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Have you been on the lookout for one of the best firm mattress available on the market?  Well, search no more as we have here listed the best mattresses to go for. We perfectly understand that your being in the market for a good mattress means you want something that is affordable, reliable, comforting and durable. And we have just the right pick for you.

Firm mattresses produced in today's world are made up of a wide range of materials to include latex, memory foam, gel, and the very popular spring construction. While some mattresses are made up of one of these components, some are a combination of more than one of these components. Take for example the fusion of memory foam and gel or foam and springs.

Individuals wishing to get a firm mattress can now go for a product that suits their preference. Those who prefer a tight top mattress and those who prefer a plusher pillow-top type mattress all now have their choices available on the market.

The problem that is surrounding memory foam mattresses is their inability to hold heat has lately been dealt with thanks to advances in its construction technology. The synthesis of gel and memory foam has been the genius improvement that now assures you of a cooler night of sleep while on this type of mattress.

Enough said, if you are in need of a firm mattress that gets you a better night of sleep, then you should check out our list of the very best firm mattresses currently available on the market. Please note that the following overview specifically covers only the best queen mattresses.

The Best Firm Mattresses

1. Sunrising Bedding - The Best Hybrid Firm Mattress

2. Best Price Mattress - The Best Foam Firm Mattress

3. Serta - The Best Innerspring Firm Mattress

4. Sleep On Latex - The Best Latex Firm Mattress

5. Layla - The Best Firm Mattress For Back Pain

6. Amerisleep - The Most Firm Mattress

The Best Firm Mattresses Table





The Best Hybrid Firm Mattress

Sunrising Bedding Best Firm Mattresses Review By


The Best Memory Foam Firm Mattress

Best Price Mattress Best Firm Mattresses Review By


The Best Innerspring Firm Mattress

Serta Best Firm Mattresses Review By


The Best Latex Firm Mattress

Sleep On Latex Best Firm Mattresses Review By


The Best Firm Mattress For Back Pain

Layla Best Firm Mattresses Review By


The Most Firm Mattress

Amerisleep Best Firm Mattresses Review By


The Best Firm Mattresses Reviews

The Best Hybrid Firm Mattress

Sunrising Bedding Natural Hybrid Mattress

Price: $355.99

Sunrising Bedding Best Firm Mattresses Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 89% 

Dimension: 80 x 60 x 8 inches

Thickness: 8 Inches

Weight: 81.6 pounds

Product Analysis

This amazing mattress is an affordable option for individuals looking for a natural latex spring mattress. When choosing a mattress, it is important to go for one that is completely free of chemical latex, and this is just that mattress. The product boasts of a 100% organic natural latex at its top layer which helps to make it soft, super responsive and above all gets you a healthy sleep. The mattress also comes with an encased coil spring which helps to keep motion transfer from ever occurring. Its powerful steel coils have been made in such a way that they are able to withstand any body size without sagging or sinking.

Talalay Latex Comfortable Cushion Top LayerNature Latex Material 

The top layer of the Sunrising Bedding Mattress is totally composed of 100% natural organic latex gotten from the sap of rubber trees from Thailand. Which is just the right mattress for a healthy and cool sleep as it contains no chemicals. This incredible mattress is also known to have been manufactured through Talalay latex technology. The enhanced natural latex derived through this means of production does so well to boost the mattress' bounce, elasticity, and responsiveness.

High-Quality Independent Pocket Spring

Another amazing feature of the Sunrising Bedding Mattress is it's 2.0 mm gauge encased coil spring, located in the middle of the mattress. Which helps to prevent sagging and sinking of the top layer of the mattress. This feature has such a great orthopedic impact on the back, waist, and shoulders as it allows for better blood circulation and relieves pain in the joints and numbness in the muscles. It doesn't just end there as the Sunrising Bedding Mattress also comes with an encased coil springs made to work independently. What this means is, you no longer would have to worry about having your sleep interrupted by a restless partner. 


  • Totally Made of Natural Latex
  • Contains no Synthetic Latex or Blended Latex
  • Built with sleep cooling properties
  • Completely Odorless
  • Latex is free from every form of chemical, synthetics, pesticides, and herbicides

The Best Memory Foam Firm Mattress

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Price: $159.51

Best Price Mattress Best Firm Mattresses Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 87% 

Dimension: 80 x 60 x 8 inches

Thickness: 8 Inches

Weight: 58.6 pounds

Product Analysis

Yet another incredible invention. This fabulous mattress offers you a sleeping surface so comforting and irresistible. Its advanced body-conforming technology allows it to mold itself to fit the shape of the body lying upon it. When this is done, It then disperses the body weight evenly along its exterior. This feature is what makes sleeping on the memory foam so soothing.


