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As e age, our body becomes sensitive to many things. Common complaints among adult sleepers involve pains around the hip and the surrounding areas. It is common to hear people from 40 years upward complain about pelvis, lower back, and other chronic medical condition. At such a period, the type of mattress you use is essential. Since beds are not made the same, some are good for older people while other types are best for younger sleepers.

People who complain about body pains when they sleep need a mattress that conforms to their body shape. Such a mattress will align with the sleeper’s body structure to reduce any discomfort. The mattress will alleviate the body pressure points in sensitive areas such as neck and back. For beds that don’t to offer adequate support to hips and other vital areas, the sleeper should not expect the comfy feel of the earlier mentioned type of mattress. Usually, most surface sleep mattresses do not offer pain relief; instead, they make it worst.

It is crucial to consider bodyweight and sleeping position when choosing a mattress. Where you are on the heavier side, it is advisable to pick firmer or thinner mattresses. Choosing otherwise for such people may cause more regret with the painful night as soft or thick mattresses tend to sag around the body weight thereby causing intense discomfort. For sleeping position, there is a need for a mattress with hip support for side sleepers while back, and stomach sleepers need something entirely different.

The following discussion throws more lights on choosing a mattress to relieve pain. We feature in this discussion, the best mattresses in the market known to take care of hip pain. We have chosen these mattresses because of the experiences of verified customers and as a result of our product research.

The Best Mattress For Hip Pain

1.​ Classic Brands - The Best Cool Gel Mattress For Hip Pain

2. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - The Best Latex Mattress For Hip Pain

3. Layla Sleep - The Best Flippable Mattress For Hip Pain

4. LUCID - The Best Hybrid Mattress For Hip Pain

5. Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress - The Best Affordable Mattress For Hip Pain

6. Casper Sleep - The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hip Pain 

The Best Mattress For Hip Pain Table





The Best Cool Gel Mattress For Hip Pain

Classic Brands Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by


The Best Latex Mattress For Hip Pain

Sleep On Latex Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by


The Best Flippable Mattress For Hip Pain

Layla Sleep Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by


The Best Hybrid Mattress For Hip Pain

LUCID Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by


The Best Affordable Mattress For Hip Pain

Linenspa Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by


The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hip Pain 

Casper Sleep Best Mattress For Hip  Pain Review by


The Best Mattress For Hip Pain Reviews

Classic Brands - The Best Cool Gel Mattress For Hip Pain Review

Price: $380.13

Classic Brands Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 14 inches

Item Weight: 96.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This Mattress is a product of memory foam and gel. This fantastic mattress provides an excellent experience for sleepers. It is well crafted and designed to offer sleepers plusher and comforting surface for sleeping. You don’t want to miss out on this mattress because it holds lots of promises for comfortable sleep, especially for the older sleepers. Refusing to buy this excellent mattress is like denying yourself a good night rest when you can decide otherwise. 

The Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress arrives with shreds of memory foam lush pillow as a bonus. If you are in luck, you may have a King, and Queen sized bonus pillows as the bonus. The memory foam mattress is 14-inch in size designed to provide the best comfort and support possible to sleepers. The structure has about 3.5-inches top layer composed mainly of Cool Gel memory foam to keep you super relaxed and feeling cool throughout your sleeping time. The second layer is a 2-inches gel memory foam that works with the top layer to make the mattress extra comforting.

Why You Should Choose Gel Memory Foam

If you still doubt if gel memory foam is for you, the following advantages should clear your doubts. This type of mattress offers enough support for each part of your body. The reason such a bed is ideal to alleviate your pain is that it selectively supports each part of your body thereby helping to avoid pain. The earlier you make up your mind about buying a mattress of this nature, the faster you will eliminate your sleep pain.

Therefore, be informed and make the right decision about the mattress that is good for you. This mattress ability to instantly take your body weight and temperature make it the best mattress for hip pain. When you move in bed, foam quickly fills in the vacuum and reshapes to fit your current sleeping spot.

The Latest Gel Memory Foam Technology

They are a new invention in foam technology. It is constructed by infusing gel particles into a visco-elastic memory foam mattress to build a super luxurious and more cooling mattress. Unlike the conventional foams, gel memory foams have an open-celled physical structure that offers a better airflow for comfort bed. The secret to sleeping in the bed without being disturbed by unnecessary heat is because air can travel with ease through the mattress. Additional benefits of gel memory foam are its resistance to allergens, dust mites, mold, and bacteria. With these fantastic qualities and promises of gel memory foam mattress, you need to make up your mind fast and end your sleep-induced body pain.

