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The basic function of a mattress is to keep you comfortable. However, there is no standardized scale for “comfortable”. The sleeping style and body frame of each sleeper determine their specific needs and preferences.

When you think about your own body makeup and weight, you will be able to determine the kinds of mattress that will offer you the most comforting sleep. This guide will consider the different types of the best mattresses for heavy people.

The term “larger sleeper” refers to weight, body composition and/or height. The type of person that falls into this group is not determined by any standard measurement. When mattress evaluations are considered, a change in performance and preferences is usually noticed when the body weight is about 200 pounds. Therefore, in regards to this guide on the best mattress for heavy people, our benchmark is based on this weight.

There are many ways through which your experience with a mattress is affected by your body weight and composition. Specific mattress qualities and conditions are usually most comfortable for larger sleepers. Apart from personal preferences and tendencies like sleeping position and motion isolation, mattress firmness, density, and thickness must also be crucially considered by these sleepers.

This post will highlight the certain features that a larger sleeper should consider when getting a mattress, the various types of mattresses that we have, and other essential information to think about before buying any mattresses.

How Do You Determine If You Are Heavy?

If you are weightier than average, it is very likely that you understand this. Peradventure you have been told by your doctor that your weight can lead to a health problem. Considering your body mass index (BMI) is a great, unbiased way to determine whether you are heavy or not. In case you are not aware of your BMI, you may try out this useful BMI calculator. All you have to do is to input your height and weight, and it will calculate your BMI! If your BMI is so high that it makes you susceptible to certain health complications, you are heavy. In such a case, it is vital for you to choose the best mattress for heavy people so that it can provide the support you need and also make sure your joints and spine are aligned well.

The Best Mattress For Heavy People

1. Ultimate Sleep Over Weight Bariatric Mattress

2. DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

3. GhostBed Gel Memory Foam-Mattress

4. Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress

5. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress

6. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

The Best Mattress For Heavy People Table

The Best Mattress For Heavy People Reviews

Ultimate Sleep Over Weight Bariatric Mattress Review

Price: Out of stock

Best Mattress For Heavy People review by

General Information

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 100% 

Product Dimensions: 76 x 80 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 105 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

This mattress was specially created to suit the need of individuals that weight around 300 to 400 pounds; hence, it is the best mattress for heavy people. For people weighing more than 250 pounds, memory foam is usually considered to be a bad choice; however, research has been done to create a comparable foam option that is found in this mattress. This product is exceptional long-lasting due to the use of both advanced foam and latex.

Customers even mention that after utilizing the mattress for a long time they have not noticed the bed to be wearing down or swaging in any part. Also, the manufacturer will measure your body weight to design the mattress to be particularly suitable for you. Similarly, the bed provides exceptionally strong support on the edges; thus, ensuring that a person weighing as much as 400 pounds can get in and out of bed with ease. Although you can hardly see any negative review of this product, a few customers were afraid of buying it because they could not get a free trial. Since the bed is considered to be a custom-made product by the company, it does not come with the free trial that their other products have. However, if you are buying from Amazon, their regular 30-night free trial period is still available for the mattress. Nevertheless, the manufacturer offers buyers the standard warranty of ten years. This mattress can be the ideal product for any heavier sleeper that is experiencing difficulties with getting a superior and tailor-made mattress.


An ideal mattress for anyone weighing around 300 – 400 pounds


Great edge support

A proprietary foam that is uniquely created for extra support

Relatively thin when its weight capacity is considered


Lack of the free trial period from the manufacturer

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Price: Out of stock

DynastyMattress Best Mattress For Heavy People review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 80% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 77 x 12 inches

Item Weight: 100 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

When using some memory foam mattresses, overheating is going to be an issue. They lack excellent circulation and heat is capable of being trapped inside the mattress. With the aid of its layered structure, the Dynasty Mattress deals with all these problems seamlessly. This best mattress for heavy people boasts of four separate layers of thick foam that allows air to circulate properly. The mattress is very durable and has a firmness that is enjoyable by the customers. Even the little changes caused by constant use were not obvious enough to disturb or modify the sleeping patterns of the customers. Setting up the Dynasty is a big problem for some individuals. When the mattress was unrolled for the first time, users said there was a strong odor, and it was placed outside for 72 hours before it could be used. It also became truly comfortable to be slept on after some weeks of use. This best mattress for heavy people has a conditional, extended warranty of 30 years. If you are financially constrained or not willing to spend lots of money on acquiring a new mattress, we recommend that you get the Dynasty. It is cheap; however, you will not lose many features as a result of not spending much. You are still going to buy a top-rated mattress that will offer you comfort while sleeping.


