Purple is a brand with two mattresses that are not the same as the standard beds that you can get online or in any brick-and-mortar store. These two mattresses are the Purple Mattress and the New Purple. Smart Grid, which is a patented buckling column gel, is incorporated into the comfort layer. This offers the mattress a special feel that alleviates pressure and makes the bed awesome for your night rest.


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Purple Mattress

Price:  Check on Amazon (Queen Size)

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 68% 


The initial product of this company is the Purple Mattress. This mattress has a blend of the elastic polyester which is strengthened with buckling column gel over two layers of polymers. Since this product has a firmness rating of Medium Firm (6.5), it is preferred by many consumers. The Purple Mattress forms greatly around the sensitive areas of your body like the mid-back and shoulders. Generally, our expectation is that this product will last for a minimum of 7 years.

The New Purple Mattress

Price:  Check on Amazon (Queen Size)

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 70% 

Avaliable Sizes: TWIN XL/FULL/QUEEN

The other product is a hybrid mattress known as the New Purple mattress, and it is definitely our topmost choice. Like the first product, the Smart Grid technology is utilized in the comfort zone at the top of this hybrid bed. There are three thickness levels for this mattress – 11 inches, 12 inches, and 13 inches. Also, the firmness levels are in three ranges – Medium Soft (4.5), Medium (5.5), and Medium Firm (6.5). The model you choose will determine the specifications of the bed.

In general, from the experiences of the consumers and our Purple Mattress review and testing, the New Purple is a high-quality product. Just as described below, it has been given many accolades by our experts. Similarly, the Purple original is exceptional, particularly when you consider its price.

Advantages And Disadvantages of The Purple Mattresses


  • They are extremely cool (the New Purple is particularly temperature neutral)
  • Two separate mattresses to satisfy the choices of the consumers
  • Several options for firmness and thickness
  • They work well for alleviating pain, conforming, and relieving pressure
  • They sleep excellently cool
  • They are exceptionally good at motion isolation
  • The company ships for free in the Contiguous USA


  • Somehow bulky and hard to transport
  • Edge support is just okay (for the original Purple)
  • The New Purple mattress is quite costly
  • Moving in and out of bed may be difficult due to the low profile of Purple mattress

Overview of the Brand

Established in 2016, the founders of Purple are brothers named Tony and Terry Pearce. Their aim was to change the manner of making and selling mattresses. Although changes of other competitors have conventionally depended on altering the pre-existing bed materials such as pocketed coils, memory foam and latex, the brothers did not follow the old pattern. Rather, they offered new technology - Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™. These brothers first developed this new material in the 90s.

It is possible that you have seen this illuminating, purple grid in lots of advertisements of Purple, which show the ability of the mattresses to alleviate pressure, stretch, and bounce. This Purple mattress review will show more about the specifications of the grid later; however, we can say that this legendary material is the main reason for the existence of this brand.

Later in our Purple mattress review, the Purple will be compared to a few of its major competitions such as Nectar and Casper, which are all-foam mattresses that most consumers love. Then, the Original Purple will be compared to other Purple’s beds such as the Purples 2, 3, and 4.

However, before talking about all these, it is time we focused again on the Purple which is the rave of the moment.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

Purple is known as a 9.5” tall bed that features a gel-like top along with a foam base. This product is shipped to the consumers in a compressed and folded form in a bag. The convenient handles of the package ensure that you can take the mattress to your choicest room with ease.

Virtually all types of foundations work well with this bed. Nevertheless, you can visit Purple’s website to buy their Platform Base and adjustable PowerBase.

There is some padding in the White knit cover which is a combination of Lycra, polyester, and viscose. The awesome construction of this product makes it capable of withstanding pulling and tugging. Although this cover cannot be washed with the machine, you can remove it for spot cleaning, if needed.

The comfort and support layers of the Purple feature three different layers.

