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Having a full house is sometimes inevitable.  From holidays to kids meet-up and slumber parties, hosting guests don’t seem to end.  However, this comes with a lot of adjustments, including creating sleeping space for your guests to sleep overnight.  While this can be challenging, there are easy ways of going about it, although most people aren’t aware of these options.  And this is where the sofa bed comes in.

By getting the best sofa bed for your home, you can rest assured of having everything about extra space for your guests under control.  Now, recognizing the need for a sofa bed is the easy part.  The challenging part, however, is knowing how to choose the right one for your home. With several options out there in the market, chances are you will be undecided on which is the best and why.

We understand this clearly, and this is where we have come up with this detailed guide on the best sleeper sofa.  This guide contains insights into the best options in the market, as per sofa sleepers or convertible sofa beds, as well as proven and helpful tips on choosing a bed that suits your needs the most out of the lots. 

The Best Sleeper Sofas

Emily Design - The Best Modern Sleeper Sofa

Sierra Sleep - The Best Sleeper Loveseat by Ashley Furniture

DHP Delaney - The Best Three-Seater Sleeper Sofa in Rich Faux Leather

The Best Corner Sleeper Sofa - FDW

Rivet Revolve - The Best Overall  Sleeper Sofa Bed

The Best Sleeper Sofa Table





The Best Modern Sleeper Sofa

Best Sleeper Sofa Review by


The Best Sleeper Loveseat

Ashley Furniture Best Sleeper Sofa Review by


The Best Three-Seater Sleeper Sofa

DHP Best Sleeper Sofa Review by


The Best Corner Sleeper Sofa

FDW Best Sleeper Sofa Review by


 The Best Overall  Sleeper Sofa Bed

Rivet Best Sleeper Sofa Review by


The Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Emily Design - The Best Modern Sleeper Sofa Review

Price:  $478.94

Best Sleeper Sofa Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 80% 

Sleeper dimensions: 70 x 30 x 15.4 inches

Chaise dimensions: 61.4 x 30 x 32 inches

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Here is a sofa bed/sleeper that sports a design that is not only unique but also 100% contemporary.  So, if you are a fan of staying true to the trend, this one is for you.  This bed easily outperforms its innerspring contemporaries.  The minimalist build coupled with the modern basic design makes it very suitable for sitting and sleeping.  The Emily Design is not necessarily built with comfort in consideration, so just consider it as a bed that should be used only when it is essential.  It is quite affordable and will definitely deliver as promised. 

Talking about the modern design of this sleeper sofa, it is safe to say that the manufacturers have projected into the future by coming up with such a masterpiece.  Perhaps, this is why the bed has enjoyed wide acceptance among the youth.  There are metal support legs on the four ends, and the cushions are generously covered with faux white leather.  You can fold the two-piece sofa sets. Thus it is suitable for sitting uprightly or sleeping (by lying flat down).

However, before you proceed to buy this bed, here are some things you should be aware of.  Let’s start with the compatibility – not everyone will find this bed comfortable because it folds out for convenience.  If you want to sleep on it for an extended period, you should consider adding padding – something like a thin mattress – for extra support.  This is necessary because the bed was not made for long term use. 

Sierra Sleep - The Best Sleeper Loveseat by Ashley Furniture Review

Price:  $1,457.95

Ashley Furniture Best Sleeper Sofa Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 74% 

Sleeper dimensions:  72 x 33 x 38.5 inches

Chaise dimensions: 58 x 37.5 x 38.5 inches

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The manufacturers of this sleep sofa – The Ashley Furniture Company – is renowned for its wide range of top quality products, and they didn’t disappoint with the Sierra Sleep.  This unique sleeper sofa screams luxury – it is not only full-sized but also adorned with a beautiful basil brown cloth.  Oh, you are not a lover of brown? They also have models with denim blue and crimson red cloths.  The Sierra Sleep can conveniently accommodate a standard-sized individual.  Your body is guaranteed of maximum comfort, all thanks to the four plush loveseats which you can sit up against or sit on, without no strain whatsoever.  

Talking about other important features that influence the performance of this sleeper sofa and fold-out bed, the mattress could be much better.  You might not enjoy this sleeper sofa until you get a memory foam mattress.  With a memory foam mattress, you can lie down with maximum comfort.  Alternatively, you can just get a couple of layers of blanket instead of the memory foam – they practically have the same effects. 

This twin-sized mattress unfolds fully without hassles so that you can accommodate a second user.  However, bringing in another sleeper may reduce the level of comfort, considering that the bed is ideally made for just one person.  