  • Incredible body-conforming capability
  • Offers you great comfort and gets you sleeping deeper and better
  • Comes with a pressure relief system installed in it
  • CertiPUR-US Certified/10 year warranty
  • Mattress layers: 2" memory foam, 2" Super Soft Foam with pressure relief system and 4" high-density foam

The Best Innerspring Firm Mattress

 Serta Perfect Sleeper Ultimate Xfirm 900 Innerspring Mattress

Price: Out of stock

Serta Best Firm Mattresses Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 92% 

Dimension: 75 x 54 x 12 inches

Thickness: 12 Inches

Weight: 57 pounds

Product Analysis

The 900 Extra firm mattress is one of the best firm mattresses available on the market today. Now, this model comes with a Serta’s new Cool Action Gel Memory Foam and premium 886 Custom Support individually wrapped coil innerspring. 

The goal of creating this mattress was to put an end to the 5 common sleep problems most individuals struggle with. And with the amazing features this mattress contains, the goal of its design team was sufficiently met.

  • With its cool action memory gel, this mattress reduces the tendency to toss and turn while you sleep
  • Its Serta’s 886 Custom Support Individually Wrapped Coil Innerspring provides you adequate back support and alignment
  • Its design known to promote airflow helps you enjoy an optimal sleep temperature
  • Its motion isolation design helps you enjoy an interrupted sleep even when you share a bed with a restless sleeper
  • Its Serta’s Comfort Last Construction and Best Edge Foam Encasement feature helps prevent sagging, sinking and the tendency to roll-off

In addition to all the awesome features earlier mentioned, this mattress comes with an extra-thick layer of Serta Support Foam which has been known to be the source of the firmness that can be felt in every part of the mattress. And there's also the lower coil gauge innerspring design which gives this model a more solid property unlike other models as the 900 Plush and Super Pillow Top Plush. To get the best out of this mattress, it is advisable that you make use of a Serta adjustable foundation.

The Best Latex Firm Mattress

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Price: $795.00

Sleep On Latex Best Firm Mattresses Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 89% 

Dimension: 60 x 80 x 9 inches

Thickness: 9 Inches

Weight: 150.8 pounds

Product Analysis

The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress isn't your average firm mattress, as it is made purely of natural latex foam, organic cotton and organic New Zealand wool amongst many other amazing components. Its design team put in so much work to craft this mattress for beauty, great usability, durability and above all comfort.

For individuals who prefer sleeping on their stomachs and sturdy surfaces, this mattress is just the perfect pick. It also comes with a feature that helps lessen pressure points.

Installed at the bottom layer of this mattress is a 6 inches layer of Pure Green 100% natural latex foam. The presence of the natural latex foam makes the base of the mattress not only supportive but strong and durable. And installed at the top layer of the mattress is a 2 inches comfort layer of Pure Green 100% natural latex foam which makes the area softer and supportive. This model also comes with 1-inch wool covering around its surface, which makes it more comforting and adds to its height.

The Best Firm Mattress For Back Pain

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Full Mattress

Price: $880.00

Layla Best Firm Mattresses Review By

Product details

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 86% 

Dimension: 60 x 80 x 10 inches

Thickness: 10 Inches

Weight: 70 pounds

Product Analysis

Made in the USA, the Layla Memory Foam is a flippable mattress that provides you with double firmness options in a single mattress. Its amazing feature of two firmness options gives you the chance to discover the most comforting fit for you. In addition to its two firmness options, the copper-infused mattress comes with a cooling system that helps to keep your body from getting overheated while you sleep and shifting support that accommodates any sleeping position.

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress also comes with its cover infused with ThermoGel. What this feature does is that it helps with the dispelling of heat and does well to keep one's body temperature cool even during the hottest nights.

The Most Firm Mattress

Amerisleep AS1 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Price: Out of stock

Amerisleep Best Firm Mattresses Review By

Product details

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 100% 

Dimension: 60 x 80 x 10 inches

Thickness: 10 Inches

Weight: 75 pounds

Product Analysis

The AS1 10 inches Memory Foam is made up of three layers to include a Celliant blend cover; a top layer of cooling foam and a base of supportive foam. These unique features make the AS1 the firmest amongst other Amerisleep models.

