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The question of which mattress is the best for side sleepers is considerably subjective.  Even if two people try out the same mattress, their feedback regarding comfort and how much it aligns their spines will definitely be different.  Perhaps this is because we do not always sleep in the same position, and so our weight distribution on the mattress, and ultimately our experience, will never be the same.  

This guide is specially created for side sleepers.  We offer an extensive discuss on the most important factors and features to consider for side sleepers when in the market for the right mattress, alongside a whole lot of beneficial information.  

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The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses For Side Sleepers - Leesa

The Best Innerspring Mattress For Side Sleepers - Saatva

The Best Latex Mattress For Side Sleepers - Pure Green

The Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers - Nest Bedding

The Best Flippable Mattress For Side Sleepers - Layla Sleep

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The Best Memory Foam Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Leesa Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by


The Best Innerspring Mattress For Side Sleepers

Saatva Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by


The Best Latex Mattress For Side Sleepers

Sleep On Latex Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by


The Best Hybrid Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by


Sealy Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by


The Best Flippable Mattress For Side Sleepers

Layla Sleep Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by


The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Reviews

Leesa Universal Memory Foam Mattress Review

Price: $890.00

Leesa Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by

General Information

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 74% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 76 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

This mixed foam mattress from Leesa is well-known for its universal comfort, courtesy of the comfort layers of LSA200 polyfoam and memory foam.  This mattress also sports a high-density polyfoam serving as the supportive base layer.  There is a fast recovering comfort system that eases the pressure points, while offering sleepers less sinkage compared to the conventional memory foam mattresses.  

The presence of standard density foams means that this mattress will offer almost the same durability as popular bed-in-a-box options like Tuft and Needle, Nolah, Casper, and others.  Thus, expect this mattress to last for not less than seven years with nightly use. This is definitely a plus, considering the reasonable price point at which this mattress is sold. 


Excellent motion isolation and conforming
Offers better sleep coolness compared to other all-foam mattresses
Lightweight, thus movement is easy
US and Canada buyers get free shipping
Presence of a two-inch memory foam and a two-inch Avena foam in the comfort layer, thus offering more responsiveness and bounce
Excellent customer satisfaction guaranteed


Single firmness option and inadequate edge support
Possible off-gassing
Contouring support may be limited – memory foam is not the topmost comfort layer
Customers weighing 250 pounds or more have reported sagging or bottoming out issues

Saatva Innerspring Mattress Review

Price: Out of stock

Saatva Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 38 x 14.5 inches

Item Weight: 120 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

As an online shopper, you can trust the Saatva mattress as a reliable innerspring options.  There are three firmness levels and two heights – out of which one is adjustable.  Thus, sleepers are allowed a considerable level of customization to achieve their ideal bed.  The coil on coil structure of this bed means it can stand the test of time. And you are guaranteed of a luxury feel courtesy of the European pillow. 

So, if you are interested in enjoying the comfort and contouring of a hybrid or foam mattress and a bounce of a traditional innerspring mattress, just get yourself the Saatva bed.  You can rest assured of staying cool while sleeping, even if you are a hot sleeper.  

The thickness and feel of luxury, alongside the customization option you get from this bed is absolutely amazing for that price.   The Plush soft option is great for sleepers that prefer the feel of a strong “hug” with their mattress, although the feeling is not as real as that of a true memory foam mattress.  

With a Saatva bed, you will feel like you are sleeping on it, rather than in it. 


Users can sleep cool
Multiple firmness levels and good bounce for amorous uses
Minimal initial odor and affordable luxury option
Better durability compared to comparable mattresses
Full service, in-home delivery, and longer trial period than other online brands
Great overall customer service


Unconfirmed longevity claims, considering that the company is still new
It takes a longer time to be delivered, and customer must be home to receive the package
Returns and delivery are not free
It is heavy; movement is not easy

Pure Green Latex Mattress Review

Price: $795.00

Sleep On Latex Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 

Product Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 9 inches

Item Weight: 150.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

This mattress from Sleep On Latex is a latex mattress, as suggested by its name.  It comes in two various heights and three various firmness options.  Depending on your preferred height, you can have it in either two or three layers.  In the 9-inch model, you have the same 6-inch Dunlop latex base layer covered by an extra 2-inches softer Dunlop latex.  There is no change to the wool cover – it is still a 1-inch quilted wool.  So, you can get either the 7- or 9-inch models and in all standard sizes. 