This perfect home sleeper sofa comes in multiple colors – basil, crimson, and basic.  There are four love seats, and removable cloth cases out-of-the-box. Several user feedback has confirmed the comfy nature of the seats when in use.  You can easily fold and unfold this sofa – no stress whatsoever and you are done in a few seconds.  You also have metal supports that can be folded in and kept concealed. 

DHP Delaney - The Best Three-Seater Sleeper Sofa in Rich Faux Leather Review

Price:  Check on Amazon

DHP Best Sleeper Sofa Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 81% 

Sleeper dimensions:  79 x 43 x 20 inches

Chaise dimensions: 79 x 35.5 x 35.5 inches

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

You can expect the DHP Delaney Sofa Sleeper to add that luxurious feel of your living room, all thanks to its exquisite design, faux leather upholstery, and high-end finish.   Here is one sleeper sofa you can transform easily into a full-size bed, with the in-built “click-clack” technology.  If you are bothered about keeping the upholstery clean, I’m glad to inform you that it wipes clean easily.  You can get the all-round experience by combining this sofa bed with the matching Delaney ottoman and coffee table.  

This three-seater sleeper is versatile enough to function as either a sofa sleeper or a futon. And you can easily convert it from a couch into a bed in a matter of seconds.   Assembling this sofa sleeper out-of-the-box is a piece of cake, just follow the instructions, and you will be done in no time.  

In addition to the contemporary design and other impressive features of the Delaney Sofa Sleeper, it is relatively affordable and comes from a trusted manufacturer – DHP.  

The Best Corner Sleeper Sofa by FDW Review

Price:  $699.99

FDW Best Sleeper Sofa Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 76% 

Product dimensions:  108.6 x 75.2 x 30.5 inches

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

You can never go wrong with the FDW sectional couch.  With its soft PU and generously plush cushions, this sectional sofa will definitely offer your living room a significant facelift.  You can even do more by creatively combining the included seats into any shape that adorns your space beautifully.  Overall, you are guaranteed a comfortable and relaxing experience all day.  And wait till your guests start asking where they can get the FDW sectional sofa after experiencing this stylish and comfortable couch.

Cleaning this sofa is quite easy – just wipe off stains and dry the sofa and you will get rid of any mark.  At about 75.2 inches of length, this corner sofa is sure enough to help you sleep soundly or make you lose track of time while on the TV.  You can easily assemble the FDW corner sofa.  Considering that a set of this sofa comes in two pieces, you will have no problem whatsoever in getting the package through your door and into your living room.

Rivet Revolve - The Best Overall Sleeper Sofa Bed Review​​​​

Price:  Check on Amazon

Rivet Best Sleeper Sofa Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Product dimensions:  69.7 x 36.6 x 35.4 inches

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

You will be surprised at how well this modern sofa can fit in into your current lifestyle.  The Rivet Revolve, an Amazon brand – packs multiple classic features that scream luxury even from a distance.  From the relaxing seats to the durable fabrics and clean lines, you can rest assured of getting outstanding performance from this smart sleeper sofa.  You can use it as a couch during the day and when it is time to take a long deserving rest, just turn it into a comfy sofa bed. 

The Rivet Revolve sports a streamlined modern design, alongside a sturdy wood frame that is well-supported by strong beech wood legs.  You can easily use it as a couch or as a bed.  Assembling the bed out-of-the-box is a piece of cake – fix the three legs, and that is all.  

Lastly, this beauty comes with a year warranty and free return policy that lasts for 30 days. 

Why Should You Choose A Sleeper Sofa?

1. They are ideal for small spaces

If you have small floor space and you are thinking of the best furniture to fit in, just get a sleeper sofa.  From one-room apartments to studios, a sleeper sofa transforms your living space into where you can have a sound rest easily. 

2.  Helps in creating a single room for multiple uses

With a sleeper sofa, you can divide a room for two purposes.  For instance, your guest room can also serve as your home office, and you can use each space as and when the need arises. 

3.  Capable of solving storage problems

One of the main features of a sleeper sofa is the ability to save space.  You have a sofa and a pull-out bed combined in a sleep sofa, alongside common storage solutions like hollow areas and drawers that facilitate organization. Also, with a sleeper sofa, you can discard air mattresses and thus create some free space.

Looking To Buy A Sleeper Sofa? Here Are 5 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself

Getting the best sofa that suits your needs perfectly will most likely be a tricky task. However, by providing answers to these special questions, you can easily identify the most important elements of a sofa or suite that will meet your demands.  Here are the questions:

1.  How pivotal is the appearance of the incoming sofa to the overall theme of your space, or is it the major determining factor of what the appearance will be?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you should be mindful of the style and color of your potential sofa.  How will these affect the lighting and the general setting of the room?  It is advisable that you stick to classic options – they hardly go out of trend.

