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When it comes to buying the best mattress for kids, many people think it’s an absolutely easy task. Obviously, different children of different ages have different sleeping habits. Now, the question is; how do you even know the mattress that would suit your child?

In the process of getting a suitable mattress for your child, many difficulties arise as you do not even know which mattress will perfectly suit your kid. However, in this content, we are going to discuss the most suitable, comfortable and healthy mattresses that will excellently befit your child.

The Best Mattress for Kids

The Best Organic Mattress for Kids - My Green Mattress

The Best Mattress for Kids Who Sleeping Hot - PangeaBed

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Kids - Modway Aveline

The Best Transition From The Crib Kids Mattress - 5 Little Monkeys

The Best Innerspring Mattress For Kids - Saatva

The Best Hybrid Mattress For Kids - Tomorrow Sleep (Editors' Choice

The Best Mattress for Kids Table





The Best Organic Mattress for Kids

My Green Mattress Best Mattress for Kids review by


The Best Mattress for Kids Who Sleeping Hot

PangeaBed Best Mattress for Kids review by


Best Memory Foam Mattress For Kids

Modway Aveline Best Mattress for Kids review by


The Best Transition From The Crib Kids Mattress

5 Little Monkeys Best Mattress for Kids review by


The Best Innerspring Mattress For Kids

Saatva Best Mattress for Kids review by


The Best Hybrid Mattress For Kids (Editors' Choice

Tomorrow Sleep Best Mattress for Kids review by


The Best Mattress for Kids Reviews

My Green Mattress - The Best Organic Mattress for Kids Review


My Green Mattress Best Mattress for Kids review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 79% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 38 x 10.2 inches

Item Weight: 62 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

This organic mattress, My green mattress, was initially built for the daughter of the owner, who suffered from eczema. Her problem caused her so much discomfort; her father had to fabricate a special mattress that would reduce her pain and help her sleep more comfortably. The comfort layer of the bed was produced using 3-inches of 100 percent Dunlop latex. In the 8 inches left of the mattress was the tucked-in inner spring sect. 

However, it is worthy of note that in My green mattress, there is a part in the middle of the bed that is quite firmer to hold the pelvic region around the lower part of the child’s body. Therefore, if you are to buy this mattress, you have you keep in mind, the height of your child in relation to the mattress’s length. This procedure will allow you to pick a bed suitable for your child, and at the same time, function effectively at night. As a general height limit, I would instead suggest a full or twin size as twin XL is a longer size.

If you aim at getting this product, then you should be ready to pay a bit more than you would in the case of other mattress brands. Nonetheless, due to the organic constituents, this long-lasting brand would continue to serve your child for as long as possible.


Relatively affordable

Low off-gassing

Little transfer of movement


Mattress being too firm for some consumers

PangeaBed - The Best Mattress for Kids Who Sleeping Hot Review

Price: Out of stock

PangeaBed Best Mattress for Kids review by

General Information

Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 67% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 38 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 90 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

Perhaps your child wakes up sweaty or cannot enjoy sleep because of heat at night. Then, you might want to consider settling for the PangeaBed. In the cover of the PangeaBed Copper mattress, The technology has incorporated copper to allow the flow of air and dispel the heat.

For back sleepers, the 100 percent Talalay latex incorporated in the comfort layer is of great advantage while for side sleepers, the inclusion of PangeaBed ™ Cool Gel Memory Foam offers full support.

One advantage is that the mattress doesn‘t off-gas on opening and the brand comes in a superior medium firm layout. On the other hand, a practical disadvantage is the low edge support it offers. As a result, the mattress makes it uncomfortable for you especially if you tell night stories to your kids. Hence, it is of better advantage to go for the full-size option so that you can lay on the bed rather than sit on the edge of the bed.


Good for hot sleepers


Antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial

Little transfer of movement

Capable of holding all sleeping positions

Excellent quilted cover


Low edge support

Modway Aveline - Best Memory Foam Mattress For Kids Review

Price: $159.49

Modway Aveline Best Mattress for Kids review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Product Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 8 inches

Item Weight: 31 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

The Aveline Gel Memory Foam, produced by Modway, is a superior-quality mattress, which is undoubtedly comfortable for sleepers of all age classes. It is also available in distinct sizes such as the king, queen, full and twin sizes.

