For many years, Restonic has excelled in the area of making sleeping cushions, and throughout this period, it has focused on providing quality sleeping cushions to its customers. Regardless of the disruption that online mattress sales have brought into the mattress industry over the last few years, Restonic customers have chosen to stick to the brand and continue to enjoy the brand's offerings.

On a general note, Restonic produces mattress of excellent quality using the best materials that justify its price. Although some users reported that they had problems with the strength and lifespan of their Restonic mattress; thus, you might want to ensure that you choose the most appropriate mattress for your body type. If you have decided that you are buying a Restonic mattress, you should know all there is about the brand so you can know how to choose the model that suits you perfectly.


If you are planning towards purchasing a new mattress, you might get overwhelmed with the deluge of brands and models in the market presently. You will find a lot of bedding suppliers targeting customers like you who are looking to buy a new mattress. Instead of burning your money on buying several poor quality mattresses, you can simply up your budget a little and get a premium luxury mattress. In today's market, you will find a lot of luxury mattresses that you can get for yourself, unlike before, when all you would ever find was just a handful of luxury mattress models.

Restonic is one of the most reputable and best brands making positive waves in the industry today. The brand offers an extensive collection of mattresses that provide a quality way higher than what some of the bigger brands in the industry offer.

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Restonic offers memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid mattresses. The brand has six exclusive collections right now.

The ComfortCare Model collection 

This consists of innerspring mattresses made using gel memory foam for its comfort layer, pocketed coils encased in foam for its support core and a base layer made from high-density polyurethane. The ComfortCare model has four firmness level ratings from which you can choose the one that suits your preference. These firmness ratings include Cushion Firm, Pillow top, Euro Top, and Firm.

The ComfortCare Limited Collection 

This also has innerspring mattress models, but the comfort layer is a combination of gel memory foam and graphite latex in its top layer. Some models also have a microcoil layer in the comfort system. The support core features pocketed coils wrapped in foam and a base made of highly dense polyfoam. This collection also comes with a hand-tufted mattress cover made from silk and wool. There are four designs of the ComfortCare Limited Models which all have different firmness levels, and they are Ultra-Plush Boxtop, Micro-Coil Boxtop, Firm Euro top, and Cushion Boxtop.

The ComfortCare Hybrid Signature collection 

This collection has mattresses that have double-layered gel memory foam in their comfort system. In the support core, there are pocketed coils encased in foam alongside a highly dense polyfoam base. This collection has six designs with varying firmness ratings, which include Pillow Top Quilted, Euro Top Quilted, Firm Non-Quilted, Firm Quilted, and Plush Non-Quilted and Plush Quilted.

The HealthRest TempaGel Collection 

This collection is made up of mattresses made from memory foam which feature two gel memory foam layers in the comfort layer. The support core of the HealthRest TempaGel Collection is made using polyfoam that has a high density.

The HealthRest Latex Collection

This mattress collection features mattresses that have a comfort system with a latex layer and a support core made from a highly dense polyfoam.

The Brio Collection

The mattresses in this collection have their comfort layer made from a combination of gel memory foam and latex foam. It also has a highly dense polyfoam in its support core.


  1. Customers can purchase their Restonic mattresses from authorized online retailers or from select brick-and-mortar stores in the country.
  2. Restonic innerspring and hybrid mattresses have a variety of firmness levels to offer some flexibility to sleepers with varying preferences.
  3. Restonic innerspring and hybrid mattresses have strong edge support, responsive for rigorous activities like sex, and they stay cool through the night.
  4. Restonic latex and memory foam mattresses have the contouring ability that makes them conform to the shape of the body and thereby reduces pressure points, have considerable motion isolation, and makes little noise.
  5. Restonic mattresses are available in different sizes.


  1. Many users complained that the motion isolation feature is below average and the mattresses are not durable enough to last very long.
  2. The most common complaint that customers had about the hybrid mattress and memory foam is that they retain heat and offer little edge support.
  3. Restonic also does not put out enough information about the mattresses they have in the market, such as product specifications, warranty, sizes available, and prices. This might make things difficult for customers who want to compare prices and some other details before purchasing.


Only three mattress collections are listed on Restonic's website, which are ComfortCare, Biltmore, and the popular Scott Living. Before we give our recommendations on these top picks, here is an overview of each collection.

Scott Living Mattress

This collection was created in conjunction with Jonathan and Drew Scott, the celebrity interior designers, and contractors. They are best known for their home renovation shows on HGTV. Using their personal style and focusing on creating a product that delivers a comfortable and refreshing sleep to users, Restonic created the Scott Living Mattress Collection.

This mattress collection has a memory foam variant, latex variant, and microcoil variant. These mattresses boast of excellent cooling features and are made from some of the finest materials according to claims made by the company. Restonic does not disclose to the public how much these mattresses cost and their firmness level.

