How Does a White Noise Machine Improve Sleep?

A white noise machine works by creating consistent soothing sound, which your brain settles into.  A calm brain ultimately improves your sleep, as it keeps your focus away from sounds that disturb you from falling asleep.

A sound machine continues working even when you are asleep.  It constantly cancels the random noises that would ordinarily disrupt your sleep entirely or partially (micro-awakenings).  It is even more interesting that you may not remember such disturbances in the morning.  So you enjoy better and deeper sleep and wake up fully rested and restored with the best white noise machine.

Below are our top five picks of the best white noise machines on the market, based on certain criteria.

How Does a White Noise Machine Help Me Sleep?

The Best White Noise Machines - Top 5 Picks

SNOOZ White Noise Machine - the best high-end option

Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine - the best budget option

Avantek White Noise Machine - best for travel

LectroFan White Noise Machine - editor's choice

Marpac Dohm-DS White Noise Machine - the best all-natural sound

White Noise Machines Comparison Table

The Best White Noise Machine Reviews

SNOOZ White Noise Machine - the best high-end option

Price: $79.99

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 91%

Product Dimensions: 5.6" x 5.6" x 3.2"

Item Weight: 1.6 pounds

Customer Satisfaction: 83%

Product Description

Everyone needs sleep.  Sleep, alongside diet and exercise, is crucial for the body functioning well. A good sleep ensures that the brain functions properly, and keeps away a lot of health issues.  However, we hardly get the quality of sleep that our body requires due to various reasons.  It might be a neighbour’s disturbance, the noises around you, or even your restless mind.  And this is where the best white noise machine comes in.

SNOOZ is a fan-based sound machine designed to get you to sleep faster and longer.  It is equipped with a proprietary fan propeller strategically placed in an audio-optimized casing.  It creates a peaceful white noise that facilitates your peaceful sleep by drowning out all the noise in your surroundings. 

Top features

1.    Easy to travel with

Sleeping in your house can be tricky, but it can be even trickier to sleep on the road.  With the 3.2” tall SNOOZ sound machine in your backpack or luggage you can worry less about going through the night without quality or no sleep. 

2.    Effective

The SNOOZ works perfectly by reducing the delta between the containment noise and your baseline sound.  And with a much reduced delta you don’t get to hear most of these disturbances, and other sounds become almost silent since the “startle factor” is reduced.  You can count on this best sound machine to make your night peaceful.

3.    Energy efficient

With an inbuilt ultra-efficient brushless DC motor the SNOOZ consumes the same energy as a 6W LED bulb.  Impressive, right?  Your SNOOZ will annually require 98% less power than an average box fan.  

Analysis of the SNOOZ White Noise Machine Reviews:

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Palermo White Noise Machine


Intuitive controls, easy to use 

Durable and impressive design

Easy compatibility with the app; adjustable sound volume

Incredibly easy to use

Button layout is very simple as well as the instructions

Sound volume is easy to adjust

Affordable price

Very solidly built device

Each sound is distinct, and either has a long loop or some form of randomness

Great customer support

Can be powered by batteries or power cable (provided)


Some users may find it not loud enough

Sound quality may not seem good enough for audiophiles due to cheap speakers

Some of the loops, notably the brown and white noise loops, have a noticeable seam (a quarter-second pause) in between the loops

Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine - the best budget option

Price: $19.99

Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine Review By

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 

Product Dimensions: 4” x 4.4” x 2.6” 

Item Weight: 5.9 ounces

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 

Product Dimensions: 4” x 4.4” x 2.6” 

Product Description

The Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine, although small and lightweight, spoils you with options.  There are six natural sounds to choose from alongside a 5-, 30-, and 60-minute optional timer.  A battery of 3AA can power the inbuilt AC adaptor.  This best white noise machine has a front-facing speaker that offers impressive amplification. With its small size, light weight, and a 4 x 4.4 x 2.6 inches you can keep it in your suitcase or bags during trips.  

