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Everyone deserves the best rest after a long day – and that is what your mattress should offer you.  However, for people that sleep hot or whose bedrooms tend to get too warm with time, they tend to miss out on the deserving rest.  But that doesn’t have to be the case – hot sleepers can enjoy excellent rest by getting one of the best cooling mattresses. 

Most of the traditional mattresses out there are designed to encourage sleeping hot, considering that they have no gel technology.  Cooling mattresses, on the other hand, are specially made to keep your body temperature down and ensure that you do not get sweaty while sleeping. A firmer mattress will help you stay cooler, compared to the fewer firm options that tend to sink and hence trapping your body heat.  If your preference is still spring mattresses, perhaps due to their durability, some foams are designed with plant-based materials, including a gel layer that offers a maximum cooling effect. 

Alternatively, you may go for unconventional mattresses that are extremely cool.  Ordinarily, such mattresses should warm you up, considering that they get very cold, however, the rules are a bit twisted. Just like the gel and ventilated mattresses keep you cool by regulating your temperature, waterbed also contains water that will ensure that you do not feel any warmness whatsoever.  

So, if you are considering getting the best sleep at all times, you should consider investing in one of the best cooling mattresses reviewed below.

The Best Cooling Mattresses

GhostBed - Coolest Mattress in America

Muse Sleep Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Editors' Choice

LUCID - The Best Mattress That Wicks Away Moisture

INNOMAX Sanctuary - The Best Affordable Waterbed Mattress

Zinus Green Tea - The Best Plant-Based Mattress With 4 Cooling Layers 

Layla SleepThe Best Luxury Cooling Mattress 

The Best Cooling Mattress Table





Coolest Mattress in America

GhostBed Cooling Mattress Review by


The Best Overall Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Muse Sleep Cooling Mattress Review by

Muse Sleep

(Editors' Choice)


The Best Mattress That Wicks Away Moisture

LUCID Cooling Mattress Review by


The Best Affordable Waterbed Mattress

INNOMAX Cooling Mattress Review by


The Best Plant-Based Mattress With 4 Cooling Layers

Zinus Cooling Mattress Review by


The Best Luxury Cooling Mattress

Layla Sleep Cooling Mattress Review by


The Best Cooling Mattress Reviews

GhostBed - Coolest Mattress in America Review

Price:  $765.76

GhostBed Cooling Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 70% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 85 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”


The 11-inch GhostBed mattress is a latex hybrid mattress comprising three layers – the top comfort layer made of perforated synthetic Dunlop latex, a gel-infused memory foam as the comfort layer, and a polyfoam as the support core.  All of these layers are well-contained in a woven polyester fabric cover.  This bed offers a single firmness level, set at around 3.2 on a scale of 1-5.


This bed offers a mattress surface that handles bouncing quite excellently, so if you are looking for an ideal mattress for that makes you enjoy sex, the GhostBed is a worthy consideration.  The absence of innerspring coils means you will not experience any noise while on it. The manufacturers offer a 101-night sleep trial, plus a limited warranty that is valid for 20 years.


Although the bed is medium firm, not all sleepers will find it ideal.  The edge support is below par, and couples that prefer sitting or stretching across all areas of the bed may not find the bed suitable.  Lastly, considering that the brand is relatively new, the mattress has a little track record. 

Our take

The GhostBed mattress contains a gel in its memory foam layer.  The gel controls the retention of heat in the memory foam.  Likewise, perforated Dunlop latex ensures improved airflow.  Generally, hot sleepers that want to sleep cool without missing out on the feel of a memory foam bed will find this product ideal.

Muse Sleep Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review - Editors' Choice

Price:  $1,000.00

Muse Sleep Cooling Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 91% 

Size: ​Queen

Item Weight: 83 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

The conventional memory foam produced by Muse is characterized by a couple of overheating issues, which customers have continued to complain about. The brand responded perfectly by coming up with this cooling mattress that combines durable materials, an ultra-cool cover, as well as the standard layers of their memory foam bed. 