2.  What would be the intensity of use?

If you have little children or pets, your next sleeper sofa should have a very durable fabric and sofa cushions of very high density. All these ensure that your sofa stands the test of time and intense use.

3.  Do you experience back pain or allergic conditions?

If yes, you should ensure that your potential sofa has the necessary elements that will not aggravate or trigger your conditions.  The first step, however, is to understand these elements first, and then use them as your search parameters.

4.  Will it fit?

This is the most important point.  There is no point buying a sofa that your room or living space cannot accommodate.  So, it is best that you measure the designated space and ensure that your potential sofa is not too long or too wide to fit into the space. 

5.  What is your budget?

How much do you have to spend on your new sofa? You should be clear about this and use it as a guide while on the search.  Do not be rigid with your budget; you will most likely find sofas that do not exactly match your budget but are great and meet your requirements, especially when you are buying online.  This is why you should be knowledgeable about what you want from your next sleeper sofa – you can easily figure out which feature is important and which is not. 

For online shoppers, verify the reputation of any retailer before going ahead to buy from them.  The verification process includes checking customer feedback, with a particular focus on customer service and delivery.  Overall, trust your guts.

What Should You Look Out For In Your Next Sleeper Sofa Bed?


Nothing comes before the size – your prospective sofa sleeper sofa should not be too big or too small for your living space.  To be on the safe side, go for a compact sofa that can be transformed into a spacious bed by unfolding it. However, if you have ample space, a larger sofa would be ideal so far the design matches the room.


Then you should consider what materials make up the sofa and their density.  While most people overlook this part, it is actually a crucial point to consider.  The firmness of your sofa bed, as well as the overall comfort, is determined by the density.  On the other hand, durability and sturdiness depend on the materials used in its making.


Some models offer additional space underneath for storing some essentials.  You should be clear if this is part of your requirements and go for a model that has these spaces.  Note that not every sleeper sofa has extra storage spaces.

Operating Mechanism

How does the sleeper sofa operate?  The best would be a model that can be converted easily.  The operating mechanisms found in sleeper sofas are quite numerous, and we have highlighted some below. 

Various Types Of Sleeper Sofas

Like what is obtainable in other types of furniture, there are various shapes and styles of sofa, each with specific preferences.  Arriving at the right combination, i.e., a pairing that still meets your requirements can be a daunting task.   Below, we have discussed the common types and sizes of sofa, as well as how best you can combine them to achieve the best setup for your living space. 

Two-seater sofas are ideal for smaller properties as well as bigger suites.  In either case, they offer excellent comfort, just as what you have in a larger sofa, but at slightly lower levels.  You can either get a sleeper sofa as a single piece of furniture to complement an existing design or decoration or bring in the entire parts, including an armchair and a three-seater sofa.

When you pair two pieces of two-seater in a room, you get a spacious, exquisite arrangement.  This is because you are bringing in smaller two-seaters, instead of the ideal single large sofa or two medium-sized sofas.  

Three-Seater Sofas

Three-seater sofas are common, you will find it in almost all living rooms, as the primary seating element.  There is this freedom of style that comes with these sofas, which either allow you to make various interesting combinations.  You can have two large base cushions with a padded back, where the padded back part can either be single padded, non-detachable or extra detachable cushions.  Whichever way, this arrangement sure offers ample seating space for three adults.  Other styles and arrangements offer much more space, based on differences in sizes.

An ideal three-seater sofa will measure 84 inches in width.  However, this doesn’t include cushion plumb or differences in style.  You can have three-seaters mixed-and-matched with another piece of furniture, or as a standalone main seating element in a space.

Corner Sofas

Corner sofas are great room dividers.  So, if you are looking to have your space divided stylishly while still having it furnished, a corner sofa is all you need.  It is also ideal for rooms with two blank walls.  Thus, with a corner sofa, you can enhance the appearance of a larger space or divide it, as well as furnish a smaller space adequately.  Furthermore, you can easily combine corner sofas with two, three or even four-seater sofas depending on how large the room is.

You have different sizes of corner sofas, although the smallest is not bigger than a three-seater.  They are also available in various styles.  Another interesting feature of the corner sofas is their reclining feature, ability to serve as sofa beds, and sometimes extra storage space. 

They are also available in different sizes, and if you don’t have too much space, you should get a corner sofa that comes with a chaise lounge.  You also have corner sofas that sit at a right angle and those with a curved corner.  Your choice between this will depend on the part of your room where you want to place the sofa. 


