Novaform is a mattress brand under Innocor, and it can be purchased from every Costco warehouse location. Innocor is a well-known memory foam manufacturer and one of its products, Novaform mattress brand has impeccable details and impressive layering technology and innovation. Some of the products under the Novaform umbrella include the Deluxe Comfort, Bella-Venta, Comfort Grande and FlexTech Firm. They also offer some soft offerings in their lineup which include the Grande Elegance and Alta Bella as well as medium soft offerings in Serafina Pearl and Valentina.

The differences in all these product models are the blends of foam used in each of them and how they are arranged for comfort. The softer models have an extra comfort layer more than the firmer models. Novaform’s mattress come in a height range of 12 to 15 inches for the softer models although some people have said that they are too firm for people who love soft mattresses.

Looking for a mattress to buy? Since you are here, find out if any of the options they are offering will work for you.


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Innocor Comfort sells its memory foam mattresses using the brand name Novaform, and in its current lineup, there are six (6) different mattress models. Let us check them out below;

The Altabella Mattress

This mattress has three main components in addition to the comfort system that it features. The three components include a standard memory foam as its top layer, a gel memory foam in the middle, and a polyfoam base layer. The support core is made using a highly dense polyfoam, and the mattress has a cover made from a four-way stretch fabric blend.

The Novaform Plush

This is a mattress that has memory foam in its comfort layer and another layer of polyfoam. Its support core contains a highly dense polyfoam, and it comes with a quilted cover.

The Serafina Pearl

This mattress model features a comfort system alongside a gel-infused memory foam in its top layer. Its bottom layer is made from convoluted polyfoam. It has a support core made from highly dense polyfoam, and the entire mattress has a quilted cover around it.when you purchase this model, it comes in a mattress bundle along with an adjustable base.

The Bella Venta

This model has a gel memory foam in its top layer, which features a comfort system along with convoluted polyfoam in its bottom layer. The support core is made using polyfoam that has a high density.

The Comfort Grande

This model features gel memory foam in its top layer, which has a comfort system included and a bottom layer made of convoluted polyfoam. Its support core is constructed using polyfoam of high density.

The Novaform Firm

This mattress model features a polyfoam top layer and memory foam bottom layer. A highly dense polyfoam is used in its support core.

NOTE: You may find the Deluxe Comfort mattress model on Novaform’s website, but you may not find it on Do not be confused as to why this is so. This model may have been discontinued.


  • Novaform mattresses are available in different models with different firmness ratings to suit the varying sleeping preferences of the customers.
  • Novaform mattresses are long-lasting, have excellent motion isolation, are capable of pressure relief, and do not make any noise.
  • Novaform mattresses are affordable and cost less than the average memory foam mattress. Also, all Novaform mattresses have a warranty of 20 years, which by comparison is more than the average warranty coverage that other mattress manufacturers offer.
  • Costco, which is the main seller of Novaform mattresses, offers full refund for any mattresses returned as long as after evaluation, the condition of the mattress is not compromised.


  • Some customers who bought the Novaform mattress have complained that the mattress has poor edge support, is difficult to move and handle, and that it retains heat.


You can get Novaform mattress in five sizes, which include Twin, Full, King, Queen, and California King. You should also know that some sizes may not be available for some sizes. The model and size of a Novaform mattress also determine its price. Novaform does not reveal where it manufactures its mattresses, but it makes all its mattress foams in the United States.

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 71

This rating was calculated from seven sources using 726 customer experiences.

Amazon Rating: You can buy the Serafina Pearl Mattresses and The Comfort Grande on where they both have a combined rating of 3.8 from customers who have purchased the mattresses. At the moment, the other Novaform models are not listed for sale on

Better Business Bureau: Thus far, the Novaform brand or its parent company, Innocor Comfort do not have any ratings on Better Business Bureau.


Over the years as mattresses have evolved, research has shown that the best kind of mattress that suits many people is memory foam mattress. This is because of its ability to contour and conform to the shape of the body without the problem of being unable to position the body.

