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Being human means that one of the most important things to us is sleeping; it might even be more important than food and water to some of us! Yes, it is so important that it can make us forget our thirst and hunger sometimes. Nonetheless, you cannot have a good sleep without a good mattress. Many bed types are available in the marker, but we have centered this content on only twin mattresses. As the best twin mattresses can be ideal for small-sized adults, it can also be befitting for teens and children as well, since it has a minimum dimension of 39” by 75” in width and length respectively.  As you might have gone through a lot before finally deciding to buy a twin mattress, it certainly will be harder for you to choose a particular Twin Mattresses brand out of the numerous models available in the market. As we understand how much efforts you will have to put into making such decisions, we have prepared this content for you to guide you through the numerous brands in the market and help you settle for the most suitable one for you. We have arranged and analyzed these brands based on their thicknesses, the number of layers, firmness or texture and the most proper sleeping positions that suits them.

The Best Twin Mattress

1. Linenspa 8-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid TwinMattress

2. Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Twin Mattress

3. Zinus Sleep Master 10-Inch Therapeutic Comfort Memory Foam Twin Mattress (Editors' Choice)

4. Signature Sleep 10-Inch Contour Encased Twin Mattress

5. Zinus 6-Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Twin Mattress

6. Tuft & Needle 10-Inch Twin Mattress

7. Modway Aveline 6-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

The Best Twin Mattress Table

The Best Twin Mattress Reviews

Linenspa 8-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Twin Mattress Review

Price:  $99.99

Linenspa Best Twin Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Item Weight: 30 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The LinenSpa is a worth-trying excellent product for those of you who need a dense memory foam mattress which will be very comfortable for your child. LinenSpa hybrid mattress is designed to save you from the stress of having to purchase traditional beds and then memory foam mattresses separately, as it has a   custom-incorporated memory foam technology. Thus, it provides greater weight distribution and comfort as the steel coils offer extra support. Additionally, this 8-inch Hybrid Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, and therefore, does not contain any chemicals or substances which can harm the user. With its 8-inch profile, which has a 6-inch inner coil system, it provides breathability as well as support and comfort. Although it has a somewhat thin profile, it comes with a 1½” extra foam layer which sits over the steel coils to increase breathability. Besides, this brand, concerning its price, is quite long-lasting. It also has a perfectly balanced firmness level, as well as improved flexibility and responsiveness in addition to its base support. The LinenSpa 8-inch mattress is ideal for a wide range of sleepers and sleeping positions, especially in small-sized persons and children. Aside from the comfort it provides, it is also very light and very portable to be easily unpacked. 



Relatively affordable 

Low VOC emissions 


A great deal of motion transfer

Not ideal for heavy sleepers 

Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Twin Mattress Review

Price:  $149.07

Best Price Mattress Best Twin Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Item Weight: 43 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

For optimum comfort, the Best Price Twin Memory Foam Mattress comes with three layers of foam, in which the first 3-inch layer has charcoal infused in it. The second 2-inch layer comprises a system for pressure relief that helps users with joint and back aches feel comfortable to reduce sciatica-induced sores. The most incredible feature about this model is the pressure-relieving attribute, which increases its flexibility around the hips and shoulders regions to reduce pressure around these areas. Not only does this bed distribute your weight evenly, but it also reduces motion transfer and relieves tension. The third layer, on the other hand, is a 5-inch layer made of highly-compact foam that provides extra support for both you and your partner. However, this twin mattress model is best when used by just one person. It is also very ideal for use by toddlers as well as adults and a wide range of sleepers, as it is relatively dense with a 10-inch thickness. This mattress also reacts to your body’s temperature, as it stays soft until you lay on it and the heat your body produces triggers it to conform to your body outline. Nonetheless, the fire-resistant layer is made of fiberglass and therefore, if you remove and clean the cover, the fragments of fiberglass may contaminate the sheet and other materials in the mattress. Thus, it might pose a danger to the health of the user.


Hard-wearing construction 

10-year guarantee 

Adequate firmness and softness  

Very supportive shoulders, neck, and back regions


Has fiberglass

Initial chemical odor 

Sleeps rather hot 

Zinus Sleep Master 10-Inch Total Therapeutic Memory Foam Twin Mattress Review (Editors' Choice)

Price:  $145.90

Zinus Best Twin Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Item Weight: 36.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This Zinus product is excellent for those of you who need relief from backaches. According to the earlier stated, this model continues to present incredible products, which attends to almost your every need. 

