Ever since the introduction of online sales, it has become easier for both new and existing companies to increase the awareness of their products to a broader audience. Perhaps you had tried looking for the perfect pillow online, but eventually, you ended up being distracted by numerous commercials and promotions, which brought you back to square one! And, there are always different readable reviews, as well as detailed claims for products, which assure you that their products are the best choices for you. 

Not being any different, MyPillow company is one outstanding pillow that attracted us at the Sleep Judge in our well-liked pillow comfort research, although you might already be used to scurry past fast advertisements to look for a brand mane which you could trust more. So, we decided to get the Premium Pillow of MyPillow to confirm if it indeed was as good as it claimed to be. Besides, with our personal experiences using it, we think that customers should try it out, as it is one of the best in our list.


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Breakdown of the My Pillow Company

The company was founded by someone who got frustrated by the poor quality of flat pillows and wanted to use the improvement of internet startups for his new idea. Thus, he decided to leverage the internet to venture into the sleep industry and innovate on sleep product, hence his decision to start MyPillow Company. His new business model idea made a perfect sense, and everything worked as planned, Mike Lindell thus founded the trademark, MyPillow construction design. His new company was a solo affair where he singlehandedly handle the sewing and filling his product to the point where his business developed into a manufacturing concern with its own building. MyPillow Company is a success story today with support for overseas troops and affiliation to several charities where his products are donated to places affected by natural disaster. From a humble start in a niche in the sleep industry, MyPillow has expanded with more products including mattresses, various types of pillow and bed covers.

My Pillow Review

Price:  $49.97

General Information

Customer Satisfaction: 53% 

Product Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 5 pounds

The My Pillow Premium Pillow

It's Premium Pillow is a new design to upgrade the initial Classic model now available only in brick and mortar shops. This model has a side panel to help users manage it without restrictions to keep the pillow in tasteful condition. 

Malleability is achieved with the shredded foam filling while you can have proper airflow for cool sleep with its cotton casting. When ordering, make sure to leverage on the company’s color-coded scheme as well as use their online information to choose custom sizing product that is perfect for your need.


•    Lightweight and machine washable

•    Reasonably priced shipping costs

•    Numerous model and firmness options

•    Sleeps reasonably cool


•    Flattens easily

•    Possible smell 

•    F-rating from Better Business Bureau

•    Questionable marketing claims

What Do These Pillows Feel Like?

The uniqueness of My Pillow products can be seen in the different fill level of each pillow and the unique support and feel you will get for each one. The soft and flatness of each pillow depend on the level of fill for that pillow; the less the fill, the softer and flatter it feels! Despite the different feel and support for each pillow, they all have the same thing in common because they contain similar materials.

The pillow’s cotton cover fabric has a soft, light, breezy attribute. This material is not noisy at all when you press or rub it responds with absolute quietness. You can manipulate and fold the polyfoam in the pillow despite not being able to reach inside to correct the loft; you can still shape its things from the outside easily.

With its smooth shape feature, you can achieve even distribution and smoothness when the pillow is pressed, thanks to its quick response to pressure. Necessarily before use, it is recommended to run every pillow through drying machine to get rid of the polyfoam shreds lumpiness to get the proper fluffing. 

The yellow and white pillows are quite soft in feel while you are assured of a medium-firm feel from the blue. There is a slight decrease in the shape-ability while getting an increase in the support as more fill is added. With these in mind, stomach sleepers are better off with the yellow and white pillows as they offer softer and flatter feel. For back and side sleepers, it's best to go for blue or green variety because of their firmness feel.

Although variances may exist in the loft and support, you are not expecting any sink feel typical of memory foam. MyPillow products are quite cushiony and fluffier with reliable support. 

Each of My Pillow’s polyfoam inside is shredded to boost the foldable and fluffable traits. MyPillow guys recommend throwing your pillow in the dryer for about 15 minutes, if it ever gets a bit flat, to restore its fluffiness.

Features & Benefit Claims


There are two sizes available for MyPIllow Premium; these are the Standard-Queen with size 16.6 x 26 inches and the King with size 16.5 x 32 inches. The fact is, these sizes are 4 inches smaller compared to industry gauge, but you may not notice it at all. The design of the casting makes it look bigger as it provides enough room to spread out the filling. 

3 – Piece Interlocking Shredded Polyurethane Foam Filling

The shredded memory foam filling is my favorite for its conformity and shape-ability. I wanted to know the purpose of the shredded poly foam and got completely blown away by the meaning of the phrase - “3 – piece interlocking.”

We found that memory foam is denser than polyfoam; yes I know polyfoam does not conform to the body like memory foam, but they are excellent at contouring and support. Its comparison with the bamboo shredded memory foam pillow instantly shows MyPillow as the lighter guy.

Thus, 3 – piece interlocking explains the three different sizes of foam used for interlocking the product under compression. This means the foam’s smaller pieces fill out the spaces that exist between the larger pieces. This method offers some level of firmness and feather combination feels.

