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Winter comes and the world turns severely cold. It's hard to function during the day and harder to sleep at night. You've tried a good number of a duvet, but none of them helps in keeping you warm at night. If that's your situation right now, then we've got good news for you. You no longer have to stay up all night shivering down to your toes. You can now winter-proof your bed with any of our pick of the best electric blankets. These blankets promise to offer all the warmth you need during the coldest of nights and are great at soothing aching joints.

Unlike previous models of electric blankets, known to be thick, heavy and uncomfortable; the latest models are safer thinner, lighter and very comfortable. With any of these blankets, you may even go to bed with the windows left open for fresh air and not feel the slightest cold. They can also be used during all four seasons. That is why you should get yourself one.

The Best Electric Blankets

1. Shavel Home Products - The Best Electric Under Blanket

2. Serta - The Best Electric Over Blanket

3. Sunbeam - The Best Heated Mattress Cover

4. KD Navien - The Best Electrically Heated Mattress Topper

5. Holmes - The Best Electric Heated Throw

6. Beautyrest - The Best Electric Heated Duvet  

The Best Electric Blankets Table





The Best Electric Under Blanket

Shavel Home Products Best Electric Blanket Review by


The Best Electric Over Blanket

Serta Best Electric Blanket Review by


The Best Heated Mattress Cover

Sunbeam Best Electric Blanket Review by


The Best Electrically Heated Mattress Topper

KD Navien Best Electric Blanket Review by


The Best Electric Heated Throw

Holmes Best Electric Blanket Review by


The Best Electric Heated Duvet

Beautyrest Best Electric Blanket Review by


Two Main Types of Electric Blankets

There are two main types of an electric blanket - under blankets and over blankets. It is important that you find out which of these blankets works best for you. For some under blankets are perfect, while for others over blankets do the job better.

Under Blankets

This type of blankets is what majority of blanket users prefer. They are the sort of blankets that you spread over your mattress. They fit perfectly as they are fastened with elastics or cords. Under-blankets come in sizes that can cover the entire surface area of your mattress and beyond. Those who use this kind of blankets are advised to never lay directly on the mattress but to spread a sheet over the blanket so as to reduce the amount of heat and to protect the blanket.

The Best Electric Under Blanket

Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket

Price: $168.41

Shavel Home Products Best Electric Blanket Review by

Product details

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 72% 

Measurements: 90 x 90 x 1 inches

Weight: 8.9 pounds

Product Analysis

This blanket comes quilted with seven innovative layers of micro flannel that gets you feeling warm and extra comfortable. Its soft wire heating technology ensures there isn't a cold or hot area around the blanket. This electric blanket doesn't just provide you comfort in bed, but also gives your bedroom a luxurious look. It is also known to come with an auto shut off function that turns the blanket's heater after 10 hours of operation. 

Quality and Durability

As earlier mentioned, this blanket has got seven layers of comfort. Materials used in each of its layers are unique and long-lasting. They are also such that provides you with great comfort. These materials used alternatively in all layers include: down, polyester, micro flannel, and quilt.

Ease of Use and Care

This blanket comes with eight heat setting options that allow you to adjust to the level of warmth you desire. This feature lets you personalize your use of the blanket and turn your bed or couch into a cozy place you look forward to retiring to after a long day. With its 16-foot long power cord, you can plug it anywhere and rest knowing it won't get in your way while you're sleeping. Another incredible feature of this blanket is that it won't pill or shrink and is perfectly safe for drying and machine washing. 


In addition to its 10 hours auto shut off functionality, the blanket also comes with its inner wiring covered in a wet proof material.  

Customer Feedback About The Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket


It comes with seven layers of luxurious comfort

Its inner wiring is protected with a wet proof material

It comes with a 16- foot long power cord

It is ETL tested and certified with a 5-year warranty

It can be dried and is machine washable 

It is made with materials that don't pill or shrink easily


The power cord is way too heavy

Its control panel lightning turns off too quickly

Over Blanket

These type blankets are the exact opposites of under blankets in the sense that, while under blankets are what you lay upon, over blankets, on the other hand, are the sort of blankets used to cover your body.

