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Flippable mattresses are a two-sided bed. They are not common in the market, but with this list in this review, you will find a few of the fascinating models you can buy online. Of course, they are more expensive to produce but offer more advantages to consumers compared to other mattresses.

Benefits of a Two-Sided Mattress

These mattresses offer great benefits over conventional beds, these benefits are:

Durability. Ability to flip a mattress as you want helps to spread the normal wear and tear for extended use of the mattress. Experience has shown that the best mattresses will sag and degrade with time, but flipping the bed helps to extend the lifespan. Consider how flipping your couch cushions over help to protect them from sagging; this basic principle applies to the mattress as well.

Comfort. Generally, beds are comfortable initially, as it sags and wears, the comfy side of it quickly downgrades. Because flippable mattresses lean towards longevity, they also retain their comfort over time. When you feel one of the sides is saggy, just flip it over for the goodness of a new mattress again!

Versatility. The best Flippable mattress to recommend is one with two different firmness levels; each side offers different firmness so you can choose as you preferred. You can sleep on the medium-firm side, or flip to use the softer side. This makes a single mattress very versatile, and provide for your sleeping needs and others as applicable. This is the best type of bed for the guestroom to meet the requirement of your guests.

Value. Our recommended Flippable mattress brands are within the cost of your average mattress (and some are even cheaper!), but they offer incredible value. The biggest advantage of these beds is in their versatility. When versatility meets with longevity, you have a wonderful mattress that is nowhere comparable to traditional mattresses.

The Drawback of Double-Sided Mattress

Of course, there is no product without a disadvantage, but the downside in this should be expected; it’s the price! Yes, they are generally costlier than their traditional folks. Moreover, flipping your bed most time can be somewhat inconvenient, if this is you, you may go with the traditional ones and find the one that suite your need.

This really shouldn’t be a big deal for a lot of people; most Flippable beds are comfortable to flip except the Zenhaven brand because it bends in on itself like a taco. But people who know the quality still manageable to flip using help from people around and a little elbow grease. Remember, the flipping is done at most twice yearly! And with Zenhaven, you will not have to flip because once you choose the side that is best for you; you may not need the other side because it has a different firmness level for each side.

The Best Flippable Mattresses

1. Layla Sleep - The Best Memory Foam Flippable Mattress

2. Amore Beds - The Most Affordable Flippable Mattress

3. Idle Sleep - The Best Hybrid Flippable Mattress

4. Zenhaven - The Best Latex Flippable Mattress

5. Brooklyn Bedding - The Best Firm Flippable Mattress

The Best Flippable Mattress Table





The Best Memory Foam Flippable Mattress

Layla Sleep Flippable Mattress


The Most Affordable Flippable Mattress

Amore Beds Flippable Mattress


The Best Hybrid Flippable Mattress

Idle Sleep Flippable Mattress


The Best Latex Flippable Mattress

Zenhaven Flippable Mattress


The Best Firm Flippable Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Flippable Mattress


The Best Flippable Mattress Reviews

Layla Sleep Flippable Mattress Review

Price: $1,099.00

Layla Sleep Flippable Mattress

General Information

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 85% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 14 inches

Item Weight: 109.3 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

This Flippable offers many great points that you will hardly know where to start.  The warranty is excitingly tempting and the copper-infused memory foam beat competitor to the game. Other features are a killer point to make you decide in its favor. The real deal is also the price; it is budget friendly!

Although, as I have said earlier, flipping is the one drawback of Flippables and Layla isn’t an exception. The mattress is somewhat cumbersome to flip alone. Without a helping hand, it may be harder for a lightweight like me to flip, while other people find it so easy to do. But, I won’t include this on this list if it’s not a great mattress and you want to reconsider your decision about not buying Flippable because of difficulty to flip. Think of the impressive option it offers and how you will enjoy your living sleeping on a bed that provides absolute comfort!

This bed is refreshed and optimized for 2019; there is a slight redesign to up its features and offer more comfort. It now has a new and softer cover with a trendy make. The improvement with the cover also makes it easier to differentiate the firm and softer sides.

This means you can change the sides without the confusion of where was the last side that was up. This new design means that Layla is now more versatile and will serve a wider variety of people and cover most sleep positions. The infusion of the copper component in each Layla mattress offers increased circulation and reduces pain; these are both benefits of copper. 

The 10” thick Layla mattresses are fairly the standard for most beds in a box that features in our review. Although they offer options of a medium firm or a soft side, the mattress has the same materials and layers. Thus, there are four layers in total for every Layla mattress you buy. These layers include the soft and the firm layers sandwich two other layers. Each segment offers unique benefits in the makeup of the bed for your comfort.


