If you are suffering through dry air inside your home or office, then you already know how uncomfortable it can be. There is a solution, though: just find the right humidifier for your space. There are more options than ever today, and choosing from among the very best humidifiers on the market, you can be sure to establish just the right level of humidity inside your home, making your space more comfortable than you ever imagined possible. On top of the comfort, though, there are also direct health benefits to using a humidifier in your home. Just a 43% increase in humidity levels will lead to an 86% decrease in the particles that cause flu and virus. That means you can count on better health throughout the colder, dryer months!

Allergies acting up? Dry air may exacerbate the symptoms, and a humidifier can reduce those symptoms, relieving your eye discomfort, throat discomfort, mouth discomfort, sinus discomfort, and nasal passage discomfort. Both pollen and dander are susceptible to increased moisture, which will prevent them from wreaking havoc on you thew way that they always have during allergy season. Humidity can even fight back against static electricity, which lowers the probability of your valuable electronic devices breaking or wearing out too quickly. Your laptops, video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and stereo systems will all thank you for using a humidifier to treat your dry air!

Consider this as well: you will even save money on your energy bill when you use a humidifier. It may seem like it is one more device that you are plugging in, but in reality, using a humidifier means that you will not need to raise the thermostat as high as you would. For every degree that you drop the temperature in your home, you will save 3% on your heating bill, and savings of up to 10% are well within reach if you choose the right humidifier.

Perhaps most unsettling of all, though, is the fact that dry air can lead to snoring, the risks of which include death. When the air is dry enough to reduce the moisture in your mouth and connective tissues, that creates a rough texture where there ought to be a smooth one. This is bad news for your sleep quality – and thus for your overall health. Just picture air flowing in over a grate versus air flowing in over a slick piece of rubber. You want the latter, but with dry air, you end up with the former.

So, how do you reduce snoring? If you go searching around the internet, you will find about a million different suggestions. Perhaps the simplest and most effective way to reduce your snoring, though, is using one of the best humidifiers that you can find. Place it right in your bedroom, and you even get the added benefit of the white noise that the humidifier will create – preventing snoring and leading to reliably better sleep!

Why dry air makes you snore

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Ultrasonic Warm/Cool Mist Humidifiers



Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com


Homasy Ultrasonic Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com


TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier




OPOLAR Digital Evaporative Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com


AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com


Air Purifiers and Humidifiers (AirWashers)


BONECO W200 Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com




Steam Vaporizer



Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com


Steamfast SF-920 Warm Mist Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com


Germ-Free Humidifiers

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Best Humidifier Review


Dyson AM10 Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com


The next section describes and extensively reviews each of the best humidifier models.  Read on!

The Best Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

An ultrasonic cool mist humidifier works by vibrating a metal diaphragm at a very fast speed. The water is agitated into small particles and turned into mist. A fan then will push the mist up and around the room. Thus, when you have particles of liquid water that are admitted continuously through the air in the room, it contributes to the overall humidity.

Here are some of the best ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers that you can buy on the current market.

Liquid water particles in the form of mist are emitted into the air where they evaporate increasing the air’s humidity. This happens when a metal diaphragm vibrates at ultrasonic speed to agitate the water into tiny water particles to create the mist. A silent fan pushes this mist up and out into the room.

Levoit Ultrasonic Air Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: $73.99


General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 75%

Product Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 3”

Item Weight: 4.9 pounds

Product Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 3”


The Levoit humidifier will ensure that you have cool mist in all the corners of your home. It produces a very relaxing atmosphere. One of the best humidifiers on the market today, it will offer you great protection against bacteria, germs, viruses, has mold spores, and dust. 

If you have difficulty falling asleep because of congestion, the Levoit will leave the nasal passages and your throat hydrated. A pleasant bonus - you will experience better hydration of your skin and hair. Moreover, the Levoit cares about your home, too: humid air reduces static electricity and prevents damage to natural materials (like wood).


The Levoit humidifier features a modern design. It has a very large 6-gallon tank and the intuitive control panel. This best humidifier model will work in all seasons and provide you the comfort that you need.

Lifetime support and two-year warranty

The Levoit has a warranty that lasts two years. You'll get a manufacturer’s support throughout the lifetime of your product.

Automatic mode

The Levoit humidifier will detect humidity in the air and release moisture at the right level.


This best humidifier model has a flexible control so that you can set your moisture level at 40 to 80 RH. The Levoit will maintain moisture levels at the right level of comfort.


You can adjust the time between 1 and 12 hours. When the timer stops, the humidifier will shut off automatically.

Easy manual setup

The Levoit is very easy to use: set the mist level, timer, cool or warm mist functions of this device. You will get a remote that can operate the humidifier from 16 feet or about five meters away.

Analysis of the Levoit Ultrasonic Air Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier Reviews

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Levoit Ultrasonic Air Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier


You can use the water tank for around 12 hours

The remote control and control panel is intuitive to use

There is a diffuser option and an aroma option

The device is quiet

The tank is large but doesn't take up a lot of space

When the lights go out, there's an auto shutoff function

Very quiet

Large tank that does not take up much space

Auto shut off function when the lights go out


The device doesn't work well in a large area

The display is very bright and not suitable for night use

The handle of the humidifier can only be accessed by lifting the vents of the reservoir top which is cumbersome

Can only work in a small area

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: $56.95

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 

Product Dimensions: 14.1 x 12.3 x 7.7 inches

Item Weight: 3.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


Everlasting Comfort, the manufacturer of this humidifier, has continued to live up to expectations as a reputable homecare brand.  The humidifier works best in large rooms and rated for 6L; it increases the moisture level in the indoor atmosphere, thus reduces the hazard of airborne diseases.  The outstanding feature of this best humidifier is the oil diffusing chamber. 

When you add your favorite essential oils to the chamber, the emerging steam becomes more soothing, fragrant, and free of allergens.  So apart from giving your olfactory sense a special treat this model is capable of remedying colds and sore throats.  

For medium to large spaces - bedrooms, offices, living rooms, the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier will conveniently maintain 43% - 45% humidity.  It releases up to 270ml of mist every hour, and you can comfortably set the rate using the built-in dial.  The tank can conveniently take enough water to last up to 36 hours on moderate use. 

You will be amazed at the silent nozzles - you will hardly notice this best humidifier working.  The nozzles are flexible enough to make a 360-degree turn so that the mist reaches every corner of your space.  It is even more interesting to know that the Everlasting Comfort facilitates a filter-free operation.  All you have to do is clean the unit once a week to prevent a buildup of mineral. 

Analysis of the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Anypro Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


6L reservoir

Diffuse chamber for essential oil

Impressive mist output and filter-free operation

Good economy - NO FILTERS



Homasy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: Out of stock

Homasy Ultrasonic Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 87%

Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.7 x 5 inches

Item Weight: 3.25 pounds

Product Dimensions: 8.1” x 5.3” x 11.8”


The conditioner experiences some hard usage during the hot summer or cool winter – in those moments it is hardly off.  And you will most likely shut all doors and windows, leaving no avenue for fresh air and moisture to flow into the house.  This atmosphere facilitates colds or flu.  With the Homasy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier you can turn the situation around.  There is a 3-level mist mode, a 2L capacity, and superquiet operation; you now have the best humidifier for a sweet night’s rest. 

Smart auto off protection

Once the water in the water tank is almost exhausted, the cool mist automatically goes off. This smart feature ensures that both you and the humidifier are protected, plus it shuts off whenever it falls. It is advisable that you unplug the humidifier before refilling the water.

Excellent gift option

Almost everyone would love to have the best cool mist humidifier that keeps the closed indoor environment moist and refreshing.  Improved air quality can go a long way in making life much better.  So this is the best gift for people living in air conditioned or dry air conditions. 

Analysis of the Homasy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews


Lightweight and quiet

Easy to use and maintain

Humidification is decent

Good economy - NO FILTERS


No automatic timer

Some customers may deem the chamber too small

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: $36.99

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84%

Product Dimensions: 8.1” x 5.3” x 11.8”

Item Weight: 3.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 8.1” x 5.3” x 11.8”


The ultrasonic humidifier by TaoTronics keeps the moisture in the air with water vapour. It makes use of a microporous ceramic cartridge which will filter the water and remove odors and microorganisms. It is easy to set the humidity level for the room with this device. You can adjust the mist modes and the angle of the mist with a 360-degree nozzle. One of the best humidifier models on the market today, it is very quiet and will help you go to sleep. 

The TaoTronics has over one gallon of capacity and you get around 15 hours of continuous operation on one full tank. There is an LED display which informs about the modes and humidity level. When the machine is in sleep mode, the LED will turn off. There is a handle at the top and bottom which makes this best humidifier model very easy to carry for refilling the water tank. The humidity level will be set via the timer for a certain amount of time before the humidifier is shut off.

Analysis of Customer Humidifier Reviews for TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Analysis of Customer Reviews for TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


The humidifier has a quiet operation

It’s very easy to refill the water tank

There are many options

The machine is easy to use with simple controls

You will not be disturbed at night because the display will be turned off

When the water is low, there is an auto shutoff function

When you register your product, you get an extended warranty that lasts another 18 months

Quiet operation


If you use a high humidity setting, humidity will last around 10 hours and you'll have to refill the water tank

Some users experienced leaking over time

When you refill the machine, it tends to drip

If it gets water under the cover, you can't turn off the machine unless you unplug it

It’s a little cumbersome to clean

At high humidifying setting only lasts about one night, ~ 10 hours max, requiring the water tank needs to be refilled

This item leaks over time

Drips all over the floor when refilling

If it gets water under the cover, can't be turned off unless unplugged 

Not so easy to clean

The Best Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier

When you use an evaporative humidifier, a fan draws the air from the rooms and then blows it through a wick in the water. When some of the water is evaporated, you get water vapour. This vapour is released back into the room and creates more humidity. Keep in mind that the released air will be cooler than the air that the machine has absorbed. 

Here are some of the best cool mist humidifiers that use evaporation.

Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: $119.99


General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 76%

Product Dimensions: 10.5” x 19.5” x 13.5”

Item Weight: 8.9 pounds

Product Dimensions: 10.5” x 19.5” x 13.5”


If you are looking for a distinctively effective avenue to create a serene, comfortable and conducive humidified environment, then look no further than the Vornado Evap40. The Vornado Evap40 comes with the perfect pitch blades that are designed to pull in a high amount of dry untreated air, through the filter in the unit, and then with the aid of Vornado's Vortex Action, it sends the humidified air back into the living space/room. The entire process provides a robust and balanced humidification in spaces measuring up to 1000sqft. Also, the Evap40 comes with a voluminous four-gallon capacity that offers a more continuous operation and minimum refills. 