The latex option you get with the Pure Green Natural Latex mattress is of top quality, considering the below-average price point.  With two height options and three firmness settings, you can go on to customize the bed to suit your specific preferences or requirements.  The construction is direct, alongside a natural Dunlop latex and a quilted organic cotton.   The performance is great, and you will not be disappointed if you are used to the great deliveries by Sleep On Latex.


Multiple firmness and height options
Eases pressure points 
The bounce and resilience of the and thick latex layers offers additional support
Offers impressive motion isolation
Long sleep trial and free shipping available
Considerably affordable
Several positive feedback on the product and Sleep On Latex’s customer support


Heavy and unwieldy – you cannot move it on your own
No extensive information on the density or ILD of the latex present in the mattress

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

Price: Out of stock

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 75% 

Product Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 13.5 inches

Item Weight: 105 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

The Alexander signature Hybrid is one of the many mattresses produced by Nest, and it is one of the few “bed in a box” mattresses constructed with innerspring coils.  There are four layers in this mattress – 1.5 inches of TitanChill endurance foam, 1.5 inches of either the cooper-infused “Energex” foam “Slow Recovery” memory foam, 1 inch of “SmartFlow” support, and 8 inches of pocketed support coils.  The cover is a quilted foam packed with gel-infused memory foam.  You also have multiple firmness settings (3), and irrespective of the firmness settings chosen, the construction is unchanged but the foam densities changes slightly.  You can get each firmness setting in standard sizes, with 13.5 inches of height in each case. 

Not so many “bed in a box” has pocketed springs in its construction – but the Alexander Signature Hybrid from Nest is one.  Considering the hybrid design, you enjoy quality airflow, bounce, and edge support of innersprings. The foam also offers excellent supportive and conforming features.  With the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress, you definitely have plenty of choices.


Suitable for every side sleepers, courtesy of the multiple firmness options
Designed to offer a luxurious sleep and a good bounce plus responsiveness, all thanks to the coil support and quality foam comfort layers
Lifetime warranty


Heavy – movement will be difficult
Uncertainty over claims of long-term durability, although the quality of materials inside suggest otherwise

Sealy Hybrid Kelburn Mattress Review

Price: $943.95

Sealy Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 100% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 16 inches

Item Weight: 80 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

For everyone seeking a softer and supportive bed from a reliable band, you are well covered with the Kelburn Hybrid Mattress.  Unlike the traditional memory foam that sucks you, the memory foam top layers in Kelburn Hybrid is designed to offer you a nice pressure relief, and ultimately an interesting feel while conforming to your body.  

Away from the comfort, this mattress is quite accommodating and the presence of the support coils makes it suitable bed for everyone, whether you are a heavy, medium, or petite sleepers. 


Hybrid construction; combining coils and foam
Supports all body types and sleepers, but most suited for side sleepers


May not be suitable for people who do not like memory foam or who wants a bed-in-a-box mattress

Layla Sleep Flippable Mattress Review

Price: $880.00

Layla Sleep Best Mattress for Side Sleepers review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 70 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

The firmness preferences of most side sleepers is not constant. Such sleepers will find the Layla Mattress quite ideal, considering its flippable design with varying firmness on either side.  The first side is ‘firm’ – 7 on a 1-10 firmness scale, while the other side is ‘medium soft’ – 4 on the same scale.  You have copper-infused foam comfort layers in both sides, which conforms easily and closely to the body of the sleeper, thus improving the alignment of the spine while alleviating pressure points.  Sleepers can also enjoy improved circulation while sleeping, courtesy of the copper element.  The Medium Soft side offers an extra cushioning, all thanks to the presence of an additional layer of convoluted polyfoam.  This mattress also offers a supportive sleep surface, with the high-density polyfoam shared middle layer. 

