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Amazon is the go-to place for shoppers including people looking to buy a mattress. However, the reason for mattress shoppers turning to Amazon is not far-fetched.

  1. The marketplace has various types of beds for people to choose
  2. Buyers can get what they buy faster to their houses without lifting a finger
  3. It affords buyer to save more which is hard to get elsewhere
  4. There is warranty for secure investment which is hard to get elsewhere

Nonetheless, for you to shop without a problem and prevent buying a mattress you cannot return if you don’t like it, you need to look well before you buy any bed in the marketplace.

This article is intended to build your skills to become expert Amazon shopper. It will show you how to evaluate mattress; which includes the quality of the bed and type of mattress to choose. When it comes to shopping on Amazon, you have to take note of shipping cost, reviews, and warranty. With those taken into consideration, there are plenty of mattresses you can find on Amazon.

The Best Mattresses on Amazon

The Best Hybrid Mattress on Amazon - WEEKENDER

The Best Innerspring Mattress on Amazon - Sunrising Bedding

The Best Organic Mattress on Amazon - Pure Green

The Best Foam Mattress on Amazon - Dreamfoam Bedding

The Best Folding Mattress on Amazon - Milliard

The Best Mattress for Kids on Amazon - Tomorrow Sleep

The Best Air Mattress on Amazon - Lazery Sleep 

The Best Gel Mattress on Amazon - Best Price Mattress

The Best Pillow Top Mattress on Amazon - Mattress America

The Best Mattresses on Amazon Table





The Best Hybrid Mattress on Amazon

WEEKENDER Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Innerspring Mattress on Amazon

Sunrising Bedding Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Organic Mattress on Amazon

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Foam Mattress on Amazon

Dreamfoam Bedding Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Folding Mattress on Amazon

Milliard Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Mattress for Kids on Amazon

Tomorrow Sleep Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Air Mattress on Amazon

Lazery Sleep Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Gel Mattress on Amazon

Best Price Mattress Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Pillow Top Mattress on Amazon

Mattress America Best Mattress on Amazon Review by


The Best Mattresses on Amazon Reviews

The Best Hybrid Mattress on Amazon - WEEKENDER Review

Price:  $299.99

WEEKENDER Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 93% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 97 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The WEEKENDER 10 inch Hybrid Mattress provides almost everything that memory foam and coil beds offer. With this mattress, you don’t have to worry about your sleeping position as it has got you covered.

The hybrid mattress made from convoluted foam, comfort foam, and gel memory foam. The support level of the mattress keeps the pressure points relived and keeps you as comfortable as possible. The bed is built to provide body support so you can feel whole and satisfied while you sleep. That’s not all; the mattress is packaged in a classic style to add beauty to your room interior. The bed is 10 inches in thickness and comes with a steel coil-base 7.5 inches and 2.5 inches comfort and memory foam.

It is also has a packed steel coils base layer wrapped in fabrics which isolates movement and protect the edges; therefore offering quiet and comfortable rest.


Small shipping size comfortable for moving around

High level of support

Relief from pain

Bouncy with optimum comfort

Attractive machine safe and durable mattress cover

Fits to any box spring or bed frame 

Safety certified by Certi-PUR US 


Its firmer for those people who need soft and plush mattresses

The Best Innerspring Mattress on Amazon - Sunrising Bedding Review

Price:  $467.74

Sunrising Bedding Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 87% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 108 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

When it comes to excellence and simplicity, you should think SunRising Bedding. It comes in white color which brings out the beauty yet simplicity of the bed. Apart from the fact that this mattress offers comfort, it also provides an extra touch to your room interior, and it is compatible with a bed type, be it King, California King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes.

If you decide to place the mattress against the floor, you are also making a great decision. On the bed comes with waves imprinted on its sides, it also comes with stylish rope-like piping on the edges of the bed which makes it look beautiful and elegant.

That’s just the side and edges of the mattress, what about the surface of the bed. The exterior is styled by engraving horizontal detailing that ensures a soft, non-slip, and comfortable experience for you and your loved ones.

Now let’s talk about the features of this mattress.

