Are you looking for Saatva mattress reviews? In 2010, Saatva decided to make mattresses. They wanted to create a cost-effective luxury mattress for consumers. This is an exceptional a mattress and it's made up of two coil layers. There is a coiled support base which is under coils that are individually wrapped. It features a Euro pillow top and high-density memory foam.

The company is eco-friendly and they use materials that are friendly to the environment to create their bedding. This manufacturer offers luxury mattresses that are sent directly to consumers. Since there is a coil on coil support and the edges are reinforced you get a surface that aligns with your body throughout the night so you get a very comfortable sleep. This mattress will conform to your pressure points and give you a nice cushioned sleep.


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Some Reasons to Buy Saatva Mattress

You Move Around a Lot at Night and Are a Combination Sleeper

If you switch positions a lot at night intended to move around, this mattress might be the best choice for you. Coils in this mattress give excellent support and you get pressure relief via the pillow top. You should get good support with this mattress as well as comfort

The Mattress Offers Good Value

This mattress is made with high-quality materials and very durable construction. You get good value with this mattress especially if you want one that's going to last you a long time. You won't have to shell out a lot of money for an excellent mattress if you purchase this one.

You Tend to Get Hot When Sleeping

Many individuals have an uncomfortable sleep because their temperature rises. This mattress has two coils and they both promote airflow through the mattress. You shouldn't be overheating when sleeping and will remain comfortable.

Reasons Not to Buy Saatva Mattress

Despite this mattress having solid points when looking at Saatva mattress reviews we also wanted to see if there are any bad points about these mattresses. Here are some of the reasons why you might not want to buy this mattress. 

You Like a Softer Mattresses

This mattress tends to be firmer than the average mattress. If you want a mattress that is softer and you're probably going to want to look at another mattress or one of the softer models in this lineup

You Sleep On Your Side Lightly

If you are a small individual under 160 lb and a side sleeper, this mattress might be a little bit too firm for your needs. Since you don't weigh a lot you're not going to press into the mattress and be as comfortable as you might on other mattresses.

You Prefer memory Foam 

This mattress feels more spring-like so if you prefer the feel of memory foam, this might not be the type of mattress that you would enjoy and you should consider a different mattress. 

Saatva Mattress Construction

When looking at Saatva mattress reviews it was important for us to consider the overall construction of this mattress. Here is what you need to know about the construction

  • It features a custom slim design that is 11.5 in tall
  • The cover is made with quilted foam and organic cotton so you get a plush feel
  • There is also a very thin layer of memory foam that supports the lumbar area of your back and it will relieve pressure on your hips as well as shoulders
  • There is also a layer of micro coils that are wrapped individually. These coils help give you support and Contour to your body
  • There is a layer of coils which are high-grade which also add to the support that you get from the mattress
  • There is good edge support as the mattress is surrounded by some foam
  • This product is constructed in the USA

Unique coil support

There are two layers of support coils which is one of the interesting aspects of the Saatva mattress. You will have extra support on the bed and support for the spinal area. You will feel comfortable when sleeping on this mattress and the foam cushioning contours to the body.

The first layer of this bedding features a luxurious and plush Euro pillow top. This is a thick layer of extra cushioning. It is better than the normal type of pillow top because it is very breathable and it is quilted to the mattress itself. You'll get pressure relief, extra comfort, and it won't shift around so you remain comfortable.

Below this top, there is some comfort foam that will also work to reduce pressure. It helps to lower the body into the other areas of the bed which are denser. This area is also very breathable and it will cushion the lower back so you don't wake up in the morning with a backache no matter what position you are sleeping in on the bed.

Underneath this layer, you will find an innerspring layer. This area is made out of tiny pocketed coils that will give a firm but gentle support. The coils offer excellent support for your body where you needed the most. These coils will conform to your weight when you lie down on the bed. Since these coils have a pocket in the design there is not a lot of bounce when you move around on the bed.

The core section of the mattress features an innerspring layer. This is made up of strong coils which are much larger. These coils will give heavy sleepers a lot of support that they need and they also keep the mattress from sagging too much or giving you a feeling that you're sinking into it. You will feel like you’re floating on this mattress and this coil layer is also quite breathable when you compare it to traditional foam that you would find in an all foam mattress. The breathability of this part of the mattress will draw body heat away from the person sleeping on it.

The coils are supported at the bottom of the bed with a small layer of foam made out of polyurethane. The layer is sturdy and dense and allows the mattress to keep its shape. there was also a system to support the edges which wrap around the bed. This is a dual perimeter system which makes the mattress stable if you were to sit on the edge of the mattress and it also makes it more durable. This area is made with a phone that is high quality and it's also comfortable to the touch.

