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Before buying a mattress, there are several factors to put into consideration; texture, comfort, quality, durability, etc. Another critical factor is the price. If You want to get the best mattress for the money that equates its quality. This content will guide you through. 

Hitherto, people wanting to buy mattresses are more aware of the exact mattress brand they want, with the numerous available information and review on the best prices, means, and places to get mattresses. Starting with mattresses as low as $400 to the ones as high as $4000, you are sure to get the best beds for what you are spending.

With this guide, you will be able to differentiate between prices and qualities of different brands and the models you want to invest more money into. You will also come across different mattresses of different prices and their various features. And, you can also check out our opinions on the best mattresses for your money. 

The Best Best Mattress For The Money

The Best Mattress For Under $400 - LUCID

The Best Mattress For Under $600 - Saatva

The Best Mattress For Under $1000 - Brooklyn Bedding

The best Mattress For Under $1300 - Tomorrow

The Best Best Mattress For The Money Table





The Best Mattress For Under $400

LUCID Best Mattress For The Money Review by


The Best Mattress For Under $600

Saatva Best Mattress For The Money Review by


The Best Mattress For Under $1000

Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress For The Money Review by


The best Mattress For Under $1300

Tomorrow Best Mattress For The Money Review by


The Best Best Mattress For The Money Reviews

LUCID Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

Price:  $417.88

LUCID Best Mattress For The Money Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 83% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 81 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The Lucid 10” Gel-Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is rather an unbeatable choice for you if you need something economical. For its price, it is simple but excellent and has the following features:


In the hybrid mattress family, this brand is one of a kind as you can only find a few like it at a price below $500. Perhaps you want to know why hybrid mattresses are so special. Hybrid mattresses, as the name implies, combines supportive sheets of foam with an inner coil, which give more support than the dense poly-foams other brands below $500 use. Thus, on the part of durability, this bed is a plus.


This bed provides optimum comfort by incorporating a memory foam layer at the top. However, the memory foam layer is rather like neutral foam and therefore, does not give that sink-in feeling although it is soft and cozy. Thus, it is preferred by most people to traditional memory foam.


Compared to the traditional memory foam beds, this brand is very responsive and therefore, does not sink in after you sit or sleep on it for a long time. And, it is suitable for all sleeping positions, ranging from back and stomach sleepers to side and combo sleepers. It is has a firm texture that provides a supportive balance and relief of tension.

Weight distribution

This mattress is entirely up to the task in terms of accommodating all body types. Thus, both heavier and lighter individuals can enjoy the bed due to the presence of inner coils and a firm memory foam top layer.

Overall, it is now quite evident why this bed is on this list - for its price. You can hardly find it faulty; a quality that sets it above the others. 


Very affordable for its durability

Suitable for all sleeping positions

Ideal for all body sizes


Thick memory foam

Non-American product

Medium firm texture

Saatva Luxury Innerspring Mattress Review

Price:  Check on Amazon

Saatva Best Mattress For The Money Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Product Dimensions: 75 x 38 x 14.5 inches

Item Weight: 110 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This mattress-producing company, Saatva, is a world-renowned brand that is famous for its high-quality durable and affordable products that can serve the user for as long as possible. This model, of course, is a product of Saatva, and therefore, is one of the best innerspring beds below $600. Mind you; it is very different from the traditional innerspring mattresses. It has the following features:

Innerspring system

As a hybrid bed, this model incorporates a steel coil innerspring system that supports the entire structure from the end of the bed. However, the coils at the center of the bed are individually wrapped and function as separate units. 


With two layers of coil, this mattress can support weights of up to 250 pounds or more. Thus, it provides enough support to hold a wide range of body weights. Consequentially, the dual layers of coils make this Saatva mattress similar to traditional innerspring feel, which provides bounciness with soft, thin layers of memory foam. 

Firmness levels

This Saatva model doesn’t only provide adequate support, comfort, and durability, but also gives its customers the opportunity to choose between the different firmness levels, which are; the Plush soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm Model levels. Thus, individual sleepers can pick what suits them, whether it is a soft bed or a bed with a firm texture. 

