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Anyone looking to have a healthy lifestyle must take restful sleeping seriously.  One of the most common causes of poor sleep is the mattress you use.  Most people are stuck with an uncomfortable mattress that prevents them from sleeping through the night.  If you are one of such people, then you should consider getting a mattress topper.  What makes mattress toppers special? Let’s start with the premium luxury it offers, along with an extra layer of comfort that makes you look forward to every night.  It also protects your mattress and ensures that it stands the test of time. 

Having established the usefulness of mattress topper, the challenge comes in identifying the best out of the millions available in the market.  In this piece, we will be taking ourselves through a comprehensive guide on how to buy the right mattress topper for yourself.  In the end, you will be able to choose your perfect mattress topper anytime any day, with little or no assistance.  

Let’s go!

The Best Mattress Toppers

The Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain - ViscoSoft

The Best Cooling Mattress Topper - ChiliPad Cube 2.0

The Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers - Red Nomad

The Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper - HOFISH

The Best Latex Mattress Topper - PlushBeds

The Best Wool Mattress Topper - Holy Lamb Organics

The Best Bamboo Mattress Topper - eLuxurySupply

The Best Mattress Toppers Table





The Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain

ViscoSoft Best Mattress Topper Review by


The Best Cooling Mattress Topper

ChiliPad Cube 2.0 Best Mattress Toppeer Review by


The Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers

Red Nomad Best Mattress Topper Review by


The Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

HOFISH Best Mattress Topper Review by


The Best Latex Mattress Topper

PlushBeds Best Mattress Topper Review by


The Best Wool Mattress Topper

Holy Lamb Best Mattress Topper Review by


The Best Bamboo Mattress Topper

eLuxurySupply Best Mattress Topper Review by


The Best Mattress Toppers Reviews

The Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain Review - ViscoSoft

Price:  $168.99

ViscoSoft Best Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 87% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 25.2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

ViscoSoft 4 Inch Pillow Top Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

From the constant pains and aches to the perpetual difficulty in sleeping, the downsides of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress are numerous, especially on your health.  However, with the Viscosoft 4-inch queen luxury dual gel-infused memory foam mattress topper, you can avoid all these problems and enjoy a 100% quality sleep.  You get an extra layer of comfort, thus helping you to get the exact support that eliminates pains and aches. 

Warm and relaxing sleep – this product brand offers you just the perfect level of coolness required for a seamless night rest.

Fast recovery – if you have been going through pains and aches, this double-layer gel-filled mattress topper offers adequate support for your neck and spine, thus helping them align with your body shape.  This ultimately fastens your recovery process.

Fits easily and tightly – this mattress topper sports double layers on either side. Thus it fits into any mattress easily and remains tight throughout the night.  It is also made up of stretchy materials that increase its hold to the bed.

Eliminates disturbance due to movement – if you are the type that gets disturbed by the movements and vibrations on the bed, especially when sharing the bed with someone, this mattress topper is for you.  It has an inbuilt motion cancellation feature that removes these disturbances.  

Designed to stand the test of time – here is a durable and heavy mattress topper that is sure to offer long-lasting service to its users.  It is relatively cheaper and considering its weight; you can rest assured of maximum durability and comfort.  It doesn’t matter how much you weigh; this topper will definitely serve you long and well enough.

A good replacement for down comforter – if you use a down comforter originally, getting this topper eliminates the need for one, all thanks to its extra layer of memory foam.  So, with this mattress topper, you get maximum comfort.  Likewise, it is well-fastened to the mattress, all thanks to its inbuilt fasteners, thus offering you a seamless night rest. 


3-year guarantee and 60-days money-back policy

Washable and gel-filled

Impressive level of firmness 

Presence of a memory foam capable of aligning the back with the body’s outline

Eases users of muscle aches

Sports an elastic fastener that keeps it tightened to the mattress


The thickness could be better

You will need a whole day to fluff for use

The Best Cooling Mattress Topper Review - ChiliPad Cube 2.0

Price:  $999.00

ChiliPad Cube 2.0 Best Mattress Toppeer Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 89% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 33.1 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

ChiliPad Cube 2.0 

Ever considered the perks of having a seamless night rest? These include improved memory, a significant reduction or elimination of mental and physical stress, as well as improvement in weight loss.  Considering all these, it is safe to say that a good night rest is crucial to have good overall health.  There is no way you can sleep well without having a comfortable sleeping place.  You need a sleeping place that offers you maximum comfort and zero disturbance.  These are the thoughts of the manufacturers of ChiliPad Cube 2.0 mattress topper. 

Manufactured by ChiliTechnology, a company founded by a married couple in 2007, this product underlines the primary aim of the couple to help people enjoy quality night rest.  The Chilipad is designed to control an important sleep variable, i.e., the temperature.  It packs multiple microtubes, and this helps it to control the flow of water while keeping the body temperature significantly down.  These microtubes are connected unto a pad, which is strategically located under your sheets to offer you easy access and total control.

