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Innerspring bed types have been around for a while, but they have always been relevant.  Contrary to popular belief that they are not strong or firm, innerspring offers a considerable level of durability and firmness.  Structurally, you will find a steel coil core – the support system – alongside a padded layer.  The padded layer may be replaced by foam on the top in the cases of a hybrid innerspring mattress. The structure offers users comfort, flexibility, and support through the incredibly cool surface. The coolness in innerspring mattresses is perhaps the highest, compared to memory foam and other bed types.  There is also a modern innerspring base that facilitates the natural body movement and reduces disturbances caused by movement.  So, if you are sleeping with a partner, an innerspring mattress is the right option for you.

Keep in mind that you will find various types of innerspring mattresses in the market. They mainly differ across the design and the gauge or thickness of the coils.  You will also find “hybrid” beds, which allow you to top a hybrid bed with latex, gel, or memory foam, each with a unique layer depth and density.  

Considering this plethora of different options, it can be a bit tricky to select the right model.  We understand this, and to help you, we have compiled a review of the best innerspring mattresses in this article.  Read on!


The Best Innerspring Mattress

1. Saatva - The Best Innerspring Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

2. Voila The Best Innerspring Mattress For Back Sleepers

3. ZinusThe Best Innerspring Mattress For Back Pain

4. Sunrise Bedding - The Best Organic Innerspring Mattress

5. Little Dreamer by Moonlight SlumberThe Best Innerspring Mattress For Babies

The Best Innerspring Mattress Table





The Best Innerspring Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Saatva Best Innerspring Mattress Review by


The Best Innerspring Mattress For Back Sleepers

Voila Box Best Innerspring Mattress Review by


The Best Innerspring Mattress For Back Pain

Zinus Best Innerspring Mattress Review by


The Best Organic Innerspring Mattress

Sunrising Bedding Best Innerspring Mattress Review by


The Best Innerspring Mattress For Babies

moonlight slumber little dreamer Best Innerspring Mattress Review by


The Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews

The Best Innerspring Mattress For Stomach Sleepers – Saatva Review

Price: Out of stock

Saatva Best Innerspring Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 


Item Weight: 120 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

It is understandable why most shoppers rely on past reviews and feedback of current or past users of a product – the experience of others is the best way of learning.  The option of shopping online offers intending mattress owners the chance to choose from a wide variety of models and makers.  And one of the most reliable brands you can ever find is Saatva.  With over 15,000 five star reviews from current and past customers, Saatva is a brand to trust.  The brand has also been ranked among the top 100 promising companies in the United States.  This Saatva mattress is packed with an organic cotton circular knit top panel, which covers a Euro pillow top.  No standard pillow top comes close to this combination when it comes to comfort.  You get improved padding and cushioning, plus a cleaner and neater look.  And you can rest assured of no loss or shifting of shape, courtesy of the excellent sewing method. 

Getting in and out of bed and rolling around in your bed has never been more comfortable with the Saatva innerspring mattress.  This wouldn’t be a good fit if you have a sleep partner, but it is great for personal use.  You can conveniently bounce as you want, without experiencing motion transfer – all thanks to the individually wrapped coils placed right under a thin layer of high-quality memory foam.  This excellent mattress was made to help lower back pain sufferers ease their symptoms.   The arrangement of the coils allow them to function individually, and thus providing more contouring support irrespective of the body type, alongside a significant reduction of motion transfer.  There is a Saatva steel coil, base support system right under the coils to offer even more support.  Thus, you can rest assured that your mattress will stand the test of time without sagging or losing shape. 

This mattress was designed to be eco-friendly, with an organic cotton cover made from renewable resources, and the innerspring carved from recycled steel.  Likewise, the memory foam, pressure relief layer has been certified by Certi-PUR US – after successfully scaling through various comprehensive testing requirements bordering on physical performance, environmental safety, and indoor emissions.  This product, as a combined unit, will offer you just the perfect support and comfort with its great responsiveness – courtesy of the coils, innerspring unit, and the Euro pillow top.    

