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Poor circulation in sleepers can be improved by combination sleeping – the regular movements makes blood flow better.  Combination sleeping is also advantageous for heavy snorers or those with sleep apnea. You are practicing combination sleeping if you are using two or all of the three basic sleeping positions every night, i.e., combining two of side, back, or stomach sleeping positions.

Getting the best out of combination sleeping depends on getting the best mattress, i.e., a mattress that meets various individual requirements.  It is essential to get a mattress that suits the body weight; body weight determines the feel a user gets on the mattress. Another factor is the level of comfort – the ideal mattress should offer maximum comfort for all positions.  For instance, if you switch between back and side sleeping positions, your ideal mattress would be one that offers excellent support, while helping in spine alignment.  

In this piece, we provide you with our top choices for the best mattresses for any type of sleepers that you can find in the current market.  We came up with these options after due consideration of verified customer and owner experiences, along with comprehensive analyses and research on these products. 


The Best Mattresses

The Best Innerspring Mattress - Sunrising Bedding

The Best Hybrid Mattress - WEEKENDER

The Best Latex Mattress - Pure Green by Sleep On Latex

The Best Foam Mattress - Dreamfoam Bedding

The Best Pillow Top Mattress - Mattress America Frost

The Best Orthopedic Mattress - Dream Solutions, USA

The Best Folding Mattress - Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress

The Best Futon Mattress - EMOOR

The Best Crib Mattress - Newton Crib Mattress

The Best Mattress for Kids - 5 Little Monkeys Bedding

The Best Air Mattress - Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

The Best Firm Mattress - Amerisleep AS1

The Best Luxury Mattress - Brentwood Home Cedar

The Best Flippable Mattress - Layla Sleep

The Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers - Brooklyn Bedding Signature

The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers - Sealy Response

The Best Mattress For Heavy People - Ultimate Sleep Bariatric Mattress

The Best Mattress for Sex - Tuft & Needle

The Best Mattresses Table





The Best Innerspring Mattress

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The Best Hybrid Mattress

WEEKENDER Best Mattress Review by


The Best Latex Mattress

Sleep on Latex Best Mattress Review by


The Best Foam Mattress

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The Best Pillow Top Mattress

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The Best Orthopedic Mattress

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The Best Folding Mattress

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The Best Futon Mattress

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The Best Crib Mattress

Newton Best Mattress Review by


The Best Mattress for Kids

5 Little Monkeys Best Mattress Review by


The Best Air Mattress

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The Best Firm Mattress

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The Best Luxury Mattress

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The Best Flippable Mattress

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The Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

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The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

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The Best Mattress For Heavy People

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The Best Mattress for Sex

Tuft & Needle Best Mattress Review by


The Best Mattresses Reviews

Sunrising Bedding Mattress Short Review

Price: $355.96

Sunrising Bedding Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 81.6 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

If there is an attribute of Sunrising Bedding that is known to everyone, then it is simplicity.  The brand did not disappoint in that aspect with this exciting and straightforward product.  The beauty is highlighted by the perfect white color that will complete your interior space. Fortunately, this mattress works with all bed frame types. Alternatively, you can decide to have it on the ground, right on your carpet or cover. The printed side waves are appealing, as well as the stylish rope-like piping added to the edges.  The engraved horizontal detailing pronounces the beauty of the top surface. Thus, you can rest assured of a soft, reliable, and comfortable sleeping experience at all times.  You can either get this for yourself only or with your loved ones in mind, with sizes such as California King, Twin, Full, King, and Queen sizes.


What you have in the Sunrising Bedding spring mattress is a Talalay technology latex, thus assuring you of a comfortable sleeping experience along with 100% stability, irrespective of how much you move.  You will find pocketed portions in this innerspring natural latex mattress, which are designed to provide you with a cushion and solid feel and also ensure that you are not affected by the pressure points when in the bed.  Lastly, if you are in the market for a mattress that does well in preventing sore and numb muscles as well as body aches regardless of how you sleep, then you have one in the Sunrising Bedding Spring Mattress.


In addition to unparalleled beauty, the Sunrising Bedding spring mattress offers outstanding performance – a real value for money.  There are 8235 coils integrated into different pockets of this mattress, thus providing you automatic alignment adjustment to suit the applied pressure.  Hence, it doesn’t matter if you are a bit heavier, you can rest assured that this bed will offer you 100% comfort while retaining its original shape and sturdiness over time, all thanks to the automatic weight dispersal system that spreads all the weight evenly. 


It is also important to mention how durable this mattress is.  Sunrising has done remarkably well by combining top quality and durable materials to produce this reliable product.  This mattress will not only stand the test of time but also deliver without issues all the way.  The organic latex creation adopted in the production means you do not have to worry about the infestation of dust mites and mold.  Lastly, this mattress ticks all the boxes regarding the 1633 Federal Fire Test requirements, with zero game retardant particles.

Additional Features

It is safe to consider this mattress as a hybrid, considering that it is compatible with a bed frame and can stay atop the floor.  Whichever way you choose to enjoy this product, you rest assured of excellent comfort and softness.  The CertiPUR-US certificate means you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals.  You also enjoy a 120-day trial and a 20-year warranty policy, as well as a no-risk return policy when you buy one.  

There are no mincing words – the Sunrising Bedding pride offers excellent value for the price, and you will not regret getting one.

WEEKENDER Mattress Short Review

Price: $299.99

WEEKENDER Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 93% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 97 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

If you are in the market for a hybrid mattress that offers the combined features of both memory foam and coil beds, your best bet is the Weekender Mattress.  Irrespective of your sleeping style, this mattress will provide you with maximum comfort and support – the basic requirements for a refreshing night rest.  There are three layers in this mattress – the comfort foam, the gel memory foam, and lastly, the convoluted foam.  The fantastic support offered by these layers means the pressure points are relieved continuously while giving the user adequate spinal and lumbar support to ensure maximum comfort.  You will get excellent body support with this mattress – the same you get from hotel beds. 

The classic packaging of this mattress further highlights its beauty and elegance.  The layers have a combined thickness of 10 inches, and the steel coil base is 7.5 inches.  Lastly, the topper is a 2.5-inch blend of comfort and memory foam. You also have a first base layer comprising separately packed steel coils, housed in special fabrics that ensure that the edges are well-protected.  This comes really handy if you have a partner that moves a lot while sleeping. The setup ensures that the movement is not transferred, thus giving you a peaceful and noise-free refreshing night rest. 

Pure Green by Sleep On Latex Mattress Short Review

Price: $795.00

Sleep on Latex Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 125 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

You will hardly find a better latex mattress than the Pure Green masterpiece in the market.  The manufacturers combined natural latex foam alongside New Zealand wool and cotton to produce a 100% natural and organic mattress.  The organic composition of this masterpiece does not in any way take away from its beauty, comfort, and of course, durability. 

Just like in most latex mattress, the medium firmness level you get from this mattress is great for back or side sleepers.  It is also ideal for two people with different sleeping mattress looking to use the same bed.  The foundational layer of this mattress is a six-inch-thick 100% natural latex layer, which offers a strong and sturdy base.  Then you have a 2-inch thick 100% natural latex foam layer as the topmost layer. The combination of these two layers produces a mattress that offers exceptional support for neck and back pains. You also get some extra comfort and height from the cover, which is a 1-inch 100% New Zealand wool. 

Pure Green’s Chicago factory is the head office of the company, and that is where this mattress was produced.  Hence, you can only expect nothing but the best, with the use of in-house 100% organic materials that meet and surpasses all health and industry standards.  The organic wool in the mattress cover means your mattress will automatically repel fire – more safety!

100% Organic Latex Foam

The renowned Pure Green latex is made in Sri Lanka.  As one of the best natural latex in the industry, the latex is made by following the highest industry standards.  Hence, it does not only meet all the global textile emission standards but also pose zero risks of additives of fillers.  

100% Natural New Zealand Wool

The farms of New Zealand are one of the best places known to adhere to humane animal standards, notably free-range sheep that are fed with natural pastures and maintained organically.  Thus, they produce 100% organic wool with flame retardant, non-toxic, and bio-degradable qualities – the same used in the production of Sleep On Latex Mattress. 

100% Natural Cotton

There are two layers in this mattress – the exterior and the quilt backing, which has 100% natural cotton.  What sets Pure Green apart from other manufacturers in the industry is the use of only organic materials in its mattress covers.  While others use polypropylene backing, Pure Green has always stuck to the organic cotton material, thus providing its customers with eco-friendly, organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic products. 

Exceptional comfort and sturdiness

An outstanding feature of natural latex foam is its ability to adjust automatically to the movements of the sleeper on the bed while offering maximum support without sinking.  This type of foam is also known for its resilience and durability, as well as its ability to stand the test of time. There are individual air pockets in the natural latex foam, which contribute to its excellent coolness and heat circulation features.  The organic wool and cotton are also very breathable – another assurance of quality all-night comfort. 

