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If you are the one that wakes up before the night is over feeling hot and uneasy and you find yourself flipping your pillow over to the cool side and getting up to get a cup of water, then a cooling pillow is probably what you need. The cooling features and breathability of these pillows will help those who sleep hot to have a more peaceful sleep without any interruptions. These pillows can serve very well in the summertime and they will be a blessing for anybody who resides in the hot and humid regions.

According to a study from the American Academy of Sleep, people who suffer from insomnia can benefit from cooling down of the prefrontal cortex and this is the area just around the forehead where you lay on a pillow. If you deal with these sleep issues, a cooling pillow will do a lot of good for you and help you sleep way better.

The Best Cooling Pillows

1. Eden Shredded Memory Foam Cooling Pillow by Coop Home Goods

2. Bluewave Ultra Slim Gel-Infused Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

3. Urban Bloom Domus Cooling Pillow

4. Sleep Restoration Gel Cooling Pillow

5. Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Cooling Gel Pillow

6. WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Cooling Pillow

7. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

The Best Cooling Pillows Table

Pros and Cons of Cooling Pillows

Some of the advantages of using a cooling pillow are listed below

Temperature regulation: as you can expect, most of the pillows you get in the market that are advertised as cooling pillows will hold in some body heat and let sleepers stay cool and comfy all night.

Noise: since cooling pillows are manufactured from materials such as latex and memory foam, they give off very minimal sounds even when they have weight on them.

Support: memory foams and latex foams will give you the average level of support when you compare it to pillow materials since they will adjust and adapt to the head of the sleeper, the neck, and shoulders inclusive. This helps maintain a stable area all night.

Relieving Pain and Pressure: memory foams and Latex aid in alignment of the spine and they help alleviate the pain and pressure for those who sleep on them.

Durability: Cooling pillows are manufactured from latex and shredded memory foam which will usually last you for about three to four years and this is ranked as above average longevity.

Some of the disadvantages of using a cooling pillow are as follows

Cost: due to their custom design, cooling pillows are usually priced higher than non-cooling pillows. 

Weight: pillows produced from latex and shredded memory foam tend to be dense and usually heavy and thus it weighs more than 5 pounds. This makes them a lot of trouble to move around.

Odor issues: Latex has a lingering smell that accompanies it that smells like rubber and this is expected because latex is derived from rubber trees. The memory foam also tends to produce off-gassing.

Allergy Issues: for those with allergies and asthma they may have issues with these pillows as the latex tends to trigger allergies in some sleepers. This depends on the quantity of natural latex that has been used. With memory foams, they tend to attract dust mites, these create more allergy problems. 

Maintenance and Care: cooling pillows made from shredded memory foam sometimes require fluffing and regular shaking to help retain full shape. Latex cooling pillows are mostly one piece designs that do not require fluffing/ however, need not be spot cleaned or even dry cleaned and definitely never machine washed.

Availability: it can be very tasking to get your hands on a cooling pillow compared to the non-cooling ones and shoppers will be restricted in loft and firmness preferences. 

The Best Cooling Pillows Reviews

Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Coop Home Goods

Price: $89.99

Coop Home Goods Best Cooling Pillow Review By

Product Details

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 86% 

Measurements: 36 x 20 x 4.5 inches

Weight: 5.16 pounds

Product Analysis

The blend of shredded memory foam that promotes increased air circulation and flow and the natural fiber casings help sustain the Coop Home Goods Adjustable Loft Bamboo Cooling Pillow sleeping peacefully. Bamboo fibers are renowned for their breathability and hypoallergenic features, this makes them a very suitable option for those who have allergies. 

The quilted cover can stand alone as a casing since it is thick, protective and comfortable on the skin. The pillow does very well with a cotton pillowcase. Since it depends only on the production of the pillow and not on specific cooling options, in a warm room, or in use with a tight woven pillowcase. You can find that some heat retention will remain.