About 8 inches deep, the mattress is generally filled with open cell memory foam that allows your child’s body to sink in. By so doing, it creates support around your child’s body, even if your child has different sleeping positions and habits such as sleeping on body parts or turning to different directions in bed at night. 

Above the memory foam core is a thicker sheet of gel-infused foam. Not only does this foam add body-weight support, but it also helps to control heat and maintain constant body temperature. It does this by sucking in, the heat and sweat around the body, therefore providing absolute comfort to the user even in hot or wet climatic conditions.

Besides, the material is produced with low Volatile Organic Compounds, therefore reducing its chances of off-gassing on opening or worsening allergic reactions. 

Aveline mattresses have succeeded in making over hundreds of positive reviews and a meritorious 4.5-star rating. A client that purchased two twin Aveline mattresses for her two grandsons stated that the beds are “the only way to sleep" to be truly comfortable.


Regulates temperature and perspiration

Soft and supportive

Relatively affordable


Lacks edge support

5 Little Monkeys - The Best Transition From The Crib Kids Mattress Review

Price: Out of stock

Modway Aveline Best Mattress for Kids review by

General Information

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 100% 

Product Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 8 inches

Item Weight: 47 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

Perhaps your child is done with cribs, and you are looking for the perfect mattress to switch to. Then, the 5 Little Monkeys is the perfect choice as it is specially designed for children.

The 5 Little Monkeys mattress brand is produced to tackle the issues of your child experiencing sleepless nights. The mattress also comes in different forms such as the Full or Twin sizes that will provide for your child, adequate growth space.


The physical layout of this mattress is a sophisticated design, which comes with a detachable and cleanable organic cotton cover. The bed also has a comfort layer with a dual phase change gel that controls and dispersing your child’s body heat.

On the other hand, there is a responsive memory foam layer below the comfort layer that provides the child with adequate support and posture alignment during sleep. The mattress layer also comes with the open cell design for proper air-flow.

At the extreme end of the mattress is a high-density poly foam base layer. This layer gives maximum support to all the layers above it, as well as aligning the user’s posture during sleep. It is a tough layer that serves as the framework of the mattress, therefore gives the bed its shape and support.


This type of mattress has a demographic-specific structure, specially designed for children between the age ranges of 5 to 13. As it does not support adults, it is slightly softer and allows the user to sink into it. Consequently, your child will sink into the first layer and experience the soft memory foam feel. It is after sinking a few inches into the mattress before the thicker transition layer starts to provide firmer support for your child. The high-density polyfoam, the final layer, will finally give solid support to both the child and the total bed structure.


Coming with this mattress are extra features such as a pillow, a mattress protector and a storage bag. It is made of natural cotton; the pillow is washable. Not only is the pillow hypoallergenic, but it also provides support to the head and aligns the back of the child sleeping on it. On the other hand, the mattress protector is a waterproof material made from organic jersey knit that keeps the bed durable and flawless. In addition to these, the mattress protector has large fastening bands; therefore giving room for security, easy usage, and a long-lasting mattress.


Bouncy, comfy and offers a nice touch

It uses creative technology for regulating body temperature

Waterproof protector for added comfort and protection

The whole sleep system, including pillows and mattress protector, is sold

CertiPUR-US certified materials

Natural, washable and removable cover allows for better-quality of sleep sanitation

Responsive foam for superior child’s spine alignment


It measures 8 inches in height, making it a good choice for most kids but a bad choice for parents that need thicker mattresses

Saatva - The Best Innerspring Mattress For Kids Review

Price: Out of stock

Saatva Best Mattress for Kids review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Product Dimensions: 75 x 38 x 14.5 inches

Item Weight: 110 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

When it comes to the best innerspring beds for kids, the Saatva mattress is on top of its game. Featuring three main parts; a set of coils wrapped individually, cushioning layers and spinal support technology, this powerful mattress ensures a comfortable night for your little one! 


Firstly, the top layer of the mattress, produced from organic cotton circular knit, encloses a Euro pillow top. Compared to a standard pillow, the Euro pillow top has a fuller cushioning, and therefore, the combination of the futures provide a sophisticated design. 

Next is skinny superior foam, directly below the Euro pillow, designed to allow space for your child’s growth. What this layer does is to provide relief and reduce pressure on your child’s back.