Custom Fit Sizing Guide and Interactive Chart

Comfort wise, pillows are never ‘one size fits all’ product; this is why MyPillow creates different comfort levels for different customers. In practical terms, they created custom-fit sizing and an interactive plan to help various sleepers choose what is best for them. They help customers to determine what they want through their pillow color scheme using four colors codes for comfort level classification. By this arrangement, yellow stands for softest, all through to blue as the firmest, with white and green serving as a combination to determine the level of feel in between for different sleeping positions. The sleeper may choose according to their sleeping area and the level of feel they are most comfortable to use.

Comfort Choices

Coming to a down and feather, the white, soft pillow feels similar with airy and loft feel as they shape to the sleeper’s body. My choice of yellow is exactly my expectation; it’s a slightly heavier pillow because of extra fill it has. However, the pillow is softer and thicker. I guess that as you proceed up the chart selection, the pillow firmness level would increase a bit. The 4-step gradient adapted for pillow feels the level selection is quite impressive since the majority of pillow makers’ have just 2 or 3 comfort options anytime they give you a choice.

100% Cotton Cover

Offering a 100% cotton cover is typical. The cover is well constructed with double stitched seams, and brand name stamped. For pillows, use of cotton is almost industry standard for its excellent airflow quality. The material naturally wicks out skin surface moisture to ensure cooler night. 


Though this product came seriously flat when opened, it bloated considerably fast. Loft describes the height of the pillow upon a flat plane. The white and yellow lofts were about 6 inches after they plumped and rested. The loft is not the proper measure of firmness or how much fill is there in the pillow. From experience, the loft measurements refer to how easy a pillow will plump and offer air flow. As it turns out, if your pillow is plumped with ease, it generally sleeps cooler and doesn’t permanently, easily compress with time.

Also, the pillow has a 2-inch gusset that helps it keep an overall shape as well as provide the room for an even-fill distribution during use. As such, gussets are useful for side sleepers because of thicker height for shoulder and under your neck support. Often, in my experience, they show the quality of a product.

Machine Washable and Dryable

It is essential to know if your pillow is machine washable as this will help to protect your valuable asset in case of an accident, which is bound to happen someday if you live with kids. Of course, foams are not a good candidate of water and not a consideration for washing because they take a long time to dry and in the process of drying, they may become broken. Washing shredded foam pillows offer the same experience and could take 4-times about the time it takes drying clothes; however, when they dry, they plump back nicely.

At the time you are washing this product be sure to balance your load using either heavier materials (e.g., towels) or two pillows. It is essential to go with a higher heat setting when drying and make sure to use to avoid the use of dryer balls, the company urged. Along with keeping this instruction, ensure not to use fabric softener.

10-Year Warranty, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

A 10-year warranty along with 60-day refund policy is incredibly valid. The offer is a 60-day sleep trial to see if you like the product or get a refund; you will, however, take care of shipping cost which I think it’s fair enough. If the product outlives the 60-day trial threshold, you will be left with a solid 10-year warranty covering the product’s manufacturing flaws such as the pillow becoming flat when it fails to re-plump.

My Pillow Complaints

Although My Pillow is an excellent product with a bunch of fun things to enjoy, some sleepers flag some bad sides.

  • Not Sleep-Ready. It is instructed to run the product through 15 minutes drying cycle before use; else it will feel clumpy and flat. This is a definite drawback for buyers who have now drying facility to observe this rule; this goes for sleepers who have a lesser capacity dryer to handle the pillow. And for those who do not have at all, finding such facility or for sleepers wanting to jump in and sleep do see this as a negative side of the product. 
  • Clumpy Fill. For a foldable and fluttable feel of MyPillow is served by the shredded polyfoam. The fact that the shredded material is not latex or memory foam to guarantee resilience, there is the possibility of the pillow become clump and divided. This is because the entire fill can be pushed into a section of the pillow to present some awkward feeling in that part of the product. Empirically speaking, the lower the fill level, the more likely is the clumpy fill. This is why to liven up the pillow; you need to throw it in the dryer often to save it from going lumpy.
  • Heat-Trapping. Since Polyfoam does not qualify as the most breathable pillow material, it can potentially trap heat. Experience wise, lying in any one spot of MyPillow for a longer time will result in slight warmth; you should try some frequent pillow-flipping to prevent heat!


Finding a new pillow for your needs is a tedious exercise that may be disappointing most times. Among hundreds of pillow products in the market, it is our happiness to bring you our reviews of products considered industry top rated that has stood up to the claims of the manufactures, as can be seen in our discussion on My Pillow Premium.

My Pillow Premium is plush and supportive ideal for a variety of sleepers. However you choose to use it (under hips, knees, or your head), the shredded foam feels luxurious and supportive with excellent contouring to the body. Another superb quality of this product is its machine washable design with the assurance that it will continually be plumped for longer years of use.

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