Stearns and Foster’s mattresses are made by Tempur-Sealy and are categorized as a luxury type of mattress. To provide additional support and comfort, latex or wrapped coils are utilized by the manufacturers. Moreover, they are of four separate collections, and each one has latex, memory foam, silk, wool, cashmere, gel foam, or micro-coils.

This brand is famous for making top-of-the-line products that are exceptional at offering motion isolation, conformability and edge support. In addition to the other features we will highlight on our Stearns and Foster mattress reviews, these products make sure that you will not need a mattress topper to get extra comfort. Each mattress comes as the end result of high-grade craftsmanship and meticulousness.

Stearns and Foster Mattresses Collections


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Introduction of Stearns and Foster

Stearns & Foster pays so much attention to providing its customers with products of uncompromising quality. Resultantly, the brand guarantees unrivaled craftsmanship by employing only certified professionals who have undergone training to focus on the minute details; thus, ensuring that magnificent comfort can be enjoyed seamlessly by the customers.

With every mattress accurately designed to satisfy the strictest tests and standards of quality assurance; you are guaranteed sustained durability when using Stearns and Foster mattresses. To make sure that you are offered calming relaxation when you are on the mattresses, the products boast of slow responsiveness.

Stearns and Foster brand has stood the test of time, and it has witnessed the birth and demise of several trends. So, the traditions have been kept alive without losing contact with the advanced technologies that are available today.

Basic Characteristics of Stearns and Foster

IntelliCoil Advanced

The Stearns & Foster has the exclusive right to the use of the IntelliCoil Advanced technology. All collections of this brand feature the special coil construction which makes sure that different levels of support are provided to several types of sleepers. Durable comfort is delivered by the outer coils while the inner coil construction ensures that the bedding surface forms around the shape and body weight of the sleeper so that the enveloping support is improved.

PrecisionEdge System

All four collections have a special feature known as PrecisionEdge system which is a classic innovation that utilizes small coils that are designed to maintain the supporting qualities of the foam even more than the edges of any hard foam. The durability and breathability of the foam are improved by the PrecisionEdge system. To provide additional edge support, the coil system has been infused into the great bed support by the manufacturer.

AdvancedAdapt Foam

Another exclusive creation of the Stearns and Foster is the AdvancedAdapt Foam which is meant to offer you extra durability and flexible comfort. All collections also have the AdvancedAdapt Foam which allows relaxation through its slow responsiveness. Nevertheless, getting out of your mattress or moving on it quickly is possible because this feature provides quick recovery time.

S&F Air Vents

Another important thing to note in the Stearns and Foster mattress review is that all four collections of this manufacturer have Stearns & Foster Air Vents. The S&F Air Vents promote the flow of air within your bed so that it can be breathable for a long time. You will neither experience sleeping hot nor feeling stuck when you get up in the morning.


All four ranges of the Stearns and Foster come with a warranty of 10 years that is dependent on non-prorated conditions. Within this agreed time, you are allowed to claim any warranty problems that affect the labors or parts. Strong support is provided by the brand for all of its mattresses and efforts are made to ensure that the customers are maximally satisfied. In lots of situations, you can claim the warranty from the brick-and-mortar shop where you have purchased your mattress.


Exclusive rights have been offered to all retailers in different parts of the country by Stearns and Foster. If you would like to check out all the ranges of mattresses and order the one you like today, you can go online or visit any brick-and-mortar stores. Every store owns varying delivery and shipment services that you can make use of while buying your product. Reference should only be made to the delivery policy and options of any physical store that you visit to buy your Stearns and Foster bed. The removal services for old mattresses also apply similar principles.

Elegant Features Exclusive to a Few of the Selections

Hybrid Pillowtop

The innovative mattress top design of Stearns and Foster is the Hybrid Pillowtop. The basic function of the Hybrid Pillowtop is to provide precision support as well as extraordinary adaptability without jeopardizing the comfort you get from the mattress. 

Solely found in the mattresses in the Reserve Collection, the independently created Nano Comfort Layer is infused with innumerable nano-coils that are located within the layers.

Conforming support is provided by these coils, and unlike the traditional pillow, your Hybrid Pillowtop will not sag. In addition, the nano-coil technology aids the contouring traits and ensures that you get the highly sought-after cloud-like feel.

Other things you may enjoy:

Pillowtop Support Layer

Only the Reserve Collections and the Lux Estate Collections have the exclusive Pillowtop Support Layer. It is a groundbreaking layer that features micro coils which provide the extra long-lasting support that you crave for in your Pillowtop. The traditional foam layer is replaced by the Pillow Support layer so that you can enjoy durable sag-less relaxation as well as better conforming comfort.