  • Provides faster humidification which results in a quick distribution of moisture across the room
  • The inclusion of the Vornado's signature Vortex Action means the humidifier can pull in a high amount of dry untreated air through the filter in the unit, and then sends the humidified air back into the room, thus providing balanced humidification. 
  • It comes with Vornado's five-year limited warranty

Analysis of Customer Humidifier Reviews for Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier


Responsive customer support service

Easy to increase the humidity level 

Humidity setting can be adjusted 

Large tank capacity 

Filling of water tanks is easy and straightforward 

Low noise operation both in low and high speed 

Quickly increases the humidity level

Excellent customer support service

Well designed and easy to refill water tanks

Quiet on low speed and relatively quiet on medium speed

Huge tank capacity

Adjustable humidity setting


The sound on high speed can be a bit loud, which makes it unsuitable for bedroom use. 

Materials are a bit cheap 

AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: $139.00

General Information

Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 70% 

Product Dimensions18” x 18” x 27.2”

Item Weight: 27 pounds

18” x 18” x 27.2” 


The first thing one observes about the AIRCARE EP9 800 is the stylish and aesthetic surface it comes with. The visually appealing design makes it the perfect accent for your home decor. The AIRCARE EP9 800 isn't just known for its beauty; it is also known for its function as well. It comes with a saturated wick that adds invisible moisture to your living space. Also, it can maintain humidity levels up ranging from 30 to 50%. The AIRCARE EP9 800 can function effectively both in the office and at home. There are some therapeutic benefits as well as health benefits that come with this humidifier. It has been proven to prevent flu, and allergies, retain hydration levels of your skin, an even reduce snoring and asthma.

The benefits of having this humidifier in your home also extend to other areas. The higher humidity will benefit your musical instruments, beautiful furniture, charismatic collectibles, and wood floors in the short and long run. With the right humidity, your living space can feel a bit warmer, allowing you to reduce your thermostat setting, thereby saving yourself on energy and money. With the combination of a ceiling fan, the moisture output can be perfectly distributed across the room. 


  • 60 hours of run time
  • Inbuilt casters to ease movement 
  • A capacity of 3.5 gallon
  • Auto shutoff
  • All parts are made in the USA
  • ETL approved
  • Nine fan speeds
  • Easy front-fill pour in design 
  • Covers 2400 square feet 
  • Digital display 
  • Customizable humidity settings

Analysis of the AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier Reviews

Analysis of Customer Reviews for AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier


Easy to operate 


Easy to change the filter and refill

General maintenance is straightforward 

Visually appealing design 

Provides balanced humidity levels 

Well-built humidifier

Operation of the unit is pretty straight forward

Maintains consistent humidity levels

Changing the filter is incredibly simple

Filling it with water is extremely simple (no tanks to remove)

It is very light despite its size


The high setting is noisy and loud

Poor customer service 

Needs a funnel to refill the reservoir without any spillage 

The brightness makes it unsuitable for night use

Durability is poor 

It is impossible to refill the reservoir neatly without the funnel 

OPOLAR Digital Evaporative Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: $79.99

OPOLAR Digital Evaporative Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 74% 

Product Dimensions: 14.7 x 13.6 x 7.7 inches

Item Weight: 6.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


With the OPOLAR Digital Evaporative Humidifier you can rest assured of a clean and well moistened atmosphere courtesy of its natural evaporative effect.  Interestingly, this best humidifier is cheap to maintain and durable enough to serve you well and for long.

Key features

  • Impressive coverage and simple mode of operation
  • Cool moisture output
  • Ensures the safety of your appliances and furniture
  • Maintains optimal humidity levels
  • Uses energy efficiently


Built to work on the scientific formula of evaporation, this best humidifier mixes the steam mist in the air, producing a relaxing feel without a visible drop of water vapor or water anywhere.

Contemporary design and durability

In addition to the impressive design there is a touch-sensitive LED that ensures that the item can function naturally without interruption in the living room or on the working desk. You can switch between the standard and sleep modes to suit your preferences.  You also have three timing settings to choose from for optimal relaxation at night. 

Control and general operation are quite easy through one button coupled with an intuitive LCD panel. 


Made of polyester and fiber, this best humidifier is designed to deliver only clean air. Regular cleaning is highly recommended to ensure optimal performance, eliminate unpleasant odor, and keep the chamber from getting crusty or turning hard.  Once the filter appears yellowish, it indicates accumulation of dust in the air flow which may prevent the humidifier from functioning as expected.  For best results combine vinegar and boiling water to clean the filter. 

Negative Ion Purifier

By releasing air free from germs this model controls most allergic reactions in the environment.  So having this best humidifier in your space is a way of maintaining a healthy and well humidified environment. 


You will never hear a noise from the powerful built-in fan.  So you can sleep peacefully in a well humidified room or comfort zone.

Large capacity humidifier

The inbuilt tank takes 3L/0.8Gal – enough water to last through a long quality sleep (up to 24 hours).  The standard mode produces higher mist output, the quiet mode offers low mist output. 

Analysis of the OPOLAR Digital Evaporative Humidifier Reviews


Impressive night mode that allows to turn off the light while it’s working

Contemporary attractive design

Powerful mist 

Easy to clean and control

Inbuilt autostop mode

Water storage protection

Indicates current humidity level

3-4ft cord length (averagely long)

Serves a large space conveniently

Good economy - NO FILTERS


Fill tank indicator is hardly visible

Requires regular maintenance

The bright blue light makes sleeping difficult without using the night mode

Slightly louder than advertised

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: $75.00

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 

Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 21.5 x 20.5 inches

Item Weight: 14 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


You can count on this best evaporative humidifier by AirCare to enhance your interior décor.  The single bottle design is simple and attractive, and the product releases invisible moisture into the environment by passing dry air through a saturated wick filter. 

Here are some outstanding features of the AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier 

Console style

The console style of this whole-house humidifier means that you can use it as a mobile unit without linking it to a water line.  All the water it requires to work is sourced from the inbuilt tank.  This advantage comes at a price – higher maintenance.  You need to fill the tank as soon as the water level drops, or change it when it is too old.  You must do general and regular cleaning of the tank.  Perhaps the higher maintenance is worth it, considering the highly portable size of this best humidifier that allows you to see how it works easily. 

Digital display

The AIRCARE MA1201 lets you see what is going on at all times courtesy of its digital display.  Information including current humidity level in your home, recommended humidity level, how soon you need to refill or check the tank, and other settings are accessible on the digital display.

Many speeds

There are three motor speeds, all of which work without noise.  Most console-style humidifiers are hardly quiet. The dedicated quiet nighttime setting allows you to sleep peacefully while your best humidifier runs through the night. 

Saturated wick filter

You would probably expect this humidifier to release clouds of moisture into the air, considering that it is an evaporative humidifier. However, the AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier works by forcing the air through a wet filter, progressively adding invisible moisture to the air.  This ensures that no household items are adversely affected. 

36-hour run time

This humidifier is capable of running for 36 hours on the 3.6-gallon tank. 

The verdict

While it is practically impossible to get a perfect whole-house humidifier for everyone, this best whole-house humidifier is ideal for houses with 2,000 square feet with or without a HVAC system or houses not willing to attach a humidifier to their HVAC.  If your space falls into these categories, the AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier is your best bet. 

Analysis of the AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier Reviews


Doesn’t release white dust – runs cleanly and easily

The filter lasts longer – up to 6 months

Could serve up to 3,600 square feet; great for medium to large homes

Durable build that reduces the need to be extra careful with its placing and handling

The design frame allows easy access to the tank for cleaning and refilling

Good economy - NO FILTERS


Being a console-style humidifier, a considerable amount of humidity may not reach areas far from where the machine is placed

The wick filter accumulates mineral deposits over time

Chemicals are required to prevent mold

The Best Air Purifiers With Humidifying Function

These humidifiers release humidity while cleaning the air.  They are equipped with rotating discs that retain and remove airborne impurities such as pollen particles and dust, while releasing clean and well moistened air. Air purifiers and humidifiers are also referred to as air washers and are known to provide only cool mist.  As the healthiest type of humidifier these air washers are effective and can serve a large area better relatively to other humidifiers.  They are not affected by mineral dust; all you need to do is regular maintenance, especially frequent rinsing.  They can get rid of severe allergen particles from the atmosphere, but cannot filter out submicron lung penetrating particles. 

These add humidity to a room and help to clean the air. Water in conjunction with rotating discs retain and remove airborne impurities, including dust and pollen particles, while returning clean, properly humidified air to the room. Air purifiers and humidifiers, known as air washers produce only a cool mist. Air washers are the healthiest kind of humidifier. They are very reliable and they can cover a larger area compared to other types of humidifiers. Air washers have no problems with mineral dust; however, they do require regular maintenance, as you have to rinse them on a frequent basis. Also, keep in mind that though an air washer can remove significant allergen particles from the air, they do not remove the sub-micron lung penetrating particles.

Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function Review

Price on Amazon: $387.62

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84%

Product Dimensions: 14.9” x 10.5” x 23.1” 

Item Weight: 20,5 pounds

14.9” x 10.5” x 23.1” 


The Sharp air purifier uses air treatment technologies along with the humidifying function and covers around 254 square feet. This machine will bring comfort to every room in your house. It removes odours, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, and germs which can impact your health. The fan is very quiet and will remove irritants in the air through a filter system that uses three stages.

One of the best humidifier models on the market the Sharp uses plasma cluster ion technology which is considered to be revolutionary. It will keep the air healthy and clean and give it a pleasant smell. The machine features sensors which monitor the air quality so you know how clean the air is at all times. When the sensors find an imbalance in the air, a fan adjusts to produce the best humidity level. 

Patented plasmacluster ion technology

This technology ensures that the machine will distribute positively and negatively charged ions throughout the air. These irons break down microorganisms and remove odours from the room. If you have allergies, pets, or smoke, this humidifier is the best option for all areas of your home.

Energy star rating and a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA ) Filter

The Sharp filter removes particles in the air such as dander, germs, odours, and so on. The filter system has three stages and uses an activated carbon filter as well as the HEPA filter, so it will remove most particles from the air that move through it. There is an automatic air quality control system which monitors the quality of and restores balance in the air. The sensors of the machine will inform you when you need to change or clean the filters.

Analysis of the Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function Reviews

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function


The machine is light

The filters last a long while

The sensors will autoadjust and monitor the humidity and air quality

There are LED lights and controls and you can adjust their brightness

The machine will detect odours

It is quiet on the medium and low settings


The humidifier does not come with a remote control

The device is expensive and has costly filters

You need skills to clean the water basin

The machine is noisy on high-speed settings

The ionizer of the device makes a faint zapping and clicking sounds

BONECO 2-in-1 Air Washer W200 - Humidifier & Purifier Review

Price on Amazon: $249.99

BONECO W200 Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 83% 

Product Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 16 inches

Item Weight: 11,2 pounds

Customer Satisfaction: 99% 

Product Dimensions: 9.2” x 6.1” x 12.2”


Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this best humidifier is that it offers safety and sanitation features.  The BONECO 2-in-1 Air Washer W200 - Humidifier & Purifier is a compact and high-performance ultrasonic humidifier that works best in smaller living spaces.  The water tank can hold up to a gallon of water and comes with a water level window and a handle.  