Circulation of cool air

Long lasting

CertiPU-US extended warranty of 30 years

Great firmness level


Strong odor when first unrolled

Requires a few weeks before becoming comfortable to sleep on

GhostBed Gel Memory Foam-Mattress Review

Price: $900.00

GhostBed Best Mattress For Heavy People review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 70% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 11 inches

Item Weight: 95 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

One common problem with heavy people is that they become hot while sleeping. So, some specific types of mattress were designed to help them maintain heat and offer them a comfortable sleep in the night. Using the combination of gel memory foam and luxury latex, this mattress ensures that heat is circulated away from the bed so that the sleeper is kept cool all night long.

After a series of research on the firmness of the mattress, GhostBed was able to ascertain that the ideal amount of firmness of a mattress is 6.5. The ideal firmness was agreed upon by everybody except side sleepers. Ultimately, the product’s reviewers were either very condemnatory or extremely complementary. The complaint of the side sleepers is that the GhostBed worsened their back pain while other users praise the mattress for relieving their back pain. Lots of customers say that setting up this mattress was easy and didn’t take as much time as other products; however, they agreed that it took them some periods to get accustomed to it and genuinely comfortable with it. The product has a 100-night trial period as well as a 20-year warranty. Nevertheless, there were complaints about the warranty being extremely confusing. There is a change of the terms of warranty after the first ten years, and this was not known by most customers when purchasing the product. Due to the changes in the terms of warranty and specified firmness of this product, it is important for you to understand your specific sleeping preferences before buying it.


Highly supportive

100-night trial period as well as a 20-year warranty

CertiPUR-US Certified


Takes a while to be accustomed to the product

Not recommended for side sleepers

Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress  Review

Price: $409.99

Classic Brands Best Mattress For Heavy People review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 83% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 12 inches

Item Weight: 102.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

In case you need a mattress that supports different parts of your body independently, this product may be what you need. Reinforced with gel memory foam of 12 inches, the bed is adjusted based on your body weight and temperature. The gel forms around your body; hence, making sure that it is difficult for you to toss and turn while sleeping at night. An adjustable base can also be used along with this mattress to ease the process of getting in and out of bed for larger individuals. Another factor that the customers loved is that the mattress lasted for long without wearing out quickly. According to the company, heat is taken away from the sleeper by the mattress, but some users mentioned that their sleep was marred with heat and felt the product trapped heat.  A strange smell was also mentioned as another thing about the bed; however, the smell went off after one or two days. Another issue was the firmness of the mattress because lots of users mentioned that its firmness was more than expected, which makes it a good product for heavier sleepers as it won’t be easy for them to sag into this medium deluxe mattress. This best mattress for heavy people comes with an extended 25-year warranty. For individuals that need a mattress that has enough gel memory foam, this product might just be the ideal mattress for them; however, it is more reasonable to enjoy the trial period before spending money on the mattress because it has a specific firmness that may not meet your expectation.


Long-lasting and dependable

Extended warranty of 25 years

Excellent at relieving pressure points

Gel memory foam is adjusted effectively based on your temperature and weight

CertiPUR-US certified


A trial is necessary before purchasing it

The manufacturer does not offer a trial period

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress Review

Price: $504.00

Zinus Best Mattress For Heavy People review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 12 inches

Item Weight: 90 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

In case you need an affordable mattress that still offers you the comfort associated with memory foam, the Zinus Ultima Comfort is the ideal product you need. Though its thickness is just 10 inches, this mattress comes at a competitive price. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a memory foam bed without breaking the bank, the Ultima Comfort is a bargain. It is perfect for a larger person. This is guaranteed!

This mattress offers the utmost comfort. Although Zinus Ultima Comfort is quite thinner than other mattresses on our list, you should note that it comes with lots of cushioning. It boasts of a 3” top layer of memory foam as well as a 2” comfort layer that ensures that your pressure points are relieved while you are enjoying your sleep. Under this mattress, you have sturdy 5” base support foam that makes sure that you do not sink down too much when on the mattress. Additionally, this foam guarantees the durability of the mattress.

