Spend any time on the internet and you’re likely to come across a commercial or two for the Nectar Mattress. Outside of having a strong marketing presence, the company provides the best value for a bed-in-a-box. You’re getting a great deal on a memory foam mattress, likely for much less than it would be elsewhere. 

The mattress comes with the classic look and feel you would expect from memory foam, along with powerful pressure relief. Wondering if you can get comfort and value from the Nectar Mattress? Read through our review of the mattress to find out more. 

Nectar Mattress Review

Price:  $899.00 (For King Size)

General Information

Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 68% 


Item Weight: 88.9 pounds (King Size) 

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


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You should consider getting a Nectar Mattress if: 

You sleep on your side 

The mattress provides incredible pressure relief. When I use it, I feel practically no pressure at all on my hips and shoulders. It’s one of the more comfortable mattresses on the market. 

You sleep on your back

The mattress might be soft, but that didn’t stop it from being supportive when sleeping in my back. Unlike with other mattresses, my hips didn’t sink into it too much and the mattress adapted to the shape of my body. 

You want great value

Given how comfortable the mattress is, not to mention how well put-together it is, I’m surprised by how affordable it is. If you want to find a mattress that offers a lot for a small price tag, then this is the mattress for you. 

You should consider avoiding the Nectar Mattress if: 

You sleep on your stomach

The Nectar is softer than the average mattress, so it might be unable to provide the support you need when sleeping on your stomach. If you are someone who primarily sleeps on their tummy, you should consider getting a mattress with more firmness to it. 

You prefer a firm mattress

No matter how you sleep at night, you may enjoy the feeling that comes with a firm mattress. The Nectar mattress is softer than average, so it wouldn’t be a good fit for someone who wants something firm. 

You don’t like the feel of memory foam

If you are someone that doesn’t want to sink into their mattress, then this might not be a good fit. It doesn’t have much bounce and instead has the slow compression of a memory foam mattress. 

Nectar Mattress Construction

  • The Nectar Mattress is 11 inches tall 
  • The cover of the mattress is soft, made from Tencel fabric, and comes with an inch of gel memory foam quilted in 
  • On top of this is a 3 inch layer of slow-responding gel memory foam 
  • There’s also the 1 inch of foam which works as a transition layer 
  • Underneath all of that is the 6” base layer 
  • The foams used to make the mattress are CertiPUR-US Certified, and the cover is made from OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 Certified materials; giving you an eco-friendly choice in mattresses. 

The mattress comes in a range of sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The cover adds gives the mattress another layer of pressure relief and adds some softness, while the memory foam works to spread and eliminate heat. The base layer itself is made to be breathable enough to keep you cool during a hot night and warm during a cold one. 

The memory foam reacts to pressure slowly. It’s going to give you the quicksand feeling that you might expect from memory foam. The base layer has a higher density than you would normally get with a memory foam mattress though. That adds a layer of support and durability to the Nectar mattress. 

If you put together the memory foam, quilted cover, and transition layer you’ve got a relatively thick comfort layer. This mattress is a good choice for people who sleep on their sides. While that top layer is soft, the transition layer prevents you from sinking into the mattress too much and getting “stuck”. 

The Nectar Mattress provides a comfortable foam bed that supports sleepers while relieving pressure. This is made possible through the four different foam layers that come together to cradle sleepers in complete comfort. 

The first of these layers is a thin quilted memory foam layer. Given that the foam is quilted and porous, it offers great air circulation that stops you from getting overheated. It contours around the body well and is the first aspect of the bed that gives the Nectar the pressure relieving properties users have come to love. 

Under this is a thicker layer of gel memory foam. This layer is infused with temperature-regulation gel that works to keep your body cool. As the above layer eliminates heat through natural aeration, this layer collects body heat and dissipates it across the mattress as a whole. Even more important is the extra pressure relief this layer provides. It will respond slowly to your bodyweight, but does distribute it evenly across the whole mattress. 

Next comes the layer of adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam. This layer will adapt to your bodyweight and respond to it by rebounding and offering support where you need it. This gives the bed some bounce and stops you from sinking down too far into it. 