If you like your appliances to complement your décor, this model is sure to do an excellent job.  There is a demineralization cartridge that works to reduce fine white dust, ensuring that the air is clean and healthily humid in every corner of your indoor space.  

Let’s take a look at some other features of the BONECO 2-in-1 Air Washer W200:

An ultrasonic system

The metal diaphragm in this best humidifier vibrates amazingly at a silent ultrasonic frequency while producing and dispersing fine even mist.  This vibration is also responsible for killing the bacteria that may be present in the water while making sure that the working of the machine doesn’t disturb you even when set to high speed.  You get a soothing and relaxing sound that may even improve your sleep.

Rotating mist and variable output control

The rotating mist outlet in this humidifier is adjustable and disperses the mist in all directions.  If you want to focus on one or two directions, you can manually adjust the outlet vents to direct the mist.  This flexibility is another impressive feature of this device. 

There is variable mist output control that makes it possible to regulate the mist manually.  You can adjust the rate of the dispersion of the mist to suit your level of comfort. 

Fragrance container

Most people seek the best humidifier that offers aromatherapy, as does the BONECO 2-in-1 Air Washer W200 - Humidifier & Purifier.  With the fragrance container of this best humidifier you can conveniently spray fragrance for a relaxing indoor atmosphere.  Just remove the container and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or fragrance.  

There is an empty red indicator that becomes active once the water in the tank is almost exhausted.  The indicator lights up again when the water tank is empty, notifying you to refill the tank.

Demineralization cartridge

The demineralization cartridge is powerful, replaceable, and works well in reducing or eliminating white dust.  White dust may be formed when the tank is filled with hard water. If it is dispersed, it forms layers on the floor and household items in your living space.  The cartridge filters out the minerals and calcium in the water and gets rid of the white dust.  The cartridge is also responsible for reducing calcium and the accumulation of lime in the unit.

For anyone interested in a device that can conveniently humidify a small room – such as a nursery – the BONECO 2-in-1 Air Washer W200 is the right fit, considering its many impressive features, especially the clean-filtered mist.  This best humidifier requires just 20 Watts to run, so you can rest assured of efficient use of energy and a significant reduction of your energy bill.

With these features it is easy to recommend this humidifier as a good buy that is worth every penny.

Analysis of the BONECO 2-in-1 Air Washer W200 - Humidifier & Purifier Reviews

Analysis of Customer Reviews for GREEVOO Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier



Stylish durable design

Very easy to clean

Great for reducing snoring and allergy

Good economy - NO FILTERS


May be a bit noisy

Venta Airwasher 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Humidifier Review

Price on Amazon: Out of stock


General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 

Product Dimensions: 11.8” x 13” x 11.8” 

Item Weight: 8.5 pounds

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 

Product Dimensions: 11.8” x 13” x 11.8” 


You get great performance and excellent air quality from this German-engineered humidifier. The Venta Airwasher is perfect for rooms of around 400 square feet: it will purify, dry, and remove allergens from the air. The machine uses water to filter the air, instead of filters. This means that the Venta airwasher is easier to clean and maintain compared to other humidifiers on the market. It will carry 2 gallons of water.

You might be aware that some humidifiers produce white dust, however this model uses cold water evaporation technology so the dust is not present. One of the best humidifier models on the current market, it features a water refill indicator light and an auto-off feature. 

If you have allergies, you won't suffer as much from pollen, animal dander, or dust mites. This best humidifier model will also help people who suffer from colds or flu: it will relieve chapped lips, dry skin, and congestion. Additionally, the machine will eliminate static electricity throughout the air and preserve items made of wood such as musical instruments or wooden furniture.

Benefits of Using Venta Air Purifier and Humidifier

  • Can never over-humidify
  • No filter, no trash
  • Hygienic, no more germs
  • Low maintenance
  • Uses very little power
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to fill with water
  • Made in Germany
  • Premium quality

Benefits of Using Venta Air Purifier and Humidifier

Analysis of Customer Humidifier Reviews for Venta Airwasher 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Humidifier


This device won't overhumidify the room

There are no filters

Very hygienic

It doesn't require a lot of maintenance and doesn't use much power

It’s easy to clean and simple to operate

You only need to use water, no filters

It’s made with premium quality German materials

Doesn’t use a lot of power and is very quiet

Doesn't produce white dust, so all the water vapor goes into the air

Before the water runs out the machine will shut off

Well-designed machine with a quality feel

Easy to set up and operate

Humidifying function works well

Very quiet

Uses very little power

There is no white dust or moisture around the unit which means that all the water vapor is going into the air

Power cuts off before the unit is empty


Not as simple to clean as some machines

The LED is very bright in a dark room

The machine can make a clicking sound when you use it for a long time

It’s hard to see the water line to know when to change the water

There are no separate switches for humidifying and air cleaning

The Best Warm Steam Vaporizers

The peculiar feature of steam vaporizers is the use of a heating element to heat water before releasing it into the air.  The heating process gets rid of bacteria and organic compounds in the tank water.  Here are some top warm steam vaporizers:

Warm steam vaporizers use a heating element in the humidifier that heats the water before dispersing it into the air. The advantage of a steam humidifier is that by heating the tank water, bacteria and organic compounds are destroyed.

Honeywell Filter Free Warm Steam Vaporizer Review

Price: $34.99


General Information

Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 66% 

Product Dimensions: 11” x 8.5” x 13” 

Item Weight: 4 pounds

Customer Satisfaction: 66% 

Product Dimensions: 11” x 8.5” x 13” 


Known for its ability to produce a soothing visible warm mist that reaches every corner of your medium-sized rooms, the Honeywell Filter-Free Warm Stream Vaporizer sure knows how to make you and your home more relaxed and comfortable.  This best warm steam vaporizer is also great for reducing the effects of dry harsh winter air, adding moisture to any medium-sized living space.


  • The tank can hold up to 1 gallon of water
  • A full tank will serve 24 hours
  • Effective warm mist humidification technology
  • Effectively serves medium-sized living spaces 
  • Filter-free operation
  • Illuminated power switch for easy access
  • Simple manual knob control
  • Dual moisture output options
  • Offers extra relief when used with liquid inhalant
  • Quiet 
  • Goes off automatically when the tank is empty
  • Refill light comes on when the water tank is almost empty

Analysis of the Honeywell Filter-Free Warm Stream Vaporizer Reviews

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Honeywell Filter Free Warm Steam Vaporizer


Portable and light 

No filter noise 

Humidifies the environment in no time

No fan noise

Kills bacteria and germs in the water (through heating)

Very easy to clean

Capable of slightly warming up the room (remember to reduce the heat while sleeping)

Strong handle and well functioning valve

Can be filled seamlessly from bathroom faucets

Trusted auto shutoff in instances of low water level

Simple effective indicator light

Impressive output considering the size

Remarkable overall performance considering the price


Some noise from the heating plate during from the boiling process

The small tank must be refilled frequently

Slight water leakage during removal or replacement of the water tank

Only two power settings

Not ideal for large open living spaces

Average durability

Below par customer support

Common reports of water leaking issues

The heating plate boils the water, and in the process, makes a little bit of noise

The tank has to be refilled frequently (small tank)

Some of the water leaks when removing and replacing the water container

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier Review

Price: $38.55

Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Ratings: 3.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 65% 

Product Dimensions: 12 x 7.9 x 14.2 inches

Item Weight: 4.25 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


If you are in the market for a cheap and low-maintenance but effective warm mist humidifier for your home, consider the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier.  This best humidifier is sure to keep your children or elderly that are susceptible to dust allergy, nose bleeding, respiratory illness, and common cold safe by producing and dispersing soothing warm vapor.  It effectively serves medium-sized living spaces, and you do not have to boil the water. Just fill the tank with warm water.

The warm water is further boiled up to 200 degrees by the humidifier – a process that kills all bacteria and pollutants in the water.  Like almost all other warm mist humidifiers, this device requires periodic cleaning to prevent the accumulation of mineral in the tank.  Interestingly, this best humidifier doesn’t need a filter. It relies on regular cleaning to prevent a buildup of mildew and calcium in the tank and around the heater. 

Another remarkable thing about this best warm mist humidifier is that there are no visible water droplets from the mist dispersed.  Likewise, there is a dedicated medicinal cup where you can add inhalants like Vicks Vapostream to combat nose congestion or flu.  There is also an effective auto shutoff feature that ensures no overheating.

Analysis of the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier Reviews


Works without filter

Medicinal cup and adjustable knob that controls the output

Produces 95% bacteria-free steam

Useful auto shutoff feature

Good economy - NO FILTERS


Frequent cleaning for optimal performance

Steamfast SF-920 Warm Mist Humidifier and Steam Vaporizer Review

Price: $50.38

Steamfast SF-920 Warm Mist Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 96% 

Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.8 x 14 inches

Item Weight: 7.15 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


Here is one of the safest and most efficient methods of creating a comfortable breathing environment for your living space.  The SF-920 sports a detachable water tank that can hold up to a gallon of water, plus an integrated sturdy carry handle.  It boils water in less than three minutes, can shut itself off, and has an essential oil ring.  

The steam power of this best warm mist humidifier is impressive and capable of giving your room quiet filter-free humidification.  You will be fascinated with the best-in-class top-fill design that facilitates seamless filling and releases soothing warm moisture to all corners of any room.

Key features

Essential oil ring

Now you can integrate your favorite scents into the mist.  Note that essential oils are not compatible.  

Top-fill design

This makes  the water tank easy to fill without mess or error.  The float means that the tank is full.

Detachable water tank

The 1-gallon capacity water tank can be detached and comes with an integrated handle.

Auto shutoff

The heating element goes off automatically to ensure safe use.  A red reset light indicates the need to refill the tank.

Soothing and efficient steam

Who says humidification must come with stress? This best humidifier offers natural steam solutions that facilitate easy filling and efficient humidification with warm moisture.  

Other features

  • Heats up in 3 minutes
  • Dual steam settings
  • 24 hours of steam time on low settings
  • 12 hours of steam time on high settings
  • Works without wicks

Analysis of the Steamfast SF-920 Warm Mist Humidifier and Steam Vaporizer Reviews


Filling the tank is very easy

Extended run time

Large tank

Combats snoring and allergy

Good economy - NO FILTERS


Slightly heavy and bulky

The Best Germ-Free Humidifier Reviews

What sets germ free humidifiers apart is their ability to use an ultraviolet beam to combat the growth of microorganisms, mold, and bacteria in the water usually present in the plastic casing of the humidifier.  It also prevents these unwanted irritants from vaporizing into the air.  This feature is not common in humidifiers. 

However, this doesn’t imply that germ-free humidifiers do no need cleaning.  For best results do not shut your humidifier off while there is water in it. If you do, you will create a breeding ground for these microorganisms.