Sleepers will experience a minimal motion transfer with the Layla Mattress, without being disturbed by any noise while the bed is bearing weight.  So, you can go ahead to get this for you and your partner, especially if one or both of you gets distracted easily during sleep by slight movement or noise.  Another feature of this mattress is the light-weight, which makes flipping quite easy.  You can get the Layla Sleep Mattress shipped to you anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.  If you are in the contiguous U.S., you can enjoy a free delivery.  It comes with a 120-night sleep trial alongside a lifetime warranty. 


Dual firmness options and flippable design

Easy flipping, courtesy of the new cover design

Offers pressure and pain relief through close conforming

Relatively affordable

Buyers in contiguous U.S. gets free shipping

Lifetime warranty; non-prorated


Average edge support

Possible off-gassing 

Compulsory two-week break-in period for sleep trial

How Healthy Is Sleeping On The Side?

Most people, between one-third and one-half, tend to sleep on their side.  Thus, side sleeping is the most popular sleeping position.  This sleeping position has both its advantages and disadvantages.  

The notable advantages include the fact that it is supports a neutral spinal position, provided that you are using a proper mattress.  Side sleeping will also keep your airway free while sleeping, thus reducing the chances of snoring or experiencing sleep apnea or disrupted breathing while sleeping.  

Conversely, a disadvantage of side sleeping is the excessive pressure it puts on some body points, including the hips, shoulders, and neck.  It may be difficult to find a suitable arm position, and you may end up positioning your arm such that blood circulation is inhibited.  When the body doesn’t receive adequate support while side sleeping, it can lead to the pelvis and back getting torqued.

Summarily, you will only get the best out of the side-sleeping position if you have a mattress that offers the right kind of support.  

Advantages of Sleeping on the Sides

1.  Perfect position for the chronic snorer and people sharing the bed with them

Now you can fix the problem snoring once and finally.  Sleeping on the sides has been confirmed to reduce snoring, because when you sleep on the back, your tongue tends to block the airway thus making breathing difficult.  Another side effect of blocked airways is sleep apnea.

2.  Great position for people suffering from lower back pain

If you have a lingering lower back pain, you will understand how difficult it can be to have a truly fulfilling lifestyle.  However, side sleeping offers you the avenue to stretch your spine, and thus reduces your lower back discomfort significantly.  Likewise, you can lay in the fetal position to further enhance this positive effect, i.e. having a pillow between your knees.  It also alleviates acid reflux and similar disorders affecting the stomach and intestines.

While side sleeping can either be on the right or left side, some benefits are peculiar to only the left side, courtesy of the human anatomy. Such benefits include enhanced digestion and circulation as well as stimulation of the brain to filter out waste.  Likewise, sleeping on the left side improves heartburn and acid reflux.  Lastly, you get to drain the toxins lurking in the lymph nodes properly. 

Disadvantages of Sleeping on the Sides

1.  You may experience premature wrinkles and acne formation

Unplanned acne breakouts can be difficult to manage, but when you consistently press your side of the face against your pillow for a long time while side sleeping, you may develop acne.  To avoid this as well as pimples, you must change your pillowcase often enough. 

But even if you change your pillow case regularly, you still have to contend with premature wrinkles, which is caused by the consistent pressing of your cheek against the pillow for several hours at a stretch.  So, if you are a side sleeper that prefers a side to another, you even stand higher risk of more wrinkles on the more preferred side.  And if you were to be judged by the appearance of the affected side of the face, you would look way older.  

The fix to this is to get a silk pillowcase – the silk material reduces sleeping wrinkles significantly, while reducing bedhead and frizzy hair. 

2.  Pressure Points

Side sleeping automatically puts most of your body weight on the support of your shoulders.  The eventual result of this is the constriction of the shoulder and neck muscles.  When this pressure becomes enormous, the heart and lungs, and other internal organs, may be forced to absorb some of the pressure.  A top indication of this is waking up with tingling numbness in your arm, or waking up feeling store and stiff.  If you experience this, you will be better off switching sides throughout the night to distribute the pressure evenly. 

3.  Breast Sagging

Sleeping on the side induces gravity, which in turn affects your breasts.  If this continues for long, you may have sagging breasts, considering that the ligaments are stretched continuously.  To prevent this, always place a pillow beneath your breasts so that they get the required support. 

