If you are suffering through dry air inside your home or office, then you already know how uncomfortable it can be. There is a solution, though: just find the right humidifier for your space. There are more options than ever today, and choosing from among the very best options on the market, you can be sure to establish just the right level of humidity inside your home, making your space more comfortable than you ever imagined possible. On top of the comfort, though, there are also direct health benefits to using a humidifier in your home. Just a 43% increase in humidity levels will lead to an 86% decrease in the particles that cause flu and virus. That means you can count on better health throughout the colder, dryer months!

Allergies acting up? Dry air may exacerbate the symptoms, and a humidifier can reduce those symptoms, relieving your eye discomfort, throat discomfort, mouth discomfort, sinus discomfort, and nasal passage discomfort. Both pollen and dander are susceptible to increased moisture, which will prevent them from wreaking havoc on you thew way that they always have during allergy season. Humidity can even fight back against static electricity, which lowers the probability of your valuable electronic devices breaking or wearing out too quickly. Your laptops, video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and stereo systems will all thank you for increasing humidity level at your home!

Consider this as well: you will even save money on your energy bill when you use a humidifier. It may seem like it is one more device that you are plugging in, but in reality, using a humidifier means that you will not need to raise the thermostat as high as you would. For every degree that you drop the temperature in your home, you will save 3% on your heating bill, and savings of up to 10% are well within reach if you choose the right device.

Perhaps most unsettling of all, though, is the fact that dry air can lead to snoring, the risks of which include death. When the air is dry enough to reduce the moisture in your mouth and connective tissues, that creates a rough texture where there ought to be a smooth one. This is bad news for your sleep quality – and thus for your overall health. Just picture air flowing in over a grate versus air flowing in over a slick piece of rubber. You want the latter, but with dry air, you end up with the former.

So, how do you reduce snoring? If you go searching around the internet, you will find about a million different suggestions. Perhaps the simplest and most effective way to reduce your snoring, though, is using a humidifier. Place it right in your bedroom, and you even get the added benefit of the white noise that the humidifier will create – preventing snoring and leading to reliably better sleep!

Why dry air makes you snore

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