Top Features

  • Six high-quality natural sounds: summer, white noise, thunder, ocean, brook, rainy night
  • Adjustable optional timer allows you to stop the noise after 15, 30, or 60 minutes, or leave it on all night
  • Simple design and portable build – great for trips
  • Powered by an AC adaptor or 3 AA batteries.  The adaptor is included

Analysis of the Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine Reviews:

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine


Simple and intuitive to use

Great for babies

Compact - easy to bring on trips 

The playtime loop is not obvious

Worth the price

Easy to use

Comfortable for traveling with kids

Perfect for a baby who wakes up in the middle of the night, and needs a little noise to help coax them back to sleep

Playtime loop is not noticeable

Very compact

Good value for the money


Nonlinear volume adjustment. Sharp changes in output, or no changes at all.  Adjusting volume is observable   

Below average sound quality

Buttons make weird plastic sounds when pressed

Volume adjustment is non-linear. Certain volume adjustment steps will cause dramatic changes in the volume, while other steps hardly change the output.

Poor sound quality

Buttons make a loud plastic sound when you click them

Avantek White Noise Machine - best for travel

Price: $36.99

AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 90% 

Product Dimensions: 3.9” x 3.9” x 2.4” 

Item Weight: 9.8 ounces

Customer Satisfaction: 90% 

Product Dimensions: 3.9” x 3.9” x 2.4” 

Product Description

Built with the best-in-class technology, the AVANTEK  is designed to offer natural and relaxing sounds that block out disturbing noises, and create a soothing environment that relaxes your brain and mind while getting you to sleep faster and better every night.  The AVANTEK can also filter out distractions, leaving you focused on the task at hand, or ensuring privacy during conversations or meetings.

Several user-friendly functions

You are guaranteed to find the best volume setting with up to 30 volumes peaking at 115dB.  There is an auto-off timer that saves you switching the machine off.  Once you’ve set your preferred sound, you can set the timer and volume that works best for you.  You are guaranteed a relaxing rest.  When the timer goes off, the sound slowly fades away.  This best white noise machine easily recalls your last setting the next time you put it on. 

Excellent sleeping aid

The AVANTEK has a fan and various ambient sounds: the clock, campfire, crickets, rain, birds, wind, waves, and streams.  You will be surprised by the authenticity and clarity of these sounds – you will not even notice a single scratching noise.  And with these sounds masking the disruptive noise you’ll have a relaxing environment to sleep in.  The LED indicator light of this best white noise machine offers moderate brightness to ensure that you are not disturbed by its illumination in the dark.  The AVANTEK will help you get the quality rest that you deserve. 

Simple to use and energy efficient

The AVANTEK runs on a standby power of less than 0.5W.  To power the device, connect the 150cm (59in.) USB cable to the adapter and USB port and you are good to go.  The length of the USB cable length makes this best white noise machine suitable for using in a large area.   You can carry the machine almost anywhere thanks to its compact lightweight design.  You can sleep peacefully wherever you go. 

Top Features

1.    20 soothing sounds

There are six white noise sounds, six fan sounds, and eight ambient sounds.  You can check all the sounds by pressing the PREVIOUS/NEXT TRACK button until you find your favorite.  And there are 30 volume levels to choose from.

2.    Healthy sleep guaranteed

The machine blocks out background noises, which makes it suitable for babies, children, and adults with sleeping issues. 

3.    Ability to recall last settings

The memory can recall your last settings of the timer, soundtrack, and volume when you next turn it on.

4.    Simple sleep timer

You can set the sleep timer to any time between an hour and seven hours.  You can set the sound to play continuously, and when the timer goes off, the sound fades away. 

5.    Small and convenient

The AVANTEK is designed to be compact, light, and handy for travel and home use.  A power adapter and a USB cable are included. This best white noise machine comes with a 30-day return policy and 18-month warranty valid from the date of purchase.