Affordability is another thing about the mattress. Sold at half the cost of the Lucid alternative, Ultima Comfort has almost the same amount of features. Therefore, if you are searching for the best mattress for heavy people, you can get what you need here. Apart from support and comfort, the Ultima Comfort has an innovative, beautiful design. This product is an essential, one-of-a-kind mattress nowadays.

While it is a cheap mattress, it has the design of a midrange product. Only Certi-Pur tested foams, which are known to be low-emissions, are used. Due to the use of natural plant-based oils instead of some of the petroleum oils, the Ultima Comfort can be regarded as a greener mattress to an extent.

It comes with low odor. Having a strange smell is one of the biggest complaints of users that are just buying memory foam for the first time. With the use of ActivCharcol and Evergreen, Zinus has taken care of this problem in this 10-inch mattress. The odors from the usage and bed are effectively neutralized by Evergreen extract which is derived from green tea. ActivCharcol, which is in the top layer, ensures that the moisture is absorbed and that the sources of the odor in the new or used mattress are reduced.

There is an awesome 10-year warranty on it. A few reviewers of this best mattress for heavy people observed that the feel of the Ultima Comfort is softer than other mattresses. Anyway, the support layer is covered by a full 5” of memory foam. Although this is good news for larger people, it also implies that people that want their mattresses to have a firm surface may not find it suitable.

This 12-inch bed is a cheap bargain; therefore, it is unreasonable to expect the same superior features and quality that other models may have. Compared to the 20 or more years of warranty of other models, its 10-year warranty is shorter. Nevertheless, considering its price, it still offers great value. We consider the quality and cost of the Ultima Comfort to be perfect for heavy people that need support and comfort for their larger body without spending so much.


No unusual, offensive odor

Lower motion transfer

The bed frame has no slip

Suitable for the body while relieving pressure points


Sinks down a little after some years

Not suitable for people with bad backs

May be too firm for a few customers

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Price: $549.99

Zinus Best Mattress For Heavy People review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 82% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 12 inches

Item Weight: 101 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

For a mid-priced mattress, this affordable product provides lots of memory foam. Its temperature control, layered construction, and exceptional warranty coverage are the things we cherish about it. For large people that want a firmer, well-structured mattress that offers a lot of support, this is the ideal product. Sleep Innovations is one of the major manufacturers that are producing products that take care of all kinds of people. As a result of this, the company belongs to those offering the best mattress of heavy people. Their energy and time have been committed to creating the impeccable design.

When compared to other memory foam versions, Sleep Innovations Shiloh is a medium-priced mattress. However, it still has a number of superior features. Being a great, solid 12-inches thick bed is the most amazing thing about it. Due to this thickness, this product offers great support with lots of space for cushion. Also, it relieves heavier people of their worries about hitting the bottom of the cushion. As a result of these features, it is safe to say this is the best mattress for heavy people. Its innumerable benefits make this claim possible.

To get the ideal balance between cushion and support, two types of foam are utilized. While sleeping on it, support is provided at the bottom layer by some 9.5” thick memory foam that is well structured and responsive. Not only does this foam prevent you from sinking too deep into the bed, but it also soothes pressure points. Temperature regulation and comfort is offered by the 2.5” layer of SureTemp foam at the top of the mattress.

The SureTemp is a special feature that belongs only to Sleep Innovations. It is made of open cells that are adjusted to suit your body while sleeping and also forms around your body to provide cushion and comfort. Concurrently, it ensures that heat can escape which is one big problem with memory foam mattresses that form around your body.

With this material, the Sleep Innovations is the best mattress for heavy people that need warmth while sleeping.

This product is your ideal option if you need a mattress that can support your back firmly and align your spine.

Majority of the buyers discovered that although this mattress is quite firmer than other memory foams, it became comfortable for them after a few days of using it. The stronger foam is good for larger body types which can neutralize the softer, less structured ones. Especially for stomach sleepers and back sleepers, this product is an ideal option.

Due to their confidence in this mattress, Sleep Innovations provides a substantial 20-year manufacturer warranty to all customers. Considering the price, that guaranty is highly remarkable. Perhaps the customers are not satisfied after utilizing the product; they are allowed to get a refund or replacement of the product.