There are multiple firmness options: the firm, luxury firm, and the plush soft.  Plush is ideal for users with less weight or side/back sleepers.  The luxury firm option is right for users that like to switch positions frequently or those searching for the right product that works fine for them and their sleeping partner.  Lastly, the firm option is ideal for people who prefer sleeping on their stomach; likes to sink less into the bed, or carry a lot of weight.  This product is suitable for people who carry a lot of weight due to its superior steel coil support system that reduces degradation to the least.  So, it can conveniently support a weighing 300 pounds individually, or 600 pounds combined.  Perhaps, the Saatva mattress appears to meet your specific requirements, do not hesitate to get it.  It will be a worthy investment in the end because you get a high-quality product at a lower cost compared to other brands offering the same standards.  

For further assurance, and in consideration of the fact that users do not get the opportunity to try out this product before purchasing, Saatva has included a 120-night no-penalty home trial in the package.  So, you can use the product for four months to find out if it is the sleep solution you need. This trial period starts from the delivery date, and if after the four months, you appear unconvinced, you can demand a full refund with no penalty or pickup and restocking fees.   


Offer impressive motion transfer reduction
Can be moved around conveniently to find the most suitable sleeping position


The feel of memory foam is absent
Few users’ complaints about the excessive firmness or softness
Few users’ complaints about sleeping hot on the mattress

The Best Innerspring Mattress For Back Sleepers – Voila Review

Price: $599.99

Voila Box Best Innerspring Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 82% 


Item Weight: 130 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

You should know it is time for a change of mattress when you start experiencing aches and pains after waking in the morning.  The heaviest parts of the body are known to exert the highest pressure when you lay on them, and this degrades the mattress over time.  A degraded mattress will offer less support and contour than required for maximum comfort.  Now that you have decided that a change is imminent, how about you check this Viola Mattress? 

By using a five-zoned coil technology, Viola has ensured that users get the right support and perfect alignment irrespective of their body weight.  There are special features in this mattress that solve sleeping problems caused by the discomfort of the hips and shoulders.  Considering the specifications of the material components, it is safe to say that this product will offer high durability.  We will soon find out if or if not.  

Stretch polyester is the principal material of the top cover, and with breathable mesh side panels that allows maximum airflow, you can rest assured of sleeping cool.  They work with the next ¾ inch, gel memory foam layer to guarantee you a cool sleep and ultimately allowing you to get into the deep REM sleep stages.  Being a memory foam, you would expect the density of the gel memory foam to be 4-5 pcf, but the Viola mattress packs a gel memory foam of 3 pcf density.  But this is complemented by the presence of 1 ¾ inch, 4 pcf dense layer.  The memory foam is great for additional pressure relief, cooling, comfort, and support.  To make up for the general inability of memory foam to envelop sleepers, Viola has included a ¾ inch layer of Talalay latex.  This offers more bounce that ensures easy movement and motion isolation to allow the pocketed coils placed underneath. 

For people that love to sit or lay on the edge of their bed mostly, the presence of a 2 ¼ inch layer of edge support foam minimizes the sinking in.  Although the foam is simple, it is quite effective.  This layer is followed by a ¼ inch of support foam that serves as the bridge between the comfort layers and the coils beneath, thus offering additional durability.  Then you have a fiber insulator pad right under that, and the role of this is to prevent the pocketed coils from shifting positions and allow deeper airflow in the mattress. After this is the 6 ¼ inch layer of pocket coils – five of them – and they offer extra support as required.  These coils are flanked by the firm side support layer which covers the edge of the pocket coils.  Voila has ensured the smooth transitions in and out of the coils by putting in place the same layer combination, despite the larger scale of the base.   Next to the coils is the 6 ¼ inch edge support system, and this is followed by another fiber insulator pad plus a support base foam of 1 inch.  The last layers are the 1 inch, high-density support foam and the ½ inch of high-dense base foam – all other layers rest on these two, and they offer a robust foundational base for support. 