You don’t have to be unsure about the cool gel memory foam mattress is ideal for you. The reason for this review is to educate sleepers about the right mattress for them. Our research shows that a cooling gel memory mattress is ideal for everybody who needs a cool night in bed. In our study, we discovered that a cool gel memory bed is always cool and offers comforting sleep support than other mattresses. It can provide such promise because its body heat dispersal properties to guarantee comfortable sleeping surface without the slightest heat even in the hottest of nights. The cool bed surface it offers means a more restful sleep which significantly prevents toss and turns because of discomfort.

Adjustable Base Friendly

The mattress under review has an adjustable base friendly characteristic. This feature makes the mattress highly flexible and will merge correctly with an adjustable base instead of the typical bed frame. The adjustable base feature makes this product a healthier especially those suffering from lower back pains and fantastic mattress everyone.

CertiPUR-US Certified

The premium quality mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US. The certification implies that a thorough lab test has been conducted on all its components and established that its product contains flexible polyurethane foam. This is a cushioning material found in such home products including crib, upholstered furniture, adult mattresses, and other comfort based accessory.

Pure Green - The Best Latex Mattress For Hip Pain Review

Price: $795.00

Sleep On Latex Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 9 inches

Item Weight: 125 Pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

For the quality latex mattress and a leader in different categories, this product is arguably the best. The materials used in this mattress are 100% natural and pure organic. As a result of the pure natural components, the product is designed to be beautiful, durable and comfortable. It has a medium firmness rating that is best for back and side sleepers, especially for couples with different sleeping styles.

Actually, most latex mattresses are mostly rated on the medium-firm level. The underlying mattress layer is 100% natural latex which is six inches in thickness and provides a firm, durable bottom. At the top is 100% natural latex foam layer that is 2 inches in depth for softness and comfort. Thus, the two layers make the mattress very comfortable to alleviate back and neck pain adequately.

The designer is based in the same location where the mattress is produced in Pure Green’s Chicago factory. Pure Green is distinctive in the latex mattress industry because of its straightforward approach to quality production. The quality is further enhanced because all the manufacturing process takes place with 100% natural materials in-house. This manufacturing arrangement ensures the strictest of standards in industry and health. Also, Pure Green mattress is fire retardant because of the mattress organic wool cover.


Natural Latex Foam. The product is designed and made in Sri Lanka according to the best possible standards without additives or filters. Careful quality tests are conducted to ensure the industry best standard in compliance with relevant standards for global textile emission for natural latex production.

Organic New Zealand Wool. Sourcing the wool required for production follow strict human animal standards making New Zealand wool the best source for quality wool. They ensure wools are collected only from healthy, free-range sheep feeding on sustainable organic pasture. The Pure Green mattresses organic wool certifies all relevant standards, tests and is natural flame retardant. Also, wool is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Organic Cotton. There are two layers in the mattress cover including the exterior, and the quilt backing consists of 100% organic cotton of the mattress. Pure Green stands apart by ensuring pure quality materials are used for their covers. It should be noted that the cheap polypropylene backing used by others are inferior to Organic cotton material used in Pure Green mattresses. Pure Green cotton is recyclable, wholly organic in production, non-toxic and eco-friendly according to all global standards requirements.


Flexibility. The advantage of the natural latex foam is the flexibility in matching sleeper’s movements in bed. It offers remarkable support for the body and will not sink during the night. They are also resilient and will support and make you comfortable many years to come. It helps to maintain coolness and circulation due to the breathable nature of its organic wool and cotton.

Support all sleeping. The Sleep on Latex meets all manners of sleeping and personal needs. As side sleepers desire a soft-firm mattress and back sleepers needs medium level firmness, this mattress can support all.

Ready to use. Pure Green mattresses need no further ceremonies after purchase; this helps to prevent damage. Once delivered, put your Pure Green mattress on its foundation and sleep with joy.

Layla Sleep - The Best Flippable Mattress For Hip Pain Review

Price: $1,099.00

Layla Sleep Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 83% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 109.3 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This is the Editor’s Pick! This flippable memory foam offers a different firmness setting on either side. It has a Medium Soft, rated 4 over 10 firmness scale, on the one side and a Firm, rated 7 over 10, on the other side.  This different firmness setting makes the Layla mattress an excellent option for sleepers with variable comfort preferences.