After the high-quality skinny foam, is a set of individually wrapped coils. As they work independently, the coils give the user excellent outline support and reduce the transfer of motion during sleep. With this multi-functional coil, it is possible for a certain number of children to share a Saavta mattress, depending on the size.

Finally, in the end, the mattress is a steel coil-base support system that is incorporated to avoid cases of wearing out or sagging in the future. Furthermore, the mattress is designed with a dual perimeter edge support system that gives perfect support to your child if he or she sits at the edge of the bed for a long time.


Compared to the other mattress brands, saatva offers different levels of firmness at which the ratings indicate the levels of softness. Mattresses with the score of 3 out of 10 mean plush soft firmness, a very soft texture, making it a perfect choice for kids who like to sink into their beds. A rating from 5 to 7 out of ten, the luxury firm, indicates moderate firmness and is most suitable for growing children. On the other hand, the rating of 8 out of 10 shows the firm feel, the texture that keeps your child flat on the mattress, is suitable for children that sleep on their backs and stomach, but may not be ideal for the side sleepers.

In a whole, the saatva mattress is not only responsive but also ensures that your child gets the perfect comfort and support. The innerspring coils section aligns your child’s backline, therefore relieving your child of stress.


Uses CertiPUR-US certified foam materials,  safe for kids

It is an excellent choice of innerspring mattress for children 

Provide three comfort levels and two heights choices for preference

The innerspring structure offers superior airflow and breathability

Made of premium innerspring systems

Come with complimentary white glove delivery with mattress removal


Maybe a little more robust for younger children who are switching from a crib

Tomorrow Sleep - The Best Hybrid Mattress For Kids Review (Editors' Choice

Price: Out of stock

Tomorrow Sleep Best Mattress for Kids review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 100% 

Product Dimensions: 79.5 x 38 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 73.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

In the mattress world, the majority of the bed generally have two flaws; its either they are a bit costlier, or they are a bit tougher or both. But on the part of, the mattress is neither more robust nor more expensive. It equalizes the average cost of any hybrid be and is about 10 inches in depth. These features have made it the perfect choice for children of different age classes.

Judging by the name, the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress is a hybrid mattress, which has coils enclosed in different layers of foam. At the base of the bed is a thin sheet of dense foam that allows the coils to sit on it individually. Practically, the coils give the entire mattress strong support and allow bouncing on it, to an extent. Generally, incorporating coils in beds is a fun, and an attractive feature than thick poly foams (commonly used in bed-in-a-box mattresses) as coils extends the durability time of beds. 

Covering the coils is a sheet of response memory foam, which partially functions as a transition layer. 

The layer, judging by the name, is more responsive than the regular memory foam. After the layer, there is a sheet made of gel-swirl memory foam, which provides maximum relief for the bed. At the extreme top of the mattress is a sheet of open-cell memory foam, which serves as the comfort zone of the bed. It also gives a reasonable amount of relief for both the bed and the sleeper.

Finally, after the entire construction, the whole framework of the mattress is wrapped using a thin sheet of detachable cover. The cover is silky, relatively soft and can be easily cleaned if the stain is rubbed off immediately using a mild detergent with warm water. However, it is worthy of note that this cover is not machine-washable. Consequently, if drinks, food or any other colored material spills on the cover, you can easily rub it off immediately, just like you would to regular covers.

However, with the memory feel, this bed is very comfortable; for people that appreciate this kind of softness. But if you prefer a type of neutral-foam feel or an innerspring mattress, then the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress is not the mattress you want to buy.

When you lie on the bed, your body will gradually be lowered into the bed will it feels like you are completely at the middle of the bed. It makes you feel like you are being swallowed up. Even when you move away from the position, the top layer of the mattress will take a while before it returns to its original state, due to its slow response rate. Therefore, for sleepers that swiftly move from one side of the bed to another, it might be a little more energy-sapping to move that fast across the bed. From a general firmness scale, we think that the name of the does not really match its soft nature. 

On a good scale, we would say it is preferably a medium on the firmness scale. Besides, your level of sinking largely depends on your weight in relation to the softness of the bed. However, it is noteworthy that even at its rate of softness, the bed still ensures perfect alignment of your back during sleep. Although you sink into the first layer, you still get the support you need overnight. 