The Best Electric Over Blanket

Serta Luxurious Low-Voltage Electric Blanket

Price: Out of stock

Serta Best Electric Blanket Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 78% 

Measurements: 84 x 62 x 0.5 inches

Weight: 5.4 pounds

Product Analysis

This electric blanket from Serta is able to offer warmth to users even when it isn't connected to a power source. And when it gets connected to a power source, the heat produced by the blanket is evenly distributed into every known area of the blanket. Thereby eliminating the possibility of having hot spots or cold spots on the blanket. The controller that comes along with this blanket is easy to read and move. It also comes with a non-slip that helps you easily adjust the blanket's temperature to a level that suits you. Its backlight display feature with auto dimmer helps a lot during the night, as it saves you the stress of getting out of bed to turn on the lights when the need arises.

Quality and Durability

This extra luxurious blanket is designed to provide users with great comfort and is also super safe. The Serta has got a highly decorated triple-ribbed design and comes with a micro-plush and excessively soft fabric. These awesome features make the luxurious electric blanket excessively soft and pleasant to touch.

Ease of Use and Care

In a bid to provide warmth and at the same time not make things difficult for customers, the manufacturers of this luxurious electric blanket made sure the product came without bulky or messy wires and cables. Unlike other electric blankets on the market, this blanket comes with very small and tiny wires. Its smaller cables don't mean it produces less warmth than other electric blankets with larger wires and cables. With this blanket, there are no hot spots or cold spots as the heat produced by the blanket is spread evenly.


This blanket comes with a low-voltage technology making it extra safe for anyone and anywhere. Its warmth and safety go hand in hand, making it one of the best electric blankets out there. It’s small and yet effective power supply boxes are able to transform the 120 VAC input into 12 V DC output which safely and quickly warms up the blanket. This blanket is extremely safe for use as the level of voltage it produces isn't risky.

Customer Feedback About The Serta Luxurious Low-Voltage Electric Blanket


It is both safe and comfortable

It comes with less bulky and messy wiring

The blanket comes powered by 120 VAC which makes it suitable for home use 


It cannot be connected directly to a 12 V DC

Another Types Of Electric Blankets

Heated Mattress Protectors or Covers

These are quite similar to under blankets we earlier discussed. But unlike the latter, they function like fitted sheets. 

  • They come with an elasticated skirt. This feature keeps the cover from moving about when you sleep
  • There aren't wirings in the place your pillow will be. This feature makes it safer to use and conserves lots of energy

These serve the same function of a mattress protector as they help keep your bed safe and in excellent condition. They are also known to give your bed an elegant and luxurious feel.

The Best Heated Mattress Cover

Sunbeam Premium Luxury Quilted Heated Electric Mattress Pad

Price: $133.14

Sunbeam Best Electric Blanket Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 82% 

Measurements: 60 x 80 inches

Weight: 5.25 pounds

Product Analysis

The beautiful quilted electric heated mattress pad from Sunbeam is a soft and cozy heated mattress pad you will absolutely love. It is made up of 100% natural cotton and is well decorated with an amazing quilt design. It also comes with an easy to set LCD backlit digital control unit that has a dual controller with 10 different personalized heating settings per side, auto-off and preheat features that provide you comfort and convenience. 

If you have a spouse, you and your partner can choose how much warmth you want on each of your sides of the mattress. With this mattress pad, you can freely turn down your bedroom thermostat during winter nights and still feel warm and comfortable. It comes in King and California King Sizes and promises to make your cold winter nights comfortable, relaxing and warm. 

Customer Feedback About The Sunbeam Quilted Heated Electric Mattress Pad


It is machine washable and is dryer safe 

This mattress pad helps you cut down on your heating bills

It comes with a 10-hour auto-off feature

You will not feel the wires


It isn't long lasting

Heated Mattress Topper

It is well known that the more padding your bed has, the more comfortable it will be. So if you wish to get your bed feeling comfier, go get yourself a good mattress topper. With an amazing heated mattress topper, an extra layer of padding is added to your bed, thereby bringing you sufficient warmth and comfort.