In every unit, you have a pad along with all of its tubes as well as a cube.  The cube manages every area of the pad, which is considered as the temperature zones.  It does this by moving and circulating the cool (or warm) water throughout the pad.  You can control the two systems, which are linked together through a tubing system, using the wireless remote controller.  So, this eliminates the need to get out of bed each time you feel like changing the temperature.  You can find specific instruction on how to use each of these pads on them, alongside a warranty sheet. 


Wireless remote control

The temperature range is between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit

Impressive durability and comfort

Two operational modes

Energy-efficient; requires just 170watts. 

Its cooling features means you spend lesser on cooling and heating expenses

You can keep the sleeping temperature constant throughout the night 


The positioning of the cube could be better

Waterproof mattress protection is required

If you do not have enough spaces, the cube placement can be challenging

The cube is prone to leakages, hence the need for waterproof protection under it

Releases white noise, which can prevent some users from sleeping

The exposed silicon tubes mean they attract dust and hair, plus it is difficult to have them cleaned

It is expensive. Hence, you should make sure that it helps you cut down on your cooling and heating bills

The Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers Review - Red Nomad

Price:  Check on Amazon

Red Nomad Best Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 92% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 26.2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Red Nomad 4 Inch Ultra-Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad

A lot of impressive features are packed in this amazing mattress topper.  Let’s start with the 4-inches memory foam support that guarantees maximum sleep without affecting the pressure points.  Just like the models before it, the manufacturers have carefully designed the Viscoelastic topper to ensure that it results in little or no tossing and turning during sleeping.  

Likewise, the build is in line with the latest requirements of CertiPUR-US, and it comes with a Cool Cycle Polymer, that blocks heat and locks in cool air.  Thus, you can rest assured of refreshing night sleep rather than the sweaty and disturbing night rest.  Its advanced design means it offers comprehensive support for the user and helps in reducing the discomfort of pressure points in the back and neck.  

It doesn’t matter which sleeping position is your preference; the Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad is designed to suit all, either back, side, or stomach.  Lastly, it hugs your mattress tightly at all sides, by leaving one inch to ensure that you can use fitted sheets. 


Offers maximum support and comfort

Compatible with fitted sheets

Offers more coolness compared to similar products

Durable, sophisticated, soft visco-elastic foam

Ideal for all sleeping positions

Eases pressure points


It could be firmer

You will need to air out the product at first to eliminate the new odor

The Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review - HOFISH

Price:  Check on Amazon

HOFISH Best Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 88% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 10.1 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

HOFISH 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

This is one memory foam mattress topper designed to help significantly with pain alleviation while offering maximum comfort and support.  Its hypoallergenic features also come handy in reducing issues with hot sleepers.  Now you can sleep better even on a not-so-good mattress by using the HOFISH 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper.  However, if you are a hot sleeper, it is advisable that you get a cooling sheet. Although the hypoallergic properties might be of help, users that are very sensitive to temperature will definitely need a cooling sheet. 

All materials used in the making of the HOFISH 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper is eco-friendly, and with the presence of a hypoallergenic sheet cover, you can rest assured of not having any foul smell coming from this topper. So, if you are looking to improve your quality of sleep significantly while alleviating the pains caused by a substandard mattress, this is the right way to go.  This topper has just the right softness, without losing a bit of its durability.

In short, you get every value for your money.


Highly durable and strong

Can improve your quality of sleep significantly by offering maximum support and comfort


Not the best option for hot sleepers

The Best Latex Mattress Topper Review - PlushBeds

Price:  $429.00

PlushBeds Best Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 49 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

PlushBeds 3" Medium 100% Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

Perhaps, the most striking feature of this mattress topper is that it is 100% natural and relatively cheaper.  Even at the considerably lesser price, you still enjoy the premium feel of a 100% natural latex.  Made from special mods and advanced production techniques, this mattress topper is sure to offer users the highest level of density, durability, softness, and consistency.  

Like every other PlushBeds latex toppers, the Talalay Latex Mattress Topper contains no harmful chemicals or allergens.  Thus, it is 100% organic and safe to use.  It is not only softer but also offers more elasticity that helps with pressure relief, adequate support, and maximum comfort.  Lastly, it takes in all the pressure from motion disturbance during sleeping.

Here are some notable features of the PlushBeds 3" Medium 100% Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Topper:

  • USA-made

It is made in the United States and under the standard manufacturing practices and conditions. 

  • Excellent pressure relief

Like PlushBeds toppers are known for, this topper also helps in the distribution of the body weight of the user easily.  It is designed to reduce the pressure points, and ultimately offer your shoulders, hips, knees, and backs adequate support. 

  • Odorless

This topper is made from 100% safe and natural materials. Thus, there is no odor whatsoever. 

  • Hypoallergenic properties

This topper has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, alongside a strong resistance to dust and mildew.  Thus, you are well-protected from allergies.