PrimaCool Performance Fabric

The PrimaCool Performance Fabric is exclusively available for both Lux Estate Collection and Estate Collection. It is a high-loft fabric that boasts of a double-stretch knit fabric that is created with the aid of environmentally friendly fabrics such as TENCEL which is known as a popularly used fiber in the manufacturing of athletic products.

High breathability and moisture-wicking properties are some of the traits of TENCEL. It is a high-grade fabric that is excellently long-lasting and extremely soft.

PrimaCool Elite Gel Memory Foam

Body contouring and conforming abilities are some of the properties of the gel memory foam. This foam gives you a sleeping environment that is naturally fresh.

The gel-incorporated memory foam makes sure that you can sleep cold without waking up sweaty the following day. Also, this foam has the ability to control body temperature regularly all through the night and helps you sleep with a relaxed aura.

Smart-Align Latex

Apart from the coil systems and the layers in which they are infused, the Reserve Collection of Stearns and Foster also boasts of Smart-Align Latex. This feature plays pivotal roles in forming around your body and ensuring that the foam responds superbly; hence, you do not experience any sagging as you are moving while sleeping.

Primasense Gel Foam

This brand also adds Primasense Gel Foam to the comfort layer of the bed under its Reserve Collection. This foam enhances how breathable the whole mattresses are and makes the mattress form around you when you are lying on it for an extended period. With the various layers of gel-infused foam, your body is guaranteed a stress-free sleep like a baby.

The combinations of these traits make sure that you will acquire one of the best mattresses on sales. Not only will the several layers of your mattress provide you with maximum edge support, but they also ensure that you enjoy their breathability, motion-isolating abilities, and temperature-controlling properties.

Since these mattresses are created for all kinds of sleepers, your sleeping style should not be a concern after you have purchased any Stearns and Foster mattress. In the past few years, several improvements in the various products of Stearns and Foster have brought significant improvement to their market value. In those days, the mattress was just a pricey product that was made with plush-sounding materials. Nevertheless, their focus has been shifted to being quality-oriented; hence, they pay more attention to hiring first-rate craftsmanship.

What Type of Sleeper Does a Stearns & Foster Bed Suit Best?

According to Stearns and Foster mattress reviews from customers, the mattresses are graded in the following levels among sleepers of various body weights and sleep preferences. These ratings reveal the experiences of the sleepers with the collections in general, not particular models. It should be noted that these are subjective ratings; hence, the experiences of various individuals with individual beds differ. When choosing a mattress, the most essential factors to consider are spinal support and sleeper comfort.


They come with an array of choices of comfort feels

They feature dual-stage coil that ensures adaptive support

The brand is trusted

They are made with several comfort materials

The mattresses are aesthetic


Stearns & Foster mattresses are very pricey; more expensive than the majorities of their alternatives

In case you need all-memory foam mattresses, the brand does not offer such model

Comparing the products across different stores is difficult because same models come with various names

Top 4 Best-Selling Collections from Stearns & Foster

Reserve Collection Review

Equipped with lots of amazing features, Reserve Collection is the best collection from this brand. This collection is more than just a costly, top-rated mattress; it is undoubtedly the premium choice. It comes with exceptional features that you cannot find in any other mattresses.

The feature-packed Reserve Collection boasts of the PrimarCool Performance layer which is responsible for exceptional responsiveness, superb breathability, and enhanced motion isolation. Its Hybrid Pillowtop ensures that you enjoy broader sleeping surface and improved seating support. It has PrimaSense Gel Foam layer that makes your body to remain cool throughout the night and enhances the conforming ability of the mattress.

The improved Pillowtop Support of this mattress makes sure that you are offered extraordinary conforming support and that you enjoy the sag-less comfort that the mattress provides for several years. With the aid of the Advanced Adapt foam of the mattress, conforming comfort and ease of movement are added to motion isolation. Furthermore, this collection features the IntelliCoil Advanced technology that eases the adaptability of the mattress to your body while providing the proper level of support.

Unlike any other beds in the market, the Reserve Collection provides ultimate comfort, adaptability and support system. From twin XL to California King, this collection comes in several sizes.

Moreover, it has the PrecisionEdge System that is basically meant to offer you a better seating surface and more sleeping area. On top of that, this collection has the exclusive air vents that enhance breathability and boost the flow of air through the mattress; thus, making you rest fresh and fully relaxed. In case you are in need of the best mattress and have a big budget, you should go for the Reserve Collection and experience its peerless features.