You can rest assured of getting the best out of the Sleep On Latex mattress, irrespective of your sleeping style or personal requirements. Most back sleepers and couples that sleep differently prefer a medium-firm mattress, while side-sleepers have a preference for the soft-firm mattress.  Whichever category you find yourself, the Sleep On Latex mattress is a perfect fit for you.  

The manufacturers have saved you further stress and risk of damage by delivering the mattress as ready-to-use.  Just put it on your bed base and sleep away!

Dreamfoam Bedding Mattress Short Review

Price: $235.00

Dreamfoam Bedding Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 89% 

Size: Short Queen

Item Weight: 70 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

DreamFoam is a technologically-inclined brand, and the Spring Dreams mattress has further cemented this reputation.  With a separately packed six pieces 15-gauge Samson turn coils, this mattress ensures minimal motion shift. You also have covers made from memory foam and fiber, gracing each side of the bed, hence you can turn the sides to enjoy more durability and comfort whenever you feel like. 

The top is packed with a layer of quilted memory foam, which guarantees a sleeping surface with maximum comfort while reducing the feel of the coils.  These coils are wrapped separately to ensure that the motion transfer is well-reduced and the pressure point reduction enhanced. 

Made in the USA, the Spring Dreams mattress was produced using quality materials and under standard production conditions.  However, this doesn’t affect the pricing – this effective product is still relatively affordable and easily accessible to most users.

Mattress America Short Review

Price: $279.99

Mattress America Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 90 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

After years at the top of the market, it is not surprising that Mattress America has understood what the customers want.  This is evident in its latest product – Frost Pocket Pillow Top Mattress – a masterpiece that combines top features while meeting customer demands. Let’s take a look at this product.


The comfortable foam materials in this product have a combined thickness of 3 inches and a length of 13 inches, all resting on a pocket coil core of 10 inches.  The foam tier packs a gel-infused memory foam – the source of its modern luxurious feel, with the innerspring portion providing additional support and solidity.  When you buy this product, you enjoy 25 years warranty – another pointer to its build quality and durability. 

Comfort and Support

With an individual encased coil structure that ensures the even distribution of the firmness and support throughout the surface of this mattress, you can rest assured of enjoying adequate lumbar and back support from this product. It also offers effective movement cancellation and an overall quality night rest. 

If you are a side-sleeper, the soft cloud-like sink in this mattress may not be the best for you. This is because the hard surface will not curl around your body perfectly. You may also need to air the mattress a bit before use to get rid of the odor.  It takes two weeks to achieve full inflation and expansion, so do not be surprised if it doesn’t fill up your king bed box at the first attempt. 

Extra Features

Alongside the mattress, the manufacturer includes a soft and durable cover. The breathability of the mattress means you will enjoy sweat-free and relaxed rest on this product.  There is also a CertiPUR-US certificate for this product – a pointer to the use of eco-friendly and safe materials used in its production.

Dream Solutions, USA Mattress Short Review

Price: $521.00

Dream Solutions USA Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 91% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 145 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Are you in the market for an impressive orthopedic medium firm bed that offers excellent support? Then you should consider the orthopedic full-size Legacy Bed and Box Spring Set from Dream Solutions USA.  Let’s start with the outstanding back support you get from this orthopedic sleep system, along with the enhanced ergonomic convenience, courtesy of the excellent design.  Overall, you can rest assured of excellent night rest. 

The mattress packs 375 innerspring verticoil unit, 6 gauge borders, and the combined strength of 13 ¾ SH gauge units – all contributing to its excellent orthopedic mattress.  There is a cushioned cover produced by combining a white-colored fabric and a Damask fabric-class B.  You also have a 1-inch stitch inferior pad on both sides of the mattress.  The cushion effect is provided by the two pieces of 3/8 inch poly foam along with the 1 x 0.5 whisper shield blue found at the topmost part.  At a total height of 8 inches, this box spring sure offers some significant level above ground.  However, this height doesn’t include the bed frame. 

The generous padding found on all the sides of the mattress is courtesy the 2 x ½ inch of poly foam matched with 3 x ½ inches of poly foam, thus giving you additional comfort.  The soft fabric also prevents the backache and pains that come with waking up.  What you get in terms of back support from this orthopedic mattress is indeed exceptional. The overall support in this Legacy Mattress is medium firm, thus providing your spine with adequate support without any rigidity or tenderness. 

Made in the USA, the Legacy Mattress is double-sided and comes with a 5-year warranty.  Likewise, it meets all the stringent federal standards 1632 and 1633 fire code; thus you can rest assured of a mattress that stands the test of time while delivering as promised.  Feel free to turn over the sides of the mattress to ensure the even distribution of the wear and tear, and to extend the shelf-life. So, if you require therapeutic treatment for your back pains, this orthopedic mattress comes handy due to its medium-level firmness. 

Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress Short Review

Price: $139.99

Milliard Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 93% 

Size: Twin

Item Weight: 25.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

From your interior space to the outdoor environment, this Tri-fold mattress is capable of providing you with a pleasurable experience at all times.  You get a comfortable sleeping experience from this foldable piece, as well as intensive support and relief to your nerves and muscles. The smooth airflow means your night rest just got better, and if you are the type that receives a guest regularly, this mattress offers an enjoyable outdoor experience. 

Talking about the structure, the 5 inches 3lb dense memory foam rests on a 4.5-inch supportive foam base.  This is a sturdy composition that offers 100% durability at all times.  You also get a very soft bamboo cover that even complements your sleeping experience.  With the seal of Certipur-US, Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress can be declared as entirely safe and free from all harmful chemicals and materials.  The VOC emissions are very minimal, and it does not mess with the surrounding air. 

EMOOR Mattress Short Review

Price: $209.00

EMOOR Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 81% 

Size: Full Long

Item Weight: 13 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Comprising the TEIJIN MIGHTYTOP® II ECO, the Futon Mattress “Classe” is devoid of odor, dust mites, bacteria, and other unwanted substances.  The outermost part is made of full hygroscopic cotton fabric, while the futon is packed with 50% TEIJIN MIGHTYTOP® II ECO, with anti-bacterial and odor-controlling features that are still active after three years.  The 100% cotton used in the outer fabric also improves comfort.  There is a firm polyester pad strategically placed in-between the two layers of the soft polyester quilt, and this structure ensures that you get 100% comfort and support expected from a futon mattress. 

Keep in mind that the futon will only assume its full size after it is opened because it is vacuum sealed on delivery.

Newton Crib Mattress Short Review

Price: $299.99

Newton Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 94% 

Size: 52 x 28 x 5.5 inches

Item Weight: 11 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Parents naturally care about the general health and safety of their baby.  With this in mind, Newton has come up with the perfect crib mattress that gives your baby the excellent night rest they deserve.  This unique mattress is 100% washable and breathable and has no trace of polyurethane foam, metal springs, glue, or adhesives.  The Newton Crib Mattress is made in the USA and patented with a Wovernaire core that is 90% air and encased in a 3-dimensional spacer material that allows easy passage of air.  All these contribute to its hypoallergenic and eco-friendly properties.   There is also a GREENGUARD gold certification for this mattress, as well as an official verification by the CPSC accredited lab, thus removing the risk of CO2 breathing and suffocation. 

If you are looking for a mattress that guarantees your baby a peaceful night rest every night, without any disturbance irrespective of how much they roll over, then the Newton Crib mattress is all you need. Comfort and breathability are genuinely exceptional. Your baby enjoys adequate safety with the ingenious design that facilitates seamless airflow, breathability and temperature regulation.  You can wash this mattress in the machine, and all stains and spills can be rinsed off easily. The cushy firmness is at its best, and the core comprises 10% grade polymer and 90% air - a combination that gives your baby exceptional comfort. 

The three-dimensional breathable fabric housing the mattress can be easily removed for washing.  The manufacturers did not include any foam, glue, springs, latex, or any other allergic materials.  Thus, it is not only safe but also 100% recyclable, and will fit into all standard bed sizes.

5 Little Monkeys Mattress Short Review

Price: $499.00

5 Little Monkeys Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 92% 

Size: 75 x 39 x 8 inches

Item Weight: 47 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Now that your child is too old for the cribs, you are probably in the market for their next mattress.  If yes, then you should take a look at the 5 Little Monkeys – a special children mattress created to give your child the comforting night rest they deserve.  You have them in multiple forms and sizes – full and twin sizes – all offering your child the right growth space. 


The high-tech physical design adopted in this mattress comes with a removable and washable organic cotton cover.  Likewise, you have a comfort layer that packs a dual phase change gel – a component responsible for the even distribution of the child’s body heat.  Conversely, you have a responsive memory foam layer right under the comfort layer – a source of exceptional support and posture alignment for your child while sleeping.  The open cell design also ensures seamless airflow at all times. The tail end of the mattress packs a high-density poly foam base layer, which supports all the layers above it and also aligns the posture of your child while sleeping.  The layer is considerably though, and it is easily the framework of the mattress which determines the shape and support. 


