weak points; however, overall, both of them are exceptional choices to check out.

    Through evaluating the factors that are most vital to your needs, it is possible for you to finally select the mattress that will offer you the most benefits to enjoy the most pleasant sleep possible. Protection Status 


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