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Since a few years ago, the population of the companies involved in the online and physical sale of mattress has increased drastically in the mattress industry. Thus, there has been the sale of growing numbers of beds, which are ordered and sold via the internet as “bed-in-a-box” mattresses. Through these processes, several companies gradually progressed and gained recognition in the industry. Two notable examples of these companies are Purple and Tuft & Needle.

Although Tuft & Needle and Purple trade two unique mattress types, in this article, we are going to focus on their initial models, which gained them recognition and popularity amongst clients. Even though both models are foam-made, they have different structures and composition.

It is reasonable to understand the advantages and disadvantages of every of their mattress, to give you an advantage of comparing them to your wants and needs, and thus, allows you to buy the most suitable model for you. For your satisfaction, we are going to discuss every crucial detail concerning these mattresses, which include, making it more straightforward for you to judge which one is most suitable for you. 

Mattress Construction Comparison

The best determining factor of the functioning of a mattress is the construction of the model. Thus, we are going to foremost, analyze the structures and designs of both brands for comparison. 

Tuft & Needle

Price:  $536.00 (for Queen Size)

Tuft & Needle started with producing a two-foam-layer mattress model, which had a total height of 10 inches and a cover, which is made from both polyester and rayon. 

This mattress comes with a 3-inch-thick top layer, which is uniquely a trademark of Tuft & Needle. Tuft & Needle named this layer “Adaptive Foam.” It is 2.8 PCF dense and has features, which links it to latex and memory foam. Thus, although it contours to the body of the sleeper, it does not allow the sleeper to sink in as regular memory foam does.

The bottom layer has a composition of support polyfoam, is 7-inch thick and a 1.8 PCF dense.

The final layer, the bottom layer, is composed of support polyfoam, which is 5 inches high, and a support base for the rest of the layers.


Price:  Check on Amazon (for Queen Size)

The first mattress from purple is 9.5 inches high and is composed of 3 layers of foam. Covering the bed is a plain woven fabric cover.

The top layer of the mattress is the most distinctive feature. Purple specifically created an original Hyper-Elastic Polymer and used 2 inches of this polymer as the top layer of each bed. According to Purple, this layer is the “Smart Comfort Grid.” The unique construction of this layer boils down to the foam structure. Instead of making the layer one full foam block, this company designed this polymer as several smaller blocks of foam, which individually work to provide comfort to the sleeper after applying pressure. Likewise, immediately this pressure if reduced or removed, the material is resilient and responsive enough to return to its original shape swiftly. 

The mattress’s second layer also has a polyfoam composition, is 3.5 inches thick, and 1.8 PCF dense. This layer acts as the boundary between the Smart Comfort Grid and the bottom layer, which has a density of 2 PCF and a thickness of 4 inches. The bottom layer is also composed of polyfoam.

Firmness Comparison

For every mattress, the first physical factor every user considers is the firmness of the mattress. "Firmness" indicates the degree of firmness or softness of a bed, and thus, it determines how comfortable the mattress will be concerning your wants and preferences. It is pointless using an uncomfortable mattress, no matter how much cool features it has. Necessarily, you should opt for a mattress that feels comfortable enough if you want to enjoy sleeping on it.

To efficiently determine firmness, we use a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 as the softest, and 10, the firmest. Most users prefer the medium firmness, which falls between 4 and 7 on the firmness scale. However, comfort depends on the preferences and needs of different individuals, and thus, several buyers prefer firmer or softer models for comfort.

Both the Tuft & Needle and Purple mattresses have firmnesses between 6 and 7 on the scale. Thus, these two brands have a similar feel, although some users have reported that Tuft& Needle feels quite firmer than Purple. Conversely, if your requirements for firmness are not within 6-7 on the firmness scale, you should not consider buying either of teases models.

Sleep Experience

Even though it is imperative to consider comfort for a mattress, you also have to acknowledge other factors which link to the mattress operation and sleep experience you derive from using the model. Thus, such information, including the support, flexibility, and temperature comparison between Purple and Tuft & Needle is discussed below. 