There are two main versions of this mattress one of which is the premium luxury version and the other version is the custom slim version. The premium luxury version is 14.5 in while the custom slim is 11.5 in. The feel of both of these beds is basically the same.

When looking Saatva mattress reviews, we knew that the construction was going to be an important part of the mattress and this one has excellent construction. You get great comfort as well as support with this mattress. It has an excellent coil system which will keep you comfortable when you were using it.

3 Firmness Levels

When you order this mattress, you can have it customized with three firmness levels. These levels are Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. The hardest of the three firmness levels is the Firm version. This has a feel of around eight out of 10 when you put it on the firmness scale. The Luxury Firm is slightly firmer than the average mattress but it is lower on the scale at a room 5 to 6.5. The Plush Version of the mattress has a firmness of around 3 so it's much softer than other mattresses which you'll find on the market. The customizable firmness levels mean that you're probably going to find a mattress that meets your current needs. Most sleepers will find that the luxury firm mattress has the right balance that you want.

Perfect for a Wide Variety of Sleeping Positions

The customizable levels of this mattress mean that it's going to be ideal for different sleeping positions. If you happen to sleep on your side, the plush soft version will contour to your body shape and keep the pressure off the shoulders, hips, and joints. If you're more of a stomach sleeper then you'll probably like the Firm version because it keeps the lumbar region and the spine aligned and well-supported. For back sleepers, the individual customization levels mean that you can pick the level of firmness that you want. Most individuals are going to wake up in the morning and feel very rested when they sleep on a Saatva mattress.

A Great Spinal Support System

Customers for the Saatva indicated that they love the spinal support system. When we looked at Saatva mattress reviews, a mattress with proper spinal support was going to be an important point and this one that delivers in that area. Here are some reasons why customers liked this mattress for the support that it offers.

Provides Maximum Comfort and Has Good Firmness

This mattress is nice and firm but at the same time, it is not too hard. Many customers found that the mattress offers them exactly what they are looking for. The mattress is very responsive and you won't slip into the bed when sleeping on it. You'll be floating over the top layer of the bed. the steeping surface is not so hard that you're feeling a pressure along your body.

You Get Pressure Relief

When you first sleep on this mattress you're going to be amazed at the level of pressure it relieves from your body. This mattress is very comfortable and it will keep you cool through the night. You will have a very comfortable sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning you won't have pains or aches that can occur with other mattresses.

Cool Mattress

Other mattresses can retain heat and they can be quite uncomfortable because you end up waking up feeling it too hot. This mattress is extremely breathable so there is no build-up of heat. The first foam layer of this bed adds to the breathability of the mattress as it allows air to flow through and removes heat build-up. The two coil layers add to the removal of heat. the mattress itself is designed to remove heat away from your body so you were kept comfortable at night. if you are prone to overheating at night, this is the mattress for you

Bouncy but Not Too Much

This mattress is a little bouncier when you compare it to a pure foam mattress. It's not unstable or shaky like the older style coil mattresses. This has just the right amount of Bounce. The mattress is not rickety or loud when you sleep on it. The edge of the mattress is also very good. You will never feel like you're about to roll off the mattress if you get too close to the side of it. If you shift your weight on the side of your mattress you're still going to feel very stable. You will feel very comfortable but you will still have a little bit of bounce when you sleep on a Saatva mattress.

Not a Lot of Motion Transfer Thanks to Pocketed Coils

Motion is isolated with this mattress because of the pocketed coils. It will reduce motion transfer to a greater degree when you compare it to a regular innerspring mattress. you will not get the annoying squeaking or bouncing Sensation that tends to occur when your partner gets out of bed at night. The mattress is the perfect option of her couples that might move around a lot at night. You will get a restful night's sleep on this mattress.

Satisfaction Guarantee and a 120-Night Trial

Whenever you buy a mattress you might not like it. This one comes with a great 120-night trial so you can see how the mattress performs for you. You'll be able to try the bed for several months to see if it fits your needs. If you don't like it, just send it back and you'll get a free refund. When you send it back you don't even have to pay for the return shipping. A recycling center or a local charity will pick up this bed. If you happen to order the wrong size or you have to exchange it because of some mistake, it will be exchanged during the trial period but you will have to pay for the shipping. The 120-day trial is an excellent opportunity for you to see if this mattress is the right one for you. Most people enjoy this mattress to a great degree and the returns for it are not common.

Warranty and Durable Materials

When looking at Saatva mattress reviews, we knew that the materials used in the construction of the mattress as well as the warranty would be important. We are happy to say that this mattress is made out of excellent materials and it has a great warranty. The materials used to make this mattress or going to last a long time. It is free from toxic chemicals and is certified CertiPur-US. It’s manufactured using processes that are environmentally friendly.

