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Air mattresses are most definitely convenient. They will bring more sleeping room in any section of your space without taking up too much of that space when they are not being used. There are a few subtle differences in the features between models, but most of them are made with puncture proof PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Regardless, air mattresses at every price range are still susceptible to leaks, so you have to take note of that. An air mattress won’t last forever. 

There are so many factors that you must consider before choosing a temporary air mattress. There are models that have flocked, and waterproof surfaces and these are considered to be more suited for sleeping in the outdoors especially when you have adverse weather conditions. Portability is another crucial factor to consider if you want to take it out on backpacking trips. Some models can be broken down and easily compacted into a smaller size. These will suit you if you are hiking. Other things to consider include durability, noise, and cost. If you need a guide to help you choose, these are some of the best air mattresses on the market below.

The Best Air Mattress

1. Noble - The Best Raised Air Mattress

2. Coleman - The Best Air Mattress With Frame and Rails

3. SoundAsleep - The Best Air Bed With Build in Pump

4. Lazery Sleep - The Best Air Mattress with Remote Control

5. Kamui - The Best Self Inflatable Mattress  

6. Intex Classic​​​ - The Best Low Raised Air Mattresses

7. Intex - The Best Affordable Air Mattress

8. King Koil - The Best Luxury Air Mattress

The Best Air Mattress Table





The Best Raised Air Mattress

Noble Best Air Mattress Review By


The Best Air Mattress With Frame and Rails

Coleman Best Air Mattress Review By


The Best Air Bed With Build in Pump

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The Best Adjustable Air Mattress with Remote Control

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The Best Self Inflatable Mattress

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The Best Low Raised Air Mattresses

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The Best Affordable Air Mattress

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The Best Luxury Air Mattress

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Air Mattresses Types And Best Items Reviews

Raised Air Mattress

A raised air mattress is probably the nearest thing to a normal bed. They are made with multiple air sections that give it more durability. You can also infer from the name that they are higher off the ground than what you have with a low raised blow up mattress. Once the mattress is inflated, it tends to be firmer and the rocky sleeping feel disappears.

The Best Raised Air Mattress

Noble QUEEN SIZE Comfort DOUBLE HIGH Raised Air Mattress

Price: $49.95

Noble Best Air Mattress Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 89% 

Dimension: 80 x 58 x 18 inches

Thickness: 18 Inches

Weight: 25.4 pounds

Product Analysis

Made from durable and puncture proof PVC, the noble air bed is made to last for a very long time. To give it extra comfort, a soft flocking is installed at the top of the bed.

Built-in Pump

You can inflate and deflate your bed in a matter of minutes with the built-in pump. All you have to do is simply turn the handle one way for inflating and the other way for deflating. If you are looking to utilize your Noble air bed on the move, the secondary valve allows you to either inflate or deflate the bed with a pump of your own choosing.

Raised Design

Placed about 18 inches off the ground, the Noble Luxury Air mattress is created with the user as a priority. You can easily get in and out of this make and model, this makes it easier for you to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Soft Flocking top

With the soft flock installed you get an improved level of comfort with the ultra suede finish. The Noble air bed can be used with sheets or without them. It is made with a pillow like material which is soft and offers maximum comfort.

Customer Feedback About The Noble Raised Air Mattress


High-quality product

Easy to inflate


The included cover keeps the skeets in place

Easy to use pump built-in

Excellent customer service


Can’t use without air

Prone to deflate after a while in use but you can get a replacement if an unpleasant event happens

Air Mattress With Frame and Rails

Stay away from beds that have a thin foam rail. Go for the mattresses that have a sturdier thick foam rail. You get to enjoy a better sleep experience with this category as they do not let you fall or slip easily out of bed when sleeping.

The Best Air Mattress With Frame and Rails

Coleman Airbed Cot with Side Table

Price: $144.99

Coleman Best Air Mattress Review By

Product details

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 76% 

Dimension: 59 x 22 x 78 inches

Thickness: 2 Inches

Weight: 41.9 pounds

Product Analysis

Comfortable and convenient

The most obvious feature of the Coleman Queencot airbed is the design that offers you the maximum comfort and relaxation for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Designed with a portable and compact frame 22 inches off the ground, the air bed will make you feel like you are on a conventional bed even if you are in the outdoors.