You have three standard firmness options in the Voila mattress – the plush, medium, and firm.  Medium is the most adopted, considering that it fits all sleeping positions.  Plusher is ideal for lightweight users, while the heavier users can trust the firm option to work just fine for them.  The firm option is also good for users that sleep on their stomachs. 

For further assurance of its durability, Viola has included a 100-night sleep trial in this package.  So, you get to test this product for three months before deciding if it is the best fit for you. However, you are expected to try it out for not less than 30 days to allow you to break the mattress in.  And you are free to try out a different firmness setting if your product is too plush or too firm.  You also get special attention based on your case or requirements.  So, if you discover that what you got is not the best choice for you, all you need to do is get in touch with Viola, and the mattress will be retrieved, while you get a full refund.  

Lastly, you get an amazing 10-year limited warranty in addition to the 100-night sleep trial. 


Excellent pricing for top-quality materials
Firmness accommodations in the case of any issues
Impressive reduction in motion transfer
Excellent edge support
Can be moved around conveniently to find the most suitable sleeping position


Might be too firm for some users
Off-gassing and sleeping hot are common complaints

The Best Innerspring Mattress For Back Pain - Zinus Review

Price: $284.18

Zinus Best Innerspring Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 


Item Weight: 79.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The Zinus is built to appeal to the eyes and add to the beauty of your interior space.  This spring mattress comes in fascinating silver and grey colors, alongside a lovely rope décor that surrounds the edges of the lower and upper bases.  You also have a beautiful wave pattern present on all sides of the bed.  And with the buttoned design on the bed surface, you can rest assured of total comfort and non-slip experience with the Zinus mattress in your bedroom. 

Let us take a look at the specifics of the Zinus mattress:


The Zinus mattress packs a 1.5 inch top, soft, and comfort foam layer, so, you can rest assured of a top-quality rest whenever you lie on it.  This is complemented by a 1-inch high-density foam support layer, which offers more softness and fluffiness.  On the Zinus bed, you are bound to lose track of time with the fantastic sleep time, unlike nothing you have seen before.  


There is a special 7.5-inch base layer comprising over 10% singularly enveloped coils, and this guarantees every user of total elimination of motion transfers while in the bed.  Now you can enjoy a complete sleeping and relaxation experience.  This layer also contributes to the overall compact design structure, extra firm support, and excellent softness all day long.  Are you worried about the bed sinking in at some point? The Zinus bed has been designed to prevent all these – courtesy of the evenly-distributed foam across all parts of the bed.  So, you can choose any side to rest on for your leisure time, sleeping, or for dining in bed. 


Zinus has made this spring mattress suitable for everyone and designed to give you utmost attention and love.  The durability you get from this spring bed is worth every penny paid for this beauty.  Zinus has used the iCoil Pocketed Springs technology to ensure the highest possible quality.  The coils, which work independently and precisely, remove the problems of sunk foams, motion transfers, and inadequate alignment throughout use.  The impressive durability is also contributed to by the carefully-chosen quality materials and comforting designs.  So, you are guaranteed of enjoyable repose moments in your company or alongside your friends or family, for as long as possible. 

Additional Features

As a renowned brand in the business of bedroom essentials and overall home improvement, Zinus has yet again reiterated its commitment to providing useful solutions with this masterpiece.  This bed is designed as a sleep solution that ensures that everyone gets to enjoy the best relaxation experience whenever they want to.  In addition to its appealing appearance, this bed packs the best quality materials you can ever find in the market, and ultimately and seamlessly deliver exceptional performance.  The CertiPUR-US certification further confirms the durability and competence of this amazing product, while assuring you and your family total safety during its usage.  Furthermore, there is a 10-year limited warranty that comes with this product – additional assurance of satisfaction. 


Offers maximum durability and comfort
High quality and real mattress experience courtesy of the iCoil Pocketed Spring Technology
Excellent compactness for relaxation, hobbies, and sleep
Impeccable non-slip top pattern and overall design


Perhaps, there are downsides, but none that we can find!