With the integration of the Muse’s proprietary tech – Cool Wire Fabric, the cover of this cooling mattress is always cool when you touch.  The company added a touch of luxury with the introduction of woven fibers that blocks out moisture effectively so that you can sleep all cool and dry.  There is also a temperature-regulating gel integrated into the closest layer to the body – the memory foam layer – thus ensuring coolness even when under the cover. 

The most outstanding feature of this mattress is the seamless combination of the gel memory foam and the ultra-cool cover to achieve a super-cool mattress.  This bed guarantees you a great sleep that will leave you refreshed in the morning, rather than getting drenched in sweat all night. Available firmness levels include soft, medium, and firm. And if you feel your sleeping requirements are out of these conventional options, you can consider the gentle cradling, the deeper pressure relief, or the firmer feel. 

LUCID - The Best Mattress That Wicks Away Moisture Review

Price:  $369.28

LUCID Cooling Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 83% 

Size: ​Queen

Item Weight: 77 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Lucid combined both transition and memory foams in creating this 10-inch hybrid mattress.  The 2-inches support foam guarantees you effective spine alignment, and relief from and prevention of aches and pains. The excellent edge-support is another impressive feature you will find handy, especially if you are the type that loves moving around while sleeping.

The cooling features of this mattress are all natural – it combines bamboo charcoal with an odorless material that wicks away moisture naturally and seamlessly.  Lastly, you have aloe vera to ensure all-round freshness that improves your overall sleep experience.

INNOMAX Sanctuary - The Best Affordable Waterbed Mattress Review

Price:  Check on Amazon

INNOMAX Cooling Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 

Product Dimensions: 84 x 72 x 9 inches

Item Weight: 11.7 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Although the idea of lying on a retro waterbed mattress may sound unappealing at first, you may have a change of mind about waterbeds when you consider the great cooling features you get at this price.  The Innomax Sanctuary guarantees you a super chilly feeling and a great cooling experience all year round.  It is understandable if you second-guess the reliability of this bed, considering its low price.  However, several customer reviews on the product have confirmed its quality.  So, if you are interested in having a water bed with the best reinforcement possible, the presence of a double reinforced corner and a T-corner lap seam construction make this bed a worthy consideration. 

Quick Tip – Sufferers of back or joint pains can improve their body support with this waterbed mattress, without pressurizing your spine or joints unnecessarily. 

Zinus Green Tea The Best Plant-Based Mattress With Four Cooling Layers Review  

Price:  $263.50

Zinus Cooling Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 73% 

Size: ​Queen

Item Weight: 58.4 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Generally, plant-based memory foam mattress offers much coolness compared to other types of foam.  The Zinus 12-inch mattress combines natural castor seed oil with gel-infused green tea- two natural anti-odor and anti-bacterial components.  There is an extra layer, making a total of four layers, including two layers of high-density foam responsible for improved airflow and two-inches of gel-infused memory foam that offers total dryness. For sufferers of allergies and people with sensitive skin, the hypoallergic features of this mattress make it a safe and excellent option. 

Layla Sleep - The Best Luxury Cooling Mattress Review

Price:  $840.00

Layla Sleep Cooling Mattress Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 83% 

Size: ​Queen

Item Weight: 70 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

It is safe to call this copper-infused memory foam mattress as a worthy investment, considering the huge benefits it has to offer.  There is arguably no better naturally cooling material that offers outstanding sleep experience than the Layla Sleep Memory Foam. Considering that copper transfers heat, this mattress can offer coolness that lasts longer.  The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties ensure that you are safe.  There is also a thermogel infused cover that offers additional coolness by balancing your body temperature with the environment temperature.  So, combining the thermogel cover and the copper-infused foam guarantees you of twice the usual cooling experience. 

There are two levels of firmness in this Zinus mattress – the firm feel and the medium-soft feel – each located on either side.  So, based on what you want at any movement, all you need to do is flip your mattress to enjoy a whole new firmness level. 

Introducing Cooling Mattresses

When you are in the market for a mattress, you are in search of one that either cools you down all night, ensures maximum airflow, or both.  And our discussion so far has centered on these three mattress types. In the case of a bed that cools you down actively, such beds are usually equipped with special material or textile in the top layer or covers of such foam.  So, if you are a sleeper that sleeps hot naturally, you will find such mattress ideal, considering that they keep you cool all night long.  