The height off the ground helps keep you away from the dampness and coldness of the ground and it also helps keep you away from the insects that may be crawling on the ground. The air bed is made with side tables on either side. They can be used to place small personal effects such as mugs, books, and glasses. With the convenience that this bed offers, you get the same experience as though you had a conventional bed with tables at its sides. The Coleman Queencot with airbed offers this comfort at an affordable price and more importantly, you only need a single unit. You can get the comfort and convenience you expect while indoors even though you are outdoors and you don’t have to carry any extra stuff.

The Queenclot can be self-inflated due to the 4D battery air pump included. The cot can be unfolded very easily so that the whole set up is made without expending too much energy. The air pump also allows for rapid deflation and the foldable steel frames make it very easy to compact and move around within a carry-on bag.

With this mattress, there are intricate details you must pay attention to,  due to the fact that the manufacturers have painstakingly included a thin cotton sleeve on the top of the cot to keep the inflated mattress from sliding about as you lay on it. Obviously, they were concerned with giving their users the best level of comfort.


This bed comes with a number of features that make sure it lasts for as long as possible. The durable steel frame, for instance, will ensure that it doesn’t collapse regardless of the weight that is laying on it. This means that more than one person can easily make use of the bed just as they would any conventional mattress. Those who have this bed have testified to using it for years without any drop in performance or comfort.

Users have also had good things to say about how it holds air for extended periods of time without any need to top up the air. In many cases, just a top off after the first pump is all that is needed for the mattress to be in top shape and this is due to the fact that the airbed settles and frees up more space for air.

More sleeping space

This airbed only takes up about 59 inches by 72 inches of your available space and this is actually more than enough for two people to sleep on. You can also double the sleeping area by using them individually. The air mattress can be used to rest two people and two others can make use of the sleeping bags at the top of the cot. In the long run, for the price of bedding for two people, you are actually getting a deal that allows four people get a place to sleep and this is perfect for when you have unexpected guests.

Customer Feedback About The Coleman Airbed Cot with Side Table


Versatility. You can use it for both outdoor and indoor activities

Easy to compact with its foldable steel frame

Very durable and built to last years. Strong enough to support heavier people

Extra sleeping space thanks to the separable cot and mattress

Easy and quick to inflate thanks to the electric pump

Offers elevated comfort which gets rid of a cold mattress

Comes with two table at either side where you can place small accessories


Heavier than usual. Not easy for those camping on foot

Firmness degrades with moisture, temperature, and location

The 4D pump will not always work smoothly

Might require a top off every few days

Costs more than your typical air mattress

Air Beds With Built-in Pumps

Air beds that come with pumps fixed within are the best way to go if you are planning to use an air mattress every day. The ones with manual pumps will serve you as the pump works good enough, but it saves you a lot more time and effort if you get the air bed with an external electric pump included.

If you are in the outdoors camping and need to inflate several beds, then you can opt for the ones with one external electric pump to cut down cost. If you want to go a step further and be crafty, you can always get a vacuum cleaner instead of buying a pump. But if you are planning to use a single mattress for all your portable beds, then you should opt for a mattress with the built-in pump. Try to buy the pump that is easy to see and is built for the function with a high enough output. You can’t escape the noise that a pump will make, but you can find one which is not so noisy when compared to the rest. This helps you avoid annoying your neighbors when you are indoors and your fellow people when outdoors.

The Best Air Bed With Build in Pump

Sound Asleep Air Mattress with Comfort Coil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

Price: $119.95

SoundAsleep Products Best Air Mattress Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 86% 

Dimension: 17 x 13 x 7 inches

Thickness: 7 Inches

Weight: 18.96 pounds

Product Analysis

This air mattress comes with a lot of great reviews for comfort and performance. The company Comfort Coil Technology indicates that the mattress is built with 40 internal air coils, so it remains firm and supportive without losing any of its firmness or sagging overnight. With its built-in pump, it means you can easily inflate and deflate the air mattress and it takes about four minutes to complete a cycle.