Durability. One of the main reasons why people prefer the Sunrising mattress to other mattresses is because it is durable. The bed is made with reliable and quality materials to make sure there is maximum durability. When you buy this mattress, longevity shouldn’t be your worry as it is 100% durable and long lasting. Also, if you are wondering whether this mattress contains game retardant particles, it doesn’t contain any game retardant particles as it conforms to the 1633 Federal Fire Test requirements.

Foam. This mattress uses a Talalay technology latex which guarantees you maximum stability and great experience no matter how much you move while you sleep.  It also comprises of pocketed portions that provide not just a great feel but also relieves pressure point when you are relaxing on it. So you don’t wake up feeling sore and hurt.

Comfort. This mattress comes with lots of benefits and beauty and simplicity is just one part of it. This mattress is very comfortable to sleep on, and it ensures great sleep throughout the night. You also don’t have to worry about the mattress deforming, downing or even sinking over time because it was created to disperse the weight across all parts of the mattress evenly.

Some other features. The Sunrising mattress can either be placed on the bed or on the floor. Either on the floor or bed, you can be assured of getting the same comfort and feeling. It also conforms to the CertiPUR-US requirements to guarantee your safety and comfort. It comes with a 120-day trial and a 20-year warranty policy. 


Minimalistic design and color, suitable for all homes

Offers maximum comfort, plus a motion-aided foam technology

Safe and hygienic

Built to stand the test of time

A 120-day trial, a 20-year warranty policy, and a no-risk return policy


You may have to deal with stains considering the white color

The Best Organic Mattress on Amazon - Pure Green Review

Price:  $795.00

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 125 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is one of the best latex mattresses you will find in the market. The bed is made from cotton, New Zealand wool, and natural latex foam. This mattress wan not just manufactured for comfort and durability; it is also beautiful and adds beauty to your room interior.

With this mattress, you will get a medium level of firmness which makes it suitable for people who sleep on their sides or backs. Because of its mild-firmness, it is perfect for couples who sleep in different patterns. The layer below this mattress is contained natural latex, and it is about 6 inches thick. The layer above is about 2 inches thick, and it also contains natural latex.

The lower and upper layer makes the mattress comfortable to give you the perfect support for your neck and back. The mattress cover is built with 100% New Zealand wool that gives it added comfort and extra height.

The pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is manufactured in Pure Green factories which are located in Chicago. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is a special latex mattress, and it is not made anyhow. The manufacturers take their time in the manufacturing process of this mattress. All the process is done in house by the industry standard for health and safety. You should know that because of the organic wool used in the cover of this mattress, it is fire retardant.

Let’s look at the features of the pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Completely Natural Latex Foam

Pure Green Latex Mattress manufacturing process follows all the regulations and standards for health and safety, so they make sure there are no filers or additive. It conforms to all the regulations and guidelines for textile emissions, and it is the best natural latex mattress you will find in the industry.

Completely Organic New Zealand Wool

The Pure Green Latex Mattress uses New Zealand Wool for extra height and comfort. The New Zealand Wool is gotten from farms which conform to the humane animal standards and guidelines. The sheep on these farms feed on pastures which are entirely organic and well taken care of. The wool used in Pure Green mattresses is flame retardant, and they satisfy all requirements and pass all global safety checks. It is also non-harmful and biodegradable.

100% Organic Cotton

The Pure Green Latex Mattress cover is made up of two layers. The two layers - fabric on the outer layer and the quilt backing are made out of 100% organic cotton. As far as quality is concerned, you can count on Pure green. Not only do they impress their customers by using the best materials for their mattresses, but they also make sure they make high quality and comfortable materials.  Talking about best materials, using organic cotton for mattress cover is preferable to the cheap polypropylene backing that most mattresses manufacturers use. Cotton is not only environmentally friendly and completely natural; it is also non-toxic and biodegradable in conformity with all global standards.

Highest Quality for comfort and toughness

One of the main reasons why people buy latex mattresses is because it adapts to your body movement and contours which in turn gives you support and comfort. When a latex mattress doesn’t have all these qualities, why should it be called a latex mattress? A natural latex mattress is very tough and resilient, so it will give you the needed support and comfort for years to come.

Natural latex mattress has some air pockets that help in maintaining a cool and circulating air. With organic cotton and wool being very breathable, you are assured of comfort throughout the night. 