Analysis of the AVANTEK White Noise Machine Reviews:

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Avantek White Noise Machine 


Built to be durable, compact, portable, and light

Energy efficient (unlike a fan); sleep timer

Suitable for almost everyone with sleeping problems irrespective of age

Offers excellent sleep

Great volume control

Worth the price

Saves energy compared to a fan

Sleep timer integrated in the device

Perfect for adults, children, and babies who have sleeping problems

Pretty good sound quality

Comfortable volume control

Compact, lightweight and easily portable

Good value for the price


Unimpressive sound clarity, periodic faint beeping noises may be heard

AC adapter not included

Illegible directions - magnifying glass is required to read them

Ambiguous instructions

Sound clarity is not very good; you may hear subtle beeping noises about every 5-10 seconds

AC adapter not included

Directions too small to read without a magnifying glass (tiny print)

Instructions are not very clear

LectroFan White Noise Machine - editor’s choice

Price: $38.97


General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 94% 

Product Dimensions: 3.9” x 2.8” x 1.2”

Item Weight: 1 pound

Customer Satisfaction: 94% 

Product Dimensions: 3.9” x 2.8” x 1.2”

Product Description

The LectroFan is the editor’s choice for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it runs on the latest technology and produces dynamic and realistic sounds that filter out unwanted noises.  These noises can be reduced with the fan or the white noise sounds.  In both cases there are ten distinct sound variations, and you can adjust the volume in each case.  Secondly, the LectroFan offers more.  You can use this best white noise machine for speech privacy, drowning out snoring, or blocking unwanted noises from the neighbours.  By reducing or eliminating tinnitus hissing or ringing the LectroFan offers a conducive and soundproof environment for sleeping, reading, or studying during the day. And if you are into yoga or meditation, this device is sure to create a more relaxing environment for your sessions.  Lastly, this best white noise machine comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty whether you buy it in black or white color. 

Top features

1.    Constant distinct sound that doesn’t loop

The sounds of the LectroFan are far from recordings.  The device relies on an inbuilt proprietary algorithm to create dynamic and unique sounds that do not repeat.

2.    Impressive features

There are ten white noises, ten fan sounds, and a multihour sleep timer features, all of which you can set to your preference.  

3.    Mask disturbing noises

You can now sleep faster and better by filtering out noises of the traffic, construction, household, or your neighbours.  This best white noise machine is also great for lulling babies to sleep or making the environment quiet and soundproof for studying or holding a private conversation. 

4.    Simple durable design

With no moving parts you can rest assured of the safety of this sound machine.  Its ability to use less energy means that it will last longer than fans or white noise machines that run on motors. 

5.    Accurate volume control

This sound machine offers a fantastic volume control - over 50 volume levels in 1dB increments.  You will surely find your preference in this wide range. 

Analysis of the LectroFan White Noise Machine Reviews:

Analysis of Customer Reviews for LectroFan White Noise Machine


The best sound quality so far

Great consistency in the rendition of white noise - no breaks whatsoever

Fully adjustable volume - the loudest so far

Small enough to keep almost everywhere

Timer helps you monitor how long the device stays on

20 sounds – 10 white noises, 10 fans

Energy efficient - uses no actual fan

USB port for power, you can charge on the go

Simple and intuitive controls

Sound quality is crystal clear and unmatched

White noise is consistent, without any gaps in noise 

Volume is fully adjustable

This product is tiny, it barely takes up any space 

There's a built-in timer, so if you need the white noise for just falling asleep, it automatically shuts off the unit after a set amount of time

Product has 20 different sounds, ten fans, and ten white noise settings

Volume is louder than other sound machines

Without an actual fan, it uses less electricity

LectroFan uses a USB port for power, so this option may be good for travelers and provides more power choices

Easy to understand controls


Relatively short power cord

May not work for people who don’t like the motor hum of fans or have sensitive ears