Dual firmness design. The two sides have comfort layers designed with copper-infused memory foam. Also, there is a layer of cushioning convolute polyfoam on the softer side. With these materials, the sleeper enjoys close conforming and proper spinal alignment.

Minimize the pressure points. This design helps to reduce pressure points tolerably and improves the sleeper’s body blood flow and circulation.

Motion isolation. This is a key strength for the sleep surface to absorb and reduce motion transfer optimally. Also, the mattress is nearly quiet when carrying heavy weight. This feature is perfect for couples who get up effortlessly because of sound.

Lightweight. This mattress has the most insignificant weight by memory foam standards. You will have no problem flipping it over to the other firmness.


  • Free shipping. Buyers within the US will enjoy free shipping you.
  • Sleep trial. Buyers will get a 120-night sleep trial.
  • Lifetime warranty. This mattress arrives with a lifetime warranty after you buy.

When you consider the benefits of 120-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty, Layla Sleep memory foam mattress offers more than any competitor can beat.

LUCID - The Best Hybrid Mattress For Hip Pain Review

Price: $699.30

LUCID Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 83% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 12 inches

Item Weight: 103 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress is a 12-in medium-firm mattress adjudged among the best latex mattresses money can buy. It has premium latex layers that help sleepers sleep with minimal heat and offers the body a great deal of pressure point support. The Mattress is a combination of latex, memory foam and encapsulated coils, designed purposely for support. 

For sleepers who want the benefits of superior quality materials together with memory foam have this mattress to meet their desires. The bed incorporates a 6.5 inches coil layer to make it more motion-resistant as well as edge support. With this design, you can sleep comfortably with your partner even if they practically jump in bed without any disturbance to you.

The mattress comes with a knit cover and 10 years warranty for factory damage only.

Linenspa - The Best Affordable Mattress For Hip Pain Review

Price: $299.99

Linenspa Best Mattress For Hip Pain Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 81% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 81 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

If you need a mattress suitable for back and stomach sleepers, this is the mattress for you. It offers an excellent medium firmness preferred by most sleepers.

It has 4 layers of latex and memory foam with adequate benefits of the two materials. It offers cool body support from latex material while offering memory foam surface support without sinking.

Also, you will benefit from latex temperature regulation to have a comfortable, cool night. The support from the base is offered by a 7-in steel coil and minimizes motion transfer caused by partners. You will get a two-tone mattress cover perfect for your interior decoration.

If quality and long lasting are vital to you, this is the mattress you should consider as it offers both. For better assurance, Latex Hybrid Mattress provides a 10-year warranty contingent upon spotting any manufacturer’s defect.

Casper Sleep - The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hip Pain Review

Price: $600.00

Casper Sleep Best Mattress For Hip  Pain Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 81% 

Product Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 8.5 inches

Item Weight: 63 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Typically, sleepers who are lightweight but having hip pain have a preference for softer beds. They need a mattress that conforms to their body shape and to alleviate discomfort in the hips, lower back, and other sensitive regions. If you belong to this group of sleepers, we recommend the Casper mixed-foam mattress. The bed is designed to have a ‘Medium’ feel with a triple-layer comfort system. It features dense memory foam placed between layers of soft and firm polyfoam. These components help to alleviate pains, and it’s structured to target aches and pains making it fitting for most sleepers, in the light and average weight groups, experiencing hip pain. The bed is reinforced by the high-density polyfoam base to maintain a stable surface, avoid sagging in the center and the edges.

Also, the bed adequately isolates motion transfer and never produces any noise as it bears the sleeper’s weight. These and other traits make the Casper an excellent choice for married people who awaken easily due to their partner’s movement. It is a 10″ profiled mattress comparable to the standard mattresses in thickness, comparatively lightweight and portable.

The mattress is lesser than most mattresses in its category but packs a punch, quality wise. When you buy, the company offers you free shipping in all 50 US states. Also, you will get a 100-night sleep trial and a conditional 10 years warranty.

Causes of Hip Pain

There are different reasons, and signs of hip pain. It could be felt around the hip, or it may extend to areas such as the leg or pelvis. In some cases, it can be chronic, which will endure for a long time, while others, often linked to a specific incident, is shorter-term and sharper.

If you’re experiencing hip pain, most likely you want to think the real cause of it. As a result, we want to dedicate this section to learn about potential health issues capable of causing hip pain.