Honeywell HCM350W Humidifier Review

Price: $60.21

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Best Humidifier Review

General Information

Ratings: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 66% 

Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches

Item Weight: 9.55 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


Almost all the big cities of the world are polluted with high amounts of pollutants – the lead causes of different health issues, including severe respiratory ailments.  If you live in one of the big cities, check this product out. 

By using a unique and powerful antimicrobial filter capable of killing 99% of airborne viruses, mildew, mold, and bacteria the Honeywell HCM350W Humidifier offers overall comfort to your living space.  A high-tech UV technology keeps the diffused mist very fresh and free from bacteria.  It is even capable of filtering ash emitted from a wood-burning fireplace. 

This best humidifier is completely dishwasher safe – an infrequent feature in common humidifiers on the market.  Manual cleaning is recommended over cleaning in a dishwasher.  For daily users regular cleaning will ensure that the unit works optimally while extending the longevity of the filter by up to 2-3 months. 

The device does not have an auto shutoff feature, so it is important that you monitor the water level to prevent short-circuiting and ensure that the mist flows continuously.  If your room is not bigger than 500 sq. ft, the full 2.3L tank will serve you for a day. You can worry less about refilling the tank every time. 

Analysis of the Honeywell HCM350W Humidifier Reviews


Relatively cheap

Dishwasher safe

Easy to clean the filter

Extra protection by UV filter against pathogenic viruses and bacteria

Good economy - NO FILTERS


Doesn’t have a hygrometer nor auto shut-off feature

Dyson AM10 Humidifier Review

Dyson AM10 Best Humidifier Review by www.snoremagazine.com

General Information

Ratings: 3.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 58% 

Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 9.4 x 22.8 inches

Item Weight: 7.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


Dyson is well-known for producing quality products. The AM10 humidifier is no exception: it is reliable and offers excellent performance. This machine is similar in style to the other products that Dyson manufactures such as fans, vacuum cleaners, and so on. The most notable feature of this humidifier is the air multiplier: the oval loop that sits on a translucent water tank. The base of the device is where all of the operations take place.

When you purchase this best humidifier model, you get both a thermostat and a humidistat which measures the humidity as well as the temperature in the room. When you turn it on, it emits blue light. The device comes with a remote control that you need to use to operate the humidifier as there are no controls on the device. Keep the remote control in a safe location as you need it to use your humidifier.

The Dyson humidifier is excellent and will outperform other ultrasonic humidifiers on the market as numerous tests confirm. It will add around 24% humidity to a room with the help of high-frequency sound waves that move the water around and create a mist. The machine will then release the mist into the environment to help humidify the air.

The fan on this machine will operate at various speeds. It helps to evenly and effectively disperse the air which is being humidified. On the highest setting the fan makes a noise which some users have reported. This noise can be quite loud, so if you are sensitive to sound of around 50 decibels, this machine may bother you. 

You'll be able to see when this tank needs to be refilled. To access the water tank you need to remove the air multiplier loop from the humidifier. It requires a little precision to refill the humidifier because the refill opening is quite small, so the best idea is to refill the tank in the sink.

Clean your Dyson humidifier monthly or weekly. You can clean everything with a vinegar solution or citric acid. Always follow the instructions that come with your manual to clean the device. 

Analysis of the Dyson AM10 Humidifier Reviews


It is easy to effectively humidify a room with this machine

There is an auto mode and a fan

It runs for over 18 hours

The device is well designed

It has a sleep timer that runs from 15 minutes to 9 hours

You get a two-year warranty

There are no filters, so you save money

Good economy - NO FILTERS


The tank could be bigger

The fill hole on the tank is quite small

The machine costs a lot of money

You can only control it with the remote control as there is no control interface on the actual device

It’s difficult to clean

What to Look Out for When Choosing the Best Humidifier?

Dry air offers no benefit to your health or wellbeing. It offers you dehydrated skin or cracked and sore lips.  In extreme cases it may damage your mucous membrane, thus causing nosebleeds, congestion, and allergies.

Most parts of the United States are faced with issues during winter, especially indoors.  Most people rely on heating systems to drive indoor humidity by as low as 10 percent, leaving everywhere dry as a desert.  If you have a steam or under-floor heating system in your house, dry air will most likely become a problem during winter.  This is because the cold winter air is known to have little or no moisture compared to the warm summer air. 

Most dry climate dwellers are used to humidifiers.  Such people are faced with the constant need to combat respiratory health issues and general discomfort, including dry skin and eyes, caused by the very dry climate.  Dry climate is also one of the leading causes of interior issues like shrinking of furniture and woods, static electricity, and cracked paint on wood trim.  Getting one of the best humidifiers comes handy in these situations by returning balance to the moisture levels of your indoor spaces. It is the cheapest and simplest solution to having a good sleep at night and better breathing by day.

It is important to ensure that the humidity levels are not raised too high, as this can facilitate condensation, mite infestation, and growth of menacing microbe.  With this revelation you will agree that it is best to use the humidifier correctly to create just the right indoor atmosphere.  But how is this done?  This question has no definite answer. However, the discussions in this article will help you select the best humidifier for your home and give you heads-up on the safest ways of using them. 

Health Benefits of Humidifiers

The list is endless. We will pick the most important ones and discuss them extensively with regards to how they improve our health.   

1.    Minimal risk of infections

The best humidifier is a reliable shield from infections.  Viruses and illnesses hardly thrive in moist air, which is what the humidifier is all about.  When you get rid of dry air, you are making the environment inhabitable for these dangerous microorganisms, and increasing your chances of optimal health.

2.    Fast healing

The human immune system is most vulnerable when there is an illness, hence the need to recover as fast as possible.  Faster healing is facilitated by a moist throat and nasal passages – one of the functions of the best humidifiers.  It turns all the dry air around into moist and breathable air.

3.    Improved skin conditions

Your skin is no friend of dry air, and gets cracked, dry, and ages faster.  With the best humidifier in place you can rest assured of a constant supply of moist air, and ultimately a better skin.

4.    Better sleep

The importance of regularly good sleep cannot be overemphasized.  The moment we fail to get it right we become prone to various problems - lack of concentration, continuous fatigue, and similar issues.  The humidifier moistens the environment, and moist environment facilitates a peaceful and warmer night.  

5.    Improved sinuses

You will hardly feel comfortable when your nose is not okay.  Severe discomfort comes with dry sinuses both during the day and in the night.  A humidifier replaces the dryness in the air with moisture, which ensures that your sinuses stay wet and comfortable. 

With these handpicked health benefits of the best humidifiers we believe that you have another reason or reasons to get yourself this versatile home device. 

Keeping Your Home Humidification at Safe Levels 

Different opinions have always been given by physicians, builders, and microbiologists on the ideal indoor humidity for human wellbeing and the inhibition of microbial growth. A range of 25% to 60% has always been a general rule of thumb. Nevertheless, within this range the air temperature outside an apartment is a decisive factor of the safest spot. 

The most reliable place within the humidity range varies from one season to another in different areas of the USA. Since having a sound knowledge of this detail is essential to the use of one of the best humidifiers in your house, it is pertinent to discuss this topic before we delve into the fundamental information.

Be mindful of allergies and asthma.

It is crucial to consult your doctor prior to the use of a humidifier in your home about your health conditions and allergies. The reason is that although increasing humidity levels can be beneficial, it can also stimulate some health conditions when misused.

Have a hygrometer.

This device is useful for the measurement of indoor humidity. Based on the outdoor temperature the annual recommended temperature should stand between 25% and 60%. However, only handfuls of people can recognize the difference within this range. Hence it is essential to possess a hygrometer or a simple humidity indicator. A $10 hygrometer is a priceless tool when used alongside the best humidifier.

Set the humidity according to the temperature outside.

Regardless of your location whether in a single or multiple seasons of a cold and warm period it is beneficial to be educated and maintain the ideal humidity levels within an apartment based on the temperature outside. The general principle is to keep less than 60% humidity during the summer and between 25% and 40% during the winter. Endeavour never to overdo it, because excessive humidity will encourage growth of mold which is mostly invisible.

Types of Humidifiers

Although there are several kinds of product for a complete house or a segment of an apartment, a single room product is the center of our most significant best humidifier comparative review. However, you will get to see large console models which can – theoretically – humidify a complete home with the humidity level being varied based on the distance between the rooms and the machine (regardless of whether the door is closed or not, which is not always realistic). Hence it is best to use smaller humidifiers.

The best portable humidifiers are designed in two versions: warm mist and cool mist. While their individual process is different, they both add moisture to the ambiance. The best option between the two is a matter of preference.

Warm mist humidifier

This model uses a heating element to raise the temperature of the water and release a warm comfortable mist into the room’s atmosphere. Since these units boil the water, they use more electrical power than cool mist humidifiers, and add to the energy bill. The best warm mist humidifier has a health-wise advantage since it can eliminate waterborne bacteria or mold during the humidification process. Hence allergens are prevented from entering the air and the lungs. Nevertheless, a slight risk of getting burnt is associated with the heating element, therefore a warm mist model is not advisable to use in a child’s room or in the vicinity of pets.

The heated water produced from the heating element in a warm mist humidifier is released into a room. Generally the warm mist is designed to cover a smaller space compared to cool mist humidifiers, though they produce less noise since they don’t work with a fan. Some of the common types of the best warm mist humidifier are:

Steam humidifiers: this model boils water and releases it into the atmosphere as warm steam. During the cold climate this model is particularly useful for making the air warm temporarily without a need to adjust the thermostat.

Vaporizers: these models make use of electrodes to heat water and convert it into steam vapor. This humidifier has the basic construction with no-frill control, and it is mostly recognized as less sophisticated compared to steam humidifiers. Essentially it is right in a situation where there is a need to blend respiratory medications or essential oils with steam. The best warm mist humidifiers have optional medicine cups to perform this function.

You can also get warm mist humidifiers that have mineral filters which sieve out water deposits. Such filters are not expensive to change, but you have to replace them often, hence consider this part while making your decision.

Cool mist humidifier

The word cool implies that the mist is generated with water at room temperature. The mist feels cool because of the evaporation which occurs immediately after it reaches your skin. In most cases the best cool mist humidifiers are cost effective due to no extra energy cost which the warm mist model uses.

Cool mist humidifiers are made into two subtypes based on the mechanism of operation to produce the mist. They are:

1.    Ultrasonic

Currently this model is a highly favored humidification device. Its mechanism of activity involves a small vibrating plate with frequencies higher than what the human ear can perceive – a point from which the name ultrasonic was derived – which slashes the water into minute mist particles that float into the atmosphere. Ultrasonic units operate with less noise and are efficient. Maintenance is simple - it requires only rinsing of the tank and wiping the internal part every few days. Nevertheless, since they release liquid water – in contrast to gaseous water vapor – into the atmosphere, the minerals present in the water will relax on the room’s surfaces as tiny white dust during evaporation of the mist. 

