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User’s preference for memory foam pillow over other pillow types is understandable, considering its excellent features such as its flexible contour while keeping the spine aligned.  A well-aligned spine ultimately benefits the neck.  The presence of body heat makes the memory foam softer and hence conform better to the body of its user.  It eventually goes back to the original shape on cooling down.  We also have memory foam pillows that can be raised to offer additional elevation to the neck – a feature that comes handy for people that find it difficult to sleep well due to serious shoulder or chronic neck pains.  

Wondering if memory foam pillows can help snorers? Of course, the right memory foam will help with snoring.  In fact, one of the most trusted anti-snore helps out there is memory foam pillows. These foams function by separating the throat and palate apart, which ensures that the airways are not blocked for whatsoever reason.  Furthermore, they also offer additional neck support.  When the airways are not blocked, breathing is easier, and snoring is ultimately reduced.  If you are a side sleeper, memory foam pillows also come handy in reducing chances of snoring. 

Your Ideal Pillow Type Depend on How You Sleep

The way you lie on the bed is the determining factor when it comes to the ideal memory foam pillow for you.  For example, the memory foam pillows designed for people sleeping on the side offers additional support that keeps the head and neck in the best position.  Such pillow foams are usually firm – the firmness is required to fill in space between the shoulder and the outer part of the head.  

On the other hand, anti-snoring pillows with far less thickness and more softness are good for people that sleep on their stomach. These pillows will keep the neck and head aligned in such a sleeping position.  

Lastly, back sleepers are better off with memory foam pillows that are thin enough to offer the right alignment and support for their neck, particularly in the bottom third of the pillow.

Top 5 Memory Foam Pillows

Below are the top five picks of the best memory foam pillows in the market

1. Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow - Best for Side Sleepers

2. Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim - Best for Stomach and Back Sleepers

3. Celliant Sleep Universal - Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

4. Adjustable Pillow of Health - Editor's Choice

5. Comfort & Relax - Best Ventilated Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

Top 5 Memory Foam Pillows Table

Best Memory Foam Pillows Reviews

Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow – Ideal for Side Sleepers

Price: $59.99


General info

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

82% of satisfied customers

Measurements: 18 x 12 x 3 inches

Weight: 3.7 pounds


If you are in the market for a memory foam pillow of premium quality and 100% adjustability, then the Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow is a great option.  This memory foam is one of the most reliable anti snoring solutions out there, and you are guaranteed of maximum convenience irrespective of your sleeping position, just by adding or removing shredded memory foam to your taste.  Whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, the Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow will sure improve your breathing and sleeping position alignment. Thus, you snore less and enjoy a quality, extended night rest. 


As an American product, the Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow is manufactured in L.A., California. According to the manufacturers, harmful materials like lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, TCEP flame retardants, PBDEs, TDCPP, and mercury are not used in the manufacturing of the pillow.  Likewise, it doesn’t contain materials that deplete the ozone, or phthalates regulated by the CPSC or the CFCs.  Having met the filling requirements, the Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow was awarded the CertiPUR-US safety certificate.  The interlock material ensures increased smoothness and knitted inner lining, and you can worry less about emission.  This durable memory foam comes with a 5-year-warranty along with a 30-day full refund policy.  


The cover in the Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow can be washed with a machine.  It also has hypoallergenic features and dust mite resistance.  Before washing for the first time, kindly go through the directions included in the package. 

Customer reviews analysis


Suitable for all sleeping positions

Durable, comfortable, and soft

Reduces neck pains and snoring

Stays cool overnight

Impressive customer service 


Several clones are in the market

Durability may not be as much as the manufacturer specified

Users may need to wash and air before using for the first time

Best Stomach and Back Sleepers Memory Foam Pillow


Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Memory foam Pillow

Price: $39.95


General info

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

88% of satisfied customers

Measurements: 24 x 16 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 2.3 pounds


Perhaps, what makes the Bluewave memory foam pillow stand out is the double sleeping surface.  You have a very flat surface on one side and a rounded surface on the other side.  This guarantees both the side sleeper and back sleeper a comfortable night rest at all times.  There is an inbuilt gel infusion that takes in heat thus helping you to sleep cool.  


The Bluewave memory foam pillow is manufactured by combining several premium materials, with additional focus on all the aspects of the pillow.  There is no trace of mercury, lead, or any other heavy metals.  The foam is CertiPUR-US certified, and it emits negligible or no odor at all, considering its low VOC emissions. 


The cover found in the Bluewave memory foam pillow is a bamboo cover, which is washable and detachable.  It doesn’t emit or accumulate odors, and it wicks moisture from the skin naturally.  Hence, you can rest assured of sleeping cooler and better with this cover. 


This product comes with a 30-day full refund return policy.

Customer reviews analysis


It is very slim and durable

Emits no chemical or foul smell

Maximum comfort and support but reduced firmness


Not thick enough to offer adequate neck support for side sleepers

Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

Celliant Sleep Universal Memory Foam Pillow​​​​

Price: $52.99

Celliant-Sleep-Universal-Orthopedic-and-Ergonomic-Neck-Support-Memory-Foam-Pillow -review-by-snoremagazine

General info

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

81% of satisfied customers

Measurements: 21.5 x 15.6 x 4.7 inches

Weight: 3.1 pounds


Users are in love with the Celliant Sleep Universal Memory Foam Pillow’s ergonomic four-position cushion.  The flexible and adjustable cushion can be conformed to work with any sleeping position excellently.  There is a visco-elastic inner that ensures the seamless adaptation of the pillow to all body shapes while eliminating tension.  It removes joint and spinal pains by aligning the neck, head, and shoulders together with no pressure whatsoever. 


This bamboo, charcoal memory foam pillow is one of the best sleeping materials you will find in the current market.  It does offer not only excellent thermoregulation and ventilation but also a considerable assurance to stand the test of time.  The moisture control ensures that the pillow adjusts to any climate whatsoever. Users can also enjoy excellent pressure relief and adaptability, alongside antimicrobial features. 


You can easily remove the cover and wash it in a machine.  Made from durable and breathable double cloth, the cover on the Celliant Sleep Universal Memory Foam Pillow is environmentally friendly and keeps the user safe from bedbugs, mites, and moths.  The foam also comes with antibacterial features, along with more than 200 healing substances.  Hence, it is widely used in Asia as a remedy for sleeping issues. 