This mattress is with enough space to accommodate two people and they can both sleep comfortably with the raised dual chamber almost 20 inches in height making it easy for them to climb in and out of bed without having to drop all the way down to the floor.

At the bottom of the mattress, you find a sure grip textured layer lining which helps keep you in bed late at night and avoids slipping and sliding on the hardwood and glossy floors. On the other side of the mattress, you find a surface layer which is thicker and waterproof to resist mildew and bacteria that can be brought about by night sweats. This helps keep the mattress safe from punctures, nicks, and tears.

Best products and the Wirecutter together hold the Sound Asleep Dream Series Air mattress as their favorite picks. Over 14000 reviews on Amazon give out an average of 4.3/5 star rating.

Since this air mattress is meant specifically for indoor use, it is not the most portable you will find in the market. It comes at a weight of around 20 pounds and it actually comes with a convenient carry case for moving the deflated mattress across your house from room to room. What’s best is that the air mattress yearlong guarantee for satisfaction and its reputation for customer service means that every penny you spend here can be considered an investment into your comfort and peace of mind.

Customer Feedback About The Sound Asleep Air Mattress


Convenient one-click pump design

Easily inflated and deflated

Great customer service

Retains shape

Minimal air loss

Adjustable firmness

Can hold up to 500 pounds

The 19-inch thickness makes it easy to get in and out of bed

Sure-grip bottom keeps you from slipping off

Waterproof top

Flocked design to hold the bed properly in place

Puncture proof material

Good storage bag


Not the best option for those going camping. There is a camping model by this same manufacturer.

You can't inflate with a hand pump

Adjustable Airbeds

Besides the internal pumps that come with some mattresses, some other ones also come equipped with remote controls. With the remote control you can adjust the amount of air and the firmness level of the mattress when using it. This is great for those looking for a perfect amount of air without having to get off the bed and fiddling with the air pump at the middle of the night. 

The Best Adjustable Air Mattress with Remote Control

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

Price: $148.32

Lazery Sleep Best Air Mattress Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 92% 

Dimension: 78 x 58 x 19 inches

Thickness: 19 Inches

Weight: 19.75 pounds

Product Analysis

If you want your guests sleeping over to have a good time and great sleep, the Lazery Sleep air mattress is excellent. With its comfort coil technology and self-inflating feature, you get unrivaled support and comfort. It also comes with 40 internal air coils, dual chamber design and a wide range of firmness levels to select from. It doesn’t matter if your hosting children or adults and relatives, this very durable motorized mattress will feel just as good as the traditional bed with legs and frames. 

In under 5 minutes, you’ll be resting on air wherever the night leads you. So move on from the uncomfortable cot and sofa and embrace comfort with the air mattress.


Heavy duty air bed: the double height inflatable mattress offers the best comfort and supports rivaling what you get from the traditional bed. It is very suitable for overnight guests, camping and a lot more.

Inbuilt electric pump: with the internal inflator with LED remote, you can inflate the mattress within minutes and it shuts itself off when the preferred limits are reached. This is safe and convenient. 

Full 1-year satisfaction warranty: special features such as the dual chamber design, 40 air coils, and waterproof and extra thick top makes it a very durable product with a lot of support. You are guaranteed to be happy with it for a very long time.

Seven Remote settings: with the electric controls you can select your preferred firmness level ranging from soft plush to extra firm and it stays in this inflated level all through the night, so nothing changes mid-sleep.

Portable build: the mattress is easy to fold and it is puncture proof. It can hold up to 500 lbs. and it will fit nicely in any closet or RV. It comes in a bad that helps you move it around easily. 

Customer Feedback About The Lazery Sleep Air Mattress


Super comfortable

Easy to inflate and deflate

Excellent customer service

High-quality product with great value for money


Some products come with factory defects, but they will easily be replaced by their customer service

The Best Self Inflatable Mattress

Kamui Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Price: $38.00

Kamui Best Air Mattress Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 86% 

Dimension: 75.6 x 25.6 x 2 inches

Thickness: 2 Inches

Weight: 3.9 pounds

Product Analysis

The philosophy behind the Kamui design it simplicity and functionality. Their team of experienced engineers moved through different design combinations to finally come up with the minimum essential set of features that will offer the maximum comfort and performance.