More Issues Associated With Side-Sleeping

Hip/Shoulder Pain

Pregnant women tend to find sleeping in the fetal position more comfortable, however, this leads to a considerable hip pain that gets worse with time.  In this position, their knees usually face towards the chest area while their lower back is hunched, thus pressuring the hips significantly instead of relaxing them.  Although this takes time to manifest, the pain can be felt throughout the entire area on waking up in the morning.  It is expected to go away after some time, but if not well monitored, it can become more severe and continue to ruin your morning. 

You can reduce the pressure on your hips by sleeping on the right mattress.  In the case of a side sleeper, there may be much and consistent pressure on your shoulder.  The effect of this is significant pain and stiffness of the shoulder in the morning.  Sleeping sideways usually leads to awkward poses of the shoulder, but with the right mattress, you can reduce the very high level of stress you subject your shoulders to. The mattress works by locking the position of your shoulder socket correctly. 

Neck Pain

Sleeping on our sides makes all the pressure concentrate on your neck, leading to serious stiffness and possible restrain of neck movements.  This can be a really difficult situation, but it can be controlled by using a mattress plush enough to ease the pressure off those pressure points.  Thus, beds for side sleepers have been designed to offer considerate sinkage, because your weight is more targeted and focused. 

Sleeping on a mattress with too much firmness may inhibit adequate blood circulation in some parts of your body.  This leads to significant pains and aching because the widest points in your shoulders will not be contoured. Another source of pain in the neck region is the severe spinal misalignment caused by mattresses with too much firmness.  

The right mattress for a side sleeper is usually slightly softer, and will offer an expressed contouring that puts everything in the right position. 

Back Pain

You may experience back pain when you sleep on the wrong mattress and/or in awkward side sleeping positions.  Your lower back tends to sink in deeper when you sleep on mattresses that are too plush or too soft, because the lower bank is handling more of the weight.  Conversely, a mattress that is too firm will lead to significant discomfort, especially if you are lighter. 

So, the best is to look out for the density of the foam and the softness of the mattress.  Your ideal mattress should be able to hug you without making you feel trapped in the mattress.  Likewise, ensure that the mattress offers the right balance of softness and support – this will contour your body line correctly, while easing off the pressure. 

If not monitored properly, back pain can be aggravated due to several linked issues.  This aggravation is usually a result of the wrong postures and absence of the right support during sleep.  Overly soft mattresses can distort your alignment, thus causing a feeling of stiffness that could develop into severe pain and aching.  So, consider all these before settling for the right mattress for yourself, as a side sleeper. 

Most Important Features Of Mattress To Consider As A Side Sleeper

As for people who are side sleepers, it is pertinent to carefully check the expected performance of a mattress to find the ideal product that will suit their needs. Some of the essential elements of a mattress design and performance which a side sleeper must look out for include:


This element defines how well the mattress enhances the adequate alignment of the spinal cord. A good mattress should be able to cushion the body in a manner that deters a significant curvature of the spine into any direction. Generally, side sleepers must get good support to their hips and shoulders. The reason is that without proper support, the hips will sink deeply into the mattress. And, once there is no sufficient responsiveness of the flip side, the hips and shoulders will be unbalanced as a result. In any of the two situations, there will be a misalignment of the spine, and consequently, back pain may result. Hence, it is crucial for a side sleeper to get a mattress with responsive comfort layer that will absorb the shoulders and the hips without excessive sinking.


Sometimes, people confuse firmness with support. Although the two concepts are somehow related, however, it is best advised to consider firmness as a specific element. Typically, firmness defines the softness of a mattress rather than how well it relieves the pressure points. As for the side sleepers, in particular, the medium to medium-firm mattresses within 4 to 7 range on ideal firmness scale are the most comfortable for them. A slightly firmer mattress may be particularly useful for sleepers who weighs 250 pounds or more in reducing the level of how much they will sink into the mattress. You should know that firmness is subjective as it depends on your choice of comfort level. Hence, it is crucial to consider the comfort level in relation to the firmness before choosing a new mattress.


A mattress is designed to respond to the body by offering support, and once the pressure is removed as the body moves, the mattress is expected to regain its original shape – how quickly the mattress can recover its form is known as resilience. A resilient mattress makes it easy to adjust your sleeping position on the bed, which can be handy for the side sleepers to change from one side to another.