You can either get an armchair, so that it matches the other pieces of the suite, or bought as a sharp but stylish opposite of the other pieces of your furniture or the entire room or space.  Only one person can sit on an armchair, and you either have the static version or the one with a reclining feature, which allows you to raise your feet while lowering your upper body so that you are in the perfect balance between sitting and lying down. 

Loveseats and Snugs

You can bring in a loveseat to fill up a larger space or a tight corner.  Either way, you can rest assured of a comfortable seating solution that keeps you relaxed all day.  Taking about the size, a typical loveseat is bigger than the usual armchair but smaller than a two-seater.  You can conveniently sit in a loveseat sofa with your legs up.  Alternatively, you and your significant half can sit close and share some quality time.


In a reclined seating, you can lower the back of the seat, and while raising the footrest that is usually found at the front-facing base on the chair.  Thus, recliners offer a blend of the armchair or sofa’s sitting relaxation along with the lying down functionality and comfort of the sofa.  There are three sitting positions in reclining seats, including:

  • the full recline – the body is just above the total lying down position, the regular seated position;
  • the regular seated position; and 
  • the footrest-raised with a slight back recline 

Sofas and armchairs also offer the last recline position.  If you are looking to get a recliner, it is important to consider how much space you have to fill, considering that some recline positions do take up more space than others, except you want to stick to one position all through.  So, it is important to measure based on all the recline positions your potential recliner can offer.

There are two ways of operating a recliner – manually through a button or lever, and electrically.  There are also electrical rise and recliner chairs, and these are known to lift and tilt to the front a bit, according to the preferences of the user.  And this ensures that users can easily sit and stand while on the recliner. 

Rocking chairs are also recliners, and it is still widely used by new parents for getting their babies asleep faster and easier.  The rock effect of the rock chairs is achieved by placing the seat-part of the chair onto two large curves while leveraging both slightly to arrive at this soft movement.

There are also powered chairs that can improve the user’s seating experience in many ways. For instance, massage chairs also offer a kneading feeling that relaxes muscles and may have heat elements that come handy for additional therapeutic benefit. We also have mechanically-enhanced armchairs with armrests that pack powered boxes and headrests containing speakers.  These additions come with a couple of features and controls that offer enhanced playing experience for gamers.  

Sofa Beds

Settling for the best sofa bed can be really challenging because you are probably looking for an option that can serve as a relaxing bed and a functional sofa.  Furthermore, you also have to decide if it stays in the spare room or blends into the current interior setting of your living space.  

While in the market for the ideal sofa bed, keep in mind that there are various mechanisms to choose from.  

Two-fold sofa beds

This popular mechanism allows the detachment of the cushions.  Likewise, you can draw out supports and a mattress from the base of the sofa.  

Fold-away style sofa beds

Relatively affordable, this mechanism packs simple mattresses that can be folded away and used as a seat of the sofa when not in use.  This means you can place the mattress on the ground after detaching the supports, usually metal or wooden.

Trundle sofa beds

These beds can be wheeled away from the sofa base on wheels.  The roll-out sofa beds have a basic design – just the bed and the flat frame situated underneath a permanent static base that is already existing.

Mattresses on sofa beds

What you get in these mattresses depend on the style.  The thicker versions cannot be outrightly folded, unlike their lighter, thinner, counterparts.  So, ensure that you get the one that best suits your need. 

Operating Mechanisms of Sleeper Sofas

  • Lift and Pull – arguably the most common on the list; this mechanism involves lifting the convertible bed from the frame of the sofa, after which you continue to pull it until you unfold it into a bed. 
  • Folding – this is another easy, but comprehensive folding mechanisms.  Here, you do not have to do any lifting, and it doesn’t require any special knowledge or efforts to prepare.
  • Frame – this mechanism involves pulling the lower front panel forward until it unfolds into the usual A-shaped structure – the flat surface which you end up sleeping on. 
  • Clic Clac – no other conversion mechanism is more convenient than this.  Just push the back forward and watch it unlatch the system, and subsequently locking it.  Then you can create a bed by pushing the locked system all the way back. 
  • Corner – the mechanism in corner sofas is mainly the lift and pull mechanism. However, they are designed and regarded as corner sofas.  

Other Factors to Consider

Main Usage

You should clearly understand what the main responsibility of your prospective sleeper sofa will be.  Is it to serve a seat, then you should go for a model that can help in easing off the pressure on the backside without sinking in too much due to the weight of the user.  You can get this functionality from a convertible sofa sleeper that is compatible with a foam mattress.