With full adjustability, this pillow is great for people whatever their sleeping position if they are already using temperature regulation and control in their room. It has good breathability and allows for a spectrum of customization and comfort that prevents heat from being retained close to your body.

Customer Feedback About The Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Fill is adjustable and manufactured with hypoallergenic infused memory foam that is paired with fiberfill

Excellent neck support thus you don’t have to worry about the discomfort of waking up with pain in your neck

Manufactured with polyester and bamboo sourced Rayon which gives excellent breathability and allows the pillow to remain cool all night

Doesn’t clump up or get flat over time

Accessibility is very easy and you can fully customize your pillow

Resistant to dust mite

Only flame retardant and hypoallergenic patented materials are employed

100-day trial included

Feels plush and soft and still gives firm comfort for the head, neck, and shoulders.

Available in standard sizes; king and queen


The pillow tends to have an initial odor that lasts a few days. You might need to air it out

Doesn’t come with extra stuffing. If you need this, you have to make a separate order

Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Price: $39.95

Bluewave Best Cooling Pillow Review By

Product Details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 84% 

Measurements: 15.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Product Analysis

The Bluewave bedding company was founded to examine the issue of the thin pillow. Their goal was to see how to make it easier to get a thin pillow. They understood that many bedding companies usually catered to the average and mediocre standards with a goal to meet the maximum amount of customers while turning a blind eye to the needs of a select few people. These people in the minority prefer a thinner and flatter option. 

Bluewave bedding has in stock a limited amount of pillows that have been tailored to meet the needs of people who sleep on their stomachs and on their backs. This category of sleepers requires a thinner pillow in order to keep their spines aligned all night. They also need a goof resting of the surrounding soft tissues that usually become strained and sore when there is no adequate support for the neck and head.

The ultra-slim, gel infused memory foam is available in different profiles in terms of height and firmness to meet the needs of a variety of people adequately. Regardless of the option you go for, you still have one of the thinnest options in the market. 

These pillows also offer more than head and neck support as they are made with features such as temperature regulation and cooling technology.

Customer Feedback About The Bluewave Bedding Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow


Sleeping cool

Excellent for stomach sleepers

Works wonders for neck pain

Durable and built to last


Some sleepers say it is too thin

Not good for side sleepers

May seem too firm

Urban Bloom Domus Pillow

Price: $94.95

Urban Bloom Best Cooling Pillow Review By

Product Details

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 85% 

Measurements: 27.5 x 4 x 15.5 inches

Weight: 3.88 pounds

Product Analysis

The first obvious part of the Domus Pillow is the attractive and stylish design and it is truly a comfortable brand. Added to its appeal is the fact t was made from the finest materials available.

The contoured foam used at the core is a lofty 5 inches thick foam with minimal flattening and excellent support all over. This pillow is built to last longer than any other you can find out there and it is probably the only ideal option for pillow fights in your home bar none.

If you have a liking to soft and long-lasting pillows, then this is the make for you. The swappable foams are made with a lot of air holes within it for proper ventilation, this adds to the coolness and comfortability or the sleeper all through the night.

Very similar to your most trusted t-shirt, the pillow is very soft because of its cover which is a knitted and stitched fabric with a hexagonal design very suitable for airflow. Built in is an air releasing mesh that makes it easy for heat to dissipate and disperse through the air pockets. This makes it best suited for cooling. 

The pillow is very durable and the makers have an extended 10-year warranty which is proof that they have confidence in the durability of their product.

The Domus Pillow is only made in one size which is the Queen size. The pillow is machine washable, but at the core, you can only spot clean. The zipper is made with customized leather strips and a pull tab. This might be burdensome to some people, but it will not be a big issue as they can easily detach it.