Functional Design for Tent and Family camping

The ratio of weight to the thickness (3.5lb to 2 inches) makes this sleeping pad very suitable for family camping in a tent. This sleeping pad is super comfortable. It will ensure that you sleep longer and peacefully. 

Several air pads can be linked together horizontally and vertically, and they can be stacked up. The horizontal connection is usually good for families, couples and a group that goes out camping. Stacking up vertically is suitable for those who wish to have an extra back support.

Thick foam insulation and warm comfort

It is placed 2 inches thick and the high rebound foam offers excellent support and insulation from the cold ground. The wide and long foam makes sure there is enough coverage beneath your body.

It is made with high rebound foam and tough 190T polyester fabric which gives it the extra durability and stability. 

Customer Feedback About The Kamui Self Inflating Sleeping Pad


Super comfortable sleeping pad

Inflates itself very well

Quite affordable

Strong and durable product

The included snaps for more versatility are very convenient


Requires air blowing for more support

Might be a little heavy for backpacking 

Takes some effort to roll it up

The Best Low Raised Air Mattresses

Intex Classic Downy Airbed

Price: $23.75

Intex Best Air Mattress Review By

Product details

Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 68% 

Dimension: 80 x 60 x 9 inches

Thickness: 9 Inches

Weight: 11.02 pounds

Product Analysis

This air mattress comes with some inflatable pillows included and a double quick hand pump. This queen sized air bed has all the components you can expect in a comfortable temporary bed. The top is made of waterproof material and this makes it very suitable for camping. As an added benefit to all of this, the bed is super affordable.


This air mattress comes in a size that is equivalent to a standard queen sized mattress. The only difference is that it is a few inches lower in height. It comes at about 9 inches height and you can expect it to be a bit close to the ground, but the length and width are similar to the regular queen sized mattress. Sheets will fit excellently on this mattress and you'll have some room to spare.

The Intex classic downy airbed is manufactured with thick vinyl and it is covered at the top with waterproof soft flocking. This not only reduces the annoying sound sheets make when sliding around on a rubber surface but it also reduces the slippage. There’s almost nothing as bad as trying to get comfortable and sliding sheets off of your bed. That won’t be the case for this mattress.


When the air mattress is inflated and prepared for the bed, it is a comfortable sleeping area. The sheets will fit nicely and they won’t slide around when you lay on them. The pillows can be a little hard and uncomfortable and a bit small to offer any real comfort. You should consider getting your own pillows.

Maintenance, Care and Warranty

Cleaning this air mattress is very easy and all you have to do is basically spot cleaning with a little water and some soap. The flocked top is made from waterproof material and this makes it suitable for camping. To ensure your air mattress is intact, you should inspect the area for any sharp objects and get rid of them before setting up. The vinyl is thick, tough 15 gauge at the top and bottom so you should fear punctures.

You don’t get a warranty from the manufacturers, so you have to rely on the store from which you get yours from. If you buy an airbed with a hole or a broken pump, you should be able to swap it for a new one, but every store operates differently.


A lot of people who have reviewed the product say the air mattress does very well indoors and outdoors, and in some cases, the mattress remained inflated for a full 30 days without issues. Expectedly the mattress material stretches out over time and a little loss in the air is experienced so you should be adding a few pumps of air regularly.

Some people were unlucky with their air mattresses and reported holes in the air bed that wouldn’t inflate at all. In those sort of cases, a defective item should be exchanged at the point of purchase.

Customer Feedback About The Intex Classic Downy Airbed


Very affordable

600lb capacity

Lovely packaging

Easy to inflate and deflate

Durable seams

Queen sized sheets fit nicely

Negligible off-gassing


Low-quality pump hose

Leaks too much air

Uncomfortable pillows

Affordable Air Mattress

A blow-up mattress is a nice, cheap alternative to a regular bed in your house and it is a good way to keep guests away from the uncomfortable floors and couches. So long as you do not require the high-end luxury features that come with today’s varieties, you can source deals on low-cost air mattresses that will also last very long and will be easy to store.

Cheap air mattresses typically have external pumps instead of the built-in ones. The cheapest ones will come with manual hand or foot pumps, this saves you money on batteries and electricity. These types of air mattresses aren’t for everybody because they need more time and energy to inflate but they are very good for their price tag and they usually do not lack quality.