A few buyers have indicated that though the SureTemp performs properly, this mattress is not a good choice for individuals that overheat while sleeping. As a result of its contouring nature, this product allows air to move, but it may make a few individuals be a bit warmer than a traditional spring bed. If you have severe issues with overheating in the night, we recommend a spring model or a memory foam product with less gives that offer more air. This recommended product will improve your sleep in the night.


US-made product

Its firmness is soft-medium

CertiPUR certified

No odor

Excellent heat regulation


The top layer is relatively thin

Advantages of Owning the Best Mattress of Heavy People

The worst thing about having an unsuitable product is that you might never know how bad the product is until you get another one that offers lots more.

In case you are a large individual, or falls into the morbid obesity group, you may experience a lot worse when you own a bad bed as your night can be ruined regularly with backaches, high temperature, and inadequate support.

Alternatively, if you can dedicate time to understanding the product to look for when you want to purchase a new mattress, you can get something that will bring a massive change to your life. Apart from relieving your lumbar and neck pains, you might end up with a mattress that makes sure that the heat is regulated at night; hence, you enjoy a much cooler sleep.

Furthermore, it will support your body; therefore, you will not feel as if your mattress is a water bag. The combination of these factors can enhance your muscular health, posture and even mood. Because who does not get off bed in a bad mood after an awful night?

Bearing these things in mind, we have researched and listed the best mattresses for heavy people. Take your time to check out and enjoy the list.

Which Type of a Mattress Should be the Choice of Heavy People?

Firm or Medium is usually effective for heavy sleepers

For individuals who are heavier, the general firmness level of your new bed must be duly considered. Although there are exemptions, heavier sleepers commonly have a preference for a medium-firm bed, usually about a six or seven on the firmness level. To determine the perfect firmness level, your weight must be taken into consideration when it comes to feel and firmness.

Generally, your experience of the deeper sink is directly dependent on your heaviness; so, a particular bed may look softer to a larger sleeper than it would be for someone with a lighter body. Resultantly, if you weigh more than 200 pounds, you will likely experience an additional 2 inches of sinkage when utilizing the mattress. Nevertheless, there are differences in this based on the mattress design and individual sleeper.

Premium Innerspring Mattress Provide Exceptional Support

With premium models providing excellent support, an innerspring bed can be a wonderful option for the larger sleepers. While these innerspring beds are not usually the ultimate choice, lower quality models generally provide unbalanced support; therefore, your body stiffens, aches and you feel unhappy in the long run. In case you want to choose this design, buying a product with a pocket coil construction is your most excellent option. Pocket coils give you improved support, better feel, and eventually, an improved sleep at night. The improved edge support provided by the innerspring is their substantial advantage.

Generally, in a manner that is better than that of a foam mattress, the innerspring bed comes with increased support that ensures that the design is perfect for individuals who sit or sleep near the edge of their mattress.


  • A wide range of firmness available – you can choose
  • Space existing between the coils makes sure there are easy ventilation and better airflow; hence, ensuring the escape of the body heat and cooler sleep
  • There is additional edge support


  • It has issues with sagging, particularly for heavier sleepers
  • Movement transfer is created by the coils. Therefore, sleeping with another person will make you observe the other’s movement more than in other bed models

Memory Foam Aids the Relief of Pressure Points and Provides Excellent Support

Choosing a memory foam mattress can be a great idea for heavier people. With the availability of several styles, materials and makes, this bed comes in different types from soft to firm based on the firmness scale. Memory foam is known for offering excellent, balanced support and has the ability to alleviate pressure points; thus, ensuring that the bed is a great choice for heavier sleepers or people having back or joint problems.

When you are looking for this type of mattress, you should not forget temperature regulation. Although we have many designs in the market that are ideally breathable, some lower-quality ones may lack this feature. So search for a brand that takes care of this problem usually by utilizing a cooling structure and layers.