When you purchase this mattress, you get an excellent 15-year warranty. This covers the manufacturer defects and the first two years of your warranty covers replacement of the entire mattress if there is a defect that is found in it. After the two years is up then the mattress will be repaired but there will be a small cost for you to ship the mattress to the company.

They also offer the fairness replacement option that comes with the mattresses they sell. This is an optional point of the warranty. Once you're past your first two years into your warranty and you want to fully replace the mattress you will be able to buy a new one at a very large discount and not have the other one repaired. From your 3rd year to the 5th year, you can get a new mattress for just 20% of the original cost. When this goes up to the 6th year to the 10th year then you can get the mattress for 50% off. From the 11th year to the 15th year, you will get 75% off of your original cost.

Great Customer Service

Saatva offers you great customer service. You can send an email to the customer service department and they will respond immediately. You can also contact the company through their online chat service and speak with them directly on their website. The representatives will answer all questions that you have about delivery, ordering a product, or setting it up for the first time. If you have to exchange your bed or return it, they will help to resolve this issue for you. They offer fast response times and excellent customer service which makes them recommended in this area.

Lay Your Mattress on Most Bases 

Your mattress is going to work on a sturdy and flat base. If you have a box spring that is still in good condition, then lay your mattress directly on this. Saatva Does recommend that you buy their entire system if you want the best results. The company sells its own foundations and they have one which is called Lineal. This box spring is an excellent base for your new mattress and has many extra features such as a massage setting. You can change the positions of it with remote control. They also have a regular static base that doesn't have all of the extras. All of their beds are going to work with the Lineal but the Premier Luxury version of the mattress does not work with he Lineal base. It's easy to order one of the box springs from the order form. They will ship everything in one order and once it arrives, they will set in the entire thing up for you.

There is no off-gassing

Many new products have a distinct off smell when you first get them. This is because the products release some volatile compounds. The smells released due go away after a few days but they can be unpleasant. The Saatva Mattress does not have this off-gassing. The mattress also doesn't arrive tightly compressed so you should be able to sleep on this mattress the first night that you receive it.

Recommended for Individuals Looking for a High-Quality Mattress With Less Cost

If you are looking for a premium high-quality mattress but don't want to spend the premium cost, this is one for you. It offers the benefits of premium mattresses and will give you the pressure relief and support that you need. It is perfect for those that want a mattress to be as comfortable as possible. Some of the best points of this mattress included the following:

It Has a Dual Coil Design

This mattress is very supportive and stable because it has dual innerspring layers. there is also a supportive layer so there is less sagging in the mattress. This product is perfect for relieving aches and pains and reducing instances of back pain.

The Right Back Support 

You get the support that you want when sleeping on this mattress and it especially well designed for those that want extra back support. You'll get excellent lower back support as well as other back support with this mattress. It's a bit firmer than the average mattress and has a very strong core. If you were a back or a stomach sleeper and want to keep your spine aligned, this mattress is an excellent option for you. 

Luxurious Pillow Top

Many mattresses would cost extra if they had a pillow top. This one features a pillow top that is built into the mattress itself and it is quilted it to the top form layer so it is very durable. The firmness layers in the strength of the mattress coils are balanced in a comfortable way with this pillow top.

Overall Impressions

When we looked ar Saatva mattress reviews and did a comprehensive review of the mattress ourselves, we came to the conclusion that this is an exceptional premium mattress but still comes in at a very reasonable price. The 120-night trial that you get with a mattress is an excellent the deal so you can see if this mattress is right for you. The customer service of this company is also excellent. If you want great support and comfort, this is a mattress but you're going to enjoy.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Saatva Mattress

Here is a rundown of the various advantages and disadvantages that you can expect from this mattress. It is up to you to decide if you want to buy it or not.

The Advantages

  • You get great support due to the coil on coil construction of the mattress. you get more body contouring when you compare it to other standard innerspring at mattresses
  • You get three firmness levels so you can pick the firmness that works for you
  • The mattress is made with an eco-friendly construction such as bio-based phones, recycled steel, and it features organic cotton in the cover of the mattress
  • The mattress has a very strong edge
  • The mattress is bouncy and responsive and the perfect mattress for intimacy
  • You get full-service delivery which is free. There is a flexible warranty and you also get strong customer service along with a 120-night sleep trial to see if this mattress is the right one for you

The Disadvantages

  • Other mattresses are more durable than this one. It offers a shorter lifespan when compared to other mattresses
  • This mattress tends to be on the heavy side so it is difficult to move around or rotate when you need to move it
  • There is not a lot of motion isolation
  • The mattress has a high-profile of 14.5 in so it may cause some difficulty for those that want to get in and out of the bed especially if they have the limited mobility

Saatva Mattress Sleep Ratings

When we looked at Saatva mattress reviews, we wanted to compare sleep ratings to see how well this mattress Stacks up. Here are the sleep ratings for this mattress.