Aligns the spine of the user easily

Impressive comfort and softness

Ideal for back and side sleepers

Highly adaptive and responsive


The cover is sold separately, at about $75 

The Best Wool Mattress Topper Review - Holy Lamb Organics

Price:  $559.00

Holy Lamb Best Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 11 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Holy Lamb Organics Quilted Wool Deep Sleep Mattress Topper 

The beneficial properties of wool cannot be overemphasized, especially the comfort it offers, along with its self-regulating abilities.  All of these have been harnessed in this mattress topper to guarantee you a seamless sleep experience.  

It is common for the synthetic mattress to pose issues with sleeping; however, you can eliminate these by combining it with a separate natural sleeping surface like the Holy Lamb Organics mattress topper.  This organic topper was handmade using excellent wool batting carefully fitted in between two layers of natural cotton fabric. 

With the Holy Lamb Organics mattress topper, you get the perfect amount of additional softness your mattress needs, without necessarily adding a full-on wool topper. 

Here are the notable features of the Holy Lamb Organics Quilted Wool Deep Sleep Mattress Topper:

  • Made in the US, using durable and 100% natural organic wool filling and organic cotton fabric cover
  • Offers maximum comfort and softness
  • It doesn’t harbor dust mites


It is very light

Offers maximum softness and comfort

It is free of chemicals

Regulates temperature

Worth every penny


Poor durability, considering the price

The Best Bamboo Mattress Topper Review - eLuxurySupply

Price:  $129.99

eLuxurySupply Best Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 10.05 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

eLuxurySupply Bamboo Extra Thick Mattress Pad 

You can rest assured of maximum comfort with this mattress pad, all thanks to the additional memory foam topper.  Fortunately, both the mattress pad and the memory foam mattress topper are sold together.  This two-piece product is specially designed to stand the test of time.  The density is three pounds, while the thickness is two inches. Thus, it gives the right type and level of support your spine needs to stay straight and aligned along with a relaxing feeling and plushness.

The baffle box stitching adopted in the mattress pad is really cool, especially when you consider that the feeling is limited to only the individual boxes of the mattress pad, thus ensuring that the fill circulates all areas of the pad, rather than concentrating when you wash it. Moving on to the filling, the manufacturers have adopted Revoloft, and this offers an immersive feeling, although there is no crunchy feeling or poking feathers when using the mattress pad.  

There are 160 threads in the bamboo shell, all of which are both soft and hypoallergenic enough to block out allergens and dust mites.  The 18-inches elastic shirt ensures that the mattress pad grips the mattress as well as the mattress topper to ensure that there is no movement or distortion.  For light sleepers that tend to move around the bed while sleeping, you can rest assured that the mattress pad stays put no matter how much you move.  

This product comes with a 30-day-money-back return policy on the purchase, and the top layer of the mattress pad is washable in the case of a low setting.  It is advisable to use a spot cleaner in cleaning the memory foam, especially when getting rid of stains.


A two-piece product consisting of a mattress pad and a memory foam topper

Presence of an 18-inch skirt and 160-thread count bamboo shell

Machine washable and durable

30-day money-back guarantee on purchase


Careful washing is recommended; high temperatures can damage the products

If possible, use only lower settings when washing

Introducing the Mattress Topper

Mattress Topper

We can simply define a mattress topper as a layer of cushion, usually thick, which rests on the surface of a mattress.  It improves the comfort of the mattress and provides extra support for the back, neck, and pressure points of the user, thus removing all the pains that prevent seamless and deep sleep.

What differentiates a mattress topper, mattress pad, and mattress protector?

There are so many products today specially designed to offer additional support and a comfortable surface that facilitates good sleep.  However, it is common to mix up the mattress protectors, mattress pads, and mattress toppers, all of which are comforters.  Each is different and designed for unique uses. Thus they are found in certain places on the bed.  If you find it difficult distinguishing between these types of comforters, here is an essential guide:

Mattress Topper

  • Its main role is to offer a reliable comfort layer
  • It has more thickness than the mattress pad
  • It contributes to the softness or firmness of the mattress

Mattress Pad

  • Its main role is to offer additional padding and a waterproof layer
  • Minimizes the displacement of the sheets
  • Keep the body temperature in check

Mattress Protector

  • It keeps the mattress safe from allergens and liquids

Summarily, if you are looking to get a mattress pad or topper, it means you want more comfort from your mattress.  On the other hand, if you want to protect your mattress, the mattress protector is the ideal option.  However, if what you want is adequate protection for your mattress against the routine wear and tear, while getting additional comfort and support with the sheets still in place, then you should get a mattress pad along with a mattress topper.  Protecting your mattress from natural perspiration, allergens, or keeping it as mew as possible will require you to get a mattress protector.  Rather than going for an outright replacement, you can buy a mattress topper to revive your dying bed.  

Lastly, you can make your mattress serve better and last longer by buying a cooling mattress topper – a mattress topper ensures that you get a cool sleeping environment that facilitates a deep and seamless sleep. 