The Best Electrically Heated Mattress Topper

Comfort-Mate, Bed Warming Mattress Topper by KD Navien

Price: Out of stock

KD Navien Best Electric Blanket Review by

Product details

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 100% 

Measurements: 78.7 x 59.1 x 1.2 inches

Weight: 7 pounds

Product Analysis

KyungDongNavien (KD Navien) This firm was founded in 1978 and is the first company in all of Asia to have created a highly effective condensing boiler. The 4 Tc (Temperature Control) technology offers you the perfect temperature to let you sleep with much comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • It is easy to connect with boiler and mat
  • It comes with a one-click connection
  • Its hoses are well protected with connector guard to help safeguard the mattress topper from water leakages and burns
  • You don't have to wake up at night to regulate its temperature and mode
  • The KD Navien comes with a unique and sleek design remote control
  • It comes with a moderate, return, even and dual temperature (4tc) technology that will modify the best temperature according to your sleeping cycle
  • It comes with a sterilization mode that helps you keep its water pure and free from any harmful microorganism or bacteria 
  • You and your spouse won't have to fight over the temperature of the mat, as it comes with functionality that lets you set different temperate for both sides
  • Its detachable cover easily absorbs sweat and is machine washable 
  • The interior of the mat comes with 5 layers of printed waterproof fabrics, silicon hose, insulation, hose protection fabrics, and mattress foam-cushion

Customer Feedback About The Bed Warming Mattress Topper by KD Navien


It is very comfortable

Its cover is made up of 100% organic cotton

It comes with loads of adjustable features

It comes with lots of built-in safety measures

It is of high quality, durable and long lasting

It comes with a child lock mode


It is very costly

It doesn’t work with distilled water

Heated Throw

If being cuddled under your favorite blanket in bed or couch feels amazing, then imagine how super amazing and warmer it would be if that same blanket of yours could be heated up a little bit. Heated throws aren't just ideal for winter as they could also be used for home deco during summer as well.

The Best Electric Heated Throw

Holmes Oversized Reversible Sherpa Heated Throw

Price: $54.95

Holmes Best Electric Blanket Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 93% 

Measurements: 60 x 70 x 0.5 inches

Weight: 3.9 pounds

Product Analysis

Your winter doesn’t have to be unbearable as you can get cozy with the extra warmth a Holmes Heated Throw offers. This throw is soft, soothing and oversized- giving you enough room to snuggle on the couch or recliner. With the cushy warmth provided by the premium-soft fabric of this throw, you can now turn down the thermostat and still not freeze to death. It comes with an EliteStyle™ lighted control, 3 heat settings and a 3-hour auto shut off functionality.


  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • 100% premium-soft polyester
  • ThermoFine technology auto-adjusts for consistent warmth
  • 5-year limited warranty

Customer Feedback About The Holmes Oversized Reversible Sherpa Heated Throw


It is soft, cozy and very comfortable

It is large enough to cover every part of your body sufficiently

It is durable

It is easy to maintain


It comes with a very sensitive controller that sometimes turns on by itself

Heated Duvet

Heated duvets are perfect for people who can't afford a good electric blanket, but need something nearly as effective as the latter. A heated duvet can be used as an ordinary duvet during summer periods, and during winter its heat function gets switched on to make it suited for the season.

The Best Electric Heated Duvet

Beautyrest SolidMicrolight/Berber Heated Duvet

Price: $152.98

Beautyrest Best Electric Blanket Review by

Product details

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 90% 

Measurements: 100 x 90 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 7.93 pounds

Product Analysis

Your sleep gets better in the Beautyrest Solid Microlight heated duvet. This product comes with a Secure Comfort Technology designed to get rid of Electromagnetic Field emissions essentially. Its flexible wires and ultra-soft microlight luxurious fabric brings you more comfort than you can possibly imagine. The heated duvet comes with a 10-hour auto shut off and has 20 different temperature settings allowing you to customize it to your taste. Queen and King Size of this duvet come with two controllers while the Twin and Full-size model come with one controller.


  • 100% premium soft polyester
  • Imported
  • 100 by a 90-inch duvet
  • Machine washable

Customer Feedback About The Beautyrest SolidMicrolight/Berber Heated Duvet


It has a luxurious texture and is super soft

The heat it produces is distributed evenly

The wires are long enough


Its cords that go from the bottom of the blanket to the controllers may be too short when used on a large mattress

A Guide To Buying Heating Blankets 

Take your time when buying heating blankets. Do not buy the first blanket that you see. Heating blankets require electricity to work, so you need to ascertain the safety of the model that you are buying. You also need to consider the safety and practical features of the heating blanket that you are selecting. 


The first thing to consider when buying an electric blanket is how safe it is. If your electric blanket has markings of ETL or UL, it means that the brand can be trusted. The markings show that the brand follows strict safety standards. You also need to check the plug type of the blanket to confirm that it fits with the country that you stay in. 


