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Are you looking for a feather mattress topper? For many years down-filled as well as a feather bed items have gained popularity with individuals looking for a comfortable sleep. One of the new popular items is the feather mattress topper. They are an alternative to other types of bedding and very comfortable to sleep on.

Before you pick the best feather mattress topper to meet your needs you're going to have to learn a little bit more about them and to find out what is on the current market that you can buy. To make it easier for you, I have reviewed several of these feather mattress toppers so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

The Best Feather Mattress Topper

1. Superior Feather Mattress Topper

2. Puredown Natural White Goose Down Feather Overfilled Mattress Topper (Editors' Choice)

3. Pacific Coast Feather Company Luxe Loft Natural-Fill Mattress Topper

4. QUEEN ROSE Down Alternative Mattress Topper

5. Sweet Jojo Designs White Goose Feather Mattress Topper

The Best Feather Mattress Topper Table

The Best Feather Mattress Topper Reviews

Superior Feather Mattress Topper

Price: $46.99

Superior Feather Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 76% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 11.75 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This is a quality product you can add to your bedroom which will bring you a lot of comfort. It features excellent stitching and the down is kept in place while you were sleeping so the topper won't move around. You get a guarantee of 2 inches of support and the product also reduces heat and keeps you cooler during the night. If you're looking for a mattress topper made to a high-quality, this is the one you want to own.


There are no harsh odors present

The topper is machine washable and hypoallergenic

It’s made with quality construction materials

It’s very soft


Over an extended time, it can become uncomfortable

The manufacturer doesn't provide the support that you may require

Puredown Natural White Goose Down Feather Overfilled Mattress Topper (Editors' Choice)

Price: $119.99

puredown Feather Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 83% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 19.45 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Puredown produces an excellent feather mattress topper and the fabric cotton cover is made with 100% cotton. This. This topper will support you yet feel soft. The product is made with a baffle box construction so you'll be kept quite comfortable yet the feather feelings inside the top or it won't move around when you sleep on them. There is also an elastic fiber present so the topper is very easy to install on your bed. The topper itself is made with 25% natural white goose feather and 75% natural white goose down. It's gone through testing for content, durability, material, and Oxipower has certified this popper. The product comes in various sizes so you should find one that fits your own bed. 


Has Oxipower certification

It’s a 100% cotton fabric

It offers firmness and support

Environmentally friendly and odorless


You can only dry clean this product as it is not machine washable

Pacific Coast Feather Company Luxe Loft Natural-Fill Mattress Topper

Price: $87.99

Pacific Coast Feather Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 71% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 18.01 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This product by Pacific Coast provides you with a very comfortable sleep. The outer cover of the stopper is made out of cotton. It has an extra layer of soft quilting and it uses Resilia feather which is springy and gives you extra support. You will get the support that you need for both your shoulders in your hips when you sleep on this popper.

This product is the ideal choice if you have an older mattress but you don't want to replace it yet. This product will give you extra support and comfort on top of your old mattress until you decided to change it. The topper has gone through strict building standards and it will repel allergens. You have a full of money back guarantee so you can return the product for a full refund if you are not happy with it. The topper is constructed with a baffle box design so the feathers stay in the right position and don't move around. You also get a high thread-count of 230 so this is a high-quality topper which is going to last you a long time.


You get great comfort with this product

It features a baffle box design so it doesn't move around

It’s hypoallergenic and made to a high quality


The product can have some off-gassing when you first get it

You have to fluff this product often so it retains its shape

QUEEN ROSE Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Price: $76.88

QUEEN ROSE Feather Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 82% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 9.15 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This topper features a soft feel and it is very fluffy. It will stay in place at night so other people won't be disturbed while they are sleeping. You get great breathability in excellent airflow with this topper. The inner feeling won't move around because there is a baffle box construction. You will get a very comfortable sleep while you are using this topper and you can make an old mattress feel new again.


You get great airflow and breathability

The topper is very soft

Features baffle box construction

It will relieve pressure points

You get a 90-day guarantee

Features an elasticized edge so it's easy to put on your bed


Some users indicated that the topper goes kind of flat

Sweet Jojo Designs White Goose Feather Mattress Topper

Price: $79.99

Sweet Jojo Designs Feather Mattress Topper Review by

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 77% 

Size: Queen

Item Weight: 15 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

This product is made to a high-quality and has a 240 thread count. The cotton cover is made out of 100% cotton and will protect your topper from damage. The topper has gusseted sides and it is 2 in thick so you'll get great support. the feeling is antibacterial treated so it will resist mold, bacteria, mildew, and fungus. The product itself is filled up with 95% goose feathers and the rest of it is 5% white goose down material. You get great softness with this feather mattress topper and it will work with various bed sizes so you are sure to find the right size to meet your individual needs.


Excellent mix of down and Goose feather

Created with a baffle box construction so the feeling doesn't move around

It’s anti-fungal and antibacterial so it's perfect for those that might beat more sensitive

You will have less back pain and get a comfortable sleep with his topper


Some individuals indicated to the goose quills cause them some discomfort

You'll have to pay to have the product transported back to the manufacturer if you have a problem with it

Why Should You Purchase Feather Bed Mattress Toppers?