Why Should You Buy or Not Buy Mattress Toppers?

The reasons for getting a mattress topper varies across customers.  Some of such reasons include:

The need for an extra support and comfort layer

The build of mattress toppers allows them to provide an additional and evenly-distributed comfort throughout the bed, all thanks to their extraordinarily filing.  Alternatively, it helps with pressure relief on pain points when combined with a firm mattress, thus giving the user a smooth resting experience.

Cheaper option compared to getting a replacement

When you compare the cost of getting a new mattress to buying a mattress topper, you will realize the latter helps you save money, while giving you the desired comfort and softness require for a top-quality night sleep.

Makes your mattress last longer

The first change a mattress topper makes to your mattress is the additional height, which means you sleep on the topper directly, rather than the mattress.  This reduces the effects of wear and tear significantly, and with the topper as a buffer between the surface of the mattress and your body, it locks out harmful elements, which in turn extends the shelf life of the mattress.

Highly customizable

A mattress topper will offer you multiple comfort levels to choose from.  For example, users with a sleeping partner can drop the firmness level to two levels by adding it on one side of the bed.  In addition to the support, this decreases motion disturbance because it prevents your partner from moving. 


Natural latex toppers are 100% organic, and thus offer immense benefits to your health as well as the environment.  They do not contain any harmful chemicals and are biodegradable.

Rejuvenates your mattress

If a mattress is used for an extended period, chances are they will flatten or lose their comfort quotient.  With time, the comfort they offer is replaced by pains and discomforts, considering the now uneven surface.  However, you can save yourself from the imminent back and neck pains by using a mattress topper. These comforters are specially designed to offer more comfort, thus making up for what your mattress can no more offer.

Mattress toppers sleep cool

Due to their good ventilation, there is usually an adequate airflow through mattress toppers.  While the warm air leaves alongside the latent heat, there is the creation of a cooling effect on the body of the sleeper.  Hence, overheating is prevented, irrespective of the length of your sleep.

Now, let us take a look at why you should probably reconsider buying a mattress topper:

Mattress toppers do not fix broken mattresses

A mattress topper cannot salvage sagging or worn-out beds. Instead, the topper itself becomes worn out and sagging.  That would be a bad investment.

Issues with fitting

The width and length of the mattress topper are usually less than that of the mattress, especially when the topper is made of foam or latex.  In some cases, the lack of fit is so obvious that it affects the function of the toppers.  There are cases where the fit affects the sheets instead, and in such cases, you may have to purchase new, deeper sheets that can easily fit over a topper.  

The topper moves

Since nothing attaches the topper to the mattress, chances are the topper will shift while sleeping and the user would need to reposition it. 

The absence of edge support

You will hardly find reinforced edges in mattress toppers.  What you commonly have are weak edges, and this can lead to issues, especially for users that sit or sleep close to the edge of the bed. 

Poor regulation of temperature

Most toppers are made with foam and memory foam struggles with heat retention.  Airflow is restricted once a foam contours right up against the body, and this leads to the sleeper sleeping hot.  While you have measures to minimize this risk in some toppers, it is still a major issue for hot sleepers.

Odor from the foam

Perhaps, due to the compression for shipping, foam materials mostly give off the gas or an unwanted smell on opening.  Although this doesn’t pose any health hazards and the smelling stops after a few days, it is still worthy of note. 

In what situations is a mattress topper important?

You will be better off with a mattress topper in any of the following situations:

  • If you have a mattress with excessive firmness, getting a mattress topper offers additional plushness and ultimately a comfortable sleep surface.  Note that the mattress topper doesn’t affect the core support of your mattress.  
  • If you are looking to customize your level of comfort for whatever reason, including medical or personal reasons.
  • If you are seeking to rejuvenate your existing mattress with zero support.
  • If you are looking to protect your bed without using a mattress protector.
  • If you want to reduce the motion disturbance or noise by adding something that can buffer the noises.

Keep in mind that a mattress topper cannot fix mattresses that are significantly damaged or sagged.  In such cases, simply get a new one. 

Types of Mattress Toppers – Properties, Advantages, Disadvantages

The current market is saturated with unlimited options of toppers, all of which offers improved support and comfort, thus giving you a seamless and deep sleep when matched with your mattress.  Below are some of the popular types of mattress toppers, as well as their distinctive features.

1.  Memory Foam

The most distinctive feature of the memory foam is its ability to offer adequate support while staying soft.  And this is why it is a common component in bedding products.  Memory foam or viscoelastic foam poses a direct response to all the pressure applied on it, thus it contours to the body and offer evenly-distributed support that helps to align the spine.  Another notable feature of the memory foam is its ability to remove motion disturbance from other sides of the bed. 