The Best Organic Innerspring Mattress - Sunrise Bedding Review

Price: $355.99

Sunrising Bedding Best Innerspring Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 88% 


Item Weight: 81.6 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Sunrise Bedding brand is synonymous to simplicity, and this is further highlighted in this excellent product.  The flawless white color underscores the beauty of the bed, and more importantly, its simplicity.  So, you can rest assured that this will complement the beauty of your interior space and is compatible with all bed frame types – if you ever decided against placing it on the floor atop a great carpet or cover. You will find beautiful the waves imprinted on the sides of the bed, plus the stylish rope-like piping present along the edges, all contributing to the overall regal and ornamental look of this bed.  The top surface is beautified by engraved horizontal detailing that assures a non-slip, soft, and comfortable experience for you and your loved ones. With you and your family in mind, Sunrise Bedding has provided this in California King, Full, King, Twin, and Queen sizes. 


The Sunrise Bedding spring mattress packs a Talalay technology latex of latex, which guarantees you an enjoyable experience and maximum stability, no matter how you move.  The inner spring natural latex mattress comprises pocketed portions that offer not only a cushion firm feel but also removes the pressure points when you are in it.  This also comes handy if you are in the market for a mattress that helps you to avoid numb and sore muscles and body aches irrespective of your sleeping position. 


This bed is not all about beauty; you also get exceptional performance.  The gorgeousness and lovely appearance are complemented by the presence of 825 coils equipped in the separate pockets of the spring mattress.  These works independently to automatically adjust the alignment and the comfort of the bed in line with the applied pressure.  So, if you are a bit heavier, this bed will ensure that you get maximum comfort without sinking, downing, or deforming over time.  This is because the mattress has been configured to disperse the weight across all zones of the bed equally. 


Another selling point of the Sunrising Bedding brand is the long-lasting and durability they offer.  In the case of this mattress, the makers have integrated quality and reliable materials to ensure maximum durability.  So, when you buy this spring mattress, you are guaranteed of excellent resting for as long as you want, all thanks to the organic latex creation that eliminates the risk of mold and dust mites’ accumulation.  This product also conforms to the 1633 Federal Fire Test requirements and contains no game retardant particles. 

Other Features

Here is a hybrid mattress that you can either place on the floor or integrated into the top of a bed frame.  Either way, you can be sure of getting the usual softness and comfort associated with Sunrising bedding.  This mattress is certified by the CertiPUR-US as free from all harmful chemicals, thus guaranteeing you of maximum satisfaction and safety.  To further ensure the satisfaction of customers, the manufacturers offer a 120-day trial, a 20-year warranty policy, and a no-risk return policy on all purchases.  

You can never go wrong with the Sunrising Bedding pride.  


Minimalistic design and color, suitable for all homes
Offers maximum comfort, plus a motion-aided foam technology
Safe and hygienic
Built to stand the test of time
A 120-day trial, a 20-year warranty policy, and a no-risk return policy


You may have to deal with stains considering the white color

The Best Innerspring Mattress For Babies - Little Dreamer by Moonlight Slumber Review

Price: $399.95

moonlight slumber little dreamer Best Innerspring Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 88% 


Item Weight: 40 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Moonlight Slumber has remained relevant in the ever-competitive mattress industry because of its use of advanced manufacturing technology to produce the healthiest and cleanest mattresses out there. With several medical grade mattresses to its credit, the brand has helped a considerable of patients and parents seeking excellent sleep and resting experience. 

These products are suited for everyone and all uses – twin, cradle, or crib and more.  Each mattress on the Moonlight Slumber long list of products is made by combining safe and earth-friendly products that guarantee maximum safety and users’ health.  These products were carefully-chosen with the baby in mind, and are complemented with the right solutions for health and safety, without any trace of chemicals or harmful treatments.  So, it is safe to say that all Moonlight Slumber Products are free of heavy metals like Antimony, Arsenic, Phosphorus and more. 

