Built with three distinctive layers, the Lull Mattress can be simply referred to as a mixed foam mattress. The comfort system of this mattress contains an upper layer that has memory foam which is incorporated with gel as well as a transitional layer that has combined polyfoam-latex element. High-density polyfoam forms the support core. The cover of this product is created with rayon and polyester. This mattress is specifically made for individuals who prefer to sleep on a mattress with average thickness and moderate firmness. Since the Lull Mattress ensures that sleepers get tight conforming without sagging terribly, it is the ideal product for individuals who experience pains and aches in the hips, back, neck and diverse delicate parts. The Lull Mattress is also recommended for couples because it has a sleep surface that offers significant motion isolation and the mattress does not make much noise when weight is placed on it.

When its cost is compared to a typical memory foam mattress, this mattress is inexpensive. For anyone getting the mattress in the contiguous US, the bed is delivered with free shipping. It comes with a warranty of 10 years and a sleep trial of 100 nights, which are typically the industry average. For more information, check out the Lull Mattress reviews. Under the Lull Mattress reviews, you will get information about policies on delivery and return, sleeper and performance ratings, and diverse essential attributes.

Lull Memory Foam Mattress Review

Price:  $799.00 (Queen Size)

Lull Memory Foam Mattress


General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 



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Consider Choosing the Lull Mattress If:

  • You are an individual with light or medium body mass and sleep in several positions: In case your body weight is light or medium and you combine several sleeping styles at night, the Lull mattress could be your ideal choice. Because it is a bit firmer than average, this bed offers a great balanced feel that is capable of supporting and comforting lots of sleeping styles.
  • You sleep on your back: The best kinds of mattresses recommended for back sleepers are the ones with medium-firm level. Not only will this bed support you appropriately, but it will ensure that your hips plunge to some extent. When you are on the Lull Mattress, the alignment of your spine would be neutral.
  • You prefer the experience of foam but do not want to get stuck: Like a foam mattress, this bed should relieve pressure while still allowing you to move everywhere with ease. Since the thickness of the soft uppermost layer is not too much, sinking should be minimal.

Consider Not Choosing the Lull Mattress if:

  • You are a larger person that sleeps on the side: It is possible for you to put pressure on the upper layers and put pressure the support layers under them. Consequently, this bed may be seemingly too firm for you, particularly if you are a side sleeper.
  • You are a larger person that sleeps on the stomach: If you are a heavier individual that sleeps on your stomach, the firmness of the Lull Mattress may not be enough for you. To prevent you from going down too far at your hips, you will likely need more general support.
  • You like the innerspring bed feel: Since the Lull Mattress is an all-foam bed, it is normal for you to experience the slow compression that is associated with such type. In case you prefer the support and contouring that are often offered by coils, the Lull Mattress is likely not going to be your perfect option.


Constructed using three different foam layers, this product is a 10-inch memory foam bed.

  • Top layer (designed for comfort and cooling) – this is a 1.5-inch memory foam that is incorporated with gel. Based on the design of this layer, sleepers are bound to enjoy exceptional cooling when they are on the sleeping surface of the bed while still getting comfort through pressure reliefs.
  • Middle layer (designed for support) – this is conventional foam with a thickness of 1.5 inches. As a transitional layer, this provides support to your weight, ensures spinal alignment is maintained appropriately and distributes the weight equally. Exceptional support is provided for larger, average and light users due to the combination of the densities of the middle and upper foam layer.
  • Bottom layer (designed for foundation) – the bottom layer is dense support foam with a thickness of 7 inches and serves as the foundational platform for the bed. This bottom layer offers a powerful, dense, and firm foundation that is combined with the upper layers to provide topnotch support to the sleepers.


The cover of the Lull Mattress combines a feeling of softness with a modern appearance. While the cover may not be viewed as an essential part of the bed, it is capable of being very vital. With the help of the covers, there is an improvement in cooling and breathability as well as the provision of a level of softness to the touch sensation of the mattress. This cover is created from 10% rayon and 90% polyester and boasts of a soft sensation. Although the weight of the polyester is extremely light, this material has enough durability. The Lull’s cover is very elastic. Even after the cover was pulled harshly, it returned to its initial shape virtually in a jiffy. Furthermore, if you want to spot clean the cover, you can remove it with ease.

