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The signature mattress from Brooklyn Bedding – marketed as being the “Best Mattress Ever” – has undergone several designs in the few years it has been around. It was originally marketed as being a mixed foam mattress. It has now been reengineered though, and is a hybrid mattress that offers something for everyone. 

The latest version of the Brooklyn Signature is made from three layers; the support layer of individually pocketed ascension coils; a high-density support foam layer; which is topped off with a gel-infused comfort foam. The mattress comes with a cover made from quilted cotton. It is available in three firmness options in every standard size, and stands 11.5 inches tall in every size. 

Brooklyn Signature Mattress

Price:  $799.20

Brooklyn Signature Brooklyn Bedding Reviews By

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 80% 

Size: ​Queen

Item Weight: 115 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

You should consider getting The Signature Mattress if:

  • You’re looking for good value 

Finding a mattress at this price made from these materials and with this level of quality is difficult. However, as Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are factory direct, you can expect to get a good quality mattress for a reasonable price. 

  • You’re looking for something that will last

The high density foam and pocketed coils of this mattress are durable components. This is a mattress that should last you for several years. 

  • You’re a combination sleeper 

The mattress has a medium feel, which gives you good pressure relief if you sleep on your side. It also has good support for your stomach and back though. Your hips won’t sink too far into the mattress, giving you comfortable support no matter how you sleep. 

You should consider avoiding The Signature Mattress if:

  • You’re a fan of the classic memory foam feel 

If you prefer the slow sinking feeling of classic memory foam, then you shouldn’t expect to get it with this. The top Titanflex layer is soft, sure, but it compresses faster than a regular memory foam mattress. 

  • You don’t sleep alone 

There is some decent motion isolation here, but it might not be enough if you’re after a mattress for a couple. You might feel your partner as they move through the night, and that’s something that you should consider when deciding on this mattress. 

Signature Mattress Construction

  • This mattress is 11.5” tall 
  • The luxurious cover for the mattress is tufted with an inch of foam and cotton quilted in 
  • The layer underneath this is a 2” inch thick layer of proprietary TitanFlex foam. TitanFlex is similar to regular latex, but injected with TitaniumGel that helps to keep the mattress cool. 
  • Under that is the 2” layer of firmer TitanFlex foam. The firmer foam helps in the transition to the support layers. 
  • Next comes the 6” layer of individually pocketed support coils. The support layer is great for contouring and, as expected, provdes plenty of support. 
  • The Signature Mattress is made in the USA
  • The mattress is available in all sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King 
  • The Signature Mattress also comes in three different firmness levels; Soft, Medium, and Firm 

The combination of the foam and coils in the mattress offer support and pressure relief all at once. When sleeping on your side, you should feel barely any pressure to your hips and shoulders. The individual pocketed coils will contour to your body and offer support while sleeping on your stomach and back. 

The coils of the mattress offer an extra layer of durability. When combined with the TitanFlex, the components last longer, making the mattress a great long-term investment. The TitanFlex also keeps the mattress cool, along with the coils that allow for air to flow through. This is one mattress that won’t leave you sleeping hot. 

What Makes the Signature Stand Out

  • It provides great value - Brooklyn Bedding are factory direct, which allows them to offer the mattress at a low price. You get a great deal for a high quality mattress in the Signature. 
  • If you want to get a long-term investment out of your mattress, then you should know the materials used for this mattress are durable. This is one mattress that is going to last a long time. 
  • You get a healthy balance of springs and foam; the good feel of foam, with a little bounce from the springs. 
  • The mattress is a good match for every sleeping position, offering good support for the back and stomach while relieving pressure from your sides. Combination sleepers can expect to be comfortable no matter their position. 

Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review in Detail


The Signature Mattress comes in three different firmness settings, letting customers choose the right option for their own personal preferences. The mattress firmness scale ranges from between 1 and 10, with ten being the firmest and one being the least firm. It comes in Soft (a rating of 4), Medium (a rating of 6), and Firm (a rating of 10). 