Finally comes the foundational layer made from dense foam. This layer holds the bed together and gives your Nectar Mattress stability, while improving the airflow of the mattress. Essentially, this layer keeps your back aligned and keeps you cool all at once. Because of how the different layers interact with one another, the Nectar Mattress will feel great for most sleepers. The upper layer of the mattress responds to the shape of your body instantly when you lay down, while the below layers support your body and relieve pressure. The subtle balance between the layers ensures you fall asleep faster and sleep through the night. 

The bed comes wrapped up in a soft breathable cover. The cover helps to regulate the temperature of the mattress and is resistant to pests such as bed bugs. 


As far as firmness goes, the Nectar comes in at 6-6.5/10, where 10 is the firmest. This means the mattress is in the medium range and should be a good fit for a range of different sleeping preferences and needs. 

Something you’ll notice right away about the Nectar is how soft and plush the quilted cover is while still offering a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam. When you lay down on the bed, you’ll feel your body sink down into the upper layers like the bed is giving you a big hug. The comfort layers respond to your body slowly, unlike the base layers which respond much faster. 

The bottom layers have a firmness to them, and Nectar have done a great job of providing comfortable pressure relief with plenty of support. It’s also worth noting that even the lighter parts of your body will sink into the mattress comfortably, providing a uniform comfortable feeling to lying down. While some mattresses that cradle your body might hold on to heat, the cooling features built into this mattress – such as the breathable cover and gel memory foam – mean you don’t sleep too hot. 

There’s not much bounce here, which is to be expected from memory foam. While the foam provides a deep hug and responds slowly, you shouldn’t feel like you’re being trapped by it. That is great if you are someone who sleeps on both your back and side, or rotate between different sleeping positions during the night, or just enjoy being able to comfortably reposition yourself. 

All in all, the balance between firmness and pressure relief that the mattress offers should suit a variety of different preferences and needs that sleepers have. 

Back sleepers are sure to appreciate how the bed contours around their lumbar region and supports it, while the high-density foam keeps their spine aligned. 

Side sleepers can benefit from the pressure relief the mattress offers. Side sleepers tend to feel some stress from their weight being concentrated to a smaller surface area. This mattress provides comfortable relief from that stress. 

Stomach sleepers are sure to notice how the bed cradles their hips while preventing them from sliding too deep into the mattress, which is a common source of back pain for stomach sleepers without proper support. With that said, heavier people should consider a thinner mattress to ensure they get the support they need. 

Motion Isolation

Memory foam mattresses typically do a good job of cutting down on motion transfer. Given that the Nectar has a top layer of memory foam, we weren’t surprised by how good the motion isolation is here. 

When we tested it, we found the glass was barely disturbed at all as our testers rolled around the mattress and pressed into it. We also had two people move around on it at the same time, and they barely felt much motion from each other. This could be a great mattress for couples to share. 

Edge Support

While the memory foam mattress does collapse near the edges, you shouldn’t feel like you’re about to fall off of it. You also won’t feel like you’re about to roll off the bed or get ejected from it while lying down. The edge support is pretty good for a mattress made from all foam. 

Advanced Temperature Control Technology

Something the mattress is able to do better than the traditional memory foam mattress is temperature control. The mattress has a breathable cover that keeps it cool naturally, but the underlayers of the mattress are also designed for efficient heat dissipation. 

The mattress has two layers of gel foam, both of which disperse body heat through thermoregulating gel that keeps you cool during the night. The layers underneath this are fully breathable and improve airflow to prevent heat from building up during the night. 

As the mattress doesn’t sag much, it’s far less likely than another memory foam bed to trap heat. Most people who use the Nectar Mattress find its great for preventing nighttime sweating. 

A Responsive, Comfortable Bed for Couples 

Anyone that wants some springiness in their mattress to have a little fun in bed should consider getting the Nectar Mattress. 

One of the most common negatives of memory foam is that it can be static. Foam beds may be stable, but this stability comes at the cost of springiness. Unlike a traditional memory foam mattress, the Nectar offers some good rebound. It provides the stability and silence that you would expect to get with memory foam but also comes with a responsive layer of Adaptive Hi Core foam. 