Beautifully, the Lull’s cover comes with the standard two-tone style as the top is made with white fabric and the side panels are grey. 36% polyester and 64% polypropylene are used for making the side panels, and these panels make them to be able to resist damages. One highly cherished thing about this cover is the division of the side panels from the white fabric with the aid of the dark navy strip. This strip offers a clean stylish look to the mattress.

Firmness, Support, and Feel

The firmness of this mattress ranges from a medium to a somewhat firm level. Its design ensures that it is capable of satisfying the needs of virtually anybody. With 10 considered to be the firmest, the firmness rating of the mattress falls around 6 – 6.5 out of 10.

In consideration of support and general feel, the mattress is clearly more than average. As a person who sleeps on both the side and stomach, the Lull mattress supports my body well. My spouse, who is a back and side sleeper, made a similar remark about the mattress.

The foam layers of the mattress work collectively to make sure that the push-feel experience is well balanced without building pressure points. On this subject, the mattress maintains a balance. A bed with high firmness makes you to be capable of moving around restlessly as you want to get pressure relief, and the one that is too soft makes it difficult for you to get appropriate support. The Lull mattress is very outstanding in this regard as it offers the slightly firm sensation without being too soft or too firm; thus, making sure it falls around the mid-range so that the feel is good enough for most sleepers.

 A significant perk that I noticed about the mattress was the negligible motion transfer experienced while on it. As you are sleeping at night, the majority of the motion is expended by the two layers at the upper part of the foam. Nevertheless, no quick response is provided by this mattress. Although the foam cannot be said to be too slow, you should not expect it to go back to its original shape instantly after the application of pressure.

Notwithstanding, the slightly firm feel of the mattress assists here too. Due to the fact that it does not have any spectacular hug, the need for a significant response is subdued. Regardless of how slow its response is, I never felt stuck or enclosed inside the foams. The Lull has edge support that is more than average. As you sit or lie on the edges of the bed, exceptional support is offered by the 3 layers of foam. For individuals who like sleeping at the edge of their mattress or enjoy erotic bedroom affairs, this feature is awesome.

Moreover, erotic bedroom affairs and overall comfort depend largely on the bounce. The somewhat firmer feel of this mattress makes sure that a credible extent of bounce is created. When compared to traditional memory foam, it is an upgrade; however, the bounce is quite lesser than what you get from a coil mattress. In comparison to the majority of mattresses with 10-inch foam, I think the bounce of this mattress is somewhat more than average.

Sinkage Tests

As part of the Lull Mattress reviews, a rapid sequence of sinkage tests was conducted for the Lull Mattress. The major function of these tests is to compare the mattress with other beds and also see its performance when subjected to diverse pressures, sleeping styles, and conditions.

  • Lying on the back – when lying normally with my weight distributed equally on the mattress, a sinkage of 2 inches was noticed.
  • Lying on the side – when sleeping on my back, the bed sunk around 2.5 inches.
  • Sitting conservatively on the edge of the mattress – when I sat on the edge and kept my backside shifted back, the bed sunk around 3 inches.
  • Sitting vigorously on the edge – when sitting and shifting my whole weight on the edge, the mattress sunk around 5 inches.
  • Standing at the center of the mattress – when my whole body weight was placed at a single position on the mattress, the mattress sunk about 5.5 inches.

It is worthwhile to note that body weight determines sinkage. For reference, my weight is 140lb.

Insignificant Off Gassing

For newly-made materials, volatile organic compounds are normally given off for some days after the material is taken out of the package. This makes you perceive a chemical odor in items such as paint and shoes. However, for mattresses, the manufacturer can follow a certain procedure to lower such situation.