Mattresses that offers maximum airflow is equipped with either a gel-like material (usually with reduced surface area), aerated foams, or both.  For beds that integrates both options, they offer an icy-cold sleeping experience for users if used according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Mattress Temperature, Firmness, and Sleeper Weight

The body weight of the sleeper, as well as the firmness level of the mattress, determines how hot or cool such a mattress will be when being used.  Using a scale of 1-10 with the firmest at 10 and softest at 1, a bed with a less than 5 rating is considered a medium-firm bed.  And medium firm bed usually offers a cradle-shaped impression of the sleeper by sinking beneath the body of the sleeper.  Although there are advantages to this, including pressure relief and motion isolation, such a setup can cause less air circulation or more heat trap. For mattresses rated between 6 and 8, such hardly has in-depth conformations and thus offers much more coolness compared to the less-firm beds.

Talking about weight, a heavier person will most likely generate more body heat and thus sleep warmer, as opposed to individuals with less weight.  This is because: (i) movement in bed for heavier people requires a lot of energy, and the generation of such energy comes with significant increase in body temperature, and (ii) Heat trap is more in heavier people because they tend to sink further into the mattress due to their weight. 

So, it is safe to say that a mattress with a firmness rating of 6 or higher (using a 1-10 firmness scale) is ideal for any sleeper that tends to sleep hot, particularly when they weigh over 200 pounds. 

The Components of the Best Cooling Mattress

No one likes sleeping hot – and mattress manufacturers quite understand this fact too.  Thus, they have continued to integrate specific features that ensure that temperature is well managed in their mattresses such that users can sleep as cool as possible.  Even at that, we still have some mattresses that serve hot sleepers better than others, and this due to the differences in structure.   

A mattress is made up of different parts, all of which work together to regulate heat retention and dispersion.  So, an ideal mattress will have high heat transfer and retain heat poorly – these conditions help in creating a cool and uniform sleeping surface.  

If you tend to sleep hot, you should consider the following parts of a mattress and how they affect your sleeping experience before settling for a bed:


Both the traditional innerspring beds and the modern hybrid mattresses owe their solid support to coils.  Coil construction can come in different forms, and each does well when it comes to heat transfer.  Out of all the coil types, the separately wrapped pocket coils offer the most contour.  Air circulation is much improved in mattresses with a coil support core, and they subsequently offer better temperature regulation and air flow.  Mattresses with larger coil components tend to offer more coolness. 


The main source of latex foams are rubber trees, and these foams are naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. There are synthetic latex foams too, which are derived by combining a host of human-made materials.  Synthetic latex beds are usually less breathable, compared to their counterparts made of organic latex foams. The perforations in organic latex foams also improve air circulation and air flow. 

Gel-Infused Foams

Most mattresses out there contains a gel-layer – it is considered an important component because of its cooling effects.  Just like water, gel functions by absorbing heat totally instead of absorbing and radiating it later. The more the amount of gel component present in a gel-infused foam, the better their ability to transfer heat and the cooler such mattresses are.

Basic Memory Foam

Almost all traditional memory foam mattresses trap heat. However, they are still widely used because of their excellent contouring ability.  Memory foam contours the body better because it handles body heat better.  Memory foam reacts to the pressure and heat from a sleeper’s body by conforming and enveloping around them.  And with such reaction, it traps even more heat. 

Advanced Memory Foam

Manufacturers have continued to produce advanced memory foam as a better alternative to the basic memory foam.  These new and advanced iterations still have excellent contouring abilities, but the heat retention is lesser.  Heat dispersion is great in copper-and graphite-infused memory foam while air circulates much better in open-cell memory foams. 

Basic Poly Foam

You can trust your polyfoam to offer a middle ground performance between memory and latex foams concerning temperature.  So, it is safe to say that the polyfoam is hotter than latex but cooler than memory foam.  There is an open-cell structure in a polyfoam, and this is responsible for its excellent air circulation.  The density, however, adversely affects its heat regulation ability.  So, a denser polyfoam will most likely lead to a hotter mattress.  If you are a hot sleeper, the ideal choice would be a mattress that has high-density polyfoams in the support layers. 