The Best Affordable Air Mattress

Intex Pillow Rest Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump

Intex Pillow Rest Best Air Mattress Review By

Product details

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 73% 

Dimension: 75 x 39 x 16.5 inches

Thickness: 16.5 Inches

Weight: 11.5 pounds

Product Analysis

Comfort and convenience

The Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed with its built-in Electric pump is made for comfort. It has features which prove that anyone can have comfort and peaceful night rests on an air mattress. The internal pump is designed to inflate the mattress to just the right level of firmness and maintain the air pressure throughout the bed without having to re-attach the pump to inflate constantly.

Just like some other beds, reinflation between uses might be required, but the Intex pillow rest twin airbed with built-in electric pump retains air all through the night a lot better than its counterparts. The flocked top adds to its comfort and the built-in pillows are a sure advantage to stay cozy all night. The flocked top also keeps the bed in place for even the most restless sleeper. 

This air bed mattress comes with a built-in electric pump and also comes equipped with a carry-on bag for storage which makes it very suitable for trips and easy to store in spare space for unexpected guests. Packed in the storage bag, the mattress will take up as much room as a sleeping bag, so finding room for storage in the car, closet or under the bed is no issue.


This air mattress is made to last with its waterproof top and vinyl beams along the top, bottom and sides of the mattress. It does go through the usual wear and tear that beds go through but on the general, it doesn’t have any problems. The more frequent the mattress is inflated and deflated, the more the vinyl is susceptible to wear.

Other Features

A mid-level height adds to the advantages of the bed and with the 17.5 inches, kids and adults can easily get in and out of bed in the morning and at night. Also, the waterproof feature gives you the confidence you need when visitors come over because you worry less about spills and accidents all night. The 90-day warranty is an added bonus for the mattress even though the customer service can be a bit lacking


Another advantage of the Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed with the built-in electric pump is that it is a real twin mattress when you inflate it thus standard fitted sheets will fit nicely without any bunching or slipping and guests will have more room to lay on.  Added to this, even the tallest person will have enough room to stretch on this mattress. The length is about 80 inches, this is longer than most other twin bed mattresses.

Customer Feedback About The Intex Pillow Rest Airbed



Comes with a storage bag

Easy to store. Takes up little space

Flocked top keeps bedding securely in place


Excellent for children

Built-in electric pump

Easy to inflate in less than 3 minutes

Can support weights up to 300 pounds

Raised up to 17.5 inches from the floor, so it is easy to get in and out of bed

80 inches long for added comfort

Comes with built-in pillows


Needs to be reinflated throughout use

Varying sizes based on inflation

Temperature and humidity affect it

Inflation varies based on altitude and location

Frequent inflation and deflation increases wear and tear

Only twin sizes available

Luxury Air Mattress

Nowadays, blow up air mattresses are as luxurious as the other high-end pocket sprung and even the top-notch memory foam mattresses. The automatic inflation to your desired firmness level, pillow tops, and memory foam accents are a few of the luxuries you get to enjoy with luxury air mattresses.

The most high-end options are usually available on the high level raised air beds even though it is not always the case. Some other low profile ones also come with some luxury features, but they are not as much as the raised ones. One of the most luxurious versions is the Sound Asleep air mattress range which you can get more information on in our air mattress review below. Irrespective of which brand, a good number of blow-up mattresses now come equipped with features that are good for every individual want and preferences.

The Best Luxury Air Mattress

King Koil Inflatable Airbed with Built-in Pump

Price: $119.95

King Koil Best Air Mattress Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 88% 

Dimension: 80 X 60 X 20 inches

Thickness: 20 Inches

Weight: 17 pounds

Product Analysis

This is one of the best mattresses to opt for if you desire comfort. The King Koil Queen air mattress is the air mattress that features the finer constituents of luxury air mattresses. Manufactured with materials that have passed all tests, the consumers or users of this mattress are a step closer to the sleep they have always dreamed of. Using the state of the art air mattress technologies with built-in pump and a coil beam construction, this mattress offers a firm and comfortable surface for good spinal support and posture support. King Koil manufactures some of the finest mattresses and beds in the World. They have been featured in the best hotels in the world. For peaceful night time, King Koil is the only mattress maker that has been endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association to help improve spinal alignment and give a healthier night rest. 