Regardless of your sleeping position and style, sleeping on a latex mattress will always be comfortable. Most side sleepers will prefer to get a soft-firm mattress while back sleepers will prefer a medium firm one. For side sleepers, we recommend a very firm mattress for maximum comfort. Pure green mattresses are good to go as received, and you don’t have to do anything too much so as not to damage it during installation. All you require when you get your pure green mattress is to place in on your bed and sleep.


Manufactured from 100% natural organic latex with no synthetic additives or fillers

Perhaps the softest latex brand in the market

10 years warranty

Very durable and long lasting

Cool and breathable. Distributes heat properly

Excellent support for neck and back

Great brand


A little more expensive than its counterparts

Some users might complain of the firmness

No warranty information

The Best Foam Mattress on Amazon - Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams Review

Price:  $309.99

Dreamfoam Bedding Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 60 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Dreamfoam is almost a boss when it comes to making mattresses. This mattress by Dreamfoam uses the best mattress technologies in the industry. It is made of 6 15-gauge Samson turn coils which are packed for small motion shift and quilted with fiber and memory foam on each side of the mattress. You can decide to turn the mattress sides to improve its durability and comfort.

The layer of memory foam in the upper part of the mattress gives it a very comfortable sleeping surface which decreases the feel of coils. The wrapped coils help to enhance pressure point reduction and reduce motion transfer.

This mattress is manufactured in the USA, so you can be sure it satisfies all the requirements of CertiPUR-US. The bed is affordable and high quality so you can get quality mattresses on a budget.


Shapes to your body and feels excellent when lying on your backQuality product for a great price

Provides excellent support and feels firm

Unbelievably easy to unpack

Almost no chemical smell

Made in the USA mattress


It may not expand to the mentioned size

May become squeaky over time

The Best Folding Mattress on Amazon - Milliard Review

Price:  $199.99

Milliard Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 92% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 41.9 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The Milliard Tri-fold mattress provides a satisfying experience in your room under any condition. The bed is excellent for the bedroom or living room or even outdoors. It provides an exceptional sleeping experience for users. That’s not all; it can also be folded too, so you can take it traveling with you.

Previous customers have known this mattress to offer amazing benefits to sleeper’s nerves and muscles apart from just comfort. With this mattress, you can be assured of a comfortable night rest. The bed is especially useful for guests and when traveling.

This mattress is constructed using 5 inches memory foam sitting on a 4.5 inches support base. This mattress delivers a breathtaking experience anytime you use it. The bed sports a soft bamboo coversheet, and it satisfies all the CertiPUR-US requirements so you can be assured that you are getting the best and firm mattress.


It contains no repulsive smell

It has an ideal thickness level

It offers so many uses

It is highly functional

It has useful bamboo cover material


It is heavy for some sleepers 

Once in a while, it requires rotation 

The Best Mattress for Kids on Amazon - Tomorrow Sleep Review

Price:  Check on Amazon

Tomorrow Sleep Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 92% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 113 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

When it comes to a mattress, there are majorly two things that could go wrong – it’s either they are too expensive or they are too harsh or even both. But what if you can get a mattress that is neither expensive nor too tough? Well, the Tomorrow Sleep mattress is neither costly nor too harsh, which makes this mattress perfect for children.

Thus, Tomorrow Sleep is a hybrid bed with coils wrapped in layers of foam. At the mattress base is a thin sheet of thick foam that allows it sit on it singularly. Logically, the coils offer the mattress support and will enable it to be firm. Adding coils in the mattress is an innovative and fun feature than the conventional dense poly foams as coils extend the longevity of the bed.

The mattress comes with a motion transfer layer for quicker response than the conventional memory foam. Following the transition layer, there is a sheet of memory foam that offers maximum comfort for the mattress. At the upper part of the bed is located a sheet of open cell memory foam, also serving as comfort layer for the bed.

The framework of the mattress is wrapped with a thin sheet cover. It is a soft, silky and easy to clean cover, especially when the stain is cleaned immediately with detergent and Luke warm water. But, this is not machined washable so you should not wash it with a washing machine. If there is any food or drink spillage, you can easily rub it off immediately. However, because of the memory foam, the bed is quite comfortable to sleep on. But this is for people who love to sleep on soft beds. But for people who like to sleep on a more firm mattress or innerspring bed, then we don’t recommend this product for you.