The mattress can be said to have a demographic-specific structure, meant for children between the ages of 5 and 13.  Since it is meant for children, the softness level is higher than what you see in other mattresses. Thus, it allows your child to sink into the first layer, giving them a relaxing soft memory foam feel. Once your child has sunk a few inches into the mattress, the thicker transition layer becomes active by giving firmer support to the child.  The whole bed structure, as well as the child, enjoys a great support courtesy of the high-density polyfoam layer. 

Additional Features

The manufacturers have included a couple of extra features in this mattress, notably a mattress protector, a pillow, and a storage bag.  The pillow is 100% cotton fabric; hence it is washable.  Likewise, it is hypoallergenic and helps in the alignment of the head and back of your child.  The mattress protector is made from organic jersey knit, and its waterproof feature offers additional protection and durability.  You can also maximize the large fastening bands in the mattress protector to ensure extra security.  These accessories allow easy usage of the mattress while extending its shelf-life.

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Short Review

Price: $148.32

Lazery Sleep Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 92% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 19.75 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

One of the best ways to entertain your guests is to ensure that they have a great sleep, which is just what the Lazery Sleep air mattress offers.  The comfort coil technology and self-inflating features of this mattress guarantee unparalleled comfort and support levels.  Along with a dual chamber design, this mattress is packed with 40 internal air coils and multiple firmness levels to offer you more options.  Interestingly, this is a mattress that is suitable for all guests, irrespective of their age groups.  So, you can have both adults and children in it.  It is mobile and durable and offers the same experience as the traditional bed. Assembling is quite easy – you should be done in five minutes.  

Now, you can give your guests the comfort they deserve with the Lazery Sleep Mattress.

Here are the notable features of the Lazery Sleep Air Mattress:

  • Heavy duty build – This double height inflatable mattress offers excellent comfort and support – just as what you have in the traditional bed. Hence, it is a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor activities. 
  • Automatic electric pump – The mattress is packed with an inbuilt inflator, along with a LED remote.  This can be used to inflate the mattress in no time, and it is automatic because it stops inflating once it reaches the set limit. 
  • Portability – You will be surprised at the ease of folding of this mattress.  Also, it is puncture proof and will easily contain a weight of about 500 lbs.  You can have it in your RV or closet, and the storage bag allows smooth transportation. 
  • Full 1-year warranty – This warranty covers additional features like the dual chamber design, 40 air coils, and waterproof.  The extra thick top also contributes to the durability and support.  This is one product that will deliver excellently for a long time.
  • Seven remote settings – There is an inbuilt electric control that allows you to choose your preferred firmness level.  The level ranges from the soft plush (least) to the extra firm (highest), and once set, the mattress retains the firmness level until otherwise adjusted. 

Amerisleep AS1 Mattress Short Review

Price: Out of stock

Amerisleep Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 93% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 75 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

There are three layers in the AS1 10-inches Memory Foam. The first layer is the Celiant blend cover, followed by a top cooling foam layer, and finally, a supportive foam that serves as a base.  This, among other impressive features, is what makes the AS1 the firmest Amerisleep mattress out there.   There is also a unique memory foam that prevents the body from releasing heat, making sleepers enjoy a cooler sleep every night. The Celliant blend cover that serves as the top layer offers body cooling and temperature regulatory functions.  

As a mattress with a high firmness level, you can rest assured that no part of your body, including the hips, will ever sink into the mattress.  It also aligns your body correctly, especially your spine, such that you do not experience any aches in the lower back when you wake up in the morning. 

Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress Short Review

Price: $1,949.00

Brentwood Home Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 94% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 140 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Here is another hybrid mattress type that combines the excellent features of innerspring coils as well as the contour, durability, and the bounce offered by the latex.  It enjoys a certification of the GOTS, all thanks to the quality cotton used in the cover as well as the fiberfill.  You can rest assured of comfortable sleep on this mattress, all thanks to the New Zealand wool used in the topmost layer, which offers improved breathability.  Immediately under the top layer of the padding is the Eco-Institut certified 2-inch Dunlop latex, with 4 PCF density.  The next layer after this is another two inches of PCF latex – the layer containing the grooves that enhances the airflow. There is also a stabilization layer in the system designed from coconut husks.

The pocketed coils found in the mattress helps in isolation of motion while offering more bounce.  The latex layers also compliment the latex.  The top layers of wool and cotton offer extra softness and firmness (up to level 5).  All the raw materials used in this mattress are eco-friendly and natural; thus they deliver excellent performance effortlessly.  

With this excellent mattress, comfortable night rests is assured.

Layla Sleep Mattress Short Review

Price: $1,099.00

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 82% 

Size: King

Item Weight: 109.3 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The Layla Flippable Mattress is a combination of so many excellent features.  Let us start with the full, extensive warranty, then the copper-infused memory foam that sets it apart from its competitors.  The price is notably affordable – you definitely don’t need to break the bank for this.

While the flippable nature of this mattress may be a downside, the other killer features have made up for this.  So, even if you are not convinced about the flippable feature, because of the difficulty that comes with flipping, you should consider the chance of having a bed that offers absolute comfort and restful sleep.  The modern design and optimization of this mattress mean it packs special features that provide additional support.  This includes the new and softer cover, which comes with a new design that makes it easy to choose the softer or firm sides without mixing them up.  

The new design has contributed to the increased versatility of the Layla sleep, thus making it suitable for most sleep positions and people. The integration of the copper component in the mattress also contributes to improved circulation and pain prevention.  The mattress is 10-inches thick – the size of most of the bed in a box setups you will find around. You can choose from either the soft or medium-firm sides, although both have the same layers and materials.  So, it is safe to say that the Layla mattress offers four different layers – the soft and firm layers sandwiching two other layers.  

Each part provides unique advantages with regards to the structure of the bed and the level of comfort you enjoy.


  1. The top layer packs 3” of copper-infused memory foam, making up the soft side.  The medium-soft touch foam also offers additional density support, alongside the antimicrobial property.  With this construction, breathability and coolness are guaranteed.
  2. The second layer is 2” convoluted air flow foam, which adds to the airflow part of the system and also helps to maintain the coolness of the mattress.  This makes the mattress ideal for hot-sleepers. 
  3. The supportive layer is a 4.5” foam base – the third layer of the setup.  This is the foundational core support and offers exceptional stabilization irrespective of the side you are sleeping on.
  4. The Bottom layer is the last layer, and it offers additional support to the 1” copper infused memory foam.  Just as what the copper layer does to the soft side, the bottom layer is also a source of compression support, but with antimicrobial and heat transfer properties.  The firmness in the last layer is higher, while the one in the top layer is very soft.  You can choose according to your preference.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Short Review

Price: $759.20

Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 80% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 115 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Stomach sleepers will find this hybrid mattress quite the best fit, with its unique construction that entails the combination of pocketed coil foam and layers.  The manufacturers ditched the traditional materials for its specially made foams that offer exceptional cooling and bounce.  Here are the layers and how they work together to make the hybrid construction functional.

Cover – The cover is made from a combination of polyester and cotton. The foam quilting is responsible for its soft feel, as well as the instant pressure relief that greets the user when they sleep on the mattress.  This is one mattress that allows you to sink safely while hugging your body closely. 

Comfort Layer – Right under the cover is a 2-inch TitanFlex Foam, specially made by Brooklyn Bedding. This serves as the comfort layer and contributes to the bouncy nature and the latex feel of this mattress.  There is also a TitaniumGel infused into the layer that allows things to cool, and ensure that you sleep well. 

Transition Layer – This layer combines the firmer TitanFlex Foam type, considering its role as a transition between the soft layer on the top and the pocketed coil system underneath.

Foundation Layer – Also called the base layer, the foundational layer is 6-inches thick and made of pocketed coils.  This is responsible for the relaxing bounce that ensures you don’t feel stuck whenever you want to leave the bed.  There could be space between the pocketed coils to ensure that air flows easily.  This, alongside the cooling comfort layer, ensure that the temperature is well-regulated every time.  The coils are wrapped separately, thus ensuring efficient motion isolation throughout the mattress.  Perhaps, the biggest addition is the foundation layer because it serves as a means of relaxing the high-density foam, as a sturdy pocketed coil system that offers extra cooling and bounciness. 

How does the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress perform?

Most people have tipped this mattress as a latex foam replacement, with its new technology that offers a latex feel.  However, it doesn’t cost anything as close to latex foam.  A sturdy 6-inch pocketed cool base supports the top layers of the mattress. The pocketed coils, in turn, offers excellent motion isolation for sleepers without necessarily drawing back on the buoyancy. 

The Brooklyn Bedding Structure comes in multiple firmness levels – firm, and soft medium.  For the soft level firmness, is rated 4 on a scale of 1-10, while the medium firmness is rated 6 on the same scale.  The variant with medium firmness is the most common among users, although stomach sleepers are better off with the firm option variant (with a firmness level of 8 on a scale of 1-10).  Overall, you will find the ideal variant for yourself, irrespective of your weight and sleeping position.