However, please keep in mind that diagnosing any health condition is the job of a qualified doctor. Only a doctor can say, through proper examination, the exact cause of your pain. Therefore, if you are experiencing persistent, unbearable, or deteriorating hip pain, we recommend you talk to your physician or any competent health professional to make an appropriate medical recommendation.

With that said, the following are possible causes of hip pain

Arthritis. This is an inflammation of joints that can affect different parts of the body. It usually happens in older adults due to the weakening of the cartilage protecting the joints. Hip based arthritis can lead to chronic and ongoing pain.

Bruising. A recent slip and fall or anything that result in experiencing a massive impact on the bone may result in hip pain. Where there is a bruise causing tenderness, such could result in pain around the hip area. Although, injuries aren’t always severe but could cause general discomfort, and the severity of the bruise will decide the duration of the pain.

Bursitis. These are inflammation caused by small, fluid-filled sacs in the critical area of the body such as elbows, tendons, knee, shoulder joint, muscles, and bones. This condition often results in pain and where its location directly impacts the hip; it could result in pain in the area.

Cancer and other more serious conditions. Cancer may affect the bones and lead to hip pain and different health situations. Although, the majority of hip pains have no cancer causes of complication, but in some cases, cancer is a possible cause.

Hip fractures. This can be quite painful when it occurs. There are times you will sustain not too obvious hip fracture as a result of fall and lead to hip pain.

Infections. Some infections, like bacterial infections, could affect the bones. When it affects the bones in and around the hip, it results in hip pain with excruciating experience.

Labral tear. This involves the labrum, a cartilage ring that goes around the outer hip joint’s socket. With the labrum torn, it can result in excruciating pain because it is this cartilage that pads the joint and hold it effectively in place.

Muscle strain. The hip is surrounded by some muscles that when they become strained from everyday activities such as twisting could result in hip pain. E.g., strains of the hamstring or the hip flexor. The extent of the impact of the pressure, just like with bruises, will determine how soon the pain will last.

Osteonecrosis of the hip. This condition refers to the beginning of the breakdown of bone. If this happens, may be due to the lack of supply of blood to the hip, could result in bone weakness and pain.

Pinched nerves. Different nerves may cause pain when intruded that can affect the hip directly. These pains are very sharp with a radiating sensation.

Tendinitis.  If the tendons that connect muscles to bones become irritated and swollen, it is identified as tendinitis. This health condition is a painful one and can be very debilitating. For instance, iliotibial band (IT band) inflammation can affect the hip. It will run from the outer thigh by the bone to the outer areas of the knee. The IT band is prone to tenderness because of overuse, like in the running by athletes, or it could be due to improper biomechanics.

Mattress Shopping Considerations

There so many considerations to make when you want to buy a mattress. However, not all such factors are critical to every buyer. Therefore, we have simplified the essentials to give you a compact list of the most important.

Durability.  It’s annoying to make a steep investment only to end up with a failed product within a short time. As a result, longevity is a crucial factor to protect your investment. Also, a worn out mattress will stop being supportive and allow unnecessary sinking along with other issues capable of causing or aggravating hip pain.

Firmness. It refers to the basic notion for selecting a mattress decided on a scale of1-10 to rate a mattress of how hard or soft along the path to the hardest indicated with 10/10. This factor is critical to determine how comfortable the mattress will be for you. For the majority of sleepers experiencing hip issues, a medium-firm mattress (5-7) is soft enough to avoid extreme contact at the hip and at the same time to prevent sinking into the mattress.

Support. This refers to the level at which a mattress promote proper spinal configuration. The majority of mattresses guarantee comfort by being responsive. By this, it means the mattress proportional cushioning according to sleeper weight distribution. This is important for anyone with hip issues because it offers the cushioning and contouring needed around the pelvis and hips.

Type of Mattress

At what time of selecting your mattress, you’ll see there are different types of options to choose. Even though there are no hard and fast rules regarding the types of mattress that are best for hip pain, there are general considerations.

Foam and latex mattresses. These materials tend to come top for most people worried regarding hip problems. These materials offer a mix of support and resilience, meaning they can match the body shape and give the hip the padding it desires. Likewise, you won’t feel swallowed by most foam or latex mattresses, particularly latex because of its bouncy nature.

Hybrid mattresses. This offers the alternative option and can be a good pick because of their innerspring enhanced with comfort layers from other materials such as latex or foam.