  • The top layer. It has 3” of copper-infused memory foam for the soft side. The foam used is a medium soft touch. It provides extra density support with the antimicrobial property. This construction ensures breathability and coolness of the mattress. If you prefer an excellent cooling mattress with fantastic comfort, make this your choice.
  • The second layer. This is a 2” of convoluted air flow foam. This layer adds to the airflow and helps to keep the mattress cool; this is the best option for people who sweat a lot when they sleep.
  • The supportive layer. This is a 4.5” foam base which comes third in the layer arrangement. It serves as your foundational core support, to stabilize the bed no matter what side you lay.
  • Bottom layer. This is the last layer sporting 1” copper infused memory foam. It offers the same service as the copper layer on the soft side with antimicrobial and heat transfer properties; it offers compression support. The top layer is softer, while the last layer is firmer in case you need a firmer side to flip to and enjoy more comfort.


Offers 120-night trial

Great overall value at an affordable price 

This Flippable mattress has two firmness levels built into it

The bed is very cool because of copper-infused memory foam

New and improved softcover

This mattress features exceptional quality material 

Lifetime warranty


Could be challenging to flip Layla mattress alone 

Amore Beds Flippable Mattress Review

Price: $850.00

Amore Beds Flippable Mattress

General Information

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 73% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 11 inches

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

Amore is a trendy new brand in the mattress market. The company is noted for consistency in a once stagnant industry where it found new ways to innovate and churn out great products. The Amore Flippable Mattress, under review, is one of the most innovative aspects of the mattress is offering the use of two sides (softer or firmer) in one bed.

We will cover the essential details of Flippable mattress in this review to help you decide if Amore Flippable Mattress will make your next list of mattress needs. Our discussion will cover essential features like construction, sizes, comfort, and cost. Covering this structure will let you into the Amore Flippable Mattress design and note the difference between competitors and Amore. Note that the best design structure is always aimed at top quality materials and customizability for a unique offer.

This full early review of the features and benefits will analyze what the Amore mattress has in stock for you so you can make the right buying decision. 


The multi-layered design is among the most impressive feature of the Amore Flippable Mattress. The mattress has five layers in total. These layers are doubled on both sides and slightly tailored to provide the soft and firm comfort options according to customer preferences.

  • Top layer. It begins with breather organic cotton fabric layer and followed by a blend of a natural wool flame resistant material that offers normal temperature.
  • Second layer. This layer sports Amore’s proprietary FusionFlex foam; this is one of the important segments of the mattress. This layer offers impressive cooling effect and prevents overheating while sleeping. This is the layer that makes Amore a great cooling mattress for sleepers that sweat a lot.
  • Third layer. This has Hyper-Contouring transition foam for a perfect transition between the comfort and the supportive layers.
  • Fourth layer. This is highly flexible with load bearing capacity critical to the whole mattress. It causes a flawless transition among comfort options. 

One of the main points of our review is the options of the mattress. The striking part of the bed is dual comfort; while you can sleep on either side, both sides are unbelievably relaxing. This is because of the design, which gives preference to the softer and firmer.

  • Fifth Layer. This is the core load deflection layer that ensures that the mattress has no negative impacts on both sides. This layer does an unbelievable job and indeed provides amazing pressure relief making the bed great for people experiencing aches and pains. Also, it offers low motion transfer to prevent disturbing your partner when you get up at night or move in your sleep.

Both sides have a soft side and a medium-firm feel which ensure most sleepers will be happy with it. As the soft side is great for the side sleepers, the firm side works great for the stomach those or back sleepers. This bed will conveniently support heavier people because it provides excellent support.

One of Amore Flippable Mattress additional features is its body contouring, thanks to Amore’s proprietary FlexForm foam. It also supports spinal positioning and seated at a comfy 10” depth.


Test the bed with the 100-night risk-free-trial

Dual-side firmness

An excellent price for buyers on a budget

Sleeps cool for a comfortable night’s sleep

Organic cover for a safer sleeping surface


It is challenging to attempt Flipping the mattress alone

Idle Sleep Luxury Two-Sided Hybrid Mattress Review

Idle Sleep Flippable Mattress

General Information

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 80% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 14 inches

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

These are two-sided mattress making them Flippable; they are constructed in a sandwich form to offer fantastic feel. This mattress comes with seven layers providing the same quality for the top three layers on either side. 