Conversely, if the primary usage is all about sleeping or as an additional sleep space for guests, the ideal option would be a sleeper sofa with a surface capable of holding the entire weight of the sleeper without sinking.  In that case, you would be better off with an innerspring mattress, or a memory foam product if you desire more conformity.


Where are you placing your prospective sleeper sofa?  While assessing the space, be mindful of the physical measurements and the visual arrangements, and see how the product can fit in easily.  If you are bringing in a living room sofa, it should be visually-appealing enough to complement the existing interior, and offer impressive comfort to users, while blending in with other pieces of furniture. 

If it is coming into the study or den, the looks don’t necessarily matter. In such situations, you are better off with a sofa that offers comfort and practicality, without being expensive.  You can consider the cheap microfiber sleeper, which provides great comfort for the user.  

For rooms that are not too spacious, a loveseat or futon is the ideal choice – they require little space.  However, if you have ample space, then there is nothing stopping you from getting the traditional sleeping couch.  It offers enough space and comfort for two sleepers.

Measuring the Sleeper Sofa Dimensions

When it comes to purchasing a sofa, the most common source of concern to buyers is if the sofa will fit. There is no straightforward answer to this question as far as we are concerned, but by considering some factors, you should be able to provide an answer to your question. Essentially, it is all about measuring the sofa with the right method.

Taking the sofa’s measurement

The first technique to make sure that your sofa will fit is to cross check your sofa’s measurement with space you will have to cover. Perhaps, your intention is to install a sofa by the wall; then, it is advisable to ensure that it is a sufficiently long wall which can take the furniture prior to evaluating how the sofa will be moved into the house. By moving the sofa through a very tight space, you will likely damage the sides as well as the back of the sofa if you will be squeezing it into a small space. At this point, it is mandatory to remember that a sofa with recline performance will have to be set at a specific distance to the wall so as to induce the recline feature. You should also consider the practicality of the sofa position. For instance, with the placement, will you be able to clean the sides and underneath the sofa? Or is the position of the sofa obstructing other rooms?

Ascertain the possibility of easy delivery

After the previous step, it is crucial to understand the means through which the sofa will be delivered into the house. Consider if it can be moved through the doorframes, possible obstacles such as banisters on the path and enough space to move both the sofa and the bodies holding it. 

Some of the common challenges of sofa delivery include the presence of narrow door frames, right-angle turns within the house as well as terribly positioned staircases. In order to check out these issues, find out the minimum access width as revealed on the sofa’s description – this information must be given before you will make a purchase. It will show the required width of the hallway and entrances – however, ensure that additional consideration is made if you are delivering furniture larger than a two-seater sofa. Be informed that while corner sofas can be split on arrival into several parts; however, the item’s length must be determined. Afterward, you have to evaluate the length of the items if your decision is to bring them into the house. For cases where there is right-angles or obstructions which have to be negotiated, you must ensure that it is possible to carry the sofa by its edges, vertically without missing the height clearance.

As for the flat complexes, a recommendable solution is to use the service area (if the building has one). If not, check whether the lift can contain the furniture (in terms of size and weight) or determine the measurement of the corridors and stairwells as you would do for your house. In case of any doubt, ensure that you contact the supplier before you place an order.

Delivery Logistics

While making a sofa delivery booking, it is pertinent that you understand the logistics of the entire process. Ensure that you know the person in charge of delivery and if they will be lifting it to your door or if there are any limitations which might make them act otherwise such as carrying the sofa only for a specific distance or period and overcoming obstacles like stairs. You have to call upon some heavyweight family and friends if the sofa can’t be carried to the final spot. Also, you should know the sort of package which will house the product. While some delivery companies willingly oversee all the packaging; however, you have to make sure that you can dispose of the packaging materials properly by yourself.

Sleeper Sofa Sizes

Although some industrial standards are available; however, it is vital to recall that every producer and retailer possess their standard dimensions which they comply to, and also, different styles imply various sizes among the sofas.

Depth and Width

You might see the depth of a sofa anywhere between 75cm to beyond 1m (deeper sofas are believed to be more comfortable), and the length may vary between below 2m to more than 3m. Clearly, the higher amount of people which a sofa can take, the bigger will be the size. Hence, endeavor to check the sizes to make sure that the sofa is suitable for your intended position and make a comparison between one sofa products description and another – with these details, you will have an idea about where the sofa lies in the market concerning size and also, ensure that it is close to the size that you need.