In case you are worried about volatile organic compounds, it will be pleasing to understand only CertiPUR-US certified foams are used in making this mattress. This shows that all stringent standards for reducing off-gassing are satisfied by the Lull mattress. This product does not have any heavy metals, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, and some flame retardants that are capable of leading to cancer and genetic disorders. The standard of having less than 0.5 parts for each million volatile organic compounds is clearly met by all foams inside the Lull Mattress.


Intelligent, efficient packaging is utilized for the mattress. Compared to other mattresses that come in a box, the box of the Lull mattress is relatively smaller. The size of the box is comparative to that of a mini fridge, and this eases the process of moving the product and lowers the volume of the package by an outstanding 70 percent. There is no doubt about the fact that the manufacturer utilizes all possible procedure to reduce the emissions of carbon. Notably, the manufacturer of this product is in association with the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Maintenance, Care, Protection, and Warranty

When compared to other products of similar specifications, the product can be bought at a significantly lower cost; therefore, buying this mattress is still a great investment that can improve your life. You want to be certain that your mattress can be used for a long period. Peradventure the bed has manufacturing issues; you are entitled to a warranty of 10 years. To ensure the durability of the mattress, it is recommended that you also get a mattress protector when buying your mattress.

100-Night Sleep Trial

The manufacturer intends to ensure that you find the mattress pleasing and suitable before dedicating yourself completely to it for lots of years. Resultantly, the mattress comes with a sleep trial of 100 nights so that you can experience what the product feels like. While the trial period is still on, if you feel the product does not satisfy your needs, someone will come from the manufacturer to take away the mattress and your money will be refunded fully.

The Process of Unboxing the Lull Mattress

This mattress comes as a bed-in-a-box product; therefore, the manufacturer will ship it directly to you in a compressed form. The first step to unboxing it is to get the compressed mattress out of its box. If possible, get someone to help you with placing the rolled up mattress on your bed.

With utmost care, the first layers of plastic should be cut away until it is possible for you to lay the compact mattress flat on your bed. Afterward, the last layer of plastic should be cut so that the mattress will spread out. Just get rid of the extra plastic and give your new mattress a chance to breathe and spread out completely.

Delivery Policy

Here is the delivery policy of Lull product:

 Free shipping is available for the clients in the contiguous US; however, extra delivery fees must be paid for shipping to individuals in Hawaii and Alaska.

Currently, the Lull mattress cannot be delivered to anyone that stays outside of the US.

FedEx is in charge of monitoring of the deliveries of Lull mattresses. For the majorities of customers, after they have placed their order, it takes only about one to four working days to get the mattress.

After placing an order, a tracking number will be sent to customers so that they can track the status of their mattress via the FedEx website.

Mattresses will not be delivered to P.O boxes by the manufacturer.

Removal of Old Bed

In some cases, the deliveries of Lull mattress do not involve the removal of the old mattress.

Comparison of Lull Mattress to Other Mattresses

Just like any client will do with any items that they are interested in, our Lull mattress reviews include a comparison of Lull mattress with alternative mattresses from other brands. Whether in terms of cost, composition or firmness, we deem it fit to view how this mattress compares to alternatives. The body of the sleeper is cuddled by dual comfort layers and the pressure points are relieved in the delicate parts of the body. At the same, the mattress is strengthened by a high-density polyfoam foundation which ensures that the sleep surface is comfortable and uniform. With this bed, minimal noise is created while significant motion isolation is experienced. 


  • Considering its price, it is a high-quality product
  • Its motion transfer is minimal
  • It gives off very low gas
  • It reduces motion transfer greatly
  • For customers within the contiguous U.S, it comes with free shipping


  • Its edge support is low
  • A few customers complained that it is too firm


In our Lull mattress reviews, it has been shown that the product is an all-foam mattress which is 10-inch thick and features a comfort layer made with memory foam. As long as feel is concerned, this mattress is rated by our testers as a medium level in terms firmness. It is also believed that the Lull mattress has been designed properly to make sure that sleepers do not experience overheating which is usually a problem with a few memory foam beds.

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