Advanced Polyfoam

An advanced polyfoam offers advanced and much better temperature regulation, compared to the regular polyfoam.  However, despite the improvements, it is still not ideal for people that sleep hot.  

For the best experience, hot sleepers are better off with mattresses with great cooling components, usually integrated into the bed itself.  You will find not less than three layers in a regular mattress, all of which are enclosed within a suitable cover.  A cooling component will have the highest impact on your body temperature when it is situated closest to the surface of the mattress.  Let us look at a memory foam mattresses – they are excellent at contouring but are only average when it comes to heat retention.  Thus, users of such mattress use them because they conform and envelope their body better. 

In the bid to make the heat retention ability better, the cooling gel foams, copper-infused layers, and similar components that offer coolness are now found above the memory foam layer.  This ensures that the excellent contouring ability of such mattress is maintained, but with much coolness on the surface.  Another method of improving heat retention is through the introduction of an innerspring support core, although these coil layers tend to be less effective when finding in-between heavy foam layers. 

The Effect of a Foam Cover Concerning the Mattress’ Cooling Ability

A mattress’ surface temperature depends on the arrangement of the individual layers of such a mattress.  Out of these layers, the mattress cover shares the closest proximity with the body of the sleeper, and thus, it is the most important component for hot sleepers looking to get an ideal mattress. 

Cover materials in mattresses are usually one of the following four options;

  • Non-quilted Covers.  They are usually thinner compared to other types of covers.  Thus, they ensure improved airflow and facilitates cool sleeping.
  • Quilted Covers.  They are thicker, and the thickness is even more pronounced if a polyfoam or memory foam is included for extra support.  Thus, they tend to sleep hotter. 
  • Phase Change Materials (PCMs). PCMs are integrated into covers to ensure that such covers absorb the body heat radiating from the sleeper.  When the accumulated temperature reaches a certain amount, it starts radiating automatically throughout the mattress, thus helping you to sleep cooler.  PCM-integrated covers sleep cooler than a quilted cover, but less cool than non-1uilted covers.
  • Cooling Fabrics.  There are special fabrics that can serve as cooling materials when used as a foam cover.  There are three major types of such fabrics - Celliant® fibers, Lyocell, and Lycra® Spandex. Celliant® comprises a combination of thermoreactive minerals, whose role is to regulate air circulation and body temperature.  Cellulose is the main component of Lyocell cooling fabric, and the thinness offers coolness when sleeping.  Lycra® Spandex will be more common among athletes, due to its moisture-wicking ability that guarantees considerable ease for people that sleep hot and subsequently sweat.  

Why You Should Avoid Softer Mattresses

Most back sleepers and stomach sleepers will ordinarily get more coolness from a firmer mattress, considering that they usually sleep more in the neutral range.  However, when the cover of a mattress isn’t breathable or comes with a softer foam, such mattress will offer a warmer sleep.  So, if your preference is a softer mattress, always settle for one with a phase-changing material in the cover.  This will ensure a not-too-hot or a not-too-cool sleeping surface.  

Combining Two Cooling Technologies

A combination of phase-change materials and pocket or innerspring coils in a single bed will definitely offer a very cool sleep experience.  The cool touch comes from the cover and an excellent airflow from the coils, thus making such mattresses ideal for hot sleepers or people that tend to experience hot flashes or night sweats.  However, the coolness might be too much for someone who runs cold easily. 

Additional Accessories for Sleeping Cool

After our discussion on comfort layer, cover materials and support core which influence the temperature of a mattress, let’s consider some bedding options as well as bedroom accessories that can help maintain the coolness and comfort of your bed while asleep.


The options for bed-sheets are almost limitless as most individuals have seen firsthand. Sheet options are categorized into two groups: natural fibers and synthetic materials. Some of the natural fibers which are used in sheets are Cotton, Linen, wool, silk, and hemp.