Summary of the Features

  • Free of lead, and fire retardant additives
  • Free of phthalates, PVC, polyethylene, and vinyl
  • Safe, durable, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and medical-grade nylon cover
  • Dual-sided, alongside firm and extra firm foam sides that offers you more options
  • Square and cornered edges and natural internal fire barrier
  • Dropped edge stitched seams
  • An eco-friendly, water-based adhesive that guarantees indoor air quality
  • GreenGuard and CertiPUR-US tested and certified foam
  • Washable, using a damp sponge
  • 161 Count – 13.5 gauge, low profile steel innerspring for extra durability
  • 5” thick design pulls sheet taut making a beautiful bed
  • USA-made, alongside a lifetime warranty that covers all factory defects


Safe and toxic-free – no traces of antimony, arsenic, or phosphorus

Excellent ticking

One of the safest mattresses around


Some forms of covering, e.g., blanket, may cause noise with the vinyl, especially between the mattress and the sheet

Presence of a slightly persistent but non-toxic and safe odor

Why Innerspring Mattresses Remain People’s Favorite

For several years now, innerspring mattresses have been in use. As a matter of fact, most of us grew up using the spring mattress in our bedrooms. Over a long time of use, spring mattresses will naturally undergo wear and tear; however, it will take more than ten years before it will require a replacement. Spring mattresses have two common qualities: Bouncy and Noisy. Some of the downsides of the spring mattresses have been fixed in other varieties such as latex and memory foam. Hence, most of us have chosen these two options. Nevertheless, several people still prefer innerspring mattresses regardless of its flaws.

Firstly, several producers have solved the bouncy, moderately-durable and noisy qualities of the conventional spring mattresses in the current days. They applied the demands from the market to ensure that innerspring mattresses are a worthy competitor to the other kinds of beds.

Most people still consider innerspring mattresses as their favorite due to the homely feeling which comes with it. An innerspring mattress is a comfort zone. It offers a feeling which the majority of us are accustomed to, simply because it has been with us for several decades. Also, generally, innerspring mattresses are relatively cheaper than the other mattresses. Its price range begins from less down $100 with high quality and functionality.

Due to the troubles of moving a mattress from the driveway to your bedroom above the ground floor, the majority of the innerspring mattresses of the current times are supplied in a compressed form for the sake convenience. This innovation among other qualities is the reason why several people choose to remain loyal to the innerspring mattresses.

Qualities To Watch Out For In An Innerspring Mattress

It is most advisable to have a prior knowledge about some terms and qualities which comes with the shopping experience of innerspring mattresses. While the variety can be overwhelming, it is best to master the following basics:

Coil Count: This represents the number of coils within the mattress. Averagely, there is 725 coil count in a Queen Innerspring Mattress. The higher the coil count, the pricier will be the mattress, considering that every other factor remains the same. However, coil count is not an accurate determinant of a mattress’s quality or durability. Elements such as the quality, kind of coil and strength also matter, so don’t get carried away by the highest numbers.

Gauge: this determines the metal wire’s dimension applied to create the coil. In most innerspring, the gauge usually ranges from 12 to 15 without the specialized mini-coils. A lesser number is directly proportional to a thicker wire, which also enhances its longevity. The weightier wire (lower gauge) offers a firmer level of comfort. You can expect the higher gauge coils to be softer with more give and take.

Types of Coil

Continuous: This type is common and mostly found among the low and moderate price mattresses. It is a mesh network of continuous wire from the head to the foot in rows. Every row is connected to another beside it to establish a single system of wire. While this arrangement is the standard, it is not the most supportive. Two notable downsides of this type are noise and motion transfer.

Offset: This model is mostly seen within the moderately and highly expensive mattresses. It has a very high rating in customer reviews for motion isolation, noise, and support more than the continuous model. This kind of coil is made into an hourglass-like form with a squared bottom. They are connected in rows, quite supportive and have high durability. They offer more bounce with open-ended coils and less bounce with knotted coils.

Bonnel/Ppen: This is the longest-serving model of innerspring coils. It has an hourglass-shape which compresses and expands according to the applied pressure. Each coil is placed in rows before being linked through helical lacing with the use of spiral wire. It is quite tricky to shop for Bonnel coils. Bonnel-made mattresses are inexpensive to purchase since their production requires less cost. To verify its durability, ensure that you check the wire gauges and the coil counts.