The Luxury Firm-level however, has been tested, and we recommend it as a general scale of preference for many users. The model is around a medium-firm to firm texture, making it better for people that sleep on their backs or stomachs or both back and stomach. For strict side sleepers, on the other hand, you want to consider the Plush Soft firmness level to provide more pressure relief and comfort. 

Concisely, the unique thing about the Saatva bed is that it costs less for its quality. The queen bed costs around $600 and you can easily opt for that. Overall, with the luxurious structure and variety options it provides, this mattress has proved to be one of the best in its field. 


Provides support for heavier sleepers 

15-year guarantee

Various levels of firmness

Natural cotton cover


Little motion transfer

$99 return fee

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

Price:  $846.71

Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress For The Money Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 78% 

Product Dimensions: 83 x 72 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 140 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This mattress is another brand that provides exceptional durability for its affordable price. The company is situated around Arizona in the USA. Perhaps you are feeling quite at home now that your mattress was produced in the United States of America (a lot of people put it into consideration). And, this bed has the following features:

Multiple firmness levels

The Signature mattress is unique due to its availability in numerous firmness levels at an affordable price of less than $1,000. The texture levels are the soft, medium, and firm levels. The most tested model, the medium, is the most popular option. Even the Slumber Yard team member Jeff used this model for months due to his love for it. The advantage here is that it has a very soft neutral feel that suits many people’s tastes. 

Nonetheless, the medium firmness level is a bit softer than it seems. But, since the mattress comes with 6 inches of pocketed coils, the Signature mattress is suitable for the heavier individuals. However, for heavier people sleeping on the soft or medium level, the sink-in feeling produced may cause the sleeper to heat up or sweat at night as the top layer of the bed covers him or her. Thus, such heavier user may want to consider going for the firmer level. 

Suitability for all sleeping positions

For average-weighted sleepers, the medium firmness is a suitable bed type that provides both comfort and support. Generally, the medium level is ideal for all sleeping positions. For sole side sleepers, however, the softer level may be a better option for both tension relief and support. 

Concisely, it is evident that we recommend the Signature mattress as it is not only durable but also provides perfect support and comfort. 


Ideal for all sleeper sizes

Very durable

Soft, neutral-foam feel


Poor temperature regulation

Insufficient edge support

Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress Review

Price:  Check on Amazon

Tomorrow Best Mattress For The Money Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 96% 

Product Dimensions: 83.5 x 72 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 137 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

I guess you are beginning to notice that so far, hybrid and innerspring mattresses have preoccupied the list, primarily because they are durable, and, durability is what we are after for affordable mattresses. You guessed right! This mattress is also hybrid, but there is a feature that separates it from the others; it is a true memory foam hybrid mattress. Thus, it is worthy of being a part of this list as it worth below $1,000. It also features the following:

Firmness levels

For memory foam lovers, this bed is an ideal choice as it provides that perfect sink-in feeling after the top layer slowly folds down to the sleeper’s body. Generally, it has a soft firmness, although the firmness ranges from medium-soft to medium-firm. Overall, it provides optimum support and pressure relief.

Support and pressure relief

For general sleep positions, the medium-form option is ideal for almost everybody. We have also tested it and positively recommend this model for the provision of comfort and support for both back, stomach and combo sleepers. For strict side sleepers, on the other hand, the medium-soft model is preferable as it provides extra cushioning, greater pressure relief and support. 

However, for its relatively soft texture, a heavier individual may find it generating more heat during sleep. Thus, small and average weighted people will find it more comfortable.

Overall, this mattress is not only extremely comfortable but also a trusted product as it is backed by one of the most renowned mattress-producing companies in the world, Serta-Simmons. Perhaps you are noticing this pattern. Concisely, if you are a memory-foam lover, you might not want to look elsewhere for a bed below $1,000, because of its extreme durability and comfort.