In terms of softness and breathability, natural fibers are better than other cover fabrics, which can assist in the regulation of temperature and sustaining of cool sleep surface. Linen and long-staple cotton offer outstanding coolness. Also, naturally, wool drains away moisture, and it also provides cooler or warmer sleeps based on the room temperature. Consequently, the wool sheet is a great option for the regulation of temperature throughout the year.

Polyester and rayon are the most available synthetic fabrics used in sheets. While these two materials have less breathability compared to natural fibers, some specific synthetics such as polyester microfibers can wick away moisture, and consequently, help reduce the body temperature of the user.

There are sheet fabrics which are completely natural while others are a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. For instance, bamboo viscose is produced from bamboo fabric and cellulose, which may or may not include chemical ingredients. While these fabrics often sleep cool, in most situations, natural fiber sheet is even cooler.

Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is used to supply an additional inch or two support to the comfort layer. Mattress toppers are usually sold separately from the original mattress. Also, they are not the same as mattress pads, which functions primarily to safeguard the mattress.  Unsurprisingly, hottest sleep is seen with memory foam. Also, toppers produced from fabrics, fibers or latex absorb heat released by the body to a reasonable degree. Some of the coolest topper options are feather toppers – also referred to as featherbeds – and wool-made toppers.


Currently, pillows in the market are produced from a series of materials which include natural fibers such as down, feathers, wool, cotton, buckwheat, and silk as well as synthetic materials like polyester, memory foam and imitation down.


Airflow is improved by fans across the bedroom and also assists sleepers to remain cool, most especially during the hottest period. Models which are loud can create sleep disturbance; however, some sleepers are comfortable with the background noise. Another suitable option is ceiling fans, although some mattresses can be too close to the floor to have any significant impact.

Climate Control System

Apart from fans, the regulation of mattress temperature can be done with some products by supplying cool or warm air to the bed. These products are particularly beneficial for people who tend to get extremely cold during the night or people who sleep extremely hot. For instance, BedJet is an accessory which supplies currents of convective air into either side of beds with the use of hose attachment. Users can reset the air options to choose the appropriate temperature. Also, this accessory can release warm and cool air to each side of the bed for partners who seek different conditions. Aside from accessories, climate control is provided by some mattress bases. For example, the Wink Beds CoolControl™ is a base made with four air tubes which suit the bottom of the mattress and provide air currents that move to the top surface. Through the use of a smart app, users can reset the settings until they find a befitting temperature. 

Climate control systems can be particularly useful to assist sleepers in remaining cool; however, a significant drawback exist, which is the price tag. The smallest price of BedJet is $269, and Wink Beds CoolControl™ base will include $2,200 surcharge to the mattress cost. In other words, some inexpensive ways to sleep at a comfortable temperature exist.

Sleep Trial and Warranty Considerations

Several producers of mattress offer sleep trials, where the buyer can assess their new bed to make sure that it fits their demands and specifications. Most sleep trials do last between 60 to 120 nights, and in a situation where the buyer is not satisfied with products, then, it will be returned – or exchanged – for a refund. For people who sleep hot, a mattress sleep trial will save you from signing up for a mattress which can make you feel inconvenient. The associated cost to the majority of sleep trials is insignificant. While some producers need the purchasers to pay for shipping and related costs with exchanges and return, others cover all the expenses. In most circumstances, a complete refund for a product will be given to people who return their mattresses before the end of sleep trials.

Concerning warranty coverage, it is essential to know that majority – if not all – of mattress warranties does not handle issues concerning the owner’s comfort choices, which may include sleeping hot. Hence, if you buy a mattress which sleeps hot, and it wasn’t returned during the sleep trial, there is a high tendency not to be able to get a partial or full refund for a return or exchange of mattress.

Reasons Why You Get Hot While Sleeping

Your Temperature Changes Each Night

Without a doubt, the temperature is a crucial factor, which plays a vital role concerning total circadian rhythm and our sleeping period. Amazingly, the temperature-regulating cells within our brain deactivates during the REM stage of our slumber. This implies that our body temperature will tend to suit the room temperature. This reason is responsible for midnight chills, and consequently, most people use a few blankets. However, it is unnecessary to do this. By reducing the temperature, you will likely sleep more comfortably. In fact, a reduction by one degree could enhance early morning wake up and alleviate sweaty arousals during the night. Hence, it is true that your temperature does shift during the night, and it influences the possibility of getting too hot and waking up full of sweat.