The Hi Core layer makes the bed bouncier and gives it great recovery. It also stops you from becoming “stuck” in a particular part of the mattress. You can freely move around the mattress without being hindered by the top layers. 

Something else worth considering is the edge support of the bed. The Nectar does well here. While there might be some compression when sitting on the extra edge, there’s no need to worry about rolling off when getting intimate with your partner. The bed is above average compared to most other memory foam mattresses in terms of edge support. It might actually be sturdier along the side than an innerspring bed. 

Longest Warranty Period in the Industry

As well as having one of the longest trial periods in the industry, the Nectar has an impressive warranty. It’s pretty much forever. If your mattress has any kind of manufacturer defect you could have it repaired or replaced at no cost to you. Nectar even cover the shipping costs. 

Outside of the generous warranty, there’s also the “Choice Option” for people who have kept teir mattress for over 10 years. This program means that instead of having your mattress repaired/replaced, you could just buy a new mattress at half price. Given that you’re still able to keep your old mattress, this is a great choice for people who want to have an older fully functioning bed in their guest room, while giving themselves a new mattress in their own bedroom. 

In terms of build quality, you can expect a premium bed. The mattress is made from all of the best possible materials, but it remains affordable as Nectar deals with you directly with no middlemen. Much like the long trial period and warranty imply, the bed is strong and durable. It’s also made from completely safe materials. 

The bed is made without the use of unsafe fire-retardants, ozone-depleting chemicals, or heavy metals. The mattress is fully CertiPUR-US certified free from toxic materials or materials that damage the environment. 

Pain Relief and Supportive Firmness of the Nectar Mattress

The majority of people who sleep on a Nectar are very satisfied. Less than 3% of all customers actually end up returning their mattress. The website is also packed full of rave reviews about the mattress. Here are some of the highlights of what customers have to say: 

  • The Nectar is perfectly balanced. It’s soft while still being firm enough for most sleepers. 
  • It relieves back pain from the very first use 
  • It does a great job of isolating motion, so there’s no need for couples to worry about disturbing one another 
  • Even people who get worn out by doing sports and other activities can expect to get a good nights’ sleep and wake up pain free in the morning. 
  • Customers agree that the mattress feels like sleeping on a cloud. 
  • The warranty for the mattress doesn’t require a box spring, and it works on a wide range of platforms. 
  • Nectar customer service is personalized and competent
  • Customers get total peace of mind with the long trial period
  • Some customers say that their chiropractor recommended the mattress to them 

All in all, customers are excited to try out their new mattress and most of them find that it offers great value for money. 

What Makes the Nectar Mattress Stand Out

  • It provides impressive pressure relief for side sleepers. The Nectar is softer than an average mattress and has a thick comfort layer. Side sleepers can expect to feel little pressure on their hips and shoulders from this mattress. 
  • Back sleepers can expect a lot of support from the mattress. The mattress may be softer than the average mattress, but it should still properly support back sleepers. The foam of the mattress pushes into the lumbar to keep your spine aligned. 
  • The mattress can help to keep you cool at night. The cover, much like the foam layers, is designed to properly dissipate heat. There’s no risk of overheating with the Nectar Mattress. 
  • The mattress provides great value. Considering the high quality materials that went into making it and the comfort levels of the mattress, this is one great value, affordable mattress. 

How Does the Nectar Compare to Other Beds?

With all of the different direct-to-consumer mattresses available, it’s worth knowing how the Nectar stacks up to other mattresses of a similar type and price. That’s why we tested the Nectar against other mattresses to compare and contrast them. 

The Nectar is more affordable than other mattresses that provide this level of quality. We prefer the price point of the Nectar compared to the most well-known competition it has in the Casper, Leesa, and Tuft and Needle. 


The Nectar is an affordable and comfortable mattress. People who sleep on their side and back, and fans of the classic memory foam feel are sure to enjoy what this mattress brings to the table. 

That said, it might be a little too soft for stomach sleepers. If you prefer a more balanced feel to your foam, then you shouldn’t expect to get it from this mattress. 

The Nectar offers a One Year Sleep Trial and a Forever Warranty. There are also financing options available, and a Nectar Frame and Foundation. 

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