The Amerisleep comes with a unique memory foam that helps keep the body from producing heat thereby allowing individuals to enjoy a cooler sleep. The Celliant blend cover infused at the top layer of the mattress is solely responsible for body cooling and regulation of temperature.

This is a very firm mattress so you can dispel all your fears of having your hips or any part of your body sinking into the mattress. The mattress also helps you avoid experiencing aches in your lower back on getting out of bed as it ensures your spine is in a better position when you sleep.

Guidelines For Buying and Maintaining A Firm Mattress

Have you discovered that a firm mattress is what works for you? If yes, then the following guidelines should put you in the right direction in terms of buying a good firm mattress and maintaining it.

Always Ask for Sleep Trials

While a lot of firms offer customers sleep trials for their mattress, there are some who don't. Regardless of the amazing reviews, you may have read online about a particular firm mattress, never make the mistake of purchasing it without first testing it out. The duration of a typical sleep trial ranges between 3 to 4 months of usage. The sleep trial allows you test to know if the mattress is suitable for you or not. In the case where the mattress fails to meet your standard, you can always return it to the manufacturer and get a full or partial refund. This saves you from spending your hard earned on the wrong product.

Dual Firmness Is Always The Best

A single firmness mattress is good, but not as good as a dual firmness mattress. As humans, we all have different tastes and preferences. While you might prefer a firmer mattress surface, your partner or someone who shares a bed with you may rather prefer a mattress with a softer surface, the more reason why going for a mattress with dual firmness is better. The only downside with getting this type of mattress is that it is more expensive than the single firmness mattress.

Flippable Models Provide the Most Comfort

These models of mattresses are scarce, but if you find the right one and have the money to purchase it, then go for it. The mattress comes with a firmness rating customized for each comfort layer and has a shared support core. This model is best for individuals who prefer sleeping on a mattress that has got a shifting firmness preference.

Always Check To Know What's Contained In the Warranty

It is important to know what's covered in the warranty of the mattress you're about to purchase. If what's covered in the warranty isn't something that has a tendency to occur, then it is advisable that you don't purchase the product. You should also ensure the warranty covers changes in the owner's firmness and comfort preferences. As this will allow you to return the mattress in the case where you notice the firmness of the mattress isn't right for you anymore.

Consider Getting Additional Layers

In the case where your sleep trial has come to an end, and you realize the firmness of a mattress isn't right for you anymore, instead of getting emotional and feeling bad that you wasted your money purchasing the mattress, you can get a topping with a lower firmness rating for the mattress. Toppers have also been known to provide comfort so put them into consideration when you wish to lighten your mattress' firmness. There are loads of affordable toppers in the market you can go for. Some of these toppers are made from such materials as feather, fiber, fabric, latex, and wool.

Only Go For Pillows Based on their Firmness

When purchasing a pillow for your new mattress ensure that its firmness works well with the firmness of your mattress. In the case where you sleep on a firm mattress, it's advisable that you go for a thicker pillow as this will provide the right amount of cushion between your head and the sleeping surface, and save you from straining your neck and shoulder while sleeping.

Only Go For A Firm Mattress That Works For You

You are advised never to purchase a mattress because someone you know purchased the same mattress and claimed it was perfect. As earlier stated, we all have a different perception of things. A certain mattress that feels firm and comforting to James might not have the same effect on John. Another known factor to look out for is weight. The feel a heavy person would have while on a certain mattress will not be the same feeling a lighter person would have while on the same mattress. The most important factors to consider when purchasing a mattress includes your age, health, sleep style and the firmness of the mattress.

In the case where the mattress you sleep on isn't a firm mattress, and you get out of bed every morning having back pains that you get relief from after stretching, then it means a softer mattress isn't appropriate for you. In such a situation it is recommended that you go for a firm mattress. 

Not certain if the decision to go for a firm mattress is right or wrong for you, this guide will provide you with all the needed information and place you in the right direction in that regard. Below are a few considerations to look out for when choosing a mattress.