Innerspring mattresses. They are coils base; they often do not offer sufficient cushioning or conforming since their comfort layers are generally thin. We can say the same for the airbeds. Albeit airbeds boast adjustable firmness levels; their comfort layers are typically minimal with no room for sleepers with over 200 pounds weight.

Sleep Trial and Warranty Considerations

At what time of evaluating different mattresses, consider the sleep trial and warranty as crucial. Sleep Trial allows you to test out a new mattress in your home for manufacturer allowed nights. Typically, you can get between 90 to 120 trial nights to confirm your satisfaction or otherwise.

If you are unsatisfied with the mattress before the trial lapses, you can return the mattress for a partial or the full refund according to the manufacturer’s warranty and refund policy. In some cases, you also have the option to exchange it for another type, maybe a different firmness or the option you prefer.

Since the majority of mattresses need no less than 30 nights to show a sign of defect accurately, sleep trials is a better way for shoppers experiencing hip pain to evaluate the different product and make. Furthermore, some manufacturers will undertake the return process without cost or trouble to the customer. This means, your consideration should effectively take note of return policy as well, even when you have considered all other essential factors.

Warranty Sagging Depth and Coverage

Most mattress warranties consist of specific wording emphasizing ‘sagging depth or the deepness of the sagging to be eligible for a flaw. In this case, the best guarantees for mattress will include sagging expressed in measurements such as one inch or less anything more means a more significant impact on pain and pressure. However, several mattress warranties will not include sagging measuring less than one and a half inches.

Note that only a few warranties propose the same sum of coverage. A few guarantees prevent customers from paying additional costs outside shipping and handling charges to repair or replace a flawed mattress. Other warranties offered both nonprorated and prorated where the customer pays a percentage of the original price of the mattress to repair or replace it. 

For prorated charges, the owner could pay out a considerable sum to repaired or replaced their defective mattress as this option tend to increase for every year of possession.

It’s noteworthy however that a 10-year nonprorated warranty coverage will usually be more than sufficient as nearly all mattresses will perform for a period of seven to eight years.

Reason Innersprings are not the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

The traditional innerspring mattresses feel adequately soft for comfort but cannot provide side sleepers the essential support required. This is a favorite sleeping position that usually creates pressure points in the hips, mostly for sleepers who maintains a single position all night through. In the case, the higher proportion of the body’s weight moved to the bone when sleeping in an innerspring bed. Worst still, this type of mattress never support certain parts of the body including the waist, thus causing it to sag with spine contour. Also, worn out innerspring bed usually sag precisely at the point where hip support is needed. 

Once the hips sink into the soft spot, a curve is created in the spine and counters the upper part of the back and neck to flag off new problem. On the other hand, when the innerspring bed is too firm, they cause the opposite curve by suspending the hip up to make the waist too deep hence creating chains of pains in the waist, spine, and headache.

Alternative Mattresses Offer Better Comfort

Sleepers who suffer hip pain in the past have very few options regarding best mattress for hip pain, if at all. The usual practice was stuffing pillows under the waists to counteract too hard bed or offer a worn out mattress a sheet of plywood base to keep it steady. From those eras without alternatives to current period life has transformed remarkably for sleepers suffering hip pain and similar sleep loss problems. 

Today, there are affordable plush memory foam and latex mattresses offering essential softness and support needed to remove pressure points. Pressure points refer to areas of the body that hold more weight. Body mapping images depict weight distribution when lying in bed. The photos reveal why side-sleeping positions do develop hip pain and shoulder joints problems.

Since the best mattress for hip pain discusses mattresses that support the back while eliminating pressure on the hips, we can understand the reason innerspring and coil beds are not counted as best for hip pain. In term of alternative, the plush memory foam and latex mattresses offer a better deal for sleepers wishing to eliminate aches and pains with an excellent blissful night.

What If You Get The Wrong Mattress?

You should ensure the mattress you are buying offers a trial period long enough to help you make a sound judgment. The majority of brands online provide a sufficient trial period to test the bed to the point of conviction. If you have an injury, testing your mattress is essential for proper evaluation to see how it feels and the effects on where it hurts. If you are not satisfied, don’t fret, activate the return policy. This is why, as mentioned above, return policy and sleep trial offers are essential factors to consider.

In fact, if you have settled for a mattress with free returns, this is the time to test their promise. Necessarily, you don’t have to worry as they will live up to that expectation to dispatch their agent to your house for the pickup at no extra cost to you and still get refunded 100%.