This Zinus Memory Foam mattress conforms to your body contours to make your night as relaxing and comfortable as possible. It comes with 3-inch memory foam layers, and then, another 2-inch layer with the Comfort Foam for pressure relief, before the final 5-inch base layer which supports the whole system. 

Apart from these features, it incorporates the most recent memory foam technology, BioFoam. This BioFoam ensures the constant freshness and newness of the model. Furthermore, it comes with neat shipping and a CertiPUR-US Certification, and therefore, is a very trusted product in terms of quality, durability, and performance.



BioFoam for a fresh feeling

Pressure-relieve design.

Extremely comfortable and supportive

Shipped neatly


Not ideal for very large sleepers

The odor may be too strong

Signature Sleep 10-Inch Contour Encased Twin Mattress Review

Price:  $172.62

Signature Sleep Best Twin Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Item Weight: 55 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The Signature Sleep Company is one that consistently produces comforting memory foam mattresses at relatively affordable prices. This 8-Inch Hybrid Reversible Twin Mattress is not only ideal for individuals with back pain but is also excellent for people who need extra pressure relief and support. It also has a reversible design that allows the user to flip it to increase the durability of the mattress, and also reduce wear and tear. It also comes with a polyester jacquard cover which is very breathable. The cover also sleeps cool and has a design which reduces friction and enhances the quality of sleep. It has a high-density foam-based top layer that provides support and comfort to the user. The bed has a transition layer, that is, an insulator pad for the provision of additional support, comfort, and pressure relief. Thus, it acts as the center of the core and the soft layer on top of the mattress. Furthermore, inside the bed are individually encased steel coils, which provide support and eliminate motion transfer to a very reasonable extent. Each of these coils is very long-lasting and functional. The mattress has a maximum, medium firmness level, making it suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions. Incredibly, side and stomach sleepers and other sleepers who require unique softness or firmnesses will also enjoy this model. However, although the foam is not very handy at temperature regulation, its durable coil system does a great job at helping regulate the temperature to a reasonable extent. Additionally, the bed is very bouncy and motion-isolating. In terms of support, this model is very supportive as it provides adequate support for an average-weighted developing child, because of its top foam layers and strong coil system.


Excellent support

Reversible for increased resilience 

Perfect for bunk beds 


Just 1-year guarantee

Zinus 6-Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Twin Mattress Review

Price:  $112.00

Zinus Green Tea Best Twin Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 74% 

Item Weight: 18.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Although this mattress seems quite simple because of its 2-layer structure, these two layers it has are incredibly useful! The base of this mattress has a 6-inch dense foam, which has a breathable design to reduce the common heat-trapping and sweat-inducing problem associated with memory foam. Additionally, rather than using dangerous chemicals, this model surprisingly incorporates natural plant oils. Although the uppermost layer is only an inch of the overall density, it is perhaps the most fantastic thing about this model. As the layer top layer is less dense than the layer under it, it provides a reasonable amount of softness and comfort. Besides, the mattress is green-tea-infused, and therefore,  lasts longer and fresher. Although we were astounded that anyone would think of green tea for mattress production, the tea turned out to be useful in mattresses as it is in the body.  This model is quite firm but possesses a soft knit and comfy foam that makes it comfortable for a wide range of sleeping positions. It is an ideal choice for children and teenagers, who habitually toss and turn during sleep.


Exceptional breathability 

Infused with green tea

Offers great support


May feel too hard for some individuals

Sleeps hot 

Tuft & Needle 10-Inch Twin Mattress Review

Price:  $315.00

Tuft & Needle Best Twin Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 82% 

Item Weight: 44 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Undoubtedly, Tuft & Needle is not a contestant as this company has provided several superior satisfying products. This model incorporates the T&N Adaptive foam that allows the product’s bounciness and support. It contours to the body shape different users, including side, back, and heavy sleepers.