However, memory foam is not perfect – it has a couple of shortcomings too.  Let’s start with the fact that it allows users to sink deeply into it.  And in such cases, instead of contouring the user, it “swallows” them.  Another downside is that it is breathability is poor and its method of contouring can lead to overheating during night sleeps.  Lastly, memory foam usually takes time to return to its original shape after being impacted.  Thus, some users cannot easily move when on the surface of a memory foam mattress or topper, and this makes intimacy difficult. 


  • It conforms to the body contours easily
  • Cancels out noise transmission from a sleeping partner that tends to move around a lot
  • Excellent durability, which makes up for the high cost
  • Available in multiple densities, which means every user will most likely find their ideal firmness


  • Traps body heat, thus causing overheating
  • New memory foam exude strong chemical odors

2.  Latex Toppers

Made with latex rubber, latex toppers are known to be very responsive.  Although they compress really well, the level or extent depends on how much pressure is applied on the surface.  However, unlike memory foam, it takes latex toppers a very short time to return to the original shape when the pressure is removed.  Thus, it has more resilience compared to memory foam.  Also, you will hardly feel stuck in a latex mattress, all thanks to its resistance.

A latex topper does not overheat or impede intimacy.  However, it contours poorly and offers less cushion for pressure points compared to memory foam.  Lastly, they cost more and are heavier.


  • Great for alleviating pains 
  • Offers excellent support and comfort
  • Has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties
  • Impressive durability, hence, the high price
  • Excellent in the minimization of disturbances due to the movement of a turning partner
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or toxins and are usually eco-friendly


  • Not the best for sleepers who are allergic to latex
  • Quite expensive

3.  Wool Toppers

The main component of wool toppers is wool, a natural material sourced from sheep.  Wool has a natural resistance against heat and smells, and are also capable of wicking away moisture.  Thus, wool has found a wide range of applications in various consumer products.  The only drawback that comes with the use of wool is its high cost and inability to offer adequate support.


  • Offers natural softness that translates into outstanding comfort
  • Highly durable and stands the test of time
  • Poses no problem to allergy suffers
  • Regulates heat easily, irrespective of the season
  • Offers natural resistance against bed bugs and dust mite


  • Offers poor support
  • It digs deeper into the pocket, compared to similar fabric materials

4.  Goose, Duck Down or Feathers 

The feathers sourced from the underside of the plumage of geese and ducks are referred to as down. These feathers are notable for their outstanding softness and lightness. Another name for down is “featherbeds.”  Either way, the feathers offer excellent comfort, although they most likely bunch up in the night, and in such cases, it fails to cushion the body evenly.  Another probable downside is the very high cost of this material, compared to other materials. 


  • Highly durable, ultra-soft, and luxurious
  • Minimizes disturbances due to movement significantly
  • Great for regulating temperature


  • Keeping down in shape requires fluffing
  • Lack of pain alleviating properties

5.  Egg Crate

This type of topper is made with foam, but the presence of many oval indentations means it takes the appearance of an “egg crate.”  They are cheap but too soft to offer adequate support or durable enough to stand the test of time. 


  • It is light, hence, transporting it is easy
  • It is the most affordable option


  • The obtainable comfort level is poor, as in memory foam
  • Poor durability

6.  Cotton and Polyester

The toppers under this category are made of polyesters, pure cotton, or a combination of the two materials.  These toppers differ in prices. 


  • Readily available in multiple options – from organic to synthetic types
  • Very cheap


  • Poor durability, as in wool, memory foam, and latex toppers

How To Narrow Down The Selection Of Mattress Topper

Individual’s preference is a key factor in choosing the one’s ideal mattress topper since they are made in different styles as well as various materials. These are no mattress topper that comes as a one-size-fits-all. However, the most important thing is to select a mattress topper that offers the kind of support and comfort level that suits your sleeping style. The ideal mattress topper for you is the one that will resolve any challenges which are specific to you. As we mentioned earlier, every kind of mattress topper comes with a series of advantages as well as pain points. Nevertheless, a firm mattress topper such as latex is recommendable for muscle and joint pain relief; on the other hand, soft topper such as memory foam, wool or egg crate is suitable for those who need a convenient sleeping space.

Typically, latex and memory foam toppers form the favorite groups over the others. The reason behind this cannot be farfetched; these two varieties are eco-friendly, breathable, better durability, offer natural health benefits, feel buoyant and lightweight. Additionally, they have superb construction with a proven ability to offer top-notch support. Furthermore, they uniquely conform to the body contours and regulates the temperature of the body.

The Best Guide For Choosing The Ideal Mattress Topper

Currently, the market for mattress topper is filled with countless varieties of options. Therefore, the most challenging event is selecting the best mattress toppers that can add comfort to an old mattress or enhance the comfort level of your new mattress.

Undoubtedly, every individual has the final say concerning their needs; after all, eventually, picking a mattress topper will be based on personal preferences. Nevertheless, a few basic tips must be considered to narrow down your option. Below are some useful points which can help you choose the ideal mattress topper that will suit your demands.