3.5 For Durability

An innerspring mattress will usually last between six or seven years. This mattress tends to be on par with this particular lifespan. It may last less when compared to other mattresses.

3.5 For Motion Isolation

Like similar innerspring mattresses this one, it doesn't minimize or absorb motion to a great extent. Some individuals may have difficulty sleeping on this mattress as there could be some sleep disruption

4 For Off-Gassing

There could be some off-gassing from this mattress. The memory foam layer and the polyfoam it may admit some off-gassing. Most individuals indicated that these orders dissipated within 3 or 5 days once they had unpacked their mattress.

4 for Conforming

Is memory foam in the comfort layer of this mattress as well as a coil on coil Construction. The mattress will conform to the body and relieve pressure points to a great extent when compared to other inner Springs. Latex mattresses and foam mattresses are the best options for sleepers that want a mattress to conform to the body and need pressure relief

4.5 for Sex

This mattress is quite bouncy and responsive. The luxury firm version and the Plush Soft version will be better for sexual activity than the Firm version. 

4.5 for Temperature

Mattresses that have memory foam and regular phone tend to be hot. This mattress has a more traditional enter spring type construction so it is one of the cooler mattress options that you will find on the market when you compare it to competitors that offer all foam mattresses.

4.5 for Edge Support

Many innerspring mattresses have good edge support. Customers that slept on this mattress found it had a consistent sleep surface and they did not roll off of the mattress when they were sleeping in near the edge of it. There is push back on this mattress that is above average when you sit on the edge of it.

4 for Noise

Around 7% of owners Saatva mattress indicated there was some noise. This is around the average for individuals that own an innerspring mattress.

The Marketing Accuracy

High Points

The company indicates that the mattress is not going to be suited for everyone as there very firm models as well as soft models that are not available. Other companies indicate that their mattresses are suited for all individuals. This is an indication that the company is being truthful that their mattress will not work for everyone.

Low Points

The company claims that this mattress has a rating of 9.7 out of 10 which is based from over 30,000 reviews. The company claims that this is the best mattress brand that has been reviewed. let's have a further look at this claim.

We looked at sources during our extensive Saatva mattress reviews. We could only find around 17,000 reviews that were available and not the 30,000 that the company claimed. This is a very large discrepancy and there was also around 40% of the reviewers that wrote a review when they had their mattress but did not sleep in it for more than a few nights. The other reviewers had not taken possession of their mattress and the review was simply given during the delivery or the ordering process. These individuals also only gave a star rating so it was not clear whether they had left a review during the delivery process, ordering process, or in actual possession of the mattress. 

Ordering a mattress online and having it delivered is a part of experiencing the brand and these sorts of reviews can be left for the mattress company but this does not actually review the mattress itself which has to be slept on it by the person to buying the mattress before either a negative or a positive review can be given.

Upon further analysis, the claim of 9.7 out of 10 for this mattress brand is more like a reading of 9.4 out of 10 from all reviews. When we further investigated this from individuals that it actually taken possession of the mattress and then slept on it for more than three nights, in addition to reviews from ordering for more than three nights we determined that the overall rating evaluation should be 8.4 out of 10.

Some Things That Are Questionable

The indication by Saatva that this mattress is the best-reviewed mattress online is kind of unclear. This means that in relation to other brands that this one has the greatest volume of reviews on the internet and the greatest or highest ratio of positive reviews to the negative reviews.  it is difficult to comment on the statement as to whether or not it is accurate. These sort of claims can be easily manipulated online.

The company also claims that this mattress will last around attend it to 15 years. Normal innerspring mattresses are only going to last around 6 years if they go through normal use. This sort of claim for a mattress lasting around 10 to 15 years is a little bit too optimistic.

The company also claims that the mattress is an ultra-premium version. the organic cover and the coil on coil spring system are premium aspects of this mattress but no other aspects would indicate that it is some sort of ultra-premium mattress so this claim is a little misleading.


We looked at many Saatva mattress reviews and we did our own research. our results indicate that this mattress is an exceptional value. You can get this mattress at a very affordable price and it's made from durable materials. Those that are of average weight will find excellent support and comfort in different sleeping positions when sleeping on this mattress and stay cool. For those that are looking for a mattress that has a softer feel or for one that has more of a memory foam feel they should look at the softer model the company offers. You may also want to look at an entirely different mattress if this is the type of mattress you prefer. Protection Status 


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