When you lie on this mattress, your body will slowly rest in the bed, and it will feel as if you are right in the middle of the bed swallowed up, and when you leave the position, it will take a while before it returns to its initial state because of it is slow to respond. The mattress, we can say its medium-firm. However, you level of sinking into the mattress depends on your weight. Yet, you have to understand that despite the rate of the softness, the bed still ensures proper alignment. Although if you sink into the first layer, you will even get all the support you need while you sleep.

The spring coils offer bi-directional support while they resist and compress pressure. Spring coil is an excellent mattress that gives excellent support.

Despite of some of its shortcomings, the bed is an excellent sleeper’s choice because it is very comfortable, durable and affordable and it is ideal for all type of sleepers.


It allows great airflow

Serta backing offers reliability

Great blend of relief and alignment


It has some issue of off-gassing

It requires been kept on a flat plane if the sleeper moves as the coils don’t extend to the boundary, making the bed to bend

Longer decompress time after unboxing

The Best Air Mattress on Amazon - Lazery Sleep Review

Price:  $148.32

Lazery Sleep Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 91% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 19.75 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

If your guests are staying over at your place to have a significant sleep and have a good time, you should get the Lazery Sleep Air Mattress. The mattress has a self-inflating feature and a comfort coil technology to add support and comfort. It also comes with dual chamber design, forty internal air coils and a wide range of firmness level to choose from. However, this mattress is not restricted to age or size; it doesn’t matter whether you are hosting children or adults; this mattress is durable and comfortable enough to accommodate them.

Immediately you lay on this bed; you will sleep off in under 5 minutes because of the comfort it gives – I assure you that. So stop letting your guests sleep on an uncomfortable cot and sofa and instead embrace comfort with the air mattress.


Heavy duty air bed. This double height inflatable mattress provides the best comfort and supports you will need from a bed. It is also great compared to what you will get from the traditional conventional bed. It is very suitable for overnight guests, camping and a lot more.

Inbuilt electric pump. This mattress also comes with an inbuilt electric pump which comes with an LED remote. You can inflate the mattress within minutes, and you don’t have to worry about it because it shuts itself off when the preferred limits are reached. This is safe and convenient. 

Full 1-year satisfaction warranty. The Lazery Sleep Air Mattress comes with unique features such as 40 air coils, dual chamber design, and waterproof and extra thick top makes it a very durable and comfortable product with a lot of support. It also comes with a full year satisfaction warranty, so if you are not satisfied within one year, you can return it without hassle.

Seven Remote settings. You can also choose your firmness level ranging from soft plush to extra firm, and it stays at this level through the night, so nothing changes mid-sleep.

Portable build. This mattress is puncture proof and easy to fold. The bed can hold up to 500 lbs. And it will fit nicely in any RV or closet. It comes in a bag which helps you move it around quickly. 


Super comfortable

Easy to inflate and deflate

Excellent customer service

High-quality product with great value for money


Some products come with factory defects, but their customer service will replace them ease

The Best Gel Mattress on Amazon - Best Price Mattress Review

Price:  $242.10

Best Price Mattress Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 89% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 30 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This mattress comes in two forms, the 11-inch, and the 9-inch. Today we are going to focus on only the 11-inch, probably in our next review, we can talk about the 9-inch. This Gel infused Memory Foam Mattress is part of the best mattress in the market because of its various features which also includes affordable price. 

The mattress is also very classy, and it provides comfort to its customers. Although this brand is not overly exposed, it is quality.


  • This mattress comes in two forms, which is the 9-inch and 11-inch. The bed is also available in Twin, Full, King, and Queen Size currently. 
  • The mattress is also made up of several layers of foam which makes it very comfortable and supportive. It also has a comfy and luxurious density. However, it is not as thick as most mattresses in the market.
  • It has 7.5-inch density foam which provides support and durability for the sleeper. It also has a 2 inch ventilated comfort foam and a 1.5-inch gel infused memory foam layer which offers cooling and breathability of the mattress during hot weathers.
  • It features a knitted poly jacquard cover with satin piping border and non-slip bottom that enhances its beauty and positions the bed well on the frame of your bed. It also satisfies CertiPUR-US which assures that it is safe to use. 
  • An excellent feature about this bed is that it doesn’t sink or sag over time which helps to retain its durability and value. Also, it has a 10-year manufacturer warranty so you don’t have to stress searching durable beds because you can return anytime you notice something wrong.
  • The 11-inch Gel-Infused Foam Mattress is one of the best mattresses you’ll find in the market.