Moreover, the coils do a great job in terms of proving bi-directional support, after they compress and resist pressure. In a nutshell, it is an excellent mattress that gives incredible support.

Ultimately, the mattress is an excellent choice for sleep because it is affordable, very comfortable and perfect for all categories of sleepers.


The product allows perfect airflow

Serta-backing gives the company more reliability

Great combination of relief and alignment


Few cases of off-gassing
The mattress needed to be kept on the flat plane if the sleeper moves because the coils do not extend to the edge, causing the bed to fold over
There are complaints of the length of time it takes for the product to decompress

The Importance of Sleep for Children

As said by the National Sleep Foundation, sleep will have a direct effect on the overall development of a child, irrespective of the age class. Undoubtedly, this fact needs no further argument. NSF further stresses that below and at the age of two, children have spent a reasonable percentage of their time sleeping. Therefore a typical child would use 40 percent of his or her childhood sleeping! Thus, it is essential to check the state and safety of your child while sleeping.

According to the AAP, ensuring a child’s adequate will have a direct effect on:

•    Learning skills

•    Concentration

•    Physical state

•    Behavior

•    Ability to control emotion

•    Quality of life

•    Mental health

•    Memory

It is now evident that getting the right mattress for your child’s sleep will determine your child’s overall performance. Therefore, using a well-constructed mattress will not only ensure your child gets adequate sleep, but also that he or she sleeps safely and soundly.

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need

Different children of different age classes require a different amount of sleep. And based on general suggestions, a list on sleep duration for children of different ages is given. However, for specific recommendations, you should visit your child’s pediatrician.

From 1-2 years old

For children between ages 1 to 2, the most appropriate sleep duration is between 12 to 14 sleep hours. In total, the sleep duration should be a combination of 2 to 3 hours daily with 11 to 12 hours at night. Not only will this sleeping routine improve the health of the child, but it would also help the child to get used to sleeping at those times. For parents, on the other hand, it would help the parents keep track of time and ensure the child’s sleep durations are not breached.

From 2-3 years old

For children between ages 2 to 3, the most appropriate sleep duration is between 12 to 14 sleep hours. In total, the sleep duration should be a combination of 2 to 3 hours for naps and 10 to 12 hours at night. However, your child might have outgrown cribs at this age and therefore, requires a transition to a larger sleeping space. Moreover, your child might begin to want more screen time. It is advisable to prevent the screen time from happening while in bed or the crib.

From 3-5 years old

For children between ages 3 to 5, the most appropriate sleep duration is between 10 to 13 sleep hours. In total, the sleep duration should be a combination of 0 to 1 hours for naps and 10 to 11 hours at night. At this age especially, your child may begin to stay awake during naps, while some children still sleep during nap time. Nonetheless, it is necessary to ensure that your child at least relaxes, even if he or she is not going to sleep off.

From 5-12 years old

For children between ages 5 to 12, the most appropriate sleep duration is between 10 to 11 sleep hours. In total, the sleep duration is generally allocated for night time only. It is natural if your child is entirely uninterested in naps and doesn’t allocate any time for “afternoon sleep.” It is also essential to keep up with the routine especially for children going o school to get used to good sleeping habits.

How Can a Mattress Improve Children’s Sleep?

When your child sleeps on an inferior mattress, he or she will not be able to enjoy or benefit from the sleep. For a bed to be called superior-quality, it must be something that will make your child wants to sleep, not something your child runs from.

Apart from the exciting part of a good mattress, a good bed will also provide support and alignment to the back and neck of the child. Without these qualities, instead of having a dreamy night, your child world has long, sleepless and rough nights, which may cause him or her to turn across the bed during sleep hours.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Kids

Picking the mattress that suits your child means laying down a foundation for a healthy and successful time ahead.


For children, the most appropriate bed size is a single size. Not only is the bed going to suit the child’s small body, but it would also give room for extra activities (such as playing games, reading, etc.) that the child might want to engage in. 

Although parents choose bed size, children may want to express their views on the dimensions of bed they want, not considering the space that would be left after installing the bed.


Definitely, children’s beds will spoil faster than an adult’s own. Therefore, it is of importance that you put the strength of a bed into consideration before buying. For a bed that can be played on, bounced on and stained, Latex is a very durable material that can do the job. However, you have to ensure the latex bed comes with a detachable cover in case of permanent stains.