Extra Thick and Waterproof Quilt Top: this top offers extra spinal support. The firmness of the mattress offers good sleeping posture and the sueded top keeps the bedding in place. Added to the built-in pump, there is an extra external valve that you can use when you go out camping.

The Queen sized with coil beam build and a built-in 120V AC pump. The King Koil mattress comes with a patch kit that helps you out when you suffer an accidental puncture.

It comes with an internal pump that you can easily use for fast inflation and deflation. The King Koil mattress will get full size in less than 4 minutes. The King Koil mattress is made to be used in the house and it will serve overnight guests, friends or relatives or even camping trips. Understand that even though it retains air very well, you can always activate the pump for a few seconds to inflate or deflate to your preferred comfort level.

Customer friendly and 1-year guarantee offered by KingKoil is a good one. You can call or email them anytime. King Koil is the only mattress manufacturer that is endorsed by the international chiropractors association to help promote adequate spinal alignment and healthier night sleep.

Customer Feedback About The King Koil Inflatable Airbed


User-friendly built-in pump that makes it easy to inflate and deflate

Comes with a built-in pillow for extra comfort

Firmness can be adjusted to suit your preference

Low height for easy access to the bed

Water resistant quilt top

Fitted sheets stay nicely in place

Convenient and portable carry bag


Can be heavy

Not so suitable for rustic camping

Benefits Of An Air Mattress

These are some of the most important benefits to be gotten from using an air mattress

Sharing the mattress: Some beds in the market today come with two different chambers so you can’t really set the firmness level based on the individual’s preference. Others come with air coils within that allow it to have an effect of isolating your partner’s movements, so the actions of one do not affect the other.

Adjust Firmness: You can set the bed to be as soft or as firm as you wish. 

No Sagging: a few of the mattresses in the market will sag after a period of time. This is common with spring mattresses. But with the air mattress, this doesn’t happen because you only inflate more to counter the sagging

No gassing: gassing is very common with spring and foam mattresses as they emit smells from the chemicals that they are processed with but with an air mattress, you get an odor free product where the PVC doesn’t emit any gasses or smell

Usable anywhere: air mattresses are easy to carry around and they can be used at home, outside during camping trips and in the garden or beach.

Easy to inflate: you can get your air mattress inflated in a matter of minutes when you use the electric pump.

Uses of the Air Mattress

One obvious advantage of using the temporary air mattress is the fact that they are very good for various scenarios outside of just offering a sleeping surface. Let’s look into four main uses of these mattresses besides sleeping: 

Camping: Spending the night in a tent is a very popular activity that is attributed with temporary air mattresses. These mattresses are suitable for camping in the car. They can be taken anywhere in the vehicle to the campsite due to their portable nature and lightweight.

With backpacking, it gets a little trickier and while temporary air mattresses are light, they will take up a lot of backpack space so for these scenarios it is better to go for that can be rolled and attached to the outer part of your backpack.

Available space in the Tent is also a factor that must be considered. A lot of the twin and full-size air mattresses will easily be accommodated in a standard one or two person tent, but the bigger ones may be too big in width and length for the tent. Size is not a serious factor for tents that can house more than two people, but it is important to get the dimensions of your tent before you purchase an air mattress. 

Lastly, it is crucial to remember that cold can increase the chances of deflation at night and so your air mattress must be sturdy enough to counter this risk of escaping air.

Sleeping in care: Air mattresses are ideal for SUVs, minivans, trucks and pick up vans on road trips and car camping. The air mattress will work nicely when you have to spend the night in your vehicle on the road. For instance, a lot of people have an emergency air mattress in the back of their vehicle for this exact purpose.

Some air mattresses are made to fit nicely in the back seat of your car. Some others are even available in RV sizes that can accommodate the slightly smaller beds you find in most recreational vehicles

Guest accommodations: air mattresses can serve as temporary beds for overnight guests in your house. They are portable sleep surfaces that the owner can to with him to another house also. Whatever the size, they have occasions for which they are suitable and they provide a surface to lay on without taking up too much space on the floor.