The Following Kind of People Are Better Suited for Firm to Medium-Firm Mattresses:

  • People who sleep on their stomachs
  • People who sleep on their backs
  • People with high BMI
  • People who are hot sleepers
  • People who suffer from back pains
  • People suffering from Arthritis
  • Children

People Who Sleep On Their Stomachs

Now, these set of individuals are considered rare. After conducting a survey on 1000 people, Professor Chris Idzikiwoski of The Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service discovered that only 7% of the subjects sleep on their stomach. If you're such an individual that sleeps on your stomach, then a firm mattress should be what you go for. Doing otherwise might bring about the misalignment of your spine's curvature as it sinks in too deeply in the case where the mattress is soft.

People Who Sleep On Their Backs

Just as stomach sleepers, those who sleep on their backs are also rare. Such individuals are advised to go for a medium firm mattress as it adequately supports the spine's “S” curve while they lay down to sleep. Back sleepers are further advised by The University of Rochester Medical Center to place a pillow just directly under their knees as it helps with alignment of the spine.

People With High BMI

Studies conducted by the Sleep to Live Institute has shown that people with high body mass index are more suited for firmer mattresses. The reason for this is clear enough. Someone who is heavy and tries sleeping on a softer mattress will find his or herself sinking too deep into the mattress owing to their excessive weight.

People Who Are Hot Sleepers

Do you sweat a lot while you sleep? If yes, then you are a hot sleeper. Women are the individuals who fall more into this category. Owing to the fact that they experience hormonal surges during their mid-life. Men can also be hot sleepers as just about anyone can wake up in the middle of the night sweating profusely. Sleeping and sinking into a soft mattress will increase your body temperature and cause you to sweat while sleeping. This is the reason why hot sleepers should avoid purchasing any mattress that doesn't have a very firm surface.

People Suffering From Back Pains

Those who suffer from back pains must have noticed that whenever they sleep on soft mattresses the ache on their back doubles, but when they lay on a more firmer mattress the pain is incredibly reduced. Studies from Harvard Medical School also goes on to show that medium-firm to firm mattresses are perfect for people with chronic back pains.

People Suffering From Arthritis

According to an expert from The Cleveland Clinic, such individuals have been to known to sleep better when they lay on a firm mattress. Firm Mattresses helps alleviate arthritic aches and pains as the spine of Arthritic patients is well aligned when they sleep.


Children have been known to sleep better on mattresses with firmer surfaces. If you have a growing child, it is recommended that you get the child a firm mattress. Understand that children aren't quite able to regulate their body temperature while they sleep, so a firmer mattress which is usually cooler will help your child experience a better night rest.

Please Note That Firm to Medium-Firm may not be Appropriate for the following Individuals:

  • People who sleep on their side
  • People with Lower BMI
  • People who are old
  • People who suffer from Sleep Apnea
  • People Who Sleep On Their Side

Studies have shown that the majority of the worlds population sleep on their sides. For such individuals, firm mattresses aren't suitable. Sleeping with your sides on a firm mattress will bring about a great amount of discomfort around the shoulders, neck, and hips as they aren't properly cushioned. If you are a side sleeper, then it is recommended you go for a softer mattress.

People With Lower BMI

Thinner people may find sleeping on mattresses with firm surfaces very distressing. They go to bed and wake up with aches and pains in various areas of their body. So, if you are underweight, sleeping on a softer mattress will bring you all the needed comfort.

People Who Are Old

Elderly folks who aren't suffering from chronic inflammation of any of their body joints are advised to avoid sleeping on firm mattresses. A soft mattress is suitable for elderly folks as it helps retain all the heat their body produces and needs, and also reliefs pressure better than firm mattresses.  

People Who Suffer From Sleep Apnea

Those struggling with Sleep Apnea are advised to sleep on their sides as it helps them sleep better. And as stated earlier, side sleepers should avoid sleeping on a firm mattress. So if you suffer from Sleep Apnea, it is only logical that you sleep on a soft mattress.

What You Stand To Gain From Sleeping On a Firm Mattress

We clearly understand that the sort of mattress you go for depends largely on your preference and other factors. You may or may not enjoy sleeping on a firm mattress, but the truth is firm mattresses have a whole lot of verified benefits.

Here are some of the known benefits to be derived from sleeping on a firm mattress

You Don't Get To Sag While Sleeping

Sagging excessively while sleeping does your spine no good. And in that state, it can be really difficult to switch positions when sleeping. But when you sleep on a firm mattress, the tendency to sag while sleeping is completely eradicated.