1.  Topper’s material: while several varieties of mattress topper, ranging from cotton, latex, memory foam, to high-quality wool are available, it is important to know that every material comes with benefits as well as some lapses which must be considered before reaching the final decision. For example;

  1. Cotton – this material is hypoallergenic, machine washable and significantly breathable. Nevertheless, it has below-par durability.
  2. Wool – this material can tolerate mites and molds, has better durability, breathable, but quite expensive.
  3. Memory foam – it has better conformity to body contours, which is an attribute lacking in most other materials. Memory foam has light weight, thicker, but take in more heat.
  4. Latex – this is considered as the relatively best material for some reasons; it is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, offers maximum support, highly durable, but the price is on the high side.

Although, regardless of the factors, you will make the final judgment; however, the stated points will make your decision on what you need from a topper easier. Then, you can find out the ideal material for you.

2.  Comfort Level: primarily, mattress toppers are constructed to improve the comfort offered by the bed. Hence, an average mattress topper should be able to offer a convenient sleeping space. A great topper has to be able to realign and conform to the body’s contour to offer adequate support. In this way, you will be relieved from your daily stresses of mind and muscle. Also, it should offer a peaceful night free of distractions. Hence, you have to check how significantly the mattress topper can minimize transmissions from your rolling partner. Latex and Memory foam is tested and trusted at alleviating the motions from a moving partner. Endeavor to try it out to choose the best product for yourself.

3.  Thickness: while checking a mattress topper, ensure that it is thick enough because the thickness of topper is a crucial factor, most especially concerning comfort level and support. Hence, you have to be meticulous concerning the type of mattress topper you will purchase. Based on experts and customer report, latex and memory foam toppers offers the perfect range of thickness. However, you must understand that each thickness is ideal for a specific person; hence, you have to choose the correct thickness for yourself.

Ideally, the topper’s thickness varies from 1 to 5 inches. The right thickness of your mattress topper will significantly be based on the present situation of your mattress as well as your sleeping position. But, since the comfort level is subjective, the concern of which thickness is ideal remains as a tightly debated topic between the chiropractors and the orthopedic medical practitioners. Based on a study performed in Spain, 2019 (“Which Thickness Is Right for you?”), the research revealed that thickness of 2-inch is perfect if your mattress is in great condition as you only have to include an additional comfort and medium pressure relief. Such thickness could offer adequate support to persons who sleep on their stomach as well as those having below 250 pounds of weight.

As for 3-inch topper, it offers a considerable change concerning the firmness and support of the mattress. Summarily, it provides medium-firmness. And any mattress topper which stands in the range of medium-firmness on the firmness scale is ideal in terms of comfort and pressure relief. Also, such thickness is the best for back sleepers or people that own a thin mattress.

Hence, a 4-inch mattress topper could significantly improve the mattress firmness and level of comfort. This thickness could offer sufficient support for side sleepers. However, any thickness higher than 4-inch will offer more support but might be really uncomfortable. Endeavor to apply these pieces of information to define the thickness that supports your needs.

4.  Density: you have to check for the right density before you purchase a mattress topper. The density of mattress topper determines its comfort level as well as support. The general principle is that denser materials offer great support whereas less dense materials do otherwise. The most common toppers are made in three densities; 6 pounds or beyond per cubic feet, 4 or 5 pounds per cubic feet and 3 pounds or less per cubic feet.

  1. 3 pounds or less – this category is the least dense and incredibly soft. It has a light weight and can melt quickly as a result of body temperature; however, it resets to original posture swiftly.
  2. 4 or 5 pounds – this group offers the best density for a memory foam topper. You can get sufficient support and extra softness required for a peaceful night.
  3. 6 pounds or more – they are made of the best quality memory foam gel that supports and maintain the body posture for an extended period since they are heavier as well as stiffer. Nevertheless, they are not swift when it comes to conforming to body contours or resetting to the original shape. This group is suitable for therapeutic purposes. Hence, pick a mattress topper density that suits your demands.

5.  Bed and Mattress Size: your bed size must be considered while selecting your ideal mattress topper. Basically, mattress toppers are available in twin, queen, king and full sizes. Consequently, you have to understand your exact bed and mattress size to choose the perfect fit for yourself. You will feel uneven while sleeping by choosing a smaller or bigger mattress topper.

6.  Allergy resistance: you and/or your sleeping partner may experience an unpleasant night as a result of allergies. Hence, it is crucial to check for a topper with materials that are resistant to allergens as well as dust mites. Many materials such as latex are hypoallergenic naturally and can eliminate some specific allergies, enabling for peaceful and comfortable nights. Other materials such as wool provide more resistance to dust mites, mildew, mold, dust mites than others.

7.  Durability: if you would be investing in mattress toppers, then, consider getting the best product. A mattress topper that can last for a more extended period is naturally everyone’s desire. However, in such a case testing the mattress topper is obviously not sufficient; hence, it is curial to check out some factors. Find out about its process of production, and read the statement of the manufacturer concerning its longevity. Ensure that the topper can remain useful for years before it will wear out.