Its affordable

It has satin piping border knitted cover, non-slip base Gel-infused memory foam with ventilated comfort foam sheets.

10 years warranty


Insufficient reviews compare to other beds listed

The Best Pillow Top Mattress on Amazon - Mattress America Review

Price:  $269.99

Mattress America Best Mattress on Amazon Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 87% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 90 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

With time, understanding customers’ needs have been an integral part of Mattress America skills which help them to provide the right bed for their customers. Thus, it provides customers with most sought after mattress features; this is why their Frost Pocket Pillow Top Bed is the favorite of shoppers.

The top features from their mattresses include the following:


Its mattresses measure 13 inches in length with a thickness of 3 inches with a 10 inches pocket coil core making it comfortable for users. For its luxury feel, it uses gel-infused memory foam for its tier and gets its sturdy feel from the innerspring tier for improved support. For investment assurance, the mattress has a 25 years warranty to assure buyers of the quality and durability.

Support and comfort

The pillow’s firmness and supports are distributed evenly across the surface using an encased coil structure. What user will get from this mattress support include lumbar and back improvement and provide quality rest without motion transfer. The side sleeper may not find this bed ideal due to its hard surface as it won’t contour adequately to their body.

The best part of this mattress is the instant use time as there is no waiting for the factory odor to disappear before use. However, it takes about two weeks to inflate fully and make its proper shape after unboxing.

More features

The 13-inch pillow top mattress comes with a soft and durable cover. Once you rest or sleep on this mattress, you are free of sweat and relaxed as this mattress is breathable. It also satisfies the CertiPUR-US requirements so you can be assured that it is eco-friendly and free of any harsh substances or chemicals.



25-year warranty

Good for back sleepers due to its considerable firmness

Breathable top layer


Takes time to inflate

Too firm for side sleepers

Why Shop Amazon For A Mattress?

So you don’t want to go through the stress of going to the market to get a mattress, so you decided to buy it online. When you buy online, you get to experience the bed-in-a-box, you also get the industry standard risk-free trial period, and most importantly, you get your mattress delivered to your doorstep without laying a finger; well except surfing the internet.

When it comes to buying beds online, it is recommended to shop from Amazon, as Amazon has the benefit of easy navigation and excellent user experience. You can also price goods from Amazon, and you also get the chance to compare your mattresses to similar mattresses to see which one you like. Although if you have a particular bed in mind, go to the company’s website and just search for the mattress. But if you don’t have any mattress in mind and you want to see a variety of brands in one place, just go to Amazon.

On Amazon, you can check for reviews from other buyers to make sure you are making a calculated decision when it comes to buying. We always recommend that customers check reviews and compare products before choosing one to buy.

How Does Amazon Work for Mattress Shoppers?

Immediately you get connected to the web and get into the Amazon website; you will find 25 categories (department) that contains different types of products. Mattresses are sold in the FURNITURE class of the Home & Kitchen department.

All the mattresses sold on the Amazon site have a specific product page which contains in-depth information about the mattress. The product page includes the following (not listed accordingly)