May not do well in canceling out noises in close range, for example snoring

The power cord is a bit short

This machine may not work for those with sensitive ears nor those-those who dislike the motor hum of real fans

May not be as effective for noises at close range like snoring

Marpac Dohm-DS White Noise Machine - the best all-natural sound

Price: $44.95


General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Product Dimensions: 5.8” x 5.8” x 3.2” 

Item Weight: 1.6 pounds

Customer Satisfaction: 84% 

Product Dimensions: 5.8” x 5.8” x 3.2” 

Product Description

Introduced in 1962, this is the 4th generation design of the Original Sound Conditioner.  The efficiency of this best white noise machine made the National Sleep Foundation rename it from Dohm-DS Dual-Speed All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine to Official Sound Conditioner.  This best white noise machine has no digital or electronic recording.  It uses a fan to create the sound of rushing air.  The Dohm-DS is made up of a two-speed electric motor with a distinct asymmetrical fan surrounded by a portable adjustable acoustic casing.  With this setup the sound machine produces the relaxing sound of rushing air, popularly referred to as the Marpac Signature Sound.  This sound comes without the disturbance of the actual moving air, with proven capabilities to block noises at different frequencies while providing an environment where you can have a deep and disturbance-free rest.  The white noise machine offers two speeds, and with the adjustable volume and tones you can easily control your sound environment with the slightest twist of a wrist.  You have the options of a low or high speed, and if you want to make the sound hole openings bigger or smaller, you can turn the cap.  Greater customization is possible by carefully adjusting the speed and sound openings until you find your ideal level of white noise.  There is also an 8-inch cord which comes with the device, and this best white noise machine is available in tan, black, and white.

Top features

1.    Confirmed as the best

The National Sleep Foundation crowned the Dohm-DS White Noise Machine as the Official Sound Machine.  The past half-century has seen the Dohm maintain a golden standard in white noise machines. 

2.    Easy to Use 

Plug it in and flip the switch.  Set your preferred volume level – HIGH for more intense sound masking, especially if you are in noisy environments; and LOW for other situations or less intense masking.  There are no complicated instructions or complex interface.  

3.    Personalized sounds

Having chosen your preferred volume setting, you can twist to fine-tune the tone of your white noise.  From lower pitches to higher pitches, the Dohm-DS will provide you with the sound that suits you the most.

4.    Portable for easy movement

The basic compact design of this sound machine makes it suitable for all environments.  If you are on trips within the US, feel free to take your Dohm with you.  It constitutes no extra luggage, and it gives you the best of rest on the road.   

Analysis of the Dohm-DS White Noise Machine Reviews:

Analysis of Customer Reviews for Marpac Dohm-DS White Noise Machine 


Durable, portable, top-quality build suitable for traveling and almost all environments

Effectively blocks snoring and similar close-range noises

Not as loud as most electronic noise machines

Volume and tone are easily controlled (by turning the sides and the top)

Simple switch design

7.5ft long cord included

Great for babies 

Made in the USA 

Top quality and very durable item

Small and portable

Effectively helps to block sound of snoring and other noises

It isn't as loud as most electronic noise machines

Simple switch design, you can also adjust tone and volume by turning the top and sides

Doesn't dry out the room like a fan

Made in the USA

Long Cord - 7.5 feet 

Good for traveling

Helps babies sleep


The motor appears too loud and disturbing at first use

No adjustments or sound loop

Doesn’t use a battery; operates only via an electrical cord

Slightly expensive

The Dohm motor sound may seem annoying and too loud for first time usage

Lack of adjustments

Can only be operated with an electrical cord; no battery option available

Has no sound loop

A bit pricey

Introducing White Noise Machines

White noise machines are devices that produce sounds similar to the popular natural white noise sounds around.  Some create static sounds that are not common in real life but mask the surrounding sounds.  The monotonous nature of white noise makes it suitable for the brain. 

