Sleep On Latex is selling their natural latex mattress with the brand name Pure Green Natural Latex mattress. Users have two variants of the mattress depending on their choice. They can hose either the 9-inch variant or the 7-inch variant. Each of these variants is also available in three options with varying firmness levels. When we reviewed the Sleep on Latex Mattress, we discovered that natural Latex is highly responsive to touch and delivers quite some springy feel. 

During our extensive test, the mattress did not sink too deeply, and the motion isolation feature remained excellent. Its cover is made from organic cotton that feels really smooth to touch. It is also priced fairly and should be an excellent choice for anybody who wishes to get a latex sleep surface.

Continue reading this article for our detailed review of the Sleep on Latex Mattress. We will be discussing sleep performance, ratings, who should sleep on the mattress and every other important detail that can guide you before purchase.

Sleep On Latex Mattress Price: $795.00 (for Queen Size)


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The Pure Green Mattress comes in three firmness options, which are soft, medium, and firm. On a scale rating of 1 to 10, the ones in the soft category are rated between 4 and 5 while the medium category is rated between 6 - 7 and the firm category has a rating of 8. With these options available, you can choose the one that suits your preferences best, especially your sleeping position. If you sleep on either your side or your back, the recommended variant is the one with medium firmness while for side sleepers, Sleep On Latex recommends the variant with the soft level of firmness and back sleepers and stomach sleepers are advised to buy the variant designed to have the highest level of firmness. But of course, you should always remember that your preference matters most.


The construction of the Pure Green Natural Latex mattress is based on either two or three layers depending on the height of the model you are buying. The 7-inch model has only two layers, which are one 6-inch layer of Dunlop latex as the base and 1-inch later of quilted wool, which is part of the cover. The 9-inch model, on the other hand, comes with the same components as the 7-inch model but with the addition of a 2-inch softened Dunlop latex as the middle layer.

The density or indentation load detection of Sleep on Latex is not public knowledge; therefore, it is difficult for users or our testers to access or forecast how durable the mattress will be accurately.


The Sleep on Latex mattress features a cover that has its exterior made from organic cotton, and it is also quilted with New Zealand wool used in the interior layer. The 100% organic cotton helps make the cover feels soft against the body while the New Zealand wool works as a natural temperature regulator for the body. The interior wool lining keeps the foam insulated against outside heat sources, which in turn helps ensure that you have a cool sleeping surface.

The wool is also a form of a natural barrier, and the mattress does not require any additional chemical fire retardant. The combination of wool and organic cotton, Sleep On Latex mattress has a cover that helps ensure the mattress stays cool and soft on the surface. In addition, the wool also makes the cover more durable as it makes it thicker and stronger.

The additional inch that the wool accounts for may not be such a big deal, but if a material of one inch is being added to a cover, you can be sure that the cover will be built more strongly, have a better feel and of course a more quality build.

In terms of looks, the cover of this mattress has a quite simple look. It has an off-white color, and the surface is designed using clean stitching to 

divide the seams.


The mattress comes compressed and sealed in a vacuum. Upon delivery, you do not have to do any assembly; just set it down in your room and allow it to decompress. You do not have to pay for shipping if you are located in the contiguous United States. The mattress can be shipped to Hawaii and Alaska and more than 200 international destinations. If you want extra fast delivery, you will have to pay an additional fee to get the mattress. Normal delivery takes around 10 days after placing the order.


For every Pure Green Mattress that you purchase, you get a sleep trial of 100 nights. This is to allow you to test the mattress, and if you are not satisfied with it, you can return it. The company will refund you the full purchase price, excluding shipping or delivery costs.

NOTE: The return policy for mattresses bought on Amazon may be different. Make sure you check before making your purchase.


Every Pure Green Mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years. The warranty covers manufacturing or material defects, and the company will repair or replace accordingly. But you will be the one to pay for shipping back to the company.



The latex layer or layers of the Pure Green mattress has an excellent motion-trapping feature which helps isolate motion. Two people can sleep on the mattress conveniently without one person disturbing the other person when they move.


It’s quite surprising that Pure Green beds have remarkable edge support considering that they are made with Latex and Latex has been known to always provide poor edge support.

Customers did not report any excess sinkage around the edge of the bed, and this could be due to the base layer of the mattress which has a height of 6 inches and provides all the support to the mattress.


Because Latex does not have much sink like memory foam, the problem of heat retention is reduced. Customers who have also bought this mattress say that it sleeps relatively cool.


This is typical of every mattress that is compressed. When these mattresses get delivered and unboxed, a particular smell emanates from the mattress but this smell is usually temporary, and it dissipates after a few days. You can expect this smell from the Pure Green, but it does not last for more than a day or two.


Pure Green mattress is made using Dunlop latex, which is responsive to weight and pressure. This makes the mattress highly responsive to your pressure points and thereby relieves pains in your joints and muscles. Many sleepers have found the materials used in this bed and the method of construction to provide adequate support.


All thanks to the latex layers in the Pure Green bed, this mattress conforms to the body contours without the sink, which is the characteristic of memory foam. The feedback received on the Pure Green has pointed out how this conforming ability helps relieve pain and pressure points.


Customers have reported that after using the Pure Green mattress for some time, the bed did not depreciate in quality and performance. Many mattresses are known for sagging and having indents all over, but Pure Green is not one of those types of mattresses. However, the mattress has only been around for some years, and we cannot accurately gauge how well it holds up after several years. But for people who have had it for some time, they testify that its quality is top-notch. Also, Sleep On Latex does not give out much information to the public about the ILDs or densities of its mattresses so we cannot accurately say how durable the mattress will be or how long it will last.


This mattress is bouncy and responsive and is capable of handling intense movement on it. So, it is safe for any sexual activity whatsoever.


We have reiterated times without number that choosing a mattress is a personal thing. There is no one-size-fits-all mattress and you should always consider the unique preferences peculiar to you, such as body weight, body type, health condition, and sleeping position. This is why most mattresses come with sleep trials so that you can test if it suits you or not.


Customer Service: From the research that we carried out, 80 percent of our customers said that their experience with the company was a positive one irrespective of the performance of the mattress they bought.

Reputation: Sleep On Latex has earned a reputable name both for products offered and customer service.

BBB Rating: A+

Years in business: Sleep On Latex has operated for 6 years now since its establishment in 2013.

Physical Stores: None.

Phone Number: 1-312-487-2865

Contact Email: [email protected]


  1. Those who want a brand that offers a variety of options – Sleep On Latex offers three levels of firmness for this mattress. The soft version, the medium version, and the firm version. You can buy anyone you like depending on your personal preferences and sleeping position.
  2. Those who want a latex mattress – Latex mattresses have high responsiveness and delivers more conforming to the contour of the body. The hug is also noticeably different from that of memory foam.
  3. Those who want more materials in their mattress – This is one mattress that is made from latex foam and also comes with an organic cover.


For a latex mattress, we think this is priced below the average price, and with the options to choose from three firmness levels and two height options, the brand is giving customers enough wriggle room to make the choice that suits them best. Most of the performance categories that Sleep on Latex has been featured bring back excellent feedback, thereby building a solid reputation for Sleep On Latex in the mattress industry.


  • It comes in two different height options and three firmness levels.
  • It delivers excellent conforming and pressure relief.
  • You do not have to pay for shipping within the contiguous United States.
  • An A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.


  • Some sleepers feel the height is too low.
  • The sleep trial policy includes a mandatory break-in period of 30 days. Protection Status 


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