Biltmore Mattress Collection

This collection features a brilliant show of opulence, luxury, and attention to details as evident in Biltmore Luxury hotel. This mattress collection features mattresses with memory foam, latex, microcoil, and hybrid designs. The Biltmore collection also has some of these features that the Scott Living Collection has, which includes the infusion of aluminum into the foams. Again, we do not have any idea of how much this mattress costs and the levels of firmness that uses can choose from.

ComfortCare Mattress Collection

This collection features four different types of hybrid mattresses which are constructed using individually wrapped coils and highly dense memory foam infused with gel to make a mattress with excellent motion isolation and adequate support.

The four mattress options in this collection include

  • ComfortCare Euro Top: This has a smooth top, delivers an above average pressure relief and cushioning.
  • ComfortCare Cushion Firm: This is designed to deliver excellent support that entails conforming to the shape of the body so that the body can be in proper alignment through the night.
  • Firm: This is a pretty firm mattress suitable for stomach and back sleepers.
  • Pillow Top: This comes with an extra luxury foam top to make the mattress more comfortable and deliver relief to the pressure points in the body.

The Biltmore collection and Scott Living collection have quite a lot of similarities as they have the same details for all their variants on Restonic's website. This is why we have paired them together in this review.


In our opinion, the best mattress in the entire Restonic mattress lineup is the ComfortCare Collection with the Euro Top model trumping the three other models in the collection. From durability to stability and comfort, this seems like the perfect mattress for just about everyone.

The features we liked in the ComfortCare Euro Top Model.

  • This mattress comes with additional cushioning to relieve the pressure points in the body.
  • It comes with the patented Marvelous Middle®, which helps to distribute the weight of the body better and supports the lumbar vertebra.
  • It features wrapped coils to achieve excellent motion isolation.
  • It features Airflow™ border so that air can flow through the mattress more easily.
  • It features Superedge Plus®, which keeps the mattress stable and ensures that it lasts long.
  • It features Tempagel® memory foam infused with gel to ensure that the mattress keeps the user cool throughout the night.

The things we did not like in the ComfortCare Euro Top Model

  • Restonic does not disclose the firmness rating of this mattress on its website.

Important Features of the ComfortCare Euro Top Model

  1. A Euro top layer on the mattress to provide relief to the pressure points of the body and make you sleep more comfortably.
  2. The Patented Restonic Marvelous Middle® that makes sure the mattress gets added support of up to 25 percent in the center so that pressure can be distributed more evenly. It also helps make the mattress last longer and provides adequate lumbar support.
  3. Presence of individually wrapped coils to make sure motion is well-isolated across the mattress.
  4. It features the trademarked Airflow™ border which helps keep air flowing through the mattress to keep you cool while you sleep on it.
  5. It has the Superedge Plus® foam placed around the edges so that it can have much-improved edge support and overall durability of the mattress.
  6. It has reinforced support to keep the mattress stable.
  7. Tempagel® memory foam infused with gel is used in this mattress, and it is this foam that is responsible for the contouring and ability to conform to the body. It is also responsible for drawing heat away from the body while you sleep.

ComfortCare Euro Top mattress has quite some premium features, and its design is aimed towards providing support, comfort, and durability. If you need a mattress that can serve you in a variety of capacities while adapting to your sleeping preferences, the ComfortCare Euro Top model is our top recommendation.

If you want something similar to this that you can purchase online and have it shipped to your home, the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is another mattress in the collection that has the same features and delivers similar functions.


To get a luxurious feel out of your mattress, the ComfortCare Pillow Top mattress is a great option. Let's see some of its features below:

The things we liked in the ComfortCare Pillow Top Mattress

  • It offers a comfortable, plush, and luxurious surface for sleeping.
  • It features the Patented Marvelous Middle® which helps with the even distribution of weight across the mattress and is responsible for the support that the mattress gives the lumbar vertebrae.
  • It has individually wrapped coils to achieve excellent motion isolation.
  • It features Airflow™ border to keep air circulation in the mattress effective.
  • Superedge Plus® keeps the mattress stable and helps ensure that it lasts long.
  • Tempagel® memory foam infused with gel to draw heat away from the body of the user while sleeping.

The Things we did not like in the ComfortCare Pillow Top Mattress

  • The mattress may be too plush for stomach sleepers or heavier people.
  • The foam pillow top layer may make you sleep hot.