Comfort layer: The component of this layer is 2 inches of the Hyper-elastic Polymer Smart Comfort grid which we have talked about before. Although it is a stringy material that responds quickly when under pressure, the design of the different polymer squares allows them to collapse once your weight is placed on them; therefore, offering you a quasi-contouring sensation. Resultantly, you experience a kind of fascinating interaction between support and pressure relief so that you get a comforting experience without having any stuck-in-the-bed encounter. It is worthwhile to note that the material is somehow “temperature neutral”, due to the open-grid design that facilitates lots of airflows to make them breathable and cool.

Transition layer: Under the comfort layer is 3.5 inches of poly foam that promotes the movement of the sleeper from the topmost comfort layer to the foundation beneath. The “on top of the bed” experience of this bed comes majorly from the firmness at the transition layer. This shows that the mattress can be suitable for combo sleepers who would shift regularly and switch their sleeping styles during the night rest.

Base layer: Last, we have the foundation of the bed that is made with 4 inches of high-density poly foam. It is a firm layer that serves as the bed’s fundamental support and determines the shape and structure of the mattress.

Firmness (Feel and Support)

Purple has a one-of-a-kind feel. The weight and sleeping position of the individual on the bed determine the feel of the firmness level to an extent. Nevertheless, on our firmness rating, this bed is 6 out of 10, with the firmest level regarded as 10. Resultantly, the Purple comes with a medium firmness range, and this range is known to be multipurpose as it suits the needs of many individuals.

For the cover, it is breathable and soft when touched. When forces are exerted on the bed, its most notable feature is the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid. When you push deeper into the mattress, the foam layers will be revealed.

Once you are on the bed, the materials calmly form around the body. Nonetheless, the position determines the cradling. In comparison to stomach and side sleepers, side sleepers will likely sink deeper into the bed due to the interplay between the gel-like grid and pressure points.

Unlike memory foam that responds slowly, the response of this mattress is very fast when it is pressed down and released. Its top layer has a bounce and repositioning occurs with ease.

Due to the effects of the top layer of Purple, various kinds of sleep positions are greatly possible. The fabric buckles or releases in the bulkier parts. Other parts that do not require pressure relief are uniformly supported by the column structure.

It is also possible for back sleepers to experience uniform distribution for their weight as well as excellent support for their lumbar area. There is a collapse of the polymer grip when the weight of the hips is exerted on it; thereby, ensuring that pressure is redistributed while the spinal alignment is maintained.

There will be no disturbing curvature on the backs of individuals who normally sleep on their backs. Rather than sinking deep into the mattress, there is enough support for the hips with the neutral alignment of the spine.

Those who experience the biggest benefits of the ability of the grid to release and spread pressure to different cells are the people who sleep on their side. Their shoulders and hips particularly experience this since these parts possess the most weight in compact regions.

Side sleepers who are extremely heavier may consider using the trial period of 100 nights of this product. This will help them know if the pressure relief takes care of their extra needs.

Also, lighter-than-average sleepers may think this bed is firmer due to their lack of sufficient weight to exert force on the polymer grip and balance the pressure. Nevertheless, the majority of body weights and types will get great sleep in the night when using the Purple.

Motion Transfer

There can be some controversies over the feel of the Original purple bed. While many people cherish the feel, others believe it is quite odd. Hence, it is the first challenge that partners must deal with. In case it is too weird for one of the partners, it is advisable for you to check out our list of the best bed for couples.

However, if the feel is awesome for the partners, then let’s take a look at the edge support and motion isolation, which are known as two essential factors that couples must consider.

Foremost, we should talk about the good news. Amazingly, the Original Purpose performs excellently when it comes to reducing motion transfer. Although the responsiveness and kind of bouncy of the polymer layer may make you doubt it, the mattress did well in our tests.