Keeping air mattresses for your guests will also help extend the lifespan of the product as long as they are kept in an area where they won’t be exposed to excessive heat, moisture or physical damage.

Everyday Use: temporary air mattresses aren’t actually made for everyday use, but some people prefer to sleep on them all the time. Longevity is one factor that must be considered with these sleepers and since the air mattress models tend to wear faster than the other types you have to be careful. But air mattresses can be inflated and deflated to suit your own need, so they are very ideal for people who are dealing with pain or pressure in their neck, shoulder and back as long as the air mattress doesn’t lose too much air at night.

Please have it in mind that many air mattresses are sold with a disclaimer that they are not built for everyday use. As a result, any damage that occurs as a result of this sustained use is not covered by warranty.

Things To Consider When Purchasing An Air Mattress

When looking at different air mattresses and trying to decide which to go for, these are some of the things you need to consider:

Size: when it comes to picking size for your air mattress, typically smaller is better. The twin and full-size mattresses are long and wide enough to accommodate two users and they generally will fit into areas where you can expect to use an air mattress such as tents, vehicles and trucks, guest’s houses and other areas of your house. The queen size models may be too large for these kinds of spaces.

You find couples who sleep on queen size mattresses, but most of the air mattresses aren’t so suited to more than one person. People who want to share a sleeping space are told to consider smaller air mattresses that can be set up next to each other. 

Profile: most of the temporary air mattresses in the market today are around 10 inches thick, but many of them can be 20 inches or more in thickness. These mattresses might take more time to inflate, but it is a lot easier to get on and off these models.

Choose air mattresses that fall in the standard elevation category, this means that they are 10 inches thick or shorter. A lot of the air mattresses fall between 8 and 10 inches. Most of these models are suitable for kids, but there are also other elevation options for adults. It is a bit harder to get on and off a standard elevation air mattress.

Materials: a lot of air mattresses are manufactured using PVC which is a synthetic polymer of plastic. OVC is used to make a wide range of products, but the material has raised concerns over the years over environmental and health issues. The use of chlorine in the PVC production process is a major concern. 

Some of the mattresses are manufactured with the eco-friendly variant of PVC which is the variant without chlorine and some air mattresses are made from textile backed plastics.

Going further than air chambers, some air mattresses are made with micro coils in the topmost areas to increase the comfort levels and pressure relief.

Cover: a lot of the temporary air mattresses come with a feature flocked surface that offers friction for most sleepers thus keeping them from sliding off their mattress when they sleep. This can also create a warmer sleeping surface. A thin topper is sometimes sued for air mattresses that do not come with the flocked surface. When going out camping, the air mattress with a waterproof cover is best.

Pet considerations: you love your pets, and you want them to be able to be on the bed with you, bu and they shouldn’t affect your sleep in any negative way. With air mattresses, this is a reality, but you have to ensure you consider some factors that will ensure you are not waking up at the middle of the night to deflate a puddle of materials. Also, products that are puncture proof will be protected against the claws of your pets.

Heavy duty reinforcements will also help protect the mattress from damage and help it last a lot longer. An excellent warranty that covers punctures will also do wonders for you. For the health of you and your pets, choose mattresses free of toxic materials.

A lot of the options available today have built-in air pumps that make them convenient to use whether you are setting up a little space in your house to taking it elsewhere. Just ensure that you pick a product that fits your animals and can support and comfort you.

Pump: typically, temporary air mattresses will come with either an internal or an external pump. As the name implies, external pumps will attach to a nozzle outside of the mattress while the internal ones are built in and powered by batteries or an electrical outlet. The manual external pumps can take a lot of your time and energy and this is a major drawback of the external pump added to the risk of losing it.

A lot of the internal pumps are operated with the help of knobs or buttons. These pumps have the advantage of not having any spare and extraneous parts which take care of the risk of losing them. They will also inflate a lot faster. The two observable drawbacks of the internal pump air mattresses are in the cost of acquisition and the fact that they are more susceptible to equipment breakdown that will affect the owners' ability to inflate the mattress.