  • This has 1″ of IDLE Quilting Foam for softness, 1″ of Air Flow Response Foam for bounce and breathability, an 2″ of Cooling Buoyancy Foam for pressure relief and responsiveness; for support, it has 6″ Quantum Edge-to-Edge boxed Coils.
  • The designs are Flippable to making them long-lasting. According to the company, sleepers who periodically flip and spin their mattress can postpone its replacement due to sagging and wear.

This hybrid mattress has a nice soft cover that won’t to heap under the sheets because its Thermocool fabric, which works with body temperature to prevent too hot or too cold sleep.

Bearing in mind that it has those coils, the hybrid bed surprisingly has soft foam feel. It’s quite comfortable because of its fantastic structure; feeling like an innerspring mattress, with a thick, soft foam topper.

We feel this bed is temperature neutral, though the company likes to brag about its cooling materials, which isn’t a bad thing at all. From experience, only a few beds are as cool to the touch and keep you cool while you sleep.

The verdict is we honestly like this bed! We feel more people need to know about this bed because it is not getting deserving recognition. Bottom line is if you are considering a durable mattress that accommodates all sleeper types and body types comfortably, the IDLE hybrid is a better choice.


Multiple firmness options

Lifetime warranty

Soft foam feel

Good for all sleepers

Ideal for heavier sleepers who want a durable, coil mattress



Not the best for hot sleepers needing an active cooling bed

Those sharing a bed with active Sleepers will find it uncomfortable 

Zenhaven by Saatva Flippable Mattress Review

Price: Out of stock

Zenhaven Flippable Mattress

General Information

Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 75% 

Product Dimensions: 75 x 38 x 10 inches

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

Zenhaven is one of the major online bedding companies. It offers Saatva Flippable Talalay latex bed. In this review will discuss all the benefits of chief material – latex; we will tell you who this bed is for and say if it’s best for couples or not and many other exciting features.

As we mentioned earlier in the opening, this mattress has really great features.

  • First, it’s Flippable with either side sporting different firmness levels.
  • Second, the main material is Talalay latex, one of the high-quality, natural foam in the world with great benefits.

Talk of the benefits of Talalay latex, we are proud of its antimicrobial property that builds the mattress resistance to mold and skin problem causing bacteria. This property also shields sleepers from dust mite, because this is the property that protects the rubber trees where the latex was obtained from insects. It also has hypoallergenic property as natural latex is eco-friendly product and free of any chemicals.

Structure. Since this is a Flippable mattress, its base layer is the middle layer. The Zenhaven middle layer is 100% Talalay latex foam with excellent support. The middle layer is sandwiched by “5-zone” latex layers that offer comfort and firmness. There is a firmer option on one side and a less firm option on the other.

We will provide more information about the Feel, Firmness, and Responsiveness of these layers below.

Design. For better airflow, these layers are aerated with tiny holes, which earns Zenhaven the name - ‘pinholes.’ A layer of organic New Zealand wool surrounds the 10” mattress offering a natural flame-retardant barrier. The bed is wrapped with an organic cotton cover for a more natural feel.

Certification. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certifies all Zenhaven’s latex; this is an internationally accepted standard for certifying textiles. With this certification, buyers worldwide can be confident that the Zenhaven mattress contains no chemical properties such as pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or chlorinated phenols.

Eco-friendly Company. Zenhaven and its parent body, Saatva, belong to the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), pro-planet furnishings group “committed to healthy furnishings.” Finally, Zenhaven claims to use environmentally safe practices in the construction of their mattresses.

The Dual-side structure

Zenhaven mattress has one side with a firmer profile; this is called “Gentle Firm.”  In this review, we refer to this side as a medium to firm level. For the other side, which is somewhat softer, and referred, by the maker as “Luxury Plush,” we call this the solid medium-firm option.

Just as if it contains coils, you can anticipate appreciable bounce with this bed because of the latex material. Its responsiveness is super; unlike memory foam, you won’t sink into the mattress, it has excellent surface support.

How to choose

Your personal preference will be central in deciding which mattress to choose, and this mattress is not an exception. You might prefer the responsiveness of Zenhaven which also gives you the option to switch positions at night with ease. However, you may favor a memory foam mattress because of its peculiarity.


The Zenhaven mattress is a pleasant latex bed ideal for eco-conscious people that sleep on their back or stomach and want a bed that regulates temperature. Even as we understand the mattress is pricey, we still bring you the bed because we know that most mattress sleepers are rational enough to know that benefits come first as you don’t get to change mattress often. Ideally, this is made from latex, and it’s a preferred option for people who love the organic cotton cover, and its two bed in one, Flippable, makes it a great choice.