Brand and Product’s full name. The page contains the brand and the product’s full name. Alongside this information might be some extra information like the warranty length and the material composition of the mattress.
Seller’s name. The page also contains the seller’s name. The seller could be a retailer or a brand, but make sure it is not a private seller.
Customer Rating Summary. In this page, you get to see what other people have been saying about this mattress. Every customer gets to give the mattress between 1 and 5 points, and the overall ratings indicate the average customer score. You also get to see the total number of reviews as it is included in the page.
Customer reviews. This part of the page is where you can find all the customer reviews. It features a detailed breakdown of the customer rating which includes the number of reviews for the mattress.
Product photos. Lots of mattresses in the Amazon store have multiple images that you can access by clicking on the top left corner of the product page.
Shipping Timetable. This part of the product page shows when a customer should expect their mattresses when they order, it also shows the available shipping options.
Availability status. The availability status of the mattress is found directly beneath the price. if the mattress is available, then it would be marked as “in-stock.” But if it is not in stock, it would be marked as “Currently Unavailable.”
Product specification. This category of the page includes the dimension, firmness, materials, warranty information and other useful product details.
Sizes. Most mattresses come in different sizes which are available on the product pages. Click on each of the sizes to see the price difference. You should know that bigger sizes don’t usually mean high prices.
Related products. This category includes other mattresses with similar qualities and price points as the mattress on the product page
The Frequently bought together. This category comprises similar products usually toppers, pillows, and other bedding accessories that customers buy along with that mattress.
Promotions and special offers. If you love offers and promotions, you should check this category to see if you qualify for any promotions or package deals.
Brand copy and product description. Most of the time, this product description are supplied by the manufacturer, and it is always the exact description found on the brand’s website. However, the product description on Amazon might include more information like product information and more specifications.
Warranty and support. This category consists of a copy of the mattress warranty, and it might also contain how-to guides and technical manuals.
Product information. This category is located in a small box on the left-hand side of the page, and it includes the following

  • Product dimensions
  • Item weight
  • Shipping weight
  • Manufacturer’s name
  • and manufacturer product numbers
  • Domestic and international shipping information
  • Customer rating and review summary
  • In-department rankings (as well as on the entire site)

Our Amazon Shopping Tips

When it comes to buying Amazon, you need some tips that will guide you, so you don’t buy the wrong thing. Here are some of our best tips that we would love to share with you.


Although low prices are tempting, don’t get seduced by the low rates. It doesn’t mean you can get a quality mattress for an affordable price; but when it gets too cheap, that is a problem.  Although buying a cheap product can save you lots of money at the moment, but don’t expect anything good. However, there might be a few exceptions but don’t always go for the so cheap mattresses.


Don’t just read parts of the product page; read everything. Yes! Read everything. Most online mattresses come with free shipping, free returns. Extended warranties, and free trial period. But if you love Amazon and decided to buy from Amazon, you have to make sure you check if all of those things are in place.

Most of the times, buying a mattress on Amazon will cancel out the 100-night trial period that most brands offer if you buy from their website. If you buy from Amazon under that condition, you will be stuck with Amazon’s 30-day return policy; and that isn’t just enough. When it comes to returning to Amazon, you have to go through some hassles. So it is a good idea to send the seller a mail before you purchase a mattress to learn about how they handle warranties, returns, and trial periods on Amazon.


Don’t just buy, research. Do your research outside of Amazon. Although Amazon reviews can be a perfect way to find red flags, they are not always comprehensive. So we advise you to look for information on the mattresses from other sources other than the brand website or Amazon.


You should pay attention to the seller. Just because the photo of the mattress is looking beautiful and promising doesn’t mean you will get it. Scammers are lurking around waiting for you to fall in their traps to scam you. Don’t be victims; pay close attention to the seller.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Mattress From Amazon

Buying mattresses from Amazon are different from going to a physical store to buy mattresses. The buying experience on Amazon is distinct; it distinct from buying mattresses straight from the company that produced the mattress. Although you can find more mattresses and better prices on Amazon, there are some reasons why shopping on the company’s site that you should know before buying on Amazon.

  1. Prices can vary. The costs of mattresses on Amazon is not constant; it might shift up or down unexpectedly due to sales, availability of products, or sellers who can adjust prices for competitive reasons.
  2. Return policies and processes are different. Most products sold on Amazon have a 30-day return policy which is different than the company’s return policy. If you then decide to initiate a return, it’s solely on Amazon and its customer service representatives. Although some sellers on Amazon offer an extended return policy but don’t assume this is always the case. Be sure to check with Amazon and the seller to confirm all the details before concluding.
  3. Not all the sellers are the same. Some products are sold on Amazon directly, while others are sold by retailers using Amazon as their platform. If you are buying from a retailer, be sure to check their reviews and policies to make sure you are making the right chose.
  4. Warranty terms are harder to find. Warranty terms are not always listed on the Amazon product page. Although you can see a link to the warranty term, you have to do a lot more research.
  5. Delivery is not uniform. Delivery time of your product depends on the seller, the shipping method, your location, and how much you are willing to pay for the shipping. There is something called Amazon Prime – Amazon Prime is a membership program that allows you to pay a yearly fee of $99. For a prime member, just look for the icon on the site that shows that the product is prime eligible; if it is eligible, you can get delivery free and for a short time. However, if you are not a Prime member, you will find that there are an estimated delivery cost and time for every product on Amazon.
  6. Availability is not assured. One of the main reasons why prices are low on Amazon is because they don’t maintain a massive inventory of all the products on the site. Another reason is that retailers might have limited products in stock. Because of this, products might sell out fast or even stop being available on the site.
  7. Reviews have to be read carefully. You might want to judge the quality of a product by looking at the number of stars the product has, but it is not recommended. We advise you to read reviews from verified customers. You should also look at the reviews to see if they all have persistent complains about the mattress.