The Medium firm mattress is the best selling one. Brooklyn recommends that couples and combination sleepers use this one. Side sleepers may find the Soft fits them better, as it provides extra pressure relief. Stomach and back sleepers that want to avoid “sinking” into their mattress should consider choosing the Firm mattress. 

The latest version of the Brooklyn Signature can be purchased through the website of the Brooklyn Bedding company. The company has physical showrooms across Arizona. Some of their products, including their pillows and sheets, can be found on Amazon. At the time of writing though, the Signature Mattress cannot be purchased on Amazon. 


As mentioned before, the Brooklyn Bedding company have changed the mattress design several times. The current model of the mattress is a hybrid made up of three layers. The support layer is 6 inches thick, made of 1,024 individually pocketed 16-guage coils. This layer gives sleepers the traditional responsiveness and bounce they expect from a mattress. There’s also a layer made of two pieces of polyfoam. This layer gives the mattress contouring and compression support properties. Finally there is the comfort layer of 1.5 inches of proprietary gel-infused polyfoam that helps to regulate temperature and add stability to the mattress. 

The density of the foam is different for each firmness option. The cover for the Signature is a quilted cotton, and all of the foam used to make the mattress is fully Certi-PUR Certified. 


The mattress is rolled and compressed and sealed in plastic before being shipped out in a labelled box. Like most other “bed in a box” brands of mattress, the Signature will reach you completely in-tact with no assembly necessary. 

Brooklyn Bedding send out the mattress within 1 -3 days of receiving an order, and it should arrive between 1 and 5 days later through FedEx Ground. Shipping is offered completely free within contiguous United States. Delivery is available to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada for an additional cost (starting at $250). 


When the mattress reaches you, remove it from the packaging as soon as you get it. It takes a little time for the foam to fully expand. 

Additional Services

Brooklyn Bedding don’t provide white glove delivery and/or old mattress removal services. 

Sleep Trial

Brooklyn Bedding does offer a 120-night sleep trial period with their Signature mattress. The company requires that you have the mattress for at least 30 days before you return it. If you do want to return the mattress after 30 days, for any reason at all, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price of the mattress. 


Brooklyn Bedding provide a 10-year no-prorated warranty for their Signature Mattress. The company will repair or replace defective mattresses at no cost during this warranty period. Click here to see the full terms and conditions of the warranty. 

Brooklyn Signature Mattress Performance

Given that the latest version of the Signature was released not long ago in 2018, there isn’t enough feedback to properly evaluate how it performs. We’ll have to update the review after testing out the mattress and gathering more feedback. For now though, we do have some ratings based on the information that we’ve gathered thus far. 


With the individually pocketed coil support system and the dense foam layers of the Signature mattress, it is able to provide solid support for most sleepers. The transitional foam layers for the mattress are made from high density foams that provide a deep layer of compression support. This is particularly important or maintaining alignment for heavier sleepers. 


The Brooklyn Signature mattress is made with a 16-guage coil in the support system. This is relatively thin. Gauges are rated between 12 and 18, with 12 being the thickest and 18 the thinnest. A thinner gauge provides a more conforming feel when using the mattress, which is improved upon with the foam comfort layers of the mattress. 


A thinner coil may conform better, but they don’t last as long. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses aren’t as durable in general as latex and foam beds. This version of the Brooklyn Signature mattress hasn’t been around long enough for us to really know anything about its long-term durability though. 

Motion Isolation 

This is a measurement of how well the mattress prevents movement from traveling across a bed. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are known for not having much motion isolation. The Brooklyn Signature offers better motion isolation than most thanks to its dense comfort layers. 

Edge Support

The innerspring support system of the Brooklyn Signature offers extra edge support. That means the bed as a whole better suited to sleeping and prevents the mattress from sagging along the perimeters. 


A hybrid mattress combines the contouring of foam with a traditional bounce of innerspring mattresses. The Brooklyn Signature more than enough bounce and enough response to not restrict sexual activity and movement. With the 1,024 individually pocketed coils, this mattress reacts well when having fun in the bedroom. 