It is highly breathable; hence, it enables you to sleep cool

It has soft and smooth fabric known as TENCEL

It features gel-infused memory foam that guarantees top-notch motion isolation

It boasts of improved edge support and exceptional responsiveness

It has coil systems that enhance contouring and conforming


It has too many features that can be highly distracting

Lux Estate Hybrid Collection Review

The major focus of the Lux Estate Hybrid Collection is to permit comfort through its top-rated, advanced memory foam. Also, this collection has groundbreaking inner-springs that guarantee long-lasting support. Therefore, when using this bed, you are bound to enjoy the exceptional features of both innerspring and memory foam. Notably, both innerspring and memory foams function together in an excellent way.

This collection boasts of PrimaCool Performance Fabric that is capable of getting rid of moisture, and it is also highly breathable and soft. The ease of motion on the mattress is enhanced by the Advanced Adapt foam while the conforming comfort is delivered by the layer. Another feature of the Lux Estate Hybrid is the PrimaCool Elite Gel-infused memory foam that ensures that the mattress forms around your body and maintains coldness all through the night. Similarly, it has the IntelliCoil advanced system that makes sure that the beds conform to your body weight and shape as you sleep on it. Also, whether you are back or side sleeper, this system offers you the ideal support level. What’s more, the collection boasts of PrecisionEdge technology that guarantees improved edge support as you sleep or lie on the mattress.

In addition, the Lux Estate Hybrid comes with air vents that make the bed to be more breathable with an increased flow of air in the night. It comes in varying sizes from the smaller Twin XL to the bigger California King and its split model. The price of the Queen mattress begins at $2,499, and if you do not want to spend too much on a mattress, this mattress should be within your budget.


It features both memory foam and innerspring

It comes in a wide range of sizes

It provides enhanced edge support

It has top fabric with moisture-wicking properties

It is very breathable

It is ideal for all types of sleeping positions


It is not suitable for large individuals

It is not suitable for individuals that have preferences for memory foams

Lux Estate Collection Review

The focus of the Lux Estate Collection is to provide an ideal balance between features and price without sacrificing the high quality that Stearns & Foster mattresses are known for. To provide enhanced responsiveness and durability, this collection features hand-tufting. Furthermore, it guarantees adaptive comfort and luxury. This collection has PrimaCool Performance Fabric at its uppermost part which is manufactured with exceptionally soft stretch-knit fabric.

In addition to its ability to wick moisture, this fabric is also incredibly breathable. With the aid of the Advanced Adapt Foam, the ease of motion is combined with a contouring comfort that you would like for some periods.

The Lux Estate Collection has the Pillowtop Support that provides you with sag-less comfort for a long time and promotes the features of the mattress that ensure conforming support.

Also featured in the Lux Estate Collection is the PrimaSense Gel-infused memory foam which forms around your body and improves refreshing and relaxed sleep. Through the assistance of the IntelliCoil Advanced layer, this collection is equipped with the micro-coils and nano-coils which adapt the bed to suit your body weight and shape and offer you an impeccable support level. An extra seating area and sleeping surface are produced by the PrecisionEdge System.

The collection has air vents which are designed to guarantee a consistent flow of air and breathability all through the night. The price of the Queen mattress begins at $2,499 and the collection comes in an array of sizes from twin XL to California King Size with its split model. With the Estate Collection, you can now get high-quality mattress without spending excessively.


Its fabric cover is very soft and breathable

It has non-sagging Pillowtop

It has gel-infused foam that eases movement

It comes with conforming support and motion isolation


It is not designed for users of innerspring mattresses

Its price is similar to the hybrid

Estate Collection Review

The most amazing thing about the Estate Collection is that it continues to make an adjustment to the movement and shape of the body so that its IntelliCoil Advanced technology can offer excellent support. Soft and breathable PrimaCool Performance fabric covers the bed, and the fabric also gets rid of moisture. Moreover, the collection features Advanced Adapt foam that performs overtime tasks; thereby, taking care of the motion of your body by also offering you conforming comfort.

In addition, your chance of enjoying cool and relaxed sleep is increased by PrimaSense Gel foam while the layer forms around your body in an awesome way. The Estate Collection boasts of PrecisionEdge System that allows you to get an improved seating support as well as a broader sleeping surface.

If you would like to buy a bed that offers you great backing for exceptional breathability and eases your motion, you should choose Estate Collection as it is not too pricey. The mattress is capable of forming around your body even when you move so many times, and it maintains your spinal alignment for the period you are lying on the bed.