Pocket: This type is formed by wrapping coils into thin fabric. Without the use of wire, each coil is linked to connect the unit. Typically, you may expect a higher level of motion isolation and better contouring support compared to what Bonnel coils offer since each coil is independently wrapped.

Traditional Coils against Independently Cased Coils

Currently, the majority of the innerspring mattresses are considered as those with independently pocketed or cased coils. Still, there are few traditional coils which are made to stay side by side. Although, it is unnecessary to say that one is better than the other since the comfort feeling which these coils provide are based on preference. But, the independently pocketed coils have witnessed higher popularity over time.

The actual springs are safe when the coils are located in independent pockets. Additionally, the coils won’t tangle with one another; hence the support and stability of the bed are sustained. This bed generates less noise, while the firmness can be controlled.

The balanced distribution of weight is the primary significance of independently pocketed coils. Hence, it enables your bed to shift based on your body’s shape for pressure points relief. The most exciting aspect is that it alleviates motion transfer. With this bed, you won’t have to distribute as much as before, most especially while sleeping with a partner who rolls and turns during the night.

Feels Offered by Innerspring Mattress

Based on our studies, several innerspring users relayed the following experiences:

Less contouring: Innerspring tends to be firmer than other mattresses made with foam or latex. Consequently, users experience less contouring and pressure relief.

Edge Support: Innerspring mattresses are less vulnerable to sinking at the edges (which are mostly used for seating by the users) because of their coil-based support cores.

Responsiveness: Innerspring generates more bounce than other kinds of mattresses. Hence, it does result in more noise and motion transfers. Nevertheless, some couples declared that innerspring’s responsiveness enhances their sexual performance.

Sleeping Cool: Innerspring has lesser heat retention rate compared to other mattresses. As a result, sleepers tend to feel comfortable and cool over the night.

An assessment of the customer reviews showed that sagging and wearing, in the long run, can be a challenge with innerspring mattresses while also, generally, models with a firmer level of comfort and less padding within their layers have better longevity.

Other Significant Considerations

The gauge or thickness of the innerspring coils and wires is related to the firmness of a mattress. Gauge is calculated in numbers which stands for various widths. Currently, most available innerspring has gauge range between 18 (thinnest) and 12 (thickest). A firmer mattress will have a lower gauge for the wires and coils. Also, it is possible to assess innerspring firmness using pitch – or the coil/wire’s angle – in relation to the top side of the mattress.

Additionally, the coil count is another aspect which may influence how an innerspring mattress feels. The range of most coil counts is between 500 and 1,000; however, the number may reduce to 300 or increase to 2000. To an extent, the coil count is useful for the evaluation of the contouring ability and longevity of a mattress. A mattress with a high coil count is usually more expensive, while those with low coil counts can be the cheapest. Nevertheless, it is inadvisable to determine the overall quality of a mattress exclusively by the coil count as in some situations; the numbers are just marketing gimmick. In the current times, experts have realized that the best innerspring mattresses available should have a coil count between 600 and 1000. More than 1000 coil count does not necessarily imply more support, comfort or functionality. The general principle when assessing an innerspring is to consider the wire gauge, coil count, coil material, comfort layer material, and coil type.

Hybrid Innerspring Products

Perhaps, you are finding it hard to choose between the qualities and advantages of foams and innerspring; a hybrid innerspring product can be your way out. Through the use of strategic series of materials, these products do complement one another to resolve the common challenges and provide a better level of comfort and support. For instance, the combination of memory foam with the innerspring unit reduces the motion transfer, which is often seen in the innerspring while it increases the breathability which is often absent in memory foam. Their relationship can be categorized as symbiotic, offering users several benefits. Also, hybrid innerspring enhances the comfort offered by the product as well as body contouring. As a result of their better performance, it is possible to find cased coils in hybrid products.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid Innerspring products


•    Variety: These products can be obtained in every possible comfort level. Due to the various coils construction and the inclusion of a series of comfort tops, the available options of this kind of mattress is close to endless. For instance, unlike the latex mattresses which have similar attributes, it is not the case with innerspring.