You have to place your best ultrasonic humidifier on a shelf, dresser, or table because the droplets need a few seconds to evaporate as they fall, or they will splash onto the floor. Ultrasonic units can overhumidify the air to an extent where the moisture will begin to condense on rugs, furniture, or floors around the machine. If this situation is not curbed, overhumidification will encourage mold and mildew in the house. It is recommended to select ultrasonic models with in-built humidistats – the humidistats will deactivate the machine once the air reaches a stipulated humidity. 

In a situation where there is no water in the tank to engulf the diaphragm’s vibration, ultrasonic units can become dilapidated. It is advisable to choose best humidifier models that have an auto-off feature which deactivates the device once the tank is empty.

2.    Evaporative

This unit uses the natural means of evaporation to add water to the air. The fan attracts air via the wet wick or filter, humidifies it, and blows it back into the room. One of the most significant benefits of this method is that it curbs overhumidification automatically. How? The process of evaporation reduces as the air holds more moisture. The direct implication is that the best evaporative humidifiers will not generate condensation on the surfaces, and  there is a low chance of growth of mold or mildew. 

The evaporative process implies that any mineral within the water supplied will stay on the wick, hence there is no problem of white dust. Mechanically speaking, the best evaporative humidifiers are sophisticated and have no room for failure since they are basically fans. They produce soft white noise which some people find comforting. It is worth mentioning that they cannot cause any damage to themselves if the tank becomes dry.

However, maintaining an evaporative unit is slightly more daunting than maintaining ultrasonic models because the wicks require regular replacement between one and three months because they get clogged up with minerals and are a potential ground for the development of bacteria and mold. You have to clean the tank and internal part once a week.

Tap Water vs. Distilled or Filtered Water

The kind of water that you use in your best humidifier has a considerable significance. Tap water contains minerals such as phosphorus and sodium. The quality of water varies by region as some areas have soft water with low mineral content, other areas have water with a moderate amount of mineral content, and others have hard water with high mineral content. With tap water there is a good chance for the deposition of hard minerals in the humidifier which can be challenging to remove. That aside, the deposited minerals are a potential breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

There is always dispersion of tap water by ultrasonic units as fine mists into the air which you inhale, and in most cases it results in white dust on the surfaces. The vibrating plate of an ultrasonic unit converts water into mist, slashes up minerals within the water, and carries them along. While these mineral particles are small, studies have shown that they can penetrate the lungs and influence respiration. Needless to say, no one would want the extra task of cleaning the white dust from the surfaces.

Some means of preventing challenges with minerals in tap water are:

Use of a wicking filter for evaporative models which need frequent replacement. It is unnecessary to replace the filter to operate a basic ultrasonic unit, but the use of one is beneficial in alleviating white dust while using tap water. It reduces mineral deposition in the product which, apart from the fact that it can be quite challenging to remove, will encourage microbial growth.

Use of distilled or effectively filtered water by reverse osmosis or multistage filter mechanism to alleviate white dust. Most best humidifiers producers are aware of white dust challenges and have recommended this technique as a preventive measure. As a matter of fact, all tested ultrasonic unit show that the use of distilled or filtered water is the best. Some manufacturers include a demineralization filter in their package or sell it separately as an additional preventive measure against white dust.

There will be a need for frequent filter changes if you use hard water from a well or other sources in your best humidifier.

How to Spot the Best Humidifier      

It can be difficult to find a moderately sized, durable, stylish, and quiet humidifier. To make your decision easier we have highlighted some useful tips:

Output strength

The output strength determines the ability to increase and sustain humidity levels in a space. You may find it unnecessary to use a model with the highest output strength if you aim to add moisture to your room atmosphere because some models can be too powerful for a small area. On the contrary, even the best humidifier models with weak output strength will not suffice in periods of low dry air, nor supply sufficient and regular humidity to a larger space.


The capacity of the tank is crucial if you will be using it for long periods, such as overnight. Humidifiers with a small tank will need additional footwork to refill them. If you want to be running a long continuous operation, a large tank capacity is the option to get. Determine the size of your space first, although a 700 sq. ft. will be sufficient for a bedroom.


There is a relationship between duration, tank capacity, and mist output setting. A model with a large tank capacity will remain operational for a long time without running dry. You will be able to control duration when there is a control to manage the mist output. For instance, if you choose the highest mist output, it will allow you to use the tank water quickly, and you might see wet floors due to excessive output of the mist.

Ease of use

It is quite easy to use the best console or tabletop humidifier. The tank of this model always suits the bathroom faucet. The wick of evaporative units is less pricey and easy to replace. Endeavour to check for user-friendly controls, humidity level, and a display of settings that is clearly visible.

Ease of cleaning

Manufacturers include instructions for cleaning and maintenance of every product. Some units need emptying and replacing of water daily, other models require weekly cleaning with bleach or vinegar. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain your product’s warranty and ensure that you are using your best humidifier correctly to prevent microbial growth.


Moisture is created when warm mist humidifiers boil water, which poses a safety risk to children and pets. This can be a challenge in a house with kids, hence it is advisable to choose cool mist humidifiers. While the most fundamental ones are the evaporative models, they release the thickest mist. While ultrasonic, impeller, and cool mist humidifiers are pricier, they generate high-quality fine mist.


Ultrasonic is one of the quietest humidifiers as the most tested ultrasonic units show quiet machine-like noise with frequent bubbling sounds. On the contrary, best evaporative humidifier models are noisier since they work with a fan. Check if you are comfortable with fan noise while considering your choices. You will get to see some individuals who claim that the added white noise from the fan makes them sleep soundly.

Weight and footprint

Portable models are always easy to move around and to the sink for refilling. Light weight, compact size, and a small footprint which can fit nicely on a nightstand are attributes of the best portable humidifiers. The size and shape are crucial to refilling. Whether the throttle of the tank will fit the kitchen faucet is a point to consider. Check if the base fits in the sink for cleaning. Some models do not fit in a standard bathroom sink, while some tanks can stand without support.


You will get to see several designs on the market. Remember that functions and forms are crucial together. Choose the best models that fit your room dimensions and space.

Useful accessories

You will find that some accessories are useful to maintain a clean and operational humidifier. For instance, a bottle brush with a foam tip is useful for cleaning the tank. A small brush made to enter tight corners is useful for cleaning difficult angles to reach. There might be a need to use white vinegar or bleach for weekly cleaning, depending on the manufacturer’s instruction. You will want to have a distilled water or a filtration system to alleviate the mineral content in the water if you are using an ultrasonic unit without a demineralization filter. Buy a filter cartridge if you will be using tap water.

Features of convenience

Aside from the basic function of best humidifier models, features are additional perks. While some features are essential, others are not essential. Features that allow you to regulate moisture output are essential. The reason is that if you aim to control the humidity at different seasons and for a wide temperature range, the feature becomes a necessity. 

The best humidifier models can provide this control via mist adjustment knobs, fan speed, and the ability to automatically control and maintain a certain humidity level via the use of in-built hygrometer.  Features such as a night light, auto shut-off timers, and warm mist options are not essential because they only make the device easier to use, but don’t affect the functionality of the device if they’re absent.

Some of the notable features of the best humidifiers include:

In-built hygrometer and humidistat: The hygrometer is designed to calculate the amount of moisture within a given space and display its percentage. This value is necessary to know whether your home humidity is within the standard level. A humidistat functions similarly, but can also deactivate or activate your best humidifier so as to maintain a stipulated level of humidity.

Timer: You can set some tabletop models to become active at a preset time so as to have the room at the correct humidity when you return from work. However, this convenience can pose a threat as the water in the tank may create breeding ground for microbes if you don’t dry the humidifier regularly between uses.

Variable speeds: You will be able to control the moisture output of your best humidifier and restrict power usage when you can select more than one operating speed. Variable speeds also assist in reducing noise.

Automatic shutoff: Some of the best models of humidifiers are created with an auto-shutoff option which switches off the unit immediately after the tank becomes empty. This feature is particularly useful for safety and energy efficiency.

Indicator lights: They notify you when the water is low, when the filters or any other parts need replacement, or when it becomes necessary to wash the humidifier.

UV germicidal light: This internal ultraviolet (UV) germicidal light eliminates bacteria, waterborne germs, and mold before the release of water as mist. It is especially useful for individuals who are asthmatic and allergic.

Air-cleaning pre-filter: This feature is useful for people who are allergic and assists in eliminating inbound air of impurities such as pet dander, pollen, mold, or dust particles before humidification and release.

Digital control panel: Although analog controls are effective, they are not as accurate as digital control panels. With digital measurement you can easily know the exact level of humidity and makes changes accordingly.

Demineralization cartridge: In some cases the use of hard water for your best humidifier can result in harmful white dust which develops once the hard water elevated mineral content is released into the atmosphere. In the long run the inhalation of white dust can stimulate respiratory problems and result in development of new health challenges. However, with the aid of a demineralization cartridge you will be able to remove the mineral content from the water and alleviate the risk of white dust.

Preventing Health Challenges Associated With a Dirty Humidifier

The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (FCPSC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have cautioned against the use of dirty humidifiers as they can result in several health challenges, particularly for people who are allergic or asthmatic. The tank of a humidifier can create an opportunity for microbial growth, and the developed bacteria can be released into the atmosphere with the mist.

The type of humidifiers that has the least tendency to release airborne bacteria is the evaporative humidifier. However, this type shouldn’t be depended on as a protective measure against growth of bacteria. Any dirty unused moist humidifier is a potential breeding site for several species of bacteria, fungi, amoebae, which can stimulate allergies, asthma, add to lung infection, and flu-like symptoms. Clean humidifiers don’t only ensure that the air remains pleasant, they have a lot to do with your health.

It is pertinent for you to clean your best humidifier of any type regularly to avoid unwanted organisms developing in the tank and other elements of your humidifier. EPA recommends that every user should clean and disinfect a portable model within three days of use. The Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers suggests once a week. 

Below are standard routines you should adhere to:

Every day

Release any leftover water from your humidifier and rinse and dry the base tray or tank before refilling. Rinse the water tank frequently to maintain a clean container, and if you feel that it is dirty, look out for greenish scum or hard scale in the tank to determine if it can pose health challenges or not. With this check you will have an idea whether your best humidifier requires maintenance or not.

Every week

Clean all the parts of your humidifier. The best humidifiers can be disassembled to sanitize and rinse their parts with vinegar and hot water. You can use hydrogen peroxide or diluted bleach as sanitizing agents.

Before storing

Clean and dry the device at the end of a humidification season. Ensure that your humidifier is neat before you store it, or it could be problematic by the time you want to use it again.

After storing

When you want to use your humidifier again, clean it effectively to clear the scaling and disinfect it with a bleach solution. Afterwards dry it thoroughly and do not refill it unless you want to use it.

Humidifiers and Allergies

The most important part of treating allergies is maintaining the correct humidity indoors.  Most allergies are aggravated by dry air, and this leads to irritation of your nasal passages, and ultimately a sinus infection.  Likewise, dust mites, mildew, mold, and other allergens tend to thrive more in an environment where the air is too moist.