Customer Feedback About The Urban Bloom Domus Pillow


You can wash in a machine

Thick and with minimal flattening

Built-in air channels for heat dissipation

Excellent support for the cervical

Made from premium materials

10-year warranty

Interchangeable core


Available in only one size

Only cover is washable

he pillow is not adjustable

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow (2 Pack)

Price: $36.99

Sleep Restoration Best Cooling Pillow Review By

Product Details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 82% 

Measurements: 17.9 x 13.1 x 8.1 inches

Weight: 8.65 pounds

Product Analysis

This product is a best seller on Amazon and it gives you the best of comfort, style, and affordability. This cooling pillow is made to hotel quality. It has a thread count of 233, a cover with cotton and polyester blend and a plush feel. This pillow screams luxury and with the hypoallergenic and chemical free build makes it excellent for even those suffering from allergies. It is also resistant to stains, dust mites, mold, and mildew. The pillow somehow mixes the best of the traditional pillow design and the modem day design.

Whatever you choose to use it for, decoration or sleeping, you will find that this pillow will satisfy your needs. It is available in king and queen sizes. They are usually shipped to the buyers and due to arrive in a pack of two at a low and affordable price. At the quality of the pillows, you will be getting the best value for money. Naturally, the pillow is one of the best sellers considering the value it offers for the money spent. They will keep you cool all night and they can be adjusted to meet your own preferences. 

Customer Feedback About The Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow (2 Pack)


Comes in two packs

Anti-microbial properties

Hypoallergenic properties

Resistant to stains and fade

Guaranteed to satisfy

King and Queen Sizes available


Only the cover is washable

Not adjustable

Not enough support

Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow (2 Pack)

Price: $34.99

Sleep Restoration Best Cooling Pillow Review By

Product Details

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 79% 

Measurements: 17.5 x 13 x 8 inches

Weight: 9.15 pounds

Product Analysis

The Zen Bamboo is very high quality and environmentally friendly pillow that is guaranteed to serve you at every point. With this pillow, you can make every sleeping or resting time like a spa day. If you ever want to feel like you are in a hotel or a resort and remain in your home, then this plush pillow is a great option for you.

This pillow is very soft and supple and you can feel like you are sinking in all your dreams when you make use of it. It has a cloud like look and feel, and this appeals to everybody as a gentle and comfortable product to lay on. The material used in making the pillow has anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties tailored to maximize your comfort levels whatever your sleeping position. The cover is made from jacquard bamboo free of chemicals and offering a breathable and soft surface. This pillow is machine washable and also resistant to fade and stain. 

The ultra-plush gel pillows will arrive in a pack of two and it is only available in queen size. We didn’t consider how much support this pillow offers your neck, back or shoulder when ranking it but its main features by which it was ranked far outweighed the other factors. Zen bamboo doesn’t offer a warranty like some pillow manufacturers, but they do offer a 30-day full refund guarantee.

Customer Feedback About The Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow (2 Pack)


Comes in 2 packs

Environmentally friendly

Hypoallergenic properties


Resistant to fade and stain

Machine washable

30-day money back guarantee


Only one size available

No warranty included

Made with synthetic materials

No adequate support

Not adjustable

WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Price: $34.99

WEEKENDER Best Cooling Pillow Review By

Product Details

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 80% 

Measurements: 29 x 16 x 5 inches

Weight: 3.25 pounds

Product Analysis

The weekender is basically built for support and it is a step above many of its counterparts in terms of pressure relief. You can finally say goodbye to sleepless nights and get the peaceful sleep you deserve as though you were on holiday. This affordable cooling pillow helps regulate the temperature with a unique ventilation system that was made to maximize air circulation. The WEEKENDER pillow has excellent breathability and it also is very sturdy with its 5-inch loft that is aimed to keep you adequately aligned while relieving joint pressure and pain.

The pillow cover is soft and you can remove it to be washed in a machine. Its simplistic design is what makes it affordable, popular, and it is perhaps the most economical option available. As an added benefit to all that it already offers, the Weekender is a CertiPUR US certified product that is backed with a 3-year warranty. You really can’t find anything in the market that will do better than this with all of the factors considered.