Pros and Cons of Shopping for a Mattress on Amazon

Purchasing on Amazon is double sided; you can either get positive experience or negative experience. However, you want to make sure you are on the positive side. So always make sure you take your time to read reviews – you will be able to learn more about the product and its quality by listening to customers directly. Before you buy any mattress from Amazon, you should look at the advantages and disadvantages to make sure you are making the right decision.


Price. Although you can buy a quality mattress at an affordable price on sale, you would pay less for getting the same bed on Amazon. 

Selection. With Amazon, you get the option to browse through mattresses from different brands which gives you the opportunity to compare prices, reviews, and quality so that you can make an informed decision.

Speed. You don’t have to waste any of your time when shopping on Amazon. You can be in your home or office and search for a mattress with the speed of light. You also get faster delivery through Amazon; so once you order for a mattress on Amazon, your bed is just a few steps away.


Setup. Most mattresses are very heavy, that is why online retailers include help with setting up when it comes to delivering. So before you buy any mattress on Amazon or any online store, consider the weight.

Confusing policies. It might be difficult to know who is responsible for your returns, warranty, and sleep returns. However, it is essential to know who to contact in case of any problem with the mattress you purchased.

Reading reviews. It is perfect reading reviews, but you never know which review is real. So it is more like a challenge to know which one is real or not.

Features to Consider When Shopping Mattress on Amazon

When searching on Amazon for the right mattress, you need to consider some features that will ensure you are getting the best mattress on Amazon. The following are key attributes to think of for the ideal bed that guaranty support, comfort, and durable:

Verified reviews. One guaranteed way to know the right mattress is to check out other buyers reviews. Verified reviews help to see a mattress that will be durable with happy customer feedback. Don’t just check out reviews, look out for only verified review which you will identify by the verified marker as indicated on such Amazon review tagged “Verified Purchase.” The inscription shows that the customers writing the review are those who bought the product on Amazon.

Quality materials. Since you need a mattress with excellent performance and live up to its promise, you should consider the materials used for the bed. Suppose the mattress maker did cut corners and use cheaper or inferior materials, in at least one part of the product, it’s unlikely that the mattress will serve as expected. For instance, in memory foam beds, you can check the layers’ density and the thickness. Lower-density foam means faster worn-out, while thicker layers will likely be more effective, particularly in its comfort layer.

Shipping options. Mattresses are a bulky item only easy to carry when compressed, and with been compressed; you will still expect to part with so much to ship it. Also, consider the urgency of need as a factor to consider when shopping according to your need. Therefore, you need to find shipping cost and who picks the bill and the delivery time before selecting the mattress.

Firmness. Comfort is a primary reason to choose a bed and a significant factor to consider. When thinking of support, one thing you should understand is firmness. Key to your overall satisfaction with your mattress, and comfort is determined mostly by stability. The hardness or softness a mattress feels; the firmness level is rated on the scale of 1 through 10. In this regards scale, one is the softest while 10 is the hardest feel of the bed. Thus, most sleepers will enjoy levels 4 to 7 for optimum comfort scale.

Types of Sleeper

When shopping online for a mattress, whether on Amazon or elsewhere, it is vital to have an idea about the kind of bed that will offer you adequate comfort. Knowing your sleeping pattern will help to select the right mattress, especially if you are shopping online. Knowing this will help you to identify the correct information in the product description and the reviews by existing users.