Heated blankets come in the following sizes: 

King, Queen, Double, Twin

Some manufacturers provide them in uncommon sizes like Twin XL and short Queen. You should buy one with a size closer to the size of your bed. If you buy the wrong size of the heating blanket, you risk subjecting damaging the cords and elastics of the blanket. You will notice a lot of wear and tear on the blanket because of the increased friction. 


Hearing blankets now come with a lot of useful features like heat settings and timers. These features make them safer and more convenient for users to provide you with an optimal sleeping experience. But if you think a basic heating blanket is fine for you, then go for one. Go for what you need to save costs as the more features a heating blanket has, the more expensive it will be. 

Ease of Use

The most expensive blanket is not necessarily the most effective one. Go for blankets that are easy to use. Watch out for the following: 

  • If you share a bed with someone, go for a heating blanket that can regulate two halves with separate control. It won’t make sense to share a heating blanket with someone that has a different sleeping preference from you. 
  • If you have a pet that sleeps with you, go for a low voltage heating blanket
  • Ensure that the controls of the heating blanket are big enough for you to see, especially if you have poor or weakening eyesight. Those that have arthritis should also watch out for this
  • Ensure that the heating blanket is not too heavy for you 
  • Various factors affect the ease of usage of a heating blanket. Watch out for all of them.  
  • Feel and Materials Used 
  • Watch out for the following when checking the material of a heating blanket: 
  • The durability of the material 
  • The beauty of the material 
  • The softness of the material in relation to your comfortability when sleeping 
  • Shedding of lint or not 
  • Wire thickness of the material (the thinner, the better)
  • How easy to wash the material is

Temperature Range

Your electric blanket must be well suited for the environment you live in. You much check the temperature range and the maximum heat of the electric blanket. Check if you have a wide range of settings to choose from. Top-quality heating blankets have up to ten different settings so you won’t have a problem finding something you like. A lot of heating blankets have their temperature within the range of 80⁰F to 108⁰F. Look for heating blankets that can give you consistent temperature if you want. They do this by tracking your temperature and adjusting the blanket as needed. 


Pricing is another important factor. It’s good to find a model that has all the features you want within your budget. If a heating blanket is expensive, there are chances on the long run, you might save more money by using the heating blanket instead of a heater. Factor in your utility bills and use that to make a purchasing decision. The price of a heating blanket ranges from $35 to $200. 

Advanced Features To Look Out For In A Heating Blanket

A basic heating blanket heats up and keeps you warm, but there are better ones that provide some advanced features. Here are the advanced features of some heating blankets. 

Programmable blankets: Some heating blankets have programmable settings. You can program them to get heated at a particular time before you get to bed and enjoy the warmth as soon as you get to bed. 

Auto-off: Auto-off feature sets the heating blanket to go off at a particular period. This will prevent you from getting too hot when you sleep. 

Digital screen: Some heating blankets come with a digital screen that allows you to read controls in the middle of the night when you want to increase or reduce the heat. 

Adjustable heat settings: Some heating blankets have adjustable heat settings that allow you to select a temperature that is convenient for you. 

Dual controls: These blankets allow you to have diverse settings for the two sides of a blanket. They are designed for those that sleep with a partner. With this feature, you and your partner don’t need to compromise comfortability as you can set the temperature to what you like. 

Soft and thick blanket: Some heating blankets are made of polyester. These heating blankets can be very soft and thick at the same time. They can also be fire-resistant and made in a way that you can’t feel the wire. 

Machine washable: With these blankets, controls and plugs can be removed. This allows you to throw the blanket into your washing machine for washing. 

Advantages Of Owning A Heated Blanket In The Winter 

Even though this section is talking about the advantages of using a heated blanket in the winter, their usage is not restricted to the winter season alone. You can use them in other periods of time. Here are the advantages of using a heated blanket in the winter:

You get to keep warm while turning your heater off. You save a lot on utility bills this way.  

The cold won’t wake you up so you can sleep better. You wake up feeling rejuvenated. 

You can put them on before you fall asleep if it gets warm when you want to sleep. You get to fall asleep faster because you won’t need to wait till you feel cozy and comfortable. 

Keep them also for other seasons as they will also come handy then.  

Health Benefits

A heated blanket can help you ward off any of the following health challenges: 

Stiffness: It helps you to regain flexibility after a stiffness spell, and it does this by generally increasing the blood flow.

Muscle pain: By increasing the blood flow also, it can help to alleviate muscle pains and aches as it helps the muscle to relax. 