The mattress has some similar features that are peculiar to the ComfortCare collection, which includes the following:

  1. Marvellous Middle® technology implemented right in the middle of the mattress for additional support.
  2. It also features individually wrapped coils which are responsible for motion isolation.
  3. Airflow border to make air flow better through the mattress.
  4. A support foam with high density to ensure that the mattress is durable while also offering relief to the body's pressure points.
  5. It features Superedge Plus foam for better edge support.
  6. Tempagel® memory foam infused with gel to provide adequate support to your body, keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

The ComfortCare Pillow Top Model has a plush foam layer on top of it to further reduce the pressure points in your body and keep movement minimal so that you can sleep more healthily and restfully. The extra layer of foam added on top may be perfect for active sleepers who are looking for a foam that hugs their body and prevents them from turning and tossing throughout the night.

This model is an excellent choice if you need a mattress that gives you a luxurious feel alongside many notable features to keep you comfortable, well-supported, and refreshed while you sleep. If you alternatively want to buy your mattress online and you want something similar to the Comfort Pillow Top Model, the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress or the TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze mattress are worthy options for you to consider.


The things we liked in both mattresses:

  • They both feature the Restonic Cool technology which is exclusive to the brand to ensure that the surface of the mattress is cool enough for comfortable sleep.
  • AlumiLast proprietary technology to ensure that enough air flows through the mattress.
  • The memory foam provides relief to the pressure points in the body and delivers body contouring.

Things we did not like in both mattresses:

  • Restonic does not disclose information about the available firmness options on their website.
  • The memory foam used in the mattress retains heat which might make the mattress unsuitable for the warm season.

These mattresses have similar features, and that is why we have put them together in this section. You can buy either of them as they both deliver virtually the same features and functionalities. Memory foam on its own is known for its ability to contour to the shape of the body, relieve pressure points, and keep the spine aligned. They both have a unique feature known as AlumiLast proprietary technology which involves infusing aluminum into the foam's structure (Open-cell) so that there can be a better flow of air through the mattress to achieve a comfortable sleep surface.

The closest alternative to these two mattress models if you decide to buy online is the Nectar Mattress. This is another high-quality memory foam mattress with a medium firmness rating, which is designed to ensure that you get all the support you need and the coolness to keep you asleep throughout the night.


The Things we liked in these two mattresses

  • A mattress made from latex will be durable and long-lasting.
  • These mattresses are resistant to mold, dust, and mildew.
  • Provides more relieve to the body's pressure points and has a lower sink as well as conforming than memory foam does.

The things we did not like

  • Restonic does not disclose the firmness ratings of the mattresses to the public.
  • It is not clear whether the mattress is manufactured from synthetic or natural latex.
  • A latex mattress can be difficult to handle or move because of their weight.

The Scott Living and Biltmore Latex do not seem to have many differences, and this is why they are both our picks as the most durable Restonic mattresses.

Latex as a material is naturally resistant to mold, dust-mite, and mildew, which means it is a suitable choice for those who have allergies. The way latex is structured also makes it a stable and strong mattress, which mean that users can use the mattress for a long time to come. These mattresses also feature the AlumiLast technology which provides additional support for pressure relief as well as the Restonic Cool technology, which ensures an improved regulation of temperature.

An excellent alternative mattress that you can buy online is the PlushBeds Botanical Latex mattress, which is a certified all-natural mattress.


The features we liked

  • The highly dense base foam to make the mattress more durable and supportive.
  • It features individually wrapped coil for excellent motion isolation.
  • It features the patented Marvelous Middle® technology to ensure an equal distribution of pressure.
  • Superedge Plus® to keep the base more stable and deliver more motion isolation.

The things we did not like

  • The innerspring models can have more bounce than the foam alternatives and could have little or no motion isolation.
  • Lightweight people or side sleepers may find the firmness of this mattress uncomfortable.

The only significant difference between the ComfortCare Firm mattress and the ComfortCare Euro Top model is the extra cushioning that the ComfortCare Firm does not have.

The ComfortCare Firm is your best option if you love your mattress to be bouncy like an innerspring mattress instead of foam that hugs your body, but you also want the mattress to have really good motion isolation. Thanks to the individually wrapped coils in this mattress model, you can sleep on a stable surface. Combining these individual coils with the high-density foam and Marvelous Middle Technology, the ComfortCare Firm mattress is incredibly supportive.

If you need an alternative to this model, the Amerisleep AS1 is the closest alternative. It features a firm surface, little sink and has received glowing reviews for its motion isolation abilities.


The things we liked in these mattresses

  • The two self-encased coil systems that provide relief to pressure points as well as conforming support to the body.
  • The inclusion of Restonic's AlumiLast technology to keep the mattress well-aerated and consequently cool.
  • The presence of Restonic Cool® technology to help achieve a cool sleep every day.

The things we did not like

  • Restonic does not disclose the firmness ratings of these mattresses on its website.
  • Microcoils do not provide enough contouring and pressure relief to the body as latex or foam models do.

