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Bamboo sheets are said to have a variety of benefits over other sheets on the market. However, for the first-time buyer, it may be difficult to determine the things to look out for. What needs to be considered when looking to buy the finest sheets? While it is essential to compare the fabric blends and brands for quality, there is no need to spend hours on this process. Simply read our guide of the best bamboo sheets to get the answers to the most important points to consider in the buying process.

The Best Bamboo Sheets

1. Cariloha Classic - Best Viscose (Rayon) Bamboo Sheets

2. Hotel Sheets - Most Affordable Viscose (Rayon) Sheets

3. ABRIPEDIC - Best Tencel Lyocell Sheet

4. Pure Bamboo Sheets - Best Natural Bamboo Sheet

5. Zen Bamboo Luxury - Most Affordable Bamboo Blend Sheet

What to consider when buying the best bamboo sheets?

Are the best bamboo sheets likely to shrink?

When it comes to comparing the many different bamboo sheets, a typical issue to look at is the likelihood of shrinking. Many of the regular sheets have issues with shrinkage, but this isn't such a case with bamboo sheets because they are sold pre-shrunk. Basically, this means the risk of further shrinkage when washed is kept to a minimum.

Will the bamboo sheets pull?

The best bamboo sheets are made with 100% bamboo that has been twill-woven from cellulose. This helps to create a sheet that is not only very soft but resistant to threads or pilling that starts to unravel for insistent snags. Just abide by the care instructions and these sheets have the potential to last for the long-term. 

Are the sheets a blend or 100% bamboo?

In truth, the best bamboo sheets are created using 100% bamboos that is organically grown. The result of the genuine bamboo sheets is the fact they are significantly softer compared to high count cotton sheets or blended fabrics.

What technique is used to weave the fabric?

Any of the top-quality bamboo sheets rely on the twill-woven method which should be easy to notice when comparing the various options. The weaving process helps to create greater strength in the fabric which means less risk of tearing in the future. Additionally, the twill-woven sheets are certain to feel very comfortable when sleeping. 

What are the size options of these sheets?

In general, the most practical option is the pre-shrunk sheets that are available in several sizes (King Single to Mega King) to match the mattress at home. 

Can bamboo sheets go in the tumble dryer?

While the preferred washing option is to line dry, they can also be machine washed or tumble dried at a low temperature if necessary.

Will the bamboo sheets stay soft for the long-term?

The best bamboo sheets will stay very soft for years if following the care instructions. Additionally, the natural twill-weaving helps to maintain the soft, silky nature of the bamboo fabric. 

Is a guarantee of quality included?

Try to limit the purchase of bamboo sheets to those that come packaged with a guarantee of quality, which helps to avoid low-cost or inferior products. 

Top 5 Bamboo Sheets

The bamboo sheets come in a variety of fabric types. Typically, the viscose (rayon) is the most popular and leads to dissolving the natural bamboo cellulose in a solvent like lye, carbon disulfide, sulfuric acid, or chlorine bleach. 





Best Viscose (Rayon) Sheets

Cariloha Classic Best Bamboo Sheets review by


Most Affordable Viscose (Rayon) Sheets

Hotel Sheets Best Bamboo Bed Sheet Set review by


Best Tencel Lyocell Sheet

ABRIPEDIC Best Bamboo SHEETS review by


Best Natural Bamboo Sheet

Pure Best Bamboo Sheets review by


Most Affordable Bamboo Blend Sheet

Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bed Sheets review by


Best Viscose (Rayon) Sheets

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets Set 

Price: $199.00

Cariloha Classic Best Bamboo Sheets review by

Product details

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 85% 

Measurements: 12.7 x 10.6 x 4.1 inches

Weight: 5.05 pounds

Size: King

Product Analysis

Created with a very comfortable twill weave, the Cariloha bamboo sheets are among the softest sheets on the market. The twill-weaving helps to give the finest finish to any bamboo sheet. 

This brand of bamboo sheet relies on the naturally soft and luxurious viscose that is said to be double the softness of cotton to give a sheet that is eco-friendly and extremely comfortable. 

The moisture wicking and natural breathability of the Cariloha sheets make them nearly 3° cooler than most of the cotton sheets. 

Viscose is naturally effective at repelling allergens and odors to give a useful respite from common irritations that are seen with chemically treated sheets. 

Bamboo is a natural and sustainable material and grows without the need for chemicals or pesticides. This results in a healthier environment, cleaner air, and stronger soil. 

This set of bamboo sheets is packaged with a lifetime quality guarantee which clearly shows the manufacturer is fully behind their product. 

Customer Feedback about the Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets Set


High-quality viscose fabric


Neutral colors and plenty of sizes available



Lightweight and very soft

Fully elastic fitting


A little expensive

Likely to wrinkle on the first machine wash

Most Affordable Viscose (Rayon) Sheets

Hotel Sheets Bamboo Bed Sheets Set 

Price: $52.97

Hotel Sheets Best Bamboo Bed Sheet Set review by

Product details

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 86% 

Measurements: 15.5 x 10.6 x 4.4 inches

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Size: King

Product Analysis

Using the finest bamboo fabric, this Hotel Sheets Set relies on 100% bamboo to give the authentic feel and fit. 