1-year trial duration

Ideal for all sleeping positions

A trusted brand, by Serta-Simmons Company

Suitable for all sleepers


Sink-in feeling, due to extreme softness

Neither responsive nor bouncy

Features to Consider When Looking For the Best Mattress For The Money

It is not worth buying a mattress that makes you uncomfortable. However, no matter the price you are putting into buying a bed, there are several other factors you have to consider before settling for a mattress brand


The firmness of a mattress means how soft or tough the topmost layer of the bedding feels against the body of the user. Firmness does not have a general recommendation, and therefore depends on the preferences of the sleepers. While some sleepers like medium-firm or firm mattresses, other sleepers prefer soft, medium-soft or medium mattress firmnesses. 

It is essential to know the firmness rating that would suit you, particularly by testing out the mattresses before buying. However, some bed brands offer multiple firmness levels that different buyers can choose from. And, some brands offer ‘dual-firmness’ beds to suit the different preferences of couples. 

Body weight

This factor must also be put into consideration before buying a mattress. Heavier individuals usually weigh more than 200 pounds and would, therefore, require former beds to support and evenly distribute their body weight. However, you should remember that you can choose how firm you want your bed to be depending on what will suit your taste. Firmness ratings are from 1 to 10, with one being the softest and ten being the firmest. 

Sleeping position

You should also consider your sleeping position before buying a mattress, as it is another crucial factor. Back sleepers do not require more than firm beds as their backs and postures are naturally aligned. Stomach sleepers also need mattresses firm enough to align their spine but soft enough to comfort their chest and stomachs. Side sleepers, on the other hand, require softer beds as they need extra support and pressure relief around their neck, shoulders, back, and hips.

Edge support

When your bed provides solid edge support, it means that the perimeter of your bed does not sag over time. Also, adequate edge support is necessary mainly for those of you who sit at the circumference of your mattress. Innerspring and hybrid mattress provide solid edge support as they possess high-density polyfoam. Nonetheless, latex and foam mattresses do not offer adequate edge support as they do not often have reinforcement around the edges.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation is the ability of a bed to tolerate motion and avoid partners from being disturbed by the movement. You should put this factor into consideration especially if you are not a lone-sleeper. Latex and Foam mattresses are the best for the job. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, are not very good motion isolators.


Typically, a mattress will serve its owner for seven years or more before it needs replacement. While innerspring and memory foam mattresses have a shorter lifespan of about seven years before sagging occurs. Latex and Airbed mattresses have a longer lifespan of more than eight years, if correctly preserved. However, sometimes, company history plays a significant role in the lifespan of a mattress. For instance, some models are said to be durable, but the users are not still sure about how long it would last since their manufacturers have only spent a few years in the industry.

Heat retention

Particularly for those of you who run hot at night, heat retention is another crucial factor to consider. Materials like memory foam trap you in your body heat, while latex and innerspring materials allow better flow of air, and therefore, will enable you to sleep cool.

Pressure points

Particularly for side sleepers, pressure relief is a crucial factor to consider when shopping for a mattress. Latex and memory foam mattresses fuse to the body and therefore, eliminate pressure points along the back. On the other hand, innerspring mattresses do not provide such pressure relief.

Back pain

For adequate spine alignment and eliminate back pain, you should get a mattress that offers substantial support. As inadequate support will cause your body to sink into the bed, too much support will case our body to arch and these conditions will result in body ache. Nonetheless, your weight and sleep position will determine the level of support that would suit you.

Responsiveness or Sex

Especially for couples who like the idea, innerspring and hybrid mattresses are naturally bouncier and better for sex. However, memory foam and latex mattresses have slow responsiveness, resulting to a sink-in feeling during sex that might be annoying to some couples.


Due to their metal components, Innerspring and hybrid mattresses might make some extent of sound, while the electric elements of airbeds may also make noise. Memory foam and latex mattresses, however, do not make any noise. 

How to Care For Your Mattress

Majority of the online mattresses come with a removable cover. Incredibly, however, the detachable covers can also be cleaned similarly as non-detachable covers. In the case of stains, you can easily spot clean it with mild detergent-based soapy water. Nevertheless, we have only seen a few detachable covers that can be washed using a machine. Apart from cleaning your mattress, you should also turn your bed at least 6-monthly to avoid any permanent depressions on one side.