Excellent motion isolation shows that the movement of a partner will not disrupt the sleep of the other. When you are not disturbed and bumped into getting up often, your sleep will be more restful. As a drawback, the Original Purple has average edge support. When you roll to the perimeter of the mattress, some forms of compression and roll-over feel will be observed. The coil Purple mattresses even have better edge support. Therefore, in case you sleep along with someone who desires to stay in the middle of the mattress or you are averted to snuggling, consider a bit larger size so that you and your bedmate have more important surface area for comfy sleep.

It is also worthwhile for you to note that the Purple enhances its coil bed products in this particular area. Dense foam side rails are utilized for the Purple 2, 3, and 4 to enhance the support for the perimeter of the mattress.

Edge support

In general, edge support is most suitable inside innerspring beds and the mattresses that have reinforced edges. Bed-in-a-box products usually have more compression.

You should be aware of two kinds of edge support. The first type is when you are sitting and the second type is when you are sleeping on the edge.

Expectedly, it is possible for you to observe compression when you are sitting on the edge. When you are lying on the edge, it is also possible for you to notice compression; however, this compression should never seem as if you are about to roll out of the mattress. In other words, you should still feel comfy and supported.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Trial period: a risk-free trial period of 100 nights
  • Warranty: limited warranty of 10 years
  • Shipping: the products are shipped to the 48 contiguous states for free. If you are shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, you need to pay an extra fee.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified: the foam used for this mattress satisfies the standards for the minimum threshold concerning toxic chemicals and off-gassing. No ozone depleters are used for this product.
  • It can be used with adjustable foundations
  • US-made product

You might consider choosing the Purple if:

  • You use different sleeping positions. The design of the gel allows it to collapse when pressure is exerted on it while providing you with support. When you are lying on your stomach or back, this product offers enough support. When lying on your side, the gel ensures that the pressure around your shoulders is alleviated.
  • You are a hot sleeper. With the aid of the gel grid, a large amount of airflow is guaranteed. Generally, its temperature is neutral; therefore, if you have no concerns about overheating, this product could fit your needs.
  • You need a long-lasting bed. The gel layer and other layers are made to be durable. In case you need a bed that you can use for a long time, the Purple might be a great option to consider.

You might not consider choosing the Purple if:

  • You are light in weight and sleep on your side. If you would like to enjoy the real pressure relief on this bed, enough pressure must be exerted to ensure the collapse of the gel layer. In case you are light in weight, this layer may not be activated. This mattress may seem firmer without relieving the pressure on your shoulders sufficiently.
  • You do not need a bed with a one-of-a-kind feeling. The gel inside this product is different from the comfort layer that is inside any other beds. This squishy mattress may require some periods before you are accustomed to it. Although I enjoy this feeling, you may need some periods before getting accustomed to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the weights of Purple mattresses?

The weight of the Original Purple beds starts from 70 lbs for a twin-sized mattress to 140 lbs for a California king size.

What is the base or frame that should be utilized along with the Original Purple mattress?

Platforms, adjustable foundations, slatted frames and other types of foundations are suitable for the Original Purple bed. However, according to the maker, you should avoid using a box spring with your mattress.

In which country are Purple mattresses made?

Purple mattresses are all US-made.

Is there shipping of the Purple bed to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada?

Yes, Purple ships to these places; however, you need to pay an extra fee. The extra fee is determined after checkout.

Are the foams utilized by Purple safe?

Yes, only CertiPUR-US certified foams are used. In other words, no flame retardants, formaldehyde, ozone depleters or heavy metals are used for making this product.


Purple has always utilized the science-driven technique to design their mattresses; hence, they are renowned as a unique brand to users.

Sufficient support and pressure relief are provided by Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid so that the bed can be suitable for various people. The product is made with grid-like design and temperature-neutral fabric so that sleepers are kept cool throughout the night.

Looking at our Purple mattress review, you will notice that Purple’s queen model can be compared to other mattresses that sell for $4,000. Consequently, it is cost-saving for individuals who would like to get a premium mattress without breaking the bank.

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