This set of bamboo sheets is so comfortable that it will soon become a favorite on the shopping list. 

The actual sheets are made using 100% viscose sourced from bamboo, which has fibers certified at 144gsm 173x120 60x40, which is the highest grade possible. Other less authentic sheets may include more cotton or microfiber then real bamboo. 

Use these Hotel Sheets on any mattress up to 17 inches. Also, the sheets are made to be anti-piling to help maintain the perfect all-around look. 

Real bamboo is entirely eco-friendly, thermoregulating (maintains the ideal temperature), and hypoallergenic. The actual bamboo plant is hardy, doesn't need pesticides, abundant and anti-microbial. 

Finally, this bamboo sheet kit is packaged with a full 90 days refund in the event of not being satisfied with the purchased. 

Customer Feedback about the Hotel Sheets Bamboo Bed Sheets Set



Thermoregulating feature

Anti-microbial and eco-friendly

100% bamboo rayon

90-days guarantee


Likely to wrinkle easily

Easy to damage with chemical cleaning agents

Best Tencel Lyocell Sheet

Royal Hotel Tencel Sheets

Price: $89.99

ABRIPEDIC Best Bamboo SHEETS review by

Product details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 88% 

Measurements: 14 x 10 x 3 inches

Weight: 5 pounds

Size: King

Product Analysis

The Tencel Lyocell sheets are soft and luxurious, and this natural material is sourced from raw Eucalyptus trees. This helps to create a very soft woven fabric that is perfect for the mattress. The ability to enjoy a comfortable and deep sleep means there is less likelihood of returning to cotton sheets. The Royal Hotel sheets have a silky feel and nearly 50% more absorbent and work great throughout the year. Also, this fabric is a great choice for allergy sufferers. 

Customer Feedback about the Royal Hotel Tencel Sheets


Minimum issues with wrinkles

Great for sensitive skins

Machine washable

Very soft and luxurious

Many color options


Not the heaviest wearing

May not be ideal for allergy sufferers

Not 100% bamboo

Best Natural Bamboo Sheet

Pure Bamboo Sheets Set 

Price: $99.99

Pure Best Bamboo Sheets review by

Product details

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 92% 

Measurements: 13.4 x 10.3 x 3.9 inches

Weight: 6.39 pounds

Size: King

Product Analysis

Created from the finest pure quality bamboo, this pure bamboo sheet set gives unparalleled softness with its 300 thread count and extra-long fibers.

These natural bamboo sheets are made to fit mattresses up to 16 inches. They have a full elasticized fit with double-stitched seams, two hybrid pillowcases, a useful size flat sheet, and deep box stitched corners. 

This bamboo sheet set is considered to be antibacterial and anti-microbial while also resistant to dust mites. Also, this is a natural material that is fast to regrow with no need to use fertilizers or pesticides.

Created to be breathable and moisture wicking to ensure a person is kept comfortable and cool all night. 

Customer Feedback about the Pure Bamboo Sheets Set 


Affordably priced

Cooling fabric to stay comfortable all night

Well made

Silky soft material

Machine washable


Will lose fit over time

Easily wrinkles after washing

Most Affordable Bamboo Blend Sheet

Zen Bamboo 1500 Series Bed Sheets

Price: $30.95

Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bed Sheets review by

Product details

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 81% 

Measurements: 11 x 9.4 x 4.1 inches

Weight: 4.47 pounds

Size: King

Product Analysis

A high-end set of blend sheets, the Zen Bamboo 1500 Series gives the opportunity to sleep better night after night. The sheets are made to be soft, durable and high-quality. The luxurious feel makes the sheets perfect for sufferers of sensitive skin with no itching. They easily fit the mattress for soft and smooth finish. 

The 1500 series is a high-quality blend of microfiber and brushed bamboo. The strong and durable nature of these blends will ensure they last for the long term. The makeup of these sheets is a blend of 60% brushed microfiber and 40% rayon sourced from bamboo. This type of blend will ensure the sheets are extremely plush and able to stand up to general use a lot longer than regular cotton sheets. 

The high-quality nature of these sheets means they are wrinkle resistant, fade resistant, stain resistant and hypoallergenic. This means it is possible to wave goodbye to ironing, wrinkles and dust mites. 

These Zen branded sheets are very easy to maintain with the option to machine wash. Additionally, they have the ability to stay dust mite free, cool and stay fresh between washes. 

A great feature is the 30-day satisfaction guarantee packed with this bamboo sheet set. 

Like many of the other bamboo sets, the Zen Bamboo sheets are eco-friendly with great breathability, luxury coziness, and organic blend with microfiber. 