Mattress Types

The price of a mattress is majorly based on the materials that make up the bed. For instance, a high-quality innerspring bed will not cost as much as a latex mattress of the same quality. Differentiating between the features of the materials will give you an opportunity to know exactly what you want to spend your money on.

Memory Foam

Due to the comfort and support they provide, Memory foam mattresses have gained recognition and popularity. The first designer of this foam, NASA, designed it for protection in case of a crash. It is very responsive to tension and temperature, and therefore, conforms to the sleeper's body to adjust to the contour of the sleeper.

How it’s built

Support core: memory foam, being too soft to provide adequate support on its own, is not the only material used to produce

Memory foam; high-density polyfoam are also added to the base to provide substantial support.

Comfort layers: the extra comfort layers are made of memory foam. An average memory foam mattress contains 25-40% memory foam.

Cost considerations

Foam density: memory foams are rated using PCF (pound per cubic foot), and a typical High-density memory foam that has a rating of 6 PCF or more is usually part of the costliest. On the other hand, Medium-density foams are rated between 4 PCF to 5.9 PCF. They eliminate motion transfer and reduce tension. However, Low-density foams are rated below 3.9 PCF and have high responsiveness. They are not very good at removing motion transfer and pressure. Nonetheless, they are usually cheaper.

Amount of memory foam used: typically, the more the memory foam in a mattress, the more expensive the mattress becomes.

Added features: other comfort features such as copper, gel-memory foam, charcoal, or green tea-infused memory foam are added to mattresses to perform specific functions. And, such mattresses will naturally cost more money.


Mattresses made from latex combine many features to create a comfortable space for sleeping. These features are the aligning and pressure relief features of foam mattresses, supportive features, and conventional texture of hybrid and innerspring mattresses. Mattress made of Latex may also have different textures. The origin of the latex material used in beds is from a rubber tree plant sap.

How it’s made

Support core: Thick, dense latex is used as the base of mattresses made of 100% latex. And, polyfoam is sometimes used in place of latex if the bed is not 100% latex.

Comfort layers: soft latex materials are used to produce the comfort layers in all-latex mattresses. Also, polyfoam can also be used in place of latex if the bed is not entirely latex.

Cost considerations

There are two processes for making Latex; Dunlop process and the new Talalay process. In the Dunlop process, the latex is turned and poured in a mold before it is steam-baked. The result is thick, heavy latex. On the other hand, the more recent Talalay process involves the vacuum-sealing, freezing, and baking of the latex. The result is a softer and bouncier type of latex. Even though the two methods are 100% natural, the Talalay latex costs more.

Natural latex mattresses will be costlier than synthetic latex mattresses.

Additional comfort layers and other features will drastically increase the price of the bed.


Innerspring mattresses are beds that have a base of steel coils arranged to provide support to the mattress. They have the highest demand among other mattresses and are amongst the cheapest beds.

How it’s built

Support core: steel coils or springs are used to construct the support foundation of an innerspring mattress. The coils are measured in “gauge,” and ranges in thickness from 12 to 18. A coil rated 12 is the thickest, with a firmer spring while a coil rated 18 is the thinnest with a very gentle spring. Additionally, the coils are covered with layers of foam and a quilted fabric to improve the cushioning.

Comfort layer: covering the uppermost layer of an innerspring mattress is a pillow-top layer or foam. Sometimes, Memory foam or latex is used to cover the top of the bed. The comfort layers do not measure up to 2 inches in thickness. However, some mattresses come with comfort layers are that are more than 2 inches in density. These mattresses are known as hybrid. There is more information on hybrid beneath.

Cost considerations

Gauge or thickness is the unit of measurement for coils. The thickness of the coils increases with a decreasing gauge. And, the thicker coil will have longer durability, making it more expensive.

Also, the coil material in the mattress alters the price of the mattress. As Bonnell coils are shaped like an hourglass, continuous wire coils are assembled in straight lines. These coils are usually in less expensive beds but are no longer in use. On the other hand, Offset coils are also shaped like an hourglass but are hinged at an end to providing better support. However, Pocketed coils are formed like coils and fabric is used to wrap them. These other two types are used more recently and in costlier beds.