You can create an environment that is not too dry or moist with one of the best humidifiers. It can help you keep the atmospheric humidity at 30%-50%, ensuring that your nasal passages are clear and you are free from all discomforts that come with allergic reactions. Balanced humidity keeps mold and dust mites away as much as possible. 

Combating allergens with humidifiers

With the best humidifier you can keep the rate of allergen growth significantly down.  The device works by creating an environment with humidity levels of between 30% and 50%.  Allergens like dust mites and mold cannot survive in such humidity levels.  A humidifier separates the allergens from the air and removes them. This is possible in evaporative models which have a wick filter. The dry air and water pass through the filter and are released into the room.  Thus you have moisturized clean air leaving the device, while the minerals and other pollutants are trapped in the filter.  

Air washers are another class of humidifier with the air purification feature. They can also reduce the air pollutants in the atmosphere through an evaporative system. However, they cost more than traditional evaporative models, and operate by trapping contaminants in the evaporative disks or mats while releasing only the clean air. 

Advantages and disadvantages of humidifiers for allergies:


1.  They cover most of the room

Even if they are not intended for this purpose, it is ideal for a humidifier to cover most of the room. The more space the device covers, the more comfortable you get.

2.  Compatible with essential oils and medicinal inhalants

There is usually an inbuilt medicinal cup in these humidifiers where you can add inhalants. This offers extra relief from flu, cold, and symptoms of allergies. There are also models that allow the addition of lavender, peppermint, and other essential oils capable of easing allergic reactions. 

3.  Easy to clean

Ensure that your humidifier can be cleaned easily if you are looking to use it for allergies.  Models with unusual shapes can be difficult to clean, thus facilitate growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold.  And over time these microorganisms find their ways into the atmosphere.

4.  Antimicrobial feature

While this is not compulsory, the antimicrobial feature in the best humidifier models will go a long way in keeping the growth of mold and bacteria minimal.

5.  Filter

A humidifier that will get rid of allergens must have a filter – the part of the device that removes air pollutants and ensures that dust does not spread. 


1.  Regular cleaning

Humidifier for combating allergens require frequent maintenance, otherwise they harbour mold spores, which eventually get released into the atmosphere.

2.  Replacement filters

You will have to replace the filters. A filter is usually costly and  you mostly need one every three months. 

3.  White dust

If you have high mineral content water in your humidifier, you will most likely have deposits of white dust on your surfaces.  Although there are filters that reduce these deposits, they are usually costly. 

White dust and its prevention

White dust arises as a result of having water with high mineral content in the humidifier. The unfiltered water produces a mist that leaves dried mineral deposits (white dust) on all floor and furniture surfaces. While some find the presence of these deposits very challenging, others do not.  The former aggravates allergies, asthma, and similar respiratory health situations. 

The best way to keep the spread of white dust minimal is to fill your humidifier only with demineralized or distilled water.  However, this option is costly because distilled water is more expensive.  Alternatively, equipping your humidifier with a demineralization cartridge will ensure that the minerals are trapped in the device before they enter the air. The last option is to buy one of the best evaporative humidifiers with a wick filter capable of separating minerals and water before making the clean water airborne.

Air Purifier or Humidifier - the Best Choice for Combating Allergies

Although both air purifiers and humidifiers work to enhance the quality of air, they perform various functions.  Thus you cannot outrightly replace one with the other.  

An air purifier comes handy if you are targeting pollutants like smoke, dust, volatile organic compounds, pollen, and odours. It takes a good HEPA air purifier a few seconds to bring the particle count in a room to zero. So if you are not looking to combat air pollution, but are interested in providing maximal comfort for your home, you will be better off with a humidifier.  If you are interested in both functions, you can consider one of the best air purifier-humidifier combo devices. 

Choosing the Best Energy-Efficient Humidifier

It is ideal if you get the best energy-efficient model as your next humidifier.  However, this may depend on what you want to use the humidifier for.  Is it for a single room or the whole house? This will help you decide which comes first between energy saving and comfort.

The amount of energy the humidifier expend

The EPA reports that about 0.11% of the total electricity consumption in the U.S. households was attributed to the use of humidifiers. The specific energy consumption depends on the brand and model of a humidifier.  Ultrasonic models are said to consume 136% less energy than cool-mist humidifiers (EPA).

The amount of energy you can save if you use an energy-efficient humidifier

According to the EPA an energy-efficient ultrasonic model can save up to 11.8KW/h annually.  Likewise, you can save up to 36.2kW/h annually if you use an energy-efficient cool-mist humidifier.  The highest energy conservation is seen in the best steam whole-house humidifier models which can save up to 426.7kW/h a year. 

Types of energy-efficient humidifiers

Popular options include warm-mist, ultrasonic, and cool-mist humidifiers.  Each of these options is available in portable and console sizes.  You can also get one of the best whole-house humidifiers, and integrate it into your HVAC system. 

1.  Warm-mist humidifiers

The reduction in energy use by warm-mist humidifiers is achieved by the use of an electrical element to heat water before it is released as vapour.  Ultrasonic humidifiers are more energy-efficient than warm-mist humidifiers.

2.  Cool-mist humidifiers

The fine mist comes from blowing cool water through spinning disks or a diffuser.  However, for this to work the reservoir of the model must always be filled with clean water.  Leaving the water in the device for an extended period may create an environment where microbes will thrive. And over time these microbes will be released with the vapour into the atmosphere. 

3.  Ultrasonic humidifiers

The water vapour produced by ultrasonic models comes from the high-frequency vibrations.  They are the most energy-efficient out of the three options. However, you must ensure that the water in the reservoir is always clean and not left for too long.

Best energy-efficient humidifier features

You will get several features and options in today’s best humidifier models. However, the importance of these features will depend on the user.  If you are looking to identify the most important features to look out for in your next humidifier, take a look at the tips below: 

ENERGY STAR® endorsed models are highly recommended. These humidifiers are known to save energy.  You can identify such models by the ENERGY STAR®’s yellow EnergyGuide label.

Look out for devices with adjustable fan speed and humidistat. Although the range of humidity that most humidifiers offer is between 30%-50%, each individual has a different ideal amount. By getting a model with humidistats and adjustable fans you can easily adjust the humidity to your preferred level. 

Watch out for a quiet feature. If you would use the device overnight, ensure that it has a quiet feature.  You will sleep without disturbances.

Antimicrobial features and better air quality. This will ensure that your humidifier can filter out toxins and subsequently provide air with excellent quality. With such best humidifier model you can rest assured that microbes cannot thrive in the water tanks, nor be dispersed into the air.

Filter sensor. With a filter sensor you can easily detect when your filter is due for replacement.  A humidifier with dirty filters will work harder than usual and may breed airborne toxins. 

Easily accessible tanks. Maintaining your humidifier entails cleaning the tank regularly to prevent breeding of microbes, and this will only be easy if the tanks can be accessed easily.  You can also go for tanks that are dishwasher safe.

A medicine cup. This means you will not have to opt for either a vaporizer or humidifier.  With a medicine cup you can add medicinal vapours into the air and alleviate symptoms of allergies and cold. 

Automatic shutoff function. This important feature ensures that the device won’t run on an empty reservoir, which might damage the humidifier.  With the automatic shutoff feature the device goes off once there is no water in its reservoir.

Note that having a model with an antimicrobial feature does not mean you do not need to change the water as and when due.  Leaving the water over time may facilitate the growth of mold, and thus reduce the efficiency of the best humidifier for your home. 

Proven ways of supporting your energy-efficient humidifier

Do not go further than the 50% relative humidity level. The recommended range by the EPA is between 30% and 50%. Anything lower or higher will most likely facilitate the growth of mold and bacteria.

Always keep your humidifier clean. A clean filter is crucial to the smooth running of your humidifier and reduces chances of growth  and dispersion of microbes. Change the water daily.

Opt for a smart humidifier. Like most modern home appliances, the best humidifier model should be able to connect to your smart-home hub or smartphone wirelessly.  This allows you to control the device remotely.

Achieve more energy efficiency by using smart plugs. For models without smart capabilities the remote control is still possible when you use smart plugs.  With a smart plug you can set schedules and oversee the use of energy. 

Ensure that the space is properly ventilated. A humidifier will perform best in a well ventilated space free of dust or dirt.  The presence of dirt or dust can contaminate the water tank or block the filter.  It is advisable that you close your windows and doors and block all openings through which the humidified air can escape outs.

Keep your air ducts clean. Dirty ducts will promote growth of mold, especially in cases of whole-house humidifiers operating at high humidity.  Always keep your ducts clean.

Use air purifiers to improve air quality. The best humidifier makes your air humid, but doesn’t necessarily purify it.  Hence you only get purified air when you combine the humidifier alongside an energy-efficient air purifier. 

Block all air leaks. In addition to damaged weatherstripping, humid air can find others ways out. Find and fix the leaks to ensure that the humid air doesn’t escape out. 

Decide between a humidifier and dehumidifier. Sometimes your basement may be having too much humidity and mold. The ideal solution in such case is to get an energy-efficient dehumidifier.  For damp basements check that water is not leaching through the foundations. You will spend less on preventing the foundations from water damage compared to fixing it.  

The tips above will help you choose the best humidifier for your home.  Keep in mind that getting an energy-efficient device offers more comfort and keeps your entire home healthier, whether you get a whole-house or a portable model. 

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Humidifiers for Children and Babies

Why should you buy a humidifier for your child?

Although the use of humidifier comes with a couple of risks, this doesn’t invalidate the fact that having one in your space significantly benefits babies and young children. One of the best humidifier models comes handy especially during the colder and drier months – times when young children and babies tend to cough, have colds, and dry sinuses.  

With a humidifier you can keep your babies and children safe from these symptoms.  It keeps the air moist by releasing moisture, thus creating the ideal breathing conditions.  So your baby will get to sleep better and accumulate less mucus. Furthermore, humidifiers keep the skin of your baby moist and clean, thus preventing it from irritation and aggravation by conditions like eczema and other skin diseases.  The best humidifiers for your bedroom produce white noise, which tends to help infants sleep faster and better, or drown out noises such as those of traffic and neighbouring pets. 

Also take note of some of the important safety measures that you must put in place.  This is necessary to keep your young children safe from the risks of a humidifier. 

Cold and warm mist types

The safer option are cool mist models.  Warm mist humidifiers are not recommended because they produce heat, which renders them unsafe.  However, both do a great job of humidifying. While all cool mist models are considered safe, they are not as safe as evaporative humidifiers. This is because they operate an evaporative system that regulates automatically. Thus you don’t have to worry about overhumidifying or underhumidifying your space. This is an additional safety measure, especially for overnight use. 

Keeping children safe around humidifiers

Although using humidifiers around children poses no threat, adult supervision is still important.  Likewise, weekly cleaning and disinfection of the device are recommended to minimize growth of bacteria and mold. A dirty humidifier will eventually lead to the release of these harmful microorganisms into your home.  