It is used in creating a more private work or corporate space, especially when it is placed in the hallway outside an office. This ensures that conversations in the office which may contain sensitive data, aren’t heard outside. 

Sound machines have also found applications in the home.  Both adults and kids can use them to create a relaxing environment that facilitates sleep.  If you have a baby that wakes easily, you can use white noise to lull him or her back to sleep.  It is also a great way of reducing insomnia, particularly in areas where there is too much noise.  

How Do The Best White Noise Machines Work?

What keeps you awake is the context of the sound produced by the white noise machine, not the volume. That is why some people find it very easy to fall asleep in the noisiest places - the same way as our sleep can be interrupted by a distant noise from a construction site.

There are two unique components in every audible sound.  The first is the amplitude – the size of the sound waves.  The second is the frequency – the number of vibrations produced by the sound wave in a second.  It is measured in Hertz (Hz).  A doubled or halved frequency is an octave. 

There are different categories of noise, and colors usually classify them.  Each color (or group) represents distinct textures and audio signals.  For instance, brown, blue, and pink depict sound waves that decrease or increase in volume in line with a change of frequency.  Noise denoted by white – white noise – has the same volume irrespective of the frequency.  It randomly combines all the frequencies that the human ear can detect and process.  And when this occurs, we have the telltale ‘shh’ sound that is usually linked to white noise. 

From the technical perspective we can conclude that most white noise is in reality pink noise.  Due to its ability to match any frequency, white noise may sound extremely high or low, and the human ear will most likely find such sounds too harsh.  Conversely, pink noise decreases in volume progressively, i.e. per octave, thus offers a more balanced listening experience.  Pink noise is commonly described as white noise with a lower bass-like quality with a more pleasant sound - some sort of sound similar to a stream of water.  Pink noise masks disruptive surrounding noises better than real white noise.  

‘Red noise’ or ‘brown noise’ is another type of pink noise, but it is deeper than pink noise.  It decreases in volume faster, also at a per-octave rate.  ‘Violet noise’ and ‘blue noise’ are sharp contrasts – they increase in volume with frequency. ‘Grey noise’ is another type, slightly more complex – the volume either decreases or increases, depending on the frequency, thus producing a sound of the same loudness at all frequencies.  The last is ‘black noise,’ which is complete silence.

Even with these technical descriptions, ‘white noise’ is commonly used in describing any relaxing ambient or natural sound that masks background noises from the surroundings.  White noise takes the brain’s focus away from external sounds, while helping you sleep faster and better. 

3 Popular Examples of White Noise 

1.    Natural sounds: gentle animal noises, wind, rain, waves.  Technically these sounds are not white noise.  However, they are classified as such and included in noise generators due to their relaxing features. 

2.    Ambient sounds: light traffic, crowds of people, burning fire.  Some people will get restless when there is silence because they are used to activity surrounding them.  Some of us even sleep faster and better when listening to the traffic (excluding the horns) or the muted conversation from a crowd. 

3.    Machinery: air fans, washing machines, dishwashers.  Such devices produce a constant hum or drone of machinery that can relax the mind and brain.

Common Features and Functions of the Best White Noise Machines

Even with variations of models and brands some features and functions are common to almost all standard sound machines.  They include:

Volume:  these devices come with adjustable volume settings.

Size: Most often when you get used to sleeping with a white noise machine, sleeping without one becomes impossible.  So it is advisable to buy a portable model that you can take on trips.

Sound options: A couple of sound machines can produce multiple sounds: standard white noise, natural, and ambient sounds.  White noises comes in variants – some favor pure white noise, others prefer the sounds of the ocean, rain, or fan.  Your preference should be the determining factor when choosing a product.  If you only like one of these sounds, go for a product that produces one type of sound. If you love variety, get a model that produces multiple sounds.

Looping: You may not notice this feature in most white machines, because sound has been looped for a continuous listening experience.  