  • It offers great support and pressure point relief
  • It provides ultimate motion isolation that ensures your partner is not disturbed when you move
  • Superior foam is long-lasting and its lifespan is longer than conventional innerspring beds


  • Heat tends to stuck inside memory foam beds
  • A few sleepers do not like the sinking feeling of the beds that conforms to your body. This feeling is especially more noticed by a heavier sleeper

Hybrid Beds Provide Support Like Traditional Innerspring Mattresses But Offer More Comfort

With the combination of both foam layers and sprung coils, Hybrid beds are a good choice for larger sleepers who are looking for the benefits of both aspects. Lots of the benefits of an innerspring bed are offered by the sprung coils. The increase in airflow in the coils offers efficient temperature regulation. There are also more bounce and better edge support.

An extra layer of foam is used for making hybrid mattresses. As a consequence, a hybrid bed is a great option for anyone who needs the comfort of foam as well as the effective temperature and support associated with an innerspring design.


  • The support and pressure relief of the foam are especially advantageous to heavier sleepers
  • Its motion isolation is better than that of a traditional innerspring bed
  • Unlike the traditional foam beds, heat is not trapped inside a hybrid bed


  • Due to the use of a coil support system, a hybrid mattress still has the tendency to sag
  • It is one of the costliest beds 

What are the Factors Heavy People Should Consider When Searching for a Mattress?

In case you are a heavier individual, you should consider some additional factors when buying a new bed. The consideration of these criteria when purchasing a new mattress will help you get a suitable bed for your specific needs.


Regardless of your size, you must consider durability when you are in a need of a bed. Each person will like to understand how long they can use their mattress because it will allow you to know whether you will get good values for your price tag. The importance of durability even increases when you are a larger individual. Your additional body weight can put more strain on the bed and lower its general lifespan.

For your bed to be durable, you should search for the ones that combine both additional coils and high-density foams. The wear and tear that the weights of heavier people exert on a mattress will be neutralized. Sagging can also be dealt with through these two components. Body indentations can build up after lying on a bed as time goes on. Under heavier weights, these indentations are even formed more quickly and can lead to discomfort and reduction of the lifespan of the bed. As a way to deal with this problem, search for beds with foams that cannot sag so that they can stay in their form as time goes on.


It is also worthwhile to think about support; however, you may experience a hard time getting the proper support if you are a heavier individual. Lots of beds, including both hybrid and memory foams, may lack the support that heavier people need. Beds that are created to suit the needs of the heavier individual will use taller coils and high-density foams to provide additional support; therefore, it is a great choice to pick a bed that has these features.

The following are the reasons for doing so:

  • The compression of higher-density foams will not be easy. In other words, it is unlikely that you will bottom out when sleeping on the bed and use the strong support layers.
  • High-grade and taller coils also have the ability to support lots of weight. A few mattresses, like the Big Fig, come with a lot of coils in different areas of the mattress. Resultantly, even heavier weights can be effectively supported by the mattress.


The general height of the mattress is another vital thing to take into account. You could get more support if the bed is taller. However, if it is thin, it is possible for larger people to sink in the mattress. Apart from searching for a mattress that is generally thicker, it is also essential to put the thickness of the comfort layer of the bed into consideration. In case the mattress has a comfort layer that is very thin, larger individuals may have problems with bottoming out on it as they compress the comfort layer and use the support layers. Notably, when the comfort layer is thicker, the likelihood of experiencing this issue reduces.

Edge Support

The term “edge support” simply means the way a bed holds you up whenever you are sitting or lying close to its edge. Does the edge of the mattress support your weight effectively or collapse fully? Another thing that is decided by the edge support is how close to the edge of a bed you are capable of lying conveniently before feeling as if you will roll off the edge. This feature is essential for larger individuals. In case you are taller, larger and/or share a bed with a companion, it is important for you to use as much surface area of the mattress as possible. Moreover, you are capable of pressing through a bed more than someone of lighter weight can; therefore, you should know if it is comfortable for you to sit and lie close to the edge of your bed. Generally, when compared to memory foam beds, hybrids and innerspring beds often boast of superior edge support. Anyway, the edge support of all-foam and hybrid mattresses are sometimes improved by reinforced edges and foam encasements. It is worthwhile to inquire from the mattress producer or seller about the build of the mattresses in terms of edge support.

The firmness of the Mattress and Your Sleeping Position

Although it is possible to think that very firm mattresses are the best mattresses for heavy people, it is a bit complicated to decide. Truly, more support should be derived from a firmer bed. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to consider your particular sleeping position and whether the firmness of the bed will be suitable for your preferred positions.