You may be asking yourself why you should buy a feather mattress topper. These products have a lot going for them because they give you comfort while you are sleeping on them.

A topper made with feathers is different from a traditional mattress and this is laid on top of your regular mattress to give you more comfort. here are some of the advantages of owning a feather mattress topper so you can decide whether they are the right choice for you. There are many different products in the market in terms of toppers so you have a lot of variety when you buy.

You Get More Comfort

When you use a mattress topper you turn your regular bed into a pillow top bed. You get extra comfort while sleeping on a topper and it can also help with health concerns such as a bad back. those that have arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other illnesses will feel better when they sleep on a mattress topper. When sleeping on one you can move around easily but the topper still stays in place so you get the comforter that you need for a great night's sleep.

Easy to Clean and Lightweight

Most feather toppers are very easy to clean. Many of them can be washed in a regular washing machine. Some toppers will need commercial cleaning so you should check with the individual manufacturer to see how to clean your topper. These products are also quite lightweight so you can carry them around with you and take it place to place without much difficulty.

You Get Great Heat Absorption

A feather mattress topper will withhold enough heat so they will keep you warm on the colder nights. They are also perfect for other conditions because they will also maintain a minimal amount of heat so you get a cool and comfortable sleep when you compare a mattress topper to other alternatives like memory foam.

Soft Product

A feather mattress topper is very soft so you're going to stay very comfortable. If you have a mattress that is quite firm, putting a topper on it is going to make your mattress more comfortable to sleep on. If you have issues with back pain or other problems, using a topper can help eliminate those issues for you. These products provide less strain on the body and you will get a very comfortable sleep when you use a mattress topper made out of feathers.

Long Lasting

Feather mattress toppers tend to last quite a long time when compared to other options such as polyfoam, latex, or memory foam. A topper also has the ability to rejuvenate a mattress that might be older by adding more comfort to it. Check with he manufacturer to see if there is an extended warranty for your topper. Most manufacturers will give you a good warranty when you purchase this sort of item from them. Many mattress toppers can be returned for a full refund if something happens to go wrong with them or the product is defective in any way.

Your Guide to Buying a Feather Mattress Topper

This short guide will show you how to buy the right feather mattress topper to meet your needs. These products have both advantages and disadvantages that you need to know about. Here is what you should look for when you purchase this sort of product.

Get Baffle Box Construction

You should purchase a feather mattress topper that has baffle box construction. This allows the mattress topper to stay in place so there is more stability. The fill inside of the mattress topper is not going to move around. A down feather topper will have every box or shell in a 3D chamber like stitching pattern and inside the interior each one of these little boxes there will be a feather or down filling. The chambers are constructed in a way so the down or the feathers does not move around too much but you still get fluffiness that you need to stay comfortable. This will also help retain heat on the colder nights so you stay warm.

The Fill Weight

When you have a feather mattress topper the fill weight is the total weight of the down and the feathers that are used in the filling of the product. If the product is heavier there are more down and feathers and it will offer you extra support. You need more support, then you want additional fill weight In your mattress topper.

For some individuals, a feather or a down mattress topper is not the ideal solution. Some people suffer from certain types of back pain and it may need a harder memory foam style mattress. You should speak to your physician to see if a feather mattress topper is a right choice for you. If you have a specific medical condition, a mattress topper that has a lower fill weight might be the best choice.

Mattress Topper Flattening 

Some cases, a mattress topper might flatten out too much. When you have a natural material such as down, duck feathers, or goose these are natural materials and they don't have the spring or the bounce than regular memory foam does. You usually have to take it the topper and give it a great shake as this will loosen up the feathers that might be packed together and we'll bring the topper back to its original condition. You might have to do this quite often to get the mattress topper back into shape. You don't have to do this with regular memory foam but for a topper made with natural materials, you'll probably have to do this on a regular basis but it is the price to pay to have a natural product that is very comfortable.


A mattress topper made with feathers or other materials can still become contaminated. If you have small children, they may urinate on the topper as this is a common thing that small children  do. It is very difficult to wash a mattress topper once it has been contaminated in this way. It is not a good idea to use a mattress topper made out of feathers or down if you have a small child present or someone who might be incontinent because it's too difficult to clean the product. In this case, you should use something different or perhaps place some plastic sheeting over top of the topper so that the product does not get contaminated.

Who Should Use a Feather Mattress Topper?

You may be wondering whether or not you should use a feather mattress topper. Here are the individuals that will most likely benefit from this sort of product.