Interestingly, every unit of the Celliant Sleep Universal Memory Foam Pillow comes with a handy travel towel, which is a gift from the manufacturers

Customer reviews analysis


Amazing curve feature that comes handy for users that turn and toss

Tested and proven gentle therapeutic support for all sleepers, irrespective of sleeping positions

Comfortable, strong, and helps with snoring


The pillow must be aired before use

Editor’s Choice

Adjustable Health Pillow ​​​​

Price: $65.00

Pillow of Health CHOICE Adjustable Pillow Review by

General info

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer satisfaction: 90% 

Measurements: 118 x 8 x 8 inches

Weight: 4 pounds

Made in USA


This memory foam pillow comes with a cover that wicks moisture naturally, medical-grade soft inner liner, OptiAir fiber fill that can be adjusted, and a Certi-Pur memory foam with amazing resilience.  All these constitute the perfect pillow, which has been continuously recommended for people with apnea, neck and shoulder pain, snoring, allergies, orthopedic problems, and similar sleeping problems. 

The pillow can be adjusted by adding extra OptiAir Fill or removing some to have an extra soft, soft, medium, firm, or extra firm pillow.  Each unit comes with an OptiAir extra bag for free. 


The foam in this memory pillow is a CertiPur certified foam, along with medical-grade liners and covers. The pillow is not made with any harmful chemicals, and offers anti0microbial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistance features.  The excellent design makes the pillow 40x cooler and more breathable compared to its peers.  It bounces back faster due to its fill and resilience, and it doesn’t clump. 


The medical-grade cover wicks moisture away naturally.  Likewise, it can be washed and dried using a machine without losing the shape in the process.

Note that this pillow comes with a limited lifetime warranty – no other pillow offers such.  There is also a 30-day trial, which means you can return it if you don’t find it suitable after use at no cost.

Customer reviews analysis


Offers maximum durability and comfort

Reduces snoring significantly, along with shoulder and neck pain

100% adjustable

Offers excellent cooling effect and gentle therapeutic support for stomach, back, and side sleepers


It is heavy

Requires airing on first use to avoid unpleasant fabric smell

Best Ventilated Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

​Comfort and Relax Memory Foam Pillow

Price: $31.99

Cr-Sleep-Ventilated-Memory-Foam-Pillows- Contour-Pillowv-review-by-snoremagazine

General info

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

87% of satisfied customers

Measurements: 14 x 7.7 x 7.7 inches

Weight: 2.3 pounds


This pillow foam comes in a contoured design which fits easily to the head and the neck weight of the user.  It also adjusts to the curves aligning the head and neck with the upper part of the spine, to give the user a seamless and quality night rest.  This pillow also helps to reduce stress, snoring, and insomnia.  The two-in-one ergonomic function in this pillow offers users the opportunity to choose between a higher contour and a lower contour, based on their preferences.  Thus, it is suitable for all sleepers and does really well to help people suffering from severe pains. 


Using the Air Cell technology with premium ventilation, this gel memory foam offers better airflow and ensure that the upper body parts do not get hot while the user is sleeping.  There are no traces of any harmful ingredients in the pillow, including formaldehyde, methane chloride, or PBDE.  It also creates a special protective barrier against bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other allergens.  There is a CertiPUR-US safety certification for the foam.  


With 35% Tencel and 65% polyester, the softness of this pillow cover is remarkable. Fortunately, it can be removed and washed in a machine.  Keep in mind that although there may be an odor of fresh foam or smell, this causes no harm to the user.  In most cases, the smell stops after 20 minutes of unpacking and airing the pillow.  The inner core is best cleaned with a wet cloth. 

Never put the memory foam pillows in the washing machine – only the cover!

Customer reviews analysis


Helps against back and neck pains

Offers impressive cooling effect

It is good for sufferers of chronic cervical pain

Excellent firmness and softness

Made from high-quality materials and products


Users must air before use

Takes time to return to original shape after unboxing

The cooling effect is only maintained by constant turning

Best Memory Foam Pillow Buying Guide

What is memory foam? 

Memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam. It is made of polyurethane with extra chemicals which serves to enhance the viscosity as well as the density of the foam. With the open bubbles present, it allows for the creation of a micro-matrix through which air is free to flow according to the pressure changes of the material – that is according to the movement of your head. The first time of discovery of memory foam was when NASA was assessing new materials to enhance impact cushioning for their objectives. One of the major characteristics of memory foam is that it reacts to body heat at high densities; consequently, it can conform and mold quickly.

Now, why is memory foam pillow unique? Why should you change your habit and attempt new sleeping materials?

Regardless of your favorite sleeping position, memory foam can mold according to the shape of your neck and head, and as a result, it offers perfect comfort level and support to users. Its design will almost take the shape of your body.

By choosing the right pillow, it can alleviate pressure on your neck and head. Also, using the correct pillow offers solid, yet soft and convenient support. Essentially, a pillow is meant to support the neck’s curve naturally – which is one of the delicate parts of the body. The curve of the neck has to be checked and maintained with care. By using a pillow of the right shape, texture, and size, the muscles of your back and neck – that serves you rigorously while awake – will have the right chance to relax and recover fully, and as a result, making the subsequent day easier.

Ideally, memory foam pillows are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. These features make them the perfect choice for asthma patients and individuals suffering from allergies. Generally, they offer more hygienic condition compared to the conventional feather pillows.

In the event that you are disturbed while sleeping through snores and sleep apnea, using memory foam will provide ample support for your neck, keep your head elevated, clears the airways and enable you to breathe easily while sleeping. While the traditional pillows mostly come in a single shape and size, memory foam can be easily stiffened, shaped and softened to suit the user’s body correctly. Also, you may benefit from the temperature-regulating feature of some specific memory foams or the cover that comes with them, and which enables you to sleep cool across the night.

A bonus: it is not necessary to fluff your pillows once you wake up. Memory foam requires low maintenance as it will always recover its true shape after using it.

Traditional Down Pillow vs. Memory Foam Pillow

Useful for the side sleepers

For several reasons, people have decided to choose the foam over the more conventional options. While some people, most especially back-sleepers, choose the feathered option since they need minimal neck and head support, several others, particularly the side-sleepers, prefer to use foam due to the level of satisfaction they get.

Generally, the side-sleepers often experience stiff necks every morning as a result of improper spinal alignment. The “neutral position,” as the experts will put it, is the best position for the neck while resting. At this position, the natural curve of the neck will set perfectly and at the right angle so as to prevent excessive bending or compressing of the joints. Several side sleeper options are currently available in the market, and the majority of them are made with foams.