Sleeping On a Firm Mattress Helps You Achieve a Deep Sleep

Softer mattresses are good, but they don't allow you to achieve a deep sleep. While laying on a firm mattress, those things that disturb sleep as heat and discomfort around the neck, spine, and limbs are eliminated, allowing you to achieve a deep sleep.

You Enjoy A Better Air Flow

For hot sleepers and those living in a warmer climate, laying on a soft mattress will only do more harm than good. This is as a result of the fact that soft mattresses, unlike firm mattresses, aren't able to withstand the weight. When the body sinks into the soft mattress, there's decreased airflow.

Body Weight Is Evenly Distributed

When one lays on a firm mattress, their body weight is distributed appropriately. This leads to healthy sleep. For individuals struggling with such anomalies as out of place joints and muscles, laying on a soft mattress is bad as it makes their condition even worse.

Firmer Mattress Provide Optimal Edge Support

For those who roll a lot while sleeping and those who prefer sleeping close to the edge of their bed, firmer mattresses are a better option as they provide the body with enough support.

Firmer Mattress Are Better For Sex

Apart from the known use of mattresses being for sleep, mattresses are also used for sex. During periods of sex, the mattress being made use of gets to be under so much pressure. In the case where a soft mattress is used, it makes sex less pleasurable and might get deformed permanently. But in the case where a firm mattress is being made use of, lovemaking is better enjoyed, and the mattress remains unscarred.

A Firm Mattress Offers Improved Alignment

Health practitioners have recommended that individuals sleep on a firm mattress as it offers a whole lot of health benefits. Your spine is at risk if you go on sleeping on a soft mattress that fails keep your spine aligned.

Types of Mattresses

When you go out to buy a mattress, all the available options might be a little much for you. Different manufacturers have different models and the salespeople will use all the buzzwords that advertise features they might not even have. The vital thing to know is that there are four main types of mattress materials. Once you have this information, it makes it easier to select a mattress.

The four main types are:


This category of mattresses can be memory foam, polyurethane foam and it can be a mixture of the two. Memory foam is also considered as polyfoam, but it goes through a chemical process that will make it more viscous and increase the density. All foam mattresses are made from synthetic products, but memory foam and polyurethane foam mattresses have a very different feel.

There are three kinds of polyfoam and these are regular, high density and high resiliency. This is in order of their quality and price. The memory foam which is also referred to a viscoelastic is not as springy as the polyfoam and it has better body conformity. These two types of foam can also be ranked from soft to firm.


There are three kinds of latex and these are natural, synthetic and a hybrid version of both. The natural and synthetic ones may be utilized independently or in combination. Natural latex is gotten from the sap of rubber trees while the synthetic latex is manufactured from a chemical process. Blended latex is a mixture of sap and petrochemicals.

Latex mattresses are available in different firmness levels. They have a great bouncy feel and temperature regulating features and they are known to contour well to alleviate pressure. Latex has a higher density and they are heavier and more durable. For those with higher BMI, a=latex might be the preferred option as the materials are a lot stronger and they have better support.


This traditional mattress has been available for almost 100 years and it comes with inner coils. These coils vary in number, strength, and style and there are four kinds. The innerspring mattresses can be Bonnel, offset, continuous wire or Marshall Coils. The number of coils, the thickness of the wire and the angle of the coil can vary by style and will have an effect on comfort.

Innerspring beds don’t do as much pressure relief and they are usually firmer than foam. This design may be preferable for hot sleepers since it has better air circulation. Those who have a higher body mass index may go for the innerspring for the firmness and support. Innerspring is not so expensive but they are usually noisier than the foam or latex and they don’t usually last as long.


These mattresses are perhaps the best of the bunch. Hybrids employ pocketed coils as the support layer. Added to this is more layers for extra comfort which can be latex, memory foam or both. Pocket coils are springs within fabric pockets that are attached together. Pocket coils provide better flexibility compared to coils that are attached to each other.

Hybrid beds are made to conform with your body as foam does but without the bounce and motion observed to an innerspring. To be a real hybrid bed, it has to have innerspring and foam put together. Without this, it is just an advertising buzzword. With hybrid beds, you sleep cooler and get better support and alignment.

Firmness scale

We rank mattresses on a measure of 1 to 10

1 (super soft): this is a super soft mattress. The sleeping surface is very plush and will have a lot of sinking when weight is on it.