Sometimes, producers increase the price of mattresses with a higher number of coils. However, customers have not reported a higher coil count as improving the utility of the bed.


In a hybrid bed, there is usually at least one layer of 2-inch thick foam. Underneath this layer of foam is an innerspring coil system that gives the structure adequate support. Similar to conventional mattresses, a hybrid mattress combines memory foam or latex foam with innerspring to not only relieve pressure but also to provide traditional support to the user. 

How it’s built

Support core: similar to traditional innerspring beds, hybrid mattresses use a coil support system as the base. 

Comfort layer: a thick comfort layer of foam (memory foam, polyfoam, or natural or synthetic latex) is used to cover the coiled support system. This foam comes in a minimum of 2 inches thick in hybrid beds. The thickness of this foam layer is the only difference between this foam layer and the thinner comfort layer on some innerspring beds.

Cost considerations

The nature and density of the coil used to support a hybrid mattress will also alter the price of the bed.

Latex foam-based covered hybrid mattresses will cost more than hybrid mattresses covered with memory foam.

The mattress becomes more expensive as the thickness of the foam comfort layer increases.

Finding a Great Value

Perhaps you didn’t get an excellent value for your mattress. A great benefit is one with ideal functionalities at an affordable price or a price that matches its value. So, if your bed is not satisfying enough, it is a waste of money, no matter how small the money was. Therefore, it is good to know exactly what you are looking for in an ideal bed. The following are some factors to look at:


The materials used in a mattress can make the mattress better or worse. Therefore, buying a low-quality mattress will not only mean sacrificing durability but also risking those quiet hours of sleep for you. Following the content above, there is a variety of materials that may suit your preference. 

Before you can settle for the ideal material that would suit you, you have to compare the materials based on your sleep position, preference and support needed. 

Irrespective of the material you settle for, you should do detailed research on each mattress material you are comparing before concluding. Thus, you have to know the coil gauge, foam density, or the comfort layer thickness.

Then, look at the durability and quality of the material, as you would be spending more money if you have to change your mattress within a short period of use continually. 


Principally, a mattress must keep your back straight when you are sleeping; therefore, the bed must provide adequate support and balance. If your mattress doesn’t offer these features, you will end up waking up with body aches. Therefore, you should check how much support a mattress provides and if the bed has a durable and robust construction. Remember not to mistaken the top layer of a mattress with its support core- it is possible for the mattress to have a superior cover but inferior support. Thus, you should ensure that both are in perfect conditions.


The firmness of a mattress describes the texture or feel of the mattress when you are sleeping it. Mattresses with firm textures do not allow you to sink into it while softer or less firm mattress creates a depression when you sleep on it. 

The firmness of mattresses is usually indicated using ratings from 1 to 10. 1indicates the least firm while 10 indicate the firmest mattresses. Generally, no firmness level suits every sleeper; it depends on individual preference. Therefore, you should choose a mattress that is firm or soft enough for you.


Yes, before you can know how good a mattress feels, you have to try it out first! Thus, you should ensure that a mattress brand offers a free trial period of at least 30 days so that you can comfortably evaluate the bed to see if it suits you. 

Getting the Best Price

Now, assuming you already have a mattress in mind, you should make extra efforts to ensure you get the mattress as affordable as it can be.

Perhaps you are going for in-store or online shopping. Irrespective of where you are shopping for your bed, you should take your time to buy. An overlap usually happens among online and physical stores, so there are differences between the timing of the sales.

In-store sales

•    Black Friday: usually, transactions are abundant the day after Thanksgiving, and it is typically restricted to retail stores. However, many online stores now have their ways of promoting their products.

•    Holidays: usually, on days like Labor Day and Memorial Day, The mattress industry gives out the most of sales.  Veterans Day, Fourth of July and Columbus Day, and Other holidays also encourage discounts.

Online sales

•    Cyber Monday: instead of the in-store Black Friday deals, online dealers extend their massive sales to the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is called Cyber Monday. Mostly, e-store owners give out discounts for that day and the whole week.