These two mattresses have numerous impressive features that help ensure that you get a cool, comfortable, pressure relieving, and supportive sleep. The microcoil mattress has some similar features as the latex model, which include:

  1. AlumiLast technology which belongs to Restonic and it entails infusing aluminum into the foam to achieve more air circulation.
  2. The Cool® to keep the surface of the mattress cool.

In addition, there are two coil systems in the mattresses;

  1. A microcoil system that has over 1,300 wrapped coils to achieve a high level of support and durability.
  2. An exclusive set of Q5 support coils for the sole purpose of achieving stronger edge support.

The Restonic Microcoil mattress has a cooler surface that promotes better temperature regulation, and the combination of the two coil systems provide a sleep surface that is incredibly supportive and pressure relieving.

An excellent alternative to these mattresses is the Brooklyn Aurora, which is a hybrid mattress that features an advanced cooling technology to keep you comfortable and cool as you sleep.



A mattress that has the ability to conform is one that hugs, molds, and contours to the body of the sleeper so as to reduce the pressure points in the sleeper's body as they sleep. This is not a strong feature in Restonic mattresses, and people may find it uncomfortable because some models of REATONIC have high firmness levels. If you want your mattress to have a high conforming ability, a soft mattress is what you should buy.


Mattress models that come with pocket coils have excellent motion isolation, and these are suitable for couples as well as those who have sleeping partners. These mattresses prevent motion from transferring across the entire mattress. Restonic does not also have strong edge support.


A Restonic memory foam mattress is highly likely to have an odor when newly purchased than models that do not have memory foam. If this odor makes you uncomfortable, you are better off buying the latex mattress. Restonic mattress also helps you sleep cool.


Depending on what a customer wants, a topper may or may not be needed. Restonic mattresses have firmness ratings that range from medium-soft to firm. It also takes a short time for the average user to get used to and break in the Restonic mattress.


Customers can buy Restonic mattresses from authorized third-party sellers. Therefore, if customers want to know how many nights of sleep trial they can enjoy on their mattress and the return policy in case they have issues with it, they should check the policy of the brick-and-mortar store they are buying their mattress.

Check below for the general terms and conditions for Restonic's warranty coverage

Any repair or replacement of defective mattresses will be done at the company's sole option. The warranty schedule on every mattress model will determine whether the customer will pay for repairs or replacements. Customers also bear the cost of transportation of the mattress.

Using a Restonic mattress with the wrong foundational support will make the warranty null and void. For the King and Queen-sized mattresses, a bed base or metal frame with sturdy center support is recommended.

Below are the defects that the warranty covers.

  • Any visible sagging or indentation that has a depth of one and a half inches for quilted mattresses and three-quarter of an inch for non-quilted mattresses.

Below are the defects that the warranty does not cover

  • An expected increase in the softness of the mattress, which does not in any way affect its ability to relieve pressure. Also, sagging or indentations that do not have a depth of one and a half inches or three-quarter of an inch in quilted mattresses and non-quilted mattresses respectively.
  • If the owner's sleeping preferences change, the warranty does not cover any replacement or repair requests.
  • Owner mishandling, misuse such as tears, burns, stains, cuts, and use with the wrong foundational support also void the warranty.
  • Restonic has the right to reject any mattress that is returned in undesirable conditions.
  • This warranty does not cover floor mattress models, and you will find an "X" beside the product ID on the law tag.
  • Only original owners who purchased their mattresses from authorized third-party resellers can enjoy this warranty. The warranty is not transferrable to another person.


According to Restonic, the average lifespan of its mattresses is between 7 and 10 years before you can think of replacing it, but this is contingent on how well you take care of the mattress. For proper care of your Restonic mattress, the company suggests that you flip the mattress at an interval of six months, use the right bed frame, do not allow your mattress to get wet and use the appropriate mattress pad.


The biggest complaint that Restonic has received from its customers is the durability and longevity of their mattresses. Reviews have shown that the innerspring and hybrid models start to sag within a short time, and the motion isolation feature deteriorates within a short timeframe. Also, some reviews also noted that the memory foam and hybrid mattresses make the user feel hot during the night.

The major disadvantage of Restonic mattresses is the brand's refusal to disclose adequate information about each of its mattresses on its website. Information about construction, firmness ratings, warranty, price, and sleep trial are not disclosed, and customers have to rely on what the third-party reseller offers them. This is why a lot of people prefer to buy their mattress online from a brand that is more transparent and more open about its product.


There is no perfect mattress, and the perfect mattress for one person might just be the one that makes another person uncomfortable. Therefore, when shopping for a mattress, make sure it offers most of your needs in a mattress. Restonic is no doubt a quality brand with some impressive products; but before buying, you still have to ensure that the model you are buying is the best for you and we hope that we have touched on the most important aspects based on the information we were able to lay our hands on. Protection Status 


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