Novaform Mattresses are made using memory foam, and this is why each of their models suit a large majority of users. The company also makes use of gel memory foam to deliver an advanced coolness in its mattresses to suit every weather. Nova’s mattress lineup comes is flexible as each of the models come in different styles to cater to users who have varying preferences.


A good mattress should be well-ventilated and highly breathable to prevent heat retention and night sweats. Breathability also helps prevent smell in the mattress and helps make sure the users sleep in a fresh and cool environment.

Novaform uses a variety of technologies to implement good ventilation into their mattresses so that they do not feel muggy or stuffy every time they sleep and wake up on the mattress.


How does Novaform ship its mattresses? The mattresses are compressed and rolled into a box and shipped to the buyer’s address.

Which destinations do the mattresses ship to? Novaform mattresses can be shipped to anywhere in the United States to include Hawaii and Alaska.

What is the cost of delivery? For standard shipping to locations in the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii, delivery is free.

Delivery Policy: Customers can purchase Novaform mattresses exclusively from select authorized third-party retailers online and some physical stores. Therefore, before purchase, customers should read the delivery policy of the retailer that they plan to patronize.

Removal of Old Mattress: This service is not available with Novaform. Customers should consult with the retailer selling their Novaform mattress model to know about removal of old mattress.

Availability of Novaform mattresses: is the primary seller of Novaform mattresses. Novaform mattresses are not available on Novaform’s website, and the company does not have a brick and mortar store either.


At the moment, there is no sleep trial offer for Novaform mattresses but should a customer have any reason to return a mattress, Costco accepts returns and gives full refund on any mattress bought from any of the authorized third-party online sellers or store. Customers can take their mattress and drop it at a physical store location or arrange for the return of the mattress with the online retailer. You should also know that before customers can buy anything from Costco, an annual membership fee is required for all customers, which is between $60 and $120.


For every Novaform mattress that you buy, you enjoy a limited warranty of 20 years. This is a totally non-prorated warranty that starts from the date of purchase. Through the duration of the warranty, Innocor will repair or replace any mattress that is defective from its customers.

If a defective mattress is no longer on sale or has been discontinued, Innocor Comfort will replace that mattress with a substitute with similar features. All the costs of transportation associated with returning and receiving a replacement model will be borne by the customer.

Novaform mattresses are designed to be used with specific foundational support such as box spring, platform bed, or slatted frame with horizontal support. Using the mattress with another type of foundational support will void the warranty.

Below is the defect that the warranty covers:

  • Any form of indentation or sagging that is visible on the sleep surface and has a depth of one and a half inches or more.

Below are the defects that the warranty WILL NOT cover:

  • Increased softness associated with using the mattress which does not affect the mattress’ ability to relieve pressure or any indentation or sagging that is visible but does not measure up to one and a half inches. These are considered to be normal wear and tear that comes with sleeping on the mattress.
  • Requests associated with changes in sleep preferences.
  • Physical damage such as cuts, burns, stains, and tears arising from improper handling, misuse, or using the wrong foundational support.
  • This warranty is available exclusively to original owners who bought their mattress from an authorized seller. The warranty is not transferrable in case the mattress is given out or sold. It is also not available for those who purchased their mattress from an unauthorized retailer.


70% of customers left positive feedback on their experience with Novaform’s customer service team. The feedback is irrespective of their experience with the mattress.

BBB Rating: Presently, both Novaform and Innocor Comfort do not have any ratings on Better Business Bureau.

History of the Company: The company was established in 1996, and it was sold to Bain Capital Private Equity in 2017.

Physical Stores: Novafoam does not operate any physical stores anywhere currently.

Contact Number: 1 888 999 0499 (Phone line is open from Monday to Friday between 9:30 am and 6 pm EST).


Novaform offers a variety of mattress models to its customers. Each Novamodel mattress is built to deliver unique features to provide the support and comfort that the user needs. Some of them are expensive, while the others are affordable. They also come in a variety of firmness levels depending on your personal preference.

Novaform mattress is also the best option for you since it has extended warranty coverage for the next twenty years. Protection Status 


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