Sealy Response Mattress Short Review

Price: $943.95

Sealy Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 87% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 80 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

If you are interested in a softer and supportive bed from a trusted manufacturer, then you should take a look at the Kelburn Hybrid Mattress.  This mattress is specially created to offer sleepers exceptional pressure relief while keeping your body comfortable and conforming.  In addition to the comfort, you will be surprised at how accommodating this mattress is, all thanks to its durable support coils.  Here is a versatile mattress that is suitable for everyone, irrespective of their weight. Hence, it is great for petite, medium, or heavy sleepers.

Ultimate Sleep Bariatric Mattress Short Review

Price: $2,109.41

Ultimate Sleep Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 100% 

Size: King

Item Weight: 105 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The manufacturer of this mattress had heavy sleepers in mind when designing this product. This is why the Ultimate Sleep Bariatric Mattress supports up to 400 pounds of weight effortlessly. Call it the mattress for the heavy people; this foam is a perfect alternative to memory foam.  It is exceptionable durable, all thanks to the combination of both latex and advanced foam. Most users reported that the mattress was as good as new after extensive and comprehensive use, without any traces of swaging or excessive wear and tear. 

Whenever you make an order, you will be required to submit your weight, and the manufacturer will come up with a unique variant that suits your weight.  The edges of this mattress are exceptionally strong, thus, even the heaviest sleeper will get in and out easily.  While there is no outright negative feedback about this product, the absence of a free trail tend to discourage first time buyers.  However, the manufacturer justifies this by making the mattress a custom-made product.  Note that you will still get the usual 30-night free trial period when you buy from Amazon. In addition to this, the manufacturer offers a standard 10-year warranty for the product.  

So, if you are a heavier sleeper and in the market for an ideal and lasting solution to your sleeping problems, this superior and custom-made mattress is obviously your best bet.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Short Review

Price: $595.00

Tuft & Needle Best Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 82% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 70 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

First, let us state that this is one unique mattress, made using the proprietary T&N adaptive foam construction.  The construction is responsible for the bouncy but supportive sleeping experience users enjoy when they use this mattress.  It is ideal for different sleeping styles, and you will hardly find a comfier bed in the market at this price range.  

The manufacturers invested a lot in its design, by recruiting the services of the best-in-class scientists in the industry to come up with the Tuft and Needle mattress.  It is also important to mention that you can compress the mattress into a small size, for easy transportation.


  • Modern foam with exceptional quality
  • Relaxing and supportive feel, making it great for sex and all sleeping styles
  • Available in six different sizes
  • Offers excellent pressure relieve and cancels out disturbance from your sleeping partner

This bed is compatible with all frame types, including boxspring, slatted frames, adjustable frames, or even the floor.  Each unit comes with an unusual 100-night sleep trial along with a 10-year warranty.  You may have to spread the mattress for about 72 hours to remove all potential smell.  This Tuft and Needle mattress is produced in the US under the highest industry standards, and it boasts of certifications from CertiPUR-US, Gold, and GREENGUARD.

Picking The Best Mattress Based On Type And Material

When it comes choosing the best material and Type of a mattress, there is no outright winner since the feel and style of a mattress depends on the needs as well as the body type of every individual. Based on your shape, various features of Mattress may be more or less desirable while your choice will most likely differ from even that of your sleeping partner.

Nevertheless, having the necessary knowledge regarding each kind of Mattress will assist you in narrowing down your options. Consequently, you will be making the best decision for you and your loved ones.

Types of Mattress

Innerspring (Coil)

People who have grown beyond 25 years are likely to fancy traditional non-memory foam beds. When comparing the coil mattress to the modern, sophisticated materials, one will feel that coil beds offer nothing special. However, this is not entirely true; coil mattress provides excellent edge support, best cooling effect as well as durability. Also, the hybrid model integrates coils into other materials like foam or latex.

Coil mattress is perfect for those who love the traditional coil feel, and excellent edge support.

Memory foam

Among the average sleepers, memory foam is a well-known bed. Consequently, a sizable part of our best choice come from this model. Ideally, this model offers a hug feel as well as conforms exceptionally to sleeper’s body and thus offers pressure point and pain relief. But, a significant drawback of this model is that it sleeps hot. However, the contemporary designs are made with gel and open cell structures to permit more air flow across the bed and as a result, reduces the overall rate of heat retention.


About a few years ago, this mattress type became quite famous as a result of outstanding cooling effect, durability as well as comfort level. Also, it is considered as one of the most environmentally friendly materials. We have two categories which are applied in the creation of a mattress system:

  1. Natural model: the material is collected from Hevea-Brasilenis tree. Although, it is expensive; it is entirely eco-friendly.
  2. Synthetic model: this material is developed from the mixture of synthetic polymers and natural tree sap. The product is less expensive but also, less eco-friendly.


A hybrid mattress is formed by mixing two or more kinds of material to offer a better sleeping experience. Most people believe that by creating a hybrid, we will get more benefits with little or zero downsides. Truthfully, some brands have successfully created products with an excellent rating from such plan.

Some of the standard material combinations include:

  1. True Hybrid: this consist of coil plus memory foam or latex. It offers exceptional durability, cooling effect and bounce from innerspring. Also, it provides “hug” and conforms when made with foam.
  2. Pillow Top:  this includes coil plus pillow tops. This model offers better comfort level and relieves pressure point which results from the firmness of a coil mattress.

Foam Hybrids

This model does not have any spring, and consist of several forms of foam materials to improve cooling, and offer better comfort level to users.

  1. Continuous and Coil: this material is made from single springs installed with one wire or a single looped wire. This product is less expensive and offers a peaceful night rest. 
  2. Organic: since organic materials are used for various kinds of designs, it is considered as a subcategory. However, most people prefer to have natural and eco-friendly bed choices with no chemicals. Consequently, we chose to include it in our list. During the 1970s, the US laws demand that every bed must possess flame retardants to avoid fire caused by cigarette accident. Currently, the number of smokers have reduced compared to then, and the majority of individuals want clean and chemical-free materials.

To ascertain its organic contents, beds are scaled between 0 to 100%, where 0% indicates that the product is entirely synthetic. The further you move towards 100%, the more expensive the product will be. Some of the eco-friendly materials include plant-based memory foam, natural latex and to some extent, coil combined with the organic pillow top.

Advanced and Custom Foam

After the creation of memory foam, several brands have tested its combination with other kinds of foams, particularly materials made from latex and polyurethane to reduce heat retention. Aside from the various base materials, also, they are experimented in different shapes as well as using multiple processes of production to enhance air passage, bounce and durability while maintaining hug and contouring. Below are some of the common types of foams:

  1. Convoluted Foam: this material is also referred to as “egg crate foam.” It is used to enhance the circulation of air.
  2. Latex Rubber: this material is durable and eco-friendly.
  3. Polyurethane: this product works as underlying material for most beds.

Bed in a Box (BiaB)

This model is convenient and more durable compared to the products coming from the store, which have to settle more overhead cost. Beds in a Box is Mattress ordered from online stores. They are got-to-get options for bedding needs. Once a BiaB order is placed – regardless of your location – the new Mattress will be sent to your home directly. Since most Bed in a Box offers more extended trial periods with standard warranties, they come with less risk of purchase.

Additionally, most top brands produce based on order; hence, such mattresses are not left useless in the warehouse for an extended period. In the mattress industry, BiaB is a new idea, and apart from being quite easy to obtain, it is a more affordable means of getting quality night rest.


This product is unconventional but quite fascinating. Basically, waterbeds use water – rather than foam or coils – for its structure and offer comfort as well as pain relief. Since water spread your weight equally and provides pressure point relief, a waterbed is beneficial for arthritis and back pain treatment.


Airbed is most advisable if you are heading out for camping or receiving a guest. This product should not be used every day and don’t expect a seamless sleep while on it. However, compared to the sofa, they are much better on the occasions described earlier. As the name suggests, this model makes use of air to offer support.

Bunk Beds

As long as you know the proper factors to consider, picking an ideal bunk bed for your house will be simple. Nevertheless, compared to a mattress that sits on the floor or fit a standard frame, a few different factors must be considered.

While searching for the right bed bunks, endeavor to check its size, thickness as well as firmness. Most frames for this bed need something slimmer; hence, use a frame that will offer sufficient support without sagging and yet, suits the thinner condition. Also, some brands provide a series of firmness to match this product and which satisfy the desired sleeping position.

Furthermore, endeavor to consider the person who will be using the Mattress and their needs. Hopefully, the process will be more straightforward for you by checking our top brand lists as well as their ratings.


You have to consider several factors such as budget and performance before buying a futon. There are many varieties of this product regardless of whether you need one to be infrequently used by the guest or wishes to optimize the usefulness of your room.

Ensure that you purchase a Futon which does not only have an appealing aesthetic value but suitable for both sleeping as well as sitting positions. Picking the right product can be the difference between having a peaceful night and feeling the inconvenient frame lying below.

Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

To host guests, a comfortable sleeper can be particularly handy as well as help to conserve available space in your room. Using a sofa with a dual purpose offers additional overall value to your furniture as well as useful in limited space. Several varieties are available including those who can fold and some that pulls out of the strong base.