Temperature Control

Temperature control, concerning both Tuft & Needle and purple, is not of much significance, as both brands are notable for proper temperature regulation over the years. 

Several foam mattresses overheat due to the amount of heat the material absorbs and produces throughout the night, as well as the contouring feature of the bed, which causes too much contact with the skin, and limited ventilation.

Due to the layout of the Smart Comfort Grid that has air vents within the Hyper-Elastic Polymer square grids, Purple mattresses hold in a minimal quantity of heat. Likewise, although the Tuft & Needle’s adaptive foam is prone to building up and absorbing heat, the company has designed it with cooling compositions, which reduce the quantity of heat it retains. Thus, although these two brands are very responsive, they don’t conform too much to the body to the extent of limiting air ventilation during sleep.

Thus, issues with temperature regulation or mattresses sleeping hot do not apply to either the purple or the tuft ad needle. However, if you have problems concerning sleeping hot, it is advisable for you to opt for the purple brand, as it sleeps less hot.

Motion Transfer

You should be happy to know that both the Tuft & Needle and Purple are excellent at motion isolation, particularly if you have issues with motion transfer with a sleep partner, whom you share a bed with. These two brands have sophisticated comfort layer designs, which significantly reduce surface motion, and make them rational choices for couples or people who share beds.


You should be especially interested in this factor if you are looking forward to pain-free sleep. Thus, you need a responsive mattress, which will provide enough support and alignment to your spine and other parts of your body, according to how much pressure each body part exerts on the mattress. 

Both the Tuft & Needle and purple mattress both score excellent points on responsiveness. The Tuft & Needle’s adaptive foam in the comfort layer does all the work by contouring to the body without allowing too much sink. Conversely, the Purple mattress works with the sophisticated design of the Smart Comfort Grid, which only compresses on the application of pressure. Concisely, these two brands have valuable feedback in terms of responsiveness. 

However, the feature that separates these two brands is the comfort layer’s thickness. While the Purple brand has a depth of 2 inches, Tuft & Needle is 3-inch thick. Thus, heavier sleepers, who weigh above 200 pounds, might not find enough support and comfort in Purple, since the Smart Comfort Grid might compress entirely and cause a kind of ridge, which causes more pressure on the second foam layer, which is not as responsive as the first. 

Resilience and Bounce

Resilience is another crucial factor to consider while analyzing the performance if a mattress. Resilience refers to how fast a bed can return to its original shape after the removal of pressure. Thus, a more resilient mattress is one, which returns to its original form faster. A resilient bed, therefore, has a kind of bouncy feature, which several customers enjoy. It also facilitates easier movement during sleep, as well as better sex and intimacy on the bed.

In the purple mattress, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer provides enough resilience and makes this brand very bouncy and flexible.  Conversely, although the Tuft & Needle has a more significant amount of resilience, it is not as resilient as Purple.

Edge Support

Both the tuft and needle and purple brands have weak points in terms of edge support, since they provide little support, and tend to compress when you sit on or sleep close to the edge. Since both brands do not add extra support or structures around the edges, you should consider other more edge-supportive mattresses if you need such support. 

Off-gassing and Smell

The first time you open and install these mattresses, they both will release some light odor, which is a product of the tiny particles which make up a mattress during production, and are noticeable when the bed expands to its original size. Besides, off-gassing, for these brands, does not affect the health and customers have severally reported that it disappears within a few hours. 

Price Comparison

Many people know Tuft & Needle for its affordability amongst the several online-sold mattresses available. Although it does not cost as much as Leesa and many of its counterparts, it still provides outstanding customer service.

Both of these companies are sure to offer significant price discounts when you purchase within your concluding out-of-pocket rate online.

Furthermore, particularly concerning most other online-sold foam beds, the purple is an excellent mattress for its price tag and outstanding quality. Concisely, however, more people purchase tuft and needle. And it is one of the best beds for its price and value. 

Company Policies Overview

Now, let us briefly look at how these two companies run trial periods, guarantees, shipping, and returns.