Tempurpedic Models; Are They Worthy Of The Investment?

A few factors must be checked when considering if the Tempurpedic mattress topper worth investing on or not. Basically, you should know that they get the best out of firm foam and offers significant support for your back. Tempurpedic mattress topper has great reliability; hence, you don’t have to be concerned about replacing it after a few years. Also, they improve and extend the total lifespan of a mattress. Additionally, they have a good reputation for relieving stress at various pressure points effortlessly.

Consequently, sleeping related issues and other ailments are usually eliminated quickly with this model. This mattress toppers are ideal for back sleepers and fairly useful for side sleepers as well as those who sleep on their stomach. Overall, Tempurpedic mattress topper can be said as a worthy investment.

Other Factors To Check While Choosing A Mattress Topper

It is essential for you to purchase a product that will be useful to you for several years. However, in some cases, two mattress topper varieties can meet your demands equally regarding performance, quality as well as cost. In this situation, your judgment may now be based on the warranty backing offered by them.

Ideally, 2 to 3 years is the standard warranty period for most mattress toppers; however, while some can come with 1 year, others might have a 5-year warranty.

Price: while some mattress toppers can be purchased for a few dollars, others are luxury as they cost several hundreds of dollars. Generally, it is believed that the most expensive model is the best; however, trust us, the cost is not a determinant of the ideal product for you. Instead, your best topper will be the one that suits your needs. Easily, you can get a less expensive mattress topper that meets your specifications. But, materials such as egg crate foam, polyester, and some cotton toppers are ideal for the budget. Concerning budget, the likes of a feather, down and top-quality cotton are moderate while memory foam and wool toppers are quite expensive with latex leading the pack in this regard.  

Who Should Consider A Mattress Topper?

Due to the fact that mattress toppers come with pros and cons, they often perform better in some specific conditions. Some of the ideal conditions to use mattress stopper are;

  • When you need more softness from a firm mattress: one of the ideal methods of making a hard mattress more convenient to sleep is through the use of mattress topper having a softer touch.
  • When your mattress is appointed to you: this usually happens to a student living in a dorm room or person who has leased a furnished room. In such cases, there is a good chance that your bed will be assigned to you. If such a mattress is not comfortable, a mattress topper can come to your rescue to improve the feel of the bed at a small price.
  • When you require an improved RV bed: bed fitted in RV are often uncomfortable or supportive; hence, a mattress topper can significantly improve the condition of the bed.
  • When you want your visitors to be comfortable: spending a lot of money to secure the right bed for a guest may not be the most prudent thing; however, getting a topper on an old mattress can offer the needed comfort for your guests.
  • When you need to improve your pull-out sofa:  most pull-out couches are not especially comfortable. Thus, using a topper on the cushion can make relaxing feels great.
  • When there is a need for better isolation of motion:  if your partner is a rolling sleeper and disturbs your sleep a lot, using a topper with great motion isolation may assist in handling the situation.

Picking the Right Mattress Topper for Back Sleepers, Side Sleepers, and Back Pains

Back sleepers have lesser demands compared to the side sleepers; hence, getting the best mattress topper for a side sleeper can be more challenging. However, by considering every necessary factor, you only have to make a wise investment.

As for side sleepers, endeavor to consider the following elements;

1.  Firmness – topper firmness is perhaps the key factor for side sleepers. Due to their sleeping position, so many pressure will rest on the shoulder as well as hips while sleeping, which can result in tension across the spine. In order to have a peaceful sleeper, the topper has to be soft, and able to conform to your body contours as well as allow your body to sink slightly. With these features, your pressure points will be greatly relieved. Hence, attempt mattress topper which is somewhat moderately soft on the scale of firmness.

2.  Support – It is vital to know the support level which a mattress topper can provide to the firmness level. A side sleeper may experience a misaligned spine, back and neck due to wrong sleeping posture. Hence, you have to pick a mattress topper which conforms to your body curves as it will offer sufficient comfort, support as well as spinal alignment.

Nevertheless, for a side sleeper, a sure-fire way of getting the best mattress topper is trying out different toppers and then visit the internet to do your research. Additionally, check customer reviews and cross-check them with your discoveries. Doing this will prevent you from the risk of buying mattress topper that doesn’t meet your demands.

As for Back Sleepers and Back Pain individuals, endeavor to check the following factors;

3.  Firmness – A myth suggests that extra firm mattress topper is the ideal option for a back sleeper. However, according to a recent study from the National Library of Medicine in the US, a mattress or topper with medium firmness offers the most convenient sleeping position for back sleepers. Also, it offers the best pain relief for people having lower back pains.

Generally, a thick mattress topper provides more support while a thinner mattress topper provides no support to the back and a user is most likely to have back pains. Nevertheless, an extremely thick mattress topper may be too hard and offers little generosity towards the alignment of the spine; which can enhance pain.