Ensure that you choose a brand which is convenient to sleep on as well as can serve as a couch. By choosing a top-quality option, you will relish several years of use as it is a worthy investment. Since there are several options in the market, you can choose a product that matches your desired style, frame as well as hue.


If you are looking for a model that can perform in a camper or RV without lacking convenience, RV products are your best bet. Although this material is not great when it comes to comfort; however, some handy choices are available on our list that will give you a peaceful night rest while on the road.

Some individuals prefer the “RV” lifestyle; if you belong to this group, you don’t have to overlook the importance of adequate support and rest. Instead, choose the correct form of materials, size as well as firmness level that matches your need – then, you are good to go. 

Smart Mattress

Currently, technology has influenced almost every part of our lives; hence, it is understandable to see the Internet of Things offering a new tech-mattress. If you wish to use cutting-edge technology while you sleep, there are several options available to pick from.

Some new features are available regarding our expectations on wellness wearables like health assessment and tracking of slumber activity. The smart bed offers exceptional knowledge about your sleep as it gives you information about how you sleep, breathe, as well as helps to regulate your body temperature. Knowing all these pieces of information can help maximize your sleeping experience.

In fact, there are some smart beds that, apart from tracking your sleeping activities, they have new features that modify the temperature of your Mattress or make a coffee.


Based on several conditions such as age, body shape, health problems, your sleeping needs may be quite specific and consequently, makes it challenging to choose the right bed for yourself without making huge compromises. In a situation where you sleep with a partner having different needs, such compromises may even be more significant. A custom-made mattress, mainly a product with varying feels on each side, may be useful to you in such a situation.

Many brands consider firmness and feel when taking a customization approach. However, the likes of responsiveness and weight capacity can also be personalized for each client. Some emerging brands can be modified or flipped without a need to purchase an additional layer or topper.

Using a modifiable mattress is an added advantage since our life may change during the lifespan of a bed – which can take as long as a decade. Conditions such as pregnancies, the natural aging process, as well as weight loss or gain may change our needs from a mattress. And if you can be changed by your Mattress, then, it would have been a worthwhile investment.

Choosing the Best Mattress based On Sleeping Position

Many people consider the sleeping position, and its ideal firmness then finds their specific favorite position while selecting a new mattress. Primarily, we have three sleeping positions, which will be discussed in this review as well as the specific mattress options that suit each position.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers cover about 15% of the population, and it is one of the safest positions health-wisely. In terms of corresponding firmness, in between medium and medium-firm works excellently for this position. You may want to choose more of the firm side since the softer feel may result in the mattress “hugging” you excessively, and this may lead to pain over time if there is any misalignment of the spine. 

Regarding materials, excellent options include latex, innerspring as well as foams; however, it is best advised to select an option having great cooling effects. You cannot find one-size-fits-all in this case as most of the options are subjective to individuals.

Side Sleeper

Most people sleep using their sides and ideally, it is seen as a good positioning for the spine as well as the back. While the issue of heat and snoring will be eliminated by sleeping on your side, the major issue here is that you may experience pain on your shoulder and hip while using a firmer bed as a result of more pressure.

If you fall among the enthusiast of side sleepers, endeavor to choose a medium or softer material since it can conform excellently to your body and consequently, relieving pressure where necessary.

Stomach Sleeper

While many people prefer to sleep on their tummy, it is not entirely a great idea as it can be harmful in some conditions. However, if stomach-sleeping is your favorite position, it is best advised to choose proper bedding in order to experience a more pleasant slumber. The biggest issue for stomach sleepers is "support," but by using a comfortable mattress, the problem can be addressed. On the contrary, if you settle for a plush product, you may experience pain eventually due to a curved spine.

In this condition, most individuals prefer foam-based beds having a firm feel; however, you may experience nice sleep by using hybrid, innerspring or latex as well. Crucially, it is pertinent to note that you will likely have to use a slimmer pillow to straighten your spine as much as possible.

Combination Sleepers

Apart from the three primary sleeping positions, we have a few groups of people who like to switch between different positions while sleeping. Regardless of your favorite combinations, you will need a flexible option. It is recommended for combination sleepers to find beds that campaigns “universal” feel, particularly product which offers a medium-firm feel since, ideally, they provide a balanced mix of support and pressure-relieving comfort which suits most positions. Also, you may check for models which assist users in repositioning; this reduces the effort needed to turn and roll during the night and consequently, offers you a peaceful night rest.

Important Note About Combination Sleeping

A crucial element for combination sleepers is the alignment of the spine. Regardless of your sleeping position (back, side or tummy), the spine has to be aligned correctly with your pelvis as well as the shoulder. Misalignment of the spine leads to the establishment of pressure points across the body, most notably, neck, lower back, hips, and shoulder. As a combination sleeper, you may experience pains and aches during the night due to either sleeping in a manner which generates discomfort or sleeping on a bed that offers no proper support in all positions. Take note that there are certain mattresses which are created to please sleepers in a sole position. Such products may not be beneficial to the combination sleepers.

Combination Sleeping: Selecting the Ideal Mattress

One of the fundamental consideration for combination sleepers while choosing a new mattress should be "support" since spinal alignment is vital to such a group of people. Support is the ability of the bed to offer a balanced, flat surface which contours in some specific ways to align the spine properly. Extremely firm or not firm mattresses which are not supportive usually have an unbalanced surface that misaligns the spine.

A scale of 1 to 10 is used to determine the firmness of a mattress; One stands for the least firm and Ten represents the firmest. Currently, most available mattress varies between three (soft) and eight (Extra firm). For a specific sleeper, the best firmness will depend significantly on his/her weight. People that fall between 130 to 230 pounds (the average weight group) are likely to love mattresses which offer a balance between firmness and softness; however, choices may be different for those weighing below 130 pounds and beyond 230 pounds.

Highly-rated Mattresses for Certain Needs

All of us have our individual needs and, in most conditions, our aim is to find a mattress model which meets our requirements. Some of these needs include:


It is of no gainsaying that “good for sex” is one of the major selling points of a mattress. However, you have to consider what this statement means as well as the conditions which gives it an excellent rating. Such factors are:

  1. Low Noise
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Comfort
  4. Great Bounce
  5. Edge Support

Due to the slow response and lack of bounce that characterize memory foam, they are traditionally not considered as an excellent choice for sex. Although, this issue has been resolved through sophisticated and custom foams; however, coil and latex beds offers better performance during love making with less noise. Summarily, what you value is the major deciding factor.

Weighty people

Extra-large or weighty individuals have their specific needs. If you fall into this group of people, you may require slightly firmer than usual and thicker bed as a result of the intense pressure being applied by your weight. Also, you may experience cooling and edge support issues.

Ideally, you will be more attracted to 12 inches or more product; however, a more advanced foam design may offer a similar level of support and comfort as products between 9 to 10 inches. The vital factor is to avoid settling for lower-end models since they will sag once pressured. An innerspring/foam hybrid or quality foam is advisable because they offer excellent cooling as well as support. Also, they conform as well as hugs body properly and as a result, offer relief to the pressure points.


Most people buy a new mattress due to a desire to experience a cooler sleep. About a decade ago, cooling was never a factor; however, presently, it has become one of the important conditions. The heat retention properties of each material vary to one another, and as a result, some offers better cooling effect compared to the others. For instance, latex and coil mattress offers "cooling" compared to the traditional foam that sleeps hot. In fact, the majority of hybrids are created to serve such a purpose. Due to the creation of the gel layer, even, foam models perform better regarding heat distribution. Take note that it is inadvisable to choose a cheaper memory-foam mattress if you wish not to sleep hot. Instead, you can settle for a hybrid, gel, phase changing material, open cell or any other product with aerated material.


You may experience some troubles by sleeping with your partner on the same bed if you sleep differently. The following issues have been commonly complained about by most couples:

  1. Motion Transfer: if a partner loves to turn and roll, using a mattress with motion isolation feature will make the other partner sleep peacefully. Mattress made with coils tends to offer higher transfer and lesser isolation which results into extra rolling.
  2. Dissimilar firmness choice: in some cases, one partner may prefer a firm feel while the other loves a softer feel because he/she sleeps on her side. In such a situation, partners often agree to a medium firmness model. Also, we have the split mattress model in which one side is firmer compared to the other. Or better still, you may choose 2x Twin XL mattress of King size frame.
  3. Must be excellent for sex: no one would want to purchase a new mattress, only to be forced to settle for the sofa during love making.


Unlike before, adjustable mattresses have better affordability, durability, and comfort level due to the creation of new and less-weighty materials in the present time. The major benefit is that it can be transformed as you wish. This benefit is particularly handy for conditions like snoring and back pain. In the olden days, such beds were used by aged individuals; however, they are being used by everybody presently.

Adjustable mattresses can be used during relaxation time while watching TV or taking an afternoon nap. Also, it offers natural spine alignment which yields better pain relief due to its “zero gravity” body. The drawback of this model is that some designs don’t appear nice historically (although, it is changing) and some mechanisms may break down eventually. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent choice for those suffering neck stiffness or lumbar pain.