Ascertain if the sofa depth is close to the comfortable 40" standard as most people consider this mark as the maximum depth which permits normal sitting or curling. As for the sofa beds, reclining chairs, armchairs, and corner sofas, it is important to check the description of each product for the right size. In a situation in which the item switches shapes such as recliners and sofa beds, ensure that you obtain measurements for the parts in both and every state.

Back Support

Regarding choosing a sofa, posture is a vital factor to consider. Ask yourself if sofa on which you can curl up or one which provides lower or upper back support is what you want. You have to ascertain that the sofa has a considerable high back regardless of the back support type and typically, it should possess cushions created for muscle and spine support in their natural seated position. Majority of sofa backs fall between 75cm and 1m in height, which should be sufficient for most people; however, ensure that you check the cushion’s style if upper back or lumbar support is the most important factor to you. While many producers provide committed orthopedic seating, most cushions offered have excessive comfort levels which don’t suit the users.

You might encounter some sofas with the seat or angled back. It is meant to sustain ergonomic comfort as well as minimize pressure on the back. By using a seat with an angled back which place, the shoulders further back compared to the hips will assist in reducing the weight on your upper body and back; on the contrary, angled seats which tip forward can assist in alleviating the tension level being placed on your muscles while sitting and transiting to get up.

According to The Guardian, the correct sitting position "is having a 110-degree angle between spine and legs, bottom pushed considerably into the seat’s back and the user’s back, as well as legs and bottom touching the chair.

Sleeper Sofa Materials and Upholstery

While it is important to choose a sofa which befits the aesthetics of the house, arguably, it is more crucial to consider the materials used for the sofa before making a purchase. More quality material will yield a sofa with a longer lifespan.

Sofa Frames

Several kinds of timber are used for regular sofas unless you requested for sofa beds with metallic frames. Kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, pine, maple, and birch are commonly listed as the strongest frames for the sofa, and also, they are seen as the most advisable for sofa production by several manufacturers. However, as you would expect, they are quite expensive.

Engineered woods such as plywood is an alternative option. Plywood consists series of thick slices of wood which have been glued together and placed under a huge level of pressure. With this method, over the years, some producers believe that high-quality plywood can yield the same result as the customary kiln-dried hardwoods.

However, just like other furniture, endeavor to understand if the wood applied is from a reliable source and if it has been treated against insects and water.


Several aspects must be checked out when it comes to the joinery present in the sofa frame. The presence of brackets, dowels, glues, and screws indicates that the frame has been developed appropriately. It can be quite challenging to understand the construction of a sofa; hence, if you are doubtful, it is best advised to ask the retailer about the process of production. Make sure that the seller reveals the components inside the sofa and quality control level which the sofa has been exposed to before reaching the store.


The physical appearance of a sofa is made with the upholstery. It is important to check the built-in padding, used fabrics, or leathers of a sofa upholstery. First and foremost, check the stitching; some styles use invisible stitches to make the sofa more appealing and neat, but experts would have used a sewing machine to develop a sturdy join between the pieces of fabric, and will also complete the stitching with a reliable slip ladder stitch. Make sure that the joins are straight, check for the use of staples and if the fabrics are fittingly close to the frame – not placed over it too tightly. Although all these can offer a solid finish, crook designers tend to use staples in upholstery so as to get a chance for a reupholstering of the furniture by them again.

Fabric Sofas

As for people who want little individuality within their house, fabric sofas are the go-to-get option due to the significantly large amount of patterns, styles, and colors available in different types of materials.

Furthermore, there is variation concerning the weaves, patterns and the thread used; this implies that several kinds of options are available to purchase. Fabric sofas are truly not a one-size-fits-all product as it comes in the form of chenille, wool, trusty cotton, and linen blends. Consequently, it is pertinent not to mind the cosmetic components of the sofa; instead, consider the durability of the fabric and the level of tolerance you need from your sofa. Ensure that your choice of the sofa is thick to prevent the high effect of wear and tear. Also, it is best advised to choose colors which can be easily washed; paler tones are less conspicuous as they fade.

Leather Sofas

Several kinds of leathers with which sofa can be made are available; however, the majority of them can be categorized into three groups: Pigmented leather, semi-aniline leather, and aniline leather.

Aniline Leather

Aniline leather has the most natural outlook but has less protection and little tolerance for stains. This group is the purest among all, and no pigments are applied during the process of tanning, i.e., users will see the real quality of the leather. Just as aniline offers natural appearance, it is also hard-wearing. Aniline is only produced with the best hides; a significant reason why this material can be quite expensive.

Pigmented/Protected Leather

Pigmented/protected leather is made with a polymer coating which enhances durability but alleviates the genuine appearance of leather.