Support and Comfort

As support is the capability of the mattress to hold and align your weight, comfort is how the texture of a mattress feels. For your child to have perfect physical health, it is crucial that your child sleeps on a bed that gives the right amount of support. If you have an older child, it is advisable you take him or her along to guide you on his or her sleep preferences and taste. 

Considering support, you wouldn’t argue the fact that a mattress should align your child’s back during sleep. Also, as a divided responsibility, you can also try to teach your child a few sleep ethics that would improve their sleeping posture and physical health. Simple ethics such as the use of one pillow instead of two, bending your knees while sleeping on your side are fundamental teachings your child can grow up with.

Sleeping Positions

For back sleepers, there are not many preferences as most bed firmnesses suit them. However, a firmer bed would be the most appropriate choice for back sleepers. Side sleepers, on the other hand, may not find firm beds very comfortable. Therefore, soft beds are the most appropriate bed types as they allow the side of the body to sink in, thereby aligning and contouring the side. But for stomach sleepers, moderate bed firmness will definitely suit their sleeping positions.


Talking about firmness, there are different firmness choices out there. In fact, every child knows how firm or soft he wants his bed to be. In spite of this, as a parent, you should know which bed should and should not suit your child in relation to body weight. As children weighing below 100 pounds require soft to medium beds, children weighing above 100 pounds would need a medium to firm mattresses.

On a general scale, children’s beds should range from cushion firm to medium-firm as they would need a bed that promotes proper postural alignment. Sleeping on a very soft bed can cause your child to develop bad posture and backaches.

Moreover, as the bed provides firmness and support, it should also provide sufficient comfort. It is worthy of note that firmness is not the only thing that determines correct postural alignment but the level at which your child’s weight is supported and evenly distributed on the mattress.

Perhaps your child grows to prefer a softer bed. Sleep experts advise you to start with a firm and supportive bed then later buy a soft cushion or topper for the bed to suit your child’s needs. Above all, you should remember that it is very possible to make a firm bed soft and not a soft bed firm.


Perhaps you do not want your child to bounce on the bed, and you are trying to get an anti-bounce bed. If yes, then you should consider getting a matter made of both latex and foam or latex or foam individually. The bed should also come in a soft to medium firmness and should not have spring in it.

Sleeping Hot

Another major concern before purchasing a mattress is Temperature neutrality, especially for children who run hot during sleep at night. Particularly when dealing with polyfoam and memory foam mattresses, many children run hot at night. Nonetheless, it is worthy of note that innersprings and hybrids with thick foam layers may also sleep hot in certain conditions.

Imagine a mattress that will automatically get rid of heat. When it comes to this superior function, the best beds for keeping children cool at night use improved mattress technology such as a gel or copper infused foam or open-cell arrangement.


Off-gassing is the harmful odor released on opening a brand new synthetic bed, usually made of vinyl or PVC. Mostly, the smell is discovered when opening. But sometimes, especially if the gas’ volume is low, the customer might have opened it without even noticing the off-gas. 

In some cases, the odor leaves after opening the mattress to fresh air for about a day or two. in a few instances, however, the off-gassing results in allergic reactions, health problems and symptoms of illness.

So far so good, buying any off-gassing mattress is a dangerous decision to make. If not, why would you want to think about buying something that may put your child’s health in danger? Instead, you should consider purchasing a mattress that is produced from materials that are CertiPUR-US licensed or made organically.

Sufficient Air Circulation for a Cool Sleep

In a warm and humid place like Singapore, for example, keeping cool at night is instead a daunting task. The only smart way out of this is getting a mattress that allows air flow at night. Thus, you can enjoy your sleep.

One advisable solution you can turn to is getting latex mattresses. Naturally, latex has many periodically-scattered tiny holes, which have been a part of latex production process. Also, latex is a material with a kind of open-cell layout, making it and its open-cell design a perfect mattress for airflow. As a result, it would soothe your child’s sleep through the night.

Resistance to Mould and Dust Mites

For a place like Singapore, with both humidity and warmth, the growth of microorganisms is a sure thing to happen. And, there are only a few numbers of mattresses that can actually hold back the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, to ensure both your child’s safety prevention of unnecessary wasting of resources on cleaning or replacing mattresses, it would be safe to settle for a mold-resistant mattress.