The Weekender doesn’t do very well with style, but it makes up for this with functionality. The main issue with this pillow is its lack of adjustability and thinness. But this may be part of the design goals.

Customer Feedback About The WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow


Affordable price

Machine washable

Very supportive

Properly ventilated

CertiPUR US certified

3-year warranty


Only the cover is washable

Not adjustable

Only standard size available

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Price: $79.99

Snuggle-Pedic Best Cooling Pillow Review By

Product Details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 84% 

Measurements: 17 x 6.4 x 5.8 inches

Weight: 1.01 pounds

Product Analysis

Smuggle-Pedic has made a very environmentally friendly product that will ensure that you are cool and comfortable throughout the night. This pillow retains a medium level of softness and it is made in the USA. It will serve you regardless of your sleeping position.

It is made with lightweight shredded memory foam and it is a lot cooler than the traditional foam. It is also machine washable. All you have to do is throw the pillow in with your laundry when you need to.

This pillow is not only CertiPUR-US certified but it is also environmentally friendly and bio green certified. These certifications tell us that they are free of ozone depleters, fire retardants, phthalates, and mercury and lead. 

Customer Feedback About The Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow


Made with environmentally friendly bamboo shredded memory foam

The liner is adjustable so you can customize to your preference

Very breathable and with hypoallergenic properties

Machine washable

120-day trial and 20-year warranty.

Resistant to dust mites thus suitable for those with allergies

Available in two sizes, king and queen sizes

Very durable


Comes with an initial odor of rubber when new

What are Cooling Pillows?

Cooling pillows are special pillows that absorb heat from your body when you sleep until your body reaches a specific temperature. No matter how much heat you radiate, a cooling pillow will maintain the temperature. 

Cooling pillows also called chillers are made of varying special non-quilted materials like lyocell, polyester, bamboo, and cotton. They are hypoallergenic, breathable and light. Some cooling pillows have special covers made from phase-changing materials (PCM). A lot of cooling pillows contain shredded memory foam, graphite, gel, and one-piece breathable foam. 

You can buy cooling pillows in 4 sizes which are:

  • Specialty 
  • Standard
  • King 
  • Queen 

The Specialty size is about 16 inches long and 24 inches wide. The Standard size is 26 inches long and 20 inches wide. The Standard size comes at a good price, and it is compact. The King size is 36 inches long, and 20 inches wide. The King size befits those that use the pillow when working, watching television or reading. They are also good for those that toss and turn a lot when sleeping. The Queen size is 30 inches long and 20 inches wide. The Queen size so good for those that shift positions when sleeping. 

You must choose the right pillow with the right loft (height and thickness) so that you can support your neck optimally and enjoy your sleep. There are three different kinds of pillow lofts. They include: 

  • Low loft pillows
  • Medium loft pillows
  • High loft pillows

Low loft pillows are less than 3 inches thick, medium loft pillows are about 3-5 inches thick, and high loft pillows are over 6 inches thick. To select the pillow with the right loft, you must consider your body size, pillow placement on your bed, your sleeping position, the firmness of your mattress, your sleeping position and the size of your head.     

There are six types of cooling pillows. They are: 

  • Breathable pillows
  • Microbead pillows 
  • Combination pillows 
  • Gel memory foam pillows 
  • Water pillows 
  • Buckwheat pillows

Breathable pillows are pillows in which air flows through the pillow filling. This way, moisture that evaporates is diffused so that the temperature of the pillow can drop. The ventilation and circulation of air, breath, and humidity in the air work together to keep these pillows cool. These pillows could be down-filled pillows that contain airy feathers from the belly of a bird. Most of these pillows require fluffing and sunning to ensure that they remain breathing and sterilized. 

Microbead pillows consist of tiny polystyrene beads in a beanbag. The polystyrene beads are poor conductors of heat, and they are packed with spaces between them, so there is heat retention. 