Useful for allergic patients

As for individuals that have suffered allergies for an extended period without any relief, the problem may be positioned under the head. It has been found that the likes of duck feather, conventional goose down as well as synthetic pillows lead to allergic reactions. Dust mites and millions of fungal spores are usually found in most conventional feathered pillows as they establish miniature ecosystems for the organisms. These creatures alongside your sweat while sleeping forms a hotbed for the growth of bacteria which results in allergic reactions.

The best and long-term solution is to choose a more hypoallergenic and safer option such as the memory foam pillow.

Neck Pain relief

Neck pain is usually the primary reason to change the pillow. Although such pain can result from several conditions such as genetics, sports injuries, vehicle crashes, however, by applying for incorrect neck support with these conditions will only worsen the issues by adding tension and stress to the back and the neck.

It is pertinent to have your neck and head raised to a certain height while trying to relieve neck pain. One of the effective means to do such is through the use of memory foam pillows since they contain polyurethane which is designed to offer a “melting in” feeling and raised support which enhances the total comfort.

Types Of Memory Foam Pillows

Perhaps, you are searching for the perfect memory foam pillow, endeavor to peruse the following types to discover the suitable option for you:

•    The Traditional Pillow: there is nothing that can be compared to the comfort which a traditional pillow provides. Most people have spent their whole life using the traditional pillows every night; hence, a need to switch to another option may not be the best move. Even though a traditional pillow resembles a regular pillow, their primary material differs. Compared to other memory foam types, the traditional pillow is believed to provide enhanced airflow so as to maintain a cool feeling while sleeping. In several situations, shredded memory foam is applied for such a pillow.

•    The contour pillow: this pillow is the most famous kinds of memory foam pillows currently apart from the traditional pillow. As a matter of fact, there are several options with the different price range. Due to its high solidity and contoured appearance, you can easily recognize a contour pillow. It is made with a dipped center in which you can have your head cradled and also offers top support to your neck. Furthermore, contour pillow is beneficial for reducing snoring and facilitating great spinal alignment as well as enhance circulation of blood.

•    The Neck Roll Pillow: the name perfectly describes this pillow. It has a circular shape which is advisable for people with neck pains and backaches. Although it works fine at night; however, most people relish more satisfaction while traveling with it since it is more compact and can be easily taken on a journey. Nevertheless, if you aim to choose a pillow that will serve you every night, it might not be the best option for you.

•    The Wedge Pillow: this pillow is also quite popular. Basically, it is shaped in the form of a wedge. This pillow may be the best option for people that love to sleep on two or three pillows so as to support their body and keep the head raised. Also, wedge pillow has been advised for people with snoring issues, leg pains, acid reflux problem, and heartburns among others by the therapists.

•    The V-shaped Pillow: this pillow is fast becoming popular among the masses since you only need a piece by using it. There are some people that love using one or two pillows to support their head and a pillow to hold across the night. People that sleep on their tummy or side will prefer the V-shaped pillow since it provides better neck support, feels snug as well as comfortable.

•    The Egg Crate Pillow: usually, this pillow is made with a contoured shape and a little bump for additional texture. Also, as a result, it offers extra support. Since memory foam has heat retention quality, egg crate pillow is an excellent option since it provides an enhanced flow of air.

Materials Present in Memory Foam Pillows

Traditional Memory Foam

This basically means the common one solid piece of foam, which is ideal for people interested in sinking slowly and deeply into their pillow.  This type of pillow usually yields to pressure and end up molding the shape of the user.  Considering that it is a single solid piece, there is lesser fluffing or folding.  It will most likely draw in more heat from the user, thus leading to sleeping hot.  

Supine position sleepers will find traditional memory foam great; after all, they hardly do serious pillow-folding while sleeping.  Fortunately, they ease pressure in important places and are very adaptable and durable. 

Shredded Memory Foam

The attention is now on shredded memory foam, which usually comes in shreds, noodles, strands, or chunks.  Whichever way, the foam can be broken into different pieces, and this facilitates movement in the pillow to give users more pushing, pressing, or molding freedom to suit their preferences. 

There is also more coolness in the pillow, all thanks to the improved airflow from the separate pieces of foam. You get a faster response to pressure from shredded memory foam compared to traditional memory foam.  However, the former still offers the customary pillow sink feeling, and the feeling is that of a blend of firmness and plushness. 

Blended Memory Foam

In blended memory foam, a higher level of support and comfort is achieved by combining the memory foam along with other materials.  The extra materials improve the support, body-conformation features of the foam.  This makes it possible to personalize the memory foam for the precise use of the user, by adding all the required traits.  For instance, some people love the response of memory foam to pressure. However, they also prefer the fluffing feel that comes with some pillows.  In such cases, the ideal pillow would be a blended pillow comprising shredded memory foam and Kapok or microfiber.  Several other material combinations can be combined with the memory foam to get the desired effect or feeling – it all depends on the preference of the user.

Shredded Memory Foam vs. Traditional Memory Foam

Price – Shredded pillows can cost more than the average memory foam pillow, which costs between $50 and $60.

Durability – With time, the traditional memory foam will lose its firmness or form indentations. Likewise, a shredded pillow that is not regularly fluffed can become lumpy. 

Support – You get a considerable level of support from both foam pillow types.

Noise – It doesn’t matter whether your memory foam is the traditional or shredded design; they are hardly noisy.

Weight – The shredded pillows weigh slightly lesser than the one-piece memory foams, although their weight is more compared to feather or down pillow types.

Smell – Memory foam pillows are known to produce foul odors, although the level varies across the type of products. 

Washing – Washing machines are not suitable for washing one-piece memory foam pillows; instead, they should be spot cleaned.  You can was shredded pillows in washing machines.

Loft Options – The firmness of most memory foam pillows are medium-to-firm, and the loft, medium-to-high.  However, you may have different settings in certain pillows.  

Firmness Options – You can still get some few designs with a Medium rating. However, the normal firmness level obtained in memory foam pillows is fine for most users. 

Availability – You can easily get both one-piece and shredded memory foam pillows in the market.

Sizes of Memory Foam Pillows

Below are the most common sizes of memory pillows;

Standard Size

This is the most common pillow size, usually the shortest and most compact.  It costs the least, with dimensions of 20W and 26L.

Queen Size

These pillows are longer than the standard-sized pillows (by four inches). So, if you need less compactness in your pillow, or you turn and toss or shift while sleeping, the queen size bed is ideal for you.  The dimension is 20W and 30L.

King Size 

At 20W and 36L, the king-sized memory foam pillows are longer than the Queen sized (by two inches).  Thus, you get additional padding, which comes handy for the restless sleepers.  Also, if you are the type that sits up in the bed to watch TV or read, you can use king-sized pillows as back- or head-rest.