4.  Material – mostly, back pain materialize from misalignment of the spine and back. However, the prevention is to use a quality mattress topper with material that can get accustomed to your body contour as well as offer support to essential pressure points. Memory foam topper is seen as the perfect option since it conforms excellently to body shapes, providing sufficient support and adequate alignment of the spine as well as the back.

FAQ About Best Mattress Toppers

•    Which mattress topper is the most comfortable?

This question depends on the individual; hence, only you can answer this question. Considering the different factors available, choosing the most comfortable mattress topper can be quite challenging; however, things get even more difficult given the factor of personal preference concerned. 

But, the most advisable mattress topper will be a comfort-wise, Exceptional Sheets Bamboo Mattress Pad combined with fitted Skirt.

•    Are mattress toppers effective?

Basically, you want to know if they worth the investment? Yes, they do; so far you understand how to choose a mattress and the ideal mattress topper that matches it (Hopefully, our buying guide will assist you in this area).

•    Which mattress topper is effective for back pain?

We opine – and quite sure that most sleepers having back-related challenges would concur – that memory foam toppers always do the trick. When combined with an ideal mattress for back pain, sleepers will surely experience significant relief.

However, if you would like to get a specific answer, we would recommend Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper will meet your demands concerning back pain.

•    Which memory foam topper is the best available?

This question is quite tricky. Well, the aim of this article was to guide your decision-making – with assistance from us, of course. Nevertheless, concerning picking the best memory foam mattress topper, we would advise that you consider Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

•    Will my mattress become softer by using a mattress topper?

Truthfully, you may experience either of these two cases; your mattress either becomes softer or raise its firmness slightly. The result depends on the type of mattress topper you purchase. Regarding this issue, here are some useful tips on how to increase the softness of a mattress.

•    How do I control chemical smell from toppers?

Most brand new mattress toppers come with a characteristic slightly unpleasant smell. However, getting rid of this smell is easy; all you have to do is to place it outside or by the window side for a few hours.

However, if this doesn’t work, you may sprinkle some baking soda on it. Then, leave it for some hours before you will vacuum the topper.

•    Will night sweats be reduced by using mattress topper?

Generally, mattress pads are an excellent option if you wish to experience a cooling effect; however, some mattress toppers are available in the market that provides highly beneficial cooling effects across hot nights.

•    What’s the duration for topper’s full expansion?

The duration varies from one model to another. However, generally, it shouldn’t take more 24 hours for the topper to attain full expansion. But, endeavor to remember that different manufacturers are out there; however, ensure that you read their instruction.

•    Can a mattress topper revitalize the performance of poor mattress?

A mattress topper has several benefits but fixing a bad mattress. Conditions such as tears, bumps, lumps will definitely kill the overall efficiency of a mattress. Hence, you have to ask yourself, whether you need a mattress topper or a new mattress?

Setting Up and Maintaining a Mattress Topper

It is quite easy to set up a topper and keep in a good state; however, there are three elements you have to consider:

1.    Some of the topper’s design demand tucking beneath the top sheet. Ensure that you flatten the topper completely prior to tucking the sheet over it to get maximum comfort. Doing this will prevent bunching, as well as help, maintain a flat and balanced sleep surface.

2.    Off-gassing can become a challenge for toppers, most especially those with foam material. Usually, odors are more prevalent after the removal of the topper from its package box. To facilitate odor dissipation, endeavor to unpack the topper entirely and lay it in the well-aerated room. It is the best advice to wait for a day or two before you will use the topper. But, some models come with a lingering smell that never leaves completely.

3.    Mostly, wool toppers are machine washable. There are fiber toppers which are advertised as machine washable; however, due to wash cycles, these models may dilapidate in the long run. Hence, the best option for long-term maintenance may be dry cleaning. Materials such as a feather, memory foam, and latex toppers have to be exclusively dry cleaned, or spot cleaned using hand and must not be washed by machine.


Getting the right mattress topper is crucial to the rejuvenation of your old bed.  It also comes handy for sufferers of insomnia, or people with bad pressure points, and those who move a lot while sleeping.  More importantly, the biggest perk of a mattress topper is the excellent benefits it offers at a relatively affordable price.  With a mattress topper, you make your bed more comfortable and supportive, without necessarily buying a new one.  The right mattress topper will transform your sleeping experience from average to amazing in a twinkle of an eye.  

Are you looking to get a mattress topper for your mattress?  Start by determining the ideal density, thickness, and coolness level you prefer, and let this guide you in choosing the product that best meets your requirements.  While at it, remember that your potential mattress topper must be able to offer you up to five years of outstanding sleeping experience before showing signs of weakness.  Applying all the tips discussed in this guide will also help you arrive at the best choice.  

We are confident that the information presented in this piece will be very instrumental in your quest to buy the best mattress topper for personal use.  

Thank you.

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