Firm Feel

As long as you know the kind of sleeper you are, and you have found your ideal kind of mattress as well as firmness level, you only have to choose the right product. If you sleep on your back or stomach, or you are weighty and need extra support with less sagging, firmer products may be handy for you. A firmer mattress will save your spine from pains as well as prevent your pelvis from sinking extremely. A combination of pillow top or comfort layer and firm support can offer you a cozier evening rest.

Soft Feel

Your complete feel will be greatly decided by your body as well as weight. As for the weighty individuals, generally, you will require a firmer mattress to experience the same feel as a person who has less weight. Regardless of the mattress model, support is key; however, a stone-like feel may lead to unwanted pain over time. You can get sufficient support, cooling, and relieved pressure points from higher-end soft feel beds. Mostly, people who sleep on their side love the softer feel, and a recommendable product is memory foam. Nevertheless, if you strictly sleep on your tummy, you will likely dislike materials with a softer feel.


Some brands have developed innovative materials which can boost recovery for the athletes who train daily and would like to sleep and wake up feeling energetic. An increased recovery can even result in better performance.

Although some producers create specific models for athletes, others have developed quality products that come as a complete package, which includes customization as well as cooling. In this regard, Celliant has been gaining much attention, and currently, it is being tested. Eventually, it might help to transform the body’s energy to infrared light for in-depth recovery.

Light Sleepers

Without using the right bed, a less weighty individual may experience troubling times while sleeping with a restless partner, child or pet. Choosing a mattress with the right features will save you from being shaken, thrown or jostled awake during the middle of the night by a flailing elbow.

Hybrids made with independent coils or all-foam models offers excellent motion isolation, and consequently, they can alleviate the rate of vibration which moves from one partner’s motion to another. Furthermore, models having excellent edge support may enhance the usable space of the mattress so as to prevent overcrowding in the middle where you might experience more movements.

Mattresses Suitable for Certain Medical Conditions

Some specific health conditions need various bedding materials as well as the level of firmness. We have done our research; and based on this, we have chosen the most usual conditions which can be corrected – or prevented in some cases – through the use of the right mattress.

1.    Back Pain: Night may be the only convenient moment for people who suffer from back pain. In most cases, it is a secondary consequence of fundamental diseases like arthritis, kyphosis or scoliosis. As far as sleep is concerned, support is very vital. Keep in mind that firmer mattress doesn’t necessary means extra support nor does softer feel mattress offers less support. Comfort level is a crucial element since everyone would want the pressure points to be relieved while you are sleeping as well as gets the spine properly aligned.

2.    Arthritis: this condition is quite serious as it comes with stiffness, pain, and swelling of joints. It becomes more problematic while trying to sleep. It is of two kinds:

  • Osteoarthritis – which results from bone friction when the cartilage breaks down.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – this is an inflammatory disease which results in inconvenient swelling as well as fluids in the joints region.

When you consider the different kinds, it is best advised to use high-end foam mattress or coil bed having a medium-firm feel for back sleepers. As for the side sleepers, they will prefer the extra hug which softer products will offer.

3.    Neck Pain: during a lifetime, most people feel neck pain at least once. You do not have to worry if you wake up feeling some pains in your neck once in a blue moon; however, in a case where the problem persists for months, then, it is advisable to get examined by a doctor. Once the doctor discloses that you are okay, then, consider changing or adapting to your mattress. In most cases, the primary cause is the pillow, but old and sagging beds can also generate neck stiffness.

Crucially, ensure that your neck and spine are supported by your sleep surface. Otherwise, even a firm mattress will cause pains. Stomach sleepers using a thick pillow may also experience neck pain. And in some conditions, sleeping without a pillow is even beneficial.

4.    Hip Pain: Just like the back, hip pain may lead to other conditions. Ensure that you see your doctor before buying a new mattress. Hip pain often materializes from sleeping on a firm bed using your side and without an adequate hug. If you are suffering from hip pain, a traditional mattress is worth considering; however, hybrid and foam models may be ideal as a result of its improved conforming performance on the body.

5.    Fibromyalgia: symptoms such as severe fatigue, consistent feel of tiredness as well as insomnia often characterize the chronic autoimmune disease. Also, restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea may occur as a result of the disease. However, by performing the exercise, taking medications and sleeping on the right surface, all these symptoms can be eliminated. In this condition, pressure points are vital and also, a mattress having sufficient support and which provide an excellent cushion as well as contour will be required.

6.    Snoring: Aside from the fact that snoring is annoying, it can also result in serious health issues. Snoring can be reduced by a slight elevation of the head during sleep as it will increase air flow. However, in some positions, sleeping on a thick pillow is unhealthy for the spine and the neck. Sleep Number developed a software which enables you to reset your bed’s height by using a button – this can be really useful. Other producers have done the same, and currently, there are several adjustable bed options.

7.    Sleep Apnea: On a daily basis, the number of apnea patients is growing as people seeks to see a doctor due to symptoms of snoring and excessive fatigue. In fact, in the absence of proper care, sleep apnea may cause more severe medical conditions like heart attack, stroke or high blood pressure. 

Although only a medical doctor can offer the best recommendation regarding this issue; however, a great mattress may also assist in reducing the symptoms and enhancing your rest. You can sustain a clear airway by using a bed which is suitable for side sleepers and stomach sleepers as well as aligns the spine properly. Also, more effective sleep positions may be experienced by using options that suit adjustable bases.

8.    Insomnia: Several conditions may lead to a sleepless night and add to insomnia. In this case, speaking to a doctor is the best means of evaluating your symptoms. Nevertheless, if you believe that your mattress is at fault, you should watch out for some features which can help reduce common forms of insomnia.

Firstly, check for options which offer outstanding pressure relief since inconvenient pressure points may block good circulation and cause a sleepless night. Also, in a case where the temperature is the cause, you should consider models which can regulate their temperature to prevent overheating.

9.    Allergies and Asthma: allergic reactions or asthmatic attack can be facilitated by exposure to dust mites, chemical irritants, molds, or mildews. Accumulation of dust is often supported by traditional innerspring while old-school memory foam may accommodate unwanted chemicals. Fortunately, many contemporary companies have created special features which alleviates exposure to undesirable triggers.

Endeavor to check for CertiPUR-US certified foams or products of similar standards which are made of eco-friendly materials with little chemical treatments. The chances of an allergic reaction can also be reduced by using pocketed coils and foam made with anti-microbial additives such as green tea, graphite, copper and all-natural latex mattress.

10.    Hot Flashes and Menopause: While hot flashes may be unavoidable, mattresses made with cooling technologies may assist in preventing the process from sabotaging your night rest. Consider beds that come with exceptional breathability since it will keep the bed cooler and drier during your sleep. Anytime you wake up sweaty, a bed that can dry and dissipate heat quickly is desirable.

A mattress having coil systems enables outstanding airflow which helps temperature regulation and generally, they offer the coolest feeling. Since latex is a temperature-neutral product which allows excellent airflow, it can be a handy option.

If you are a big fan of memory foam, the issue of overheating has been addressed in most modernized memory beds. Also, you may prevent heat from getting stuck in the mattress next to your body by using a mattress with moisture-wicking fabrics, cooling gels or phase change technology.

11.    Osteoporosis: No sleeper will find pressure point comforting; however, it is even worse for people having osteoporosis. Current research reveals that muscle can be strengthened while bones can be protected from dilapidating by performing a light exercise routine established by a health care specialist. However, without proper and quality rest, you will feel more reluctant to undertake any exercise.

In this case, a mattress that can contour to your shape to ease the pressure points away and provide enough support to align your spine is recommendable. Mattresses having zonings may help to receive such balance by different supports based on the weights of different aspects of your body.

Also, you can reduce turning and rolling (which is particularly painful for people having osteoporosis) through mattresses which maintain the cool effect. Despite that traditional memory foams perform excellently when it comes to pressure relief, most times, they sleep quite hot. However, latest inventions infused with gels and copper help to dissipate heat so as to offer a comfortable and peaceful night rest.

12.    Restless Leg Syndrome: According to research, the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome can be minimized by enhancing rest quality. Truly, only medical personnel can offer adequate medication to the syndrome; however, a need-specific mattress may offer better sleep and enables your muscle to relax more conveniently. By improving your sleep hygiene, you will have a better chance of bettering the result of various health conditions.

Generally, it is best to use a mattress that alleviates pressure points and conforms to the body so as to reduce restlessness to the smallest level. For such need, memory foam or latex may be quite useful. Also, hybrids with similar materials in its comfort layers will do a good job. As a plus, foams may assist in isolating motions which occurs from moving legs and block it from disturbing another person on the bed.

A choice of mattress is subjective as it depends on your need and what suits you most. Generally, you should be saved from pressure while your back remains in a convenient state of alignment. The kind of body which you possess will significantly determine the type of bed which can offer the desired comfort that you seek.

Price Considerations When Choosing A Mattress

Budget Choices

While many people’s budget does not support the purchase of expensive mattresses; however, contrary to the general belief that “budget means affordable,” it does not necessarily means settling for an inexpensive and ineffective option. For instance, boxed mattress often fits most people’s budget and yet, get shipped to the customer’s door. Also, a product bought on Cyber Monday mattress promotion or during Black Friday may fit suit your budget.