Body Size

The dimension of a body-sized memory foam pillow is 54W x 20L or 48W x 20L.  Hence, they offer more width, which is suitable for users that like snuggling with their pillows while sleeping.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Foam Pillows

While speaking about the pros and cons of memory foam pillows, it is crucial to consider the fact that one-piece pillows offer some specific benefits which cannot be found with shredded foam pillows and vice versa. However, before we proceed, there are some general benefits and drawbacks of the two forms of memory foam pillow which you should know about. They are as follows:


•    Pain and Pressure Relief: this particular advantage offers several other benefits to the users of memory foam pillows. Memory foam is quite useful when it comes to relieving the pressure points since it is designed to adjust the body temperature of its user. For instance, if you have a painful neck, it will have a different level of temperature compared to the other body parts. Memory foam is created to adjust to such temperature and increase or reduce pressure as required.

•    Effective Neck and Head Support: generally, memory foam is firmer compared to the regular feather-type pillow. It takes the shape of your curves as well as head and neck. As a result, it offers excellent support.

•    Consistent Shape over time: primarily, memory foams are constructed with polyurethane; this material is quite durable and can remain useful for an extended period. Hence, you will less likely experience sagging or damage to your memory foam pillow. Although memory foam adjusts to the shape of your neck and head; however, it recovers its initial shape immediately the pressure is removed. Such quality allows the product to last longer when compared to the conventional pillows, which is usually due for a replacement within a space of one to three years.

•    Noise: this kind of pillow is almost silent while compressed. As a result, it is a befitting option for individuals who wake up easily while sleeping at night – or sleeping with a partner.

•    Motion transfer resistance: memory foam pillow is famous due to how easily it resists movement. During the first recognition of the memory foam mattress, it allows the cushion to create a mold around the head in order to support the head and neck effectively. This advantage has also been found to reduce snoring, courtesy of the foam that sustains the neck alignment and keeps the air passages open.

•    Low maintenance: memory form requires less maintenance duties to remain useful. By using a hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant cover which is washable, you will have little to worry about as you keep your pillow neat.


•    Heat retention:  memory foam pillow is made with polyurethane which retains heat across the night. Over the years, this issue has been relayed by users, and therefore, some techniques have been suggested to assist in cooling off the memory foam.

•    Off-gassing:  the presence of unpleasant smell that characterizes memory foam for some days or a few weeks is one of its most complained challenges. And since there are several options available in the market, the odor can particularly put off customers. Nevertheless, by leaving it in an open space every day, the smell will soon be gone.

•    Price: contrary to the other kinds of pillows, memory foam pillows are costlier. Some memory foam pillows price is enough to purchase three to five common pillows.

Now that we have understood the general pros and cons of memory foam pillow let’s consider the specific advantages and disadvantages of one-piece memory foam pillows as well as shredded memory foam pillows.

1.    Moldability: compared to the one-piece variety, shredded memory foam pillows can be easily molded. Thus, people who love to scrunch their pillows prefers shredded memory foam pillows.

2.    Shape: while the materials of shredded memory foam pillows usually bunch up and turn lumpy, one-piece memory foam pillows, on the other hand, needs no fluffing at all.

3.    Weight: unlike the one-piece kind, shredded memory foam pillows have lesser weight, and as a result, they can be easily carried around and modify during the night.

Back, Side, And Stomach Sleepers And The Best Pillow In Each Case 

A common saying among sleep professionals goes thus “the pillow makes the bed.” This saying simply implies that the pillow is highly vital concerning having quality sleep. While it is possible to get the perfect mattress that suits your sleeping style in terms of the right balance between support and comfort; however, regardless of the ideal mattress, a wrong pillow might make you experience pain and stiffness once you wake up.

It is crucial to understand the relationship between your sleep style and your ideal pillow since pillows are vital towards keeping a proper spinal alignment. Hence, endeavor to peruse these useful tips for each sleep style.

•    Back Sleepers

It has been found that 10% of sleepers are back sleepers; hence, it is a very rare sleep style. However, back sleepers enjoy better spinal alignment, and this position is good for general well-being. In fact, it is advisable for people suffering from poor circulation or neck pain.

Sometimes, sleeping on the back can misalign the neck. For this reason, it is necessary to use a pillow that enhances neck and head support. A perfect pillow for back sleepers would be one with a higher loft. Therefore, ensure that you choose a firmer pillow if you prefer to sleep with your back.

Ideal pillow varieties for back sleepers include:

i.    Medium memory foam pillows: this variety adjusts to the curves of the neck and head gently as well as provide enough support and aligns the spine properly. Memory foam pillows are likely to sleep hotter; but, you may get rid of night sweats or sleep hot by choosing a memory foam with cooling gel infusion to keep the temperature perfect if you love the comfort level which its offer.

ii.    Medium-firm latex foam pillows: this variety is particularly handy if you like the contouring support which memory foams offer but prefers to sleep cool too. Just like memory foam, latex pillows offer contouring support but have better breathability and also, they react quickly to the motion.

iii.    Customized Shredded foam pillows: this variety are usually over-stuffed; hence, they can be modified by removing some foams to make it lighter. Shredded memory foam has better adaptability, and consequently, it is a go-to-get option for every kind of sleeper.

•    Side Sleepers

This group constitute close to 74% of sleepers, and as a result, it forms the most common sleep style. Side sleeping is not actually wrong for aligning the spine. But, since the position may result in pressurizing the joints as well as back, it becomes pertinent to choose the correct pillows as a side sleeper.

By sleeping on your side, your head will be considerably higher than the mattress; hence, it is crucial to use a pillow with ample loft to maintain the alignment of the neck and the upper back. Side sleepers have to use pillows with a higher loft. So, ensure to consider a firmer pillow if you are a side sleeper.

Perfect pillows for side sleepers include:

i.    Firmer memory foam pillows: without a doubt, memory foam is advisable for people that need extra back and shoulder support due to its contouring features which help to maintain the alignment of neck and spine. All you need to do is to pick a firmer memory foam pillow because it offers extra loft which you need to guard your head against falling into your shoulder.

ii.    High loft latex foam pillows: naturally, this foam variety has better breathability as well as responsiveness compared to the memory foam. Hence, for those who despair the sinking feeling that comes with memory foam, latex pillow is the best option. Also, latex foam is suitable for people that move while sleeping since it has contouring and supportive features as well as reacts faster to motions.

iii.    Shredded memory foam pillows: generally, shredded memory foam pillows are always filled with excess contents; hence, it can be easily modified by taking out some of the foam to get the desired loft. Side sleepers only have to remove a small amount of the foam – or none - to get a loft. In order to find the correct loft using a shredded memory foam pillow, ensure that you sleep on your back without curving your neck or pressing your shoulder deeply into the mattress.