  • For heavier-weight back sleepers, you would like your hips to sink to an extent. The best mattresses for heavy people are often firmer than others; however, you should avoid having a mattress that is too firm if you lie on your back while sleeping. You need to ensure that the give is basically enough; thus, making sure that your spine is aligned and your hips are sunk in.
  • For heavier-weight side sleepers, they would like relieve the pressure on their hips and shoulders. While sleeping in this position, you want to get some softness. Nonetheless, in case you are large and the bed is extremely soft, you could sink down into the bed. To get great pressure relief without bottoming out, the thickness of the comfort layer and body weight should be duly considered by heavier side sleepers.
  • For heavier-weight stomach sleepers, they should not have a hard time getting a mattress. Once the firmness of the mattress is enough, the support you need should be easily provided by the mattress.
  • For heavier-weight combination sleepers, there is a need to get the right balance between support and comfort. Once more, as you are checking out several options, take the comfort layer thickness, your body weight and firmness of the mattress into account.

Mattress Cooling

When considering the temperature of your bed, you should understand that the mattress construction is important. Compared to a memory foam mattress, hybrid and innerspring beds have more chances of providing a cooler sleep. They have coils that ensure proper airflow, whereas heat is trapped by memory foam.

Anyway, manufacturers of mattress perforate the layers of their foam and create channels for proper airflow in the foam. Also, excellent breathability can be provided through the use of an open-celled design or infusion of gel into the foams. In case you are bothered about sleeping hot, you should inquire about the materials used for the materials. If you are heavier, you should also consider your weight. It is possible for you to fall deeper into the bed than a lighter individual if the bed is made of memory foam. In such a situation, the mattress can envelop you more, so the cooling air only gets to a small part of your body.

Consequently, heavier sleepers who are concerned about the heat while sleeping may consider getting a firmer bed. If you can sleep more on the bed, it should be possible for you to sleep cooler.

Think about the warranty

During the comparison of mattresses, the warranty terms and sleep trial period provided by the maker should be taken into consideration. You should get a sleep trial period of a minimum of 30 nights. Nevertheless, lots of makers provide over 100 nights of sleep trial period; thus, ensuring that you get to know if the new bed is ideal for you or not.

Protection against excessive and/or premature indentations and sinking as well as other issues should be covered by a warranty. As time goes on, every mattress will finally indent, sag and worsen in quality. However, if this issue occurs early or to an extreme level, the warranty might cover it.

Be certain that you get a full understanding of the warranty terms and ask questions particularly on the indentations and sagging that the warranty covers. Normally, the deepness of the indentations or sagging that can be considered as a defect and covered will be clearly indicated in the warranty. Majorities of warranties cover sagging that is as deep as 1 to 1.5 inches; however, there will be variation based on the maker and mattress concerned. While a few warranties cover an indentation that is as little as 0.5 inch, indentations and sagging will not be covered at all by other warranties.

Also, you should pay attention to the replacement and/or repair cost. Under a few warranties, the owner will pay for shipping and handling costs when repairing or returning a bed. Typically, the cost would run to about $100 to $200 but can differ largely. A few makers have fixed fees for replacements, repairs, and returns.

When figuring out the warranty of a mattress, there are two important terms you should understand – prorated and nonprorated. When the warranty is at the nonprorated period, no payment will be required from the owner for the repair and replacement of the bed; this will likely not include shipping and handling costs. When the warranty is at the prorated period, there is a need for the owner to pay a part of the original purchase price, according to when they bought the bed.

There will be an increase in the prorated charges yearly. A few makers have designed their warranties to be fully prorated; a few are totally nonprorated whereas a lot of them utilize both types.

Other factors to take into account when you want to select the best mattress for heavy people.


Every individual is looking for a great value, irrespective of what they want to buy, and acquiring an exceptional mattress at a bargain should consistently be the target. Due to the availability of several retailers and lots of information now, shoppers should be able to get the most exceptional mattress that is worth their money. In case you are shopping in a brick-and-mortar store or online, pay attention to sales. Do not hesitate to bargain for in-store sales and search for discount codes online. Most importantly, take time to research and understand the type of mattress that will offer you the excellent night sleep that is worth your cash.