Weight capacity: many of the air mattresses will support at least 300 pounds which is enough for the vast majority of people as well as sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. But it is still important that you make inquiries about the weight capacity of your mattress before buying.

Mattress weight: an air mattress will weigh about 20 pounds or less when fully deflated and customers who want to go backpacking should look for mattresses that will weight around this range or less when deflated.

Noise: air mattresses with pumps whether internal or external will make a reasonable amount of noise when inflating and owners have reported that the mattress makes a squeaking sound when you shift positions

Durability: many of the air mattresses today have limited durability. But you can reserve these mattresses for occasional use and keep them stored away to extend their lifespan. Refer to the maintenance tips section for more information.

Price: a brand new air mattress will set you back about $150 or lower which isn’t too much if you consider it. Customers can even find Lower prices on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target but it is important that you get yourself a brand new one.

Warranty: air mattresses will typically come with a warranty, but most of them do not extend further than a year. Some models will not even come with any warranty. Filing warranty claims for any type of mattress can be a hassle and can be very expensive.

Maintenance Tips for Air Mattresses

Adequate maintenance is necessary to extend the lifespan of your mattress and this helps ensure the optimal performance of your air mattress for every use. This section will look into the tips you can use to take care of your air mattress and avoid issues such as leaks and damages.

Storage: air mattresses should be stored in spaces that are not too cold or too hot. Stay away from extremes. Also, the storage space should not have excessive humidity and moisture content. Ensure you investigate the area for any sharp objects that might potentially puncture the mattress.

Also, ensure that you place the mattress in a place where pets cannot reach as they can damage the mattress with their claws. Most mattresses come with duffle bags and carry cases that you can store them in and these offer extra protection to your air mattress.

Keeping the mattress inflated: it can be very annoying trying to maintain a fully inflated mattress because even the best air mattresses will eventually deflate. These are some things you do to keep them inflated throughout use: 

Take extra care never to over pump the mattress full of air. It can be very tempting to over-inflate the mattress to make it very firm, but too much air can rupture the mattress.

For first use, fill the air mattress up to 90% capacity and then wait a few hours then deflate. Repeat this process and then fill it to capacity. This will help get the plastic used to the expansion before you lay your weigh on it. 

Always check for leaks: put your ear on alert for hissing sounds and noises that may point to a leak. Also look for air bubbles when you spray the mattress with a water solution.

Do not overload the mattress: the mattress is not built to support so many people. Look on the specifications on the box to know its limits

Keep your pets away: Even if they don’t bite, they can damage the mattresses with their claws.

Remember the air mattress is built for its functionality and not for fun. So do not wrestle and play rough.

Keep sharp objects away from the mattress. Pens, pencils, and knives have no business near the air mattress.

In the event of a leak, you can actually repair the mattress with the right tools: air mattress repair kits sometimes are included in the mattress, but you can also buy them from camping stores and big-box retailers. The methods to repair leaks will depend on the kit and supplies you have but below is a quick guide on how to patch an air mattress.

Repairing Leaks: a leak repair kit is a valuable investment if you own an air mattress and these kits can be gotten with the mattresses themselves. They are also commonly sold in outdoor and sporting goods shops.

The process for repairing leaks is outlined below:

  • Pinpoint where the leak is coming from by identifying any areas where there is a hissing sound. 
  • When you identify the source of the leak, completely let all the air out of the mattress and let it sit for a while make sure all the air is out.
  • Apply a sealant from the repair kit and allow it to sit for several minutes
  • Apply more sealant as there is nothing like too much when it comes to this. About three layers should get the job done.
  • Fit a patch on the sealed area for extra protection.

Be careful never to place the air mattress in water to aid identifying the source of the leak as is often done with tires and the likes. This can lead to irreversible damage to the exterior of the mattress.

Checklist Of Factors That Must Be Considered Before You Buy

  • What are the sizes available?
  • What is the thickness of the mattress?
  • What is the weight of the mattress?
  • What is the capacity of the mattress in terms of weight?
  • Do you have a mattress that is environmentally and health conscious?
  • Is it a cover with waterproof qualities?
  • What kind of pump comes with it?
  • How long does it take to inflate and deflate?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the warranty coverage? Protection Status 


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