•    Affordability: As the construction of this product varies so does the price range too. Hence, a series of inexpensive options can be obtained from the market. Although, the thin gauge coils can result in sagging and the material’s quality have to be checked, a right balance between value and price is available.

•    Bounce: It is easy to maneuver and switch position with this product due to the response time of an innerspring mattress. What is lacking in respect to contouring and motion isolation has been compensated for with springy give and take suitable for the recreational activity. Innerspring is most advised for users who dislike the “dead” feeling of a mattress.

•    Off-gassing: Generally, the materials used for coil mattress do generate less odor compared to that of foam mattress. While some consist of foam layers and tops, customer reviews indicate little or no lingering smell.

•    Temperature control: Within the innerspring, its coil construction enables a maximum airflow; hence, rather than trapping the body heat of sleepers, the airflow will move the heat away. Every variety of innerspring is regularly given a top rating in this aspect compared to memory foam.


•    Noise: The metal spring of a coil mattress produces creaking sounds, which can become a nuisance. In the long run, this sound is usually inevitable. The continuous coils pose the greatest risk of this challenge.

•    Motion Transfer: The foam products are still much better than innerspring construction when it comes to motion transfer. The closest option is the more sophisticated models, which combines the foam layers and spring.

•    Durability: Most users do give a complaint concerning sagging and eventual wear and tear of an innerspring mattress. The complex network of wires associated with the coil, combined with the open structure is more vulnerable to collapse.

Who Should Choose An Innerspring Mattress?

As we mentioned earlier, a specific kind of coil mattress is available for every type of sleeper due to the recent improvement in mattress design. Currently, you will find an innerspring mattress with about three comfort levels in the local and online markets. However, taking the presence of a steel-wire support structure into consideration, innerspring is still the firmest and the most supportive mattress among other varieties.

•    Back Sleeper: This set of people require balance support which will maintain alignment of their spinal column for several hours. This support can be achieved with innerspring. However, you have to check the design of the comfort layer to ensure proper pressure relief over the night.

•    Side Sleeper: Generally, this category of individuals loves foam mattress because of the availability of pressure relief and body contouring qualities of the foam. Nevertheless, coil mattress with layers of foam will offer similar quality. You can engage a sleep trial or in-store evaluation to check for comfort as a side sleeper.

•    Stomach Sleeper: Conventionally, the innerspring mattress has always been the favorite of these people. Stomach sleepers enjoy the support and weight transfer, which create a feeling of sleeping on the mattress rather than inside the mattress.

•    Couples: A sleep trial is advisable for couples, particularly if one of the two rolls and turn while asleep. Read our reviews to find out the ratings of each brand concerning this aspect; however, if you value motion isolation so much, then, the innerspring mattress may not be your go-to-get option.

•    Hot sleepers: These people prefer innerspring mattresses. Due to the additional support and fast recovery time of an innerspring mattress, it will save you from being absorbed by the bed. Additionally, there is the maximization of airflow with innerspring mattress; hence, body heat is allowed to move away unlike as seen in all-foam models.

Mattress Sagging

Sagging is one of the leading problems of innerspring mattresses.  By sagging, we mean the loss of a level, supportive sleep surface.  Most times, it entails the emergence of body impressions, “sinkholes,” and “peaks and valleys.”  Sagging has been commonly reported by most innerspring mattress users (about 25%). Thus it is the most prevalent complaints put forward by innerspring mattress owners. 

What Causes Sagging?

Several materials and parts are combined to produce innerspring mattresses, so it is safe to say that they are much complex than foam mattresses that usually contains two or four layers of foam combined. With this complexity comes higher chances of problems, and one of such is sagging.  Furthermore, the chances of sagging or compression are higher in mattresses with thick pillow tops or comfort layers, compared to those with a thin or minimal comfort layer. 