Let us begin with purple. Purple provides returns, as well as free shipping. When you receive the original Purple brand, you get it rolled and compact in a protective wrapping. Conversely, in the case of the latest purple mattress (2, 3, and 4), you receive it with a free white glove delivery and setup service. However, since these models weigh quite a lot, it is best if you get some help while handling it.

After you receive a Purple mattress, the company sets a trial period of 100 days for you to test out if or not the bed is satisfactory. If within these 100 nights, you find that you do not like the product, you can contact the company about it, and they will send to your apartment, someone to pick up the bed without charging any money. In about 10 to 14 days, the total return and refund process will be completed. 

Additionally, purple provides a guarantee of 10 years. And, the services they provide, excluding the latest model’s white glove delivery, are awe-inspiring for the industry of bed-in-a-box.

Likewise, Tuft & Needle is a standard company, as they also offer free shipping and returns, a guarantee of 10 years, and a trial period of 100 nights. The model also comes as bed-in-a-box.

T&N Mattress Sleeper Ratings

The T&N Company produces medium-firm mattresses, which moderately conforms to the body of the sleeper. However, sleepers with a minimum weight of 130 pounds report that they have relief of pressure and pain in most of the areas, which they experience tension.

Moreover, heavier sleepers, who weigh over 230 pounds, report that they do not experience too much sink in the bed. It is surprising because this group of people report the most cases of sinking into all-foam mattresses. 

Not only does this brand provide adequate motion isolation, but it also performs its weight-bearing functions silently. Besides, compared to other all-foam counterparts, T&N sleeps somewhat cooler.

Original Purple Sleeper Ratings

The original Purple brand is similar to the T&N in that it is also medium-firm, and is reasonably conforming in nature. Although the most satisfied clients are buyers, who have a minimum weight of 230 pounds, other average-weighted buyers, who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds report that the original Purple was very comfortable and conforming, as well as useful for pain and pressure relief. Most users find that this brand sleeps cool, majorly because of the adequate airflow the smart grid layer provides. It also includes motion isolation, and above all, does not make any noise while it functions simultaneously. 

Tuft & Needle Mattress vs. Purple Mattress – Which One Should You Buy?

When you look at all foam mattresses, at one glance, they all seem the same, and like they function similarly. However, if you carefully compare their functions, texture, firmness, and other little details, you will begin to see the reason to pick one over the other. Here, we will discuss why or in which circumstance should you pick the Tuft & Needle over the Purple or vice versa.

Purchase the Tuft & Needle mattress if you:

  • Place a bounty on cost and value: If you go for the T&N, you are sure to spend much less, although it does not mean that this brand does not have outstanding quality. The Tuft & Needle has exceptional value if you combine the affordable price with its excellent functioning, which places it above other mattress-producing companies.
  • Have severe pressure points or weigh above 200 lbs: Since the Tuft & Needle is, by one inch, thicker in the comfort layer, it serves people who weigh more, or sleepers who exert more pressure on specific body parts better. That extra inch helps since your weight will neither spoil the structure of the comfort layer nor damage the mattress!

Buy the Purple mattress if:

  • You fancy a bouncier texture: because of the Smart Comfort Grid, the Purple mattress is noted for being able to quickly return to its original level after the removal of pressure. With this type of flexibility, not only is it easier for you to move about on your bed, but it is also sure that you will not experience any sink-in feeling. Thus, although the Tuft & Needle is a flexible bed, if you need more bounce and elasticity, you might want to consider the Purple.
  • You are enthusiastic about a different bed material: although the Tuft & Needle made improvements on the traditional memory foam, the Purple made total modernism. This company uses certain materials which customers find very creative and satisfying in such a way that it feels like no other foam have ever felt the same. Undoubtedly, the purple is the one you should choose if you want to use a creatively different mattress. 


These two brands, Purple and Tuft & Needle, equally have several interesting merits, which make most of their buyers prefer and keep them.

Thus, it would be a whole lot of difficulties to choose which you’d prefer between them. However, if you have the precisely needed information, like the ones in this content, you will be able to compare their qualities and choose which one will suit your preferences and satisfy your needs exactly. Protection Status 


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