Hot Flashes (Women)

A hot flash is a female sensation that has the attribute of sudden and intense warmth feeling which is not as a result of external factors. They can start promptly or progressively over some minutes. Several symptoms characterize this condition which includes tingling within the fingers, sudden warm feelings on the skin, upper body sweating, among others. Generally, the reason is due to menopause in women. If you belong to this category, you shouldn’t be surprised to start waking up during the night while sweating through Pajamas. It is advisable to reduce the room temperature and sleep again, or you can choose a suitable material to sleep on.

Anxiety & Night Sweats

Anxiety has been identified as a cause of nervous sweating, which is a factor to consider. The reason is that human’s brain is designed to react to a specific feeling in a way that it enhances blood flow and induce temperature increase. One of the most common results of this particular situation is night sweats.

Alcohol and Night sweats

Maintaining high level of hydration is crucial to keeping the body cool and at an appropriate temperature. While some people are used to taking few sips before sleeping – which is truly relaxing and exciting from some – alcohol is one of the most important drinks which can dehydrate your body massively, and this is a factor that must be put in check. Sweating is one of the most obvious outcome as well as an increase in body temperature during the night. To reduce the midnight arousal tremendously, cutting back the nightcaps can be quite handy.

Purchasing Online vs. In Store

On a daily basis, different brands are showcasing new cooling technologies which can assist in the prevention of bed overheating during the night. These products are available both on in stores and online mattress websites. While most of these technologies are fantastic to use, a question remains; which way is the best to know their value?

The sign of a great mattress cooling system does not lie in touch between 5 to 10 seconds; it is necessary to use it overnight to see its performance across your complete sleep cycle. You may have a particular feeling when you sleep on a product for a few minutes, but you can still wake up suddenly covered in sweet during the night.

Check for available trials with most online brands to test a potential solution in your room.


When in the market for a new mattress or bedding accessories that suits you as a hot sleeper, you should note that;

  • You will get more coolness from matrasses rated as FIRM or MEDIUM FIRM compared to those with lower firmness – conformation in lower firmness is considerably lower.  
  • If you are a bit heavier, you will sleep hotter compared to someone with below-average or average weights.
  • You will get more coolness from hybrid and innerspring mattress due to the improved air circulation offered by their coil- or spring-based support cores. 
  • Latex mattresses offer considerable amount of coolness, especially in aerated latex layers.  However, the synthetic and blended options tends to be warmer. 
  • Do not expect a memory foam that contains graphite, copper, or gel to sleep cooler, regardless of the manufacturer’s claims. What matters is the concentration – the higher the amount of these materials, the more coolness the sleep surfaces offer.
  • The level of warmth or coolness you derive from an airbed is a factor of how thick its comfort layer is.  If the comfort system is 3x or 4x thick, you will have more warmth compared to those with thinner comfort layers. 
  • Polyfoams, especially the open-cell and convoluted forms, are known to sleep cooler compared to memory foam.  This is due to the reduced density of the former.
  • If you sleep hot, you should avoid memory foam mattresses, because they are the hottest mattress materials around.
  • You will sleep cooler in beds with thinner non-quilted covers than in their counterparts with thicker quilted covers.
  • Bed covers that are derived from phase-change materials or cooling fabrics will regulate mattress temperature way better.
  • Sheets made from wool, linen, cotton, and other natural fibers will offer more coolness and will be more breathable compared to their counterparts that are derived from rayon, polyester, and other man-made fibers.
  • You will get more warmth from mattress whose toppers are made of latex, fabric or memory foam, compared to those made from wool toppers and featherbeds. 
  • You will get more coolness from pillows made from natural fibers, latex, feathers, and buckwheat, in comparison to those made from polyester and memory foam.
  • The most effective method of regulating temperature remains climate control systems, however, they are usually only available at expensive rates. 

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