•    Stomach Sleepers

16% of all sleepers are categorized as stomach sleepers; hence, they are much more than the back sleepers. One of the worst positions to align the spine is through sleeping on the stomach. However, you can sleep on your stomach without putting excess pressure on your neck or upper back.

Because sleeping on the stomach results in a forced curving of the neck and upper body, several sleep specialists suggests that people who sleep on their stomach should raise their body with a large pillow so as to minimize an extreme twisting. Stomach sleeper has to consider the kind of pillow they will use in order to prevent extreme pressure on the shoulders, jaw and neck while sleeping.

Ideal pillows for stomach sleepers include:

i.    Down or down alternative pillows: Down and feather pillows are quite soft; hence, they are an excellent option for stomach sleepers. People who sleep on their stomach have to place their head near the mattress as much as possible. Therefore, since down pillows flat out easily make them an ideal option to reduce pressure on the upper back and the neck.

ii.    Low-loft latex foam pillows:  this variety of foam is cooler and reacts instantly to every move of its user. A low-loft latex foam pillow is an excellent option for establishing the right space between the user and the mattress while keeping the spine aligned properly.

iii.    Shredded memory foam pillows: in this case, the foams of the shredded memory foam pillows have to be hugely removed to suit the stomach sleepers. Since, generally, shredded memory foam pillows are stuffed excessively, removing more than half of the content is always easy. Essentially, stomach sleepers should ensure that the head is not more than an inch from the mattress unless your kind of body requires more space.

 Regardless of your sleeping position, you have to choose the ideal mattress that befits your specific sleeping demands and preferences. If you do so, and you still have back pain or soreness after your slumber, then, you should check your bed. Ensure that you find out the reason and replace your mattress if need be.

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Ideal Memory Foam Pillow

•    Your sleeping style

How you sleep significantly influence the kind of pillow that will suit you. You have to choose the right comfort or mix of qualities to get the best cervical support you need. The aesthetic and comfortable feel of a pillow doesn’t mean that it will last enough for your sleep. Hence, while checking for your ideal pillow, endeavor to obtain a pillow that suits your personal needs and preferences.

•    If you sleep warm or not

Memory foam reduces airflow because of its structure. Hence, it is advisable to check for gel infused variety of memory foam, padded memory foam or shredded foams which comes with enhanced breathability.

•    If you wake up with pains and aches

Waking up with pains in the morning is never desirable to anyone. Hence, ensure that you check for contour memory foam pillow that enables the correct relaxation and support of neck and also, maintains the body at the right level. In this case, the popular option is Quality foams since they don’t flat out across the night.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow and its Applications  

Contrary to the other regular pillows, contour memory foam pillow is special. The reason is that the memory foam pillow does not only makes its user quite comfortable but also never loses shape regardless of the duration of use. This pillow is capable of such performance because memory foam is made with chemicals which enables the pad to recover its original shape when left alone. Consequently, the pad does not only offer a safe sleeping position but also help to save funds since it has high durability.

Advantages Of Using Contour Memory Foam Pillow

•    Useful for the treatment of neck

For people with neck challenges, several treatments are available to correct the situation such as physical therapy, drug prescription, and other kinds of therapy. In some cases, neck pains may be caused by using the wrong pillow or non-availability of enough support while sleeping. Primarily, you can prevent yourself from undertaking the therapies listed above (which can be quite expensive based on the number of therapies you will need) by using contour pillows rather than the regular pillows. Additionally, in a situation where you find yourself having neck problems, contour pillows might be really handy since it is an effective and cheap therapy for correcting injuries such as neck pains.

•    Contour pillows do not have any adverse effects

Most of the other drugs for relaxing the muscle often works, but with adverse effects, particularly when used for a long period; however, using memory foam leads to no side effects, and still, it offers similar effectiveness as the prescriptions. As mentioned earlier, using muscle relaxing drugs leads to some adverse effects, some of them include dizziness, drowsiness, most especially for individuals that work with heavy machines or carries heavy materials. The best advice is to choose the natural and safest means of relaxing muscles; such a way is through contour pillows.

•    Makes users comfortable while sleeping

In most cases, neck pains are caused as a result of wrong positioning during sleep. However, by using a contour pillow, you will likely witness such challenges since it is constructed with memory foam that offers softness and the comfort level to users across the night.

•    Durable pads

Contour pillows have better durability since they are built with quality memory foam materials which maintain their natural aesthetic and feel while left alone compared to the conventional pillows that need replacement once they wear out after a specific period.

Useful Tips For Choosing An Ideal Contour Pillow

•    Comfort level: Your comfort is a vital aspect to consider while choosing a contour pillow. Endeavour to check the feel of the pillow for softness and comfortable use. Also, the size of the pillow affects the comfort level as a small-size designed for the kids will never make an adult comfortable. Therefore, ensure that you purchase a pillow that offers adequate support while sleeping without endangering your back and neck.

•    Material: contour pillow filled with memory foam has a better soft feeling and recover its original shape when not in use. Hence, prior to purchasing a pillow, endeavor to check the highlighted items; this can be done by perusing the ingredients of pad production present on the paper backs. Furthermore, make sure that the pillow comes with the appropriate shape – contour pillow has a special appearance that differs from regular pillows.

Different Sleeping Positions And The Right Contour Pillow In Each Case

1.    Back-sleep position

In order to enjoy sleeping on the back, a pillow is required to sustain and fill the space at the back of the head and the upper back. Otherwise, the head will fall in a down ward direction while the chin will tilt. As a result, it will lead to significant stress on the neck. It is pertinent to place the large area of contour pillow below the neck and near the shoulder to offer a straight and convenient posture.

2.    Side-sleeping position

You have to place the large part of the pillow under the neck and close to the shoulder so as to maintain the right state of the neck. By doing this, you will be preventing the neck from straining during your slumber.

3.    Stomach-sleeping position

While some individuals enjoy sleeping on their stomach, this position is inadvisable. However, while using contour pillow as a stomach sleeper, it is best advised to put a small segment of the pillow under your neck but further down the chest so as to support the top part and prevent extreme neck motion as well as back aches. Take note that using contour pillow with this position can affect your breathing performance.

Considering the information given above, it is safe to conclude that contour pillows are the perfect choice to use as well as reliable. Apart from the comfort which this pillow offers during sleep, also, it safeguards the back from injury by making sure that every muscle is relaxed during slumber. 