Besides, it comes with top-quality foam, which compared to the old latex and memory foam, is a perfect balance in terms of firmness and softness. Thus, it provides excellent relief of pressure, as well as a pinpointed bounce to prevent you from disturbing your partner with your movements.  

The mattress comes in a compressed small packaged box for not only neat and speedy shipping but also smooth delivery and movement. 


Pressure relief

T&N Adaptive Foam

Pinpointed bounce

Very supportive


Take time to expand fully

May not help dispel heat

Modway Aveline 6-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress Review

Price:  $133.72

Modway Best Twin Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 86% 

Item Weight: 21.4 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

At a very affordable cost, the Modway Aveline 6-inch Gel Infused Mattress provides not only superior comfort but also flawless support to allows you to get the best of your nights! With its comfort-inducing design, it reduces neck, spine, and head pressure since it has an open cell structure. This model is very handy in terms of aligning the sleeper’s spine while it minimizes stress on their lower back, hips, and shoulders.  As one it has undergone several individual tests, it is proven to be certified and free from chemicals such as formaldehyde, TCEP, PBDEs, or TDCPP, and therefore, os a perfect choice for people with growing children. Moreover, it has cooling features because of its open cell structure, and thus induces peaceful sleep since it reduces sweating and perspiration. Therefore, it is ideal for use even during humid and how weathers. Furthermore, it ensures total comfort, as well as relief of pain and support. Additionally, as the foams conform to your body contours, weight and position, you sleep very comfortably throughout your sleep duration.  Avaline claims that this bed is universally comfortable, and this fact is equally valid! This model is neither too firm nor too soft; it has a firmness level which is suitable for the majority of sleepers. It is very supportive for every individual who has an average weight. Thus, it provides pressure relief on pressure points such as your spine, muscles, and joints.


Minimal motion transfer 

Doesn’t sleep hot 

Very easy to clean 

Great firmness level


Small initial odor 

Lacking edge support

Factors to Look at When Choosing the Best Twin Mattress

As there are numerous brand and models available in the market, we have to carefully analyze each of these items to select the most suitable one for you. Overall, all these selections solely depend on your personal preference. But, we can still point out the minute benefits of the mattress in an apt format. Consequently, below is a list of factors we emphasize on to fish out the best twin mattresses possible: 

Thickness: Even though different brands offer different sizes, Twin mattresses are typically provided in five, six, eight, or ten, and a few brands are even available in twelve and fourteen inches. Necessarily, you should take the perfect thickness for your mattress into consideration, since it will have a direct effect on the balance and support level that it will offer. Some people might prefer the shorter lengths (from 8 inches and below), while others will prefer the longer lengths, such as ten inches and above (such as the Best Price Memory Foam Twin Bed, which are 10” long). Remember that your weight is also another contributing factor in this aspect; the more you weigh, the more the thickness of the mattress you will require for comfort. Thus, you should check your weight and body size to know the bed that will suit you in terms of balance and support. 

Materials: Mattresses vary based on the materials they are made up of. A number of these materials include gel, memory foam, latex, innerspring, and inflatable. These alternatives differ based on the contouring ability, comfort, support, durability, heat control, and general performance of the mattress. The constituent materials also affect the amount of comfort the mattress provides and how long the bed will last, and the majority of twin mattresses are memory foam and latex. Necessarily, you should carefully analyze each material to decide on the most suitable one for your personal needs.

Number of Layers: The number of layers in the mattress will have a direct effect on its softness, and support level it provides. Fundamentally, a bed becomes softer as the number of its layers increases and vice versa. On the other hand, the support the mattress produces mostly depends on the constituents of the layers. And, in terms of support, memory foam is the best option for mattress foam. 

Firmness: You should choose the firmness level you require from a mattress based on your size and sleeping position before buying it. For instance, if you are a back sleeper, you will be more comfortable on a firmer bed as it does not only provide adequate beck support but also keeps your spine, neck, and head aligned. On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, you might be more comfortable on a softer bed, as it provides adequate support and alignments for your back, neck, and head during sleep.

Cover Material: Usually, a mattress’s cover protects it from wearing out or tearing in time. It also protects the bed from moist and dust mites. Many cover varieties are available, with most twin mattresses including fixed or detachable covers. 