  • If you have a mattress that is overly hard or firm then you will benefit from this product. They are usually thick enough and soft to improve the comfort, feel, and quality of the sleep surface.
  • if you are a hot sleeper you will get more comfort during the night and feel cooler when you use this type of topper. They won't Trap in heat so you to get a better night's sleep.
  • The product is quite lightweight so you can move it around with you. if you have trouble adjusting bedding due to mobility issues, you should find a feather mattress topper easy to use.
  • If you want a mattress topper that is less restrictive in terms of movement, these will work for you. When you sleep on one, you have the ability to move around and the mattress topper will stay in place so you get to the comforter that you need. 

Should not use a feather mattress topper?

  • If you happen to wake at night due to motion or noise then you probably don't want this type of topper. The product doesn't absorb motion as much as other products do. There can be scrunching and squeaking sounds when someone moves around on one.
  • If you have sensitivities to smells, you probably don't want to use this product. A down or feather topper can have an unpleasant odor that lingers for a long period after the product is opened.
  • If you want a product that has more of a contoured fit this is probably not the best choice for you. The stoppers don't conform as close to the body as other products do so you might want to find a different type of topper for your bed.
  • If you suffer from allergies you might not want a feather mattress topper because they can accumulate dust and microbes in some cases.


One of the main advantages of a feather mattress topper is that they can cover up where were sagging in your old mattress. You will get more comfort because you will have something on top of the old mattress which you'll be sleeping on. If you have had difficulty sleeping on an old mattress, a good topper is going to make it easier for you to fall asleep. Feathers in these products are natural and since there is are present they will dissipate heat faster than memory foam or latex topper will. All you need to do is shake the product on a regular basis to move the feathers around so that it maintains its shape and dissipates Heat at a fast rate.


There are some disadvantages to a feather mattress topper that you need to know about. If you spill any liquid contaminants on this sort of topper they are very difficult to clean and some of the liquid can seep into the feathers and contaminate them. Some individuals may find that the product to be too warm but this can be eliminated if you shake the feathers on a regular basis. If you want a hard sleeping surface for any therapeutic reason, this is not the right product for you. The level of support you get is not firm enough for someone that has significant back pain. In some cases, the quills in the feathers can poke through the cover of the product and could be uncomfortable. You want to ensure that you buy a feather mattress topper that is made to a high-quality because this is less present in this sort of product. You want one that has a high thread count for the cotton cover which is usually around 230 to 300 as this will reduce this problem to a significant degree.

Feather Mattress Topper FAQ

Can you explain the difference between down and feathers?

Under the feather of birds, you will find down. The feathers are the outer covering of the bird and help it fly. A feather will have a quill and this will poke through the cover of your topper. There are no quills with down. You'll find down on the underbelly of the bird which helps keep it warm and it’s fluffy and light. It will be quite comfortable when it is used inside a mattress topper.

Which is the better choice down, goose feathers, or duck?

Duck clusters aren't as large as goose down clusters. You will get more comfort with goose down when compared to duck down. The goose feathers are smaller compared to duck feathers but this makes them more expensive when compared to duck. You will fel more comfortable with a goose feather than a duck feather. If comfort is your goal, then you want down or goose feathers but duct can be acceptable. The more down that you have in the mattress topper, the more comfortable it is going to be. If you are a heavier individual than a duck feather topper is probably best if you need a firmer sleeping service. If you want a lighter surface then down is the best choice as this will smooth the surface and give you a comfortable sleep.

Be able to use an electric blanket with my topper?

You can do this but your electric blanket should be put under the topper. The heat is going to rise into the topper and this will fluff up the feathers in the down. A feather mattress topper is usually quite warm so an electric blanket might make it too warm for sleeping. You should turn on your electric blanket before you go to sleep and then turn this off once you actually get into bed to go to sleep. If you turn it off around 15 to 30 minutes before you go to sleep this is usually better. You really don't need it to use an electric blanket with a down or a feather topper as they are usually quite warm enough but if you need more warmth you can use one.

How do I clean the feathers of my mattress topper?

You don't want to bleach or wash a feather mattress topper. The product can be aired out on a regular basis which will help to keep it fresh. Make sure you don't put this product into direct sunlight. A cotton cover can be spot cleaned using warm water and a soap solution but never use bleach. You should shake up the product on a regular basis and air it out to keep it in its original shape. This is usually all the care that these products need. some Toppers can be washed by machine but it should be only be done with a low-speed setting and a low temperature.

Can you explain what the thread count does and how it impacts my feather topper?

The thread count of a mattress topper refers to the number of threads that you will find in 10 square cm of the fabric. The fabric that is usually used to create a feather mattress topper is cotton. These threads are counted both vertically and horizontally. If you want a very smooth feel for the topper then you want a thread count that is over 250. If you want a topper that has a crisper feeling then you want the thread count to be below. You can get products which had various thread counts to meet your individual needs.


Now you have a better idea of what a feather mattress topper is. These products are very comfortable and will help you get quality sleep. They are the perfect solution if you have an older mattress that you don't want to change yet but need extra comfort. The product is easy to fluff out so it fits your bed. You'll be sleeping on a natural material which will keep you comfortable. You want to have a good sleep at night so consider a feather mattress topper as they are quality products which will help you get the sleep in that you need.

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