Another problem is dust mites. A lot of people fall victim to allergic reactions to proteins in dust mites and develop horrible symptoms and diseases. Definitely, you do not want such problem for your child, so, you have to also look out for a dust mite-resistant mattress. 

An excellent mattress material that is resistant to both dust mites and mold is Latex. One significant advantage of latex over other mattresses in relation to mold-resistance is that while other materials require heavy chemicals to ward off bacteria, Latex does its job naturally without needing to be sprayed with such highly concentrated chemicals. Hitherto, no parent would want his or her child to breathe in such dangerous substances for 12 hours daily just to hold off some pesky parasites.

Consideration of Your Child's Needs and Allergies

If you have a child with a delicate nature, such as allergic reactions, then you have to donate a large part of your time to do proper research about a mattress before buying it. For allergic concerns, Latex is an excellent house of bed, since it is non-allergenic in nature.

Apart from allergies, there are other special needs that you need to put into consideration before getting a mattress for your child. Take for instance; you should definitely seek medical help on the suitable mattress type if your child has a musculoskeletal disorder that leads to weak bones or joint ache. However, note that only a medical professional (such as an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist) who consults your child regularly and has a lot of experience with his medical condition should be allowed to recommend the type of mattress suitable for your child.

Natural Origin

Before buying a mattress, it is also important to note that the best beds are made out of only natural materials and no chemicals are added in the production processes. The substances (such as flame retardants, anti-dust mite or mold inhibitors) are usually added to some synthetic mattresses to allow it to meet market standards.

Usually, petroleum-based chemicals are used to enhance the quality of some synthetic materials especially to make them mold-resistant. Furthermore, some synthetic materials are naturally flammable, and therefore, would require the use of chemicals to treat them in other to make it flame-resistant. Apart from the fact that the chemicals do cause off-gassing, they can also do serious harm to the child that sleeps on it for 24hours, 7days. 

Once again, Latex is the all-natural material that fits perfectly into the puzzle as it doesn’t require any chemical to meet market value.

Additionally, Latex is even useful in terms of bouncing due to elastic, comfy and flexible nature, therefore eliminating the need for metal innerspring. On the other hand, innerspring mattresses can intensify electromagnetic radiation, which means your child will be sleeping in an electromagnetic field. Indeed, you do not want that for your little one. Fortunately, latex has no traces of metal and therefore do not pose as a problem child’s wellbeing.

A substantial number of parents are conscious about keeping the environment “green.” As a result, many parents consciously pick the organic type of mattresses they want their child to sleep on. Even at that, the non-organic, all-natural latex mattresses are also a better choice compared to synthetic materials like PU foam among others. Plus, Latex is a product of the sap from the rubber tree but is not extracted by cutting the tree. Thus, Latex extraction is a safe and productive process that does not affect the environment.

Comfort and Sufficient Sleep

Another indisputable fact about the best mattresses for children is that it provides comfort and peaceful sleep to a very significant level. Generally, children are very active at day, and they set the night aside for re-energizing. Therefore, all the energy lost in the process of growing and learning is restored during sleep.  This is where the mattress plays its role. The best beds for children will feel comforting and soothing to the children’s body during sleep.

Moreover, you as a parent will highly benefit from a well-rested child. Better concentration duration and less behavioral difficulties are the results of having enough and adequate sleep. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a child?

What Else to Consider When Shopping for Children’s Mattress

The following discussions are tips for finding children’s mattresses through models and brands comparison.