Warranty: It is natural for accidents to happens, and so, since you will be investing in your sleep by getting a mattress, it is necessary to check that the brand comes with a reliable guarantee for defects. Thus, you will needn’t be panicking or buying another mattress whenever something happens to your bed due to a manufacturing defect. 

Extra Features: It is also necessary to check for additional features such as a free trial period and certification that comes with the product. The trial phase is essential since it helps you, if you are not satisfied with the mattress, to return the product for a complete refund. However, these periods are limited and have specific expiry dates. Importantly, check for essential features like the CertiPUR-US certification, to verify that it does not contain any harmful materials. 

The quality of build: This factor includes the quality of the fabric weave, the appearance of the seams, and the resistance period of the exterior before losing its shape. 

Durability: Although it has a close connection with the previous point, it is still a unique entity. Check if the bed can support weight without wear and tear.  

Longevity: Quality mattresses are usually very long-lasting. But, different brands come with different longevities, and you will expect more from a brand which you put more money into. 

Edge support: Look at the pressure-resistant power of the mattress. 

Body contouring: We see the best twin mattress as one which conforms to the sleeper and provides unique comfort to the user. 

Every available mattress comes from a trusted brand and has undergone several functioning tests over the years. Therefore, users are always content with the flawless quality and appearance of the product. Kindly check the features and pictures to decide. 

The customer service and the support from the brands also influence our rating.  Although it is not concerned with sleep quality, it is also an essential part of consumer’s experience and satisfaction, and so, we could not ignore that part.

Where Does a Twin Bed Belong?

A Twin-sized mattress is ideal for both adults and children. Although this survey has shown that this bed is not the most popularly used, it still has a few spaces which it can easily fit in your home.  These spaces include:

1.    Children’s bedroom: Typically, when a child is transitioning from a crib, he or she uses a twin bed to begin their bed-sleeping experience.  

2.    Adults’ bedroom: Honestly speaking, if I were not married, I would still use my king bed for sleeping. However, the twin mattress is suitable for adults who do not have enough luxury to settle for the king bed.  

3.    Guest room: Similarly, people use the Twin beds for guests because of room space and their budget. However, it is still a more preferred option compared to water or air beds for guests, and it is more budget-friendly than Queen and King Beds. 

4.    Hotel room: Those of you who travel alone or travel with people but still sleep alone, you should make preparations for sleeping on a Twin-sized bed. Solitary, dual, and triple rooms of hotels usually have such beds in them.

5.    Travel Trailer: Twin-sized beds are also ideal for road sleepers. Nonetheless, there are RV mattress sizes that can be used in camping and other road-sleeping-related vehicles. 

“sleeping partners with different preferences are the ones who usually use the Twin and Twin XL. Since putting two Twin or Twin XL beds side by side will produce a width which is equal to the width if a King-sized bed, they will be ideal for two partners with different preferences, as the individual partners can choose the firmnesses that would suit them.”

Twin vs. Twin XL vs. Full

As it has a dimension of 39 inches by 75 inches, the Twin is the smallest and least costly option available, because of its smallness. Since it is not meant to be shared, it is ideal for teenagers and adults who are not married. However, there is a problem with it; a Twin size may be uncomfortable and small for you if you usually toss and turn while sleeping. 

Then, you should consider a Full size, which will provide extra 15-inch width for you to turn comfortably.

However, some people might be comfortable with the 39-inch width of Twin sizes, but might be taller than the length. 

So, if you are a taller individual, you should consider the Twin XL bed, which has a similar width as Twin size, but is 5-inch longer than the Twin size. You should also know that getting a Twin XL instead of Twin is a better choice for you if you are buying it for a teenager. Particularly if you have rapidly-growing children, such as boys, who grow so fast in a few years, you might need to increase the length of the bed every year continually!

Body Type And Twin Mattresses

Your body type and weight is an ideal contributing factor in terms of how a mattress will feel to you. Thus, each person sees a bed from a different perspective. And, there is no universal size for everybody. Therefore, a person might feel a mattress as extremely soft while another might see it as extremely firm! This factor is significant to put into consideration when you are settling for your mattress.  And, it is another reason why we have an extensive testing team so that we can see how different people find different beds, compare the results and then conclude on the different bed types suitable for different people. On the general scale, heavier sleepers, that is sleepers weighing 225 lbs and above, will find the mattress softer. This condition is because they exert more pressure and force on the beds and will sink into the bed to some inches. Smaller sleepers, who weigh around 150 pounds or less, on the other hand, will find the mattress firmer. Yes! They find it firmer because they exert less pressure on the bed, and rather than sinking into it, they will be more on the bed surface. 