In addition to these, sagging may be caused by:

  • A one-sided design, which means there is no option of changing sides to ensure even wear or compression.
  • The absence of construction strength in queen and king-sized models facilitates sagging, especially in the middle, due to the immense pressure from the two sleepers.
  • Weak and inadequate foundation.

Perhaps, we could have considered the absence of rotation as a cause of sagging, but most complainants of sagging have also reported proper rotation of their mattresses.  The same applies to the issue of weight – most complainants who weigh less than 180 pounds also complain of sagging. 

Is Innerspring Mattresses Suitable for Sex?

When it comes to sex, innerspring mattresses offer you better performance than other types of mattress.  

The strength of innerspring mattresses based on intimacy reasons;

  • The springs offer excellent bounce action.
  • Movement is much easier, courtesy of the decent support and absence of memory foam.
  • Excellent edge support, thus ensuring that users do not slide or roll off the bed when at the edge

The weakness of innerspring mattresses based on intimacy reasons;

  • Doubtful longevity and durability for such use
  • Higher probability of sagging, and ultimately, restriction to movement
  • Inadequate comfort – users may experience pressure points on knees, elbows, and hands with firmer models
  • Fluid and stains cannot be clean up easily

Innerspring Mattress Lifespan and Warranties

What determines the lifespan of your innerspring mattress goes beyond just one factor.  However, the important determinant factors include the composition and the coil gauge.  Mattresses with high-gauge wire will offer more resilience compared to the low-gauge wire options.  In the same vein, the tempered steel coils will last longer than the non-tempered steel coils.  Pocketed coils are known to combine high gauge, non-tempered steel. Thus they offer the shortest lifespan of all innerspring types.

Conversely, continuous wire coils are much more durable and handle compression better, considering that they comprise medium- to a high-gauge wire.  Bonnell and offset coils are both made of low- or medium gauge tempered steels and are subsequently the strongest of all coils. Generally, your innerspring mattress is expected to last for up to five and a half years. This is the lowest lifespan among all mattress types; other mattress types practically offer more.  

You should watch out for the included warranty when buying an innerspring mattress – this is what usually covers the sagging.  So, when you file a sagging complaint about a mattress with a warranty, you can expect your manufacturer to get you a free replacement, so far the indentation you report is up to the specific depth set in the warranty policy.  If it doesn’t, you will be responsible for the replacement, as the owner.   You should also watch out for the length of the warranty – some warranties are valid until 20 years, even though your mattress will only last up to about five-six years.   Most times, the warranty is divided into prorated and non-prorated periods.  During the prorated period, which is the longer of the two periods, much of the out-of-pocket expenses will be settled by the owner.  

Another critical aspect to note is the manufacturer’s method of addressing warranty claims; some manufacturers tend to include extra fees as shipping costs for replacements.

Vital Aspects/Inquires To Consider By an Intending Customer

As an intending owner of an innerspring mattress, you should make the following inquiries before settling for a choice either online or in a store;

  • The arrangement of the coil or wire
  • Composition and gauge of the wires and coils
  • The coil count
  • The materials making up the comfort layer
  • The level of noise emitted by the bed 
  • How much comfort and support the mattress can offer based on your preferred sleeping position
  • The expected lifespan
  • Presence/absence of a trial period, and the specifics of the return policy when present
  • The type and extent of warranty, and the specific coverage terms, especially the ‘sagging depth’


Innerspring mattresses are still very relevant today and have continued to be the traditional choice among users.  Perhaps, this is because it offers great breathability, durability, comfort, and support.  However, when in the market for one, it is important to consider a couple of factors and ensure that your findings match your requirements.  From spring design to coil gauge, and coil count – these factors determine how durable, soft, or firm your mattress will be.  

You are literally spoiled for options when it comes to an innerspring mattress.  And while this is great, it can also be frustrating.  So, to avoid the frustration, you must understand what exactly you want, or better still, what suits your needs.  With the information provided in this guide, we hope you now have answers to the several uncertainties bothering you before embarking on this journey, plus we hope you now have what it takes to choose the best innerspring mattress for yourself.

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