The best option for a home with children is on of the best cool mist humidifiers due to the absence of heating elements. Warm mist models rely on the heating elements which may cause burns and other injuries, especially when toddlers get curious.

Potential risks

The use of even the best humidifiers comes with risks with or without children.  We have highlighted some of these risks below:

1.  Overhumidifying

A poorly regulated device will lead to an overhumidified room, and this will eventually cause issues like increased mold growth and dust mites in the environment. It may also lead to feelings of discomfort or condensation on walls and windows.

2.  Dust mites and mold can trigger allergies

Humid environments facilitate growth of mold and dust mites, and in large numbers can trigger allergic conditions in toddlers.

3.  Ideal growth environment for bacteria and viruses

A dirty humidifier will facilitate growth of bacteria and viruses, and eventually lead to infections and illnesses.  The risk is even higher in children considering their relatively underdeveloped immune system.

4.  White dust

If the water in your humidifier tank contains trace minerals, there would be the formation of white dust.  This is more common in ultrasonic models, especially when the tank contains hard water.  It can be prevented by using only demineralized or distilled water.

5.  Spilled water

Leaking is another potential problem in humidifiers.  From an overfilled tank to a blocked filter and blocked drainage tube, leaks may arise due to various situations.  Always clean spills as soon as possible to keep children from slipping and falling while running around.

6.   Electrocution

Humidifiers can lead to electrocution, as they run on electricity and hold a high amount of water.  Always check wires and switches for possible defects, and fix all defects immediately.  Likewise, always unplug the device when refilling the tank to ensure safety.

7.  Warm mist humidifiers can cause burns

The heating element in warm mist models can cause burns when it gets very hot.  The risk is even higher in toddlers who tend to play with things.  The best way to prevent this is to opt for a cool mist humidifier.

All the risks can be reduced or prevented by regularly cleaning the device and carrying out routine maintenance. It is highly recommended that you place the best humidifier for your bedroom somewhere impossible for small children to reach.  Likewise, always ensure that an adult is close by to monitor children at all times, irrespective of if the humidifier is on or not.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usefulness of a humidifier?

A humidifier is used to increase the level of moisture in a home. The skin gets drier, the lips may chap, breathing may become difficult for allergic or asthmatic people, and it may take long to recover from a cold or sinus infection when the air indoors is dry.  The best humidifier becomes essential to sustain the standard humidity levels to breathe and sleep peacefully at night.

What size humidifier should I get?

Calculate the square footage of the room you want to humidify to determine the best size that you should buy. For instance, tabletops and portable humidifiers will work fine for small and medium rooms, and are inexpensive. However, they have small tanks which demand regular refilling. Check if the height of your faucet can accommodate the refill tank. Generally a humidifier made with a gallon tank is enough for the majority of bedrooms.

On the contrary, large and extralarge humidifiers are made to increase the humidity of many rooms or a complete house. They are not portable and can be difficult to maneuver, though do not require refilling frequently.

What sort of humidifier will suit my bedroom?

Warm mist humidifiers generally generate less noise than cool mist models since they do not operate with a fan. You can check for the quiet ultrasonic console model if you will be placing your best humidifier near your sleeping area. A second option is to purchase one of the evaporative humidifiers if you won’t be putting it near your bed because this type of humidifier generates a higher level of noise than do ultrasonic units.

Cool or warm mist - which one is better?

The two models are useful to increase moisture in your house. However, the better choice for you depends on your preference and condition. Warm mist humidifiers are most recommended for adults because of the heating element which boils water and can be unsafe for children and pets to touch. Warm mist humidifiers kill germs more effectively because of the boiling process and their warm vapor can assist in relieving blocked sinuses. The best cool mist humidifiers have a long lifespan since they cover large areas and use less electric power than the warm mist models. Nevertheless, regular cleaning is required.

How do I measure the humidity level of my room?

Buy a hygrometer if your humidifier does not come with a humidity gauge.

What’s the price of humidifiers?

The least expensive models of humidifiers are the portable ones. However, the price of the best humidifier models ranges from $20 to beyond $200 based on the size and features of the model. Cool mist humidifiers have little influence on the  cost of energy since they do not need extra electricity to heat water. You can compare the electric power required by a warm mist humidifier to that of a teapot - the difference is minimal. Extra features such as a humidistat, nightlight, or LED display can also influence the cost of a humidifier.

What is the cost of maintenance?

Models such as evaporative humidifiers that utilize wick filter need regular replacement of the filter and effective cleaning of the units for the reusable filters. Models that work without a filter require regular maintenance.  If there is a demineralization filter, ultraviolet bulb, or a germ-reducing insert in your humidifier, you will have to replace these parts based on the duration recommended by the manufacturer. If you don’t, it won’t take long before you start disposing of cheap humidifiers one after another. Hence, it is crucial to buy the best humidifier model that will last with regular use.

What cleaning method should I use for a humidifier?

Lack of cleaning can result in ineffective humidification. Your humidifier will likely consume more of your electric power with low efficiency. And the humidifier will pose a good chance of becoming an opportunity for microbial growth. Hence cleaning is crucial. To clean your humidifier drain, rinse, and dry the tank every day. Disinfect the device with vinegar or bleach solution every week. Then rinse and allow it to dry.  After a long period of no use clean your best humidifier before using it again. And most importantly, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your humidifier.

How can I reduce overhumidification?

Turn on your AC to reduce the humidity quickly within a few minutes.

Do humidifiers have any benefits for allergic individuals?

With the best humidifier allergic people will sleep soundly with more moisture to the indoor atmosphere. But be careful - if you are asthmatic or allergic, it is vital to avoid high humidity which can enhance the growth of mold and dust mites. Allergic and asthmatic patients have to consider special care if they will be using an ultrasonic humidifier. Although this model of humidifier is popular, it generates thin white dust due to the way it produces vapor, and this white dust can accumulate in the room and turn into an allergen. The good news is that managing this situation is quite easy. All you have to do is pour filtered (not straight from the tap!) water into the tank to prevent deposition of minerals and dust. Another solution is to clean your best humidifier daily. And investing in an air purifier to further eliminate the allergens from your room is a good idea.

Is it advisable to use essential oils in a humidifier?

Yes - if your best humidifier is made with a diffuser. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before pouring any solution except from water into the tank. Some models are not made to function with essential oils and the introduction of other materials can lead to microbial growth.

How does an evaporative humidifier function?

Usually considered as the oldest and most used type of cool mist models, evaporative humidifier adds moisture to space through a wick filter, which absorbs water from the tank, filters impurities, and releases clean water through the filter into the atmosphere. 

How often should I replace the wick filter?

The lifespan of wick filters is usually between one and three months. The exact lifespan depends on the frequency of use.  Using wick filters for too long can facilitate growth of bacteria and mold.  Likewise, it can lead to the accumulation of minerals and cause clogging.  Once the wick filter is clogged, even the best humidifier will perform less efficiently, expend more energy, and burn out faster.

You can avoid all these issues by checking the wick filter frequently to ensure that there is no growth or breeding of mold or bacteria. The first indication of the presence of bacteria or mold is darkening of the filter.  Also monitor your humidifier’s humidity output at all times.  Once you notice that it works slowly despite being on the highest setting or that the water in the tank lasts longer than normal, the filter is most likely due for cleaning or replacement.

Rinsing some wick filters under running water and soaking them in a mixture of white vinegar and water for 30 minutes clean them.  If your humidifier still performs less efficiently even after cleaning the filter, consider getting a new one.

What are the indications of an overhumidified room?

The most visible signs of excessive humidity include condensation on the windows and other surfaces as well as stained walls and ceilings. You may also notice persistent allergies, musty odours, and wood rotting.  With excessive moisture in the atmosphere mildew and mold will most likely increase, and you will see more of cockroaches and other pests that like humid environment.

What is the loudest level of a humidifier?

The noise of humidifiers is relatively lower compared to air purifiers and conditioners. For the best bedroom humidifiers look for models with 40 decibels as the maximal noise output.

What is the ideal spot to place my humidifier in?

Your humidifier should be positioned above ground and out of the reach of children.  Avoid placing the device in places that can be damaged by water; this eliminates wooden furniture such as tables or footrests.  The spot where your humidifier will stand will most likely get moist and slippery over time, considering the continuous release of mist. 

What tank capacity is best for a humidifier?

What we consider the best tank capacity depends on the user and the purpose of the humidifier. A smaller tank or a water-bottle model would be ideal for traveling. Generally the best is a 1-gallon tank capacity.  Such devices can go 30 hours without refilling.  Note that how long the humidifier would run based on the tank capacity depends on the brand and model. Have the numbers ready before the purchase.  


On a final note, choosing a suitable and high-quality humidifier for your house is a vital decision as the inclusion of moisture in your indoor atmosphere can go a long way in sleeping peacefully and living a healthy life. However, choosing a particular model of humidifier is now a challenging task due to many models with different specs and accessories on the market. 

We have created this guide to guide you in making the best decision for your home and budget. 

Good luck!

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James Pointon · April 6, 2019 at 5:04 pm

My Everlasting humidifier works like the advertising say. There is no need for filters like other units so you don’t have to worry about having them on hand. The unit holds a lot of water which is nice. You can go a few nights without having to put more water in it. I like the oil tray and the scent it provides which is quite relaxing. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase.

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Boneco humidifier has won me over. Our whole family suffers from allergies, and thus we were on the lookout for something that can be of help, particularly in winters. Within a short span, we have felt the difference. I was a tad bit worried about the noise and maintenance, but it has not given me a reason to complain so far. Maintaining it is easy, and it is not very noisy either. It did not take me more than a couple of seconds to set the thing up. I particularly love the washable internal filters. Easy to use, great build, overall a superb product!

Ashley Armstrong · April 12, 2019 at 5:16 pm

I can safely say that the Steamfast is the most comfortable humidifier I have ever used. Most of the humidifiers have troublesome tanks that splash water everywhere when you take it to the sink for refilling. There is no such a problem with this one. I can merely fit up through the opening at the top. I love the low and high setting. I do feel the absence of cool mist though. Though the unit is without any temperature or time control, I still like it owing to the simplicity it offers. I prefer the essential oil ring of this one to the regular diffusers. You only have to pour the oils in the oil ring present at the top. Everything from changing oils to cleaning it up is simple. According to the recommendation of aromatherapists, one should not diffuse the essential oils for more than half an hour in one go. Thus, wipe the oil and allow the humidifier to run. It is great for congestion and colds. Cleaning is done by merely washing the tank in the sink after removing it. This humidifier is the best option for those who do not want to be bothered by any advanced settings.