  • Consider the child’s age. Kids, especially girls experience rapid growth around ages 8 and 13 that of boys are usually around ages 10 and 15. When shopping for a mattress a child around such ages, it is ideal to choose a longer bed to meet the expected growth. The alternative you have is to buy low-cost mattress knowing you will replace it anytime soon. However, it is better to choose a bed by their age if you cannot afford to spend more.
  • Think of your child’s sleep position. The sleep position of your child will dictate the mattress to buy. If your kid sleeps on the back, you may not be picky about the type of firmness. For side sleeper, you need to purchase a mattress that is comparatively soft because firmer type will prevent sinking which may cause spine issues. While stomach sleeping is never encouraged because of too much pressure on the body, you should consider a medium-soft mattress if your child is a stomach sleeper.
  • Think of the Size and thickness. The parents with a child, small enough to get in bed with for reading or playing before bedtime may find a Twin or Twin XL too narrow to contain both bodies. Also, if you choose a Full-size mattress, it can serve as a guest bed better than smaller size mattresses. For thickness, 12 inches or shorter, lower-profile mattresses are excellent for little kids, but getting in or out of higher-profile mattresses is not a problem for most children from 10 years or older.
  • You can get multiple firmness options from Flippable designs. You may need to consider a flippable mattress if your kid is likely to change her mind regarding their firmness preference for a wise investment. Flippable beds have a different firmness option of a comfort layer on each side with a shared support center. This different firmness option allows the user to flip to the other side to have a different firmness when they need it although the flipping should be done by parents because of massive dead weight that may be risky for kids to lift.
  • Ask about the odor. While off-gassing is synonymous with virtually all mattresses, some types (typically foams) are notorious for a long-lasting and unpleasant smell. In this regards, ensure you ask to be sure that the model you are buying isn’t famous for excessive off-gassing if you don’t like the smell.
  • Latex and foam are anti-bounce. If you worry about your child getting hurt if they bounce on their bed, you will find foam and latex without spring and soft to medium firmness ideal to buy. These are responsive mattresses with little or no bounce that will prevent the risk of hurt when they bounce.

Before we conclude, we will discuss sleep trial and warranty.

  • Sleep trial. If you are unsure, your kid would love the mattress, considering a sleep trial with a relatively long duration will help you to choose. You will find most brands and retailers with sleep trials offer anywhere from 90 to 365 nights. The longer the trial period, the better you can decide what is ideal for you. If you don’t like it within the trial period, you can follow the return policy accordingly.
  • Warranty. You should know that warranty do not provide for wear and tear of your mattress and the way kids treat their bed will hardly prevent damage. If your mattress is defective as a result of wear and tear arising from kid’s mattress abuse, your warranty will be void — however, defects leading including sleep surface indentation, manufacturing flaws, and sagging.

It is essential to consider the warranty coverage periods: there are nonprorated warranties for some mattress, meaning that defective mattresses will be repaired or replaced by the company at no extra cost to the buyer outside shipping and handling fees as applicable. Prorated warranties, on the other hand, means buyers will cough out some percentage of the original cost of the mattress to repair or replace it. Therefore, when choosing a bed for your kid, make sure to select one with nonprorated coverage not less than two years.

Selecting The Right Mattress Size

You will need to know the mattress dimensions and sizes to prevent a later frustration after shopping. Due to various sizes of mattresses, there is usually confusion for the unprepared. You should know what differentiates the different sizes and dimensions of mattresses in the market to select what is ideal for you. In this regards, we will discuss Twin and Twin XL to know their features and also consider the Full and Queen beds with a view to establishing what differentiates them.

Therefore, choosing your child’s mattress comes with great options: Twin, Twin XL, and Full. As mentioned earlier, remember that the best mattress investment is the one that serves your child through her growing years.


This is the mattresses often purchased for kids, especially by parents on a budget. Typically, Twin beds have a slim body with full length. The mattress is excellent for smaller kids with lighter body build and a child with limited room space. Your best option is a Twin mattress if you intend to maximize your space like they do in a bedroom converted from a nursery or college dorms.

•    They are 39 x 75 inches in measurement.

•    Typically the best mattresses for younger school-age kids.

•    Not ideal for children in middle-school experiencing the growth spurts accompanying the age.

•    Parents should size up their kid's bed for better comfort.


•    Economical

•    Fit tight spaces


•    Ideal for only a short time use for many kids

•    Little room to grow

Twin XL

This mattress option is five inches longer than its Twin counterpart, thus measuring 38 x 80 inches in length. The exciting part is that parents can find a great Twin XL mattress if they are on a budget like they do with the Twin variety. However, these are beds that require a replacement as the kids enter the adolescent age. 

For the most part, parents with younger kids that may have needs for such a mattress when their older siblings move to adult beds will make the most of this option. You will find that most Twin XL mattresses are 39 x 80 inches in measurement.

  • The mattress works perfectly for older and taller children, or those that will grow a lot taller. Twin XL mattresses can support a child throughout college if space is tight.


•    Allows some room to grow

•    Economical and space-saving


•    A Shorter usable lifespan than Full.