A mattress that will wear out quickly is undesirable, and considering the support needed by the side sleepers, it becomes vital to check for a mattress that can keep up a high-performance level for a long time. By checking the quality of material and reports from other customers, you can find out the possible durability of a mattress.

Proven Reviews

One of the most useful determinants of a quality mattress is the history of excellent verified reviews from other users. It is best advised to check for reviews from fellow side sleepers whose information will be more relevant to your needs.


While a pillow is not a part of the mattress, it is an essential element to consider. This is because if your neck is not aligned while your body is, there is a good chance for pain and stiffness to surface by the time you wake up from sleep. Hence, it is essential to select a pillow that matches with the spinal cord alignment provided by your mattress.

What Are The Crucial Mattress Features To Look Out For?

Making a choice when it comes to the right mattress can be a tricky one. However, it is easier when you know what to watch out for in your ideal mattress.  In this section, we will be discussing the most important features for side sleepers to consider before settling for an ideal mattress. 

Quality of the materials

Do not get carried away by the fancy names or descriptions manufacturers give to these beds.  Instead, be concerned about the specifications of the mattress.  You can find a detailed listing of the layers and composition of the mattress on the website of the manufacturers, including the thickness and density of the foam.  Evaluating the materials making up the mattress seriously can save you from a disappointing purchase.  

So, which material is ideal? Well, we will recommend that you go with a comfort layer or multiple comfort layers combined. This must be at least three-inches thick.  With this, you can rest assured that the weight applied at the vital pressure points will not burden the supporting mattress layers too much.

Impressive worth of value at reasonable price

Getting the best value for your money is important, and to achieve this, you should engage in comparison shopping.  Comparison shopping involves looking out for the promotions, discounts, or coupons, and most importantly, the functionality and capabilities of the products.  Doing this helps you to ensure that you are not overpaying for any mattress. 

Free Shipping

If the shipping costs is on you, then you think twice about getting such a mattress.  Mattresses are known to be heavy and bulky to ship, no matter how compressed it is, and ultimately makes the overall costs of purchase way higher.  You will find most mattresses online with free shipping option. 

Simple Returns

The adoption of in-home sleep trial has improved customer experience in the mattress industry, and this has been made possible by the growth of the online mattress market.  With the in-home trial, you can keep the mattress in your home and try it out for a predetermined number of days, perhaps 100.  If while trying, you decide that the mattress doesn’t suit you for any reason, you can get your money refunded by returning the mattress.  

Note that sleep trials come with rules which differ across various manufacturers, so it is important that you go through them before participating.  In some cases, the concept of a break-in period may be applicable, where you are expected to keep the mattress for a minimum number of nights.  

Bed in a Box vs. Retail

People are now shifting towards the new and more innovative choices of the bed-in-a box online brands.  Although there is much convenience attached with in-store shopping, considering that you get to speak to a sales person directly about your ideal brand, most shoppers tend to be intimidated by salespeople who are always desperate to sell at outrageous prices just to get more commission.  

However, the new boxed brands offer online chat functions that you can use to communicate with their reps about the product. Fortunately, these representatives are not desperate like the traditional salespersons because they are not working for commission.  Likewise, some side sleepers may be interested in knowing the specific pressure relief features of a mattress before buying it, so that they can be sure that it aligns their spine properly while soothing their pressure points.  Such clarifications can be made by taking advantage of the trials offered by these online companies.  During the trial, which usually lasts for a couple of nights, you will know if the mattress is ideal for you.  This is much better than a short term trial period you get in a store. 

Affordable or Expensive

Other than the materials and design, the price of a mattress may depend on other things.  For instance, what style of display does the retail store adopt? Or how many middlemen are involved?  However, you can avoid the extra charges that comes with these situations by dealing with a brand that uses a direct-to-consumer online sales model.  The prices are usually lower with these brands because of the shorter supply chain.  You simply get your bed to your door straight from the factory; and the companies get to save more on storage on shipping by compressing and rolling the beds into boxes.  