Sleep timer: some of us want white noise all night, others only until they fall asleep.  The sleep timer is available on some of the best white noise machines and functions by automatically turning the machine off at a set time.

Headphone accessibility: You will find headphone jacks in some white noise machines to provide a more personalized listening experience.  In such models the speaker turns off as soon as the headphones are plugged in.  So if you want to use a white noise machine without disturbing a roommate, get a model with headphones.  Likewise, if you work in a noisy environment, you can get a similar model and use it without disturbing other employees. 

Alarm: Some white noise machines have an alarm that you can set. 

Power: Some machines run on batteries, others require electrical power.  There are even machines that can be powered via USB cables.  If you would like to travel with your best white noise machine or will stay where a wall socket is not at hand, get a model that runs on battery. You can also use these models even during a power outage.

Advantages of White Noise Machines

Even though a sound sleep is important for wellbeing, there are many sources and types of distractions nowadays that prevent us from getting one.  But this in-depth exploration of the best white noise machines has given us ways to help the body and brain relax and get a deserved sleep. 

Below are the top six benefits of a sound machine:

1.    Helps to create and maintain a healthy bedtime routine

Even if you don’t have any issues with sleeping earlier and better, a white noise machine will help you create a routine before bedtime.  Whether for adults or children, you can make sleep hygiene a habit with white noise.

2.    Helps to maintain a quiet bedroom

You sleep better in the ideal sleeping environment.  With the best white noise machine you can filter out disturbing sounds and make your bedroom as quiet as possible, thus facilitate a sound sleep.

3.    Calms down your hyperactive brain

We sometimes can’t sleep for different reasons, most times due to personal worries or thoughts of our things to do.  However, white noise can be used to shut down the busy brain, making you feel relaxed and prone to sleep.

4.    Ensures uninterrupted sleep 

With all possible sources of disturbances blocked, your peaceful slumber is guaranteed.  Even if you wake up, you get back to sleep in no time.

5.    High-quality sleep

Although you may not realize or remember how often you wake up at night, the breaks in your sleep affect its quality.  A sound machine can give you the high-quality sleep (with no disruptions) that leaves you more refreshed and recharged in the morning. 

Who Can Use a White Noise Machine?

1.    Babies

Babies are no strangers to loud noises. After all, the womb is noisy.  However, their immature nervous system, especially at birth, makes them sensitive to noises.  Every human has a pre-programmed response system that reacts to loud and seemingly threatening sounds or sharp movements.  This startle reflex makes babies flinch unknowingly, clench their fists, or even cry. 

Considering that babies don’t have a body clock, you will agree that it is rare for newborns to sleep well in the first few months.  Although wrapping them up can reduce the physical effects of the startle reflex, sleep problems may persist.  And in such cases the best white noise machine comes handy.  

It is a bit similar to the common shhhush-ing sound that parents make to comfort their children or make them stop crying, but baby sound machines offer additional calming effects that help babies sleep more soundly

2.    Employees with rotating schedules

Workers with irregular schedules or night shifts usually find it difficult to balance their body clock with external disturbances.  From light to noise and other external stimuli, their brains receive signals that trigger natural reactions such as changes in digestion and body temperature or production of sleep-inducing hormones.  With a sound machine that masks all background noises they can better regulate their internal clock and get a long quality sleep – up to seven or eight hours.  A sound machine that can play continuously will be better for this purpose due to its ability to drown all external noises throughout the sleeping time. 

3.    Noisy workplace

People who use white noise machines to mask background noise in a noisy office environment tend to perform better in complex and simple tasks than people who do not use the machines.   

4.    Snorers

Do you or your partner snore? Then you need the best white noise machine.  It can drown the loud snoring out.  If used properly, you or your partner no longer have to be kept awake and frustrated.

5.    People suffering from tinnitus

Tinnitus is ringing in the ears.  It can be masked or eliminated by a good sound generating machine. 