Semi-aniline can be said to lies in between aniline leather and pigmented leather. You should know that every leather has flaws naturally – an aspect seen as a charm of the material. There are no two completely similar leathers and the leathers collected from the top of animal – which is considered as the best leather – generally, have most flaws. 

The appearance of a hide is significantly affected by environmental factors such as cleanliness, habitat safety, and insect impacts. All these factors can leave spots on the leather. Nevertheless, such spots are often removed while performing the correcting process. During this process, leather can be dyed, embossed, pigmented, bleached or exposed to color additives to develop a flawless tone. Due to these complex procedures, leather sofas are more expensive than the fabric options; however, the finished product possesses greater durability.

Split leather sofas is a cost-effective means of getting leather furniture. With more on the back and sides of a sofa, split leather comes with extremely-thick hides which have been cut into halves. Grain is the top half while the other half is known as the suede or split leather. With split leather sofas, the inexpensive leather cut will be embossed using a leather grain and often applied to spots where abrasions are less likely to happen.

Bonded Leather

Also, with a low budget, you can get Bonded leather which offers excellent leather appearance. While you shouldn’t consider bonded leather as fake because it is manufactured, genuine leather is not. Typically, bonded leather is formed by joining the scraps together using glue. The final piece has good durability but can cost close to an amount that a real leather will approximately worth. Since bonded leather uses materials which would have gone to waste; hence, it is environmentally friendly.

PVC (PU) sofas

PU sofas are made from a type of vinyl which is made up of resins that looks like leather. While these fake leather sofas can be easily cleaned and cheaper than genuine leathers, they are less durable. But, if you are willing to get a leather-covered sofa into your home due to a low budget, a PU sofa is your best bet.

Sleeper Sofa Cushions

Cushions are vital to the total comfort and outlook of a sofa regardless of whether they are broad models which sit against sofa’s base or scatter cushions that adorn a seat pleasantly.


Sofas with permanent backs do not use loose cushions as a scatter-back or cushion-back will use them. Regarding this condition, the sort of filling applied, and the touch (whether soft, medium or hard) will be shown by the product description of the sofa.

As for the sofas which utilize cushions significantly, it is paramount to understand the composition and the cushion’s density so as to know the sort of comfort that the sofa will provide. In most cases, they will be labeled with hard, medium or soft just like it is done for the mattress.


Feather Fillings: Presently, you will rarely see feather fillings since new improvements in sofa fillings are cheaper and sustainable. Little attention is needed to maintain feather-filled cushions daily and also; it possesses a similar appearance to fiber-filled sofas. Customarily, the likes of horse hair, coconut fibers, duck down and feathers have been applied; however, a small amount of these fillings are present in the market currently.

Foam: this is usually applied by the producers since it offers more support and custom-made appearance when it is done. A foam of high-resilience is perfect since it will compact – and consequently, reduce in volume – significantly slower than standard foam. Nevertheless, it can be avoided considerably with constant turns on the foam-filled cushions. Another form of cushion filling is natural latex; however, it has become less popular due to absence of fire-retardant qualities. 

Fiber fillings: if you desire a sofa which looks softer and cozier, then, fiber fillings will do the trick. This kind of cushion shapes to fit your body shape easily, and can also recover quickly if you want the shape back in the form in no time.

Pocket Sprung Cushions 

This cushion doesn’t recover shape immediately you stand up from it. However, it is frequently used in the mattress and currently, making more appearance on sofas too. There are individual strings within the cushion which makes it useful for larger and smaller sofas. Also, they can be a medium or firm based on how closely the springs are wound.

Sleeper Sofa Care

To benefit significantly from your sofa, you have to put a little effort and time to its care and maintenance. By so doing, you will be sitting comfortably on your sofa for a longer period than expected.

Fabric Care

Fabric sofas are made in different styles with removable covers, which by adhering to the specific instructions of cleaning, they can be washed – this is particularly important if you have children, pets or your house tends to get messy now and then. Also, with such styles, you can use spot cleaners just like you would do for carpet; however, ensure that you understand the instructions of each product before you will apply.

In the case of doubts, just adhere to the customary favorite of baby wipes as they are gently done without causing damage, or over-saturating the fabric with liquid. And more so, it can get rid of stains and marks. Among the cleaning sites, the use of white wine vinegar is a recommended method; however, the fabric and the filling may get too wet and consequently, need fresh air to deodorize while the vinegar gets dried.