Keep in mind that evaluating a mattress according to how suitable it is for your specific use as well as its value is more important than just looking at the appearance and perhaps design. Understand what you want from a mattress as regards your sleep, and go for a product that meets the same requirements.  If you get this right, you may end up spending lesser than your initial budget. 

What Kinds of Mattresses Are Available?

Generally, there are five categories of mattress that you can find in mortar-and-brick and online stores. They are as follow.

1.    Memory Foam

While this category is the most popular choice, as a side sleeper, an excellent memory foam mattress is worth considering. Memory foam mattress can be purchased for different reasons. While finding a good mattress for side sleepers, the most crucial aspect to check is whether the mattress conforms to the contour of your body or not. Without any doubt, this consideration is essential and must be considered. The reason is that if the mattress doesn’t conform, then the firmness of the mattress (whether soft or hard) can become detrimental to the user, which is not a risk anyone will want to take.

By considering this value, a proper mattress may not be farfetched. Nevertheless, there is a need to perform some minor testing and ensure that the foam aligns to your body in a relieving manner which doesn’t prevent balanced alignment. Ensure adequate softness without compromising the support. Also, it is vital to ensure that the foam is of excellent quality and avoid the trapped sensation which is indicative of the low-quality solutions.

2.    Innerspring

With innerspring design, it offers a considerable level of value to your mattress since it provides convenience. You cannot find anything similar to the total breathability and air flow of these mattresses in the market. Also, the level of support and reliability in this aspect is quite outstanding.

As you will expect, Innerspring come with its downsides too. For example, for products with independently wrapped coils, the lifespan of the mattress may be jeopardized, and consequently, it may become useless in a short time compared to the memory foam mattress. Hence, considering the traditional coil mattresses, this category may not be the most advisable option for the side sleepers. The reason is that while they offer a considerable level of support, there is a definite absence of conformity in several models. As a result, higher pressure may be placed on certain points, which is entirely unadvisable to consider.

However, it is worth saying that if the coils are pocketed or a comforter made for this foam-type is used to cover the top layer, it may become more useful than ever. But, the foam layer belongs to another specific category which you may consider.

3.    Hybrid

The hybrid solution offers a high level of convenience which may be superior to those provided by the highly-rated conventional innerspring mattress. A hybrid mattress integrates the comfortable support of the steel coil system to the extra layers of the foam. While this foam may seem different, it is still a high-quality memory foam that deserves consideration.

This category comes with several advantages. This foam-type offers every necessary conformity which is usually absent in the traditional innerspring mattress; however, the support which is provided by the coil system is an element which foam mattress sometimes miss. Also, the hybrid is an excellent option because it offers a fascinating combination of comprehensive solutions designed to provide a perfect sleeping feeling for side sleepers through its mixed materials.

4.    Latex

When you lie on your side, more pressure points are most likely to be produced since the narrow surface area is carrying your total body weight. To reduce the pressure, foam will try to be supreme, however, some models, memory foam in particular, can give you trapped sensation or hot feeling. Latex is made with several new models due to its ability to manage the pressure points without keeping your body in a spot or overheating.

Typically, latex is buoyant and permits high air flow through it; with these qualities, it can sustain neutral temperature and easy navigation. Because the material has fast responsiveness, it springs back to its original position immediately. This design makes repositioning quite easier for the mixed sleepers or the active sleepers.

Every latex is not created equally and based on individuals processing method; it can create a significantly different sensation to befit various requirements or budgets. You have two choices to pick from concerning latex: there is the naturally sourced latex from the rubber tree sap and the synthetic blends which tends to be less expensive. The Talalay process creates more luxurious foams due to the consistency and lightness of its products while hefty Dunlop Latex is produced more naturally and sometimes contain less amount of chemicals.

5.    Airbed

A chamber of air, which can be inflated or deflated by using an attached remote or smartphone app, is the central support system of an airbed. The quantity of air within the chamber dictates the firmness of the mattress, which can be adjusted to meet a sleeper’s demand. Some airbeds also use foam layer or other softer materials above the air chamber to offer extra comfort and support for contours.

Which Mattress Is The Most Advisable For Side Sleepers?

Although it is impossible to consider a specific mattress as the best or worst type for side sleepers, however, some models are better advised than others.