•    Amazon Prime Day: the Amazon prime day is a shopping event that includes cuts restricted to the members of Amazon’s yearly subscription service only. Prime Day is regularly held in the second week of July and also offers discounts on products. 

Best Time to buy a Mattress

When you are considering the ideal time to buy a mattress, it means you are comparing the amount that you can spend on the mattress. Thus, if you are financially buoyant, you can get your mattress anytime. But, if you are trying to conserve money, you want to exercise patience and caution.

If you are vigilant enough concerning the purchase of your mattress, you want to buy your mattresses before the peak of summer! You will not quickly get such cheap mattress because this is especially the time when people need beds; people are relocating, students returning to college, marriages, lodging in hotels, etc. All these activities will trigger the need for mattresses as people will need beds after relocating, students will need mattresses for college, and couples will need to get new beds, and hotel owners may want to change their beds for expected visitors. 

These activities will drastically increase the demand for mattresses, resulting in an increased price of the mattress. If you need very affordable prices for your mattress, you should get your mattress during spring, when all the store owners are trying to clear out their old goods and make new orders or restock for summer.

To get excellent discounts on mattresses, you can also look out for important holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day and Fourth of July. May is the best month to get a cheap mattress, as clearance sales are due for changing and the sellers want to quickly sell out the old goods and replace them for new ones. Of course, you should keep a continuous track of when the new season arrives, and rush to lay your hand on the best mattress you can get with a perfect discount. 

Other Means of Conserving Money

Look out for shipping costs or delivery fees

Especially if you buy from a third-party supplier like Amazon, the majority of the online sellers offer free shipping. But, you should double-check before buying. Also, you should watch out for return fees attached to a brand, in case you do not like it and want to return it. You should also do the same even if you are buying from an in-store.

Remember, it is possible to negotiate.  An advantage of in-store purchase over online transaction is that you have the opportunity to haggle. You have more room for negotiation in Chain stores, like a Mattress Firm or Mattress Warehouse, and not the local stores because such chain stores usually increase the price of the beds. Also, before rushing to negotiate, take your time to research on the costs to know the amount you are willing to pay. You are a negotiator, and so, must be ready to walk out if the seller doesn’t agree to your terms.

Search for online savings. You have several other options to take if you want to conserve money when shopping online. During your online research, look out for referral codes, as several sites offer promotional codes for the beds they evaluate. Then, when you see a mattress of your choice, sign up with the producer’s website. And you’ll receive a notification of deals and bonuses and a discount code after signing up. The moment you want to buy your bed, you don’t need to tamper with the expenses. You can surely get an affordable superior mattress as long as you have ideal brands you can choose from at different prices. 

Putting Efforts Into Your Mattress' Durability

After you have secured your mattress, you still have a few more things to do. Below are a few tips to employ to lengthen your mattress’ durability.

•    Buy a mattress protector. Buying A mattress protector might seem like spending more money, but it can keep your mattress new for many years as it protects your bed from all messes. Some guarantees also require the use of a mattress protector for your bed.

•    Make sure your mattress is supported. You might need to use a box spring, foundation, or bed for some mattresses to make them last longer. You might also be reducing the durability if you do not use the precise base.

•    Don’t bounce on the bed. Particularly for parents, avoid anyone jumping on your bed to keep your bed (especially innerspring) from damage.

•    Keep food out of bed. You might want to eat cookies in bed. It is a cool idea but might attract pests. So, if you cannot avoid food in bed, make sure to change your sheets frequently.

•    Flip your mattress regularly. Although some mattresses cannot be turned, try as much as possible to flip your mattress to reduce damages on one side of the mattress.

•    Spot-clean any messes immediately. Staining your mattress is normal. Just make sure to spot clean it quickly. Ensure to use cleaners that are safe for your mattress materials. 


As one of the most significant aspects of our lives, sleep is the period when our body regains its lost energy to use the following day. An individual will only be personally successful if he or she maintains healthy nightly sleep. As your mattress has a direct impact on our sleep quality, a poor mattress can even result in a poor emotional status! Nonetheless, this content is a guide to getting a quality mattress that would be within your financial reach to provide you with quality sleep at night.

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