Combination pillows are made through the combination of various cooling techniques. Some of these pillows use a combination of cool bursts of airflow to the memory foam to keep them breathing, and they use a fabric cover for absorbing excess moisture.   

Gel memory foam pillows are pillows with a layer of gel that contour the neck, head, and shoulders. The layer of gel absorbs the heat that is being radiated from the head to prevent the pillow from getting too warm. 

Water pillows contain a layer of polyester with down or foam inlaid with a sealed bag of water that is protected by a shield. The shield prevents the body heat from reaching the water, thus ensuring that the water remains cool. 

Buckwheat pillows are eco-friendly pillows with a hull conducts heat badly. Buckwheat pillows are quite heavy.   

How You Can Choose The Best Cooling Pillow? 

Here are some features that can help you select cooling pillows

Water-based or cooling-based cooling pillows

These pillows have a special cooling gel layer or water layer that help them to retain their cooling properties. These layers absorb heat from the head, neck, and shoulders and distribute this throughout the gel or water. This way, you won’t get hot, and you can enjoy your sleep.

The gel layers are often filled with memory foam filling. The cooling gel layer work with the memory foam filling to make you feel cool and comfortable. But if you use a pillowcase with these pillows, you won’t feel the cooling effect. But you can buy special pillow covers that are moisture wicking and breathable. They can even make the cooling effect of the pillows better. The pillows with water layers are easily customizable as they take the shape of the head and neck. They are good for sleeping on, but they can be noisy if there is air in the water pouch.

Hand washable or machine washable

Some cooling pillows can be washed in a washing machine while some need to be washed by hand. Water-based cooling pillows can be washed by machines if the water pouches are removed before washing. Most of these pillows have covers that can be machine-washed to keep your pillow clean and nice-looking. 


A lot of cooling pillows have buckwheat and bamboo covers and fillings that provide good airflow and reduces the heat coming from the neck and the head. Good breathability helps moisture to evaporate and make the cooling effect better. Get a cooling pillow with breathable, moisture-wicking removable covers. Those that tend to sweat a lot when sleeping need breathable pillows even more. It’s not compulsory for breathable pillows to use artificial cooling agents, so they are perfect for those that have allergies to synthetic materials. 

Pillow material

You should consider the material used to make the pillow before selecting a pillow. Here are some popular pillow materials. 

Down: Down is a material made from duck or goose feathers. It is mostly used for pillows found in high-end hotels. Down is a quality material that is durable and offers good support for the neck. But a lot of people are allergic to this material, and it is expensive. 

Bamboo: Bamboo is a natural plant-based fiber. A lot of cooling pillows are made from bamboo. But there are some pillows that are called bamboo cooling pillows when bamboo is only used for the casing. Most of these pillows use shredded memory foam and use bamboo for the casing. Don’t buy these ones. Buy the ones that are totally made from bamboo.

Memory foam: Memory foam is a material that is hypoallergenic and economical. Memory foam retains heat, and some people find it squishy and even stiff.

Latex: Latex is a natural pillow material that works fine for neck pain. Latex is also easy to maintain. But latex could have an odor, it has a short lifespan, and it is not moldable. 

Down alternatives: Down alternatives are cheaper than they are not animal-derived. They provide good support for the neck and head. But down alternatives are synthetic, and they require a lot of maintenance. They are also less fluffy. 

Buckwheat: Buckwheat is a plant that has seeds like grains. Buckwheat allows air to circulate between the grains. The seeds of buckwheat are the outer casings of the seed pods. Buckwheat pillows are filled with little seed hulls, and they can conform to the shape of your neck and head. 

Design and shape

Design and shape are two very important factors that one must keep in mind when buying cooling pillows. You must get a cooling pillow with a shape that suits your sleeping style. You should get a contoured cooling pillow if you suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain and you sleep on your side or back. Contoured cooling pillows can help to keep free from pain and ensure that your neck and spine are well aligned. Slimmer soft and medium-soft pillows are great for those that are back or pillow sleepers. Higher and firmer cooling pillows are great for the side sleepers. 