If you want to order for a mattress online, you should understand the shipping policies of the site. Free shipping is now provided by several makers. The sites that do not provide this service will usually run promotions that allow it. It can save you a lot of money, so you should consider it. In case you are purchasing in-store, this is also applicable to delivery charges.

Sleep Trial

There should be some form of a trial period for any mattress you purchase. Sleeping on a bed for many nights is the only way for you to actually determine whether a bed is suitable for you or not. Ensure that the trial period is provided by the manufacturer, but also make sure you know what happens if you want to return the product. Returning the product should normally be done easily and freely with the manufacturer taking care of all charges. However, the reverse is the case in many situations; therefore, make sure you verify this before purchasing to prevent any issues.

Pillows and Alignment

A nice sleep at night is not all about a mattress; your pillow also has a pivotal role to play. The major function of a pillow is to make sure that your spine, neck, and head are aligned while you are asleep. The loft (or height) of your pillow will determine its ability to perform this function. When a heavier sleeper is sleeping, more weight is placed on their pillow, making it sink further. Therefore, it will be beneficial if they start with a pillow that is a bit higher.

Individual Considerations for Heavier Sleepers

Apart from the abilities and qualities of the mattress itself, check out some other factors that heavier should consider when buying a new mattress:

Sleep Position: As indicated earlier, your experience with a bed depends on where you normally sleep on – your stomach, back or side.

Back sleepers: back-sleeping aids the alignment of the spine as well as even distribution of weight. Consequently, heavier back-sleepers may be more comfortable sleeping on beds that are rated to be around Medium to Firm. They are at lower risk of back pain and pressure, and mattress sagging does not affect them.

Side sleepers: although side sleeping is common among lots of people, it does not aid alignment of the spine and may cause additional pressure points in the hips, shoulders, neck, and back. Mattresses that are rated as Medium Firm or Firm are recommended for side-sleepers whose weight is 230 pounds or above. This is because the conformity of such mattresses is close enough to aid the alignment of the spine as well as relief of pressure points. Also, the sensitivity of side-sleepers to mattress indentations and sagging is more than others; therefore, they should go for a mattress with above-average durability.

Stomach sleepers: due to the significant amount of weight that they carry on their stomach, heavier people are typically advised not to sleep on their stomach. Stomach-sleeping can make the stomach to compress further into the bed and is capable of causing spinal disorders because these sleepers require turning of their heads to breathe. Resultantly, Firm mattresses will be most comfortable for heavier stomach-sleepers.

Considerations for Couples: in case you and your bed partner are heavy, it is vital for you to check out the following:

  • Perhaps the weight of any of you is 230 pounds or above, then it is possible for the mattress to sag under the heavier individual and also at the middle of the mattress. A few makers of mattresses provide ‘dual-firmness’ design models. There is a different firmness rating on each side of the mattresses under these models. This design is capable of preventing sagging and making sure that the partners enjoy sounder sleep.
  • In case you and your partners weigh 230 pounds and above, ‘dual-firmness’ may not important; however, get a mattress that has enough density, firmness, and thickness to support your weights.

Sleeping Disorders for Heavy Individuals

Disrupted Breathing

Heaviness can lead to disruption of respiration which, in turn, can cause sleep apnea and snoring. Airways in the throat are restricted by excessive fats. This has the ability to collapse the airway; hence, leading to disrupted breathing. For individuals with mild problems, snoring will be the result of the fat. Sleep apnea will result from more severe issues. Sleep apnea refers to the difficulty with the absorption of carbon dioxide. In other words, the person is not breathing normally, as breathing will stop and restart intermittently at night and in the morning.

Restless Legs

This is known to be a syndrome that leads to leg discomfort when lying in a position, and the affected person is only relieved when the legs are constantly moved. According to research, the basic mechanism behind restless legs is not fully understood, but dopamine that is released from the brain in heavy individuals plays a role in this syndrome.

Sleep Position for Larger Individuals


In this position, the large individual lies on their back; however, the whole mattress is tilted up at the headboard. It has been discovered by surgeons that when the head is tilted up at a 25 degree away from the feet, the breath of larger people becomes better when sleeping. To ensure that a ramp-like surface is created, lift the whole head of the mattress. You can do this by using blocks of wood to shim up the feet towards the head of the mattress around 4 inches.