In fact, several doctors have recommended contour pillow as the best for sleeping. In most cases, we suffer from neck and back injuries due to the wrong sleeping positions; however, by using the right pillow such as contour, it assists users in maintaining correct sleeping position since it shapes the upper body towards the correct sleeping posture. By purchasing a good contour pillow, you will be saving significantly and also prevent yourself from undergoing physical therapy as a result of back and neck pains which results from a wrong sleeping position.

Smells And Toxicity – How Safe Is Memory Foam For Use?

A brand new foam pillow usually comes with a characteristic smell that may last for a few days. Although in some cases, others hardly notice or experience this smell; however, a reliable memory foam pillow dealer will inform you about the chances of an unpleasant odor during purchase. Now, what is the reason behind the smell, and do you have to be concerned in terms of safety?

Why do memory foam pillow smell?

Ideally, a smelling memory foam pillow indicates that the product is brand new and has been recently produced. You will perceive an odor from a new foam product just as you would experience from a fresh leather.

What causes the smell?

Generally, the characteristic odor of a memory foam pillow comes from the polyurethane material. This material is vital to any chemically produced foam such as reflex foam, 4G Aircool memory foam, memory foam, etc. Hence, any pillow that has these foam contents within them will have the odor.

Polyurethane Foam 

This material is created from a mixture of liquid chemicals before it will be cooled and solidified. While mixing these liquid chemicals, it generates non-toxic gases. However, some of these gases are sealed inside the air pockets once the foam block solidifies. Hence, the possible smell that comes with polyurethane foam is the harmless gases which leave the memory foam pillow.

Are the gases classified as toxic?

In 2003, EUROPUR, which is an independent organization, carried out a study on the most dangerous substances which are likely to be generated by PU foam. The worst case found is that a mattress, which is much larger than a pillow, would release below 2% of the highest amount that a person could inhale from any of the substances discovered without causing any harm.

What if you use the bed for a long time than usual?

This scenario is possible, perhaps during recovery from an operation or keeping warm from cold weather; however, this condition has been checked too. According to the study performed by Sleep Products Safety Council concerning PU mattresses releasing odors to confined users on a bed, regardless of the level of exposure to the mattress or a more than usual emission from the mattress, still, it will remain entirely safe to use without any significant health challenges as a result.

Therefore, even though the smells of a brand new memory foam might be unpleasant, they are completely non-toxic.

Getting Rid Of The Smell From A Memory Foam Pillow

Now that the odor has been cleared as harmless, most people would want to understand how to remove the smell. Naturally, the odor should be gone within one or two days in a well-aerated room. However, if the smell persists, below are a few processes to enhance the smell’s disappearance:

•Leave all the windows and doors open to allow airflow.

•You can prop foam-only mattresses with their side against the wall to enable a free flow of air around the product.

•You can place pocket-sprung memory foam mattresses on a slated base to ensure that air touch the underside.

•Take away the cover; since our covers are breathable, putting them away will enhance airflow.

•You can get the odor absorbed by putting a bowl of white vinegar at the edge of the rooms.

•You can also place some bicarbonate of soda on the foam, let it stay for an hour and afterward, hoover up with the upholstery accessory.

Is Memory Foam Pillow Worth It, With The Smell?

First, you should know that it is unlikely that you will experience the smell. Since foams are produced in large quantity, gases usually escape, and the smell would have gone before they will be constructed into a mattress.

However, if you purchase your memory foam with a slight smell, between one or two days, the odor will be gone naturally without undertaking any special step to remove it. Hence, for the sake of a little puff; it is safe to admit that it’s a worthy investment.

Snoring and Sleeping Apnea: can memory foam neck pillow assist in such situations?

Most producers, doctors, and dealers consistently give high regard to memory foam pillow when it comes to helping apnea patients. Also, by using memory beds, your snoring might be reduced considerably. 

Undoubtedly, one of the best anti-snore aids is memory foam pillows. These pillows assist in preventing blockage of airways by separating the palate and throat as well as offering outstanding neck support. With an open airway, you will feel more comfortable to breathe, and consequently, your snoring will reduce significantly. Side sleeping is allowed by the majority of the memory foam pillows as it alleviates the possibility of snoring.

Opinions Of Apnea Patients Who Uses Memory Foam Pillows; Does It Really Help?

Types of Memory Pillow

A pillow that offers much the comfort level by supporting the neck and head properly is highly crucial, particularly since side-sleeping is advisable for a sleep condition such as apnea. However, two kinds of memory pillows are available.

Neck Pillows: this type is also referred to as cervical or contour pillows. They are created for neck and head-cradling as well as to support the spine. With ease, you can recognize neck pillows with their characteristic valley-shape structure and double curve.

Conventionally-shaped Pillows: There are some memory foam pillows that made in the conventional shapes. However, regardless of the shape, a top-quality memory foam pillows become soft with body temperature and contour near the neck and head to enhance comfort and support. However, a question persists; will this sufficiently relieve apnea?

Several apnea patients concede that contour neck pillows are more useful for side sleeping compared to the conventionally shaped products due to their ergonomic structure and slightly raised top. Nevertheless, both types of memory foam can generate challenges for people using CPAP or related machines as well as masks.

Challenges of Using a Memory Foam Pillow

High firmness, and tendency to push the mask towards the face – consequently leading to sore nose and headaches – are few of the most common complaints about pillows associated with apnea. Also, pillows can push the masks during slumber and as a result, leads to leaks.

Among the two types, memory contour pillows have a lesser tendency to shift masks compared to the conventionally-shaped pillows; however, they have more tendency to do the same compared to the highly soft, customary pillows. A viscoelastic pillow which lacks enough softness may be caused by:

•Sleeping space, which is cool, may delay the heat-reactiveness of the memory foam, and consequently, makes it firmer initially.

•Some supposed memory foam pillows lack genuine heat-reactiveness viscoelastic foam and as a result, fails to soften at body temperature.

•Quality pillows will contain high-density foam that will take some time to fail. While in the period of breaking in, they will considerably stand firm.

An absence of tall, firm edge on which a user can suspend the mask while sleeping on the side or stomach is another problem of many memory pillows. Generally, a higher quality foam is expected to have higher foam density as well as firmer pillow edge.

Problems Associated With Memory Foam Pillows And The Solutions

While they may be annoying to several apnea patients, there are some memory foam pillow related challenges that have solutions:

•    It is most advisable to wait for some time prior to using memory foam pillow if you have never used a CPAP or related mask before. It is more challenging to adjust to the CPAP and memory foam pillow simultaneously than getting used to CPAP first, followed by contour pillow.