The following is a breakdown of the fundamental things to know; it includes the general info for people who sleep in beds to identify sleeper type:

Side sleepers. People who sleep with their side should look for mattresses that offer pressure relief. You need this so that you can keep your spine straight to avoid soreness when you wake. That implies choosing a bed to support your shoulder and hips without leaving a gap under the stomach. The best firmness for Side sleepers is usually a softer feel in the lower end of the firmness scale.

Back and stomach sleepers. These sleepers need beds with sufficient support for the hips and trunk areas. Ensure it keeps your spine in alignment; this means there should be no cramped space under the lower-back and avoid a bed that sinks too much. By implication, back and stomach sleepers need from soft to medium soft.  

Combo sleepers. This is an in-between type for sleepers who switch positions all through the night. These people need a mattress that provides for both pressure relief and support. If you fall in this category of sleepers, check out for the bed within the middle-ground of softness/firmness and watch out for the material used as mentioned earlier according to the layers of the bed.

The Impact of Your Weight on the Feel of a Mattress

Repeat after me: Beds feels different to different sleepers. For the heavier sleepers, a bed may feel quite soft, but it will feel firmer to a lightweight sleeper. This is a no brainer and anyone who can understand how they feel when in bed should determine if they need a softer or firmer mattress. With this simple weight versus feel test, you should know a bed that will meet your need by reading the product’s description or user reviews on the mattress.

What you need to do is ensure to accurately interpret the mattress description or the users' reviews regarding the feel, support and firmness according to your weight which is something you should already know. For instance, a 225 lb+ sleeper is regarded as a heavier sleeper, and a 115 lb weight should be considered a light sleeper.

Considering our content, anytime we talk relating to feeling and firmness, we are discussing the mixed perspective of sleepers from 150lb to 200 lb and add the caveats from our team members weighing from 200 lb+ and sub-100 lb.

How to Purchase a Mattress on

This step-by-step process is our standard process you should follow to buy a mattress on

Choose your preferred bed size.

Find the ‘Add to Cart’ the small box located in the top right-hand corner of the page. If you want to shop more; just select the shopping cart icon close to the top of the page after you are done. Otherwise, just click ‘Buy Now’ to proceed straight to checkout with your current item.

Login to your account; supply your username and password. You need to create a new account if you don’t already have one. Creating a new account requires your valid email and password; after you signed up, open your email to look for the activation message and activate your account.

Provide your delivery address. Your delivery address is the traceable physical address any product you purchased will be sent for delivery. Also, provide your other contact details such as phone number to contact you just in case. If you are a returning customer with your address stored on the account, you can select ‘Deliver to this address’ without needed to input any information, but this is not required for if you own an account.

Type in your payment details. This will include credit card number, expiry date, security code, and the billing address. Old customers with their stored card information on their account only need to select the appropriate card, but may not be necessary.

Most often, customers are directed to an Amazon Prime sign up the page; this is a subscription service with two-day shipping and additional bonuses for shoppers. As of January 2019, there is a $12.99 per month membership fee for Amazon Prime.

The final page will display order summary and shipping options. The standard shipping is typically free, while expedited shipping is prorated based on the purchased item’s shipping mass.

After picking your means of shipping and confirming that the order summary is accurate, choose ‘Place Order’ located on the right-hand side of the page and the order is instantly placed, while your credit card is billed.

There will be a confirmation email immediately and get a second email the moment the item ships. The second email (shipping information) contains the tracking number and expected a delivery date. You can also track Orders on

If you have issues concerning the purchase or delivery, contact Amazon’s customer service immediately.

How to Care for Your Mattress

Only a handful of mattresses have a removable cover. This means very few mattresses have cover sheets that are machine washable. Without a removable cover, you have to spot clean any mess on your mattress. Whether you accidentally poured a cup of coffee on your bed, you need to spot clean it. Even when you little one mess up the mattress, your only option is to spot-clean it. If because you saw on Pinterest where a walled garden is kept on the mattress, and you copied it, in case of accidental mess or a damp soil on the bed, get ready to spot clean.

Although Spot cleaning is easy. What you need to spot clean is warm water with a mild detergent. With a clean cloth, press at the stain to remove it; however, don’t get the mattress excessively wet. For any kind of little spills and so on, it suffices to spot clean, but may not prevent further staining.

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