Allergies: From a prolonged used, it could help kill up to 50% of dust mites.

Tension: it can generally provide you with the comfort that will result in a calming sleep at night. 


What makes electrically heated blankets work?

Electrically heated blankets, like heating pads, make use of insulated wirings or heating elements incorporated into the serpentine structure of the blanket's fabric itself. Heat is produced by the electrical currents these wires are able to generate. In between the plug and the blanket, there is a thermostat-- or temperature control unit-- which serves to regulate the amount of electricity that runs through the wires. With this, the user can moderate the temperature. Modern electric blankets now make use of carbon fiber wires, which are not almost weightless which in turn allows for the more comfortable use of the electric heated blanket. You can find this same technology in luxury vehicles’ heated car seats.

Unlike other heating supplying products, you don't have to worry with electric heated blankets. They are less expensive, for one thing, as they consume less energy. They above all you warm and comfortable.

Are electric heated blankets safe to use?

Modern electric heated blankets are less hazardous than the ones used in previous years. As part of the precautions to take, do not use a heated blanket where a small child or pet sleeps. Below is a list of more comprehensive instructions by The Fire Service:

  • Always turn off at the mains when not in use
  • Don’t get blankets wet, and if your blanket does get wet, don’t use it. Never switch it on to dry it.
  • Never use an electric under blanket as an electric over blanket, and vice versa
  • Keep all blankets flat – make sure there is no crumbling that could hold any excess heat
  • Only leave a blanket switched on all night if it has thermostatic controls for safe all-night use.
  • Use a blanket that has the UK Safety Standard mark
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions

How can I maintain an electric heated blanket?

You want to have a better Blanket that is as clean as it is warm. The manufacturer's instructions are handy and, generally, you can wash your heated blanket at 40 degrees using a detergent. And make sure you disconnect it from the power source before washing. To avoid damaging the wiring, never use a wet heated blanket. And should not iron electric heated blankets, too.

How long can I use an electric heated blanket?

You can use an electric heated blanket for a period of ten years. When getting a new one, do not settle for a second hand.

What are the fabric options?

It all depends on personal taste. Generally, they can be made from cotton, fleece or polyester. Durability and considering cost, polyester is better; but the thing with it is that it is less breathable than cotton. To have for an overall enjoyable experience, you should settle for fleece. 

Can people suffer from allergies make use of it?

The answer is yes, as you can find many anti-allergy types out there. Specifically, they are made from hypoallergenic fabrics. With this, they make an unfavorable environment for dust mites. 

Can I feel the wires?

It is better not to, as modern heated blankets are made of flexible and thin wires.

Is it advisable to use an electric heated blanket with a memory foam mattress?

Naturally, memory foam mattress reacts with your own body heat. What now happens is that the electric heated blanket prevents this by acting as a barrier to your body and mattress. You can still find some compatible models, though.

Should you wash an electric heated blanket in a washing machine?

Though not all heated blankets are machine washable, the ones you will find are.  The first thing to do is to detach the plug and controllers, before dipping it into a washing machine. Then activate the gentle setting on your washer, and, on the dryer, the low heat setting. 

Should use electric heated blankets for pets?

As pets are prone to run more temperature than us, you shouldn't use an electric heated blanket. Keep away from all pets, especially dog pets as you don't want them chewing at it. 

What color and size do I need?

This depends on personal taste. Generally, electric heated blanket usually come in different colors and pattern fabrics. Given the wide array of options, you will find the one that is congruent with the rest of your bedding. 

Check your bed size before buying, so that they match. People tend to have different temperature preferences. If you sleep with a partner, get a blanket with dual controllers, adjustable to each person's preference. 

Safety Rules To Remember As You Install Your Electric Heated Blanket

On the surface, it might just seem as easy to operate an electric heated blanket: just plug and that is all… Still, there are instructions be mindful of, especially before using an electric heated blanket.

Below are some safety practices:

1. Do not put the device on, when not in use

2. You should not use an electric heated blanket on a waterbed

3. To avoid melting of the wires, do not iron your electric heated blanket. 

4. Avoiding using for children or persons who cannot operate the controllers. 

5. Avoiding looping the cord around the control panel. 

6. Avoid using a pin on your heated blanket to prevent wire puncturing. 

7. Keep away from pets as they can damage wires with teeth or claws. 

8. Do not use on a reclining chair, an adjustable bed, etc., to avoid pinching of the wire. Protection Status 


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