•    Older and larger kids may find it less comfortable, with restricted movement in it.


This bed option is most recommended for a parent when shopping for the best mattress for their children. This bed shares the same length of 75 inches with the Twin variety, but it is 6 ¼ feet wide. Thus, it has sufficient space to accommodate any child you may have! More importantly, this option increases its width by 16 inches, making it 54 x 75 inches. Therefore, it gives parents more room to be in bed with their little one to tell a pre-bedtime story or read to them before they sleep.

A full mattress does more than the immediate comfort it offer your kid while growing and noting that a four-year-old today will become 8 and growing and have more time to enjoy the bed even when the hit middle school. Thus, it offers more years of supportive service and gives parents the relief from having to change mattresses as their children grow.

With an extra 15 inches in width, the Full mattress is adaptable and excellent for your child as they grow to cross different mileage to adulthood. For a taller child, it is better to choose the Twin XL because the full mattress is shorter in length.


•    Allows room to grow

•    Best long-term value


•    More expensive than Twin

•    Not ideal for small rooms

Comparing Different Types of Mattresses for Kids

From the earlier discussions, you will note that a mattress has series of layers with the support core that carries the shape and weight of the bed usually a denser, and with foam mattresses usually stronger in construction. The innerspring layer often provides the support core in a hybrid mattress. At the top of the support core is the comfort layers that feature memory foam or some pressure relief material. The mattress types below have different benefits that will appeal differently for your child according to their sleep pattern.

  • Memory foam. These mattresses are 100% foam. It is more portable if they have no innerspring; for this reason, it is mostly the product sold by many online bed-in-a-box companies. The memory foam mattresses frequently have layered foam with each layer designed to function uniquely. You need a good cover for the memory foam because they are not washable. These mattresses are more comfortable for lighter-weight kids than adults and offer great pressure relief for adequate support. Always ensure the adequacy of the support layer for spinal alignment and comfort, and do make sure you go for a non-toxic brand.
  • Innerspring. Compared to a foam mattress, the innerspring mattress offers more firmness and overall structure. For children who may drive the bed to its limit, make sure to go for a higher-quality innerspring mattress with the strength and durability to accommodate your child’s abuse. While pocketed coils offer breathability, a mattress with lower gauge coils is stronger and firmer with additional benefits for sweaty sleepers.
  • Hybrid. This mattress brings the best of both memory foam and innerspring bed in one. The advantage of a quality hybrid mattress could be seen the support and durability of innerspring, and the comfort and plush feel of memory foam. You will find most hybrids bed having innerspring support core and foam comfort layers to provide an excellent sleeping platform for your children.
  • Latex. If you need the best alternative to memory foam, your best option is the latex mattress. This mattress offers more strength and support as well as more comfortable. However, you need a latex mattress that is certified and safe as all-natural latex. With this option at your disposal, you will be combining eco-friendly products that offer great comfort and durability with peace of the mind.

After Your Purchase

After deciding on a new mattress for your child, you need to consider these additional steps as well.

First, think about how to protect the mattress.

  • Warn kids about jumping and playing on the bed. The impact exerted on a bed will accelerate the wear and tear its featured materials which will decrease the longevity of the mattress.
  • Keep the bed clean. Let your child desist from the habit of eating in bed and as much as you can encourage them to not let the pet in the bed. It is necessary to change bed cover often to reduce accumulation of sweat and dust in the mattress.
  • Use a mattress pad or protector. Using any of these will provide additional protection toward accidental stains or spills without impacting on the bed.

Second, you need to evaluate the working of the mattress after two weeks. Repeat the evaluation fortnightly throughout the sleep trial offer. You can take advantage of the trial offer to return the bed if your child isn’t cool with the bed.

Third, in due course, watch your child’s comfort and support. This will depend on how they grow, to know if there is a need to change to their sleeping surface. E.g., maybe a mattress topper will be necessary to adjust the firmness and support without needing to replace the mattress altogether.


It is a bid decision to make when you consider a new mattress for your child. However, the information and recommendation at your disposal at the time of shopping for the right mattress will help immensely! 

When you buy a mattress on a budget, it could lead to more spending as your child grows, but purchasing a superior mattress now will save you more money as your kid gets older. The benefits of your child’s nightly sleep from investing in the quality mattress are more along with the money you save from a durable bed. Protection Status 


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