6.    People suffering from vertigo and dizziness

This may seem unusual, but dizziness and vertigo sufferers have reported significant improvement when they use sound devices.  However, it remains uncertain if the situation improves due to users’ better sleep or the noise alleviating the symptoms of inner ear disorders.  

7.    People suffering from ADHD and ADD

These people are particularly prone to distractions even by the smallest things that others easily and completely tune out.  The constant drone of a white noise machine can help.  

8.    Pets

Pets are also affected by their surroundings.  And even they can experience anxiety.  It has been discovered that pets sleep more soundly and feel better when exposed to relaxing sounds and constant whooshing noises.

The Dangers of White Noise Machines

Despite being lifesavers, white noises pose a couple of dangers too.  So we must exercise some caution while using them.  It can be dangerous to expose young children and infants to white noise machines for extended periods. The effects include inability to perceive the direction of sound and delayed cognitive development.

To prevent them always ensure that the volume of the sound machine doesn’t exceed 50dB.  Do not place the sound machine too close to the crib, and don’t use it all the time. People suffering from tinnitus may end up forgetting that they have the condition if they use a noise-diminishing device too often.  Considering that the condition is usually linked to more severe disorders, do not use your best white noise machine too often. You’ll reduce chances of developing tinnitus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best white noise machine to combat snoring?

Noise from snoring comes in different intensities, and a person who doesn’t snore will find it difficult to sleep or be easily disturbed during stages of lighter sleep by the consistent ups, downs, and sharp peaks of the snoring.  

With constant white noise or background sound the snoring peaks are not as pronounced or disturbing.  The mind of the not snoring person focuses on something else. If someone snores moderately or does not sleep close to the not snoring person, you can place your best white noise machine on your bed stand.  

For loud snoring you will need a loud sound machine.  The LectroFan white noise machine offers white noise with an adjustable pitch, which can conveniently mask the snoring at the lowest volume.  Its wider range of volume makes it possible to set from very quiet to very loud.  When quiet, it emits about 30dB, and at its peak volume it emits up to 80dB (twice the maximal loudness in Dohm – about 70dB).  Note that a difference of 10dB is considered twice as loud. 

But have you thought about the fact that a white machine at its loudest volume will most likely prevent your partner from sleeping? Of course it will.  The solution here is that you both wear good snore blocking earplugs.  Although this seems a bit inconvenient, it is considered quite effective for sleepers on their side. 

What is the loudest a white noise machine should be?

The fact that your white noise machine is very loud doesn’t mean that it will perform better.  To drown disruptive noises you need to set your device to a specific volume.  So when getting the best white noise machine, ensure that it can deliver your preferred volume.  It is advisable to keep the volume as low as possible, and instead of increasing the volume, set it to a different noise color and see the effect.  It’ll most likely mask the disturbing noises better or allow you to relax more. Note that this option is only possible on devices that allow you to finely tune the color of your noise.  You will not find such feature on white noise machines with a single white noise setting.

Where is it best to place a white noise machine?

There is no perfect location – you will get what works best for you through experimentation.  Try different distances, depending on the source of the noises and other factors like the layout of your bedroom or the location of electric outlets.  Once you find a location where the white noise machine is effective at the lowest possible volume, you’ll have the best location. 

Is it advisable to use white noise apps instead of a white noise machine?

White noise apps are best used for masking sounds occasionally.  If you are seeking to drown background noises every night, you should consider buying a best white noise machine.  This is because the sound quality of the apps isn’t good, and its clarity mostly depends on how good your smartphone’s speakers are.  The apps offer fewer white noise options than the machines, and you may have to spend time trying to set them up every night.  

If you seek temporary help, consider using an app over listening to a white noise track.  Most apps offer recordings that are 30 minutes long, so they can have a disruptive restart or even stop. 

Is it advisable to use music instead of white noise?