Sleeping on the back in a reclined position is another method for larger individuals to raise their head and improve airflow for a sounder sleep. To ensure this reclined position, utilize a unique sleeping recliner as a mattress or get an adjustable base that is capable of lifting your head like when using a recliner.


Side-sleeping has been found to be healthier for respiration in large individuals when they are asleep. According to researchers, overweight individuals are susceptible to more issues with sleep apnea when sleeping on their back as compared to the side. Lying on the side reduces the possibility of the upper airway to collapse; hence, better sleep is allowed.

Sleeping Tips for Large People

  • Individuals with positional obstructive sleep apnea will gain a lot from positional therapy. This therapy involves when a person sleeps on their back and folds the tongue back into the throat to ensure that airflow is prevented. Patients are trained by professional therapists to be able to sleep on their sides. An excellent positional therapy tool is the bumper belt. A person is made to sleep on their side by making bumpers sit on the back of the belt.
  • For large people to enjoy comfort when asleep, another great choice is an adjustable base for the mattress. Because this base functions like a recliner chair to provide maximum positioned comfort, it has the ability to be the best mattress frame for large people. With the aid of the frame, the head and knees are raised so that the large individual will stay in a comfortable position that provides good night sleep. A memory foam mattress goes very well with the adjustable base because it is easy to bend.
  • Wedge ramps, which are an array of shaped slanted positioning pillows, can allow raising the head and providing comforts when the knees are raised too. Whether used together or separately, the pillows provide a tailored comfortable platform for sleeping.

FAQs for Heavy People Sleeping

Is the sleep quality affected by being heavy?

Clearly, the extent of the heaviness of the individual determines the answer to this question. Since they will have problems with moving in bed and experience obstructed airways when sleeping, individuals that are very obese are more discomforted.

Can Additional Weight Lead to Sleep Apnea?

Research has shown that excess weight is capable of increasing susceptibility to obstructive sleep apnea as your breathing will be blocked by the softer tissues in your throat and mouth; thus, your sleep and oxygen levels are affected. To lower the symptoms of OSA, weight loss is commonly suggested. Unluckily, it produces a disturbing cycle since insufficient sleep is capable of making you gain weight, and the condition is worsened by the additional weight. You can start your recovery process through intervention by a physician for one or both conditions.

Does an overweight individual require a special bed foundation?

Large individuals should be certain that their mattress is not standing on a delicate base that can be broken down by merely moving around when sleeping on it. Just as a more supportive chair is required by a larger individual, an extremely supportive mattress base that can take care of some additional weight is also required by them. Certainly, a strong bed frame comes with a support beam in the center for mattresses that are bigger than a twin size. Larger individuals can be certainly supported by reinforced metal frames.

What is the best mattress for heavy people?

Optimal support in a mattress that is capable of supporting additional weight is required by large individuals. Heavy people should only buy a premium bed with layers that are at least 10 inches thick. Endeavor to get a bed that has deep compression support so that it can handle the additional weight. Similarly, ensure the bed boasts of good edge support as well as an edge that will not break down when you sit on it. Since a large individual is more likely to sleep hotter, it is important to purchase a mattress that ensures ventilation.

Which Brands Offer Budget Mattresses?

Lots of individuals sleep on an outdated or saggy bed for many years because they believe that they cannot afford to buy a new one. Apart from wearing out their sleep space faster than average-sized people, large individuals tend to have a wrong notion that a mattress brand that can support their weight comfortably is too expensive for them. Through the assistance of online mattress makers, several individuals, including larger ones, can now get an affordable premium sleep. Because a firmer bed has more likelihood of feeling softer to a larger person, firmness option is one of the major things larger individuals should pay attention to.

Another thing that they might also want to consider is zoning in the support layers because it is capable of keeping even the heaviest parts of their body at the same level with the other parts of their body. Features such as firmer foams, coils, and enhanced support can be pricey in retail shops; however, lots of online brands may provide the same features at highly reduced prices.


Streamlining your options from all the beds available can be a daunting task for anybody, and it is capable of becoming more challenging for large individuals that have more peculiar needs in a bed. Nevertheless, after you have narrowed down the list to a few options, it will be easier for you to compare and contrast and decide the best mattress that will offer you the best possible sleep at night. As a result of this, we have taken the pain to pick the top 5 best mattresses for heavy people, and our choices are described below in no specific order.

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