•    Majority of apnea patients have realized that they can modify their sleeping position to enhance the comfort level if the memory pillow has a firmer feel. A notable solution is by sleeping while your head is not really on its side – close to 85◦ from the center instead of 90◦).

•    By tightening the straps, some apnea patients have successfully use memory foam pillows and avoid shifting of masks while sleeping. Take note that this may be highly comfortable.

•    Cutting out a “c” shaped segment to leave space between the mask and the hose has been found to be a more practical solution to the problem of memory foam pillows pushing mask during sleep.

•    Apnea condition can also be helped by sleeping on a raised platform. Most people have realized that putting a wedge-shaped foam under the pillow assists their situation. However, take note that an elevated platform may make your stomach or side uncomfortable.

Without a doubt, memory foam pillows offer several benefits; however, only you know what is best for you. You are the only person that can understand what makes you feel comfortable while sleeping.

Shoulder Pain Relief: Do Memory Foam Pillows Help?

If you are suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an injured shoulder, having a peaceful night can be hard to come by as you will likely keep strolling and rolling all over your bed across the night. Hence, it is best to understand the causes of shoulder pain as well as therapeutic solutions to reduce the pain and sleep peacefully.

Most times, people consider their mattress as the reason behind their neck pain when they wake up with a painful neck; however, the mattress is rarely to blame for neck pain nor the sleeping position of the concerned person. Rather, it is usually as a result of using the wrong pillow. Using the right pillow can be particularly useful in reducing shoulder pain while the situation may deteriorate by using the wrong one. Specifically, your sleeping position and shoulder pain must be evaluated together.

You will likely worsen the situation by sleeping on your back and bending your head forward or sleeping your side and bending your head considerably to the side. Sleeping on your stomach with a twisted head and pushed toward an odd angle will even make the situation worse than the previous two sleeping conditions.

Ideally, the best pillow to choose is one that adapts to your position. Therefore, most people benefit significantly from using memory foam contour pillows. When you use this pillow, your head will relax in the center depression while your neck will relax on a less raised side by sleeping on your back or a more raised side while sleeping with your side.

With the pressure relieve points and cooling gel technology made with memory foam pillow, it helps to reduce the pain by adjusting to the body temperature and develop a convenient space to sleep peacefully.

Why Should You Use Memory Foam Pillow To Alleviate Shoulder Pains?

1.    Memory foam pillow offers therapeutic solutions to shoulder pain, headache as well as neck stiffness. It contours to the shape of the body and ensures the alignment of the small bone in the neck and spine.

2.    Memory foam pillow is made of top-quality material as well as viscoelastic memory foam. Hence, they are created to befit all sleeping positions and ensure that the curve of the head, shoulder and the neck are aligned properly.

3.    Memory foam pillows are made with cooling gel technology which offers a cooling effect and painless sleep to users since it doesn’t overheat.

4.    Memory foam pillows are built with breathable materials which adapt to the body temperature naturally.

5.    This foam alleviates the pressure surrounding the joint and shoulders by enabling a fantastic sleep experience.

6.    Also, it provides the utmost the comfort level by allowing the muscles to relax completely.

Ideal Memory Foam Pillow Options for Shoulder Pains

Gel Memory Foam Pillow: this variety is an excellent choice for people who sleep on their sides but have shoulder pain. With the in-built gel technology, it will reduce pain by alleviating pressure that conforms to the neck, head, and shoulder. Also, it holds and dissipates heat to offer a pain-free and convenient sleep. This pillow comes with a pattern that supports the shoulder and maintains a neutral shoulder and neck position to provide a peaceful sleep experience.

Memory Foam Pillow: it enables the muscles in the shoulder and neck to relax fully as well as ease them. Memory foam is dust-mint resistant, possess anti-bacterial qualities and hypoallergenic. Also, it has a contour shape.

Memory Foam Cervical Pillow: Injury which results from adjacent soft tissues is related to prolonged shoulder pain. However, this pillow helps to undertake relaxation of ligaments, muscles, tendons and also reduce shoulder pain.

Contour Pillow for Shoulder Pain Relief: this pillow is created with a contour shape that offers adequate support to neck and shoulder. With the contour shape, it can adapt to the body posture and take the pillow shape accordingly. You will likely experience a reduced pressure off your shoulder by using this pillow.

Getting a top-notch memory foam pillow which can assist in reducing neck problems is a reliable means of experiencing a peaceful night sleep. Apart from the fact you will relish waking up with no stiffed neck, you will also have a better sleep experience since you won’t be forced awake by pain or excruciating headache.

Most individuals that sleep peacefully tend to enjoy the greater joy, low-stress level, and improved life quality. While it might be challenging to understand that a product such as a neck support memory foam pillow can profoundly influence life positively, however, it is a pure truth. Choose an excellent pillow that suits your neck and enjoy a better life experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Who should get a memory foam pillow?

Generally, memory foam pillows are excellent choice for the following group of sleepers:

•Individuals who sleep on their side since such sleeping position demands extra support for alignment of the spine as well as targeted pressure relief.

•Individuals who sleep on their backs tend to feel more comfortable using shredded memory foam pillows as a result of its moldability.

•Individuals who likes to sleep on pillows which are comparatively of high loft or pillows that fall between the medium and firm.

•An individual that sleep using pillow between their knees as well as primary head pillow as a result of back or leg pain.

2.    What are the conditions in which memory foam pillows are not advised?

The following groups may find memory foam pillows inconvenient:

•Stomach-sleepers, because using memory foam can offer a dense feel and it can be extremely thick to people who sleep in that position.

•Individuals who sleeps hot because memory foam has heat-retaining capacities unlike other kinds of pillow materials.

•Individuals that react to smell since memory foam pillows may release unpleasant off-gassing smells.

3.    Does memory foam sleep hot?

Regardless of whether it serves as content to mattress or pillow, one of the common complaints of memory foam is that it holds heat and makes people feel hot – which is an unpleasant condition. Memory foam is capable of holding and retaining heat; consequently, making the sleeping space hot. This mostly occurs during the late night after sleeping on your bed for a few hours.

Several brands have adopted different methods to assist customers in remaining cool while using memory foam mattress or pillows. Such methods include:

•Plant-based foam: this type of memory foam uses an aspect of the plant-based ingredients, mostly soy.

•Gel-infused pads or layers: incorporating a gel layer in to or on the foam products is still a debatable matter concerning whether it is effective or not.