Best: Foam (including memory foam) 

As far as side sleepers are concerned, two elements are essential: contouring and responsiveness. The reason is that the two aspects offer necessary supports towards spinal alignment. The best foam for this kind of pressure point relief is the memory foam. Hence, they are the best option for side sleepers.

Honorable Mention: Latex, Hybrid, Innerspring

Latex, Hybrid, and Innerspring can offer a high level of responsiveness. Latex provides a right combination of responsiveness and balance, and this is particularly important for clients who are more concerned about getting stuck within their mattress. Sometimes, within the comfort layer of hybrid and Innerspring mattresses, you may find memory foam; this offers a significant quantity of pressure point relief while sustaining solid support from pocketed coils.

Other Considerations

Are You And Your Partner Looking For A New Mattress?

For partners who possess a similar range of weight and known to be side sleepers, then, they are right to decide on a bed together without any issue. However, for others who differ, choosing an ideal bed for both will require a significant level of compromise. Some of the options which can make things easier for them include;

  • Bed customization
  • Purchase of a split king or split California king
  • Or making an agreement with your partner.

It is encouraged to first think about support before you consider firmness.  

Other elements, which are crucial for couples include edge support and motion isolation (which we have discussed in the majority of other reviews). Essentially, motion isolation denotes the amount of movement that passes across the bed. For this element, all-foam tends to be a perfect choice. Edge support is crucial to small-size bed users in which space is relatively limited, and there is a good chance of a single person ending up by the edges. You are using a bed with bad edge support if you get a roll-off feeling.

Getting the Right Pillow

Due to the high pressure in the neck and shoulder region, while side sleeping, it becomes crucial to find a pillow which provides adequate support. You are most likely suffering from aches and pains if your current pillow is extremely fluffy or more on the flat side. Here, the aim should be maintaining a natural curvature of the spine. A useful pillow will be one that can support the alignment of the shoulder, hip, and the ear.

While some pillows are particularly created for this purpose, it is impossible to design a pillow which offers all the qualities. In a situation where it is challenging to find your perfect pillow, the most advisable thing to do is to consider foam pillows. They sufficiently conform to your natural curves while they offer useful support and comfort.

Don’t dispose of your old pillow

Do not get rid of your formal pillow once you found an ideal pillow suitable for your side sleeping. Instead of disposing of the old pillow, use it between your knees. The reason is that without proper support to the upper leg, your spine alignment may be inadequate. Also, if you place your knees over one another, it generates inconvenient pressure. Regardless of your old pillow size, it may be the solution you need.

Morning Stretching Ritual

Regardless of using it for fetal position or the benefits it offers; a major concern is that it reduces the period needed for your body to be elongated. To improve your total comfort for the day, it is best advised to stand up ten minutes early before your daily stretch activity.

Useful Tips for Pregnant Women

The most comfortable position for pregnant women who have spent a few months with their pregnancy is side sleeping. Pregnant women who sleep on their back risk putting excess pressure on their internal organs while stomach sleeping is completely unadvised. Although it may be challenging to feel convenient until childbirth, there are some useful tips to feel better:

  • Place a pillow between your legs or under your growing stomach to gain support.
  • Purchase a full-body pillow and put it in your front or behind you.
  • To increase blood flow to your uterus and kidneys, endeavor to lie your left side.


You will never find a perfect mattress in the market – no market can meet every need.  In making a choice, your determining actors should be personal preference and body type.  You already know the sleeping position that works best for you, so you are closer to finding the best product that suit your needs.  

While shopping for the ideal mattress, note that the extent of the value you get depends on how much you are willing to part with.  Moving forward, Saatva mattress offers an impressive blend of comfort and support, except you sleep hot, in which case you will be better off with the Brentwood Bamboo Gel.  If you are not willing to spend much, a temporary solution would be ideal for you, for instance the Lucid.  Overall, what you settle for is dependent on your individual situations. 

Fortunately, the internet allows you to make adequate research on your own without the pressure of the overwhelming salesmen that dangerously influences your decision for their personal gains.  Furthermore, you may also remove middleman and save yourself some money on the purchase.  

With all the information provided in this guide, we are confident that you have all it takes to find the best sleeping mattress that suit your unique needs. Protection Status 


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