Out of the four collections from Stearns and Foster, the Estate Collection is the least expensive. The price of the Queen size begins at $1,499 and other sizes are available ranging from Twin XL to California King and its split model. Although it is the most economical of all the collections from this brand, the Stearns & Foster’s renowned quality and tradition of offering high-quality mattresses have not been compromised.


It has a great price tag

It balances price and features to provide extraordinary value

It automatically adapts to suit your motion and body shape

Its air vents ensure that it is highly breathable

It comes in several sizes


It lacks Pillowtop

It is not suitable for users of gel memory foam

Further Information on Stearns & Foster Brand

Since it was founded in 1846, Stearns & Foster has made the most elegant and durable mattresses. Each mattress produced by this brand is made by certified professionals in a specialized luxurious cell; hence, no other versions can be made in the same place. Furthermore, to guarantee extraordinary durability, each piece of material used for building a Stearns & Foster mattress has undergone a strict test. With the construction of their products with the industry-leading materials, this brand provides unprecedented quality and comfort that no other brand can ever match. A border rod is incorporated into foam-encased edge; thus, you are offered the most excellent edge support you can ever get, and each bed comes with independently wrapped, twice tempered coils that are made with titanium alloy to provide impeccable support and comfort.

Finally, Stearns & Foster joined the Sealy Mattress Company; hence, it was known as the pricey and opulent sister brand Sealy Posturepedic. Recently, Sealy was purchased Sealy; therefore, today, Stearns & Foster stays in the Tempur-Sealy Mattress Company with its base in Lexington, KY. In the past few years, an improvement has occurred in the sales growth of the Stearns & Foster brand as a result of progressive investments in the mattresses as well as improved acceptable by buyers of luxurious beds.

Information on Warranty and Sleep Trial

Trial Period and Guarantee: As you are reading our Stearns & Foster mattress reviews, it is worthwhile to note that third-party retailers deliver Stearns & Foster Mattresses to customers, and no form of sleep trial is provided by the company. Consequently, customers should take advantage of the sleep trial and return policy of the online or physical stores where they buy their beds.

Warranty: All Stearns & Foster mattresses come with a limited warranty of 10 years that is offered by the company itself.

The warranty coverage, which starts on the original date of purchase, is determined by the product label that is issued with the product.

The majorities of the beds have the 10/10 label and are entitled to non-prorated coverage throughout the time of warranty. In other words, if a mattress is defective, the owners will not be charged for its replacement. Nevertheless, they will pay for the costs of transportation and inspection.

The design of Stearns & Foster mattresses makes sure that they are meant for specific types of foundational support. For a king- or queen-sized mattress, its support must be a bed frame with a rigid bridge bar that features a supporting leg and a minimum of five evenly spaced hardwood slats or a minimum of five legs. In case the mattress is supported by an inadequate system or seen in an unhygienic situation, the company will void the warranty.

The warranty coverage is not available for floor models.

The defects that are covered by the warranty include:

  • Sagging or visible indentation in the surface of the mattress that is at least one and a half inches deep.

The following defects are not covered by the warranty:

  • Any sagging or indentation in the surface of the mattresses that is not as deep as at least one and a half inches. Such sagging or indentations is seen as standard wear and tears.
  • Any replacement or repair requests that are due to the changes in the comfort preferences of the owners.
  • Any physical damages that result from improper cleaning, misuse, and/or insufficient foundational support, and these damages include cuts, stains, burns, and tears.
  • The warranty coverage is exclusively available to the original buyers who purchase the bed directly from the Tempur-Sealy company or an authorized retailer. The warranty coverage is not extended to anybody who purchases the mattress from the original buyers or an unauthorized retailer.


This Stearns & Foster mattress review has shown that Stearns & foster is a tested and trusted luxurious mattress brand with a track record of reliability. The brand mattresses come with above-average features that offer high-quality products to the customers at costly price tags. Each year, Stearns & Foster makes hundreds of million dollars on the sales of its mattresses; therefore, the products have been used widely for lots of decades.

Online sites with Stearns & Foster mattress reviews have shown mixed remarks as a result of online complaints by some customers. Nevertheless, when the number of complaints is compared to the millions of Stearns & Foster mattresses that are in use, as well as the loyalty of the customers of the brand, a better understanding of the brand is made available.

For individuals who have the financial ability to buy a costlier and above-average mattress, this brand is a great option. To make a personal decision, you must check out Stearns and Foster mattress review to understand if the feel, features, and pricing are suitable for you. Protection Status 


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