While establishing this “Budget” guide, we considered the best value options available. Without a doubt, you will find a mattress that will satisfy your needs in terms of price as well as quality herein.


Ideally, there is no specific price range for the luxury category; however, you can be confident that every bed discussed offers the highest quality available. Top-quality mattresses are made with premium materials which cannot be found in cheaper models.

One of the usual misconceptions regarding top-quality products is that they belong to a particular kind of mattress – this is far from the truth. Consequently, we have discussed the likes of memory foam, latex, hybrids, and other traditional foam products in our complete buyer’s guide.

Guest Room

Everyone would like to offer their guest a peaceful night rest; however, in most cases, beds placed in guest rooms do not experience similar wear and tear compared to the mattresses which are used consistently.

Without breaking the banks, some streamlined products and brands are available which will offer a great night sleep to your guests. For such uses, the majority of the top companies produce entry-level products which are ideal while many brands that consider budgets may also offer something handy.

Recommendations Based On The Sleeper’s Age

Compared to the adult sleepers, Babies and Toddlers require entirely different needs. Hence, it is crucial to think about your beloved little ones to offer them a pleasant night rest with their new mattresses.


Usually, a baby sleeps comfortably in cribs or cots. To ensure the safety of your baby, picking an excellent mattress is pertinent. Also, another issue to be concerned about is the sudden infant death syndrome which usually occurs due to a soft sleeping surface. While considering all these issues, below are a few factors to remember:

  • Dimensions: A standard size of 28 inches’ width and 52 inches’ length is advisable.
  • Firmness: babies will relish a peaceful night by using a bed with a slightly firmer surface.
  • Organic: you should look for products with organic certificates. Also, mattress with CertiPUR-US certification is also advisable to check out.
  • Kind: you can choose any foam or coil products.

Toddler and Kids

Once a baby has outgrown their cot, choosing a relatively bigger mattress is crucial so as to provide extra space for their development. You may select from the following three options:

  • Twin: it is ideal at the beginning, but you might have to upgrade it within some years.
  • Twin XL: this is suitable for taller kids
  • Full Bed: this option should be your go-to-get choice if you don’t want to experience the stress of upgrading their bed till they become teenagers.

An excellent spinal alignment and support are vital for fast-growing children and throughout their young age. Once your children reach another level of growth, you will probably notice their different reactions to various firmness and consequently, decide on whether to purchase a plusher or firmer product.


To ensure proper development of the spine, the teen years have to be adequately catered for. Hence, it is crucial to put in mind the significance of sleeping surface as well as how it can result in different disorders like scoliosis or kyphosis. In the beginning, the symptoms might be hidden; however, if they are not treated over time, it can generate severe health issues during adulthood. Since the progressively developing body will have to accommodate more space, it is right to upgrade if the mattress does not fit anymore. Also, teens have to sleep more and consequently; they might sleep longer in bed.

As for allergic teenagers, it is advisable to purchase excellent latex or hypoallergenic products.

Older Sleepers

Once you surpass the age of 55 years, you might start to experience higher joint pains or backaches. In some cases, such conditions may materialize from health problems such as sciatica or arthritis; however, in other times, the lousy bed might be the cause. As for people within this age group, traditional innerspring feel might be beneficial since it is what most people used during the olden days. Nevertheless, endeavor to check for a top-quality mattress if you are suffering from any pain or health issue. The difference between a pleasant and painful sleep might be due to the presence of extra comfort layers.

Size Factor

There are several sizes of mattress available in the market. Consequently, we have analyzed the most common ones in this aspect as follows:

•    Twin: Usually, once a kid graduates from using a crib or cot, a twin size mattress is the next level. This mattress size may suffice for your kid throughout his/her stay at home. However, as for taller children, instead of a Twin size bed, a Twin XL size bed is more advisable, which is also a typical size for frames mostly used in university hostels. Also, the ability of Twin mattress to fit into tighter space may be well appreciated by people who live in a house with limited space. In such an area, a Small Single size mattress can even be useful.

•    Full: if you have a tighter space in your apartment and you feel oversaturated in a Twin size mattress, then, Full size bed might be your solution. With such a bed, you can share a space with your little kid, infant or even an adult. A Full XL would offer close to an additional five inches by the side, which can be useful for stretching if you require extra legroom. In a situation where your room feels overcrowded while using a more massive bed, then, consider using a Full size mattress to solve the problem. Full size bed (also known as “double bed”) is usually less costly compared to the well-known Queen size.

•    Queen: this mattress size is quite famous among couples as well as several single adults since it offers an exceptional surface area to spread as well as excess legroom to stretch, without being too large to overcrowd a common room area. Also, several mattress producers are supplying a special size named “Olympic Queen” which comes with an additional 6 inches by the width. While this may sound insignificant; however, for those who sleep with a restless sleeper or troubling pets, such extra 6 inches may be useful in maintaining a peaceful night rest.

•    King: ideally, this is the largest size present in the market as it covers the space of two Twin XLs. In the event that you sleep with your partner and would like to optimize your space use, King size bed is the perfect option - if your room space can accommodate it. Apart from being the largest, usually, it is the most expensive. Also, all accessories needed for King bed size such as sheets, toppers, protectors are also costlier compared to the smaller ones. However, if your wish is to share a bed with your pet, kid, and partner, then, the King size bed is probably your only solution.

•    California King: this mattress size is also referred to as “Western king” because it is the most extended standard size bed (84 inches long) as well as due to its popularity in the West Coast. California King may be useful for people who are exceptionally tall and need ample space to stretch. Nevertheless, take note that compared to the common King, this bed is four inches narrower and you will be using the same overall surface area. Also, California King size and regular King size usually have the same price since they are both made with the same quantity of materials.

Mattress: Research and Ratings


An expensive cost doesn’t imply a better value – and vice versa. It is possible to purchase a $400 mattress that comes with excellent value due to its comparison with a product worth $800 but comes with the same quality and functionality. Compared to the competition, a mattress with outstanding value does cost less and can be compared to top-quality models.

In some cases, companies overspend on marketing and consequently, raises the cost of products. In this piece, we only rate what you receive for your spending. In other words, our bed rating is based on comparing a product’s cost with its competitors to check if the high price is reasonable and justified or it was raised due to marketing.

Quality of Material and Layers

In most cases, a fewer layer (between two or three) are supplied with lower or mid-range models compared to high-end products that come with four to six layers. Also, expensive mattresses do have cooling and transitional layers which offer excellent comfort and dissipates heat quickly.

Most people give little or no consideration to the quality of the material. For instance, some might consider all foam as similar. However, this is far from the truth because traditional and old-school means of creating polyurethane or memory foam is entirely different from the contemporary gel or open-cell foams.

Concerning latex mattress, you might come across an inexpensive brand which offers excellent features on paper, but in reality, it is everything short of top-quality latex models.

Presently, organic beds are well-known among the masses, and this should be considered while purchasing since they can inflate the price. Eventually, the onus is on you to decide whether you have any need for the additional features and also, you have to determine the amount you would like to spend to gain a peaceful night sleep.

Comfort and Feel

Several people need different comfort and feel. While some might relish firmer surface, others might find a softer feel as impressive. Also, you might love the gentle “hug” as well as contouring which memory foam offer while another person might like the faster response and less sinkage that comes with traditional coil feel. Because we cannot find out your choice, you are in the best position to determine your favorite type of feel.

Even though comfort depends on every individual’s taste, it is a bit apprehensible. You will experience no comfort if you sleep on a mattress without adequate support – even if the firmness suits you. Hence, a bed which doesn’t offer sufficient support cannot be comfortable over time.


Firmness is decided on a scale of 1 to 10 (where one refers to the softest and ten stands for the firmest). You have to know a mattress firmness to select according to your favorite feel. Ideally, weighty individuals will need a bit firmer product to have a similar experience as a lighter person who uses a plush mattress. Take note that firmness is somehow subjective. 


Presently, cooling is one of the vital selling points of the mattress. If you are a weighty sleeper or you sleep hot, cooling might be a defining factor for you. Within our first couple of paragraphs, we have analyzed this aspect in terms of material and types. And you should know that several good products having excellent cooling features are presently available in the market.

Company Reputation

It is highly essential to consider the credibility of a company. A good company has to be reputable in terms of excellent customer service. And for this piece, we examined the following factors:

•    Customer Reviews: Positive feedbacks from buyers are crucial. Also, individual opinions explained to us through social media are used. Any other information beyond this can be manipulated.

•    Customer Support: we ensure that only brands that offer adequate support to customers are listed herein.

•    Above and Beyond: we love and prioritize companies that give back to society in the form of charity and donations. Since this is similar to our duty, it strongly indicates the integrity of the company.

•    Warranty and Return Rate: A good company will stick to the warranty period as well as make a replacement as soon as possible if need be. Most companies do not reveal return dates; however, in some cases, we can retrieve such details.