Leather care

Cleaning leather sofas have to be done with products which are designed only for its use. By applying other household cleaning products, you might be at risk of damaging the leather in the long run as well as leaving scrubbing marks on it. However, frequent cleaning is important for leather care. Using leather wipes are ideal for removing daily messes, but just like other materials, ensure that you check the product before use so as not to apply the wrong material on your kind of leather. Take note that it is inadvisable to use leather wipes on bonded leather. You may purchase leather car kits if you would like to give your sofa an in-depth cleaning on some occasions – we advise that you check our dedicated guide for more details about cleaning leather sofas.

PVC (fake leather) care

The needs of cleaning fake leather – also known as PVC or PU - is less specific compared to genuine leathers; nevertheless, the standard remains the same (you cannot apply any abrasive chemicals, or else, you will be leaving marks on your sofa permanently). To remove most stains on fake leathers, the use of warm soapy water should suffice. However, endeavor not to use leather wipes on bonded leather. Make sure that the sofa is thoroughly dried after cleaning so as to prevent water marks.

Cushion Care

Majority of cushion cases can be removed just like most fabric sofas. This implies that you can wash them with machines by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once you do this, they will be looking as cool as the first time of use. However, if the cases cannot be removed, rub the stains gently using warm soapy waters, but ensure that you do not oversaturate the cushions. Better still, you can call for the service of carpet cleaners to give it a nice scrub.


For worn out sofa fabrics but with intact and useful internal components, reupholstering can be all you need to reclaim your sofa in good condition. While most people pay for committed services to handle this challenging task, there are several means and DIY tutorials to do it. If you would like to try it, you can check Martha Stewart and Pinterest for some useful tips, video tutorials, and written guides. Aside from the fabric, you can also attempt springs repair as well as cushions replacement by yourself.

Sleeper Sofa Lifespan

The amount spent on a sofa at the beginning significantly determines the basic lifespan of the product. Typically, materials of higher-quality will remain useful for a longer period than the inexpensive options. Nevertheless, once you realize some cases of abrasion, get ready to see the following problems as well:

•    Bowed wooden frame

•    Pet or child damage

•    Thinned material

•    Cracked leather

•    Saggy middle

•    Stains

Once you start to see any of these issues, it is about time to get a new sofa to retain the freshness and neatness of your room, and also to enjoy maximum comfort your sofa can offer. As for the armchairs, perhaps, you have more than one piece, but you realize that one is commonly used than the rest, then endeavor to change them. Once you do this, the wear will be evenly distributed among them, and as a result, they will look better together for a long time.

How To Get Rid Of An Old Sleeper Sofa

Once you feel like getting new furniture, it is vital to dispose of the old one properly. If they can be repaired, you might want to donate them to up-cycling charity. However, if it is completely unusable, then, you should contact your local council for pick-up service at a small rate or carry them to the local recycling center with your vehicle. Check for the services nearby with our recycling tool.

Making Sofa More Comfortable: Effective Tips To Apply

Although using a mattress topper is not mandatory for your sofa; however, if you want to make your sofa bed more comfortable, it is an idea worth considering.

Having said that, a comprehensive mattress topper can be quite handy; they are inexpensive, do not consume much storage space and easy to use. And most importantly, they make the sleeping experience more comfortable.

Other Options

In many instances, sleeper sofas can be too large and challenging to maneuver, particularly when they have to be carried upstairs or through small doorways. However, luckily, there are other options which enable you to utilize less space and still gives the guest a peaceful night rest.


This option offers great versatility like a sofa bed, and they are easier to maneuver. Most are made up of frames and mattress which can be bend quickly to perform as an upright sofa or lies flat for individuals who chooses to sleep. Consequently, you will be able to increase your sleeping and sitting space with a single product.

Air Mattress

The ability to get tucked away when not in use as well as its portability are the greatest convenience offered by air mattress. If you are living in a cramped space, this option is ideal for you. Over the past few decades, modern air mattresses have improved significantly, and most possess durable support systems as well as in-built electrical pumps. Hence, there is no need to inflate them manually or be concerned about how well your guest will be comfortable with them.

Air Mattress (Cat/Animal Proof)

People with pets have to thoroughly check their kind of air mattress during a purchase because, with a single, minor puncture, your visitor can be found sleeping on the floor by morning as the mattress deflates slowly overnight. However, to reduce some of these issues, many manufacturers have incorporated pet-proofing features like claw-proof rubber or customized covers which can prolong the lifespan of the product.

Final Words

From the information provided in this guide, you will agree that choosing the best sofa bed for your home is a decision that needs proper and careful consideration.  A whole lot of factors will influence your decision, including the size, material, and the converting mechanism among others. 

With the information provided in this guide as well as the reviewed products, we are convinced that you are now better-equipped to choose the right sofa bed for yourself.

Good luck.

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