All-foam bed, very durable

Excellent for sleepers who prefer the soft, but very responsive feel of latex foam

Extremely relaxing for people who sleep with back, stomach or both 


Very heavy to move

Not good for strict side sleepers

Not a budget bed 

Not very comfortable for heavy body types

Plank by Brooklyn Bedding Flippable Mattress Review

Brooklyn Bedding Flippable Mattress

General Information

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Customer Satisfaction: 67% 

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 11 inches

Weight: 80 pouns

Product Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.9” x 7.9”

Product Description

Sleepers who prefer firmer surfaces will find this mattress a great option. It has a side which is ‘Firm’ (7), while the other is ‘Extra Firm’ (9). This structure positions this bed as among the firmest in the market today. With the structure as this, you have a bed that is ideal for 230 pounds weight or more. Also, the mattress will effectively support back and stomach sleepers who favor minimal contouring and reliable body support.


  • Dual side. Each side sports layer of quilted foam. There is additional foam padding for the ‘Firm’ side. It uses high-density polyfoam for the core with a cotton/polyester blend as the cover. The mattress is excellent for motion isolation while it is entirely noiseless no matter the weight it bears. These structure and performance make this bed ideal for couples who wake easily due to noise.

Comparatively, the Plank guarantees fairly cool sleep. This mattress offers free shipping within the US and has a 10-year warranty with a 120-night sleep trial offer.


Good heat retention

Sleepers with average and heavyweight will find it comfortable

Excellent for back and stomach sleeper

Excellent motion isolation


Uneven stitching

Loose threads

Polyfoam mattress

Your Body and Weight Type Make a Big Difference

For all for all mattresses, your preference is dependent on your body type and weight. This is why we often discuss the subject to make you aware of how to proceed with your choice of mattress.

Since sleepers are unique respectively, no one bed is best for everyone. While you sleep hot, others I might sleep cool, and this will influence the preference they make. Love or hatred for memory foam is a case of this factor. Also, your weight will impact your mattress decision significantly.

With that said, a Flippable coil bed tends to outlive a Flippable all-foam bed typically. This means, even if you get a Flippable mattress, the durability is not a guarantee. For the petite or average-sized individual, there are so many options for you; no need to worry about materials, densities, and so on. This means the heavier sleepers need to scrutinize the mattress before they buy. Even for the Flippable, you need a minimum thickness of 10” to have a rest of mind.

What Happened to Flippable Mattresses?

Flippables used to be industry standard, where every major manufacturer is offering beds capable of flipping. However, this started to change around 2005-2007. At that time, a lot of brands began to switch to single mattresses that were not proper for regular flipping.

Driven by the need to make money, exclusives mattresses became the fad among major manufacturers. Hence, mattresses not built to flip wear out faster, making the average sleeper buy more mattresses than ever before! This period saw the reduction in the length of warranty which wasn’t surprising; knowing there is a reduction in the lift of a product will automatically cause a reduction in the assurance that can be offered by the maker. 

This development creates the opportunity to make more money for manufacturers. Today, you should find brands with a specialty in the flippable mattress to guaranty quality reversible mattress. If you are reading this review, we have brought for you, notable brands that are specialists in reversible beds!

How to Choose the Best Flippable Mattress

There are limited, genuine options today for reversible mattresses. This is why we have considered the various options and narrow it down to the few we have brought for you in this review based on these criteria:

  • Comfort on both sides. We needed mattresses with comfort and support on the two sides.
  • Dual firmness levels. We wanted beds with distinct firmness on either side. Researches indicate these to versatile options for the widest range of sleepers and are great for guestrooms, growing kids who may prefer to change later.
  • Durability. This is the reason for the two-sided mattress; we focused on well-built beds that would last longer.
  • Motion transfer. Many partners sleep in one bed and even with a pet, we wanted models with minimal motion transfer. Such mattresses allow sleepers to move or get out of bed without disturbance to other people in bed.
  • Risk-free trials. Sleepers need a way to feel the bed for them to determine the comfort, this makes people hesitant to shop for beds online; but the risk-free trial will solve this problem and give you the confidence to consider buying online.
  • Value. What every rational customer purchases in a product is the value. We wanted the mattresses that are affordable and provide fantastic value for customers’ money.

Flippable Mattress Designs and Functions

For a start, you need to understand the difference between rotating and flipping.

Rotating is the process of changing the mattress 180 degrees and still use the same sleep surface. Think of this as changing the sleeping position from the head side to the foot side. For you to preserve sleeping space, it is recommended to rotate your bed. You need to rotate the hybrids and Innersprings twice annually. O this with foam and latex models once per year. The only beds with an exception to the rotation rule are Airbeds.