Sleeping Preferences

Your sleep position contributes to the type of mattress that will suit you. Thus, you might either be a side, stomach or back sleeper, or a combo sleeper (which means a combination of the three positions). If you sleep on your side, then, a softer mattress will habitually provide more comfort for you. Firmer mattresses for side sleepers may translate to soreness around their hip, neck and shoulder regions when sleeping. Nonetheless, it is not advisable for side sleepers to opt for too soft mattresses as it may sink them to the extent that will misalign their spine. Stomach and back sleepers on the other hand will feel more comfortable with firmer mattresses. Thus, if you sleep in your back or stomach, you need extra support around your hips and lower back, and if you did not get enough of such support, you would end up having soreness around the regions. However, combo sleepers will be comfortable with somewhere-in-between mattresses. Thus, they will prefer beds with somewhat a medium firmness level. 

Other important factors include edge support and motion transfer, although these factors are more concerned with couples or people who share a bed with partners. But for twin mattresses, its design supports a solo sleeper, rather than a child and mother combination. Per se, we consider sleeping preferences and body type as more significant aspects when looking for a Twin mattress to purchase.

Benefits Of A Twin Size Mattress

There are several justifications why you should buy a twin mattress. Firstly, the price, which we will thoroughly discuss below. Then, size; twin mattresses are made to fit into all room sizes. Truth be told, queen and king sizes do not always fit into rooms. We all have our share of the experience; where your room or even your friend’s room is choked up by a Kung or Queen bed to the extent that it takes up almost all the space in the room. It might turn out so choky that there would be no space for a table, chair or nightstand, let alone space for moving around. So, if you have a pretty small room, it would be more reasonable for you to opt for a Twin or a Twin XL. Moreover, its weight is another advantageous part to look at- it is much lighter than a Full, Queen or King size. Thus, it is easier to install and carry about. Larger mattresses usually require more than two people to move it, and they might also be very heavy to the extent that they are not easily raised to lay sheets on them. But, you definitely will not have such problems with a Twin-sized mattress! 

How to Pick Linens for a Twin Mattress

In the process of buying a mattress, you have to consider your mattress size, as it is essential. If what you need is a flat sheet, then there are a few things to follow:

A typical Twin flat sheet has a dimension of 66 inches by 96 inches.

Occasionally, you may come across longer sheets, like 66 inches by 104 inches, which may mean that the sheet has a hem which is a few inv]ches longer. Several producers include this feature to improve the beauty of their products, while other manufacturers only care about fitted sheets, irrespective of their size. 

So, if you are dealing with a fitted sheet, it might be a little more difficult. So, you have to keep this tip in mind:

You should know the depth of the pocket.

 A Twin sheet size, which is fitted, is equal to a Twin mattress dimensions, which is 39” by 75”. You will always see these dimensions in every sheet description when you shop. Nonetheless, in every situation, the pocket depth will differ; it can go from 5” to 20”. Some sheets even have deeper pockets for a topper, mattress protector or featherbeds users.

“take caution while determining your bed depth; you should include your bed thickness, as well as the other items you use on your bed.”

Concisely, a standard Twin size bed has a pillowcase with a dimension of 20” by 30”. However, ensure that you use a standard Twin pillow, and not a different sized-pillow or one with an abnormal shape. 

How to Take Care of the Twin Mattress

Indeed, there is no sense in investing a lot of money into a mattress and not being able to take good care of it. Thus, if you want your bed to last for a long while, you definitely should learn about how to take care of it. You can follow these few tips to take care of your mattress: 

1.    Make use of a bed protector 

2.    Use a suitable frame for the bed

3.    Continually rotate your mattress 360°

4.    Avoid sitting on the edge of the bed

5.    Try as much as possible to expose your mattress to air. 

6.    Avoid using a board between the box spring and the mattress.

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