2-3 (soft): Great contouring and just enough sink

4-6 (medium level firmness): a good combination of firm, support and comforting

7-9 (Firmer): firm enough without having to trade off comfort and conformability.

10 (Very firm): Very hard with almost no padding and conformability

Please take note that the extremes of 1 and 10 are not so usual and a lot of sleepers should stay away from mattresses like these that are either too soft or too hard. Most mattresses will fall somewhere in between 2 and 9.

Following this, we examine the different levels and one thing to note is that the firmness rankings we have here are dependent on the verified reviews from customers. If the mattress does not come with a firmness ranking, then that says that we don’t have enough data on that particular brand.

Super Soft and Soft (1-3)

The mattresses that fall in this range will usually have this performance

Support: Super Soft ones will offer you enough support for some people but for those who need additional support like those who are heavier or dealing with chronic pain, they have to seek a mattress that gives them a better balance of comfort and support.

Conforming: Conforming is an area where the soft mattresses really do well when you compare it to other models. These soft mattresses will make it easier for the mattress to contour to your figure and hug your curves better

Price: since they have premium materials such as latex or memory foam, these soft mattresses are typically the most costly you will find.

Lifespan: sadly, the softer mattresses with the soft support core cannot last as long as the firmer models.

Medium firmness (4-6)

Mattresses that fall in the range of 4 to 6 and they usually perform as below:

Support: Medium firmness usually gives you enough support without trading off comfort

Conforming: these mattresses are usually soft enough to offer adequate conforming and support to all your body curves without excessive sinking

Price: the price range for medium-firm mattresses usually falls between the high priced ones and the cheaper firm mattresses. 

Lifespan: These mattresses will typically have more than the average lifespan and even as firm mattresses will last longer.

Firm and Very Firm (7 – 10)

The firmer mattresses take the range of 7 to 10 and they perform as below:

Support: these mattresses are with the best level of support you can get and they are typically the most suitable models for people on the heavier side and those dealing with serious pain

Conforming: These mattresses usually are very hard that they cannot give you enough conformability

Price: These mattresses are usually the least expensive models available

Lifespan: These mattresses last for a very long time.

What Do We Mean By ‘Universal Comfort’?

As you go out to buy your mattress, you will probably see a phrase ‘universal comfort’ and this term is given to mattresses that people believe provides the optimum level of comfort to the most amount of people. 

Medium firmness is usually known for universal comfort and they typically rank between 5 and 7 on the firm rank. But the term will also apply to not just firmness but also responsiveness and conformability of the comfortable layer.

Picking  your ideal firmness level

Utilize the weight level below to help you determine what firmness level most suits you and your partner should you share a bed.

Light (130 pounds or below): for this class of people, the soft and medium firm firmness levels between rank 2 and 5 are most suitable. They may not get as much conformability on a firm mattress because of the inadequate compression. They will end up floating on the surface without getting any pressure relief.

Average (130 to 230 pounds): the medium firmness in the range of 4 to 6 and they are viewed as being very suitable for average sized people even though some people would rather the soft mattress. Medium firm mattresses are built to give you enough support and comfort if you fall in this weight class and even though some of them will still opt for softer mattresses.

Heavy (230 pounds or more): the heavier people will more likely prefer the medium firm or firm mattresses with the firmness rank of 6 to 9. Those in this weight category will definitely compress the mattress to a greater level and they tend to sink in more if they were using a softer mattress. Heavy people should opt for thicker mattresses that are ideally 10 to 12 inches thick with a support core at a minimum of 6 inches thickness.

Important Questions and Answers

Does support have any effect on firmness?

No. Not really. This is because support and firmness are two separate features. Firmness refers to how the mattress feels and support tells us how well it aligns your spine and alleviates pressure. Lighter people often get better support from softer mattresses and heavy people get better support for firmer mattresses. But generally, support won’t have as much effect on the firmness of the mattress.

Is the mattress too soft?

Soft mattresses will give you the best conformability, but these models aren’t necessarily the most comfortable. And this is mostly true for those who are heavy or average sized.

Is the mattress too firm?

Firm mattresses tend to offer more support for the heavier and average sized people. Those who weigh less will not feel as comfortable and those with pain issues in their backs and shoulders won’t get enough pressure relief. Protection Status 


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