On the other hand, Flipping is turning a mattress over to the other side. Also, you need to note the difference between ‘dual-sided’ and ‘Flippable’ beds. The ‘Dual-sided’ has two sides with different firmness, so you have one sleep surface per side. This bed is ideal for couples who have different firmness choices. But, you should never flip ‘dual-sided’ mattresses.

In history, Flippable beds were fairly typical; they are thought to be industry standards at one time. With advanced construction technology, the majority of manufacturers have changed to stronger, one-sided beds that offer durable support cores. The decision to produce single, stronger and durable one-sided Flippable mattress seem to be cost-effective for mattress makers because such beds will need replacing sooner than two-side Flippable. Therefore, real flippable beds are not common today. However, they still exist in various models including latex, foam, and hybrid.

Features of Flippable mattresses

Symmetrical construction: The One-sided models have two main components: 1). Top comfort layer/cover, and 2). Bottom support core. The top layer provides cushioning for the body, while the base provides support core. A softer material is used for the top while the material for the bottom is sturdier to support the weight of sleepers. So that it can offer reliable comfort and support, flippable mattresses have, one on each side, two comfort layers with a shared support core that provides optimal support from either side.

Nevertheless, the two firmness options of Flippable mattresses offer differential densities because of the components used. There are different densities for the foam and the latex components used are to provide different firmness on each side. Furthermore, one side of the mattress can feature extra foam layers while the other contains micro coils to vary the feel of the sides.

Thicker and heavier than standard. The dual comfort layer structure of Flippable mattresses makes it bulkier than the one-sided models. The measurement for most dual comfort layer Flippables is 10 to 11 inches or more. Because of their thickness, they are not as suitable for some sleepers including those weighing below 130 pounds or people with short height. This is so because higher profile mattresses make it difficult for people with such profile to get on and off. For couples and heavier sleepers, thicker beds are excellent for them.

You need to note that the thicker mattresses also have higher weight with many of them weighing between 100 and 120 pounds in weight. You need to be aware of this as such a Flippable bed requires assistance to flip. Never attempt flipping it alone unless you are a power lifter with enough strength to lift an item that heavy.

Flipping frequency: The frequency of flipping Flippable mattresses that have different firmness levels can be done according to the user’s preference to experience a new firmness. However, if your bed has the same firmness on both sides, it is recommended to flip one or twice in a year to preserve the surfaces and make it durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Flippable Mattress

Who is the most suitable sleeper for Flippable Mattress?

The suitability of a mattress is a question of individual preferences. If a sleeper cares about durability, Flippable may be the best option. But where price matters more, the idea of what is best according to cost will be the most suitable.

Do I need a special bed frame?

No; it’s not necessary! However, check with the manufacturer to know what is required. Usually, you most Flippable need a solid base ad if you use slatted bed frame find out the specification before you make your choice.

What type of mattress do you want?

Available Flippable models are foam, latex, and hybrid; the mattress to buy will be based on your requirements such as price-point; you will find the foam types cheaper than latex and hybrid. You will hardly come across innersprings and airbeds that are Flippable; they are out of the question.

What firmness do you prefer?

You will find two different firmness options from the majority of Flippable mattresses; these are usually, the firmer and softer sides. Your preference from these two will determine what you will buy. There are Flippables with uniform firmness on both sides, and others carry different firmness on either side. You may go with dual-side firmness to gamble your option or determine what firmness is best for you and buy a Flippable with single firmness on both sides.

How heavy is the mattress?

If you must get the Flippable mattress, you should be prepared to as recommended. However, you should be aware that because of their thickness, the least weight is usually 100 pounds with some going up to 120 pounds. This means when its time to flip, you need a helping hand as lifting such bulky payload could cause back injury.

What is the height of flippable mattress? 

They have varied heights with some measuring 10 or 11 inches thick, while some measure from 15 to 16 inches in thickness. The rule of the thumb is for shorter people to go for lower profile Flippable while those with average height choose a bed with a higher profile.

Do flippable mattress manufacturers offer a sleep trial? 

Yes, most manufacturers offer a sleep trial but with different trial periods. You can get between 90 and 120 nights trials. While it is recommended to go for a longer trial night, you should check the return policy for an arrangement that is most convenient for you. Because some manufacturers completely take the burden of return off your shoulders while others require you to do it yourself.

How long is the warranty coverage?

The average mattress typically offers seven years, but you could get a more extended warranty from Flippable bed manufacturers.  Generally, Flippable would last longer if you follow the flipping recommendation. On average, the guarantees for these beds are from 10 years with up to 20 years or more. However, b mindful of the terms of the warranty as some are prorated while others are not leading to replacement cost on your part.

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