Yes. Studies have shown music to be capable of improving the quality of sleep.  However, the frequencies in music are not suitable for masking intrusive sounds.  Thus white noise is still more effective for this purpose than music.  

When you listen to music, there are chances that it will trigger emotional responses, associations, and memories.  All these combined may thwart your effort to sleep.  Use music for relaxation, rather than blocking intrusive sounds. 

Can I use a white noise machine for my baby?

There are recommendations of putting a white noise or similar sound machine in a baby’s room to help him or her sleep. But such practices become unsafe when you expose the baby to white noise machines that emit noise far too high for their ears.  

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, newborns in neonatal intensive care units must not be exposed to sound levels higher than 45dB, or the babies risk damage of hearing. 

The next question is how to know the volume of the emissions by your white noise machine.  You can use apps like NoiSee to get a good indication of the noise level where your baby sleeps, although the readings are not as accurate as those of a sound level meter.  Always have your sound machine set to a soft level to ensure that it doesn’t interrupt haring soft conversations.

Babies continuously exposed to white noise are at risk of delayed organization of the auditory cortex.  As a precaution, do not expose your baby to white noise throughout the day.  There is the need to expose babies to environmental noise and speech, as this helps them to develop proper hearing.  If you are in the market for a best white noise machine for your baby, go for a model with a timer.  You can use this feature to regulate how long your child is exposed to the emission. 

Lastly, consult your pediatrician before exposing your baby to a white noise machine, and be cautious about its usage, especially the volume. 

Can these devices be used when I travel?

Yes.  It is even more advisable to use sound machines on travels.  This is because you are in a new place. Thus you may find it more difficult to fall and stay asleep. Get a portable and battery-compatible model.

Is it advisable to keep my white noise machine on through the night?

If you want to induce sleep without the interference of disturbing noises, you can set your sound machine’s timer to 60 minutes.  For best results your white noise machine should fade the sound out gradually. If it goes off suddenly, you may wake up. White noise has been confirmed to alter sleep – the REM sleep can be shortened while the stage-2 sleep can be extended.  So you do not need to keep the device on for the whole night if you only want to induce sleep.

If a disturbing noise is going to continue through the night, set your best white noise machine to stay on through the night. 

Can I use my headphones while listening to white noise?

Yes, you can.  But note that you will get various frequency responses from different headphones and speakers.  You may get inaccurate lower frequencies with small speakers; for example, your iPhone will render originally pink noise (when played on good headphones or home stereo) as real white noise. 

It is advisable to get a white noise machine that can be finely tuned to the color of your noise.  This will make up for the individual hearing differences, different room layouts, different headphones and speakers, and a wide variety of disturbing environmental noises. Go for a white noise machine that has a speaker capable of reproducing the bass accurately. 

For instance, if you are looking to get a best white noise machine for your office or bedroom, a device with only one white noise setting coupled with a small speaker will not be ideal. 

Sleeping pill or a white noise machine? Which is better?

White noise is better, as long as it works excellently. Our sleep structure ends up distorted when we take most sleeping medications. They can also be physically addictive.  If you can mask these disturbing noises with a white noise machine and sleep faster and better, it is better than swallowing a pill.

Even if external noises or disturbances do not cause your inability to sleep, your best white noise machine can be timed to about 2 hours to immerse yourself in sleep. And when you sleep deeper, the machine will gradually fade the noise out.  

Remember to expose yourself to pink or white noise only when you have issues falling or staying asleep.  Doing it for any other reason can lead to negative results.


The current world is not cut out for giving people enough free time and the ideal environment to get quality sleep.  And the chances of getting enough sleep keep reducing by the day.  Several factors contribute to our lack of sleep, including noisy neighbors, crowded busy cities, and snoring. However, we can effectively balance out all these annoying sounds with a best white noise machine, while creating the ideal surroundings that give us the blissful sleep we seek.  

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