Customer Feedback about the Zen Bamboo 1500 Series Bed Sheets



Well made with full elastic fitting

Highly durable

Resistant to wrinkles and stains

Very soft touch

Multiple color options


Not entirely hypoallergenic

Likely to pill at times

Minor fit issues

Useful Tips to Maintain the Bamboo Sheets

Similar to other items of bedding, the bamboo fabric must be treated to maintain its all-round looks and quality. By following the basic washing instructions, it is possible to keep this fabric look like-new for longer than the alternative choices. Let's take a look at the simple rules to maintain the best bamboo sheets:

Firstly, using cold water is the best option to wash the bamboo bedding. Similar to many fabrics, the bamboo fabric will respond well to washing in cold water. However, the rule of using cold water doesn't always relate to the first wash. Unless the sheets are pre-shrunk, cold water is fine, but hot water is needed when the pre-shrunk stage hasn't been completed.

After washing, the drying process will need to be undertaken carefully, especially for the luxury set. The preferred option is to dry the sheets outside on the clothesline. However, if outside space isn't possible, the only alternative is a dryer set to the coolest and gentlest setting. 

Avoid color staining or bleeding. This rule should apply to any colored fabric. Also, the whites shouldn't go in the machine with colored fabrics. 

Additionally, the bamboo sheets should never be placed in a washing machine that has rough fabrics. Rough or coarse fabrics can easily start to pull at the soft bedding. A further rule is to avoid using softeners because the bamboo fabric is already very soft and smooth. 

Only make use of natural stain removers. For stains, there is the option to use a natural remedy like baking soda, castile soap, white vinegar, or pure hydrogen peroxide.

What are the Positives of Using the Best Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo sheets are highly rated in respect of their natural durability, quality, and comfort. This is just a few of the top reasons this type of bedding is favored ahead of alternatives in silk or cotton. A quick overview of the benefits will help everyone understand why sleeping on bamboo sheets is the best option.

Incredibly soft

A major quality of the bamboo sheets is the naturally soft feel and quality of the fibers. The actual softness level is comparable to cashmere and silk sheets. The naturally sourced fibers are pleasant to touch and extremely soft to the body. They are quite similar to the silky Egyptian cotton sheets but aren't affected by several of the negatives. Also, they will easily drape the body and won't slip like satin. 

Environmentally friendly

Bamboo sheets are naturally eco-friendly fabrics like viscose that is used for the bedding. For the eco-conscience person, this will be a very important consideration when buying household goods. Any of the bamboo fabrics will come directly from an organic and natural source. Additionally, this woody source is one of the few sustainable trees because the roots aren't removed from the earth when harvesting. They will grow back quickly and aren't dependent on a lot of water to survive. 

Grows with the use of toxins

The bamboo trees enjoy toxin-free growth with no need to rely on pesticides or chemicals.

Greater comfort and sleeping temperatures

Bamboo sheets are highly favored in regards too many other types of linen fabrics. Most of the bamboo bedding has built-in wicking properties that help to draw out moisture in the sheets to ensure it doesn't impact the person sleeping. This helps to keep the sleeper cool on hot nights and warm on cold nights. This feature is certain to appeal to those that experience changes in body temperature throughout the night. 

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic

For those suffering from irritations, allergies, or other issues with delicate skin, the bamboo bedding is a great choice because of its natural anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties. Natural bamboo fibers are very effective at acting much like an allergen barrier to keep fungus, spores or dust mites reaching the skin. Irrespective of the allergen that reaches the sheets, the natural bamboo fabric is very effective at repelling the allergens to help maintain the healthy skin.  

Highly stain resistant

A further useful quality of the bamboo sheets is the ability to fight off bacteria and stains. These stains may simply relate to oily skin. However, there is also the possibility of staining the viscose fabric used to make the bamboo bedding. 

Resistant to mites 

There are plenty of reports to indicate that the bamboo fabric is more effective at resisting dust and bed mites over the alternative options. This fact is very appealing and makes it worthwhile to invest in this type of bed sheet. 

Breathable and absorbent

The natural fiber of bamboo makes it highly porous to easily absorb the build-up of moisture, as well as giving great ventilation. This helps to avoid the sweaty nights or cold nights because the fabric is useful in maintaining the right sleeping environment. Also, this will help to minimize issues with unpleasant odors. 

Very easy to maintain

Even though the bamboo is delicate and natural fiber it is still relatively easy to clean and maintain. A typical reason for this is the fact; bamboo resists odors, so washing isn't required as much. When it comes to washing, the best bamboo sheets can be clean in the washing machine which should be at a low speed and using cold to lukewarm water. Also, the option to line dry is preferred, but it is still possible to use a dryer at low temperature. 

Highly durable material

The bamboo sheets can easily last for years no matter the times moved while sleeping or how many times the sheets are washed. After washing, the colors will be retained, and the durable fabrics will continue to look like new.


The best bamboo sheets are a pleasant blend for affordability and luxury. They are great for improving a night's sleep and also lasting for the long-term due to their strength and durability. Bamboo sheets help to maintain the temperature and make sure everyone can breathe better. Most people that upgrade to bamboo products rarely return to their previous silk or cotton sheets. Protection Status 


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