Mark Delphin · April 13, 2019 at 8:34 am

Out of many humidifiers I have purchased, the Aircare MA1201 is definitely the best. Clearly better than others. The current humidity is distinctly and accurately shown by the humidistat and you can operate the humidifier on auto pilot mode. The quality of the components and craftsmanship is unrivaled. Although it is advertised as holding just 2.5 gallons of the reservoir, I found out I can hold more water than that. The reason for this is that the actual unit itself can take about 1.5 gallons of water. If you first position the reservoir with water on the unit, the water first goes into the humidifier. Once refill the reservoir and put in on the machine once more time, about 50% of the water in the reservoir is emptied into the unit again. Just add more water inside the reservoir and you would have successfully filled about 5.5 gallons of water. This wonderful machine hardly requires more water throughout the day. Its fan speeds are impeccable. While a few humidifiers come with fan speeds that are either too high or too low, this humidifier is definitely different. Every speed serves its purpose perfectly. Another exceptional feature of this unit is that it comes with just a single filter. Most other humidifiers with large capacity have about two filters. Therefore, maintaining the Aircare is never going to be a problem since you only need a replacement for a single filter.

Tim Pohlkamp · April 13, 2019 at 4:39 pm

Me and my wife, we live in a desert which gets extremely cold and dry in winters. Due to this, we decided to purchase theTaoTroncis humidifier. Actually, we bought two of these together with little antimicrobial treatment sticks. Like every other humidifier, these humidifiers tend to have scum buildup which requires cleaning of water tank. All you need is warm water and vinegar, they work very effectively. What we have noticed is that, our kid’s room (which is quite smaller in area) gets extremely soggy when we leave the humidifier on maximum. This shows that the TaoTronics is more suitable for large rooms like our master bedroom. After using this, we both have felt improvement in our breathing. While in summers, this cool mist humidifier serves as a coolant and thus keeps the room cool. Since the noise level is less than 38 dB, it won’t distract you at night. However, the moment you switch on the ‘night mode’, its performance level gets dropped which is quite a headache. This is why I keep something in front of the light as I prefer total darkness while sleeping. Overall, the TaoTronics is a really great humidifier and worth the price.

Bruce Davis · April 14, 2019 at 5:20 pm

Although our house is normally kept clean; however, the soft toys, books, and other items we keep around ensure that dust is accumulated whether we want it or not. There is hardly any assistance unless we rely on the Sharp humidifier. Its sensitivity is quite high. Anytime I return home after the day’s work, if I walk 5 to 6 feet away from the machine without changing my dresses, its sensors will turn red instantly, alienating me and dirt that followed me into the home. It works very quietly. The one we placed inside the bedroom works all day long. All you have to do is to just switch off the indicator light (this is somehow bright) and before you know, it will not even look like the humidifier is inside the room. The Sharp humidifier was a really good buy!

Amanda Lee · April 15, 2019 at 3:17 am

I placed the Steamfast humidifier in the nursery, and I am quite satisfied with its performance. The ease in use is something I really like. Filling it is quite simple. All that you need to do is fill the tank after taking it out and then place it back. It does not use a filter, so that takes the stress of replacements off your shoulders. Remember that if tap water is used, the unit will have to be descaled. Once the tank is full, turn the Steamfast on and adjust the setting on low or high. A couple of minutes are all it would take for the thing to start running. It can be used throughout the night without the reservoir having to be refilled. Given its design, there is little need to worry about the growth of mold. Taking it apart is easy. You can then clean it properly and then dry it. Essential oils can also be used. I haven’t tried it yet though. I have found this to be a great humidifier at an affordable price.

Ted Simmons · April 15, 2019 at 6:13 am

I have bought numerous humidifiers for my house with 2300 sq. ft. area. Whether be evaporative, ultrasonic or desk humidifiers, nothing had the ability to handle my spacious rooms. Most of the ultrasonic humidifiers I used were only able to raise humidity from 28% to 31%. However, the Vornado Evap40 is quite the opposite with its huge water capacity and powerful fan, it helps to increase humidity more efficiently. The best humidifier I’ve tryed so far!

Audrey White · April 15, 2019 at 2:30 pm

I am relatively new to an evaporative type of humidifier. I have used many other types in the past – cool mist, warm mist, and whatnot. The problem I have with the mist type humidifiers is that they are either too strong so wet the ground or too cool that I have swollen throat because of using them. The “bucket and towel” humidifier was the other type I tried. It is not as strong as the mist and regulates the moisture in the atmosphere. However, they get dirty quickly and are difficult to clean. One great idea is the OPOLAR evaporative humidifier. Combining both the mist and “bucket and towel” kind of humidifiers, the OPOLAR evaporate humidifier automatically works to regular moisture seamlessly and can be cleaned with ease. Rather than emitting mist, this evaporative humidifier utilizes water and filters to humidify the air; hence, it feels just like my room is filled with moisturized air. When running at standard mode, the noise is like that of a small fan but could disturb your bedtime. When operated at the quiet mode, it does not disturb bedtime, but still not completely silent. Hot water can be used for cleaning the filter and this is really hygienic. The components of the unit are quite simple. The parts you need to clean include the body, filter holder, water inlet cap, filter, and filter cap. The body of the humidifier can be cleaned with a damp towel. Since the manual never mentioned “distilled water”, I clean the unit with clean tap water. I may use distilled water later depending on my observation of the filter. Generally, the OPOLAR humidifier is great – its design and cleaning process are cool.

Alice Rivera · April 16, 2019 at 4:15 pm

A few months ago, I purchased the Levoit to be used in my daughter’s bedroom. It’s not a large space, but I was tired of refilling vaporizers all the time; so, seeing a tank of almost two gallons appealed to me strongly and I decided to buy it. I loved the performance, and I bought another two for my bedroom and the bedroom of my other daughter. These rooms aren’t large either, but I filled my vaporizers with distilled water from gallon jugs. The tap water that runs into my home has huge amounts of lime and calcium in it, and as a result, scale buildup is a common occurrence. Using distilled water reduces the number of times you will have to clean it in a year to two times. I do not have to carry the tank to fill it up the sink, and this is why it is annoying lifting it and flipping it over to fill it up. By now we should already have a vaporizer that can be filled from the top. So far i love the air in my room and how the Levoit performs. It’s the best humidifier that i’ve owned.

Kim Young · April 17, 2019 at 4:28 am

The TaoTronics is the best humidifier for our plants! I was in a desperate need of a humidifier for my indoor growing houseplants occupying an area of 2’x4’x6’. It was a tad dry time of the year when I thought to control humidity of this growing environment. I decided to buy the Taotronics cool mist humidifier. It offers sheer convenience by providing a humidistat. This humidistat works great for someone who wants to maintain a particular % relative humidity in the designated area. Just set it, and forget it. Know that it will not go any higher than its preset value. The humidifier operates on 3 mist levels. When it runs on high, it really gets quirky. It requires filling about twice a day. This is because it depends on outside RH and temperature. The best part is, it steadily maintains 40-60% humidity level. It’s a solid option for those who prioritize ease-of-use more than anything.

Lily Sanders · April 18, 2019 at 10:16 am

We relocated to Colorado a few weeks ago and wanted to get the right product to humidify the living rooms as the winter approached. We got the Aircare EP9 800 humidifier and have been utilizing it every day for about 8 weeks now. It works perfectly on Speed 3 while keeping the humidity setting at just 40%. Well, we have no doubt that the humidity is balanced after all no one is our home creates static..lol. The unit showed that a new filter is needed yesterday and that’s what brought me to Amazon to get new ones for $12 – $15. I don’t know if two months is okay to change the filter, but there are 4 pets in the house and their furs definitely lead to clogging of the filter. While it baffled me a bit that we had to change the filter in just two months, I couldn’t complain after we are just spending an average of $7 each month to humidify our home. I think it is fair enough because it does a great job by humidifying 2 big living spaces, one eat-in kitchen, one loft, and one living room. When you get into the closed rooms that are found upstairs, the places are drier but still better than when there was no humidity. There is no difficulty with the replacement of the water. For us, a large gallon plastic pitcher is used for watering it every day. There is a detachable component on the unit that makes it easy to pour water inside it. However, we still have our way of pouring the water into the spout without dissembling the unit. Even refilling of the spout can be done by my 5-year old kid. To me, the Aircare humidifier is a top choice and I’ll recommend to others.

Isabella Hill · April 18, 2019 at 3:39 pm

The Sharp is my all time favorite humidifier because is not very noisy. I have placed it right by my bedside and it doesn’t bother my sleep at all. When it detects any problems, like dust or other particles, it starts operating faster automatically. The rapid detection and the swift eradication of the particles are quite impressive. A light on the unit stays on throughout. Since the light is noticeable in the dark, albeit being dim, it might be a problem for those who like to sleep in complete darkness. The humidifier is great for dust, pet dander and pollen. I have purchased two Sharp humidifiers, and I am thoroughly satisfied with their performance. The particles in the air are detected automatically, which is shown by the change of light color, green for normal and red for detection of pollutants. I have placed these in two rooms, and they are ultra-quiet. I am planning on getting a third one to put in the living room. Walmart online is from where I get the filters since I found it to be the cheapest option.

Cindy Brown · April 19, 2019 at 12:34 pm

We have been using Vornado Evap40 for a month now and I am very happy with the results. This humidifier does its job quietly when you run it on low. Even when I am sitting at a distance of 5 feet from the machine, I can hardly hear any noise. However, there are times when you are more likely to hear the noise. For instance, it will make a loud gurgling sound periodically when you use the product at low water level. At medium water level, it’s not that much high. Yet, the sound is detectable but that’s not much prominent. This Vornado Evap40 humidifier is built for rooms up to 1,000 sq. ft., yet it enables easy breathing when we use it for our large apartment having 1,800 square feet area over two stories. I end up liking it a lot. From top to bottom, this appears to be beneficial for us. However, we usually keep the humidity level around 20%-25% since winters in upper Midwest are extremely dry and cold. Anything that works beyond the 3%-5% seems to be the best choice. In addition, the product comes with valves which are required to screw off and on tightly. Often this becomes a difficult job for me as I have few thumb injuries. The tanks are wide-mouthed, due to which filling of tank becomes easier. You don’t need to run to the sink when filling. The airlock water tanks are likewise spill-proof and leak-free.
The Vornado humidifier has proved to run much better than any previous humidifier I had used. For example, our previous Honeywell humidifiers weren’t able to propel the humidity around the space as quickly as this one. Being able to humidify our entire house of two stories (1700 sq. ft.), the Vornado Evap40 works really good for us.

Lenny Miller · April 21, 2019 at 1:12 pm

We live in Chicago and in the winter, it’s very dry. Throughout the spring and winter months we run our Levoit humidifier in our bedrooms. It works really well. There are some tricks to using your humidifier. It will run the best on the medium as well as a high mist level. From across a room, you should point a fan at the unit on a low speed as this keeps mist airborne and helps avoid getting the carpet damp. I tend to clean my Levoit on a weekly basis and you should too. I break up the mineral accumulations in the water and keep my unit clean by using a cleaner called Orange Citris and I soak everything for ten minutes. You should run cool water into the reservoir area on its own You don’t want to run any tap water onto the heat pad or the sensor. The seal won’t be able to handle this amount of water pressure. Make sure you don’t get any liquids in the fan hole area.

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