•Phase Change Materials (PCM):  some companies use phase change materials with their memory foam. These materials are created to take in body heat which you emit while sleeping.

•Ventilated foam: basically, solid materials of molded memory foam do possess small holes within them to enhance airflow in the foam.

•Shredded foam: there are several kinds of shredded memory foam available in the market. However, the fundamental idea is to allow air movement between the foam pieces, preventing it from feeling hot.

4.    How to care for your memory foam pillow?

The maintenance of memory foam is quite easy to perform. You can spot-clean one-piece pillow frequently; however, endeavor not to wash them in machines. Regularly, ensure that you fluff shredded pillows so as to keep up a consistent shape. Furthermore, ensure that you abstain from washing your memory foam with a machine, but you might see some regular pillows with removable, washable covers in order to maintain the hygiene of the pillow.

5.    Can my memory foam become flat?

Ideally, memory foam doesn’t become flat easily; however, this depends on a few factors, particularly the kinds of memory foam pillow you are using. Undoubtedly, the memory foam pillow has great durability and can keep up its original shape across the night. Nevertheless, you will only experience such performance from memory foam pillow if the sleeper doesn’t prevent it. In other words, putting your arms below memory foam pillow will definitely render such pillow ineffective. Memory foam pillow is created to offer a convenient resting surface for your head, and not to serve as your teddy bear. If you use it as designed, without a doubt, it will surely last for a long time without becoming flat.

Compared to the regular pillows, memory foam pillows offer more flexibility on the human body. However, not every kind have superior effectiveness. Over time, they might become flat; hence, you need to obtain the ideal kind for your body.

It is possible not to find any model that maintains it strong form for life. However, you will surely get a high-quality model which will remain in its true shape for several years. At the same time, memory foam pillows are both soft and hard. They will continue to offer warmth to your body while maintaining a solid form for several years. Unlike most conventional pillows, they don’t shrink quickly. Also, they are mobile towards different kind of positions and yet, they will sustain their shape without flattening.

It is possible to experience some signs of flattening eventually; but, such experience will take several years to occur. So, a simple answer to your question is that yes, memory foam flats out but it will take several years for that to happen.

6.    What is the most recommendable memory foam pillow for stomach-sleepers?

Side and back sleepers are likely to find memory foam pillows more comfortable than the tummy sleepers. The reason is due to the sleeping positions of tummy sleepers which places more pressure on the neck side, and consequently, results in pains and headaches. Such sleeper tends to shift neck slightly higher on the pillow.

Hence, it is best advised for the tummy sleepers to purchase memory foam pillow that contours and takes the shape of their body so as to alleviate the pressure on the neck area. Also, it will be best for them to get softer pillows such as shredded memory foam pillows since they offer extra support and comfort to the upper side of the body.

7.    Why would I need a contour memory foam pillow?

By using a contour pillow, it will increase your comfort while sleeping by offering support to your neck and reducing the muscle tension. Contour pillows are perfect choice for people that sleep on their side since memory foam conforms to the head and neck shape. Also, this pillow offers support to your neck muscle; hence you won’t have to work hard to support your head. Consequently, they are the ideal option for people that suffer from frequent neck pain as well.

8.    Is density any significant?

When it comes to memory foam, density is significant. In fact, it may be more significant while purchasing a memory foam mattress. Although it can be quite challenging, however, based on studies, we have discovered that the higher the density, the more likely for the following to be true:

•High price: high density requires more material; hence, there is direct proportionality between price and density level.

•Enhanced durability: ideally, higher density implies that your mattress will last for an extended period.

•Extra support and pain relief: you will experience additional support with more density. Also, higher density foam offers better contouring to the body. As for people with back pain, it is best advised to get higher density foam mattress.

9.    Do you have to worry about the smell?

Once you unpack your memory foam box, you will likely perceive the characteristic odor that comes with the foam. The reason is that such a smell often gets trapped while packaging the product from the production line. Hence, it is advisable to air it out for at least 24 hours before you will use it. But, if you are concerned about the emission from your pillow, endeavor to check that the product is CertiPUR-US endorsed. With such endorsement, certainly, the odor does not contain any harmful content such as heavy metals, formaldehyde, and some flame retardants.

10.    Memory foam pillows: are they costly?

If you aim to obtain a quality and convenient sleep product, the price will matter less. While memory foam may be quite expensive compared to regular products, their importance goes far beyond their price. They are quite flexible, and yet, sufficiently firm. Additionally, memory foam pillows don’t flat out quickly like the regular pillows. Ultimately, purchasing a memory foam pillow is seen as a worthy bargain in terms of sleep quality.

11.    What makes memory foam pillow outstanding?

Without a doubt, memory foam pillow is a worthy and sustainable investment. First, it does not become flat easily as it maintains an original shape for several years. Also, you will be guaranteed of using the foam for many years due to its solid material structure. Furthermore, since the foam is quite flexible, it can regain its true shape every time you stand up from it – this is one of major advantages of this kind of pillow.

Memory foam pillows are neither toxic nor dangerous to breathe since they contain synthetic materials. Also, it prevents the presence of dust mites as well as the growth of bacteria and fungus – this is particularly beneficial to people that are allergic to dust mites and feathers.

You will experience a uniform pressure at your head and neck as a result of the construction of the memory foam pillow. Also, as a result, it ensures that all aspect of your body experiences a balance comfort level. Furthermore, memory foam pillow offers support to the spots where mostly needed and consequently relieves the whole body.

If you do experience back pain, neck pain and headaches frequently, it is due to an unbalance alignment of the spine. Such situations can be corrected by using a memory foam pillow. By placing your head and back on the sleeping-pillow, the weight and heat of your body will encourage the pillow to conform to your body. Consequently, it will relieve your body of any pain. Additionally, you will experience great spinal alignment by using memory foam pillow – this ensures adequate relaxation of your muscles.

Undoubtedly, several health benefits come from using memory foam pillow while sleeping. They offer heat-sensitive cushioning insulation to your upper body – this implies that whenever a sleeper applies pressure, memory foam conforms and shapes accordingly. Also, with its heat insulation feature, it adjusts adequately to the temperature of the body. As a result, memory foam offers a special shape to head and neck compared to the regular pillows.


No universal memory foam offers all the qualities or features.  This is because our sleeping preferences and habits are different and are always evolving. The memory foam pillows you consider great for some people will most likely be unsuitable for others.  Before you proceed to the market for a memory foam pillow, identify your needs or preferences and let these guide you in choosing your ideal fit.  You do not buy a memory foam pillow because it has all the fancy features, but because it meets your needs. Protection Status 


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