Heat Retention 

The cooling-gel layers and the pocketed coil support system ensures that this mattress doesn’t sleep too hot. Most sleepers should not have an issue with heat retention. 


As is the case with most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Brooklyn Signature may have a smell when you first open it. The good news is that the smell isn’t too bad and it goes away in a few hours. 

What Kind of Sleeper Should Use the Brooklyn Signature Mattress?

With our Brooklyn Bedding reviews, much like our other reviews, we remind readers that which mattress is best for them is down to personal preferences. Consider what you want from a mattress, your sleeping position, your body type and weight, and health conditions that you have. 

Always think about your own comfort and having proper spinal alignment too. Be sure to take advantage of the sleep trial to test how effective a mattress is for you. 

We don’t currently have enough feedback from customers about the latest version of the Brooklyn Signature to properly assess how it compares to other mattress. Based on the feedback for previous models though, we can tell you the sleeping positions that tend to fit best with the different firmness settings offered by the Signature: 

  • Side sleepers prefer Soft 
  • Combination sleepers prefer Medium 
  • Stomach and back sleepers prefer Firm 

Company Information for Brooklyn Bedding

Customer Service:

Our own research into this indicates that 6 in 10 customers reported having positive experiences with the company as a whole, no matter their feelings on the mattress. 


The parent company of Brooklyn Bedding, R&S Mattress, has a reputation of providing quality products and services. 

BBB Rating:


Years in Business

Parent company R&S Mattress was first founded back in 1995. The subsidiary Brooklyn Bedding company was launched in 2009. 

Corporate Headquarters 

4455 W. Camelback Rd. 

Phoenix, AZ 


Physical Stores

Brooklyn Bedding has several physical showrooms across Arizona 

Phone Number


Other Mattresses Offered by Brooklyn Bedding

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The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is a hybrid mattress that has a 13 ½” profile, making it a great choice for sleepers who want a thicker mattress. The top layer of the mattress is made from phase-change materials that provide great temperature regulation and conforming. The mattress comes with additional memory foam and polyfoam comfort layers, along with a pocketed coil support core and a polyfoam base layer. The Brooklyn Aurora comes in Soft, Medium, and Firm. 

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Size: Queen

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The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid Mattress is a latex hybrid mattress with a 12” profile. The cover for the mattress is made of a blend of organic cotton and Joma wool with a 3” Talalay latex comfort layer. These materials, combined with the pocketed coils, ensure the mattress sleeps cool. The mattress comes in “Soft”, “Medium”, and “Firm”. 

Bowery Brooklyn Bedding Review


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Customer Satisfaction: 75% 

Size: Queen

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The Brooklyn Bowery is a mixed foam mattress. The mattress is made from a quilted polyfoam cover, a dual-layer polyfoam comfort system, and a support core made from high-density polyfoam. The mattress is a “medium” as far as the firmness is concerned, and provides close contouring and pressure relief to sleepers of a light and average weight. 

Bowery Hybrid Brooklyn Bedding Review


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General Information

Thickness: 10 inches

Size: Queen 

Item Weight: 70 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The Brooklyn Bowery hybrid mattress, much like the all-foam counterpart, is 10 inches thick. The mattress is a “medium firm” mattress, which makes it suitable for heavier sleepers. The comfort system includes a polyfoam layer and a quilted memory foam cover. The support core of the mattress is is made from pocketed coils and a high-density foam base layer. The Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid mattress is sold at a lower price than the average hybrid mattress. 

Our Verdict

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress has undergone several changes, going from being a mixed foam mattress to a hybrid one. 

The Brooklyn Signature mattress features pocketed innerspring coils beneath two layers made of proprietary foams. The bed comes in three different firmness options, which is ideal for those with a specific preference when it comes to firmness. 


  • Range of firmness options 
  • Responsive feel that’s good for sex 
  • Great edge support 
  • Free delivery to United States and long trial period 


  • Limited amount of feedback for the newest model 
  • Inconsistent customer service 
  • Foam density is unknown 

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