You should watch out for allergies when selecting a cooling pillow. 

Allergic sensitivities: Bamboo is a hypoallergenic material. Some people are allergic to latex and down materials.  

Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic is simply a marketing term. It is not scientific in any way. There is no material that can prevent allergies from occurring. But, there are some materials that are less likely to trigger an allergy. Some pillow covers have small pores that prevent allergens like dust mites to pass through. 


You should go for a cooling pillow with an affordable price. 

Certipur Certification

A Certipur certification can be confirmed easily as it is a tag attached to the pillow. It is evidence that toxins are not present in the pillow. Certipur is a nonprofit organization that tests the bedding for the presence of toxins like VOCs (volatile organic compounds), phthalates, ozone, heavy metals, flame retardants, and formaldehyde. The committee that carries out the evaluation consists of scientists, customer advocates, environmentalists, and academics. 


Buying a cooling pillow with an extended warranty period is good. Some manufacturers offer a money-back trial period along with a warranty. If you plan to use your cooling pillow for a long time, go for one with a 3-year warranty. A lengthy warranty indicates that the manufacturers of the pillows are confident about the quality of their product.     

Maintenance of Cooling Pillows 

You need to maintain your cooling pillow to ensure that it lasts for long and to get the best usage from it. Standard pillows can be replaced every year, but cooling pillows are designed to last for a longer period. Some are even designed to last as long as 5 to 6 years. But you must maintain them properly to keep their cooling property at optimum quality. 

Some cooling pillows consist of different materials on opposite sides, and both sides require different maintenance. For example, some cooling pillows have a pad of cooling gel on one surface and memory foam on the opposite surface. If you prefer one side to another side, you might find yourself flipping the pillow less often, and one side will depreciate faster than the other side. It is advisable that you rotate the pillow weekly or daily so that there will be even pressure on both sides of the pillow. 

A pillow that is made of memory foam requires different steps to clean it. First, you need to remove the pillowcase and pick away debris and hair from it. Then, you need to run a vacuum over the surface of the pillow. After that, you can clean away spots and stains with a mild cleaner without saturating the foam. You can leave the pillow to dry in a well-ventilated place. To prevent the pillow from emanating odors, you can sprinkle baking soda on it and vacuum it again. 

You must change the pillow cover of your cooling pillow once or twice a week. Pillowcases are easy to wash and clean than buying a new cooling pillow. 

Who Can Use Cooling Pillows?          

Cooling pillows are best for the following kinds of people: 

People that sleep hot: Cooling pillows can moderate temperature for those that sleep hot and ensure that they sleep well. You can try various pillow models and find the best one for you.      

People that sleep on their back or side: Those that sleep on their back can sleep on pillows with any loft. The spine is naturally aligned when sleeping on the back. Medium loft pillows are better for those that sleep on the side. 

People that can be awoken by any little noise: Latex pillows and shredded memory foam are best for this kind of people as these pillows stay silent when compressed.  

People That May Not Enjoy Cooling Pillows

The following kinds of people may not enjoy cooling pillows. 

Those that sleep on their stomach: Those that sleep on their stomach prefer to sleep on low-loft pillows. Low-loft pillows allow stomach sleepers to lie down without turning their heads much. But low-loft cooling pillows are difficult to find. 

Those that are sensitive to smells: Shredded memory foam and latex pillows emanate unpleasant smells, so they are bad for those that are sensitive to smells. 

Those that find it difficult to lift heavy pillows: Cooling pillows are quite heavier than regular pillows. 


Cooling pillows can improve your sleep significantly, especially if you find it difficult to sleep due to menopause symptoms and overheating. They can also help those that have sleeping disorders. There are various kinds of cooling pillows on the market, so you are bound to find something that suits you. It is essential that you select the right cooling pillow for your sleeping style. Protection Status 


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