Ten Worst-rated kinds of Mattresses to stay away from

While making our research on sites such as Sleep Like The Dead and other websites, we noticed some recurrent poorly-rated brands and models of mattresses. While we won’t mention their names, we have highlighted some of the typical traits which were provided by dissatisfied clients. Check out these traits to be able to differentiate a great mattress from low-quality products.

Promotional Mattresses

This kind of beds is only made available for sales as door-buster deals within a limited period like holiday sales. Primarily, they are placed to entice customers during transactions. Since the sales of the products are restricted to a particular time and store, it is quite challenging to find reviews or adequately compare them to competitions. Usually, they are very cheap, but their quality is far below par with little or no warranties.

Extremely Inexpensive Mattresses

Apart from the temporary use of mattresses (such as for guest rooms and children’s bed), lower price beds – for instance, less than $500 for a queen size – will likely have a worse rating when compared to mid-priced mattress between $800 to $2000 range. It is best advised to compare the quality, reviews and potential lifespan of a bed to its cost.

In the beginning, lower price beds may offer excellent comfort level; however, satisfaction will reduce significantly in the long run since lower-quality mattress often sag quickly and lose comfort level in a short time. Also, this kind of mattress tends to come with less period of warranty; which implies that replacement will be required sooner.

Extremely Thin Mattresses

In most lines of thinner beds, they are likely to have lesser comfort ratings, mainly when used by side sleepers and weighty individuals. The reason is that comfort layers present on the mattress must sufficiently cushion the user against the coils or provide support to the foam to avoid pressure points.

While individuals who weigh more than 300-pound love mattresses of at least 14 inches thick, people who weigh beyond 250 lbs prefers using beds 10 inches or more. As for people who prefer to sleep on their side, the most advisable mattress is one with at least 13 inches of cushioning material.

Constrictive or Hot Memory Foam

In terms of density and formula, there are various forms of memory foams. Memory foam as a whole tends to have an excellent rating; however, some individuals have reservations against specific issues such as heat dissipation or movement on the mattress.

These two issues are mostly found with mattresses using thick layers, having a high density (more than 5 lbs), foams which are highly sensitive to temperature as well as memory foams. 

Essentially, there is a high rate of heat complaints regarding memory foam compared to non-foam mattresses and spring beds. However, several brands and types of memory foam comes with significant differences. The complaint rate for the traditional memory foams which are highly sensitive to temperature tends to stand between 8 to 12 % while beds with higher density sleep hotter.

Initially, memory foams which are infused with gels do feel more refreshing and such beds tend to earn heat complaint rating of 6 to 8% - for products having gel near the surface and feels coolest. Based on some studies, compared to other kinds of mattresses, plant-based memory foam sleeps about 25% cooler, and they have a lesser heat complaint rate between 2 to 6%. Also, memory foam as a whole boast excellent owner’s satisfaction rate at around 81%.

Bed made with Low-density Foam

Whether memory foam or standard polyurethane, foams having low density are likely to have low satisfaction rate regarding pain relief and durability over time. Under 3.5 lbs, low-density should be considered for memory foams while for poly foam, low density lies below 1.4 lbs.

Low-density foams are likely to be compressed and offer less buoyant feel compared to those of higher densities since they have less solid construction. Nevertheless, ideally, low-density foams are inexpensive; hence, they are a pocket-friendly product which can be used temporarily or for infrequent uses. Weighty individuals have to consider a foam which is denser since it will be less likely to wear out due to their weight.

Innerspring Mattresses having Weak Motion Isolation

Lack of motion isolation is a significant complaint when it comes to innerspring mattresses. This issue is more specific to couples since the movement of one partner may disturb the other while sleeping. Consequently, endeavor to be meticulous while choosing the best innerspring bed for couples.

The kind of mattress that has the issue of poor motion isolation includes those made with continuous coils and Bonnell. Memory foam, latex layers as well as pocketed coils will probably have lesser challenges concerning motion disturbances.

A mattress having Little or No warranty

Warranty issue is another common problem that characterizes worst-rated beds. Even if you perform due diligence while choosing a bed, it can be challenging to determine the long-term performance of a mattress. However, one of the practical solutions is to check the warranty of the mattress. The rule of thumb is that a bed is only efficient for a fraction of its duration of the warranty. For instance:

  1. 4.8 years of average active lifespan can be obtained from a mattress with five years of warranty.
  2. 7.1 years of average efficient lifespan can be obtained from a bed having ten years of warranty.
  3. 8.2 years of average useful lifespan can be earned from a mattress with 20 years of warranty.

A mid-range and higher mattress tend to have at least a decade of full coverage in which the seller can replace or repair faulty beds with their funds. Also, some offer longer prorated periods in which a sizable part of the cost will be paid.

The depth of sagging is a vital aspect of the warranty to consider. In other words, you have to understand how profound a sag must be before a warranty can be claimed – for instance, more than 1-inch sagging may result in discomfort and lack of support. In worst-rated mattresses, warranties which does not cover sagging is one of the common complaints relayed by sleepers.

Incredibly soft or excessively firm to your needs

Most people find shopping for a mattress as a confusing activity. It can be challenging to understand the kind of mattress to purchase and to know the different terminologies used by various producers. Several complaints about mattress arise from the incredibly soft or too firm feel of beds. Also, it is pertinent to know that the majority of mattresses made with foams will reduce in firmness eventually; hence, the feel of showroom models may differ from what you receive. If you aim to secure a soft mattress and which offers excellent support, read our page concerning choosing the best soft mattress.

As far as the mattress is concerned, you cannot get 100% formula; however, generally, those who sleep on their backs prefer medium-firm to medium mattress, side-sleepers loves plush beds while tummy sleepers enjoy using medium-firm to firm models. The mattress feels more pressure in various areas when used by side and tummy sleepers compared to the back sleepers. Plusher beds enable them to sink for excellent alignment of the spine.

Take note that sleeping on your tummy is unhealthy and medically inadvisable. Consequently, it can be quite challenging to find the best mattress for those who sleep on their belly. The reason is that sleeping on the stomach doesn’t support the natural curvature of the spine, places more pressure on internal organs as well as lead to a narrow air path and as a result, limits our chances to breathe while sleeping. 

Some studies on sleep show that people suffering from back pain tend to find a medium to medium-firm mattresses as a comfortable option. It can be useful to check for IFD/ILD ratings since firmness description given by producers are usually arbitrary. Better still, you can read mattress reviews to check for any trends in comments concerning firmness. 

Such ratings are carefully done and accurate as well as stands for the amount of weight required to compress the bed to a specific length.

Mattresses with high costs

Among the complaints which are common when it comes to worst-rated bedding is the feeling of overpayment on the part of the buyers. Many mattress models put a high price tag on their products, yet uses average materials. Also, in some cases, retailers might use sales techniques to inflate prices such as applying high-pressure tactics or making comparison impossible.

To prevent buyer’s remorse, you have to compare the mattress as well as the reviews meticulously. Ensure that you obtain every necessary detail concerning the layers and be wary if the retailers or manufacturers refuse to tell you about the content of the mattress – in such a case, it is more likely that the bed is not competitively priced in comparison to others. Also, do not go beyond the limits of your budget.

Mattress offering No Return and Exchange Policy

Your satisfaction may be significantly affected in a situation where there is no return or exchange policy should in case the bed which you purchased fails to satisfy your needs. Several dissatisfied clients have complained about getting stuck with a mattress which they dislike or having to pay excessively for returns.

While purchasing from an online store, verify their return or at least exchange policies should in case you are not satisfied by the mattress. Since it may take some days to get accustomed to a bed, then, the manufacturer should give you at least thirty days to use and make your final decision. Take note that some sellers will allow you to use the mattress for a specific period before making a return.

Finally, take your time to do a small research and compare various mattresses. Doing this will allow you to find the perfect bed quickly and prevent any unwanted situation later. Once you are familiar with the basics and undertake due diligence, you should expect nothing short of pleasant night rest for a long time.

You should make an inquiry about the content of the mattress, check the prices and compare to other known offers. Also, ensure that you check the policies of the retailer. Checking online for reviews will surely provide you with useful details on features such as comfort level, performance, and durability which can be challenging to determine too. Be free to make your research from your comfort zone – it is that easy.

While making a purchase, don’t be coerced to pick a model. If you come across a persuasive and stubborn salesperson, move on and return after making a careful consideration. There are retailers that make sales from pushing clients into making hasty decisions. However, by making your purchase through the internet, such troubles can be avoided.

Final Words

While there is nothing like the “perfect mattress” that fits every user in every situation, we have tried to take a closer look at the best options in the market, focusing on such preferences as medical conditions, age, and sleeping positions.  These, in addition to the material and the brand, are the common determining factors when it comes to choosing the best mattress for yourself. 

By being thorough with this guide, we are convinced that it will go a long way in assisting you to come up with the best mattress choice for yourself.  This doesn’t outrightly rule out further research. In fact, we recommend this alongside our comparisons and reviews.  Doing this will ultimately put you in a better position to decide correctly. 

Good luck.

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