Today, part of the alternative is that you have a way to test how pleasant and comfortable a mattress is before you decide to own it. While most mattress sellers are available online, you could still try the brick and mortar mattress store if you have one close by for a physical test; however, there is nothing more ideal like having many nights’ trials to decide.

How Sleep Position Affect Hip Pain

Like most people, you do have a favorite sleep position you are inclined to take when in bed. The popular one is side, back, or stomach, while a few sleepers have a combination of sleeping positions. No particular sleeping position is most excellent for hip pain since each sleeping position offers peculiar challenges. Therefore, sleeping position, weight, and body composition is a way to decide on the best mattress offering a mixture of firmness and support to avoid hip issues.

We will consider each position in turn.

Side Sleepers. This is the commonest of sleeping positions. It can be good or bad for sleepers with hip issues. This position increases the hip and shoulder pressure which can result in pain without adequate support. Also, the hip and lower back stands twisted without appropriate cushioning and can exacerbate numerous issues including muscle strains and inflammation. Even at that, side-sleeping is usually considered as the best position for spinal alignment.

People who prefer side-sleeping should avoid sleeping on the side with any hip issues. If you have any problem with a side, endeavor to use the other side. But without any actual pain, try switching sides, so you don’t get used to sleeping on one side. Try also to use pillows to support your body. For example, you can try a pillow behind the lower back, between the knees, or a full-length body pillow. Each, these positions would help to improve cushioning and body position. 

Stomach Sleepers. This is the least common of sleeping positions and rarely recommended by sleep experts as it put pressure on the torso and back. Usually, the abdomen and pelvis that naturally bear more weight will sag into the mattress, causing body misalignment. Ultimately, the pressure is on the muscles and tendons in that area of the body.

These sleepers need a mattress with sufficient support and firmness to ensure their torso and pelvis aren’t sinking too much into the mattress. Some of these sleepers could as well benefit from pillows support tucked under the pelvis for alignment and cushioning.

Back Sleepers. These sleepers may find their lower back to the top of the thighs tend to sink too deep into the mattress. Sometimes, this could happen to the shoulders. The body pressure points require sufficient support to prevent misalignment. This, in some cases, can directly affect the abdomen, pelvis, and hips.

Ensure that your mattress checks excessive sagging and misalignment of the body if you are a back sleeper. Also, try using extra pillows for support to bolster your body for extra comfort.

6 Tips to Relieve Hip Pain at Night

Follow these tips on how to sleep comfortably with hip bursitis to experience a much more pleasant and pain-free night’s sleep.

Change Your Sleeping Position. Changing your sleeping position offers one of the best ways to ease hip pain at night; we will discuss this later.

Change Your Mattress. Changing your mattress will make a huge difference in alleviating your hips issues every time you sleep.

Sleep With A Pillow Between Your Knees. Do this often to reduce the pressure across your hips

Low Impact Exercise. Observing gentle exercises such as Yoga or Tai Chi will promote healthy joints and ease hip pain.

Avoid Sitting For a Long Period. It is recommended to stand occasionally when sitting down as it hurts to stand up after sitting down for a long while, try to avoid it.

Stretching. Try a few simple stretches if your hip pain keeps you awake at night.

Additional 5 Tips and Strategies

Besides choosing a great mattress, sleepers with hip issues should consider other strategies for alleviating the pain.

Use extra pillows: extra pillows can support the knees, pelvis, lower back, or other body parts. These can give cushioning and can be a way to help bolster the body to stay properly aligned.

Consider mattress toppers. Try to look into buying memory foam or latex mattress topper to boost the support from your existing bed if you’re unable to buy a new mattress right now.

Pain relief. Standard methods of pain relief like rest, ice/heat, and OTC pain relievers can help to reduce pain and rest more comfortably. Ensure to speak with your doctor if the pain worsens or ask questions about the most suitable pain relief for you.

Lifestyle changes. Some lifestyle changes can mitigate hip pain including regular light stretching, picking proper footwear with ample support, losing weight, and exercise suitable for overall health.

Talk to a health professional. The Doctor is in best positioned to talk to about your health problems. In particular, it’s important you see a doctor if your pain is worsening. Don’t delay seeing your doctor to diagnose, treat, and get relief.


As different health conditions require a specific type of bed materials, we recognize that the initial stage may be tough to choose the right mattress just for you. Notwithstanding how long it might take to find the proper bed, you need to endure as until you see the mattress that is right for you. Doing this will translate to a full and comfortable sleep, and that will compensate for the troubles. Protection Status 


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